Anime Fanon
Larissa Estrela
 Alias Lari-yun
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 15
 Hair Color Brown
 Eye Color Pink
 Height 5'7
 Weight 131 lbs
• Personal Status•
 Relative(s) Mónica Estrela (mother)
Edgar Estrela (father)
• Debuts•
 Anime Crystal Tune

Larissa Estrela, also known as Lari-yun, is one of the main protagonists of Crystal Tune.



Lari-yun has pale skin, brown medium-length hair tied in pigtails, and pink eyes. She wears a pink turtleneck shirt with long sleeves under a yellow V-neck top with a dark yellow belt and red gem on the collar, peach stockings with pink lines, and brown shoes.

In her idol form, she wears her hair in a side ponytail, which is tied by a pink ribbon. She wears a pink T-shirt with a picture of a star wearing a crown, a white skirt, pink flats, and a golden bracelet.


Lari-yun is an imaginative and curious girl with a deep love for constellations and outer space, as well as a passion for exploration. She possesses a stubborn streak, often delving into thorough investigations of anything that catches her interest, relying on her intuition to guide her actions.

While Lari's enthusiasm is often contagious, she can sometimes be unaware that her zest for certain activities may inadvertently come across as disrespectful to others. Nevertheless, she is genuinely ecstatic about sharing her discoveries and has a tendency to draw people into her intriguing pursuits.

Beneath her vibrant exterior, Lari-yun is also a supportive and caring individual, always extending a helping hand to those in need. Despite her own struggles with depression and stress, she remains fiercely protective of her cherished friends and the miracles they represent, displaying unwavering loyalty and bravery in their defense.


Powers and Abilities[]

  • Stellar Manipulation: Lari-yun has the ability to control and manipulate starlight and celestial energy. She can summon and shape constellations, creating dazzling displays of light or using them for various purposes such as illumination, energy projection, or creating protective barriers.
  • Intuitive Perception: Lari-yun possesses heightened intuition and perception, allowing her to sense hidden connections and patterns in her surroundings. This ability aids her in investigations and problem-solving, as she can often uncover secrets or find solutions that others might overlook.
  • Astral Projection: Lari-yun can project her consciousness or create an astral form to explore the cosmos or distant locations. This ability enables her to travel through space and observe celestial phenomena up close, providing her with unique insights and knowledge.
  • Healing Light: Lari-yun's celestial powers can also be channeled into healing energy. She can emit a soothing light that promotes physical and emotional well-being, helping to alleviate pain, fatigue, and emotional distress in herself and others.
  • Cosmic Wisdom: Lari-yun has a deep connection to the cosmic realm, granting her access to profound knowledge and wisdom. She can tap into the universal consciousness to gain insights and guidance, which she uses to make informed decisions, solve complex problems, and provide guidance to others.
  • Gravity Manipulation: Lari-yun can manipulate the gravitational forces around her, allowing her to control the movement of objects and people. She can create localized areas of increased or decreased gravity, enabling her to lift heavy objects, create gravitational barriers, or even simulate flight.


  • Stardust Melodies
  • When the Stars Align



  • She is the Author Avatar of her creator, Larissa de Andrade França, who also created some of the characters on this wiki. As mentioned on another page, she has uploaded mostly Sgt. Frog, Pretty Cure, Cyborg Kuro-chan, or Sonic the Hedgehog-related videos on YouTube under thirteen usernames: Galaxy Uchuuyama (formerly Tamama Wakaba and Bonbon the Cat), Galaxy Studios (formerly Lofty Channel), Cure Mille Feuille, Autumn & Amy Pals (formerly Macaron Macherie Channel), The New Adventures of Lari-yun, Ceci, Larissa, a Rainha das Estrelas 2.0 (formerly Larissa a Rainha Estrela and Meggie the Panda Channel), Lari-Yun, Larissa the Queen of Stars (formerly Lala the Robot Girl and Sky Hologram Channel), Frosty the Polar Bear channel (formerly Meggie the Panda and Meggie Anderson), Luciane's Adventures of Quebec, Abby Nebraska Channel (formerly AbyssmareFangirl108), Lari-yun Channel, and Zara Erdbeere. She has also contributed to wikis under a growing number of sockpuppet accounts. Not only is she on YouTube and FANDOM, but also sometimes on ArtStation, MadLipz, TikTok, MyAnimeList, and DeviantArt.
  • She uses IbisPaint to draw her character designs and concepts, and Flipaclip for her animations.
  • She often uses anime bases (mostly from Pretty Cure, Sgt. Frog, or Ojamajo Doremi) to draw her characters.
  • She is Brazilian-American.
  • Lala Starfield is her adopted sister.
  • Her love interest is Bobby Brightspark.
  • She is able to breathe in space without the need of a helmet.
  • Due to being an immigrant from Brazil, she cannot speak English very well yet and has a tendency to use butchered variations (or malapropisms) of common phrases (such as "Peace a cake" instead of "Piece of cake"). When someone else corrects her, she says, "That's what I said!"
  • She loves collecting Barbie, Bratz, Disney Princess, Equestria Girls, and Shopkins Shoppies dolls. She also has a Minnie Mouse plush doll that she uses to play the role of Abyss Nebula on her Abby Nebraska channel.
  • She is an avid fan of anime, finding joy in the imaginative worlds and captivating stories they offer.
  • In the gaming realm, Lari finds enjoyment in playing titles related to her favorite anime series.
  • Her favorite sport is volleyball.
  • Her favorite drinks are strawberry juice, grape juice, and hot chocolate.
  • Her favorite foods are cookies, ice cream, and anything barbecued.
  • She is a talented ballet dancer.
  • Her favorite colors are pink and gold.
  • She likes characters who have split personalities, because she believes it makes them a lot more unpredictable. In fact, she has been very curious of Tamaki's split-personality disorder, and has been doing research on how the disorder works.
  • Lari enjoys drawing, making OCs and writing fanfiction of her favorite TV shows or video games, and watching videos from her favorite YouTubers.
  • She's afraid of dogs due to being attacked by a neighbor's dog when she was young.
  • Her favorite genres of music are techno, hip-hop, J-Pop, EDM, and electropop.
  • Her goals are to learn English better, learn other different languages, and to become a successful singer, voice actress, and content creator.