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Hawk Moth has created several villains over the course of the series, some of them more powerful than others. Here is a list of Villains that Hawk Moth has created for the series.

Season 1 Villains[]

These are the villains created by Billiman (a villainous cat from Rat-a-tat), before he passed his Moth Miraculous to Waluigi.

Name Civilian Identity Reason Goal Akumatized Object Powers

Rail Maitre/Rail Master

Sir Topham Hatt (Thomas and Friends) He got scolded back by his mother for being a jerk to Thomas after the dynamite incident, as well as jumping to conclusions. To punish Thomas Hat Rail Master is able to transform himself into a steam locomotive and run on the rails. He is especially good at running opponents over.
C-3PX C-3PO (Star Wars) People thought that he was too whiny, and he wanted others to know how dangerous the galaxy is. to become useful again Bolt C-3PX is able to change and alter the language and font of any person or object. However, his programming still prevents him from stealing things that aren's his.
Corpulento/Obesinator Hammy the pig (owned by JCFanfics on Deviantart) Rottie, Beaucey, and Dobie made fun of him because of his fatness. to seek revenge on people who mocked him Headband Obesinator is able to feed people food which inflates them into ball-shaped forms. In battle, he can inflate himself and bounce on opponents.
Cinemaitre/Cinemaster Leather Ted the Bear (owned by Wobbley on Deviantart) At a school film contest, Sally's film won instead of his. This made him angry. To make his own award-winning movie Clapperboard Not only is Cinemaster able to manipulate movies and trap opponents inside of movies, but he can recreate akumatized villains which have appeared previously, and then collect their akumas to grow more powerful.
Transvestite/Drag King Seymour "The Big" Cheese (Samurai Pizza Cats) He had various doubts about his appearance after he dressed up as a girl and frightened some people. to change people's gender so they can feel his pain Hairpin Drag King is able to release butterflies which can change the personality of men into women, and vise versa.
Frapper, Ecraser, et Fracasser le Guerriers Brutal/Smasher, Basher, and Crasher the Bruise Brothers Mac the Boxer, Wulfy the wolf-dog, and Jocko the Cane Corso (OCs by Wobbley on Deviantart) They were angry that they and their principal got expelled from school due to their misbehavior. They knocked down some trash cans, but Giggles stopped them and threatened to call the park ranger on them. To get even with the new principal and Jeremy Mac’s spiked bracelet All three wear armor which can withstand any hit. Basher is armed with a tethered mace arm, and Crasher is armed with rocket gauntlets, while Smasher is armed with a hammer appendage.
Excavatrice/Excavator Unnamed Goat Lady (From the Mickey Mouse episode "Canned") Lifty and Shifty refused to help her take out the trash. To force Lifty and Shifty to help her with garbage Hair curlers Excavator has the attributes of an excavator, including two shovel arms which can dig through any substance and crush opponents. She also has enhanced strength.
Vodou/Voodoom Fiona Fox (Sonic the Hedgehog) Leather Ted and Pit insulted Fiona's dress, but she insulted their dresses as well, causing them take offense and beat her up, tearing her dress as they did so. To make Ted and Pit experience the pain they gave her Needle Voodoom is a living voodoo doll that can use her needle to pierce herself and transfer her pain to others.
Patroniseur/Boss Man Cracky the black dog (owned by LeafsFan79 on Deviantart) Cracky argued with his brother Blacky about the fact that no one is the boss of him, but Blacky tells him to buzz off, and he walks off in a huff. to become the boss of everyone stick Boss Man can use his rod to brainwash people into following his orders.
Etoile Filante/Star Striker Kirby (From the Kirby video game series) For breaking the chandelier, Miss Katkar (from Sab Jholmaal Hai) confines Kirby to his room and takes away his candy store privileges. This causes Kirby to yell at her and call her a monster for punishing him for telling the truth, after which he runs away and shuts himself up in his room. to get even with Miss Katkar for punishing him, as well as Honey and Bunny. Toy Star Rod Star Striker can trap anyone inside of stars and shoot beams from his star rod.
Martin Stuart/Marty-Stu Brandon Mutt ( by MrBluerangerhero

on Deviantart)

Brandon Mutt is tired of people calling him an overpowered Gary-Stu. to make other people become Gary-stus pendant Marty-Stu Is able to transform people into copies of him.
Les Insecte Guerriers (Coleopterra, Mante Fatale, et Pire Frelon)/Battle Bugs (Mick Stagger, Killer Mantis, and Horror Hornet) Rottie, Beaucey, and Dobie, the dog trio (owned by Wobbley on Deviantart) This group of dogs was banned from the park by Officer Shepherd for trying to knock down a beehive, after which they beat him up and ran away.T to kill every bug in the world ring Mick Stagger can snip things down with his mandibles. Killer Mantis can shoot energy sickles from his mantis blade arms. Horror Hornet can shoot explosive stingers from his right arm.
Maitre de Farce/Joke Master Binky the Clown (Garfield and Friends) Binky the clown played various pranks on Giggles, which made her cry, causing her mother to kick him out of the house and tell him off for being such a bully. to get even with Giggles's mom for his rejection Squirting Flower Joke Master has the ability to use his squirting flower to shoot out various items, from cream pies and chocolate-covered habanero peppers to a grabber he can use to grab any object.
Mage des medias/Media Mage Wolf Spitzer (Tuff Puppy) He unintentionally revealed Sally and Sonic's identities as Ladybug and Chat Noir to the public, causing them to storm out of the studio. He felt very sad after this. to make Sally and Sonic confess their identities as Miraculous heroes Microphone Media Mage has the ability to travel through any screen. He can also gain more power the more ratings he receives, and he can use his microphone as a whip.
Rejeter Guerrier/Reject Warrior Waluigi (Mario Series) Waluigi was once again relegated to assist trophy in Super Smash Brothers. to make people feel as dejected as he is hat Reject Warrior is able to gain power from rejection, and can also shoot a beam which spreads his feelings of rejection to others.
Bucherons/Axe Hackers Chipper, Gershom, and Hillary, the Axehandle Hound trio (owned by JCSStudio on Deviantart) Leather Ted informs the three axehandle hound bullies that he doesn’t tolerate bullying from them, and they feel guilty as a result. to seek payback on Leather Ted for making them feel guilt Chipper's collar The Axe Hackers are able to use axes as weapons, and can also throw axes at opponents.
Treant Chameleon a.k.a. Spy Wolf (Sonic Boom) He disliked the fact that people made fun of his tree costume. to seek vengeance on people who made fun of him branch Treant is able to attack opponents by extending his branches. He can also extend his roots to trap people.
Aviateur/Aviator Falke Wulf (Sonic the Hedgehog) He entered a picture of his akumatized self in the Miraculous Ladybug villain contest, and got third place. He then grew jealous about Sally winning the prize. to pay Sonic and Sally back for winning the contest he wanted to win Name Tag Aviator can fly through the air in his airplane costume, and can drop bombs and shoot projectiles from his wing-mounted guns at opponents.
Intimidateur/Intimidator Timid the Chinchilla (Owned by FliptonBoys242 on Deviantart) Miss Lambert (a teacher from Minijusticiers) caught him sleeping in class due to his worries about Akumatized villains coming for him. when Toothy stood up to her, she spanked him with a ruler. This caused Timid to run out of the classroom in shame. to stand up to his teacher and classmates Heart pendant Intimidator is made entirely out of metal, and can shoot blasts from his right arm which disintegrate any person.
Vengeance/Bendetta Bendy (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) Doraemon the robot cat recorded his actions and showed them to Mr. Herriman and Frankie, causing them to kick him out of the house. When he met up with Sally, she told him that both Frankie and Mr. Herriman will never forgive him for what he has done. to get even with Foster's Home for banishing him marker Bendetta is able to use his marker to scrawl graffiti all over the city, and can also shoot ink from his marker at opponents.
Brute Maxime/Brutus Maximus Vic (owned by JCFanfics) This German Shepherd was bullying Doraemon for being obsessed with technology, when Sally came up and applied pressure points to him. After the incident, he was given two hours detention. This made him very angry. to clobber Sally and


pendant Brutus Maximus has enhanced strength and durability, and can gain more strength by hurting people, both physically and mentally.
Autoborg Handy the beaver (Happy Tree Friends) Handy had gained new robotic arms from his parents, since they had the money. However, Blackout and Rusty, the twin wolves, made fun of him for his robotic implants. This made him angry. to make people become cyborgs Hard hat Autoborg is able to transform any person into a cyborg by shooting lasers at them. He can also command his army of cyborgs at will.
Guerrier de Cœur/Heartful Warrior Kirby the winged wolf (Owned by FliptonBoys242 on Deviantart) Townie, Rusty, and Blackout sprayed anti-gay messages on a wall, causing him to get angry at them and chew them out. to spread love through the city wristband Heartful Warrior is able to shoot arrows which not only cause people to fall in love with the first thing they see, but can bring objects to life to love people.


