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Here's MysterionCHAOS' list of Miraculous Ace Savvy Episodes.


Knowing that Tabby's school rock group can contribute to musical nuisance, Principal Huggins decides to forbid her to play any music in the school, and even orders her to disband the group altogether. Little did Lincoln, group member Liam and an enraged Tabby know, is that Huggins deliberately made her angry so he can akumatize her into Subwoofer, a freedom-loving supervillain who can create loud sound waves through the magic speakers on her shoulders, and plug magic jacks into sound-producing devices to make them more powerful. With her loud noises, she makes all the school staff flee and turns the building into a paradise of freedom for the students. Only Lincoln couldn't be happy with this, as he must save his friend at the cost of a never-ending party for him and every kid at the school.


Lola decides that she needs a break from beauty pageants and Lana accepts to replace her. During the next pageant however, Lindsey Sweetwater, furious that she's going to lose to a uncouth swine who loves mudbaths, gets akumatized into Gliterrific, a villain made of glitter who can turn her victims into disintegrating glitter statues which can be contained inside her scepter, and teleport herself and her victims anywhere in a glitter cloud. She turns Lana into a glitter statue and takes her hostage until Lola gives her her Royal Woods beauty queen title. Now, Ace Savvy must enlist Lola's help in order to defeat Glitterrific and save Lana before she's reduced to a big pile of glitter.


Humiliated by a bubblegum in her hair during Picture Day, Girl Jordan gets corrupted by Hawk Moth and becomes Trapunzel, a villain who can control her very long hair and make it take any shape she wants. Can Ace Savvy stop this "hairy" problem before his Miraculous gets taken?

Fake Newscaster[]

To keep her new prime time show "Chat with Kat", news reporter Katherine Mulligan promises an interview with Ace Savvy in which viewers can call to ask him questions, so the ratings can skyrocket. While unsure, Ace Savvy still decides to appear with Katherine tonight. As callers go by to question him (Clyde, Rusty, Ronnie Anne, Lincoln's sisters...), everything was fine, until amateur reporter Carol Pingrey calls to show some photos she took, showing him with the Loud twins, and excitingly asks him if they were his allies who appeared recently. Shocked and frustrated, Ace Savvy decides to leave the studio out of anger. Katherine's show is then cancelled, and she's left alone, on her knees and crying.

Her sadness makes her a easy target for Hawk Moth, who akumatizes her into Fake Newscaster. This new supervillain can use a microphone that can shoot lasers and be used as a whip, and has the ability to travel through TV screens and hijack them. With these new powers, she kidnaps Lana and Lola at their own home, before attempting to take Carol as well. Ace Savvy does manage to save her and easily accepts her apologies, but they soon learn Fake Newscaster's objective: if Ace Savvy, Lana and Lola don't reveal their secrets soon, she will throw the latter two on the tracks of an oncoming train without remorse. It's now a race against time to beat Fake Newscaster and save the twins before it's too late.


One day at the mall, Lucy comes across someone in a Blarney the Dinosaur costume who takes his job very seriously and wants to see her happy. Not only it fails, but Lucy also makes a spiteful speech about "how these attempts to make people happy are actually pitiful, and how joy is only an unreachable illusion, so he's an useless stain without real goal in this world". This breaks the poor man enough to attract Hawk Moth, who akumatizes him into Joynosaur, a happy supervillain in a corrupted Blarney costume who can spread a joy virus by hugging unwilling people. Wanting to catch Lucy so she can be happy forever, he soon turns almost all the mall customers into happy sugar-seeking zombies, leaving only her, Ace Savvy and their siblings. As the latters become victims of the virus one by one, Ace Savvy must try everything to protect her goth sister.


Following the Joynosaur incident, the family realizes that Lucy's gloomy behavior can really affect people around her and fears that it could cause potential akumatizations that could hurt them and herself. After some discussion, Rita convinces her to go to an emotional guidance class so she can open to others and develop herself emotionally. Among those who came as well is Maggie, who's even more of a basket case than Lucy. As she cannot bear all those sweet compliments, trust exercises and hugs, she frustratingly storms out of the room, and her emotions are sensed by Hawk Moth who sends an akuma to turn her into Killjoy.

Now an evil and dark enchantress, Maggie can absorb people's positive emotions and turn them into dark and emo-like husks of their former selves. Also, these emotions allows her to empower the destructive dark magic blasts she can shoot with her hands. As Lucy understands that people like her and Maggie must open their emotions more often, Ace Savvy temporarily gives her the Spade Miraculous, so she can help him fight Killjoy and trap her akuma.

Big Burpy[]

Because of Lynn's antics, teenage Burpin' Burger employee Grant is caught screaming at a customer and demoted into cleaning the new statue of the mascot Burpy that is standing outside. While Lynn mocks him, Hawk Moth akumatizes the poor teenager into Big Burpy and gives him the commands of a giant Burpy mecha which in addition of a great strength and durability, can shoot ketchup and mustard through its eyes and throw giant steaks like disks, so he can get revenge on the tomboy. Realizing that she unknowingly helped Hawk Moth, Lynn is ready for everything to undo her mistake, even being given her own Miraculous to help Ace Savvy.

