Anime Fanon
  1. Leeking and Spinning! (イザベル、ティモシー、Shawna!Leekspinヒーローズ!Isabelle, Timothy, Shawna! Leekspin Heroes!)- Isabelle, Timonthy and Shawna hear Misty is trying to be rid of the Leekspin, so they have to stop her!
  2. Spin Scouts (のキャンプは、スピン!葱のを見る!Camp of Spins! Friends of Leek!)- Isabelle, Timonthy and Shawna go to camp for seven days.
  3. Cute Little Boy (ミスティーは大好きなんだぞ!彼女のボーイフレンドは興味がない。Misty is in Love! Her boyfriend ain't interested.)- Misty falls in love with Shawna's childhood friend, Stephen. After finding out he isn't interested, Shawna has to convince Misty to stop pulling him in on so many dates.
  4. Isabelle's Long Spin (スピニングは、イザベルめまいを作ったよ!Spinning made Isabelle dizzy!) While Isabelle was practicing the Leekspin, Misty uses her like a puppet and spins her round and round. After Isabelle throws up from being so dizzy, she has to get payback somehow!
  5. The Spinning Bombs (これらのネギは、爆弾です......ミスから! 、英雄を見て!These Leeks are Bombs......from Misty! Look out, heroes!)- Isabelle tries to do the Leekspin, but when one leek explodes, she discovers that Misty has replaced the real leeks with bombs! Can Isabelle and her friends stop this?
  6. I Will Spin It Forever (東京を救え!救助にイザベル、ティモシーとShawna! Save Tokyo! Isabelle, Timothy and Shawna to the Rescue!)- Isabelle, Timonthy and Shawna decide to have a contest of who can do the Leekspin without getting tired, but Misty steals them and turns them into weapons to destroy Tokyo! In the end, they get the leeks back (and they're a food again), and Isabelle and Timonthy confess their love to each other. Plus, after the contest (which Isabelle wins), the series finishes off with the 3 eating their leeks, saying it's as much fun to eat them as to spin them.