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Here are a list of episodes for Miraculous Ladybug and cat noir

Season 1[]


Jude Lizowski is a pizza lover, so when he notices a hungry Owen, he decides pizza for him,but chef only gets it when he's happy (which he's not),Leshawna tells them he has been in a cabbage mood for two straight weeks, and Jude isn't fond of cabbage, in fact he hates cabbage. Then, Duncan tells him that he is sad because his girlfriend candance dumped him, which then Bridgette decides to get him a new girlfriend, but Owen said it would take years. Jude then decides to make a fake girlfriend name LaFonda, So Chef will be happy again and order them pizza. So they went with that plan and it was working like a charm, Until it's on the verge of a backfire when Izzy sets them on a date so then they decide to dress up Jude and Owen as LaFonda after a while, Chef says before LaFonda Goes, Chef wanted a kiss. Jude was so worried that he jumped out the suit and blew their cover, Chef was so furious that he made all the kids eat vegetables except for Jude and Owen who are forced to sit in the timeout corner, then they had to drink cabbage and tear stew.

After their timeout Jude goes to the vent disappointed that his plan failed. He watches a video on how men lose their girlfriends, and the results a shocking, he heard this quote "It's that man's fault, he upset his girlfriend and lost her. Even though he wouldn't do this, he went into a massive rage and threw the tablet out of the vent.

Later, Hawk Moth endures Jude's Furious phase a send out an akuma to help him,the akuma possessed him through his chain and then Hawk Moth offers him the power to force people to love each other again so Jude Accepts the deal and becomes the Rouge, Love Riser Heartbringer, who seeks revenge on chef for dumping him, make him depressed, and then made him go in a cabbage mood that lasted two weeks.

Lord Chaos[]

One day, Duncan glued chef to his tuba so he'd have to leave and go to the hospital, so he would have to hire a supply teacher to watch the kids. So he hire his mom to watch the kinds, which gave Duncan the opportunity to give him the list he made, but chef's mom knew he made it, but she decided to go along with what Duncan planed. Later, Courtney decides that it's time for Duncan to come clean and confess, but Duncan Wouldn't cave. After the kids all go on a real rocket that was going to the sun, Duncan admited he wrote the list and decided to go back to do to do some nice and safe time. When Chef came back,he saw the kids playing nicely and Duncan told chef that he couldn't take it anymore and told him that he did not like this part of school but Chef says that it's fun and he has to live with it, Duncan was so angry that he ran to the nap room and told himself that nice game aren't fun, they're boring and he hate them. More furious,he punched the wall with his toy gauntlet.

Later, Hawk Moth Senses Duncan's pain and help him his very own way: by making him defeat Ladybug and Cat-Noir as Lord Chaos.

Duncan soon relized that Hawk Moth is right, if he was a villan, he could cause as much trouble as he wanted so he turned into Lord chaos and had his own fun and got revenge on courtney while he was at it.


This was it. This was the day that Clyde decided he was finally going to ask Lori out on a date. He had spent hours practicing in front of his mirror to make sure he wouldn't lose it. He bought her a whole bouquet of roses and put on his Nana's best perfume. On this day, Clyde felt like there was nothing that could go wrong.

Sadly, something went very wrong. Clyde walked right up to Lori, filled to the brim with confidence, but once he took one look at her, he did what he always does. He froze up, bled out of his nose, turned into a robot and passed out. When he woke up, Lori was gone and Lincoln was there to help him up.

Clyde's failure made him feel really depressed. Lincoln tried to cheer him up (even though he had known Clyde would be doomed from the start), but Clyde just wandered off in sadness, believing that it was impossible for Lori or any girl to ever love him.

Hawk Moth sensed Clyde's depression and decided to cheer him up in his own way: by sending out an akuma to evilize him and making him defeat Ace Savvy. Clyde was in the park throwing his roses into the river one by one until he only had one left. The akuma possessed him through the rose, allowing Hawk Moth to offer him the power to win the heart of every woman in Royal Woods. Clyde accepted and was transformed into a suave, manipulative lady's man named L'Amour.

As L'Amour, his rose had the power to spray pheromone-like particles which hypnotized any woman who smelled them to fall madly in love with him and do whatever he said. After spraying his particles from the top of the highest building in town, he had successfully manipulated the hearts of over half the female population of Royal Woods, including Ronnie Anne and most of Lincoln's sisters. When Lincoln explained to him that you can't force people to love you, his response was "Maybe you can't, but I can do whatever I want."


It was Lola and Lana's birthday. A day when they agreed to both do one thing that each of them wanted to. They had already gotten their hair and nails done for Lola's activity and now they were on their way to the park to do Lana's thing: playing in the largest mud hole in the whole park.

Lana jumped right in head first. Lola was about to join her when suddenly, Lindsey Sweetwater and a couple other pageant girls showed up, surprised to see the dreaded Lola Loud hanging around a mud puddle with some filthy hooligan. Lola panicked, not wanting to jeopardize her reputation on the pageant circuit. She declared that she had never seen that "uncouth swine" before in her life.

Lana was shocked to hear that. When the girls invited Lola to go with them to the tea shop, she hesitated at first, but then agreed to follow them. Lana tried to argue that Lola couldn't ditch her on their birthday and that she was breaking their deal, but Lola just kept distancing herself from her. Finally, Lola left with the girls, leaving Lana alone to sulk in the mud with nothing but a photo they had taken together earlier.

Hawk Moth sensed Lana's anger and saw it as a perfect opportunity. He sent out an akuma that possessed her through the photograph and transformed her into Mudslinger, a villain with the power to manipulate mud at will. With her newfound power, Mudslinger created a giant mud colossus of herself and set off after Lola with one goal in mind. To teach her what happens when you break a promise.

Fowl Ball[]

It was the third game of the season for Lynn's field hockey team. It was down to the final point and the teams were tied with only a few minutes to go. Lynn chased down a member of the other team who was rolling the ball to their goal and taunting her all the way. She tried to ignore her, but eventually she snapped and rammed right into the other player.

Lynn stole the ball and managed to score what would've been the winning goal for her team, but her fit of rage had caused her to damage the other player's spine, so the whole team got disqualified for unnecessary roughness. Lynn's coach kicked her off the team for playing too rough.

When Lynn got home, she was burning with anger. She turned on the television to try and take her mind off of it, but it didn't help much. It wasn't hard for Hawk Moth to sense her fury. He sent out an akuma that possessed her through the TV remote and turned her into the vengeful sports master Fowl Ball.

Using the remote control attached to her arm, Fowl Ball was able to summon and control a huge sports arena called Doom Stadium full of all kinds of weapons and death traps, including a fleet of killer robots called blitz bots. She captured her former teammates as well as Ace Savvy and challenged them to a game that they would never forget. A game of survival.


This was a big day for Leni. Executives from Sixteen Magazine were in town looking for a female model for next month's issue and she planned on being there. Finally, she had a chance to grace the pages of her favorite magazine. It was a dream come true.

Unfortunately, that dream ended up getting cut short. When Leni got down to the studio, she noticed all the others girls there all decked out excessive make-up and flashy clothes, causing her to get a little intimidated. When she tried to wish one of them good luck, she just got hissed at. Another girl told Leni that she was just wasting her time and that the judges would never be impressed by her pathetic look. Even so, Leni went into that audition room and gave it her absolute best.

Leni showed off all her best poses, suddenly feeling positive that she would get in. Sadly, the judges were not that impressed by what she had to offer. They told her that she didn't "have the right look" and sent her away. When she tried to protest, security came in and threw her out, allowing all the other girls to laugh at her.

Leni was so upset that she ran home crying and locked herself in her room. Her misery didn't go unrecognized. Hawk Moth easily sensed her and sent one of his akumas to evilize her. The akuma possessed Leni through her sunglasses, allowing Hawk Moth to offer her a chance as revenge. She gladly accepted and transformed into a frankly gaudily-dressed supervillain named Mimica with the power to make other people look exactly like her by shooting a beam from her sunglasses. "Now we'll see who doesn't have the right look."


Valentine's Day in Royal Woods. A day that Bobby and Lori had been looking forward to for weeks. Each one had bought the other a gift and they were both excited to give them away. Little did they know that the despicable Carol Pingrey was about to enact a nasty and selfish plan.

You see, Carol was jealous that Lori was dating Bobby because she wanted to have him all to herself. So she came up with a plan where she would break them up and then swoop in to comfort Bobby at just the right time. When Lori wasn't looking, Carol stole her phone and sent a text to Bobby pretending to be Lori.

Bobby had bought Lori a beautiful heart-shaped brooch. He was on his way to give it to her when he got the text saying that she was breaking up with him. He pleaded with her to get her to change her mind, but it was no use. Heartbroken, he lied down on the ground in a state of inconsolable depression.