Swamp Lord[]

After the Fast Fury, Glitterrific and Fake Newscaster incidents, the Loud twins actually begin to suspect each other to have a superhero identity, and soon, they begin to fight even more violently than usual. This feud greatly upsets Lana's pet frog Hops, who gets possessed by an akuma and turned into Swamp Lord, an big humanoid amphibian who turns Royal Woods into a giant swamp and take the twins with him so they can be together forever. Now, not only Lana and Lola must work as a team in order to help Ace Savvy defeat this new enemy, they also have to reveal the truth to each other.


While Luna still can't be used to Mick Swagger's new pop music and starts to think about giving up on her passion for him, his producer tells him that a new boys band, G-Nesis, is hitting the top of the charts and is becoming more and more popular than him, and unless he makes better pop music, he can give up his career, much to his anger. Hawk Moth decides to use this anger to akumatize him into the evil musician Lyrix, who can use his magnificent voice and his akumatized microphone to entrance people into zombie-like fans and create powerful soundwaves. Knowing that only Mick Swagger's biggest fan can beat Mick Swagger himself, Ace Savvy manages to rebuff Luna over her deception, and gives her the Club Miraculous, which leads into an epic rock battle between Lyrix and the Night Club!

Twisted Sisters[]

While the parents are out for a week-end cruise, it's up to Lori to babysit her siblings, and she decides to cool down a bit and let them watch "The Dream Boat" with her. All was going well until Lana and Lola begin to fight because they can't agree whether they roleplay as " The Royal Flush saving Lola" or "The Queen of Diamonds rescuing Lana". It was too much for Lori, who snaps out of stress and decides to ground them in their bedroom until they calm down.

Sensing Lori's stress and anger drawed Hawk Moth's attention, as he decides to corrupt her a second time with an akuma. However, before the akuma could reach her, Lori was already calmed down thanks to a massage from Leni and Luna. Instead, it possesses both Lana and Lola who were still fighting, and Hawk Moth gets the vicious idea to turn them into the Twisted Sisters: a pair of mischievous blue and pink little monsters who can endlessly multiply into more monsters when they eat, and they have a huge appetite.

After attacking Lori and ravaging the house, an army of Twisted Sisters goes on the loose and begins to cause chaos across Royal Woods, doing whatever they want and not caring about hurting others. While the rest of the siblings try at their best to cover them from their parents on the phone, Lori decides to help Ace Savvy get the twins back from Hawk Moth's clutches until they destroy the entire town. Ace Savvy then realizes that it's not Lori who must help him, but instead someone called "The High Card", a.k.a. Lori Loud herself!


Lincoln's classmate Penelope is the worst dodgeball player in Ms. Johnson's class and is mocked for it. After another disastrous match where she's out at the very beginning, Coach Pacowski tells her she needs to do extra PE classes with him, and charges her to clean the school gym after the match before going back to the lockers. Attracted by Penelope's sadness, Hawk Moth sends her an akuma to turn her into Dodgebrawl, an evil and powerful dodgeball player armed with a magic homing dodgeball. Anyone hit by the ball instantly disappears into oblivion, and with it, she succeeds in wiping out most of the students and staff members. It's up to Ace Savvy to save Penelope, and the entire school from her own new mad skills.

The Song Rewriter[]

Luna receives a letter from a mysterious music producer who wants to sign a contract with her at Banger's & Mosh, but at the place of rendez-vous, she soon realizes it was none other than Doug and Michelle, who want her to make a deal with them so she can become Lulu again, only with some advantages, such as a new pink motorcycle, the possibility to meet famous musicians such as SMOOCH or Mick Swagger, and 65% of the benefits.

As she knew that they only want to take profit of her while not caring about her integrity, not only Luna adamantly refuses, but she also asks Chunk who came with her to throw them out of the restaurant. In addition, Doug's car gets towed for illegal parking. Hawk Moth senses him reaching his breaking point, and akumatizes him into the Song Rewriter. With his magic pen, he can shoot lasers at people and use the microphone on it to literally rewrite their memories with his voice. Now, he can finally convince Luna to become a pop star again, whether she likes it or not.

With the help of Michelle, he manages to rewrite Chunk's memories into thinking he's his devoted bodyguard, and almost all of Luna's family's into thinking they're supportive for their pop musician sister Lulu and not knowing who Luna Loud is. While Luna is tracked down by an army of Lulu fans and tries to find the best hiding place possible, Lincoln must look for her to give her back the Club Miraculous so she can become the Night Club again and fight the Song Rewriter with him.

Last Laugh[]

Thinking that she lost her ability to make laugh, Luan's friend Giggles is akumatized into Last Laugh, an evil super-clown who can use jokes and puns to make people enter into a everlasting state of hysterical laughing. Barely avoiding that fate, Ace Savvy decides to get help from someone with a stronger and more annoying sense of humor...

The Stinker[]

During a ride on their bikes at the park, Lana and Skippy get attacked by an angry skunk which sprays the latter. Despite Lana's support, people around the park flee because of his smell, and Skippy decides to hide himself somewhere until the smell dissipates, calling himself a monster. While Lana searches for him however, Hawk Moth has already akumatized him off-screen into the Stinker, a young skunk-like villain who can spray people to inflict them his horrendous smell and turn them into stinky zombies who obey at his commands, so everybody can know what he feels.

