Anime Fanon
Name Powers Goal Akumatized object
Kamila/Poker Queen can transform people into card soldiers

under her control.

Wants to win a card game that

she lost many times to Felix

glove (akuma)
Georgetta/Bad Bus Driver Wields a set of bus ticket shuriken which transform people into "passengers" under her control, has a magical bus which can fly and has a pair of cannons Wants to relieve her stress at being a bus driver bus steering wheel
Louis/Human Computer can use his chalks to draw various mathematical formulae everywhere, produces and throws discs made of words at enemies, has enhanced intelligence due to the computer on his head, can wrap enemies in ropes made from words Wants to make up for failing his test chalk
Marco/Shutterbug uses his camera to take photographs of people and transform them into spheres which are trapped within his camera, is assisted by a Sentimonster called "The Cloud", a cloud-like sentimonster with tentacles which shoots lightning Wants to capture people within photos so that he can keep them to himself camera (Akuma), Glasses (Amok()
Dennis/Vacuuman is able to use his vacuum-like head to spew garbage everywhere, can suck up and shoot various items with his vacuum head Wants to make messes whenever he wants vacuum cleaner
Rhonda/Primrose is able to use her magic wand to place people in dresses and force them to dance against their will Wants everyone to become prim and proper bow tie
Bella/Madame Multiplex is able to transform people into copies of her boyfriend which are under her control Wants to make up with Ayla for wanting to be with her boyfriend and stop her from being a jerk to her notebook
Motor Mack/Biker has a high-tech motorcycle which can shoot bullets at enemies, is assisted by Motorhead, a motorcycle Sentimonster which is equipped with a muffler cannon which shoots toxic smog bombs, as well as a sonic horn which can deafen opponents and also brainwash people. Wants to relive his glory days as a biker Motorcycle Helmet (Akuma), motorcycle handlebars (Amok)
Harland/Goalie has enhanced kicking abilities, creates and manipulates soccer balls, is assisted by a Sentimonster called Spherico who is a living ball which can shoot smaller soccer bals from its mouth and ram into enemies Wants to force the audience at a soccer ball game to accept that the opposing team is never coming whistle (Akuma), soccer ball (Amok)
Johnson/Double Dutch uses a jump rope as a whip, is assisted by a Sentimonster called Jump Rope Snake, a large snake which can use its body to sweep people off their feet or knock objects over Wants to get even with all jump-ropers, as well as Chloe for being a jerk to him jump rope (Akuma), athletic wristband (Amok)
Matilda/Kitchen Machine is made entirely from kitchen appliances, including a microwave head, a fridge body, and two robotic arms and legs, has enhanced cooking skills, opens her microwave head to shoot beams at enemies Wants to become a better cook frying pan (Akuma)
Xander/Flex Armstrong can extend his arms in order to wallop enemies with his boxing gloves, is assisted by a Sentimonster called Glover, a sentient pair of boxing gloves which enhances his power, and can merge together to form a larger black glove that can punch through anything with extreme force. Wants to win a boxing match and finish off his boxing rival boxing helmet (Akuma), boxing gloves (Amok)
Tallulah/Miss Tulip uses her wand to transform people into flowers and cover everything in flowers Wants her mother to cheer up and accept a tulip for her dibber
Dom Mato/Peachy Keen is a sentient peach with wheels which can devour vegetables at a rapid pace, is assisted by a Sentimonster called Tomato King, a tomato-headed humanoid who protects Peachy Keen by throwing tomato bombs. Wants to devour all vegetables in the city in order to punish his son for speaking out against him vegetable cart (Akuma), cap (Amok)
CD Store Owner (Renee)/Karaoke King steals the musical talents of his enemies so that they emit bad-sounding musical notes, is assisted by the Micro-wolves, a pair of wolf-headed microphone Sentimonsters which emit sonic waves, and wrap enemies in their cords Wants to sing better than anyone else and win a Karaoke contest badge (Akuma), cordless microphone (Amok)
Joshua/OCDemon is not only able to create portals with his wand, but he can also erase people's facial features and body parts as well as their personality traits. His main ability is to create a chess board-shaped minefiels which explodes unless one moves in an L-shaped pattern. In battle, he shoots explosive magic projectiles from his wand. Wants to correct all bad things in the city pencil
Bob/Rhymer uses his rod to curse people to constantly rhyme, and if they refuse, they'll be turned into statues. In battle, he uses his rod as a weapon. Wants everyone to speak in rhyme pencil
Brock/Bufferer can throw rings which immobilize people and objects and make them look as if they were buffering. In battle, he can shoot beams from his horns at enemies. Wants to seek revenge on the manufacturers of a certain computer due to its constant buffering glasses
Francis/Janitron is able to shoot beams which place cleaning equipment in people's hands which forces them to clean up everything. In battle, she shoots a barrage of rubbish from her dust box head. Wants to force everyone to clean up the whole house as punishment for mocking her mop (Akuma)
Carrie/Killboard is able to order any item or weapon and teleport it into reality for him to use, and he can also bring objects from other billboards to life to use them as weapons. Wants his friend to stop ordering things from TV necklace
Seymour/Chairman transforms people into other chairs via beams, and also controls chairs at will. In battle, he bashes enemies with his armchair-like arms. Wants to get even with the board of education for firing him due to incompetence office chair
Lon/Phony Booth has the ability to make phone calls to people and absorb them within their phones. He also turns the phone dial on his head to make people flip over or fire machine gun bullets. Wants to get rid of all prank callers pay phone
Todd/Stone Smasher absorbs any attacks made against him through his left arm, and redirects the attacks through his right arm. Wants to fight back against the people who made fun of his friends arm brace
Pablo/Fruiterer throws fruit bombs that wither all plants on contact. Wants to make sure no fruit grows in the city again fruit box
Katrina/Interrogator can inject a truth serum inside of others which makes people reveal various truths about themselves, and is also armed with a pair of clamps and a syringe. Wants to know Ladybug's secret identity necklace
Andi/Posity can stick notes onto people so