Before Carol had the chance to even get to him, though, Hawk Moth picked up on his despair and seized the opportunity to create his next minion. He sent out one of his akumas to possess Bobby through the brooch. Bobby was transformed him into the love-hating Anti-Cupid, who, in exchange for bringing Ace Savvy's miraculous to Hawk Moth, had the ability to rid people of their sense of love with his magic anti-love arrows. He vowed to extinguish all romantic love from the face of the Earth one person at a time.

Power Chord[]

Luna was chilling in her room one day listening to one of her favorite Mick Swagger songs on the radio, when Lincoln dropped in to say hi. As the song got into its final chorus, the two of them started rocking out and singing along. When it was over, Lincoln and Luna laughed, relishing in the fun they'd just had. They had tickets to a Mick Swagger concert in town that night and were both very excited.

The DJ announced the concert on the radio, mentioning how would feature the debut of Mick's newest song. The song began to play, but when Luna heard it, she realized that it didn't sound anything like Mick's usual work. It was a lot more poppy and electronic. Luna wasn't too happy about it. She wondered angrily how Mick could've sold out like this. Lincoln tried to calm her down, suggesting that maybe he was just trying out a new sound since lots of artists like to experiment from time to time.

Luna didn't buy it. In her mind, Mick Swagger was one of a kind and this was just the record label trying to make him sound just like every other cheesy pop star on the radio. She decided that she didn't even want to go to the concert anymore if this was what he was going to play. Lincoln tried to reason with her, but she through him out and turned off the radio so she could be alone with her riffs.

As Luna sat alone in her room, strumming her guitar and feeling betrayed by Mick and the record label, Hawk Moth sensed her bitterness and set his sights on her as his next victim. He sent out an akuma to her that possessed her through her guitar, offering to give her the power to force Mick to do the concert "the right way" in exchange for bringing him Ace Savvy's miraculous. Luna accepted and was transformed into the evil Power Chord, the ultimate rock 'n roll bad girl.

Her guitar had the power to create deadly ultrasonic sound waves and fire lasers. With this new power, she could now save Mick from becoming just another cookie-cutter corporate sell-out. Even if she had to threaten his life to do it.

The Math Magician[]

Normally, young Lisa Loud was not so prone to intense emotions, but today, she just couldn't help bouncing with excitement. After many sleepless nights, she had finally completed a formula for the ultimate alternative energy source. One that could potentially eliminate the need for fossil fuels. And she was on her way with Lincoln to present her findings to her scientific peers.

When she arrived at the lecture hall, she was met with looks of confusion and amusement. Nevertheless, she proceeded with her presentation. Before she could finish, however, she was cut off by the foreman. You see, no one had expected her to be so young, so they all treated the whole thing as a joke.

The foreman told her that her presentation was "adorable," but that they didn't have any more time to "entertain the fantasies of a four-year-old." Lisa tried to protest, insisting that she was serious, but someone in the crowd told her to go home and play with her chemistry sets.

Humiliated and angry, she left the lecture hall and started making her way to the exit. Lincoln told her to just ignore them, but she was too upset to listen. She entered the bathroom and pulled out her calculator the make sure her calculations were indeed correct. Her horrible mood earned the attention of Hawk Moth, who quickly sent an akuma to evilize her. It possessed her through her calculator and transformed her into the evil Math Magician.

With her new magic calculator, she could multiply, divide, add and subtract solid objects, as well as abstract traits like intelligence. Hawk Moth would get Ace Savvy's miraculous and Math Magician would get revenge on those patronizing imbeciles.


One fine day in Royal Woods, Lincoln, Clyde and Ronnie Anne took a trip to the zoo. It was going great for the most part. Ronnie Anne even bought herself a new bracelet covered in wolf teeth at the gift shop. Each of them had an animal that they were excited to see. Lincoln wanted to see the polar bears, Clyde wanted to see the crocodiles and Ronnie Anne really wanted to see the wolves.

When the three kids got to the wolf exhibit, there was only one who was out and about. An old and sickly wolf named Winnie. Ronnie and the boys couldn't help but feel bad for her, but it got even worse when Chandler and his buddies showed up and started picking on the old wolf. Laughing at her and throwing chips at her, saying how she didn't look so tough. Lincoln and Clyde were pretty upset with them, but Ronnie Anne got really mad.

She tried to tell Chandler off, saying that, old or not, that wolf could rip him to pieces any day of the week. But Chandler wasn't afraid and said that that wolf was so old, she couldn't even kill a bug. Besides, he was out there and she was in the pen. After Ronnie Anne told them to back off one more time, they decided they were bored and walked away.

Ronnie Anne was still peeved at Chandler. She hated seeing animals get picked on like that. Lincoln was surprised since he had never known that she cared so much about animals. He and Clyde told her to just let it go since Chandler was always a jerk and she started making her way to the nearest concessions stand for a slushy.

Hawk Moth sensed her anger and saw the chance to make a new villain. He sent out an akuma to evilize Ronnie Anne. It possessed her through her bracelet and transformed her into a villain named Animalia with the power to shape shift into any animal she wanted. In exchange for bringing Ace Savvy's miraculous to Hawk Moth, she now had the power to show Chandler what a wolf could really do.


Another typical day at the dentist's office. Dr. Feinstein was busy tending to patients with the help of his assistant Rita Loud. Rita had been Dr. Feinstein's assistant for many years. It wasn't a very glamorous or exciting job, but it was one that she was happy to do. Plus, it paid just enough for her to help put food on the table for her large family.

Things had been going normally that day, until a woman came in with her young son who had an awful toothache. They told her that the doctor would be right with them, but she impatiently demanded that her son be seen immediately. Rita tried to tell her that they had to wait their turn, but the mother kept making a fuss, saying that her son's tooth could fall out by then. Finally, seeing no other way around it, Dr. Feinstein led them back to a check-up room and had the boy sit in a chair.

Upon closer examination, Dr. Feinstein decided that the best thing to do was to remove the ailing tooth. He had to leave momentarily to prepare and asked Rita to keep things under control until he got back. Several minutes passed and Dr. Feinstein still hadn't returned. Rita couldn't stand seeing the little boy in such pain. She had to do something to help soothe his sounds of agony. Following her maternal instincts, she grabbed a syringe full of morphine and, against the mother's objections, carefully injected it into the boy's gums.

When Dr. Feinstein finally returned, he was met with the outraged voice of the boy's mother. She claimed that his assistant had made an unpermitted call and used an unnecessary and painful method on her son. She threatened to sue unless something was done about it. Even though he hated to do it, Dr. Feinstein decided that he had no other choice but to fire Rita.

Rita sat in her car as he mind raced with distressful thoughts. How could this have happened? What was she going to tell her family? And where was she going to find a new job? Hawk Moth sensed her distress and saw a perfect opportunity for evil. He sent out an akuma to evilize Rita. It possessed her through a roll of dental floss in her pocket and transformed her into Incisor, a wicked dentist with an arsenal of dental tools at her disposal.

Incisor used her super strong floss rope to ensnare people, especially those who cost her her job, and give them the most intense check-ups of their lives. Can Ace Savvy help this frightful physician meet her appointment with justice and save his mother? Or will it be the last time he ever opens his mouth and says AAAHHH!?

The Digital Diva[]

All of Royal Woods High was abuzz with excitement over the hot new gossip blog, The Daily Doodle (since the school mascot was a rooster). Everybody in school loved reading about all the shocking and hilarious news about their classmates, especially Lori Loud. She didn't know for sure how much of it was true, but she didn't really care since the stories were relatively harmless.

That is, until the blogger published a story saying that Lori had stolen the answer key to the upcoming standardized test. The article suggested that she had stolen the answers to hide the fact that she might be as dumb as her sister Leni. Lori was so angry that she went to confront the author of the blog herself: Carol Pingrey.

She demanded that Carol take down that post and clear her name immediately. That turned out to be a bad move. After Carol refused to remove the article, she soon posted another one entitled "Is Lori Loud a Cheater in More Ways Than One?" saying that she had been caught cheating on Bobby with one of the tennis players. Suddenly, everyone in school was calling her a two-timer and treating her like a pariah. When she tried to explain to Bobby that it wasn't true, he was too upset to listen and ran away from her.

Desperate to escape the angry crowds, Lori ran and hid in the girls' locker room. She cursed Carol for purposely destroying her reputation and her relationship with Bobby and broke down crying. It didn't take long for Hawk Moth to sense her humiliation. He sent out one of his akumas to possess her through her phone, thus turning her into the justice-seeking Digital Diva. With the power to use smart phone commands in the real world and travel through the internet as a living electrical surge, she vowed to make everybody see the truth about Carol and make her suffer for messing with the wrong person.

Princess Pink[]

Lola Loud was searching the house for someone to watch her new Princess Frilly movie with. Every time she asked one of her siblings they all either told her they were too busy or that they just didn't want to. So she decided that if they wouldn't join her willingly, then she'd force them to watch it with her.

