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Below is the list of ERG episodes.

Season 1: (2011-2012)[]

The first season of ERG started with the pilot episode "The Beginning" which premiered April 24, 2011 and officially ended with "No More Ms. Nice Werewolf" on January 20, 2012.

# Title Airdate Overview Code
Pilot The Beginning (TV-PG) April 24, 2011

The pilot episode of ERG. It was the first day of junior high school and Natsuki tries to make friends with everyone.

- 001
1 Unhate! (TV-PG-V) July 31, 2011 Natsuki and Derpina makes a petition to clear all the haters of their favorite TV show. 101
2 Matsuri Rave (TV-PG-V) July 31, 2011 With the help of the mayor, Derpina and the gang makes a Matsuri party for the whole town. 102
3 She Did This... (TV-PG-V) June 1, 2011 (as a sneak peek) / August 3, 2011 (offical premiere) An unnamed senior student (which later appears in "The Elevator Bully") are using Derpina and the gang (except Kiruku, who ran away) as personal slaves. 105/104
4 Hanako-San (TV-PG) August 10, 2011 An unnamed student spreads the "Hanako-San of the Toilet" rumor to the whole school. 106/103/107
5 Cafe Shift (TV-PG) August 17, 2011

Saitou is forced to work in the Meme Cafe with Derpina.

Note: This marks as the first episode for Natsuki, Kiruku, Mitsui, Derp, and Akina to not appear.

6 All Work And No Play/Money Making (TV-PG) August 29, 2011 The class is forced to run in the football field. Meanwhile, Derp runs a car-washing business. 110/111
7 Trololol (TV-PG-V) September 23, 2011 A special for Meme Day on September 23. The whole school (including Derpina and the gang) celebrated it.
8 The Pancake of Doom (TV-PG) December 28, 2011

Mitsui makes a pancake, which causes bad luck to her for a week.

9 Epic Fail Guy (TV-PG) December 29, 2011 A new student moves to the school and was known to cause bad luck. 116/115
10 Yard Sale Mayhem (TV-PG) January 5, 2011 The whole gang runs a yard sale. 119/118
11 The Elevator Bully (TV-Y7) January 6, 2012 Mitsui is "rejected" because the senior students didn't allow her to go to the lift. Saitou suffered the some thing because the unnamed senior student said the lift was "for girls only".

Note: This episode is based on a true story when the creator was in elementary school. This is also the only episode that is rated TV-Y7.

12 Epic Fail Flood (TV-PG) January 13, 2012 A flood happened and Derpina must save the whole town. But Saitou offers to help Derpina and they saved the town. 124/122
13 No More Ms.Nice Werewolf (TV-PG-V) January 20, 2012 The gang tries to persuade people to hate Monster High and make the MH fandom disappear into oblivion. 125