that they cannot say No

Wants to seek revenge on Chloe for taking advantage of her inability to say no to anyone sticky notes
Mari/IDOL-C can dance to the rhythm of her favorite

K-pop songs, use her light stick as a weapon,

and transform people into her own followers

Wants to form her own K-Pop group and prove

to her classmates that K-Pop isn't geeky

Jackie/Crochetera uses her crochet sticks to transform people

into crochet dolls

Wants to silence those who criticize her works

and teach them to appreciate them

crochet needles
Tina/Negatina can transform anyone who has been akumatized in the past into their akumatized forms, and make those who haven't been akumatized into negative emotion-leaking followers Wants to make all of Paris into her own world of villains ring
Joy/Observer can see people's weaknesses with her glasses, presses the button on her glasses to summon her tablet (which can bring drawings to life) and her headphones (which emit sonic waves Wants her drawings to become better and have more details glasses
Eliza/Lone Lady uses her cellphone transport people to a parallel world where they cannot leave unless they experience the seven stages of grief Wants everyone to feel as lonely and miserable as she is after everyone stopped talking to her cell phone
Tatiana/Broken Heart can make people fall in love with her and transform them into love-filled zombies which do anything she says Wants to make everyone fall in love in order to give her love to Luka heart-shaped badge
Hermione/Harmonie can play music with her flute-like sword which puts people under her control, Wants to improve her musical talents flute
Leslie/Lady Paint can paint copies of various objects or Sentimonsters with her palette and brush to bring them to life, is assisted by a Color Wolf Sentimonster which adds bright colors to her creations Wants people to appreciate the drawings she makes palette (Akuma), Brush (Amok)
Andrea/Costume Girl can use her tablet to draw things which come to life, has a bracelet which she uses to disguise herself as any person, hero, or villain, has a belt fitted with several gadgets, such as stink bombs or lasers Wants to force the people who ignored her to become her friends tablet
Merilah/Angelic Melody invocation, launches energy balls from her hands, uses a book to sing melodies which form musical notes and sound waves to attack, defend, heal, or harm. Wants to heal all good people and make bad people become sick collar and pendant
Nathalie/Constella emits small planets which capture people and rubbish and transform them into animals or plants, creates and manipulates ice Wants to make the Earth a better place for arctic life and stop Global Warming altogether bracelet
Karly/Scream Machine has a sonic scream and can make people speak as loud as possible Wants to vent her frustration at not being able to speak her true feelings headphones
Esme/Entangler uses her yarn-like hair to whip people, fly, or transform people into sand which she then traps inside the kitty litter box on her neck Wants all of Paris to appreciate cats litter box
Julissa/Anima has the standard abilities of a ghost, such as teleportation, possession, and telekinesis, can call in spirits in order for them to get the opportunity to find the one important thing or person that they lost Wants to find a body for her lost loved one in order to bring her back to life flower bouquet
Lucinda/Dark Wolf traps people's souls in her necklace so that they are transformed into white wolves (good people) and black wolves (bad people) who obey her every will, can transform herself into a larger wolf Wants to prove to people that the Legend of the Two Wolves is real Necklace
Ivy/Plantgirl can manipulate plants and nature, is assisted by Obli, a leaf Sentimonster which can be used as a hoverboard Wants humans to stop destroying nature leaf-shaped pendant (Akuma), ring (Amok)
Flora/Florselle transforms people into living vegetable masses using the blue fireball in her hand Joined forces with Plantgirl to stop people from harming nature diamond
Mari/Powerchara can transform herself into various movie characters. Wants to prove to everyone that her favorite movie characters are powerful necklace
Bertha/Poison Lover shoots arrows from her bone clubs to poison people and force them to express their true feelings/thoughts to those close to them Wants people to express their true feelings towards others due to her being unable to express her own feelings skates
Joe/Puppetmaster can create puppets made of string for any person and then control them Wants to make people feel like puppets in order for them to feel his pain of being made a "puppet" by others bow tie
Melody/Melodance can trap people within infinite dance melodies with the disc in her hand, is assisted by Track, a Record Disk Sentimonster who acts as her floating transport and grows larger with each person she traps Wants to share the joy of Music and Dance to those close to her music disk (Akuma), ankle bracelet (Amok)
Eloise/Supermarket Girl can use her barcode scanner to transform people into barcodes Wants to relieve the stress of her supermarket job barcode scanner
Lidia/Mistress of Fear can use her doll to transform people into their own worst fears Wants to show people what the true meaning of fear is, as well as to make her costume more scary Halloween doll
Mindy/Advertiser can bring objects from the internet into reality, can materialize herself through the internet in order to trap people inside of a digital cloud Wants to seek revenge on those who think her internet videos aren't original tablet
Skye/Fragillia Can use her mirror to display people's insecurities and take advantage of them Wants to seek revenge on those who prey on the insecurities of other people mirror
