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Kuroshiro Quartet (黒白四重奏 ~クロシロカルテット~) is a manga series by Supereditor100 later adapted into an anime series. The series was inspired on the American drama series Supernatural, but the title came from the manga series Yozakura Quartet.


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The story is about the four Kuroshiro brothers, Kamui, Zero, Sora, and Seiichi, whose family are magicians and members of the Order, an organization dedicated of hunting supernatural things and concealing them from the general public. The Kuroshiro brothers solve cases involving the supernatural around their home country of Japan, as well as other parts of the world (mostly America) while they deal with some aspects of their personal lives they need to deal with too. The story follows young Sora as he deal with supernatural cases involving his school and town (with most of the clients being cute girls) with Seiichi working as his sidekick partner in fighting the supernatural. The story also follows the four brothers searching for their father to search for the supernatural who killed their mother (Kamui's and Zero's).