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Angelic Monsters are created by Sea Angel, the main villain of the Miraculous Zordaar series. They find out people's desires, and then possess them in order to change them into monsters based on their desire in order to be used to steal the Miraculous.

Name Civilian Form Object Desire Appearance and powers
Penderman Count Penders (@JCFanfics on Deviantart) bracelet To kill off Sally and her friends for beating him in the past Penderman resembles a tall dark being made of branches, and can teleport and attack enemies wit his branch tentacles.
Batterpillar Chef Turk (turkey chef OC made by @Wobbley on Deviantart) chef's hat To eat anything else other than the slop given to him by Colonel and Doggy Don Batterpillar's appearance is based on Popon from the Kirby Anime. He can throw bits of himself that melt into puddles of hot batter.
Cherry Bomber Boris the Husky (Sab Jholmaal Hai) fanny pack To get a cherry for Fluttershy's pet rabbit Angel Cherry Bomber is a cherry-like being who throws cherry-like bombs that change anyone they hit into cherries.
Wrongful Writer Lady Booklet (@Beepaint55Version2 on Deviantart_ bow To make people do things the proper way. Wrongful Writer resembles a sentient sketchbook, and can use her pencil to either materialize anything needed to forcefully correct people or delete them from existence. 
Dread Shredder Ballu (Rat-a-tat) paper shredder To never have to do homework again Dread Shredder looks like a sentient paper shredder, and can use his arms to suck up and shred any and all paper.
Rule Bender Miss Katkar (Sab Jholmaal Hai) whistle To make people obey her rules Rule Bender resembles a humanoid one-eyed monster with a triangle ruler for a head, rulers for a body, arms, and legs, protractors and tape measures for hands, and right triangle rulers for feet. She is able to use her ruler as a weapon, and then blow her whistle to send people to her dimensional detention room where people are forced to stay silent, quiet, and subservient thanks to the posters on the wall. Every time a rule is broken, the ceiling descends at a faster speed until everyone inside is killed.
Vicious Vaulter Sunny (Sab Jholmaal Hai) vault box To win a gym competition he lost in a most humiliating way. Vicious Vaulter has a torso that emerges from his vault box base, with the top of the vault box making up his head. He is not only able to shoot his lower body segments at enemies and shoot shot put cannonballs from the sides of his lower body, but he can change into a larger version with two legs, a pair of wrecking ball arms, and lots of shot put cannonball shooters on his chest and sides.
Snipster Raynette (Rayman series) Barber chair To cut off her ex-boyfriend's hair. Snipster resembles a barber's chair, and can either shoot out a variety of hair clippers, scissors, and razors to shave off people's hair, or change her arms into larger scissors to cut through enemies.
Cager Billy the Blooper (@Wobbley ) lunchbox To punish Ballu for making him say a curse word to cause the teacher to faint. The Cager resembles a sentient prison cage with security cameras on his shoulders and dome-shaped cameras for hands. He is not only able to project fake walls by linking up to surveillance systems, but can also trap enemies in cages and create steel walls to protect himself.
Trump Queen Rhubella Rat (Tiny Toon Adventures) trading card case To come back to the playing card stadium she was banned from for cheating and seek payback on everyone in order to win The Trump Queen is themed after a Card Soldier from Alice in Wonderland. She is able to transform people into her own personal card servants and soldiers. She mostly uses this power to have her card soldiers to fight for her.
Waruzyu-goemon Doraemon necklace To eliminate anyone who refuses to support the Neo Deathgalien Empire Waruzyu-goemon resembles a more dog-like and muscular version of Doraemon. He is able to use his Zyuoh Changer to become Zyuoh End of the World and eliminate enemies with his Zyuoh Final Destruction attack.
Shell Shocker Hysteria (Danger Mouse) Dog tags To defeat Jeopardy Mouse in his own match by traumatizing her Shell Shocker resembles a cross between a soldier and a turtle, and has the ability to emit loud gunshot noises to torture and traumatize enemies.