Simone/Shy Ness Can create discord by blowing dark clouds at people Wants to break apart the bonds of friendship between people due to her being seen as cold when she was actually shy red hoodie
Roxanna/Veritas can see if other people are lying, uses her bracelet to shoot feather spears which force people to tell the truth Wants revenge on Marinette for supposedly betraying her trust bracelet
Corrie/Queen Dancing Can transform people into ice and make others dance eternally, is assisted by Corona, a crown Sentimonster which transforms people into accessories for her to wear Wants to win a ballet contest and destroy her opponents tutu (Akuma), ballet shoes (Amok)
Annabelle/Anxiety Can use the cloud which surrounds her to make people feel the anxiety she has accumulated Wants people to feel as anxious as she is bracelet
Felix/Revealer Can teleport through space-time, uses his scythe to attack people and cause them to show themselves who they really are Wants to unmask Hawk Moth, since he knows he is Gabriel Agreste pen
Gary/Imitator Can imitate the forms and powers of any Miraculous User Wants to find Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Rena Rouge and persuade them to let him join their Miraculous Alliance Fake Ladybug Charm
Jet/Cosmoliver can receive the abilities of any person, flies within a capsule, transforms into particles of light which reassemble themselves when he gets to a certain location, uses his hat to shoot gamma rays and make black holes Wants to find his so-called "lost sister" hat
Yuri/Illucrush can make anything she imagines become real, uses purple flames to create her own realities and defense methods Wants people to feel disappointment of their biggest dreams becoming crushed by giving them their greatest desires, then destroying them in front of their eyes ring
Luna/Eclipse uses guitar music to immobilize people and drain their colors to transform them into zombie fans under her control, is assisted by a zombie Sentimonster called Sentizombie who acts as a security guard and prevents people from interfering Wants to seek revenge on the unannounced band members who stole her band's top spot on the contest and prevent them from interfering with her rock music electric guitar (Amok), badge (Akuma)
Elsa/Electroshok is able to manipulate electricity, can move through electrical wires and cables Wants to seek revenge on her unloving stepmother smart watch
Jasmine/Warrior of Madness Can emit light from her rings in order to make people want to do various crazy and weird things Wants to make people be themselves and have fun by driving them mad headband
Benson/Sunlight Is a giant sun which emits beams that trap people inside of books Wants revenge on people for making fun of his latest book book
Carlos/Gamer King creates a gas which transforms people into video game characters, is assisted by Little Computer, a computer Sentimonster who tells him where his enemies are hiding Wants to make up for his loss at a video game competition by finding his foes and defeating them mask (Akuma), Amulet (Amok)
Andrea/Music Paint sings out colored musical notes which grow and absorb people to transform them into musical notes, is assisted by Musical News, a music note Sentimonster which traps people in capsules Wants to get rid of the people who laughed at her when she forgot the lyrics to a song at a musical contest, as well as make people appreciate her musical talent bracelet (Akuma), hairband (Amok)
Marguerite/Literata wields a "Book of Life" which alters reality, can use her left finger to write sentences in the book which become a reality, uses her right finger to erase certain things in the book to remove them from reality Wants to rewrite the world, since it doesn't appreciate her book-writing talents book
Rhonda/Dreamy can use her wand to paralyze people and trap them within dreams of the most embarrassing things in their memories, can bring people's imagination to life and use it to her advantage Wants people to suffer the same indignities she went through wand
Ella/Petra uses her emerald-tipped wand to transform people into emerald statues Wants a new emerald collection after her old one got stolen emerald necklace
Frederica/Question asks people questions, and if they get them right, she steals the knowledge from them and stores it in her headband wants to collect enough knowledge to pass her upcoming test headband
Ava/Coldheart can capture people's hearts and transforms them into slaves, creates any weapon from ice to defend herself, is assisted by Frigidator, an ice Sentimonster who emits beams that give her more power and strength Wants people to suffer for trying to harm her and make her feel no emotions diamond
Lily/Lady 2D can shoot small blue lightning shots which cause their favorite 2D animated characters to appear in real life Wants everyone to get along and not fight about their favorite animated characters cat-ear headband
Hank/Liberator has abilities similar to the Eagle Miraculous, which allows the user to "liberate" people from their own responsibilities and limitations, uses the wings on his backside to blow wind Wants to make everyone happy by freeing them from their responsibilities glove
Marge/Destroyer can destroy whatever she touches Wants to destroy everything in Paris because she accidentally implanted a virus in her brother's Iphone hairclip
Dani/Forget-me-a-lot uses her makeup brush to cause people to forget anything Wants to make people forget their own problems, worries, and cares makeup brush
Georgette/Thunder Skater uses her skates to travel at very fast speeds Wants to win a roller-skating competition with Alix skates