After Lola rounded up all her siblings in the living room against their will, she popped the DVD into the player and started the movie. It was a long and tiresome ninety minutes of unadulterated cheesiness that everybody except Lola wished they could take back. When it was over, she was about to start it again, but they all said no. Lana grabbed the DVD, planning to hide it where she could never make them watch it again, but Lola tried to take it back from her. Their fighting caused the disc to break in half.

Lana tried to apologize, but her twin was too angry to listen. All she wanted was somebody to play with, but her jerky siblings only cared about themselves. At least, that's the way she put it. She stomped up to her bedroom, declaring never to speak to any of them again.

When she was all alone in her room, Hawk Moth saw the child's fury as the perfect fuel for his latest scheme. He sent out one of his akumas to find Lola. It possessed her through her tiara, allowing him to grant her the power to force everyone in town to do what she wanted.

Lincoln arrived at Lola's door to try and patch things up, but it was too late. His little sister was now Princess Pink, a power-hungry dictator wrapped in a frilly little frou-frou package. With her magic crown, she transformed the house into a castle and began turning all of Royal Woods into her kingdom, filled with all the playmates and servants she could ever want.


It all started when the previous Ace Savvy, Jack Holdem, and his kwamii, Flush, sensed the rise of the dark presence that was Hawk Moth. Unfortunately, after many years of inactivity, Jack was too old and weak to fight crime anymore. So he and Flush agreed that it was time to choose a new hero. A young and righteous soul worthy to receive the powers of Ace Savvy.

Later that day, Lincoln Loud was on his way home from school when he saw the elderly Jack collapse on the sidewalk. He rushed over to help him stand up again, which the man was very grateful for. Then he told Lincoln that he was very hungry and didn't have much money for food, so Lincoln gave him an extra sandwich from his lunch. When Lincoln wasn't looking, Jack slipped a strange chest with an ace of spades painted on it into his backpack and then bid him farewell.

When Lincoln got home, he found the mysterious chest in his backpack. He opened it and out came Flush, the little red kwamii with card symbols all over his body. Also inside the chest was a pair of metal bracelets. Flush explained to Lincoln that he had been chosen to be the new Ace Savvy and protect his city from the forces of evil.

All Lincoln has to do to activate his powers is put on the bracelets and say "Flush, deal me in!" His powers give him a full deck of magic playing cards. Most of the cards are mainly to be used as projectiles, but royal cards like kings, queens and jacks can explode, the joker creates illusions and the aces give Lincoln exactly what he needs in a given situation. Each card is only good for one use per transformation. Once he uses an ace card, he only has five minutes before his powers disappear.

Lincoln's first exploit occurred after his dad became upset from losing a baking contest. Hawk Moth turned him into an evil baker named Chef Wicked who wanted to bake the entire city into a giant casserole. Lincoln's new powers took some getting used to, but once he got the hang of it, he was able to save the city and turn his dad back to normal. It was then that he realized how important his new job was and he gladly accepted the responsibility.

Season 2[]

The Headmaster[]

One day, Lincoln got called into Principal Huggins office for starting a food fight in the cafeteria. While he was getting lectured, he couldn't help but notice a strange looking book on the shelf. It was strange because it didn't fit in with the other books on the shelf and because it was shimmering. Lincoln was sentenced to two hours of detention after school.

The whole time he was in detention, Lincoln couldn't get that book out of his head. It was like it was calling to him to come read it. He asked Flush if he knew anything about it, but for some reason, he wasn't talking. So Lincoln broke out of detention and snuck into Principal Huggins' office to get a better look at that book, even though Flush tried to talk him out of it.

Inside, he found illustrations of what looked like different superheroes, including ones that looked like Ace Savvy and Hawk Moth. He was so focused that he didn't hear Principal Huggins walk in and discover him there. To say that Huggins was beside himself would be an understatement. He was so mad that he sentenced Lincoln to a whole weekend of detention cleaning up all the litter around the school. After he locked the boy back in the detention room, he locked himself in his office and told Cheryl not to let anyone disturb him. Between this and all the other recent incidents involving his own students, Huggins felt like he was losing control of the whole school.

Hawk Moth easily sensed the frustration of a disrespected authority figure. He prepared one of his akumas and set it loose..... and then ordered it right back to him. In a desperate act, Principal Huggins temporarily renounced the mantle of the Butterfly and allowed himself to be akumatized through his prized graduation cap from college. He was transformed into The Headmaster and began using his new power to bring perfect order to the entire school. He turned almost everybody in school into perfect model students who obeyed his every command.

When Ace Savvy arrived to stop him, he decided to try and steal his miraculous while he was at it. Whether or not he was successful, at least he could permanently free himself from suspicion.

Creep Frog[]

One day in school, Lincoln's class was about to dissect real frogs. Everybody was excited about it. Well, almost everybody. Liam was feeling sick to his stomach at the thought of having to pull out a frog's organs. Plus, he couldn't help feeling that it was wrong in a moral sense, too.

After all, Royal Woods used to be famous for having an abundant frog population. Tourists would come from all over to see the frogs hop around the ponds in the spring time. There was even picture of a frog on their town flag. But since the city had built over most of the ponds in town, the population had dwindled and there wasn't as much for tourists to see anymore.

Liam just felt wrong about mutilating a proud symbol of their town. Chandler laughed and said that if he loved frogs so much, he should kiss one. He picked up the dead creature on Liam's desk and held it up to his face, mocking him. Liam was about to puke until Mrs. Johnson stopped Chandler's teasing.

Mrs. Johnson sympathized with Liam's feelings, but also reminded him that the assignment was worth 17% of his grade for the semester, so she urged him to consider his options carefully. He asked to go to the bathroom so he could think about it in peace. On his way there, he grew incredibly frustrated at the thought that nobody had any respect for the part that frogs played in their home town's heritage, as well as the injustice that they had been suffering for years.

Hawk Moth sensed his anger sent an akuma out to evilize him. It possessed Liam through the frog whistle around his neck and transformed him into a villain named Creep Frog. In exchange for stealing Ace Savvy's miraculous, Hawk Moth gave him the ability to jump incredible heights, stick to walls and even use his tongue like a long sticky whip. Using his magic hypnotic frog whistle to rally all the frogs in town, Creep Frog vowed to take back Royal Woods and return it to its rightful warty owners.


Today was a special day. One of Lincoln's classmates was having a birthday party and everyone in class was invited. The theme was Ace Savvy and everybody was having a great time. Well, almost everybody.

Zach couldn't help feeling a little nauseated from all the fanfare over Ace Savvy. He didn't really get why everyone thought he was so cool. As far as he was concerned, Ace was just some card-throwing lame-o with no real powers and he was so annoyed that nobody else could see that. Of course, Zach had never seen Ace in action, so he didn't know what he was really capable of.

The way Zach saw it, a real superhero had to have real superpowers like flying or super strength or energy blasting. Zach had always dreamed of being a superhero, having all kinds of amazing powers and being loved by everybody. He even drew a picture of himself as a big, strong and powerful hero named Nitroman. That's why he found it so annoying that his whole class was obsessed with such a powerless corny hack.

Hawk Moth saw a golden opportunity and seized it. It wasn't often that some one with a personal hatred for Ace Savvy came along, so he decided to fuel the flames of conflict. He sent out his akuma to possess Zach through his drawing and transform him into the superhero of his dreams: Nitroman!

Nitroman had the powers of super strength, speed, flight and to fire nitro energy blasts from his hands. Now that he was all powered up, he formally challenged Ace Savvy to a battle of heroes, and once Ace was out of the way, then the whole town would finally see who the real hero was.


A sunny day at the park. Roller derby champion Rusty Spokes was in the middle of a winning streak. He had taken on every challenger that day who dared to race him on roller skates and won every time. He was feeling invincible and on top of the world. That is until Polly Pain decided to throw her helmet into the ring.

Rusty wasn't afraid, but he was happy to finally go up against a worthy opponent. He gladly accepted and the two roller racers took their marks. When the referee gave the signal, the race was on. They managed to keep up with each other pretty well the whole time. Over the bridge, past the water fountain, down the slope, they were neck and neck, each jockeying for position over the other.

Once the finish line was in sight, Rusty pulled ahead, ready to taste sweet victory. Everything went south, however, when due to his lack of focus, he tripped over rock and fell hard onto the ground. He wasn't hurt badly, but his clumsiness allowed Polly to cross the finish line first and claim title of Roller Race Champion. Rusty didn't take it too well and accused Polly of tripping him on purpose, which was impossible because she had been two feet behind him at the time.

Polly offered him a rematch, but Rusty refused, figuring that she would just cheat again anyway. Instead, he just rolled off to wallow in his defeat. Rusty's anger soon attracted the attention of Hawk Moth, who took the chance to send out an akuma to possess Rusty through his roller skate. He offered him the power to prove that he was the true Roller Race Champion of the world, which he gladly accepted. Rusty was transformed into the unstoppable super fast speed demon, Turbocharge.