Shift E. Wolf (Archie Sonic Comics) He got angry at a vending machine for breaking and denying him his drinks. to destroy all vending machines wallet Kleptomaniac is able to blow up vending machines with a radio-frequency wave emitter on his wrist, and then suck the loot inside of his purse, which has an infinite storage capacity.
Cocher Jumeaux/Tank Top twins Sandstorm the Platypus and Brick the baboon (Owned by FliptonBoys242 on Deviantart) After Flippy (from Happy Tree Friends) was arrested for causing a disturbance in the restaurant, Sandstorm and Brick tried to apologize to him, but Flippy refused to forgive them. to break Flippy out of the Looney Bin dog tags The Tank Top Twins are living tanks which are able to shoot missiles from the tank cannons on their heads.
Accusateur/Accuser Jimmy (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) He was tired of people always blaming him for their problems. to make sure other people are blamed instead of him hockey stick Accuser is able to dispense a special candy which gives people visions of him as another person. That way, people will try to punish the person he was disguised as instead of him. He is also able to use his hockey stick as a weapon.
Sac de boxe/Punching Bag Officer Shepherd, the German Shepherd cop (Owned by Wobbley on deviantart) The police chief let him go due to his incompetence in dealing with criminals. to prove himself that he is competent pendant Punching Bag can absorb kinetic energy from anything which hits him, and then transform that energy into an explosion which damages opponents.
Megalosaurus Anton Verruca the Lizard (Sonic the hedgehog) Anton was bullying Doraemon, but he defended himself using a taser. He then received two hours detention, which made him angry. to devour Doraemon cap Megalosaurus has the attributes of a carnivorous dinosaur, but his big head and little arms are of no use in grabbing things.
Ultra Maitre/Ultra Master James Thaddeus Grenger ( owned by TUFFAgentShepherd on Deviantart) After the events of Comicger, he was very angry at the Comicger for throwing him in jail. to make the Comicger and their allies disappear forever glove Ultra Master possesses a gauntlet which allows him to control people's minds, warp reality, teleport, obliterate armies, control time, and bring any person back from the dead.
Guimauve Homme/

Marshmallow Man

Townie the Bull (owned by FliptonBoys242 on Deviantart) Townie argued with Sonic other whether they should date Sally. Sally then decided to make Sonic and Townie Compete in a marshmallow-eating contest. Naturally, Sonic won, and Townie grew angry. to seek revenge on Sonic for his loss. marshmallow bag Marshmallow Man is very big, and he also has a marshmallow skin which can repel any attack. He is also able to throw exploding marshmallows from the bag on his stomach.

Season 2 Villains[]

After Billiman retired from being a villain, he chose Waluigi to become his successor. Since then, he is in charge of creating newer villains.

Name Civilian Identity Reason Goal Akumatized Object Powers
Frères Raton Laveur/

Tanuki Twins

Fred the Lizard and Edison the Turkey (Minor Characters owned by Eli-J-Brony on Deviantart) When they bullied Bernard the raccoon because they thought all raccoons were thieves, Sally decided to ask them how they would like it if they had labels inserted on them (Namely, all reptiles are abhorrent, and all turkeys are only good for thanksgiving dinners). When they left, they unintentionally insulted Rottie, Beaucey, and Dobie, causing them to chase after them and Sally to make the three dogs run off. Sally then decided to ditch the both of them, since they couldn't see sense. This made them very angry. to ruin the reputations of every raccoon in the city. Fred's Ring The Tanuki Twins are able to shapeshift into a variety of forms to trick opponents, such as statues and copies of other people.
Pollution Maitre/

Pollution Lord

Timothy the Bear (owned by Wobbley) He was angry at a wolf named Canis Lupus (owned by Eli-J-Brony) for banishing his favorite villain, Lord Poluton, into outer space, since he secretly liked him. to get even with Canis for banishing Poluton and bring him back to earth along with his assistant, Red End. stick Pollution Lord is able to transform entire cities into polluted landscapes. He is also equipped with a variety of pollution-based spells, including the Spell of Ultimate Destruction (a spell that changes people to stone).


Peter Panda (Sab Jholmaal Hai) Big Wolfie, Sasha the Rat, and Dede the Pitbull (from Minijusticiers) trashed his garden. to devour the people who ruined his garden. flowerpot Uprooter is a living carnivorous plant which can create copies of himself that are connected to him.
Gardien en bois/

Wooden Guardian

Jeopardy Mouse (Danger Mouse) Sally decided to teach her a lesson by frog-marching her to Danger Mouse's house. For being selfish and insolent, she was grounded for two whole weeks. to stop people from disallowing her to be insolent. belt The Wooden Guardian has an immense size, and is able to attack opponents by throwing exploding berries and sending out crows to swarm them.
Dr. Cœur Sombre/Dr. Darkheart Shad Markley the cat (owned by Eli-J-Brony on Deviantart.) He still felt guilty for turning his friends against Eli the hedgehog (a character owned by Eli-J-Brony on Deviantart), Even after he apologized to him. to corrupt Eli's friends and use them as his pawns heart-shaped pendant Dr. Darkheart is able to corrupt people's hearts and transform them into monsters based on their personality. He also wields a dark sword as a weapon.
Gros Souris/Mega Mouse Dot (a mouse character owned by SmashGamer16 on Deviantart.) She was tired of her teacher, Mrs. Mouse, preventing her from seeing big friends, so she whacked her in the head. Mrs. Mouse then expelled her, causing Dot to say that she hates her and run away. to see bigger people and seek revenge on the people who have wronged her. Bow As Mega Mouse, Dot has become the size of a Human, and wields a blaster on her right arm which she can use to destroy buildings and blast anyone who crosses her to space dust.
Flusher Rangers Timothy the Bear (Owned by Wobbley on deviantart),

Doggy Don, Colonel Doggert, Major Saab, Ballu (Pakdam Pakdai a.k.a. Rat-a-tat)

Timothy saw news of Stephanie being banned from the city, and was determined to get back at Fiona and the other toilet riders, so he gathered Doggy Don and the others and willingly let himself be akumatized. to get back at the Toilet Riders and Fiona for getting Stephanie banned from South Mobius. Dino Buckler Toy Each of the Flusher Rangers has a weapon (a pair of daggers, a pair of lances, a bow, an axe, and a sword) that they can use as weapons. They can also combine their weapons into the Flush Cannon as a finishing attack.


Nick Wilde the fox (Zootopia) When Nick was demoted to parking duty due to his questionable methods of keeping prisoners, Motu, Chotu, and Lambu showed up and told him about the fact that Fiona Fox was responsible for framing Stephanie, and that she didn't deserve to be redeemed. This caused him to think about getting rid of her. to punish Fiona for framing Stephanie and getting her banned in the first place. Badge Jailer is able to use a cage-type flail to capture opponents and trap them inside of the cages on his shoulders. He is also equipped with a holographic projector for showing prisoners what they have done, and is knowledgeable of many Municipal codes and laws.
Gros Anubis/Mega Anubis Dark Anubis (a character by JCFanfics) Dark Anubis had a desire for revenge against Super Squirrel for beating him. to kill Super Squirrel once and for all. Ankh Mega Anubis is able to command an army of ghosts to do his bidding. He is also capable of using magic spells to control others, cause pain, and make people lose their lives.