Eric/CAOS is able to distort and warp reality to his own liking Wants to force his parents to stop making rules for him and be more lenient glasses
Carlise/Hurt Less is able to tear out people's hearts to make them turn to dust, and them add it to herself in order to collect them, is assisted by Boomer, a Sentimonster which produces boomerang-like weapons which she can use to attack enemies or fly on as transport Wants to steal the hearts of those who have broken her heart heart-shaped pendant (akuma), Blanket (Amok),
Harrieta/Blue Spirit can switch people's consciousness and minds with each other Wants to make people feel each other's emotions due to the fact that she hides her own emotions belt
Julia/Masshole wields a backpack which sprays iced coffee at enemies Wants to teach all bad drivers a lesson coffee cup
Marsha/I-Scream Uses her ice cream scooper to shoot blizzards which freeze enemies into statues made from ice cream Wants to get back at Chloe for knocking her ice cream over ice cream scoop
Matthew/Slick Snake He’s able to movie his coat-tail however he likes, able to grab things that are light, but able to grip and tighten a person’s body. Also it’s able to stretch and contract like a rubber band. He moves fast and slippery to avoid getting caught. Most of the time he’ll wait for an opening to ambush or attack a person. He’ll then throw poisonous paintballs at you. Once hit, you’re paralyzed. He’ll use disgusting tricks like using paralyzed victims to block attacks, or using shiny items to reflect sunlight to blind you. He’ll vandalize and flip everything upside down with anything he sees. Wants people to look up to him hairpin
Donna/Maze Mage creates an illusory maze filled with monsters Wants to seek revenge for the many times she has been denied a chance to play a tabletop RPG 20-sided dice
Millicent/Brain Loader can materialize anything she wishes from her textbooks Wants to relieve stress about memorizing her reports and final exams textbook
Professor Riddle/Painbow blasts paints which make people sad, happy, or angry, steals color to refill his paint meter Wants to prove to his students that he is not a pushover writing brush
Bella/Soul Painter uses her paintbrush to throw globs of purple paint which act like glue, uses green paint to transform people into walking paintbrushes who are under her control Wants to pay Lila out for spilling paint on her painting paintbrush
George/Enforcer Is able to shoot a puck at opponents to put them in the "penalty box" for "infractions." Can also turn surfaces to ice to skate on, but has a limited range, so he can't turn Paris into a frozen city like Frozer. Relies mainly on physical attacks like checking. Enhanced strength and durability. Wants to help out his own hockey team and force the opposing hockey team to obey the rules hockey helmet
Gus/Big Wheeler drives a weaponized Ferris wheel which has claws and missile launchers. Wants to use the broken Ferris wheel he was trapped on to destroy the city Ferris wheel
Galatea/Icing Queen can use her pastry bag rifle to shoot icing that freezes people over. Wants to enter and win a cake contest icing bag
Francesco/Pinecurse can use his “real” branch wand to make people’s noses grow if they lie, and can also hide his “real” branch wand inside of one of many pinecones he creates, many of which function as bombs. Wants everyone to become honest and seek revenge on them for making fun of his honesty at a Pinocchio-themed play broken Pinocchio nose
Lonnie/Lunatic Can throw moon-shaped shuriken which she can form out of nothing, is assisted by Cheese Moon, a Sentimonster resembling a moon which spews green cheese from its mouth Wants to get back at his parents for grounding him from a sleepover he planned with Marinette due to not completing his homework moon-shaped brooch
Madeline/Blind Specter has a locket which absorbs people's vision and places a blindfold on them so that they see memories of the people they lost in life, is assisted by an akumatized guide dog who leads her to potential victims Wants to make people feel the pain she goes through due to her blindness locket
Franklin/Major Player rides on a flying baseball and throws balls which instantly transform people into fans which do anything he says. Wants to seek revenge on Chloe for rejecting his baseball works baseball
Matt/Bed Boy his bed shapeshifts into a mecha which can attack with weaponized dreamcatchers and pillow bombs Wants to stop people from disturbing his sleep after his study bed
Cartoonist Jack/Gag Master is able to come up with funny gags and absorb people’s laughter. Wants to make other people laugh at his cartoons bow tie
Billy/Phantominator has the ability to make himself invisible or intangible, as well as the ability to transform any object or person he touches into a ghost in order to control it. Wants to prove to people that ghosts exist ghost necklace
Bertrand/Subway Master is able to take control of all Subway Trains, is assisted by Switcher, a railway crossing Sentimonster which can block off all intersections so that his subway trains can get through Wants to take control of all subways as revenge for his unjust termination hat
Flora/Florist is able to manipulate any kind of plant life, is assisted by Audrey, a carnivorous plant Sentimonster who attacks with its jaws Wants to get even with those who have ruined her garden flower ring (Akuma), hat (Amok)
Dr. Wordsworth/Dr. Insanity can create any kind of chemical bomb by combining chemicals with his chemistry set. Wants to get even with Paris for firing him by creating chemical bombs chemistry set
Shannon/Kleptomaniac blows up vending machines with a radio-frequency wave emitter on his wrist, and then sucks the loot inside of his purse, which has an infinite storage capacity. Wants to destroy all vending machines because one ate his money coin purse
