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Here's the List of Characters in SonikkuAensland's In-Verse Chronicles All-Stars series.

The Time Masters[]

Also known as the Main antagonists in almost all the series sans 'Awakening of the Roar' and 'Dreamers of the Road'. They're a selective group of people who are "Warriors of the Time and Space."

  • The Time Master

Also known as Van, he's a Time Abyss and a time deity, nobody knows exactly who he is, but he seems to be a very powerful individual, he has lived long as five thousands of years, even saying that the Holy War of at least 200 years old was yesterday. His physical form is apparently an elf or another small creature, but despite his size, he can travel through time, slow down or speed up the time, and can move between Alternate Timelines. But he doesn't want to use these abilities for a big while and preferring to see the present time.

  • Vipra Hadi Slange (Also called Viper Hadi Slange)

Vipra is the most trusted servant of Time Master, A woman who can turn into a snake as her greatest feature, she was a human before making a deal with the Time Master and has a big devotion to him, she's really serious, aloof but also trusts and helps the team as a whole, outside of fights, she's known as friendly. She's more than 2000 years old, has an appearance of a woman on her 30's.

  • Aten Stellar (Also called: Achilles Subercaseaux)

Aten is the physically strongman of the team, he only wants to fight the strongest enemy to keep his anxiety, he, like the others in the Group, are Immortal beings since his deal with the Time Master, despite his size, he's younger physically than they could think and is studious as well, outside of fights he's compassionate. He's more than 1000 years old, has an appearance of a man in his 18's.

  • Lirica the Wizard

A woman who did join Time Master because many thought that she was dead in a event, seeks vengeance against those who defy her own expectations, she's interested in new things in life, especially new roots. Has a spider motif. Controls two dolls named Severa and Naga, she is physically 24.

  • Miltiades

A freshman kid who despite looking like a boy, he's very intelligent and introverted as well, likes observing people and making new experiments rather than fighting by himself, can create even biological weapons and chemical and destructive weapons as well. He uses a wheelchair because he's paraplegic. He's more than 1000 years old, and physically is 15.

  • Yuro

Time Master's Raven pet.

From Teams in The Fighting![]

Azure Moon Team[]

  • Vanessa Luxaloss (spelled: "ləks-ā-lôs"): Is the leader of the Azure Moon team, she was a former princess of Aslada, she loves freedom, enjoys the adventures and appreciates her friends and team. She's 23 years old in The Fighting!. Her Birthday is July 21.
  • Crow/Kuroh: An assassin and Raven's older brother, he joins the Azure Moon because his sister was captured by the Time Masters' Group. He's serious and looks femenine. He's physically 24 years old, and biologically 44. His Birthday is December 26.
  • Rosalina von Neumann: A woman who's a double agent of The United Federation Guardians, and a member of the "Actresses Troupe". She joins the team to capture a woman known as "V" and arrest her. She's 25 years old. Her Birthday is April 29.
  • Dynamo (Known as Alexander Phoenix): A former Knight then President of a Rebel Group, joins the team because he didn't saw her sister in a long time, and to improve himself personally and also emotionally. He's 24 years old. His Birthday is May 23.
  • Kira Ilias: She's a member of a clan known as the "Ilias Clan", positive, cheerful, and optimistic about improving in battle, she joins the team because her student was captured and wants to save him. She's 19 years old. Her Birthday is June 6.
  • Keith Laurent (Known as Necro): He's the former servant of Claire Edwards, also a Devil who can transform into a human. He's in the team to end a fight with his son Lancelot, looking for Claire and Victoria. He's 48 years old Physically. His Birthday is June 16.
  • Sarah Nelson: Is an ESP sorceress and has a career as a dressmaker, she will fight after a one year of hiatus outside of fighting, she's serious than her looks may fool of the others. She's 18 years old, Her birthday is April 5.
  • Blake Snider/Blaze Platinum: He's a musician and a pilot of a Mecha known as the "Platinum Cross", however, since Platinum Cross was reduced to being a battle suit with adapting his guitar, he can fight fairly. He's 20 years old, His birthday is October 17.
  • Alba Silvernale: She's the holder of the legendary "Aura's Sword", she's childish and very curious about fighting, since she's just a kid, and is the most innocent of all the team. She's 16 years old and her birthday is December 18.
  • Lucius Meyer: He's a Light/Speed Type Spurious, a rebellious young man from the future, a student from the Illinchina Academy, he sees the present year and is shocked by how the other time was. He's 17 years old, His Birthday is April 10.

Amber Star Team[]

  • Valeria Lindbergh: A young woman who was captured and converted into a Killing Machine, ruthless, serious and has bad habits as well, but has a caring side on her own way, leader of the Amber Star team. She's 21 years old. Her Birthday is December 5.
  • Bartholomaus George: An extroverted yet non-serious Duke who only wants to have fun and joke around, is corteous and has educated tendences as well as being a Gentleman and a charmer. He's 23 years old. His Birthday is September 19.
  • Jenny Thorndyke: Sylvia and Christian's sister and a genius in the field of science, is well-mannered, envied by some, admired by others. Joins to show to all her science. She has an IQ of 300. She's 18 years old. Her Birthday is April 18.
  • Blade (Full name: Nathaniel Blade)
  • Claire Edwards
  • Xavier Simmons
  • Victoria Arcos
  • Jaden Luxaloss
  • Elaine LeBlanc
  • Milo the Warrior

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Crimson Sun Team[]

  • Alexa Maxwell
  • Donovan Blake
  • Emily Fontaine
  • Ignis Vatra
  • Aiden Spencer
  • Lancelot A. Spencer
  • Ran Howard
  • Ari Noir
  • Sylvia Thorndyke
  • Sienna Travers

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