Promeneur de chien/Dog-walker

James Wood (Family Guy) He was arrested for animal abuse and illegal dog-fighting, and wanted to regain his former glory. to regain his former glory as a dog fighting expert dog leash Dog-walker is dog-like in appearance. He is able to use his leash to take control of any dog, anthropomorphic or non-anthropomorphic. The leash is equipped with electroshock collars that transform them into feral fighting dogs who are always willing to maul anyone. In battle, he can attack enemies using his claws.
Pantin Traitre/Ventrilo Quisling Arnie the Pitbull (owned by hopeless-romance45 and DecaTilde on Deviantart) He wasn't let into the theater by Pit because Ballu had already reserved it for his own puppet show. to get even with Ballu for stealing his idea ventriloquist's dummy Ventrilo Quisling has a living dummy partner who is able to turn any object or person to stone. The dummy can also revive him if he gets shattered.
Freres Demons/Oni Brothers Hack and Slash Smashnikov (Ducktales) The both of them were imprisoned, and they were angry at society for letting them rot in prison. to seek revenge for being imprisoned. Hack's helmet The Oni Brothers have enhanced strength and durability. They also wield a pair of swords, and they are good at fighting dirty.

Season 3 Villains[]

These villains were created by Billiman after Waluigi was sent to Jail and the Butterfly Miraculous was sent back to him.

Name Civilian Identity Reason Akumatized object Powers Episode
Reine des Souris/Rat Queen Mrs. Mouse (a character owned by SmashGamer16 on Deviantart Motu, Chotu, and Lambu decided to get even with her. Motu first knocked Mrs. Mouse's students with a boxing glove, and after chastising her for encouraging ostracism, he took out a wrench and knocked her out. to make sure every student in her school is under her control, especially Dot. Bracelet The Rat Queen is able to use her tails to either brainwash people or grab opponents to constrict them. "Rat Queen"

Plus Jamais/Madame Nevermore

Fiona Fox (Sonic the hedgehog) Some protesters insulted her for posting a video which caused Stephanie to be banned from the city, causing her to get angry. to get even with the protesters for being blamed for the ban of Stephanie, and bring all of the Miraculous Warriors to her so that she can collect their Miraculous. Tiki Bracelet Madame Nevermore is able to create and control an army of sentient shadows which can attack people by interacting with their shadows. "Madame Nevermore"
Tiddalik/T.D. Leaker Water Wolf (owned by CaseyDecker on deviantart) He used his watery body to try to drown Giggles in a tidal wave, but Splendid saved her, and as a result he got trapped inside of a large sponge. to flood the city in retaliation for his imprisonment inside of a sponge. the sponge he was trapped in T.D. Leaker is able to shoot water from the sponge pores on his body to flood entire cities. "T.D. Leaker"
Momotaro SMG4 Princess Peach (Nintendo) She was sick and tired of Chris and Swagmaster for being incompetent. to bring order to the city and destroy every major anime studio crown Momotaro is able to throw peach bombs at enemies. She can also transform any person into a peach. "Momotaro"
Insulte Comédien/Put-down Artist Carmen (Minijusticiers) She was holding a protest to unban Stephanie from South Mobius, and was angry that Sally told her to let it go. to punish Fiona for slandering Stephanie Protest sign The Put-down Artist has magical powers based on puns. Whenever she makes a certain pun, she can use a spell based on it. "Put-down Artist"
Tireur de balle/Ball Blaster Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog) She still held a grudge against Sally for breaking her trophy and beating her in a Pokemon battle, so she slapped her and threatened harm to her. When she cried and ran off, Sonic called her out for her callousness and inability to let go of the past. This made her very angry. to eliminate Sally for breaking her trophy. Pez Dispenser Ball Blaster has an arm-mounted gumball blaster which allows her to shoot gumballs at 200 rounds per minute. Ball Blaster
Spaghetto/Pastafarian SMG4 Mario (Nintendo) He accidentally spilled his spaghetti, and was terribly sore about it, mainly because of his obsession with spaghetti. to eat as much spaghetti as possible. Cap Pastafarian is able to attack enemies by whipping them with the noodles on his arms, and can also throw meatball bombs at enemies. "Revelator"
Jambalaia/Jambalaya Vector the crocodile (Sega) He was angry at Amy for winning the race and bringing Blaze the Cat back to her side. To make Blaze love him and turn on Amy, then take Amy's friends and place them in a hot pot to be turned into stew. Locket Jambalaya is a magical Cajun Chef who is able to conjure any kind of kitchen ingredient or utensil, such as a turkey baster, a pepper shaker, a flour sack, a wooden spoon. and a duo of salad forks, as well as a magical flying pot he can travel in. He also has a hypnotic spice that brainwashes people into believing what he says.
Formulateur/Formulator Mr. Krabs (Spongebob) Mr. Krabs' paranoia of his Secret Formula being stolen got the better of him, and after he banned everyone from his restaurant, he still felt worried. To use his Secret Formula as a weapon against those who try to steal it. Secret Formula Bottle Is able to use his "formula blaster" to change people into living Krabby Patties.
M. Sans Fil/Mr. Wireless Toothy (Happy Tree Friends) He took a photograph of a Monster the Roadrangers (owned by Eli-J.-Brony on Deviantart) were about to fight, and tried to show the Miraculous Warriors that he did see a real alien. However, Sonic and Leather Ted refused to believe him, despite being backed up by Jeremy Crimson, Sally, and his big brother Timid. To seek revenge on Sonic and Leather Ted for insulting him and prove to everyone that the alien he saw was real. Smartphone Mr. Wireless is able to use his smartphone to teleport himself, pause people, camouflage his body, and broadcast videos which he can spread all over the city.
Trio Predateur/Predatory Trio Binky the wolf, Stinky the leopard, and Dumpy the coyote They were rivals with Rottie, Beaucey, and Dobie, and decided to wrestle with them to show them who's boss. Unfortunately, they lost. To attack Rottie, Beaucey, and Dobie for beating them in a wrestling match Binky's pendant The Predatory Trio have the physiology of werebeasts, so they have become a Werewolf, a Wereleopard, and a Werecoyote. In addition, they are able to attack with their teeth and claws, and have tough skin that can repel any attack.
Ravisseur/Abductor Kimberly the Vaporeon-inspired Shark (Owned by Elbeno62 on Deviantart) Amy manipulated her best friend Flare the Flareon-inspired wolf into abandoning her due to her formerly evil nature. To make sure that Flare stays with her forever. Pokeball (with Feraligatr) Abductor is a knight who wields a mace that can capture any opponent. She also rides on an akumatized Feraligatr named Dragodile who can breathe water from his mouth.
Dr. Disque/Dr. Discus Martin the Mongoose (owned by Eli-J-Brony on Deviantart) His former friend Bernard the Raccoon refused to forgive him for throwing a frisbee in his face by accident. To make Bernard afraid of frisbees again. Frisbee Dr. Discus is able to throw his frisbee like a boomerang, shoot frisbee discs from his mouth, and retracts his arms and legs to change into a frisbee that flies into enemies.
Epouvantail/Despair Crow Heather the Snake (owned by Eli-J-Brony on Deviantart) Shad Markley destroyed her prized scarecrow because it was changed into a monster by Emperor Poluton. To get back at Shad for breaking her scarecrow and spread fear throughout the Halloween Festival. Scarecrow Pilots a sentient scarecrow which can shoot a gas from its fingers. This gas can cause hallucinations of one's worst fears.
Lego Destructeur/Lego Destroyer Jeremy Crimson (owned by JCFanfics on Deviantart) Jeremy Crimson was angry at his daughters for being rough with his Lego toys. To punish his children for their roughness Lego Box Is able to use his Lego Box to suck up Lego pieces. The box can hold as many Lego pieces as he wants, and anyone else who gets sucked into the box will transform into a Lego version of itself.
Les Deconstructeurs/The Deconstructors Sakura the Chipmunk and Makoto the fox (owned by JCFanfics on Deviantart) Jeremy decided to take Sakura and Makoto's lego toys to a Goodwill store, causing them to become very sad. To get their beloved Lego toys back Sakura's pendant are able to shoot a beam from their hands which transforms people into piles of lego blocks.

Season 4 Villains[]

After Billiman once again gives away his Butterfly miraculous, he gives it to Fiona Fox, another worthy wielder.