After learning what Hawk Moth did to her friend, Lana immediately heads off to her house and tells the family about the danger outside, before learning by breaking news on TV that the Stinker wants to find her so she can be his princess and rule Royal Woods with him. While Lincoln turns into Ace Savvy to fight this new villain, the rest of the family hides Lana inside Lisa's bunker so she can be safe and sound, but sadly get affected by the Stinker and becomes zombies at their turn. Overwhelmed by this smelly army, Ace Savvy knows he has to go at Jack Holdem's home and take one of his Miraculouses. He decides to take the King Ring again, and give it to Lana so she can turn into the Royal Flush and fight at his side against the Stinker and his zombies.

Game Controller[]

Lincoln's crush Paige couldn't believe that he actually beat her at the "Muscle Fish" fighting game on her Super Snap, a game in which she was considered as the best player in Royal Woods. Hawk Moth decides to use her bitterness to akumatize her into the villainous Game Controller. With her now-akumatized Super Snap, Paige can now select any character who have been akumatized as of now, turn them into their akumatized form and control them like a video game character. After a first attack on Lincoln by using Liam as Creep Frog during a RPG session at Clyde's house, she decides to use the people who are the closest to him: his family.

As Ace Savvy manages to defeat a player-controlled Luan as Bonkers, Game Controller decides to use one last trick in her sleeve: by turning Lisa into the Math Magician, she makes her split her into four versions of herself, and her clones turn Lori, Lana and Hops back into the Digital Diva, Mudslinger and Swamp Lord respectively. Pursued by four akumatized villains at once, Ace Savvy realizes he has to take one of Jack Holdem's Miraculouses and give it to someone he trusts enough. After picking the Jack Miraculous, he goes at Clyde's house to give it to him, so he can assist him during this particularly difficult fight as One-Eyed Jack.

Mad Midas[]

Lord Tetherby's limo splashes Lola while she and Lana are eating ice cream and doesn't even apologize for it, as he is "too rich to apologize to some poor hillbillies". Lana decides as a payback that they dirty his cherished limo while he has his back turned by throwing mud and glitter at it, and run away before he can see them. Outraged by this karmic act of vandalism, Tetherby gets corrupted by an akuma sent out by Hawk Moth and becomes Mad Midas, a golden supervillain who can turn into gold everything he touches with his hands.

Wanting revenge at the twins for what they have done, Mad Midas pursues them with the help of his butlers, but when he was about to get his revenge on them, Lana sacrifices herself to offer Lola a chance to escape, turning herself into a golden statue. Thanks to Lana's selfless act, Lola manages to escape and find Lincoln, who takes her somewhere safe before turning into Ace Savvy, but persuaded that he can't defeat this powerful villain alone, Lola tries to convince him to let her become the Queen of Diamonds once again, so they can defeat him and save Lana.

Triple Trouble[]

Lori's rival-turned-friend Carol Pingrey wants to make amends with Luan, Bobby and Sam, as she caused their akumatizations into Bonkers, Anti-Cupid and Woman-Dragon respectively, and deeply regrets this. Lori decides to throw a little party at her home, inviting only Carol, Luan, Bobby and Sam so they can properly know each other and become friends. However, Carol makes a bad impression, as she unwillingly hurt Luan's feelings by saying jokes that insulted her, accidentally broke Sam's guitar by playing on it and injured Bobby's arm while dancing, and they all go out of the party, declaring that Carol is a terrible person who can't be redeemed.

Upset, Carol decides to give up and go home. Her sadness makes her however a perfect target for Hawk Moth, who turns her into Triple Trouble. She's now a shapeshifting villain who can take the appearance and powers of Bonkers, Anti-Cupid and Woman-Dragon, and can now get revenge on the three who misjudged her. With the help of Lori, Ace Savvy must kick Carol back to her senses and protect her targets from her fury.

The Hunting Specter[]

"ARGGH!" star Hunter Spector learns that his show is going to be rebooted soon, and that he's going to be replaced by a new younger and hipper host. Broken by the news, he's akumatized into the Hunting Specter, an evil ghost entity who can phase through objects and people to rend them transparent, intangible and floaty, practically turning them into ghosts, and also gains the power of possession and telekinesis. With those powers, he begins to turn Royal Woods into a literal ghost town, and many of its citizens are turned into ghosts, including the Loud sisters (even though some like Luan or Lucy actually like the experience). If he couldn't give the Miraculouses to his now-ghostly sisters, Ace Savvy still can count on them to stop the Hunting Specter, and at the same time, make the best "ARGGH!" episode ever.


While Lincoln helps Jack Holdem making magic mixtures which can grant kwamis additional powers, Lana is having fun with her scaly friends the Fishmans, until Hank and Hawk come by and mock her, saying that these puny fishes are her only friends. Hawk Moth senses her being hurt by these words and sends an akuma to her, but she manages to keep her calm and avoids akumatization. Instead, the akuma possesses the Fishmans, which were upset seeing Lana being mocked by some heartless bullies, and turns them into the monstrous Sharkmans. In addition of having massive teeth which can tear into almost every material, enhanced swimming and speed, superhuman strength and the ability to breath in land and underwater, they can also exhale powerful streams of water and bubbles which allow others to breath underwater.

After flooding the entirety of Royal Woods, the Sharkmans capture Hank and Hawk and take Lana away from her family. They make her the queen of the underwater kingdom of Royal Woods, and allow her to order Hank and Hawk everything she wants. While pleased by the gift, Lana still worries about her family and deep down, wants to go home. To save her little sister and purify the Sharkmans, Lincoln must help Holdem finishing the mixtures, as one of them can allow Flush to grant aquatic powers to his owner.


