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Kuroe (クロエ?), actual name Kuroe Amanohijiri (亞美乃聖クロエ?), is a character who appears in Another Story. She is a dark spirit who takes form of a teenager and goes undercover with given earth name Kuroe Yamikago (ヤミカゴ クロエ?), and a former worker for Opal. Her element is Darkness.

 Kanji クロエ
• Characteristics•
 Race Dark Spirit
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Purple
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Tsugidoka!
 Previous Affiliation Opal
 Occupation Tsugidoka! Member

Ranma's Girlfriend
Lapistoria Academy student

 Previous Occupation Opal Member

Danneggiato Summoner
Lapis Corruptor

• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Darkness

Lunar Magic (Sub) Lapis Corruption Magic (Former)
Danneggiato Summoning (Former)

• Debuts•
 Anime PNML: Another Story

She welds a lavender marquise-shaped lapis. When she worked for Opal, the lapis was colored dark lavender, and it was cracked and had a black spot in the middle.



ラピスの堕落漢、獣の召喚者、悪の同盟であるオパールの手先であるらしい。 彼女の存在には気をつけたほうがいい!
A spirit of darkness who takes on the form of a small teenager. She appears to be a corrupter of lapises, a beast summoner, and a worker for opal, an alliance of evil.
It's better if you watch out for her presence..!


Kuroe has pale skin with black hair with short side pigtails and long hair, with emotionless purple eyes. She wears a sailor suit that reminisces the Lapistoria Academy outfit with a red tie, and she wears a brown cardigan.



Kuroe appears to be one of the main antagonists of the ANOTHER STORY series, who first appeared in Tsugidoka and the Dark. She turned into an ally during the events of Episode 16, which results into Kuroe turning into an ally. Kuroe is an all-new protagonist of the second season, Pop'n Music Lapistoria Re:LAPiS.

She has the ability to control darkness, and uses darkness to attack. She uses two spells; One for Purification, and one for Corruption; as she used her corruption spell Midnight Dignity (真夜中品格?). She sometimes used Midnight Dignity on some members of Tsugidoka. When she was in Tsugidoka, she used the purification spell Darkness Deception (暗黒舞踏?), an "upgrade" of Midnight Dignity.

NET Self[]

  • Attack - Darkness Deception (暗黒舞踏?)
  • Damage - Its Painful (その痛快さ?)
  • GOOD Play - I'm taking over. (引き継ぐ?)
  • BAD Play - The Pain is Unbearable... (耐え難い痛み・・・?)
  • WIN - This is Nice. (これはいい。?)
  • LOSE - Its Over.. (もう終わりだ。?)


  • Kuroe is the first and only evil-turned-good character in the series.
  • Kuroe is canonically lesbian; she is in love with Ranma.
  • In the series; Kuroe sometimes gets jealous when she sees Ranma with other people, with one example showing her with Yuzuru, as Kuroe starts to somewhat guilttrip herself when she sees the two together or holding hands.
  • Kuroe's Picture is made with this picrew, entitled やこは式少年少女.