Electroplax Eel Alexander Voltra (owned by BentheFox1996 on Deviantart) wristwatch To attack those who left her to die in a lab accident Elextroplax Eel is themed after an electric eel, and can teleport electrically and shoot electricity at enemies.
Ayenbite of Inwit Vulpinius (owned by BentheFox1996 on deviantart ) magic wand To make people feel the same regret as he did Ayenbite of Inwit is a dark shadowy being made out of remorse, and can use his magic wand to make any person become filled with regret over the terrible things they did in the past.
The Doorman Brothers Pat and Stan apartment door To make Stephanie be with them forever The Doorman Brothers are based on the Thresholder heartless from Kingdom Hearts. Not only do they have extendable arms, but they can trap anyone into a dimension of no return by opening the doors behind them.
Goader Totaraam the parrot (Sab Jholmaal Hai) dumbbell To make Hale and Hardy, the twin muscular dogs, pay for trying to take over his gym Goader resembles Hoko-katsuki, a blue demon formed from an unused spear. He is able to use his spear to get people to fight each other.
Spatial Rend Major Saab (Rat-a-tat) bracelet To seek revenge on Mr. Orangutan for ejecting him from the library. Spatial Rend resembles a humanoid portal. Anything fired inside of him cannot come out, but he can send out tentacles, crustacean claws, and insect legs to drag people inside of him so they never come out again.
Smudger Travis the dog (Sab Jholmaal Hai) plate of glass To seek revenge on his comrades for abandoning them Smudger is a Decalcomania-based artist monster. He is able to use his glass pane to smudge people and change them into paint to trap them inside.
The Ruinator Tunga the wolf (Sab Jholmaal Hai) cross-shaped necklace To eliminate all buildings in revenge for being criticized The Ruinator is a large tornado-like being who can demolish any and all walls.
Land Slubber Miss Kitty (Sab Jholmaal Hai) collar To seek revenge on Honey and Bunny for lying to her Land Slubber resembles a Sackboy expy, and is able to create lumps of thread to bounce anything away.
Deep Bends Wanda the Fox Wizard (Sab Jholmaal Hai) bead necklace To gain the upper hand on her former fan club members due to her popularity taking a nosedive. Deep Bands resembles a scuba diver. He can swim in the air and can induce decompression sickness on any person.
Starlight Flicker Razor the Wolf (owned by BentheFox1998 on Deviantart) armored chestplate To steal people's purses by frightening them Starlight Flicker is able to create midnight shadow demons to frighten and torment enemies.
Wet Blanket Louie the greyhound (Sab Jholmaal Hai) a nearby blanket To seek revenge on people for calling him a wet blanker Wet Blanket is a being covered in a wet blanket. He is able to create waves of clamminess to dampen people.
Mussel Man Mr. Finch the wolf (Sab Jholmaal Hai) a clamshell locket To prove to people that he is strong Mussel Man resembles a being with a mussel for a body. He is able to extend Byssus tendrils to wrap enemies.
Abyssal Misplacer Heckles the Hyena (Rat-a-tat) his hat To prove to people that he is infinitely better than anyone else Abyssal Misplacer resembles a blue humanoid with one eye. He is able to create an overlapping image illusion of himself to disorient enemies.
Mad Dressage Ronald the Great Dane (Rat-a-tat) saddle To seek revenge on people for calling him arrogant Mad Dressage is an undead horse showman who rides a Haunted High Horse to trample enemies.
Sloppy the Mudman Angus the Boxer (Rat-a-tat) collar To make people hit rock bottom for calling him a stick-in-the-mud. Sloppy the Mudman is able to sling mud at enemies, and can also change the ground into mud and make people sink.
Gorgonocephalus Lucy the dog (Sab Jholmaal Hai) necklace To seek revenge on Doggy Don and Zordaar for thwarting her plans and retrieve their Miraculous to get her wish of being with Zordaar forever. Gorgonocephalus resembles a gigantic basket star with one eye. She is able to attack enemies with her tendrils, and can summon a large amount of Yami-tenshi to change people into Angelic Monsters.