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Kyuuka Namioka (並岡 九華) is the main protagonist of Tester-chan. She is a 15-year-old quality assurance engineer who had her new job in an IT company after finishing her compulsory education.


Kyuuka is an average teenager with light-colored skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She commonly wears a business suit, consisting of a black jacket with a white casual shirt underneath and a black pencil skirt. She has flower ornaments and an ahoge on her hair.


She loves to collect manga books and she is an otaku. Her habit is to check her body after bath. Recently, she is worrying about the waist in her area.

She loves sweets (mostly chocolate) and is an entomophobia.


Kyuuka has already dreamed to become an information technology engineer since middle school. Since then, she started to do engineering on a computer.

Kyuuka, a 15-year old IT engineer, has started working in an unnamed IT company after finishing middle school. She applied there for her web service. She is assigned at the QA (quality assurance) department, whom she does not know what "QA" means.

Eventually, she has no knowledge about software testing. So, she was thought by her seniors Rintarou, Usako and Tokuji how the colors of software works.

Tokuji often makes fun of her because of her facial expression which seems to him that is different and interresting.