It's Halloween night, and disguised as an sorcerer, Rusty's younger brother Rocky decides to help Lucy host her annual haunted corn maze on Halloween night. Unfortunately, he gets mocked by little trick-or-treaters, who laugh at him and say that his homemade costume is too fake to be scary. Knowing that he's going to ruin the credibility of Lucy's maze, he decides to go home, but on the way, he's corrupted by Hawk Moth into Scarecerer, a sorcerer-like villain. Armed with a scepter, Rocky can diffuse a magic smoke that makes people's worst fears and phobias come to life, so he can prove he can cause intense terror in Royal Woods. During the fight, Ace Savvy ends up confronting his worst fear: the Harvester himself. As he couldn't face the horror movie killer alone, he decides to get help from someone who isn't easily scared. And who's more fitted for this fight than her sister Lucy?

The Friendship Sinker[]

Planning to go at the mall with Leni, her friend Jackie sadly feels left out by her when she decides to go at the cinema with Lori to see Blake Bradley's new movie, as the latter managed to get only two tickets to the premiere. Not wanting to break their friendship, she's akumatized into the Friendship Sinker. In exchange of Ace Savvy's bracelets, Hawk Moth gives her super strength and agility, and the ability to float above the ground and shoot pink lasers with her hands. When she hits two people close to each other at the same time with her lasers, she "absorbs" their relationship, and they'll both act as if they didn't know each other. As she absorbs more and more relationships, she becomes more and more powerful.

After the Friendship Sinker manages to break the fraternal link between Leni and Lori, Ace Savvy intervenes, but soon realizes it's going to be a tough fight and decides to see Jack Holdem so he can give him one of his Miraculouses. He chooses the Heart Miraculous and goes giving it to Lori, the closest person he can trust, but when the two get hit by the Friendship Sinker, he has no choice but giving it to Leni, who actually seems to be less clumsy than he thought...

The Trumpetist[]

The sound Andrew produces with his trumpet is so painful to hear that Ms. Johnson decides to fire him from the school marching band, and gives his trumpetist spot to Clyde, who proved he can play trumpet quite well. However, a jealous Andrew gets akumatized into the evil Trumpetist, who can use his trumpet to cause a sound so atrocious it can cause actual pain on the body and worse, in the brain. In exchange of giving Ace Savvy's Miraculous to Hawk Moth, Andrew is given the opportunity to get revenge on Clyde by making his brain explode. That is, unless he becomes One-Eyed Jack again.

Blizzard and Blaze[]

After Lincoln gets beaten up by Hank and Hawk, Lynn decides to see them with him and help him stand against them by using the "Ice and Fire" technique: keeping their cool while facing their insults and retaliate by roasting them with greater ones. However, that technique doesn't seem to work, as they only laugh to her punchlines and start to mock her with even meaner words. As Lynn couldn't keep her cool anymore, Hawk Moth senses her anger and sends an akuma to corrupt that raging flame.

As the akuma reaches her however, Lynn already beat the two bullies to a pulp, regained her composure and was going home with Lincoln. Instead, it corrupts Hank and Hawk thanks to their anger and thirst for revenge and turns them into Blizzard and Blaze, a supervillain duo with elemental powers: one of them can manipulate ice and the other can control fire. Now, they can have their revenge on Lynn, in exchange of Ace Savvy's Miraculous.

To protect his hot-headed sister, Lincoln transforms into Ace Savvy and manages to defeat the two villains. But when he's about to grab their akuma, they both fuse into a powerful giant made of ice and fire. Now he has to go see Jack Holdem so he can get the 8-Ball Miraculous, as its power is the only way to defeat such a gigantic villain, and give it to Lynn, who already proved to be worthy of it.


Disgusted by being beaten by Lincoln during a cannonball contest at the swimming pool, Mollie gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, and becomes H₂Orror, a dangerous living mass of water. She can now control and shape water and her own body at will, camouflage herself into the said liquid, and even become bigger and stronger by absorbing water within her body. With these powers, she seeks revenge at Lincoln, who must quickly find her akuma before she becomes too powerful for him.

The Shrink[]

After Lisa's crush David is being made fun of by 4th grade students because of his size, he gets akumatized into the Shrink, a supervillain armed with a raygun which can shrink anyone who gets hit. After shrinking his bullies into rat-size and trapping them in jars, he soon targets everyone in the school so he can be the tallest of them all, and even hits Lincoln, who's now as small as Flush. He tells him to go see Jack Holdem, as he definitely can't fight the Shrink alone and kwami-sized. Holdem lets him take the Roulette Miraculous, as Lincoln decides to give it to someone who shines by his intelligence and cleverness, and who knows David enough to approach him.


In a attempt to get closer to Silas, Lucy decides to take art classes like him so he can talk to him and compliment his paintings. The latest one he made pictures a giant crow flying above a colorful playground, which represents "the despair falling upon us while we're still blindly having fun". However, the painting becomes liked by the schoolmates and the art teacher for all the wrong reasons, as they describe this as funny, creative and not taking itself seriously. Only Lucy could understand its meaning, but it wasn't enough for Silas, who storms out of the art room out of deception, thinking he can't be a true artist.

