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This is a list of characters from the Happun Animation anime Kiki, a Bad Witch in Training.

Main characters[]

Kiki Kichitsuki (吉月 キキ Kichitsuki Kiki?)
Voiced by: ? (Japanese); Catherine Taber (English)
The titular character whose theme color is yellow. She has light yellow hair with the bangs styled in a cowlick and is always tied up in big, chin-length pigtails, with unseen orange scrunchies[1], and constantly wears glasses. She is concepted as an unusual exaggeration of a typical magical girl leader, being depicted as a selfish, low-tempered and bratty 12-year old 6th grader. She is only seen crying when her teacher gives her an "F" in her class (despite the fact that she does actually attempts to study her school's current test), due to the fact that she has a standard of disliking constant whining "for petty reasons". Despite part of her name "Kichitsuki" being a combination of Japanese words for "luck", she is also notable for constantly having a terribly unfortunate life (including vision loss, which justifies why she constantly wears glasses) that she wishes to escape Japan ever since she felt said hatred in the past.


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