Turbocharge was so fast that nobody, not even Ace Savvy, could possibly catch up to him. He kept himself going by forcibly sucking energy from electrical objects to power his skates. Pretty soon, he set his sights on the city power plant. With all the electricity in the city to power him up, he could keep racing around as long as he wanted with nobody to stop him.

Ice Heart[]

Snow covered the entire town of Royal Woods and the whole Loud family was outside having a blast. Lincoln slid belly-first on his sled across the frosty lawn and accidentally ran right into Luna's roadie and friend Chunk. After he apologized and asked what Chunk was doing there, the big guy said that he was there to see Luna and give her something.

Chunk looked incredibly nervous as he pulled a crumpled up ball of paper out of his pocket and gave it to Lincoln, asking him to give it to Luna for him. When Lincoln unfolded it, he saw that it was a music sheet with a song that Chunk had written himself just for Luna. He asked why Chunk would write a song for her and by the way the big guy reacted (stuttering, twitching, sweating like a pig despite the freezing temperature), he figured out the answer. Chunk had a crush on Luna.

He tried to deny it, but Lincoln wasn't fooled. Chunk snatched the song sheet out of Lincoln's hands and crumbled it up again, declaring that it wasn't ready yet anyway. The boy tried to reassure him that Luna would love the song the way it was and that he should give it to her himself. Luna was just nearby having snowball fight with Lynn, so it was the perfect chance.

Lincoln urged Chunk to go talk to her. As soon as he approached her, Luna said hi to him and asked him what he was doing there, but he was so afraid that he was unable to answer. She started to grow concerned, asking him if he was okay, but he ran away just in time to keep from peeing himself, leaving Luna very confused.

When Lincoln asked Chunk what happened, Chunk snapped at him and told him that the song wasn't ready. That Luna would hate it and in turn, hate him, too. Then he ran off, really more angry at himself for being such a coward. It would be so much easier if he didn't have to have such complicated feelings for Luna. His despair was easily detected by Hawk Moth, who sent an akuma out to evilize him by possessing him through his crumpled song sheet. He offered to alleviate Chunk's pain by making his heart and body as cold as ice, taking away his ability to feel emotion. In exchange, of course, he would have to bring Hawk Moth Ace Savvy's miraculous.

Chunk agreed and was transformed into the frozen juggernaut, Iceheart. In addition turning his entire body into solid, unmeltable ice, he was also given much greater size and strength, as well as an ice breath to make other people's hearts as cold as his. In the process of trying to capture Ace's miraculous, he came across Luna and captured her as well, which meant Lincoln now had to rescue his sister and defeat a giant, frozen, "heartless" monster. Although, maybe he wasn't so heartless after all.

Road Ripper[]

A new gas station had just moved into Royal Woods. It was part of a chain called Super Express and ever since it opened, it had been taking a lot of business away from Flip's Food 'n Fuel. With their lousy competitive prices, superior service, EPA approved hot dogs and hygienic bathrooms, Flip was having a heck of a time keeping up.

Even long-time loyal customers like the Louds had all but abandoned Flip's place for Super Express. Lincoln and Clyde came by to visit one time, mostly because the line at the Super Express had gotten too long, with a couple of exclusive Super Express beverages called Super Shakes in their hands. Flip complained that thanks to that big fancy new station, he was going to lose his business altogether. He even showed them a muffler he'd saved from the first car he ever cleaned there (it didn't go well and he probably shouldn't have kept it).

The two boys felt bad for him and wished they could help, but he said "Go slurp you fancy Super Shakes somewhere else! See if I care!" And then they were out of there. Flip turned on the TV and there was a commercial for the rival gas station where the announcer said "Super Express is better than the rest." In a fit of rage, Flip threw the TV out the window and cursed the name of Super Express out loud, then decided to polish his muffler to calm down.

Flip's jealousy made him an easy target for Hawk Moth. He ordered one of his akumas to go out and evilize him. It possessed him through his muffler and turned him into the evil rubber-burning maniac Road Ripper. The entire lower half of his body was replaced with a super fast motorbike, powered by a magic supercharged muffler, thus giving him the power to take out that Super Express station permanently and anyone else who dared to compete with him, including Ace Savvy.

Dr. Villainstein[]

Halloween night in Royal Woods. The McBrides had turned their home into a haunted house attraction open to all. The house was decorated with rubber spiders, bats and ghosts, fake cobwebs, imitation rotting wood and so on. Each of them had a part to play. Howard lead the tour since the whole thing was his idea. His husband Harold was in charge of the special effects.

As Howard (aka Mr. McFright) lead a group of trick-or-treaters through the house, he and Harold did their best to scare them, but as the tour went on, the kids remained constantly unimpressed by all the cheesy effects. Finally, they reached the grand finale: the door to the basement. Howard slowly opened it and out popped "the ghost of the house's original owner," who was really just Clyde in a bed sheet.

None of the kids were impressed by the lame attraction and they all left highly disappointed. Howard begged them to come back, but it was no use. The weight of his failure drove him into despair and misery. His husband and son tried to comfort him, telling him that he shouldn't worry about it, but it didn't help. The poor man decided that his failure was due to the fact that he just wasn't scary.

Hawk Moth sensed Mr. McBride's despair and sent out an akuma to make him his newest minion. The akuma possessed him through one of the bolts glued to his neck as part of his costume and transformed him into the terrible Dr. Villainstein, grand master of horror. The mad doctor created a machine, powered by the dark magic given to him by Hawk Moth, with the ability to create zombie versions of villains from Ace Savvy's past, including Power Chord, Nitroman, The Queen of Darkness and Bonkers. His plan was to use them to spread pure horror throughout the city and utilize their combined powers to bring Ace to his knees at last.


Ms. DiMartino, the notorious substitute teacher whose blinding beauty had caused many a young, susceptible male student to nearly fail school completely. Little did any of her students know that when she wasn't educating young minds in the classroom, she worked as a professional astrologist. And she was overjoyed because soon, she would bare witness to one of the rarest and most legendary cosmic events known to man.

For a brief moment on one night only, the stars of four neighboring systems would align perfectly with their own sun, thus creating a stellar phenomenon the effects of which have never been recorded. And with the permission of the Astrological Committee to view the event through a state-of-the-art telescope, Ms. DiMartino would finally be able to study and record its astrological effects for herself to present to the scientific community.

However, just as she arrived at the observatory, she was informed that her permission had been revoked. It seems a rich donor had paid off the committee with a hefty donation to let him use the telescope to show his daughter a star he'd bought her as a present. Ms. DiMartino protested about the injustice, but then the Committee Head told her the other reason for her revocation. Seeing as all her years of stargazing hadn't turned up anything of significant scientific importance, the committee had also elected to cut her research funding.

Once again, she protested her outrage, saying that the coming alignment could be a sign of a great destiny for all of humanity. That claim was dismissed as an exaggeration and she was escorted off the premises. As she left, she swore that they would all pay for this injustice.

Ms. DiMartino was now a perfect target for Hawk Moth. Her powerful lust for revenge made it easy for one of his akumas to track her down. It possessed her through the star-shaped broach she wore on her chest and transformed her into a powerful villain named Stelladonna, able to adapt the powers of the astrological zodiac. The mighty claws of Cancer, the venomous tail of Scorpio, the accurate marksmanship of Sagittarius, the hydrokenetic powers of Aquarius, etc. With her new powers, Stelladonna could take her revenge and prove that the stars' alignment would bring a great destiny for humanity, even if she had to make it happen herself.

Would Ace Savvy be able to stop her? Could he even stop ogling her and focus long enough to do it?


Sam and Luna's class was taking a field trip to the history museum. There was a new exhibit all about the history of dragon myths and according to their advertising, they had a piece of authentic dragon skin. No one in the class was more excited than Sam. She had even worn her special necklace just for the occasion. It was a purple jewel with a little bronze dragon around it.

They were just about to enter the exhibit when a security guard spotted something in Sam's backpack and pulled her aside. Her pet snake had shed a skin earlier that morning that fell into her bag and she'd been in such a hurry that she didn't notice. The guard saw it and assumed she was trying to steal the dragon skin. She tried to defend herself and Luna tried to back her up, but then along came Carol Pingrey, who said that Sam was a total thief who would steal anything that wasn't nailed down.

Sam was instantly banned from the museum, but Luna said that if they kicked Sam out, they'd have to kick her out too..... And so they did. Now the whole class was getting to see a real dragon skin while Sam and Luna were stuck spending the rest of the trip sitting alone on the bus. Luna decided to sneak off quickly and get a couple of hot dogs to cheer them up.