While Lucy tries to reach him, he gets corrupted by Hawk Moth before her eyes and becomes Monocrowm, a dark supervillain who can turn into a giant crow and use his wings to suck the colors out of everything in sight, and throw sharp feathers at his foes. After turning the school black and white, he captures Lucy between his talons so they can be together until the end, and flies away with her before Lincoln, who realized something is wrong after seeing his colors disappear, could reach them. With some help of Lana, Lola and Lisa, who also have become entirely monochrome, he will try to save Silas, and most importantly, Lucy.

Icy Pain[]

After being banned from the city ice rink due to reckless behavior when on her skates, Polly Pain is akumatized into Icy Pain, a supervillain who can freeze everything in her path thanks to her akumatized ice skates. With her power, she turns Royal Woods into her giant personal ice rink, for her and only her. To stop her, Lincoln must use one of Jack Holdem's magicookies to adapt himself to this new environment and save the city.

Absorbelle (aka The Battle of Hearts: Part 1)[]

After performing a concert with Sam and her friends, Luna gets interviewed by Katherine Mulligan about her presence at the Royal Woods Rock Week Festival held during this week. Among other questions, she asks her about her experience at "America's Next Hitmaker". She describes this as a "complete waste of time", and tells her that "the two producers will be ready to corrupt you and throw your artistic integrity in the trash at any time just for money". However, Luna didn't know that Doug and Michelle are actually watching this interview, and while Doug decides to let it go, as being akumatized wasn't enough to turn her back into Lulu Loud, Michelle is burning with anger and decides to see her in person. On the way however, she gets plagued by a string of bad luck (failing car, splashed by Tetherby's car, attacked by cats, pooped on by birds, and so on) which, by the time she gets to face Luna, leaves her humiliated in live TV much to the hilarity of the citizens of Royal Woods, including Luna and the Loud family.

Hawk Moth couldn't believe that a perfect mix of anger, frustration, spite and humiliation actually exists in such a despicable person in Royal Woods, and sees this as his ultimate villain, his masterpiece. He sends an akuma after Michelle, and offers her a deal: if she couldn't take advantage of Luna's talent, she could possess this talent. She accepts this deal without hesitation and becomes Absorbelle, the most evil and poweful supervillain Hawk Moth created yet.

With her scarf turned into a magic necklace, Absorbelle can use it to absorb people inside and being given not only their talents, but also their powers given by Hawk Moth when they were akumatized. For example, when she absorbed Sam, her first victim, she gets not only her musical skills, but also the power to breath fire and grow dragon wings on her back. With this power, she crashes the Rock Week Festival and absorbs Luna, as well as her roadie Chunk. But soon, Absorbelle becomes obsessed with power and begins to absorb everyone in sight, including the Loud sisters and Lincoln's classmates, despite Hawk Moth keeping telling her to seek the Miraculous.

Feeling overwhelmed by this supervillain, Lincoln decides to go to Jack Holdem's home, and chooses the Queen Miraculous among his jewelries. He manages to find Ronnie Anne, who accompanied Lincoln at the Rock Festival, and escaped Absorbelle's fury, and is about to give her the Miraculous when suddenly, Absorbelle appears and absorbs Ronnie Anne, and makes Ace Savvy lose the Miraculous. All hope seems lost, until an unlikely and motherly help comes to his rescue...

The Queen of Broken Hearts (aka The Battle of Hearts: Part 2)[]

After Absorbelle's failure, Principal Huggins decides to give up his mission to take Ace Savvy's bracelets in order to reanimate his unconscious wife, and even renounces Cassino, as his latest villain basically became uncontrollable, and made him realize that his actions almost cost the loss of his students many times. He then goes outside and enjoy Luna's concert at the Rock Week Festival, to the surprise of Lincoln and his classmates.

Meanwhile, the chaos Absorbelle caused at the Rock Week Festival made Rita think about her children's safety, and she decides to forbid them to go outside until the akuma attacks are cleared once and for all, including Luna. However, they didn't know that their mom, after helping Ace Savvy defeat Absorbelle so she can save her family, found the Queen Miraculous he lost during the battle. By opening the box, she meets Ellie, who allows her to turn into a superheroine called the Queen of Hearts.

Rita can now fight evil forces in Royal Woods and protect its citizens, and most importantly, her family. But when Lincoln sees this new superheroine stopping a bank robber on TV, he decides to sneak out the house as Ace Savvy to find her and order her to give him the Miraculous. However, her Miraculous depowers and makes her detransform in front of everybody including her husband and children. To her shock, Royal Woods now knows her secret identity.

Overwhelmed by the events and the news crew who wants to interview her, Rita decides to hide from everybody and leave Royal Woods quickly, unsure that she could see her own family in the eyes again. Seeing this poor mother who only wanted the safety of her family convinced Huggins to become Hawk Moth again and akumatize her into the Queen of Broken Hearts, a twisted version of the Queen of Hearts who can shoot energy hearts that can disintegrate whatever they touch with her hands. Ace Savvy must quickly save her mom and retrieve the Queen Miraculous, and he's not alone, as his sisters and Ronnie Anne decide to help him despite not having their Miraculouses.