Adonis/Morningstar Flight, and the ability to manifest halos on ground which constrict his victims to "purify" all that the halos touch. However, "purification" is a mindwipe, and the victim, now turned completely white from hair to skin to clothes, is a mindless minion. Wants to relieve his frustration over his clothes turning white in the wash red hat
"The Titan"/Kyojin Super strength and endurance. Wields a club as a weapon. He also channels anything he eats into strength, although he thankfully prefers inanimate objects. Wants everyone to appreciate his soft side and crush those who reject him elbow pad
Della/Taskmaster uses her shield to manipulate people into doing the same chore they hate over and over again, is assisted by Whipper, a Sentimonster with a pair of whips for arms which he can use as weapons Wants to get even with her boss at her dishwashing job for giving her extra work. plate (Akuma), sponge (Amok)
Gillian/Arachne Able to create super-strong string, as well as trap victims she wraps up into her tapestry Wants her crush to like spiders knitting needles
Valerie/Papercut throws paper shuriken which make people literally become flat and 2-dimensional Wants to make everyone 2-dimensional in retaliation for being called flat grimoire
Ursula/Octopus can control water, grows to the size of a kraken, shoots ink out of her tentacles which traps people where they stand Wants to make people as afraid of cephalopods as she is seashell
Melina/Sandstorm can control sandstorms and make them appear out of nowhere Wants to cover everyone in sand in order to make them feel humiliated beach pin
Shelly/Seashell uses a seashell to create more seashells to shoot at people Wants to protect the seashells of Paris from harm seashell
Minnie/Birthday Supreme manipulates cake ingredients , candles, and kitchen utensils, is assisted by Bulbi, a lightbulb Sentimonster which shoots beams that enlarge objects and enhances her abilities Wants her cake to become bigger hair ribbon (Akuma), wristwatch (Amok)
Holly/Stingray flies on a rocket-propelled hover-surfboard, uses a wet towel whip as a weapon Wants to make sure that no speedboat ever ruins his surfing ever again surfboard
Daniella/Elastic is able to stretch her limbs and her body, removes people's muscular movements with her ribbon Wants to be the only gymnastic person to complete the trial and make all of the others lose ribbon
Edna/Dream Singer uses her voice to control others or make people suffer nightmares, at the same time destroying their spirits, is assisted by Siren, a winged speaker Sentimonster who amplifies her singing voice and emits sound barriers to protect her from attacks Wants to seek revenge on her best friend for stealing the lyrics of her songs, as well as the manager who encouraged him to do so microphone (Akuma), amulet (Amok)
Alyssa/DJ K-OS wields a pair of discs as throwing weapons, can play the discs like a DJ in order to emit loud explosive soundwaves from her speakers, Wants to force her father to let her pursue her dream of being a DJ headphones
Sylvester/Riddlemaster uses his staff to immobilize people, then asks them questions. If they ever get the questions wrong, then they are transformed into statues. Wants to become a true master of riddles and get even with those who made fun of him for being unable to get the questions right on a quiz show pen
Brooklyn/Slay Painter uses his graffiti paint cans to spray pictures which come to life and obey his every command. Wants to get even with the police for trying to ban him from the park for his graffiti-spraying spray paint can
Seymour/Drag King is able to release butterflies which can change the personality of men into women, and vise versa. Wants to change people's gender so that they can feel his pain of being made fun of for being :girly" hairpin
Sidney/Cinemaster Not only is Cinemaster able to manipulate movies and trap opponents inside of movies, but he can recreate akumatized villains which have appeared previously, and then collect their akumas to grow more powerful. Wants to create his own award-winning movie to win the film festival clapperboard
Timmy/Intimidator is made entirely out of metal, and can shoot blasts from his right arm which disintegrate any person. Wants to stand up to his teacher and his classmates heart pendant
Timmy/Parasite is a frog-like being who can spew toxic fumes from his back. He is assisted by Tapeworm, a Sentimonster who can change into a pair of scissors, a trumpet pistol, a trombone rifle, and a guitar axe in order to change his enemies into stickers on his back. Wants to get rid of the people who bullied him bandage (Akuma), heart pendant (Amok)
Timmy/Televisor pilots a television-shaped mech which has tentacles and can shoot beams which change people into televisions. Wants to get even with the people who made fun of him for fixing the television tv
Petunia/Spinning Vortex is able to shoot spiral beams which cause people to become dizzy from the room spinning. Wants people to experience the confusion and dizziness she went through after she went through a spinning tunnel at a museum tree-shaped pendant
Philippa/Pizza Slicer Can shoot pizza slices, wields a weaponized pizza slicer, and can change people into pizza using a giant oven. Wants to seek revenge on her co-workers for their incompetence pizza cutter
Lamberta/Organist has a magical keyboard organ which has a retractable laser cannon that can either blow up enemies or bring objects to life. The objects can stay alive as long as the Organist continues playing her organ, . Wants to have her imaginary object friends do chores for her and prevent anyone from interfering. keyboard synthesizer