Name Civilian Identity Reason Goal Akumatized Object Powers
Chatastrophe/Catastrophe Furrball (Tiny Toon Adventures) Was constantly picked on by a gang of dogs led by Arnold the Pitbull To get even with those who picked on him newspaper Has the ability to disintegrate people to dust by shooting lightning at them, and can also summon storm clouds to zap enemies with lightning.
Musidusa/Music Snatcher TW Barker (Sonic Boom) Had a great determination to steal Zordaar's music and claim it as his own, and scuffled with him to get him to submit. To steal the musical talents of everyone in the city and eliminate fair use and copyright laws for good. bracelet Is able to extract people's voices by placing one of his tentacles on their lips and making a shushing sound. The voices he extracts can now be used to his advantage, and anyone who he steals his voices from will only emit the sounds of musical instruments.
Madame Dominatrice/Lady Dominatrix Dominator (a character owned by JC Fanfics) When she was younger, she was tired of being bullied by people, so she took on the villainous identity of Dominator to get men to submit to her. However, a duo of previous Miraculous holders (presumably King Acorn and Nicole) defeated her and was sent to jail. To get even with Sally and Nicole for her defeat Prison Tag Wields two electronic whips which she can use to shock opponents. She is also able to zap people with hypnotic electricity that allows her to make people do as she says.
L'Champignon and Eclabousser/Magic Mushroom and Splatter Quacky the Duck and Sharing Moose (Tuff Puppy) They were placed in jail, and saw that their show was replaced with an inferior one. To get their show and their acting career back Quacky's hat Magic Mushroom is able to shoot spores that either change the size of any object or transform people into different plants or animals. Meanwhile, Splatter's body is made of a gelatinous substance. He can change his arms into any weapons, and can cause the molecules of anything he hits to become destabilized and transform into a sticky goo.
La Gros Morceaux/The Big Chungus Harvey Chungo, the fat rabbit magician (Owned by JCFanfics on Deviantart) While he was in jail, Black Anubis and Dominator made fun of him due to him being a small-time villain and not being as powerful as anyone else. To prove that he is more powerful and get even with those who insulted him carrot Big Chungus is able to use his carrot wand to transform people into rabbits which obey his every command. He is also shown to teleport.
Travailleur de Pire/Waxworks Toothy (Happy Tree Friends) Was playing a game with Timid when he mistook the wax statues of akumatized villains for real ones and ran off. This made him upset, and when he saw his akumatized self, he had an existential crisis. To clear out his existential crisis and take the Miraculous from the Miraculous Warriors pen Waxworks  is made of wax and has a candle wand that shoots flames on wax statues to bring them to life. 
Ai Apaec Tabby Crabby (Owned by JCFanfics on Deviantarrt) When he visited the prison compound, the other villains laughed at him due to his appearance, and he got angry at them for making him remember how he got mutated in the first place. To take over the surface world and annihilate those who try to pollute the oceans seashell bracelet Ai Apaec is able to manipulate any kind of crustacean into attacking enemies, and can also attack with his claws.
Cote Sombre/Sithstorm Sniffles (HTF) Was denied entrance to a convention center due to his lack of ID card. To gain entry to the convention center and seek revenge on the people inside toy lightsaber Is able to attack enemies with various telekinetic force powers, and can also use a Lightsaber as a weapon.
Fauille Fantome/Sheet Freak Allison Retriever (Owned by TUFFAgentShepherd) on Deviantart She made a bet with Kitty Katswell to see if Ladybug would win a battle with an akumatized villain. Naturally, Kitty won the bet, and was made to stay under a desert cloak. To seek revenge on Kitty by suffocating the entire city within bedsheets Desert Cloak Is able to manipulate any kind of sheet, and can also wrap any enemy inside of a sheet.
Morelle Noir/Queen Solanum Nightshade the Demon Queen (Owned by JCFanfics) Faced Sally and her new pal Luna the Corgi in battle and did not want to lose to create her own army of Shadow Creatures to defeat Lunar Corgi and Sally. sword Queen Solanum can use her Flower Sword to spread flower-like akumas which make previously-akumatized people into more powerful and shadow-covered versions. She can also use her flower sword as a weapon.
Les Robotimaux/The Robotimals Cy the Rhino and his gang of Protesters (Owned by Wobbley and BenTheFox1996) Cy was angry at Sonic because of his new movie trailer, led his gang to Sonic's house and clobbered Knuckles. He then decided to kick Sonic's butt, but he, Manic, and Sonia tore them a new one and told them to vamoose. After they arrived at Paramount studios, he was determined to stop the movie from being made. To lead his gang into invading the studio and make sure the Sonic Movie stays cancelled Cy's brass knuckles Each Robotimal has a specific power related to their named. Rhino Rider can change into a motorcycle and charge into opponents. Chicken Blaster has two bazookas on his shoulders that fire egg bombs. Tunneler and Digger both have drill arms and have enhanced digging and tunneling skills. Electropede can shoot electricity at his opponents. Finally, Computer Mouse has an electric tail that can be used to shock enemies, and is also super intelligent.
WC Zilla/Toilezilla Vulpes the Sorcerer (owned by BenTheFox1996) After his defeat at the end of the Toilet Rider series, he got angry at Stephanie for ruining his plan to frame her for being evil and banning her from South Mobius. To let out his frustrations on the city. Wristwatch Toilezilla is a Kaiju with a toilet for a head, and his only known powers are his enhanced strength and his ability to come up with creative insults for his enemies.
Signaleur Rouge/Red Signalman Officer Shepherd (owned by Wobbley on Deviantart) Vicky tried to chase after a monster who kidnapped her little brothers, but he prevented her from doing so, since he thought she was jaywalking. After Vicky scolded him for being a no-good stick-in-the mud, he felt very angry. To assist Vicky in getting her little brothers back and get even with the people who took them away. Whistle Red Signalman is able to use a wrist-mounted blaster to place handcuffs on people, and then blow his whistle to make people do things against their will.
Docteur Radio/Dr. Boombox Samuel Blund (father of Sara the wolf, owned by JCFanfics) He was enjoying a remix that his daughter Sara sent him, and he enjoyed it so much that he felt immense Happiness. However, Hawk Moth can akumatize people who feel strong emotions, and the akuma arrived when Sara turned off the music and took it with her to see Sally. To get other people to listen to his favorite song, "Ba-room!" cane Can use his cane to absorb any song and then store it within his body so that he can release it as a loud musical beat that makes people want to dance.
Yuri-chan Sash Lilac (Freedom Planet) Espio rejected her from his dojo, saying that she shall never become a true hero. To get even with Espio for rejecting her. pendant Resembles a lily-like monster, and can use her extendable vines and allergy-inducing pollen to attack enemies.
Sombre Papillon/Tiger Moth Tigian (Eli-J-Brony on Deviantart) Tigian grew desperate to defeat the Roadrangers, so he turned to Hawk Moth to help him. To destroy the Roadrangers and stop the Miraculous Warriors once and for all sword Is able to use his cane in battle, and can create multiple tiger-striped akumas at once. As a failsafe plan, he can akumatize himself into a larger version of himself.