Sam's disappointment and anger was enough to attract the attention of Hawk Moth, who seized the opportunity to create a new minion. His akuma tracked the girl down and possessed her through her necklace. Her skin turned green and scaly, her eyes became yellow and slitted, her nails turned into claws and her teeth sharpened into fangs. She also grew large wings and a spiky tail. Sam had transformed into a humanoid dragon creature called Woman-Dragon.

Woman-Dragon had the powers of flight, super strength and fire breath. Driven by anger, she attacked the museum and kidnapped Carol in order to get her revenge. Now it's up to Ace Savvy to tame this savage beast and restore the beauty underneath.

The Young Timer[]

It all started when Albert (aka Big Al) fell off of a mechanical bull and sprained his hip. The doctor told him it would heal up in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, he had to walk with a cane and take it easy until then. It was hard for him to get used to it, but he tried not to let it hold him back too much.

Of course, being injured meant he had to give up the wild lifestyle he was so accustomed to. He couldn't swim with his friends in the pool, he couldn't go for jogs. It was even painful for him to hold up his youngest grandkids. Big Al had never felt so old in all his life. Still, he tried to keep his spirits up so he could have fun with his grandkids.

One day, he was spending the day at an amusement park with them and they got in line for a roller coaster. They were concerned about his hip, but he insisted that he'd be fine. When they finally reached the end of the line, the man at the gate refused to let him on the ride due to his age and his hip condition. Albert protested, but the man turned him away. The kids felt bad and offered to leave with him, but he insisted they go on the ride without him so he wouldn't ruin their fun.

While Pop-Pop sat on the bench waiting for the ride to let off, his depression attracted the attention of Hawk Moth, who sent out an akuma that possessed him through his cane. He offered Albert the chance to reclaim his youth and strength in exchange for obtaining Ace Savvy's miraculous, which he accepted. Albert was transformed into The Young Timer and given the power to restore his own youth.... by syphoning it from others. The more youth he stole from people, the younger he became. He also became more limber and agile, making him a better match for Ace. After all, youth is wasted on the young.

Maestra Allegro[]

Mr. and Mrs. Yates dropped off their daughters Beatrix and Belle at school and as soon as they were out of sight, both girls allowed their faces to relax. Despite their constant big smiles, being well-rounded all the time was extremely draining on all of the Yates kids. They only dropped their smiles when their parents weren't around.

The kids were always so busy with extra-carriculars and such that they never really had time for things like socializing. But that didn't stop the younger girl Belle from crushing on a boy named Noah whose locker was straight across the hall from hers. There was a dance coming up that Friday and she really wanted to ask him to go with her. She also had a violin recital on Saturday and she was afraid her parents wouldn't like it if she skipped practice to go to a dance.

After some encouragement from her sister, Belle decided to confront her parents and tell them she wanted to go to the dance. When she got home that day, she told them about her plan, but unfortunately, this was a rare occasion when their smiles dropped. They refused to let her go, saying she wasn't going to get into Ivy League by wasting time on dates and dances. She tried to reason with them, but they sent her up to room and ordered her to practice her violin until her song was perfect for the recital.

While Belle was in her room playing, Hawk Moth detected her sadness and sent an akuma after her. It possessed her through her violin, allowing him to offer Belle the power to take back her life from her controlling parents. Belle Yates was turned into the evil Maestra Allegro, a deceptively happy musician whose violin had the power to manipulate people's emotions.

By playing certain songs, Maestra Allegro could make people feel angry, sad, happy, scared, even make them fall in love. First she made her parents feel so sad that they were rendered helpless by their own crying. Then she crashed the school dance, where she diminished everybody's fear by making them happy and then used a love song on Noah. Now it's up to Ace Savvy to save this tortured artist and help her play a more honest tune with her parents.

Miss Dolly[]

Darcy Homendollar always brought her stuffed giraffe Roffo to school with her, but today, she decided to bring some of her other toys too because she knew how lonely he got sometimes. She was on her way to class when a couple of older kids spotted Roffo sticking out of her backpack and snatched him right out.

They both laughed at the baby for bringing her little "stuffed donkey" to school. She cried and yelled at them to give him back. Then they grabbed her backpack and started messing with all her other toys.

That's when Lincoln stepped in. He got the bullies to back off and managed to get Darcy's toys back, but he also suggested that maybe she should stop bringing toys to school so they don't get stolen. "No! Raffo's my best friend! I need him!" she shouted. "Why do big kids have to be so mean?!" She took Raffo and her toys and ran crying into the bathroom.

Naturally, a miserable child was a very easy target for Hawk Moth. He sent out an akuma that possessed Darcy through Raffo. She was transformed into the evil Miss Dolly, a supervillain dressed like a rag doll, with the power to bring toys to life. With Raffo as her mighty steed, she planned to invade the school with an army of toys. After bringing her own toys to life, she raided every toy store in town to make her army big enough to lay waste to everything in sight.

Now it's up to Ace Savvy to either calm the little girl's tantrum or lose his miraculous to a cranky kindergartener.


This was an exciting day for young Renee. The owner of Mega Comics was holding a contest for people to create their own comic books and if, by some miracle, he saw one that he really liked, he would let them sell it in his store. After weeks upon weeks of dedicated work, Renee's comic book was finally complete.

Now the only obstacle she had to overcome was the store owner Verne. He was notoriously critical and not easily impressed. Renee had done her best to really make her entry something special, but when she got to the store and saw the huge line of people with their own entries, she started to feel more nervous than ever. However, she had the support of her friends Lincoln and Zach by her side and after some words of encouragement, she was back in the zone.

At last, Renee made it to the front of the line. Verne met her with a very skeptical glance. "What do you want, kid?" he said. She tried to show him her comic, but he told her to get lost because he wasn't interested in looking at a bunch of drawings done by a little kid. She and her friends kept pushing him to just take a look at it. Finally, he'd had enough, so he swiped the comic out of her hands and wrote the word "LAME" on the cover in permanent marker.

"WHY DID YOU YOU THAT, YOU JERK?! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS GIVE IT A CHANCE!" the girl shouted in rage. She declared that she would never shop at his store again and ran off in tears.

The girl's despair made her a perfect target for Hawk Moth. He sent out an akuma which possessed her through her comic book and transformed her into the evil author Novella. She was given the power to trap people within the pages of her book. She was able to capture Verne and Ace Savvy. Now the only way out was to live through the story and survive until the end. Should be easy enough, right? After all, how dangerous or action packed could a story written by a kid really be?

Shadow Stalker[]

It was dance night at Royal Woods Elementary. Nearly half the student body was there, even the young dark poet Haiku. Though, she wasn't there to dance. She was convinced that the school was haunted by the ghost of a student who was stuffed inside her locker and left there until she starved to death. And tonight she was determined to make contact.

While everyone else was partying in the gym, Haiku snuck into the library and set up everything for her seance. Several minutes passed before something finally happened. The book shelves began to shake, causing books to fall off of them in piles. She began to hear eerie noises all around her. She asked the spirit to reveal herself and suddenly, a figure in a dark grey cloak appeared in front of her, coming closer and closer until it startled her, causing her fall out of her chair.

The dark figure turned out to be Chandler and his two cronies stepped out from behind the book shelves. They all laughed at the dumb freak, saying that the creepiest thing at this school was her. Obviously, Haiku was not amused. The boys headed back to the gym, leaving Haiku to clean up the mess they had made.

Hawk Moth sensed Haiku's anger and decided to send an akuma after her. It possessed her through her turban, allowing Hawk Moth to offer her the power to show those fools the wrath of a true vengeful spirit in exchange for retrieving Ace Savvy's miraculous. Haiku agreed and was transformed into Shadow Stalker, a living shadow creature posing as a ghost with the power to spring from the walls, snatch people and store them away for later. By the end of the night, everybody at that dance would know to fear the dark.

Season 3[]


Flu season. The time of year that the McBrides always dreaded the most. Sickness was in the air and Harold and Howard were determined to keep their son safe. Especially since the news said that this year's flu strain could be especially dangerous. Not only did they all get vaccinations, but they also carried emergency supplies with them everywhere they went.

Since Howard spent half the time passed out, Harold did most of the fawning over Clyde. Driving him to and from school, covering his room in quarantine tape, disinfecting him every time he came home. It was really start to ware on his nerves. The final straw was when his father drove him to school one day and tried to make him wear a gas mask. He took the mask off as soon as his dad was out of sight and it fell out of his backpack.

Harold returned shortly to give Clyde the first aid kit he'd meant to give him before and found the gas mask abandoned on the ground. He caught up to his son and tried to return it and that's when Clyde finally decided to be honest with him. He told him that he was tired of all the safety measures and insisted that he could take care of himself. "I'm sorry, Dad, but I'm not wearing a gas mask to school," he said. With that, Clyde left his dad in a state of distress and sadness.