Vic/Brutus Maximus has enhanced strength and durability, and can gain more strength by hurting people, both physically and mentally. Wants to clobber Ivan for standing up to his bullying of Juleka pendant
Momo/Momotaro is able to throw peach bombs at enemies. She can also transform any person into a peach. Wants to destroy an anime studio for not hiring her fake crown
Carmen/Put-down Artist has magical powers based on puns. Whenever she makes a certain pun, she can use a spell based on it. Wants to prove to everyone that her jokes do not suck quill pen
Mario/Pastafarian is able to attack enemies by whipping them with the noodles on his arms, and can also throw meatball bombs at enemies. Wants to eat as much spaghetti as possible cap
Vector/Jambalaya is a magical Cajun Chef who is able to conjure any kind of kitchen ingredient or utensil, such as a turkey baster, a pepper shaker, a flour sack, a wooden spoon. and a duo of salad forks, as well as a magical flying pot he can travel in. He also has a hypnotic spice that brainwashes people into believing whatever he says. Wants to seek revenge on Marinette for winning a go-kart race by turning Chloe to his side and placing Marinette's friends in a pot to be turned into stew. locket
Kimberly/Abductor is a knight who wields a mace that can capture any opponent. She also rides on a crocodilian Sentimonster named Dragodile who can breathe water from his mouth. Wants her boyfriend to stay with her forever Glasses (Akuma) Locket (Amok)
Lana/Flooder is able to manipulate water freely, is assisted by Aquahog, a bottle/pig-like Sentimonster which shoots water balls and can spray large amounts of water to flood various areas and cause undertow and whirlpools. Wants to flood an entire summer camp in retaliation for her team being banned for cheating picture (Akuma), cap (Amok)
Trudy/Mr. Wireless is able to use his smartphone to teleport himself, pause people, camouflage his body, and broadcast videos which he can spread all over the city. Wants to reveal the secrets of the Miraculous Heroes so that he may join them smartphone
Stuart/Sithstorm Is able to attack enemies with various telekinetic force powers, and can also use a Lightsaber as a weapon. Wants to gain entry to a sci-fi convention and seek revenge on the people inside toy lightsaber
Samuel/Dr. Boombox Can use his cane to absorb any song and then store it within his body so that he can release it as a loud musical beat that makes people want to dance. Wants to get other people to listen to his favorite song, "Ba-room!" cane
Trudy/Waxworks is made of wax and has a candle wand that shoots flames on wax statues to bring them to life. Wants to clear out his existential crisis when seeing his Akumatized self at a museum pen
Amy/Ball Blaster has an arm-mounted gumball blaster which allows her to shoot gumballs at 200 rounds per minute Wants to get back at Chloe for breaking her trophy Pez Dispenser
Victoria/Wooden Guardian has an immense size, and is able to attack opponents by throwing exploding berries and sending out crows to swarm them. Wants to stop people from disallowing her to be insolent belt
Thompson/Marshmallow Man is very big, and he also has a marshmallow skin which can repel any attack. He is also able to throw exploding marshmallows from the bag on his stomach. Wants to seek revenge on Marinette for his loss of a marshmallow-eating contest marshmallow bag
Thaddeus/Dracorex Hogwartsia Knows pretty much every magical spell in existence, but is smart enough to use them wisely. Wants to get even with those who have mocked his love of fantasy books. wand
Officer Shepard/Punching Bag can absorb kinetic energy from anything which hits him, and then transform that energy into an explosion which damages opponents. Wants to prove to everyone that he is competent after being let go for his incompetence in dealing with criminals hat
Jimmy/Accuser is able to dispense a special candy which gives people visions of him as another person. That way, people will try to punish the person he was disguised as instead of him. He is also able to use his hockey stick as a weapon. Wants to make sure other people are blamed for their problems instead of him hockey stick
Kirby/Heartful Warrior is able to shoot arrows which not only cause people to fall in love with the first thing they see, but can bring objects to life to love people. Wants to spread love through the city wristband
Hans/Autoborg is able to transform any person into a cyborg by shooting lasers at them. He can also command his army of cyborgs at will. Wants to transform everyone into cyborgs so that they can feel the pain of being made fun of wristwatch
Falke/Aviator can fly through the air in his airplane costume, and can drop bombs and shoot projectiles from his wing-mounted guns at opponents. Wants to pay Marinette and Adrien back for winning the Miraculous Ladybug villain contest he wanted to win name tag
Trenton/Treant is able to attack opponents by extending his branches. He can also extend his roots to trap people. Wants to seek vengeance on the people who made fun of his tree costume fake tree branch
Fiona/Voodoom is a living voodoo doll that can use her needle to pierce herself and transfer her pain to others. Wants to give Chloe the pain she felt when she mocked her dress needle
Mabel/Excavator has the attributes of an excavator, including two shovel arms which can dig through any substance and crush opponents. She also has enhanced strength. Wants to force people to help her with garbage hair curlers
Hamm/Obesinator Obesinator is able to feed people food which inflates them into ball-shaped forms. In battle, he can inflate himself and bounce on opponents. Wants people to stop making fun of his obesity headband