Season 5 Villains[]

Name Civilian Identity Reason Goal Akumatized Object Powers
Oblivia Olivia the Leopard and Medvaka the Bear (owned by Leoparda-HTF on Deviantart) Olivia and Medvaka were recaptured by Bard the Wolf, Rocky the Bear, and Lunge the moose (owned by Leoparda-a-la-HTF on Deviantart) and taken to a zoo where they were mocked and laughed at. They were determined to pay them out. To seek revenge for his kidnapping (Medvaka), to make people forget that she was ever captured (Olivia) cane Oblivia is able to use their magic cane to erase people's memories, and can also transform the memory bullets into a ball large enough to wipe out the memories of an entire sector.
Fete/Feast Jin Chan (an Amokized Centimonster) Billiman revived Jin Chan in order to control him, but Jin Chan wanted to disobey his master. To eat all the Miraculous. the cane which contained Doraemon's Amok Similar to Jin Chan, but has now become even bigger.
Croiseur/Cruiser Shy the Pony (owned by Wobbley on Deviantart) Shy saw Empreavelles' wife and cubs mourning over her corpse, so she decided to tase Medvaka and send Olivia back to Civilization. To destroy Medvaka for harming innocent creatures and avenge Emperavelles' death. hat The Cruiser is able to shoot missiles, smoke bombs, and nets from her shoulders. She can also hover in the air.
Chat Chapeau Sonic, owner of the Cat Miraculous Sonic saw an old DVD cover of the 2003 version of the Cat in the hat, and was worried about him coming out opf the DVD case. To voice his expressions and show everyone how Dr. Seuss can be fun. dvd case Rides a DVD case which has been converted into a Seussian flying machine. The machine can transform any person into a Seussian creature by placing special patches on them.
La Parasite/The Parasite Timid (Owned by @FliptonBoys242 ) He was bullied and pushed into a mud puddle by Jacqueline Doe and Kevin gopher (owned by @Leoparda-a-la-HTF) as well as Bully (owned by @FliptonBoys242 ) . To get rid of the people who bullied him bandage Parasite is a frog-like being who can spew toxic fumes from his back. He is assisted by a Tapeworm Sentimonster who can change into a pair of scissors, a trumpet pistol, a trombone rifle, and a guitar axe in order to change his enemies into stickers on his back.
Organiste/Organist Lammy (Happy Tree Friends) Lammy's mother, Ms. MacIsaac (owned by @Leoparda-a-la-HTF ) interrupted her plank-surfing time and made her do chores. To have her imaginary object friends do chores for her and prevent anyone from interfering. Keyboard synthesizer The Organist has a magical keyboard organ which has a retractable laser cannon that can bring objects to life. The objects can stay alive as long as the Organist continues playing her organ.

Mangeur d'herbe/Weed Eater

Mickey the Hedgehog (owned by @Blamaxtric01 ) Mickey's friend Zippy Chipmunk wanted to annoy him, so he shut himself up inside a freezer. To devour the weed that Lifty and Shifty stashed and presumably get away from Zippy Freezer Weed Eater is a Dalek expy who sucks in marijuana with his right arm, and then spews the stored marijuana from his left arm as a mist which makes people act giddy. However, he is prone to self-destruct if he fails or makes a mistake.
Jeu de Hydra/game Hydra Hysteria, Chaos, Mayhem, and Discord (Danger Mouse) Hysteria and her agents wanted revenge on Amy for beating them in a baseball game. To beat Amy in a big video game digital watch Controls a giant real world video game that pits player against player. The playable avatars are past akumatized villains. After each round, the defeated Avatars Akuma object is added to the winners arsenal, where it can later be selected as a power-up in the final battle, giving the user access to those villains' powers.
Coupe-pizza/Pizza Slicer Pururun (Samurai Pizza Cats) Was angry at her incompetent co-workers for ruining everything. To seek revenge on her co-workers. pizza cutter Can shoot pizza slices, wields a weaponized pizza slicer, and can change people into pizza using a giant oven.
Nekodamashi Gatomon (Digimon) She was angry at Randall, Derrick, and Waldo, the Dog Bros, for making fun of her. To defeat the Dog Bros in a sumo match ring Attacks enemies with her claws and sumo moves, and can create sonic claps to disorient enemies.
Bufferer Coco Bandicoot (crash Bandicoot) Was frustrated at her computer for not working. To seek revenge on the developers who made the computer computer mouse Can throw rings which immobilize people and make them look as if they were buffering.
Dracorex Hogwartsia Espio (Sonic the Hedgehog) Lifty and Shifty made fun of his love of magic books. To get even with those who have mocked his love of fantasy books. wand Knows pretty much every magical spell in existence, but is smart enough to use them wisely.
Broyeur D'ordures/Garbage Grinder Sparkster and Axel Gear After their series was canceled, they ended up as garbage collectors and were made fun of by Jibanyan for it. To seek revenge on the company which rejected them. ignition key Is a living garbage truck which devours buildings and uses a rusty sword as a weapon.
Chrono Couteau/Time Slicer Bob (SMG4) Was worried he might lose Doggy Don forever. To make sure Colonel and Doggy Don stay with him forever pendant Is able to use his knife arms to slice portals to any time period or dimension he wishes.
La Bestiole/Creepy-crawly Melvin (Minijusticiers) His fear of bugs got him akumatized several times To make sure other people are afraid of bugs as he is flute Is able to use his flute to manipulate bugs.

Season 6 Villains[]

After Fiona Fox retires as Hawk Moth, Thrash the Tasmanian Devil decides to finish what she started. After Thrash is thrown in jail, Madge the Magician decides to fill in for Thrash.

Name Civilian Identity Reason Goal Akumatized Object Powers
Mr. Grincheux/Mr. Grumpy Tigian Danny the Wolf told off Tigian for taking over Christmas. To ruin Christmas and freeze Santa to death. Dagger Is able to trap people inside of presents, summon anything he needs from inside of presents, and use a candy cane sword as a weapon.
Carton Destructeur/Cardboard Crusher Thrash the Tasmanian Devil Prior to becoming Hawk Moth, Thrash wanted Fiona Fox to sign a package, but she rejected him. To let out his own frustrations on everyone letter Is a large being made of cardboard boxes and letters who is able to transform people into cardboard cut-outs.
Catalyst Fiona Fox She willingly had Thrash akumatize him so that she could assist him in his plan to get the Miraculous. To help Hawk Moth akumatize everyone in the school. Wristwatch Is able to empower any person a thousand-fold. She used this power to make Hawk Moth become able to create multiple Akumas.
Justicier/Lady Justice Sally Acorn (Sonic) Big Bullie the wolf framed her for stealing test answers, but Principal Florrie the Moose and Lucas the Lucario were skeptical and sent her away while they tried to figure it out. Sally became very sad. To punish Big Bullie for framing her fanny pack Can get out whatever she needs from her fanny pack at the right moment, including a sticky bomb gun.
Reine de Verite/Queen Verity Florrie the Moose (Wobbley on Deviantart) Big Bullie told everyone about his plan to frame Sally, and she was understandably upset. To help Lady Justice punish Big Bullie ring Looks like an Expy of the Scarlet Sentinel from Power Rangers, and can shoot lightning from her wrist at enemies.
Aura Maitre/Aura Master Lucas the Lucario (Woblley on Deviantart) He was with Florrie when Big Bullie told everyone about his plan, and was understandably upset. To assist Lady Justice and Queen Verity in paying Big Bullie Out wristband Is able to shoot aura blasts at his enemies.
L'Humiliateur/The Humiliator Bridged Foxtail aka The Hacker (Owned by @fjbdfhhdgfuigffgxjhb  on Deviantart ) After she was thrown in jail for hacking into a presentation and humiliating everyone, she herself was mocked by the other prisoners To seek revenge on those who have humiliated her Prison Tag The Humiliator is able to read people's minds and think of what term they despise the most, and then use that term to send them flying into the walls. People affected by her powers feel a burning sensation afterwards.
La Remplacant/The Replacer Truffles the pig (Happy Tree Friends) He was angry at only getting cameos while everyone else gets the spotlight. To replace the main characters with copies of himself. Sailor Hat The Replacer  is armed with a club, can shoot blue beams from his mouth, can throw white balls that replace children with white copies of himself to make them sad, and can throw red balls that change into Red versions of himself which cry if unhappy and crush people with their weight.
Reine de Trophee/Trophy Queen Pasadena O'Possum (Crash Bandicoot) She was angry that Naughty Dog would force her to give trophies to everyone, especially her enemy Dr. Cortex To turn everyone who supports Cortex into Trophies Thermos Trophy Queen can use her thermos-turned-wand to shoot juice that change people into trophies and suck them inside the wand. 
Mangeur de Magique/Magic Eater Dark Cal (@Callweis 2 on Deviantart) He was angry at Kristina and Cal for existing. To drain the world of all magic Boxing Gloves Magic Eater is able to use his two sentient glove arms to shoot blue lasers which change any magic user or magical object into spheres which the main body's mouth can eat.
Miracle Maitre/Miracle Master Dark Cal (@Callweis 2 on Deviantart) He believed that the Miraculous Warriors were responsible for thwarting his plans. To take control of every Miraculous Warrior and help Hawk Moth fulfill his wish. pendant Miracle Master is able to release flies that sting any Miraculous User and bring them under his control.

