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This is the list of episodes for the anime Hoshi no Futari.


  • Episode 1 - Star (星 Hoshi)

"Have you ever gazed at the sky and wondered how small you were? There are an infinite amount of stars in the sky, yet they seem so small; knowing the truth makes you realize that people are even smaller. I love stars, that's why I hate them..."

  • Episode 2 - Fate (運命 Unmei)

"I love the stars because they're beautiful, dazzling, big, and unreachable, that's why I hate them. A fate of a human is to die in the end, no matter what. A human can never reach a star because they are always too far away, the closer they get, the further away they are and in the end, we'll die never getting any closer..."

  • Episode 3 - People (人 Hito)

"For me, people are like stars. They are always dazzling, but I can never reach them. The farther I go, the further they are. Maybe I'm the star, so when they try to reach me, I can only go away. People are always disappearing from me as they come closer, time takes them away from me..."

  • Episode 4 - Time (時間 Jikan)

"Time always goes forward. There isn't any god who lets us rewind and undo the things our mistakes, but if there were, then life wouldn't be this cruel. I knew a girl from my childhood; she was always clumsy and kept making mistakes, but she always smiled. One day she disappeared. I wonder what time has done to her..."

  • Episode 5 - Fear (恐れ Osore)

"Time changes people. Those who were once good, become bad and those who were once bad, become good, but there are those who remain the same, and those people are the ones I'm afraid of. I can't tell if they're just pretending or if they're truly the same, so I fear them, I'm afraid of who they might be..."

  • Episode 6 - Music (音楽 Ongaku)

"There is a song that everyone loves. Music is something that anyone can reach for, but that's because it's close to them and it will never disappear. Music is not like the stars; music is not always beautiful or dazzling, it's always right there to be grabbed, and it was something I never reached for..."

  • Episode 7 - Adult (大人 Otona)

"No one wants to grow old and die. Age comes with time, and with time, comes change. People hate change, that's why so many adults try to cling onto things from the past, whether that be a momento, a childhood dream, or old words. They long to go back, but they can only go foward... "

  • Episode 8 - Beauty (美 Bi)

"Since I was a child, I was told I was going to grow into a beautiful woman by many people, but I didn't care; I only wished to grasp a star. If beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, then what is true beauty? It's not one I really care to answer. All I know is, there are some who value it and some who don't care..."

  • Episode 9 - Man and Woman (男女 Danjo)

"I've never cared for the differences between men and women. I've grown seeing them do things only the other can do; a man who dances like a maiden, a woman who defeats brutes. Though there are still things too different to not notice, pride and despair..."

  • Episode 10 - Dance (踊り Odori)

"Dance is something that connects the world together, but like music, it was something right there to grab and I never reached to it. Dancers bring people together by making them watch with each other or make them participate, though there are those who reject it, those who only try to pass through..."

  • Episode 11 - Secret (秘密 Himitsu)

"Secrets are things no one wants to reveal, but they're also things everyone wants to see. No matter what it is, if someone is curious, they will want to know, so they pester until they know the truth. Lies, deceit, running away, people with secrets will do anything to keep the truth hidden..."

  • Episode 12 - Lie (嘘 Uso)

"When people lie, they are keeping someone away from something. In a bad situation, a lie is easier to believe than a truth because lies are often the words we want to hear. A lie keeps someone from despairing, it keeps them ignorant, but it gives hope. False hope is the worst kind of lie..."

  • Episode 13 - Truth (真実 Shinjitsu)

"Hope is something that keeps someone living on, seeking for a better future. The truth is, hope can only be achieved by someone else despair, so in order to obtain a dream, someone else with the same dream must give it up. That's why truth is so cruel; one must lie to themself in order continue on..."

  • Episode 14 - Lover (恋人 Koibito)

"Love was something I've always had an interest in, but I've never experienced it or tried to. They say people go crazy when they're in love, but do they mean that literally? If they do, then are those who act the same around their lovers liars? Maybe this is just coming from one's rambling who has never fallen in love..."

  • Episode 15 - Family (家族 Kazoku)

"A family bond can never be broken, or so they say. Bonds are fragile and a simple mistake can break everything apart, no matter how close it is. However, bonds can be reforged and become stronger than they were before, but the past cannot be undone and those remnants will always remain..."

  • Episode 16 - Sea (海 Umi)

"The sea is a place of relaxation, tranquility, and peace. It has always been a place of memories whether it be good or bad. Everytime I'm here, I always look into the sky and daze until the night. The night sky over the sea is the only place I can truly smile..."

  • Episode 17 - Enemy (敵 Teki)

 "An enemy is someone you must defeat at any cost. In manga, the hero's enemy is always someone who wants to take over the world, but in reality, there are no heroes or villains, just obstacles. However, those obstacles are why we have enemies; there are others who go through the same paths and collide..."

  • Episode 18 - Friends (友達 Tomodachi)

"Friendship was something I had given up on long ago, or so I believed. I once said people were like stars, and I still believe in that. Stars are always shining brightly and can never be reached, but even so, we're always together with the stars no matter how far we are..."

  • Episode 19 - Moon (月 Tsuki)

"The moon is something that always appear with the stars, but it's nothing like them. The moon is a symbol of false hope, making us believe it is possible to reach for the stars and grab them with our hands. It cannot shine with its own light, instead, it relies on others to keep it shining..."

  • Episode 20 - Light (光 Hikari)

"To shine is something everyone wants to do, to achieve their dreams and live their lives happy, but with light, somes darkness. With hope, there is despair, and that's why there are people who become like moons. They cling onto what little hope they have and remain only alive because of others..."

  • Episode 21 -  Curtain (幕 Maku)

"The curtain falls on the stage of those who's roles have ended and then the crowd applauds the performance. Every performance comes to an end; no act can go on forever and no fool would go on with it forever. Every great story lasts forever in the hearts and minds of the people, not the act..."

  • Episode 22 - Confession (告白 Kokuhaku)

"He's always around me, why won't he leave me alone?..."

  • Episode 23 - Love (恋 Koi)

"Why? Why can't I get him out of my mind!? What is this feeling?..."

  • Episode 24 - Two of the Stars (星のふたり Hoshi no Futari)

"I guess that's the ending. The story of how boy meets girl. Two people who would have never met each other had it wasn't been because of some stupid mistakes, but I guess fate works in funny ways. This was the story of these two of the stars."