Slow Downer[]

Tired of Scoots' reckless driving inside and outside the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home, nurse Sue decides to ditch her scooter during the night and replace it with a much slower one, explaning her that "it's for the safety of everyone, especially her". Angry for being regressed at a lower level than the other residents and the last one at the pudding machine, she's akumatized by Hawk Moth, and becomes the speed-crazy Slow Downer. Her old and rusty scooter becomes an high-tech vehicle that can go really fast and shoot lasers that make victims move very slowly without realizing it. The more people she hits, the faster her vehicle can go.

After sucking the speed out of Sue and most of the residents of the retirement home, Slow Downer decides to go targeting the residents of Royal Woods. Ace Savvy must quickly find a way to slow down Slow Downer before she can make him move slower than a slug.

Birthday Boy[]

It will soon be Lincoln's birthday. On this very particular moment, his friends, his family, the McBrides and even the Casagrandes want to throw a surprise party he will never forget, that should be thrown at Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise, as Ronnie Anne suggests. Everyone agrees and begins to prepare the party at the arcade-pizzeria, without Lincoln's knowledge.

However, only Clyde was feeling bad, as he thinks that everybody's birthday ideas (especially Ronnie Anne's) is a thousand times better than the Ace Savvy poster he was going to offer to Lincoln, and that he should get her Spunk E. Pigeon idea, as he's his best friend. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't get a better present, and as he fears that Lincoln would break Clincoln McLoud forever, he falls to his knees in despair. Hawk Moth then gets the chance to akumatize him again into a new supervillain called Birthday Boy. Thanks to Hawk Moth, he gets a magic present box that grants him every wish for his friend in the form of golden energy orbs. Also, the box listens only to his voice.

With the power Hawk Moth granted him, he turns Royal Woods into a place made especially for his friend Lincoln with among others, a giant statue of him made of pizza, a giant Bun Bun, some Muscle Fish characters and Rip Hardcore as bodyguards, a fountain that produces endless amounts of Flippee, and all of the buildings turned into desserts from "Dessert Storm". While Lincoln is amazed by this sight and the fact that Hawk Moth would use one of his villains to give him a great birthday, he soon changes his mind when Birthday Boy uses his box to make Lori fall in deep love with him, and when everybody else tried to attack him, they are soon imprisoned inside a giant present box by the bodyguards.

Ronnie Anne, the only one who isn't taken prisoner, manage to take Lincoln away from Birthday Boy's minions, giving him the time to turn into Ace Savvy. However, he's no match against the giant Bun Bun and the pizza statue he gave life to. As such, his Miraculous then tells him to go see Jack Holdem to take the Queen Miraculous and give it to Ronnie Anne, so she can fight with him and save Clyde as Chara de Hearts.


With the help of Charles, Lana manages to pop the tires of Corinne's truck and free all the stray pets she captured inside, for the sake of their freedom. This leads Corinne to lose her job as an animal control officer, and due to the negative emotions she garnered, she's corrupted by Hawk Moth and becomes Doghunter. The akuma gives her a superpowered net which can shoot lasers which turn anyone hit into dogs as well as laser nets which can capture them, and it can also be turned into a powerful grabber. After transforming many civilians and trapping them and some stray animals in her truck, she finally finds Lana and turns her into a cute little dog before trying to capture her, but she luckily escapes to her home. Instead of being terrified by having a dog's body, she's happy to get to live a dog's life like Charles, and with him, she decides to do some fun dog activities until Ace Savvy fixes everything, like running around lawn sprinklers, chasing cars or playing fetch with Lola.

Despite her reassurance that she's still herself no matter what, her sisters can't stop worrying that Lana slowly acts less as a human, and more as a canine. Indeed, as time goes by, she thinks more and more like a dog, going as far as beginning to forget who she actually is, and it's also the same thing for Doghunter's other victims. As her sisters are desperate to help a panicking Lana keeping the memories of her human life, Doghunter barges in to capture her and Charles, and traps her family in her laser nets. By the time Ace Savvy finds them at the Pet Sanctuary, it is unfortunately too late for Lana, who has now the body and mind of a dog without any memory of her as a human, and is reduced to talk only in barks. However, she seems to still have some Lana in her to protect and help Ace Savvy fight Doghunter.

Night Light[]

It's Cassino's birthday tonight. During that exact time, the kwamis inside Jack Holdem's Miracle Box are able to perform a communication ritual that would tell them where he is. However, the ritual might not work if Flush doesn't reunite with his friends, as the more kwamis are present, the better the ritual will work.

Even if he won't be able to transform into Ace Savvy during that night, Lincoln allows Flush to go reunite with the other kwamis. However, the lights start to turn off one by one in the Loud house, as well as every house in Royal Woods. It turns out that an akumatized little kid called Night Light is absorbing all the light in town so he can become more and more glowy and create light clones of the civilians who can play with him and for him.

As the menace grows, Lincoln must find Flush quickly so he can transform. At the same time, the son of Leni's boss Ms. Carmichael has gone missing, coincidentally after she took away his night light, thinking that he was ready to sleep without it.

Empoweress (aka Heroes' Day: Part 1)[]

It's Heroes' Day at Royal Woods, and to honor Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang's heroic acts, each citizen is invited to do a good action for others. The Casagrandes were also at Royal Woods due to their house getting fumigated for a flea invasion, and decided to participate to the celebration. Ironically, only Lincoln couldn't find a good action to do, as all of them were already taken.