Jonathan/Macaron Menace Throws Macaron bombs which transform people into macarons, Wants to get back some Macarons stolen from him Macaron Bag
Jane/Supernova Supernova has two forms. Cosmic Form is her default form for direct confrontations. Her powers enable her to create and fire blinding starlight from her hands, call down meteors and manipulate gravity (on a small scale). She can also shoot neutron stars at people to drastically increase their density and render them immobile. In Black Hole Form, all of her power is used to change the galaxies in her “dress” into a black hole, sucking in anything and everything around her. In both forms, the lower half of her body is made of gas (or no matter at all), making her difficult to keep in one place. Wants to get revenge on the Astronomy community for denying her the chance to get credit for discovering a new galaxy Armband
Rhonda/Madame Dreck uses a stick to shoot manure blasts at enemies, is assisted by an operatic cesspool Sentimonster called the Great Mighty Poo, which can throw balls of manure at enemies and is skilled at opera-singing Wants to get even with those who have made fun of her obsession with fertilizer glasses (Akuma), Stick (Amok)
Rudy/Replacer is armed with a club, can shoot blue beams from his mouth, can throw white balls that replace children with white copies of himself to make them sad, and can throw red balls that change into Red versions of himself which cry if unhappy and crush people with their weight. Wants to replace the main Miraculous Heroes with copies of himself hat
Melvin/Creepy-crawly Is able to use his flute to manipulate bugs. Wants people to become as afraid of bugs as he is flute
Charles/Separator is able to place N and S stickers on people so that they either stick together or fly apart. Wants his son to stop dating men and start dating women glasses
Tyson/Subway Swordsman wields a subway sandwich sword which can also shoot beams that transform people into subway sandwiches, is assisted by Sentigenie, a genie Sentimonster which grants any wish, Gains the ability to summon subway sandwich golems after he wishes for the powers of the Rooster Miraculous Wants to get back at one of his co-workers for quitting her job and going "AWOL" beer bottle (Amok and Akuma)
Cy/Mr. Bazooka Wields a Bazooka which can shoot projectiles that destroy any building, is assisted by Bulleto, a Sentimonster which can provide him with more ammo for his bazooka Wants to destroy all movie theaters for showing a sequel to a movie he didn't want to get a sequel dog tags (Amok and Akuma)
Lillian/Book Wyrm uses her barcode scanner to scan people into the pages of floating books, is assisted by Thesaurus Rex, a book-headed dinosaur Sentimonster who can open up its book-like head to shoot letters at enemies, and can also emit hypnotic beams which take control of books and use them to fight enemies. Wants to run the library with more enforcement barcode scanner (Akuma), name tag (Amok)
Zuri/Music Queen shoots arrows at people to transform them into musical soldiers, is assisted by 88 Teeth, a piano Sentimonster which can fly and play piano music to strengthen people Wants to become accepted in a musical school bracelet (Akuma), necklace (Amok)
Edward/MC Square is able to emit beams which transform people into abtruse shapes, is assisted by Pyramuddler, a Sentimonster resembling a pyramid with many arms which can devour shapes and emit triangular energy beams from its eye Wants to destroy an entire secret society and everyone in it for banning him for life Lodge Hat (Akuma), wristband (Amok)
Timothy/Interned dwells inside of a laptop and creates digital copies of himself which can realize themselves into reality, shoot beams which change people into data, and absorb said data to bring it to the original Interned. Wants to absorb enough knowledge to write his own fanfics laptop (Akuma)
Marjorie/Fun Buster is able to emit rays which make all toys, games, computers, and other fun things disappear, is assisted by a Sentimonster called Funbot which can detect people who are having fun and trap them in glass cubes Wants to get rid of all fun things in the city necklace (Amok), Broom (Akuma)
Mindy/Little Patience wraps those who argue in vines and then hypnotizes them to stop fighting before transforming them into plants, is assisted by Volant, a butterfly sentimonster which can locate arguing people from a mile away. Wants people to stop arguing and quit trying her patience bracelet (akuma), pearl necklace (amok)
Brutus/Confiner can create cubes which confine people inside of them Wants to punish his son for being disobedient to him bracelet (akuma)
Tabitha/Canceller can create red X's to cancel anything, including the powers of other Miraculous Warriors Wants to cancel Paris's pride parade, since she thinks that people have no right to have same-sex relationships ruler (akuma)
Donald/Hair Cutter has enhanced speed and a pair of scissors-like hands which he uses to cut off people's clothes to leave them in their underwear and attack enemies. Wants to get back at a barber shop's manager for firing him due to incompetence hat (akuma)
Marco/Turkey Jerk uses a turkey baster to shoot beams which transform people or objects into statues made of gravy and mashed potatoes, and also throws explosive cranberry branches. Wants to relieve his stress at having to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for his family turkey baster (akuma)
Dodsworth/Sharpshooter wields a shotgun that transforms people into carnival prizes Wants to get back at the carnival for firing him due to someone slinging rocks at him and punching another person in the face for it. toy gun (akuma)