Harold's feelings were detected by Hawk Moth, who released an akuma to seek him out. It possessed Harold through his first aid kit and allowed Hawk Moth to offer him the power to keep not only his son safe and healthy forever, but the whole city as well. Harold was transformed into the villain known as Quarantine and was given the power to pull super safety equipment from his first aid kit. After capturing his son and sealing him away in a sterile room, Quarantine went on to make all of Royal Woods danger free. Covering everything in tape, bubble wrap and pillows and trapping people inside plastic bubbles.

Now it's up to Ace Savvy to put a stop to this guy before all his safety implements stop being so safe.


One time over summer vacation, Bobby and Ronnie Anne took a trip to Royal Woods for a week to see Lori and Lincoln again. Their cousin Carlota decided to go with them since she remembered how fun it was giving Lori a makeover and wanted to meet the rest of the Loud family. 

During her first day in Royal Woods, she decided to check out the mall. And that's where she came across the guy who ran the fro-yo stand. His name was Brian and he was a very cute and friendly boy. It didn't take long for Carlota to develop feelings for him.

She wanted to ask him out on a date, but she was just too shy to do it. So she kept coming by day after day just to see him again and ended up eating a lot of fro-yo. Over the next few days, she started to feel pretty close to Brian after talking to him so much. Eventually, her week in Royal Woods started to come to an end, so she finally decided that this was the day she was going to ask him out. With a quick touch-up in her compact mirror, she was ready to go. What could possibly go wrong?

Just as Carlota was about to pop the question to Brian, another girl showed up and Brian introduced her as his girlfriend. Naturally, Carlota was beyond disappointed. She put on a fake smile and tried to hide it and then made up some excuse so she could walk away. She felt like she needed that fro-yo now more than ever.

The miserable sounds of heartbreak were too delicious for Hawk Moth to resist. He sent out an akuma that possessed Carlota through her mirror and said that with his help, she would be able to take the love she desired for herself. In exchange for Ace Savvy's miraculous, of course. Carlota gladly accepted and was transformed into an evil doppelgänger named Xochiquetzal, after the ancient Aztec goddess of beauty and love. She now had the power to alter her appearance based each individual's ideal conception of beauty.

Can Ace Savvy stop her before she uses her powers to break up Brian and his girlfriend and steal him for herself? Or will her powers make him hopeless lovestruck putty in her hands?

Fear Fox[]

The whole Loud family was almost at their wits' end. Ever since she woke up that morning, Lily had been playing with Fenton the Feel-Better Fox non-stop all day long. Even Lisa had lost count of all the times she'd had to listen to his incessant mindless song. However, in spite of that, they had still managed to get everything ready for their big dinner party tonight. 

Rita's book club was coming over to discuss their latest book and it was her turn to host dinner for the group. They were due to arrive any minute and everything was almost perfect. All she had to do now was stop Lily from playing that irritating song. 

She went up to Lily's bedroom and asked her nicely to hand over the fox. When she refused, Rita had to take more drastic measures. She yanked Fenton out of the infants hands, removed his batteries and gave him back to her. Lily kept pressing his foot, but when no sound came out, she started crying. Rita apologized and said she could play with him again after the party was over.

Hawk Moth sensed Lily's frustration, but he was a little surprised. Was this baby really the strongest source of negative emotion right now? Regardless, he decided that while it may be unconventional, he figured he could work with it anyway. His akuma possessed Lily through the inanimate toy fox. He explained the situation to her very carefully to make sure she understood. He told that he was giving her special powers and that she had to take Ace Savvy's bracelets and bring them to him. She gave a little noise which he took as a yes.

Lily was transformed into the mischievous Fear Fox. She made Fenton alive by controlling him like a puppet from the inside. Fear Fox had the power to hypnotize anyone who heard her song into being her mindless slave, forcing them to sing it themselves. She went down to the party and soon, one by one, everyone in the house had fallen under her spell. Well, almost everyone.

Lincoln realized what was happening and knew that he had to protect his sanity so he could save the town, his family and especially his baby sister. Good thing he held onto those earbuds.


One bright sunny day, Lincoln and Lana decided to take their dog Charles to the park. At first they were having a lot of fun running around and playing fetch. Then they stopped to take a break on a bench. The kids were so tired that they dozed off for a minute. While they were asleep, Charles chased a squirrel out into the street where he was found by none other than Corinne the animal catcher.

Charles was snatched up and taken to the pound where he was put in a cage to wait until his owners came to pick him up. Charles was so afraid. His cage was small and cold, he was all alone and he had no idea how long he would be there. Hawk Moth sensed his fear and saw a unique opportunity.

The akuma possessed Charles through his collar. Hawk Moth promised to grant him the power to free himself from his cage and get revenge on the one who stole him from his family and imprisoned him. However, only once he retrieved Ace Savvy's bracelets and delivered them to Hawk Moth would he be allowed to return to his family.

Charles was transformed into Hawk Moth's own personal attack dog named Muttzilla. He was now the size of two African elephants and had the power to howl at super-sonic levels. And once he had his sights on Corinne, he wasn't about to stop until she was a pile on Mr. Grouse's lawn. 

Will Ace Savvy be able to calm this colossal canine and restore him to normal size? Or will Muttzilla chew him up, spit him out and come back for seconds? Also, is it possible that Charles actually recognizes the smell of one of his humans, even when he's wearing a mask?

Fast Fury[]

Racing champion Bobbie Fletcher was once again in Royal Woods on a promotional tour. Eventually, she managed to slip away from all the fans and stopped at a gas station for a refuel. She was met by a gang of punk street racers who wanted to put their cars up against hers. At first, she wanted no part of it, but the more they insulted her and her car the more angry she got. So eventually, she accepted.

It was a three-on-one race from the gas station to the traffic light on 23rd street. A wave of the flag and they were off. It was difficult with the punks constantly bumping into her, but as they neared the finish line, it looked like Bobbie was about to leave them in the dust. Until the leader shot out both of her back tires, causing her to swerve and crash into a dumpster. Luckily, she was basically unharmed, but her car not so much. After they crossed the finish line, the gangsters came back and mocked her. "I thought you were a champ, but it turns out you're just a chump," they said.

Bobbie hauled her car to the nearest body shop and immediately got to work fixing it. She wasn't going to let a bunch of street punks make a chump out of her. She was determined to get her car ready to take on those jerks again and show them that nobody cheats Bobbie Fletcher and gets away with it.

Her anger attracted the attention of Hawk Moth. He sent out an akuma that possessed the entire car, letting him offer Bobbie the power she needed to take the revenge she sought. At the price of Ace Savvy's miraculous, of course. She wasn't sure what he was talking about, but she happily agreed. Bobbie Fletcher was transformed into the speed demon known as Fast Fury. Her race car was now equipped with all sorts of weapons and gadgets, including a laser canon and energy forcefield, making her the most unstoppable driver in Royal Woods. Now with her new tricked out super car, it was time to show everybody that, from now on, the streets belonged to Fast Fury.

Lincoln tried to stop Fast Fury on his own, but the car was too powerful. It was clear that this time, he was going to need some help, so his miraculous told him to go find Jack Holdem and seek out a new hero to help him out. He decided it would have to be somebody who knew all about cars and could get close enough to this one to disable it. Also somebody who knew all about Bobbie Fletcher and could reach her better than he could. But above all, somebody he could trust not to tell anybody about the miraculous and their power. 

There was only one person he could think of, but he wasn't exactly thrilled about it. Out of all the miraculous in Jack's possession, Lincoln chose the King Ring and gave it to his sister Lana. When she opened the box, a navy blue kwami with a regal white beard named Faro came out. Lana put on the ring and when she said "Faro, deal me in!" she was transformed into The Royal Flush. Now with her help, Ace Savvy could defeat Fast Fury and restore Bobbie Fletcher to her true self.


Easter Sunday was close at hand and no one was more excited about it than Stella. Easter was her favorite holiday and she was really looking forward to celebrating her first one in Royal Woods with the annual Easter egg hunt. She even had her own basket and everything. A lot of the kids in her class told her that Easter was just for little kids, but she just ignored them. 

Finally, Easter day had arrived. When Stella got to the park for the egg hunt, she couldn't help but notice that most of the other kids there were a lot younger than her. She didn't mind, though, since she figured it would be easier for her to find more eggs that way. However, just as the hunt was about to begin, the mayor received an emergency weather alert on her phone, saying that a terrible storm was coming. She had no choice but to cancel the hunt, which everybody was disappointed about, especially Stella. Her first Easter in Royal Woods had been ruined by a little rain. 

Hawk Moth sensed Stella's crushing disappointment and sent out an akuma to evilize her. It possessed her through her basket, transforming her into Springhare, a superpowered Easter Bunny determined to bring the spirit of Easter back to Royal Woods with her basket of magic exploding colored eggs. After using her first one to clear away the storm, she started using the rest to paint town every color of the rainbow and turn all the people into toddlers so they could participate in her own egg hunt.

It's up to Ace Savvy to stop this screwy rabbit, turn everybody back to normal and restore the true spirit of Easter.