Season 7 Villains[]

Billiman decides to use both the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous to become Shadow Moth, who is capable of creating both Akumatized Villains and Amokized Sentimonsters.

Name Civilian Identity Reason Goal akumatized object powers
Gasolina Dennis Dalmatian (AlanArtAlvin

on Deviantart)

Saw Marly, Charly, and Larry, the mouse

brothers, burn Doggy Don and Colonel alive and was outraged about it.

To burn Marly, Charly, and

Larry alive like they did to Doggy Don and Colonel

fireman's hat can spray gas from his right arm and fire from his left arm.
Étincelle/Spark Unnamed Sentai Fan (TeamProckyBen on Deviantart) Was given a restraining order because Amy and Sally refused to become Zonnette for him To get Amy and Sally to obey his demands to become Zonnette watch can shoot lightning and trap people inside of bug zappers to electrocute them.
Refroidisseur/Chiller Chairman Rose (Pokemon) Was trapped in a freezer by Amy when he briefly went insane Wants to find Amy and freeze her to death Pokenav Plus can shoot icicles from his arms and freeze his surroundings with nitrogen gas
Fujiyama Dr. Fuji (Pokemon) Was disappointed in his failure to corrupt Chairman Rose To bring the world to darkness through volcanic eruptions badge sprays volcanic ash into the air, summons volcanoes which erupt, shoots magma from his arms
Pyro et Cryo/Pyro and Cryo Frostbiter and Pyroslash (JCFanfics on Deviantart) After they were made to repair Blaze's castle and then banished, they wanted revenge. To ruin Dr. Fox, Blaze, Rivet, and Sally's pool party in retaliation for being banished wristwatch Pyro can shoot fireballs, while Cryo can shoot ice balls which freeze anything.
Jumeaux baron voleur/Robber Baron Twins Karen Corplet and Tom Kremling (Leeesydreamy on Deviantart) They were arrested for kidnapping and using Punky to rob banks, To get a second chance at being criminals and get back at those who imprisoned them handcuffs They have a pair of magnet gloves for stealing cash as well as a set of coin bag bombs.

Makoto's Villains[]

In Enerjack, it is revealed that Sakura Crimson is one of the future wielders of the Butterfly Miraculous.

Name Civilian identity Reason Goal akumatized object Powers
Enerjacques/Enerjack Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog series) He grew jealous of the Miraculous Heroes and had himself willingly akumatized in order to wish for the powers of all the Miraculous Wielders. To gain the powers of all the Miraculous Wielders staff Is able to teleport and use his scepter to teleport people to any time period he wishes, such as the ice age, the Jurassic Era, the distant future in a galaxy not so far away, and Pompeii.
Dr. Tristesse/Dr. Gloom Uncle Chuck (Sonic the Hedgehog series) Was sad that he wouldn't be able to become a true doctor. To make people as sad as he is syringe Is able to use his Syringe to put people in a gloomy funk.
Envahisseurs Aklipt/The Lampshaders Stan the Fisher (Rat-a-tat) His claims about alien invasions were dismissed as rubbish by Makoto. To make people believe him by bringing a real invasion of aliens into the city hanging lamp Leads an army of lamp-shaped UFOs which create copies of himself and shoot lasers
Cris et Larmes/The Fire and Ice Misers Honey and Bunny (Sab Jholmaal hai) The two cat twins took jobs as clowns and everyone laughed at them. To seek revenge and become underworld rulers. Honey and Bunny's juggling balls One used a yellow crystal ball to shoot fire, while the other used a blue crystal ball to shoot ice.
La Roi de Neige/The Snow King Ice King (Adventure Time) He was tired of women rejecting him. To freeze all the women in the city and add them to his collection. The ice King's crown Had a large array of blizzard, snow, and ice manipulation powers.
Robin la robot Voyou/Robby the Rogue Robot R.O.B (Nintendo) People thought of him as only a machine, when in fact he could feel any emotions he wanted. To prove to people that he wasn't just an ordinary machine. R.O.B's Gyromite Top Could take control of any robot or machine and give them true sentience.
Monsieur Rat/Mr. Rat Melvin (Minijusticiers) His little trip to the Bubonic Plague rid him of his fear of bugs, but now he was scared of rats. To make people afraid of rats flute Used his flute to bring rats into the town A la the Pied Piper.

Amokized Sentimonsters[]

The wielder of the Peacock Miraculous can generate Sentimonsters based on the emotions of anyone around them, including themselves. Billiman is revealed to be the owner of the Peacock Miraculous, and Doraemon is one of the former owners.

Name Civilian Identity Emotion Goal Powers
Jin Chan Doraemon Hunger and Lust To gain

more power

Jin Chan can swallow

anything inside his belly,

detect Miraculouses,

and trap anything inside of him for good.

Sentibug and Senti Noir Olivia Desperation To save Medvaka and stop the Cruiser Both Sentibug and Senti Noir have powers similar to Ladybug and Chat Noir, but their powers are named Senti Charm and Senticlysm.
Speedstar's Robonator Speedstar Despair To defeat Tigian. Just like Tigian's Robonator, Speedstar's Robonator is able to counter any attack, and is loaded with enough combat skills and weapons to defeat any enemy.
Le Tenia/The Tapeworm Timid Sadness To get even with the people who bullied him The Tapeworm can change itself into a variety of weapons to assist the Parasite in changing his enemies into stickers on his back.
Robo-miraculer/Miraculous Mech Danny the Wolf Bravery to help Danny save the day and defeat Mr. Grumpy Has all the abilities of the Miraculous Warriors, such as Lucky Charm, Cataclysm, Venom, Shellter, Voyage, and Amokization, only he can use the Miraculous Powers as many times as he wants.
Jeux de Terreur/The Terror Toys The Miraculous Mech Desire for Justice To assist the Miraculous Mech in defeating Tigian Consist of a Ghostly pair of rubber dolls resembling Gumby and Pokey, a blue baby doll with spiral eyes and fanged teeth, a demented axe-wielding Punch and Judy-type puppet, a devilish Barbie doll wielding a hatchet, a pot of carnivorous Poinsettias, a floating shrunken head, a living doll driving a guillotine, a monstrous Matryoshka dol with a scorpion tail, a Zombified Nutcracker Soldier, a vampire teddy with very sharp teeth, a large orange and black-striped Boa Constrictor, a monstrous race car, a fying jack-in-the-box with three heads resemblng a pumpkin,a cat, and a skull, a ragdoll with a face inspired by Munch’s the Scream, a demented Hobby Horse,  a man-eating plant resembling a wreath, a monstrous Christmas tree with bat-like ornaments, and a possessed bicycle with a pirate ship on top.
Habilitateur/Empowerer Billiman Desperation To give Billiman the ability to create multiple amok feathers. Looks like a Gonk Droid with two Crocodile-clips and can give its master the ability to create multiple amok feathers
Pouvoir Poulpe/Powerpus Big Bullie, Tempest, Punk, Big Baddie, and Bash Shame To give Big Bullie and his friends the ability to fight back against Thrash. These small octopus-like beings can attach to people and give them the powers of Miraculous Warriors.
Crepe Suzette Billiman Anger To assist everyone in capturing Thrash the Tasmanian Devil This crepe-like monster's only known ability is to shoot jelly and jam at its enemies.
La Gros Squelette/The Giant Skeleton Della Doberman (@conlimic000 on Deviantart) Desire for Power To help Della destroy the Miraculous Warriors and steal their Miraculous. The only known powers of this giant skeleton are its enhanced strength.
Gros Frelon/Giant Hornet Billiman Devotion To assist the Miraculous Master as a guard This giant wasp can fly and has a huge stinger.
Chauffage d'été/Summer Heater Billiman Indignation To ruin Sally's pool party along with Pyro and Cryo Radiates heat waves which set things on fire and boil water, and also shoots heat beams.
Prendre sac/Grab Bag Billiman Regret To free the Robber Baron Twins from jail and help them commit crimee transforms people into coins and feeds on cash to empower itself.