Colonel Dawson/Sergeant Heartbreak shoots large explosive hearts from his bazooka, is assisted by the Heart Soldier, a Sentimonster which can multiply itself into five and wields a heart bullet-shooting rifle as a weapon Wants to get back at his ex-wife and her daughter, the former for her selfish, overbearing, lazy behavior, and the latter for her rudeness and mischievousness. Bazooka (akuma), hat (amok)
Sinclair/Mr. Mansion is a sentient mansion which wields a sword as a weapon, transform people into furniture, and animate inanimate objects to attack enemies Wants to make people become part of his mansion to remove his curse since he is a ghost bound to his mansion Umbrella (akuma)
Tex/Doctor Doodad uses his Doodad Hurricane (a special backpack) to create whatever he needs at the moment, such as jets, boxing gloves, a wrecking ball, or rocket skates. Wants to get back at the university that expelled him for a science experiment which exploded in his face. The remains of Tex's robot bomb (Akuma)
Spinel, Jasper, and Emerald/Skeleking wields a sword as a weapon and uses a mirror shield to trap people inside of mirrors, is assisted by "The Reaper", a small doll-like Grim Reaper sentimonster which attacks with its scythe Wants to get back at those who have stopped them from bullying others without consequences broken hand mirror (akuma and amok)
Peter/Fun can turn into any toy and summon sentient toys to fight for him Wants to get back at the bullies who tried to take his favorite toy smiley-face barrette (akuma)
Lila/Untruth is able to make any of her lies become true, and also wields a whip which causes people to lie and make their lies become true. Wants everyone to think that Marinette is nothing but a fraud flower (akuma)
Lila/Lady Ghost is able to shoot beams which turn people into "ghosts" that are unable to touch anything or interact with one another, and can also turn herself into an intangible ghost which has telekinetic powers. Wants to get back at those who have "ghosted" her watch (akuma)
Timothy/Chocolate King is able to shoot beams from his lollipop wand which transform anything into edible addictive candy. Wants to get back at Bob Roth for creating a fake Candyland amusement park scam and disappointing him as well as wasting his money on said scam. lollipop candy (akuma)
Barlow/King Punishment uses his book to mete out any punishment he wishes to his enemies, such as making their favorite things disappear, being spanked by phantom hands, being confined inside of floating boxes, having pain inflicted on them, or being "executed" by having their lives taken away from them Wants to find Lila and punish her for the many atrocities she has committed textbook (akuma)
Johnny/Lockdown Can trap people inside of boxes covered in chains and locks so that they cannot be let out at all, attacks enemies with chains and locks Wants to get back at his father and mother for wrongfully Ultra-grounding him by making them "Omni-Lockdown-Code-Red-No-Chance-Of-Release-Ever-Infinity-Grounded ". key (akuma)
Madeline/Mower rides a souped-up lawnmower equipped with a pair of hedge trimmers for slicing down anything that moves Wants her broken lawn mower to become fixed so that she can mow her lawn, as well as all the lawns in Paris lawn mower (akuma)
Anana the Clown/Fall-flat Can sprinkle a powder which transforms people into standees, is assisted by Octopalmer, a palm tree/octopus Sentimonster which has extendable vines and can create balls filled with "Standee Powder" for him to kick into enemies Wants to make all of Paris become flat for the way other people thought his juggling performances fell flat bow tie (akuma), hat (amok)
Tommy Bhai/White Elephant Can summon any kind of elephant and send it to people (not just existing elephants, but prehistoric elephants such as mammoths) by ringing a gong Wants to send elephants to everyone in Paris so that they can suffer in order to avenge being on the short end of the stick at a white elephant gift exchange medallion (akuma)
Donovan/Dr. Delete Can use his watch to trap people inside of a "recycle bin", and then empty the "recycle bin" to make them disappear forever. He can also delete certain videos. Wants to delete a certain embarrassing video Chloe posted about him online, as well as everyone who laughed at him for it. digital watch (akuma)
Hortensia/Game Breaker Can emit pixel waves which cause any video game or arcade machine to glitch out or malfunction, and can also shoot red pixel waves that destroy any video game system or arcade machine Wants to destroy every video game in an arcade after being banned from said arcade due to Lila's manipulations
Lila/Nemesis Can use her book to send out a pink mist to make people want to hate someone to the point of wanting to annihilate them, has minor levitation and teleportation abilities Wants everyone to hate Marinette and Adrien book (akuma)
Sabine/Verity Queen is able to use her ring to scan people and paralyze them if they are not telling the truth Wants to know the truth about Marinette's expulsion ring (akuma)
Marinette/Unmasker uses her rose to shoot thorns that can reveal people's true intentions, and can also use these thorns to undo the transformations of Miraculous Users Wants to know who Chat Noir really is rose (akuma)
Marinette/Lady Justice Can use her scales to detect if people have committed injustices and then use her sword to turn anyone who has ever committed injustices to stone Wants to punish Lila for getting her expelled from school for something she didn't do bag (akuma)
Marinette/Panic Can turn her panic into a powerful wave which can make others feel panic as well Wants everyone to become as panicked as she is bracelet (akuma)