Major Mayhem[]

Coach Pacowski had been called into Principal Huggins' office to discuss an important matter. The school had been receiving multiple complaints about Coach's teaching methods. Apparently, they thought he was being too aggressive with the students and that he had issues with his controlling his temper. Coach thought the kids were just being a bunch of whiners. Huggins believed in strong authority as much as the next teacher, but told him that the school could not keep getting complaints from parents. He was going to sit in on Coach's class today and if he saw him lose his temper, he'd have to suspend him.

During gym class that day, Coach set up their usual dodgeball game and split the kids up into their teams. Lincoln spoke up and asked if he and his friends could have Girl Jordan on their team this time. He was about to yell and tell him to suck it up, but stopped himself before he could and calmly told him no.

As the game went on, Coach watched the kids play and got annoyed with their pitiful performances. Most of them were barely even able to throw the balls and they kept complaining about every little ailment. Eventually, Coach couldn't take it anymore, so he picked up a bunch of balls and started launching them all over the place, hitting every kid in sight. When it was over, he realized that he was probably in big trouble. Sure enough, Huggins came up to him and told him with a heavy heart that he was officially suspended. Huggins left the gym and Coach went to his office to clean out his things.

The sensation of Coach's disappointment did not go unnoticed, as Hawk Moth sent out an akuma to track him down. The akuma possessed Coach through his whistle and allowed Hawk Moth to tell him how he understood that he wasn't an angry man. Just someone who values discipline. He offered him the power to command the obedience of everyone around him in exchange for Ace Savvy's miraculous. Coach accepted and was turned into Major Mayhem, a strict military general with a whistle that forced people to obey any order he gave them.

It was up to Ace Savvy to stop Major Mayhem from recruiting everyone in Royal Woods into his own personal regime. But his miraculous told him that he couldn't do it alone. It told him to seek help from Jack Holdem, who allowed him to choose a miraculous and give it to a new hero. Lincoln decided that to beat Major Mayhem, this hero would need to have the will strong enough to stand up to any authority. And he knew just the person who was the best at "fighting the power."

From the box of miraculous, Lincoln chose the Club Wristband and gave it to his sister Luna. When she opened a box, out came a little dark purple kwami with club symbols over his eyes named Snake-Eyes. Luna put on the bracelet and said "Snake-Eyes, deal me in!" which transformed her into The Night Club and gave her her own magic guitar. With her by his side, the two of them could now defeat Major Mayhem and save Coach Pacowski from Hawk Moth's influence.

Mz. Behavior[]

It was just a normal school day. Agnes Johnson was in the middle of teaching her fifth grade class about physics. When she asked who could tell her the name for the process by which clouds collect water, Lincoln raised his hand and said evaporation, which was correct. Then Chandler pretended to cough while saying 'nerd,' earning a laugh from his cohorts. Ms. Johnson called them out and quickly silenced them. She loved being a teacher, but sometimes, her students' behavior wore on her nerves.

Now it was time to hand back yesterday's quiz. When Chandler saw that he'd gotten a D- on his, he was not about to take it lying down. The bell rang for recess and Chandler spent the whole period devising and setting up a plan for payback. When everyone re-entered the classroom, Ms. Johnson took a seat in her chair, causing something to pop underneath her. 

When she looked, her chair, as well as her skirt, were completely covered in mud and the pieces of a popped balloon. Almost all of her students laughed at her. She demanded to know who was responsible for this. Nobody spoke up, but Ms. Johnson could see Chandler giving a low five to one of his friends behind his chair. She sentenced him to three hours of detention after school, then marched furiously to the bathroom to try and clean the mud off her skirt.

Hawk Moth sensed the poor teacher's anger and relished in the opportunity. He sent out an akuma that possessed Ms. Johnson through the pencil she kept tied in her hair. He told her how he understood that students could be so hard to control and that they require the proper incentive. He offered her the power to reward good people and punish the bad ones in exchange for retrieving Ace Savvy's miraculous. She accepted his offer and was transformed into the evil Mz. Behavior. 

With her magic pencil, Mz. Behavior could either reward people for good behavior by drawing a star and turning them into one of her star students (a minion of hers literally shaped like a star) or punish them for bad behavior by drawing an F and trapping them in solidified ink. Once she had punished Chandler and all the other students who laughed at her, she started spreading her influence to the rest of the school and the town. She wanted to turn Lincoln into a star student since he'd always been so kind to her, but he was nowhere to be found.

Ace Savvy wasn't going to let this psycho teacher make everyone else suffer for the actions of one bad apple. It was time someone taught her a lesson for a change.


Bobby and Ronnie Anne headed down to Royal Woods once again to visit Lori and Lincoln. This time, their cousin Carl insisted on going with them so he could try to steal Lori away from Bobby again. Well, more like he stowed away in the back of the truck after they said no. Naturally, the minute he saw Lori, he started flirting with her, but she was too focused on Bobby to really even notice him. When he tried even harder, she just got annoyed and told him to leave her alone. But he still didn't listen, so Ronnie Anne took it upon herself to literally throw him out of the house.

"You can't reject me forever!" Carl shouted back. "I will win your heart one day, mi vida!" Then he got an idea for how to win her over. He went downtown to the jewelry store to buy a beautiful ring to give Lori. He picked out the brightest most dazzling diamond ring he could find, confident that such a gift would surely make Lori forget about Bobby and fall in love with him. Then he saw that it was $4,000. Yikes!

Carl went to the candy store and bought the most beautiful lollipop diamond ring for just three dollars. It was just as good as a real diamond ring and delicious to boot. That's when he accidentally bumped into a couple of oversized teenage boys who didn't take kindly to him not looking where he was going. Carl stood up tall and tried to look like he wasn't afraid, but the bullies just laughed at him. Then they decided to see how much money he had on him, so they held him upside down and shook him, but all that came out was a few little coins. Disappointed, they dropped Carl on his face, called him a pipsqueak and laughed some more. He stood up and ran away in anger, covering his face so they wouldn't see him cry.

All of the boy's anger and humiliation was too delicious for Hawk Moth to ignore. He sent out an akuma that possessed Carl through his lollipop ring and offered to give him the power to let everyone see him for the man he really was. All he had to do was capture Ace Savvy's miraculous. Carl was happy to accept and was transformed into Carlosso, a huge super strong bronze hulk with the physique of Atlas. Now nobody would ever think of him as a puny little kid again, especially not Lori, and anybody who doubted him would pay the price for it. But first, he had to go get even with those two punks who stole his money.

Carlosso was so strong that even Lincoln was having trouble stopping him on his own, so his Miraculous told him to seek help from Jack Holdem. Jack opened the miraculous chest and told Lincoln to choose his new hero wisely. He had to choose somebody who could get close to Carl and use his own strength against him and he knew the perfect candidate.

Lincoln chose the Queen Miraculous and gave it to his friend Ronnie Anne. When she opened the box, out came a little white kwami with a royal vail and a crown on her head named Ellie. Also in the box was a white-beaded hair tie with red hearts on it. Ronnie Anne put on the hair tie and said "Ellie, deal me in!" which transformed her into a hero named Chara De Hearts. Together, the two of them had the power they needed to stop Carlosso and turn Ronnie Anne's cousin back to his normal obnoxious self.


It started off as a typical day at school for Lincoln. He and Clyde were on their way to the cafeteria for lunch when he saw a kid holding a signed photo of Ace Savvy. He thought it seemed suspicious since he never remembered signing any autographs, so he asked the boy where he got the photograph and he said that Chandler had sold it to him for ten bucks. Apparently, Chandler had said that Ace Savvy himself had given it to him. Lincoln knew for a fact that that was a lie, so he went straight to the cafeteria to find Chandler.

When Lincoln and Clyde got there, they saw a bunch of kids crowding around Chandler like he was some sort of celebrity. They were all listening to him tell a story about a time when he and Ace Savvy hung out at his house because they were best friends. He was also sporting a pair of bracelets just like Ace Savvy's. Lincoln couldn't stand having his reputation tarnished by such lies, so he went up to confront Chandler.

Lincoln spoke so that everyone could hear, saying that he knew for a fact that Chandler was not friends with Ace Savvy. However, when Chandler asked him how he could possibly know that, he couldn't come up with an answer. Chandler dismissed it as Lincoln just being jealous, letting him walk away in frustration, then asked who else wanted some signed Ace Savvy merchandise. Lincoln couldn't let Chandler get away with spreading lies about Ace and worse yet, profiting off of them. He ditched Clyde by telling him he had to use the bathroom. When he got there, he quickly transformed into Ace Savvy and headed back into the cafeteria.

Ace Savvy burst through the door, gaining the attention of everyone in the lunch room, especially Chandler. He said he was there because he heard that somebody had been selling Ace Savvy autographs and claiming to be his best friend. He announced to everybody that Chandler had been lying about being his friend and that the autographs were all fake. All the kids around him started getting mad and demanding their money back. They chased him out of the cafeteria, but he managed to ditch them by hiding in a janitor's closet.