Unseen/Flashback Villains[]

These akumatized villains have only been seen in flashbacks or mentioned in various episodes.

Name Civilian identity Reason Goal Akumatized object Powers
Neuf Queues/

Nine Tails

Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog) Leather Ted the Bear, Pit the Pit Bull, and Big Bullie the wolf bullied him because of his tails. to get rid of the people who bullied him bandanna Nine Tails is able to shoot hitodama fireballs at opponents. He is also able to use clairvoyance to find out where his enemies are, and also has enhanced strength.


Principal Gerald Witherspoon (owned by JCFanfics on Deviantart) Gerald used to encourage bullying in his school, and prevented students from defending themselves. However, the school council decided to fire him and replace him with a newer principal. This made him very angry. to make sure bullying reigns in his school forever necktie Bullivion can brainwash people into bullying others, and can create a mental wave to call every person who is being manipulated by him to attack enemies.
Madame sans Humor/

Humor Lass

Giggles (Happy Tree Friends) Giggles was so frightened of clowns that she shut herself up in a room. to get over her fear of clowns by eliminating their humor. bow tie Humor Lass is able to drain humor from any person.
Madame Maillet/Bonker Babe Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog) Sonic rejected her one too many times to be with Sonic forever hammer Bonker Babe is able to use her hammer to create sonic waves, and can also use her hammer as a weapon.
Freres Diablotins/

Gremlin Brothers

Honey and Bunny, the twin cats (Sab Jholmaal Hai) The both of them were framed by a panda named Peter and thrown into jail. to disguise themselves as a steering wheel and an engine so that they could frame Peter for reckless driving Bunny's Cap The Gremlin Brothers are able to transform into any machine. They also have arm-mounted laser guns which they can use to shoot at opponents.
General Ravage/General Havoc Flippy (Happy Tree Friends) Watched a movie on film which Traumatized him. He was on the verge of Flipping out when he was akumatized. to let his anger out on everyone else. Hat General Havoc has a variety of cybernetic weapons at his disposal, and can transform his arm into these weapons at will.
Chronomaitre/Lord Chronos Dudley Puppy (TUFF Puppy) Was sad that Kitty Katswell got the last donut instead of him. to go back in time and prevent Kitty from taking the last donut. collar Lord Chronos is able to shoot a beam from his staff which sends peop;le into the past to collect time for himself. He is able to use the stored time to travel into the past.
Chrono-griffe/Time Ripper Kitty Katswell (Tuff Puppy) After Lord Chronos traveled back to the event which got him akumatized, he told Kitty Catswell that because of her, he was transformed. Her guilt made her an easy target. to assist Lord Chronos in erasing any disturbances in time. wristwatch Time Ripper is able to use her claws to travel to different areas in time and space, and can also use them to disintegrate anything that might be a threat to the timeline.
La Llorona Sally Acorn (Sonic the Hedgehog) When Ballu invited her to a party, Motu, Chotu, and Lambu dumped paint on her, causing her to be humiliated. to haunt Ballu's house and scare the three mice for their actions against her. hairband La Llorona is able to manipulate any liquid at will, and also has the standard abilities of a ghost.
Revelator Eli the Hedgehog (a character owned by Eli-J-Brony on Deviantart) A cat named Shad Markley was telling lies about him, and made all of his friends think he was horrid. to prove to everyone that Shad is nothing but a jerk. wristwatch Revelator has the appearance of a Grell from Dungeons and Dragona, and can create smaller copies of himself which latch onto people and make them see certain events from the past or future.
Televiseur/Televisor Timid the Chinchila (owned by FliptonBoys242 on Deviantart) He showed Giggles and Toothy that he could turn on a TV by himself, but Bully, Blackout, and Rusty made fun of him and called him a liar. Giggles decided to stand up for Timid, and Lumpy took the three bullies to detention. However, Timid still felt sad. To seek revenge on Bully, Rusty, and Blackout for making fun of him. The television he was fixing Televisor pilots a television-shaped mech which has tentacles and can shoot beams which change people into televisions.
Orthrus Madge the Magician (Sab Jholmaal Hai) Della Doberman killed Wanda the Fox wizard with her Sentimonster. To get even with Della for killing Wanda. hat Orthrus's only known abilities are its enhanced strength and ability to breathe fire.
Terror Terrier Ren (Ren and Stimpy) Ren was tired of Stimpy's constant shenanigans, and wanted him dead. to kill off Stimpy once and for all. collar Has similar powers to Generator Rex, and can use the nanites in his body to transform his body parts into any machine part he wants.
Fantome de la Wagon/ Freight Car Phantom James the Red Engine (Thomas and Friends) After James kept mucking about with passenger trains, Sir Topham Hatt told James that his passenger-pulling privileges were now revoked. James felt redder than ever when he was forced to pull trucks. To make sure that no engine on the Island of Sodor pulls passenger trains ever again. the lamp on his buffer-beams. Has the abilities of a ghost train, and can cause any passenger engine and the passengers they are carrying to change into slow goods trains.
Madame Emotif/Miss Emotional Riley Anderson (Inside Out) Due to Happiness and Sadness getting sucked out of the control room in Riley's mind, Anger, Fear, and Disgust take over, unintentionally causing Riley to have a bad day. This makes her a target for akumatization by Hawk Moth. To make people feel as much sadness, disgust, and anger as she does. Riley's backpack Is able to throw balls of sadness, anger, and disgust from her bag to make people feel negative emotions. She can also fire bursts of negative energy at opponents.
Capitaine Karma/Captain Karma Arthur Read (Arthur) Arthur hit his sister DW for breaking his model plane, causing his parents to ban him from TV for a week. After a while, Francine calls him out, despite the fact that it wasn't his fault. Finally, Binky is forced to punch Arthur by the Tough Customers. This makes him a target for akumatization. To give punishments to those who deserve it. Glasses Captain Karma is able to detect people's sins (the bad things they have done before), and create bad karma based on the things that they have done wrong. He is also able to shoot karma blasts at opponents.
Animonstre/Animonster Bart Simpson (The Simpsons) Bart Simpson wants to watch an Itchy and Scratchy movie, but when he forgets to watch Maggie, his father, Homer, bans him from watching the Itchy and Scratchy movie and all subsequent movies for the rest of his life. Marge tries to reason with Homer, saying that this ban is too extreme, but Homer refuses to budge, and he tells Bart that someday, he will thank him for this. To force Homer to let him watch the Itchy and Scratchy movie pencil Has the ability to summon anything he desires by waving his pencil, such as copies of Itchy and Scratchy, and can teleport people to whatever place he wants.
Madame Ironie/Madame Irony Betty the Labrador (Rat-a-tat/Pakdam Pakdai) Betty the Labrador (a character from Pakdam Pakdai, or Rat-a-tat) decides to go to work one day. She walks to the bus stop, but not before a pit bull slaps her on the back twice. Betty gets angry, and when her bus arrives, she gets on it. She sits in her seat and is annoyed by a bear and a crocodile trying to read over her. She goes to the next seat in disgust, only for an otter to blow smoke in her face. She then sits in the back, only for Ballu to tell her to relinquish her seat. When she refuses, Ballu takes the seat for himself, leaving her to have to hang onto the straps. Betty then leaves the bus. Just as she thinks that things can’t get any worse, they do. A car drives past her, slinging mud all over her. Betty then decides that this is the last straw. She walks into her office in a huff. To seek revenge on the people who wronged her by giving them ironic punishments based on their sins. bow Madame Irony is able to zap people inside of a special sideshow stage and forced to endure terrible ironic punishments (People who read over other people's shoulders are given blank books, back-slappers get tied up and slapped on the back by a machine, Smoke-blowers get smoke from burning tires on their face, seat-hogs are forced to sit in a small seat while monkeys try to reclaim it, and mud-splashers are tied to a light pole as a duo of tires completely splash mud all over them).
Trois Souris Aveugles/Three Blind Mice Motu, Chotu, and Lambu (Rat-a-tat/Pakdam Pakdai) The three mice are made fun of by other people due to their small size. This makes them very sad and angry. To get back at those who have made fun of them by making themselves larger and making others smaller. Motu's glasses The Three Blind Mice have a telepathic link to each other, and they are able to absorb people's size so that they become smaller and the mice become bigger.
Rééducateur/Reeducator Chancellor Neighsay He was tired of people criticizing his methods of education and his hatred of non-ponies. To make people see his point of view and hate non-pony creatures. Cape As Re-Educator, he has the ability to force his point of view onto other ponies, similar to the Point-of-view beam from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy. That way, everypony in town will persecute all non-ponies, and they will even persecute Twilight for hanging out with such creatures. Only Princess Celestia is immune, since she can see through such lies, and cannot be brainwashed by any means due to her strong mind. To attack opponents, he can manipulate school supplies, such as blackboard erasers, chalks, and pencils.
Maillet Maitre/Mallet Man King Dedede Suffered another defeat at the hands of Kirby, and wanted to get back at him. To finally defeat Kirby once and for all. Hammer has attacks similar to Masked Dedede from Kirby Superstar Ultra, such as a mallet that shoots missiles and a spinning attack.
Nekomata Tom the Cat (Tom and Jerry) Tom was getting tired of Jerry evading his every attempt to eat him. To accomplish his goal of eating Jerry. collar can breathe fire from his mouth, shoot fire from his two tails, and scratch enemies with his claws.