In the meantime, Principal Huggins, with the help of his secretary Cheryl, decides to put into action a plan he's been concocting for a long time so he can take Ace Savvy's Miraculous. After reakumatizing Chandler into Nega-Savvy thanks to his hatred against Ace Savvy, he convinces all the citizens that he akumatized the Full House Gang, and that they defeated and killed Ace Savvy. With all of the people of Royal Woods in despair, Hawk Moth then takes the akuma away from Chandler and gives it to Cheryl, who then turns into the Empoweress, a supervillain who can empower others.

With the Empoweress' power, Hawk Moth is turned into the powerful Scarlet Moth, and turns his Akumas into a swarm of Scarlet Akumas that descend into Royal Woods and corrupt everyone at sight. Soon, Anti-Cupid, Chef Wicked, Creep Frog, Turbocharge, Ice Heart, Road Ripper, Stelladonna, Maestra Allegro, Miss Dolly, Shadow Stalker, Fear Fox, Muttzilla, Fast Fury, Major Mayhem, Carlosso, Nega-Savvy, Steel Foot, Goromaster, Subwoofer, Glitterrific, Trapunzel, Fake Newscaster, Killjoy, Big Burpy, Swamp Lord, Lyrix, The Stinker, Mad Midas, the Sharkmans, Scarecerer, the Trumpetist, Blizzard and Blaze, H₂Orror and Icy Pain all return in a blood red color, and declare their loyalty to Scarlet Moth.

As he couldn't fight all of these villains alone, Lincoln decides to go at Jack Holdem's home and take all of the Miraculouses of his box to quickly give them to her sisters, Clyde and Ronnie Anne, who aren't reakumatized thanks to their previous experiences against Hawk Moth's minions (as such, the sisters now know each other's superhero identity). Now with the Full House Gang, One-Eyed Jack and Chara de Hearts at his side, Ace Savvy is ready to take on Scarlet Moth and his army.

The Card Countess (aka Heroes' Day: Part 2)[]

Along with the Full House Gang, One-Eyed Jack and Chara de Hearts, Ace Savvy fights Scarlet Moth's army of akumatized villains, and with their help, manages to purify some of them such as Lynn Sr. and Lily, who escape from the battle. However, Scarlet Moth actually predicted this turn of events, and use the help of Anti-Cupid to indulge new negative emotions in the rest of the bunch of rescued people and reakumatize them. As things couldn't get any worse, the heroes are taken by surprise by not only Anti-Cupid, Maestra Allegro and Killjoy, but also the Song Rewriter and Absorbelle, freshly reakumatized.

In the end, the sisters are akumatized one by one into the Sly Card, the Eleven of Hurts, the Fright Club, the No-Joker, the Wrong Suit, the Hate of Spades, the Royal Crush, the Queen of Disasters and the Dark Counter respectively, rename themselves the Cruel House Gang, and join Scarlet Moth's side. One-Eyed Jack also gets akumatized and turned into Black-Eyed Jack. Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts are now alone against all these villains, and must find a way to get to Scarlet Moth and defeat him once and for all.

Thanks to help from a small resistance army (which includes Rita, Lynn Sr., Lily, Albert, Myrtle, Clyde's dads, the rest of the Casagrandes, Zach, Stella, Lori and Leni's friends, Lynn's teammates sans Margo, Sam, Mr. Grouse, Kotaro, Sergei, Scoots, Verne and Ms. Carmichael and her son) who help them fight back the Scarlet army, the two heroes eventually confront Scarlet Moth and manage to break his cane in the ensuing battle, purifying all of his victims in the process and turning him back into Hawk Moth. However, they end up getting defeated by him, but when he was about to take their Miraculouses, the Full House Gang and One-Eyed Jack come to their rescue, and all of them get to corner him and then attempt to take away his Miraculous. Seeing that he's about to be defeated, the Empoweress decides to open his secret safe and take the Wild Card Miraculous to become the Card Countess, at her own risks...

After this episode, Ronnie Anne is given the Queen Miraculous by Jack Holdem, and will assist Ace Savvy in some of his missions.

Faust Writer[]

As he is running late to class, Lucy's writing club classmate Amir fails to notice that he dropped his notebook to the floor. After frantically searching for it, he learns that Chandler is the one who picked it up. He tells him that if he doesn't want his story to be told to the school, he must become his personal slave, and maybe he will give the notebook back. As the story he recently wrote is as he puts it, "quite disturbing", he reluctantly accepts.

When Lucy sees Amir carrying Chandler's schoolbag, he asks him why he would do that, and he tells her the whole incident. She then encourages him to stand for himself and tell him that he's not his slave. Buffed by her words, she tells Chandler off, and even takes back his notebook before walking off.

At lunchtime, Amir is thanking Lucy for encouraging him, when Chandler appears and reveals that he already took pictures of his story on his phone, before reading it to the students present in the cafeteria. To Amir's shock, he is reading out loud his 50-page-long and detailled fanfiction about Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang. As Lucy is suprised by his secret activity, she notices that he is gone, as he is running out of the school crying and thinking that his reputation is now ruined.

Attracted by Amir's sadness, Hawk Moth akumatizes the young fallen writer into his new minion. Now a supernatural writer called Faust Writer, Amir can now write anything he thinks in his notebook to make it happen in real life. Wanting to humiliate Chandler like he humiliated him, he pursues him while thinking about the best ways to ruin his life, but not before telling Lucy that he now has a crush on her after she helped him take his notebook back, and that he will always be thankful to her. However, it doesn't stop her helping Ace Savvy fight him and bring him back to his senses as the Eight of Spades.

