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Created by Aimi⚽️Shiho
Writer(s) Aimi⚽️Shiho
Director(s) Aimi⚽️Shiho
No. of episodes 20 (Season 1)
Run time 24 minutes
Animation Studio A-1 Pictures
Network Nippon Television Network System

Land of Legends (伝説のランド Densetsu no Rando) or Legendary Land is an anime series created by Aimi⚽️Shiho.


A High School student named "Atsume Hatsumoto" changes her life after knowing the magical world named "Land of Legends". She shares her adventure with "Kai'ichi Egawa", her intelligent classmate, "Luna Date" a famous teen celebrity and "Akitaro Akino", a wallflower friend of Luna.


  • Atsume Hatsumoto (初元 敦蒲) is the protagonist in the series. She was lazy and easygoing girl who wants an adventure and remove her boredom. She doesn't do well in schools; having lower grades and commonly comes to class late. She was introduced by Kai'ichi to the Land of Legends which she was excited about. However, she always the reason when a problem is arising due to her wrong moves and always ended up a boring lecture from Kai'ichi. Her real name was Hoshimi Mahouda (魔法田 星美) and remembers her memories at the first season finale.
  • Kai'ichi Egawa (江川 快一) is the deuteragonist in the series. He is incredibly smart when it comes to academics and magic. Many girls confess their love to him but rejects them all. He also guides and cares for Atsume through the depths of the Land of Legends. He also help Atsume recover her memories in the land, as every creature in the land lost their memories. His real name was Kimyourou Tobeki (飛木 奇妙朗) and remember his memories before the series has started.
  • Luna Date (伊達 ルナ) is the triagonist in the series. She is a famous teen celebrity who exile in acting, singing and dancing and produces three albums nationwide. Luna accidentally awakens her powers making everyone in the school frozen in ice. Kai'ichi reverted her spell and remove the memories of the people inside the campus about Luna's powers. She was then invited to the Land of Legends. Her real name was Yoruna Genri (幻利 夜奈) and remembers her memories at the episode she was introduced.
  • Akitaro Akino (彰野 燦太郎) is the triagonist in the series. He is the chubby wallflower who always follows Luna's back. Akitaro knows about his powers a long time ago and uses it in defense and immediately uses forgetting spell. But Kai'ichi outsmarted Akitaro and said that he mustn't use them again. He was the last among the main characters to be invited to the Land of Legends. His real name was Salman Ooryuu (大龍 サルマン) and already remembered his memories before Kai'ichi has.