Villains seen in the Akuma Archive series[]

These villains were chronicled in the faux-documentary spinoff series, The Akuma Archive, detailing the experiences of akumatized victims.

Name Civilian Identity Reason Goal Object Powers
Broberus Randall the Cane Corso,

Derrick the Boxer,

Waldo the Rottweiler


Doggy Don sang a rude song about being homosexual, so they threw him out. To get even with people for insulting them Randall's collar Broberus has enhanced strength and durability, and can shoot fireballs at will.
Tourbillon Vortex/

Spinning Vortex

Petunia the Skunk (Happy Tree Friends) Petunia got disoriented while inside of a spinning tunnel and fell out, causing Lammy to call her a wuss for not being in the tunnel for too long. To make people experience the confusion she went through. fir tree air freshener Spinning Vortex is able to shoot spiral beams which cause people to become dizzy from the room spinning.
Garçon d'haltères/

Barbell Boy

Sunny the Cat (Sab Jholmaal Hai) Doggy Don beat him in a video game, causing him to get angry. Doggy Don then mocked him as he walked out of the room. To pay Doggy Don out for mocking him Headband Barbell Boy can use his barbell as a weapon that can create shock waves when it hits the ground.
Rapide Avance/

Fast Forward

Lauranna the dog (Minijusticiers) Lauranna grew impatient as she was waiting for Sonic to arrive at the park. To speed up Sonic's arrival so that he can be with her. watch Fast Forward can tap her left foot to fast forward time, and can tap her right foot to rewind it. She can also create time bubbles.

Wrist Watchman

Rocky the Cane Corso (Pakdam Pakdai/Rat-a-tat) Rocky wandered away from Betty the Labrador and assumed she ditched her. To find Betty and make sure he never loses her again. smartwatch Wrist Watchman can use his smartwatch for a variety of functions, such as tracking people, capturing them, and making them strike poses.

Origami Man

Luigi (Nintendo) Giggles thought his origami wasn't good enough for her, causing him to assume she wasn't good enough for her as well. To make sure his origami creations impress her. Origami hat Origami Man is able to create and manipulate his own origami creations at will, such as summoning a giant origami crane.
Epine Noire/

Dark Thorn

Gerald the mongrel (Sab Jholmaal Hai) Gerald wanted to impress Ballu's sister Lily with a rose bouquet, but she was allergic to roses and rejected him. To incite hatred in other people. rose bouquet Dark Thorn can shoot thorns that inject people with a poison that causes them to become enemies with whoever they first see.
Fatale d'anniversaire/

Birthday Basher

Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) She made a Pinkie Promise to Sonic to keep his party going, but he had other plans and canceled it, causing her to be angry. To seek revenge on Sonic for breaking her "Pinkie Promise". cupcake Birthday Basher is able to create two kinds of cupcake bombs from her body and throw them at enemies. The red cupcakes function as confetti bombs, while the green cupcakes function as sticky bombs.

Phantomized Monsters[]

Phantomized Monsters are created when Tails (as Turtledove) summons a Phantom to possess a person through their negative emotions and transform them into monsters in exchange for helping the Miraculous Warriors. The Phantomized monsters are based on the Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, as well as various monsters from different anime and tv shows.

Name Civilian Identity Reason Goal Phantomized Object Powers
Demolisseur/Wrecking Ball Timid (owned by FliptonBoys242 on Deviantart) Felt he had let down his teammates when they battled the Pradatory Trio To regain his confidence and defeat his enemies Armadillo Miraculous This armadillo/bear hybrid is able to roll itself into a ball and run over enemies.
Vipere de feu/Fire Serpent Flare the Flareon-inspired wolf (owned by JCFanfics on deviantart) Felt guilt for trusting Amy and getting her friend akumatized. To counter the Abductor and her Dragon. a locket with a photo of Kimberly This dragon is made entirely out of fire, and can breathe fire from its mouth at fast speeds.
M. Argentino Mr. Moneybags Bernard the Raccoon (owned by Eli-J-Brony on deviantart) He was afraid of Dr. Discus because of his frisbee-based attacks. To conquer his fear of frisbee discs. headband This money bag-themed monster is able to throw coin bombs and use a money bag as a flail.
Tornademon Shad Markley (owned by Eli-J-bront on Deviantart) He was affected by the fear gas Despair Crow created and was frightened by visions of purple dancing hippos. To dispel Despair Crow's fear gas and make people see things as they really are. wristwatch This tornado-themed monster is able to use his tornado body to suck up gas and shoot it at his opponents.
Legaraignée/ Blockhead Spider Amy Rose Minifigure She felt betrayed by her future self, Roxy Hazardjacket, when she flushed her down the toilet and sent her to the sewers. To punish Roxy for betraying her and go back in time to make sure her past self makes it safely to the Sis-Star System. lego block This spidery Lego block can not only create makeshift structures out of Lego Blocks, but can also warp herself to any time period she likes.
Lego Legion The various Minifigures inside of Jeremy Crimson's Lego Box They felt betrayed by Jeremy Crimson for abandoning them. To get even with Jeremy Crimson for abandoning them, later to assist Jeremy because he's a Miraculous wielder lego box The Lego Legion's body is made up of a Lego box, while its arms and legs are made of Lego blocks and Lego minifigures. They are able to manipulate Lego pieces at will, and can also bring them to life at will.
Terra Mere/Mother Earth Eva (Minijusticiers) She didn't like Ai Apaec for hurting people. To prove that land dwellers have just as much rights to exist as sea dwellers. Necklace Mother Earth is able to manipulate any kind of animal or plant, and can create a wall of plants around her. She has the added ability to spray Capsaicin into people's eyes.
Rage Volant et Locomotivator/Road Rage and Trainwreck Speedstar and Costrain Master (Eli-J-Brony on Deviantart) They watched the Roadrangers and the Miraculous Warriors face down Tiger Moth on TV, and they wanted to help them, To defeat Tiger Moth and assist the Miraculous Wielders. Speedstar's Ring Both Trainwreck and Road Rage are giant mechs which can shoot missiles, and can also use swords as weapons.
Souveniera/Memoria Timid (owned by Fliptonboys242 on Deviantart ) and Toothy (HTF) They were worried about Ladybug losing to Oblivia To work with Sally to defeat Oblivia Toothy's Hanuman helmet Memoria looks like a combination of a snow globe, jellyfish, and ice cream cone. He is able to insert his memories into any object to bring it to life. However, if the object is destroyed, he can use his tentacles to retrieve the memories at will.
Biwa-chan, Shami-kun, and Koto-san Bully the bull (owned by @FliptonBoys242 ) , Jacqueline the Doe and Kevin 9owned by @Leoparda-a-la-HTF) They felt guilt when they let Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Viperion be defeated by the Parasite To free the Miraculous Heroes from Parasite and defeat him Kevin's wristwatch Biwa-chan is able to use musical vibrations to destroy objects. Meanwhile, Shami-kun can use his plectrum as a boomerang and can revive his allies, while Koto-san can extend his strings to wrap around enemies and purify Akumas.