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This is the list of episodes for Aozora X Capcom: The Ultimate Tournament.


  • 1st Fight - Enter! Team Hurricane!
As Hinata Wakaba runs to school, she is stopped by six punks when she had decided to take a short cut and had began a fight. After Hinata was surrounded, Hinamori Raikuro had appeared and knocked down two the of the punks but soon got up only to be beaten down by Sakura Kasugano coming out from behind them. Soon after beating the punks, Hinata, Sakura, and HInamori had became close friends, not even noticing that they were late to school; soo after school had ended, they met each other again at a cafe by coincidence and had noticed a poster for a tournament, so they had joined and became Team Hurricane.
  • 2nd Fight - The Ultimate Tournament Begins!
Once summer vacation began, the three girls, Hinata Wakaba, Sakura Kasugano, and Hinamori Raikuro had entered the AxC Tournament along with many other people and it had began the elimination rounds for the tournament. While still in the crowd waiting for their turn to fight, Team Hurricane had met with Kei Chitose and Natsu Ayuhara, Sakura and Hinata's best friends, and then later met with Ryoko Kazama and Kaito Murasame and became friends with them. When their turn came up, Team Hurricane had dominated their opponents so quick that they were immidiately moved to the tournament rankings.
  • 3rd Fight - Team Hurricane VS. Team Sumo
In the first match of the AxC Tournament, Team Hurricane was up against a team of big sumo wrestlers who claims that they are the students of Kai Musashibo, the former semi-final competitor of the S.U.H. tournament. After the match had began, the first match was Sakura versus the smallest of the sumos, Rokudo, ending with Sakura having an easy victory; next was Hinata up against the biggest but youngest of the sumos, Kagetaro, it was a more difficult fight, but it still ended with a win. In the end, Team Hurricane ended with a 2-0 victory, without Hinamori ever getting a chance to fight.
  • 4th Fight - Team Hurricane VS. Team Beauty
Skipping to the 2nd rounds, it was Team Hurricane versus Team Beauty, a team of three narcissists but one of them had made Hinamori sick with his looks. Once the match began, it was Hinamori's fight first against Hotaru, but she lost due to being too disgusted by him and Team Beauty had won by default; the second fight was Sakura against the second narcissist, Kizaru, winning with an easy victory like before, but this was only with one punch; the last fight was with Hinata and the third narcissist, Mogami, having to fight an even harder battle than before, but still ending with a victory after using her Kikou Shoutei.
  • 5th Fight - Team Lightning Enters the Ring!
Since Hinamori was still sick from their last match, they had stayed in the stadium of the tournament until she felt better, so Hinata and Sakura went to get things to help her feel better. Still waiting for them to return, Hinamori had met with Ryo Sakurai, her old friend and rival, and began talking, but once Sakura and Hinata returned, they had noticed Ryo and started to eavesdrop on them, suspecting that Ryo was Hinamori's boyfriend. After Ryo had left, they had began to make fun of Hinamori about Ryo, but soon after they had went to see the next fight, it was Team Lightning versus Team Big, and Team Lightning had won the fight with a 2-0 victory; in Team Lightning was Shin Yurai, Ryuunosuke Emaki, and Ryo Sakurai.
  • 6th Fight - Sakura Kasugano VS. Karin Kanzaki - Rival's Clash!
Skipping to the 3rd rounds, Team Hurricane was up against Team Gold, a team formed by Karin Kanzaki to fight against Sakura in the AxC Tournament. Once the match began, it was first Ken Masters versus Hinata Wakaba, ending with Ken's win and explaination of why he joined Karin; the second match was Hinamori versus Dan, with a chance to finally fight in the tournament, she had defeated Dan in just one punch after he was bragging so much, ending in dissapointment for everyone. In the third fight, it was Sakura versus Karin, carrying out a long rivalry fight and showing all their powers, but it had ended with Sakura's win, ending the match with a 2-1 victory.