As he sat there in that dusty closet, Chandler cursed Ace Savvy for ousting him as a liar and ruining his reputation. Maybe he didn't know Ace personally, but he'd always thought of himself as Ace's number one fan. Not anymore. For all he cared, that card-shuffling jerk could go sit on a nail.

Hawk Moth had never encountered one with such hatred for Ace Savvy before. He sent an akuma after the boy, confident that this new villain would surely be his magnum opus. The akuma possessed Chandler through one of his bracelets. Hawk Moth offered him the power to bring down Ace Savvy for good by stealing his miraculous and bringing it to him. Chandler accepted and was transformed into Ace Savvy's evil counterpart Nega-Savvy. Nega-Savvy had all of Ace's powers, including his own deck of dark magic cards. Has Ace finally met his match, or is this dark double's power just a bluff compared to the genuine article?

Steel Foot[]

The last soccer match of the season. The Royal Woods Kangaroos were up against the the Hazeltucky Hornets with only a minute left on the clock. Everyone on the team was determined to pull out this win, including Margo Roberts. After unfastening and refastening her lucky cleats, the whistle blew and Margo took the field with her the rest of her team.

Lynn may have been the MVP, but Margo was an amazing athlete herself. She watched as the ball got passed around from player to player until it was in front of her. She ran it over to the other team's goal when it was suddenly intercepted by a hornet. It was almost all the way back on the other side until Lynn stole it back and ran it back the other way. All of a sudden, Lynn had the whole team ganging up on her. With nowhere to go and time running out, she managed to kick the ball over to Margo. Margo knew that it was now or never. The goal was in sight. She lined herself up to take the winning shot, but then, something went horribly wrong.

Out of nowhere came Ace Savvy, flying overhead on one of his magic flying playing cards. It was so bright that sunlight bounced off of it and struck Margo right in the eyes. When she kicked the ball, it flew right past the goal and landed in the bushes. The game was over and the Kangaroos had just lost by one goal, all thanks to Margo's lousy kick.

Margo felt terrible about missing the shot and costing her team the game, but everyone told her not to worry about it because it wasn't her fault. And she realized they were right. It wasn't her fault. It was Ace Savvy's. If he hadn't gotten in the way, she would've scored that goal easily and they would've won. This was all his fault.

Margo's anger got the attention of Hawk Moth, who sent out an akuma to evilize her. The akuma possessed her through one of her lucky cleats, allowing him to offer her the power to get revenge of Ace Savvy for costing her and her team the championship. All she had to do in return was capture his miraculous and bring it to Hawk Moth. Margo agreed and was transformed into the deadly super villain Steel Foot. Just like her name suggested, her powers gave her large feet made of steel, which allowed her to destroy anything with a single solid kick and create earthquakes with a single stomp. Now she was ready to take down Ace Savvy once and for all. Would the young hero be able to stop her, or will he be smashed under Steel Foot's mighty toes?


Goromon: a collectable card game in which players face off with each other using cards that represent different creatures, weapons, spells and traps of varying power levels in a competition of strategy and cunning. Two things that Lincoln Loud knew all about. He was in the middle of competing in the Royal Woods Goromon Championship and was on his way to the finals where he would take on the four-time champion and reigning Goromon Master Supreme, Benny.

Benny had been top Goromon duelist in Royal Woods since he was Lincoln's age and he wasn't about to give up that title without a fight. The match began and Lincoln made the first move, which Benny easily countered. The competition heated up as the match went on with both competitors throwing down cards and shouting out attacks faster than anybody could keep up with. Benny had to admit that Lincoln was good. Really good. But he wasn't going to let him win. He ganged up on Lincoln with two creatures at once and brought his life points down to ten. He was confident now that he had just sealed his victory.

However, just when it looked like Benny had Lincoln on the ropes, Lincoln activated his trap that he'd been setting up for last six turns, draining all of Benny's creatures of their power and leaving him wide open. With one final strike, Benny's life points were completely gone. The match was over and Lincoln stood victorious as the new Goromon Master Supreme.

Even though Benny was very disappointed and even somewhat disheartened at losing his title, he still felt the need to do the honorable thing and shake the hand of the new champion. Before he could, though, he suddenly heard the voice of Luan say his name. He turned around in shock and saw her standing there. When she asked what he was doing there, he insisted that this was not what it looked like. He did NOT play Goromon, he was NOT the Goromon Master Supreme for four years in a row and he had NOT just lost that title to an eleven-year-old. That just made Luan even more confused. Since he couldn't think of anything else to say, Benny hastily grabbed his cards off the table and ran away in a panic.

Benny had never been so humiliated. Not only had he just lost the title that meant so much to him, but his crush had been there to see it and now she knew that he was a loser who played a dorky card game for kids.

Such humiliation was too delicious for Hawk Moth to pass up. He ordered an akuma to seek out the disgraced player and evilize him. It possessed Benny through one of his playing cards. Hawk Moth offered him the power to regain his honor and his title as Goromon Master Supreme in exchange for delivering Ace Savvy's miraculous to him, which he happily accepted. Benny was transformed into the ultimate Goromon duelist Goromaster. He now had the power to bring the creatures of the game to life and command them to do his bidding, creating havoc all across the city.

It was up to Ace Savvy to stop this maniac who it turned out was just as bad of a loser as his sister Lynn. He'd already beaten him once, so he was positive he could do it again. It was just a matter of figuring out which one of his cards had the akuma in it. Easy peasy, right?


Nurse Patti loved taking care of the kids at the elementary school. She considered it a pleasure to help ailing children feel better. Today, she was in charge of the annual school blood drive and she was excited because all the blood donated went to the children's hospital downtown. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like anyone else was really interested in volunteering. She had been sitting at the table outside her office for an hour and no one had stopped by to donate any blood.

That is, until Lincoln and Clyde showed up. They felt so bad for Nurse Patti that they decided to let her take some of their blood. Well, Lincoln did. Clyde was too squeamish to do it. So instead of donating blood, he offered to donate his time helping Nurse Patti run the booth. After giving a pint, Lincoln agreed to do the same, which the nurse was very grateful for.

She asked the boys if they had any ideas for how to convince more people to give blood. Clyde suggested that maybe it would help if they offered something in return and Lincoln suggested donuts. Nurse Patti liked the idea, so she went out to the store to buy some and asked the boys to watch the booth for her while she was gone.

Not long after she left, though, the boys got a call from Rusty that Val-Hot-Dog was giving out free chilly cheese dogs in the cafeteria and if they wanted one, they had to get there fast. The boys were so conflicted. They didn't want to let Nurse Patti down, but they also didn't want to pass up free chilly cheese dogs. They figured that since nobody besides them had been by all day, it wouldn't hurt for them to leave for a few minutes as long as they made sure to get back before Nurse Patti returned. So they left for the cafeteria. As soon as they were gone, Nurse Patti came back looking for her car keys only the find that her only two volunteers had abandoned their post, leaving her completely disheartened.

The school nurse's sadness attracted the attention of Hawk Moth, who sent an akuma that possessed her through her nursing cap. He convinced her that if people wouldn't give her their blood willingly, she'd just have to take it by force. He also ordered her to steal Ace Savvy's miraculous in exchange for this power. Nurse Patti agreed and was transformed into the evil vampire-like creature named Nurseforatu. With this new form, she could roam the halls hunting down people and extracting their blood with the long syringe needles on the tips of her fingers. She especially had her sights set on the two volunteers who had turned their backs on her. Now it was up to Ace Savvy to make up for his and Clyde's mistake by bringing this evilized healthcare specialist back from the undead.


Ace Savvy's Miraculous Christmas Special[]

When Santa gets akumatized into Krampus Klause, It's up to Ace Savvy, with the help of his sisters, to save Christmas from the villain before he puts everyone in Royal Woods on the naughty list.

The Night of The Harvester[]

When Liam's Dad gets akumatized, It's up to Ace Savvy to face his fears and defeat this menacing foe.

Ace Savvy's Heartbreak Valentine[]

A special Valentine episode focuses mainly on Lori (who becomes The Digital Diva) and Bobby (who becomes Anti-Cupid). Can Ace Savvy put a stop to this heart-breaking duo?

The Miraculous Adventure of Linka Loud[]

This standalone short film takes place in the genderbent universe where Linka Loud is chosen to become Ace Savvy, and her adventures.

The Baddies Are Back in Town[]

A special OVA episode of Miraculous Ace Savvy. This episode focuses on Luna (who becomes Power Chord) and Sam (who becomes Woman-Dragon).

Ace Savvy's Thanksgiving Funfest[]

A special Thanksgiving episode of Miraculous Ace Savvy. When Mr Santiago gets akumatized, can Ace Savvy stop the villain from ruining Thanksgiving?