  • 7th Fight - Team Hurricane VS. Team S.U.H.
After a long 3rd round, it had finally reached the 4th rounds, and it is now Team Hurricane versus Team S.U.H., a team from the Strongest Under Heaven tournament agency. As the fight begins, it starts with Sakura versus Agent Jones, ending with Sakura's victory after a short fight; the second fight was with Hinata and Wataru, ending with Wataru's win due to exhausting out Hinata; the third match was with Hinamori and Spear v1.5, hoping to be a good fight, Hinamori wins after only one punch again due to a malfunction in Spear's armor, making it an incredibly easy match and once again, dissapointing everyone. The match ends with a 2-1 victory, with the girls moving into the semi-finals.
  • 8th Fight - Hinamori Raikuro VS. Ryo Sakurai - Lightning Storms!
It had finally reached the semi-final rounds, with Team Hurricane versus Team Lightning and Team Rising Heaven versus Team Soaring Dragon. Beginning the semi-final rounds was Hurricane versus Lightning, starting with Hinata versus Ryuunosuke, ending with HInata's victory but she fainted soon after; the next round was Sakura versus Shin, ending with Shin's win after knocking her out with a surprise attack; the third fight was Hinamori versus Ryo, finally having a good fight after having nothing but easy ones so far. After a long fight with each other, they both had released their powers and had created an electric storm in the ring, ending with Hinamori's win after they had knocked each other out.
  • 9th Fight - Jack Long VS. Fei Long - Two Dragons Rage!
With all three of the Hurricane Girls knocked out, they were put into the stadium infirmaries and when they had awaken, it was already the third fight of the second semi-finals fight. It was a fierce fight between the two dragons, Jack Long and Fei Long, after Ming Yu and Abel's fight ended with Abel's win and Kai and E.Honda's fight ended with Kai's win. When the match had gotten close to the end, Jack had surrendered and let Fei Long win by default, and as Jack walks away from the ring he later faints where nobody sees him.
  • 10th Fight - Team Hurricane VS. Team Rising Heaven
Since it was the final round, the tournament had delayed the fight for another week for the fighters to get ready, but after a week, it would be the fight that determines which team will fight against Team X. Skipping a week to the tournament finals, Team Hurricane had began with Hinamori's fight first, it was against E.Honda, ending with a loss for the Hurricane Girls; next was Hinata versus Abel, with a win to Team Hurricane due to a default victory after Abel refused to fight her. The last fight was with Sakura and Fei Long, with their fight against each other since the last Street Fighter tournament, ending with Sakura's win after she had gotten lucky.
  • 11th Fight - Final Round! Team Hurricane VS. Team X
Now that Team Hurricane had won the tournament and are now set to fight Team X, the leader of Team X, Crosser, had taken advantage of the last fight and attacked the fighters in the stadium and copied their fighting abilities. Noticing what he was doing, the girls tried to fight him even though he was much stronger than they were and since they were also injured from the fight with Team Rising Heaven. As the girls are down, Crosser had tried to steal their abilities but they were saved from a Hadoken from faraway; expecting it to be Ryu, Sakura was dissapointed when it was actually Ken, but now they have a fighting chance against Crosser.
  • Final Fight - Triple Threat! The Hurricane Girls Win!
Now that Ken had joined them, the Hurricane Girls had a better chance of beating Crosser and had used all their remaining energy. After a long fight that was going nowhere, Ken was knocked out after Crosser had used Jack's Spinning Dragon Kick and the girls were left to fight him alone again. After being knocked down many times, Hinamori noticed a weak spot in Crosser and told Hinata and Sakura to aim for it and managed to weaken him, so the three girls charged and combined their attacks; Hinamori's Raidan, Sakura's Hadoken, and Hinata's Kikou Shoutei, creating the Kikou-Rai-Hadoken and defeated Crosser with their ultimate attacks combined; soon after the tournament ended, the three girls met up again in a cafe and had started talking about the AxC Tournament, mostly wondering about the name.