Ice Screamer[]

After Lola won another pageant contest, she becomes surprised when one of their judges, her crush Winston asks her to hang out with him tomorrow at the new ice cream restaurant "Mr. Ice Guy" at the mall. Happy, but at the same time nervous that she basically got a date with him, she decides, with her siblings' help, to make their relationship go forward by going with him at the restaurant.

The next day, everything was going well between Lola and Winston at "Mr. Ice Guy", until tragedy strikes when he has to go to the bathroom. During his absence, Lana appears in the restaurant as the Royal Flush and tells her to go with her so she can give her the Queen Miraculous, as a sentimonster created from Chunk's broken van appeared at Royal Woods. When Winston comes back with a gift for her, she's nowhere to be found, causing him to be sad enough to be akumatized into Ice Screamer, an ice cream golem that can turn people into ice cream statues by shooting ice cream balls at them, and make his own body melt to quickly move between attacks.

After Ace Savvy, the Royal Flush and the Queen of Diamonds finished to deal with the sentimonster, the twins give their Miraculouses back to him, before Lana go bring Lola back at "Mr. Ice Guy", but once they entered the mall, they come across Ice Screamer turning every present couple into ice cream statues, before targeting the twins, especially Lola. Lana does manage to flee, but Lola doesn't have the same luck, and gets turned into ice cream as well. Getting wind of this ne new danger, Ace Savvy must defeat him quickly before everybody he hits melt into mere ice cream puddles, while Lana tries to find a way to keep Lola and the other victims in the mall cold so they can't meet their fate.


While she was visiting her grandkids, Myrtle realized that as they're growing up, they become more independent, and as a result, fears that they will no longer want her support, as she saw with Lori and Leni not wanting her help to reorganize their wardrobe, as well as Lana declining her offer to help her fixing Vanzilla, among other examples. Willing to retrieve the lost time she could have spent with the grandkids and not wanting them to no longer love her, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Rejuvenanny, an evil grandmother who can throw magic knitting needles at her targets. Anyone who gets hit becomes a little kid, with the maturity that comes along with it.

Rejuvenanny uses these magic needles to turn Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn into harmless little children while sparing Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily, before dashing through Royal Woods to search Ace Savvy and strike every grown-up child in her sight. Lincoln decides to transform to stop her, but gets hit and turned into an easily-distracted and curious child after he tried to protect Lana from one of her needles. Lucy, Lana, Lola and Lisa now must try to help Ace Savvy focus on Rejuvenanny and save the teenagers and pre-teenagers of Royal Woods from her wrath.


During an important baseball game which could qualify Lynn's team for a tournament across the state, things go awry when she and Margo accidentally bump into each other during an decisive moment, costing their team victory. After the game, the two friends violently quarrel and throw the blame between each other, until Lynn tells Margo that she hates her and that the team could have actually won if she wasn't here. Terribly hurt by what she just said, Margo immediately leaves the team and goes away, sad and angry at the same time, while Lynn begins to have regrets.

Attracted by this mix of sadness and anger, Hawk Moth decides to akumatize Margo again and turn her into an evil baseball player named Despitcher. Hidden behind a catcher mask and armed with a baseball bat and an akumatized glove, Margo can create flaming baseballs and throw them at innocent people. Anyone who gets hit turns entirely red, becomes intensely hateful and agressive, and obeys at her commands. Also, the baseball bat is very powerful, and is capable at maximum power of destroying steel walls up to 6 feet thick. After being akumatized, Despitcher attacks her former teammates and turns them into wrathful soldiers, before targeting Lynn, who's on the way home with her family, thinking about her hassle with her best friend. She manages to affect all the members, except her, Lincoln and ironically, Lori and Lola. While the latter two try their best to protect Lynn from her former friend's fury, Lincoln as Ace Savvy goes getting the Lucky 7, 8-Ball and Diamond Miraculouses from Jack Holdem so he can give them to the three sisters. However, when the High Card and the Queen of Diamonds get also affected by Despitcher's baseballs, he's now alone with the Strong Suit against her and her army, and both must quickly think of a plan before her wrath can touch the entirety of Royal Woods.

Empress Pony[]

Since the incident with Faust Writer, Chandler has become Huggins' hall monitor and personal snitch, in the interest of having benefits such as having a pass that will help him get scot-free with every mess he makes. As Lincoln becomes suspicious of his activities, he doesn't know that Huggins uses him to get more chances of having upset people to akumatize.

As he starts his first day as a hall monitor, he bumps into Lucy, who drops her newest "Princess Pony" comic book. As Chandler takes a look on it, she tells him to not tell everybody that she actually likes "Princess Pony". Despite the fact that he accepted, he doesn't hesitate to spill the beans to her classmates, and soon almost everyone in her class know that Lucy reads "Princess Pony". Enraged that he told them her secret without remorse, Lucy tackles Chandler to fight with him, until Huggins intervenes to stop her, only to tell her to give him her "Princess Pony" comic book, as he doesn't tolerate "whimsical and unrealistic comic books" in the school, unless she wants to be banned from the writing club. Instead of an answer, Lucy immediatly runs to the bathroom to sulk in her rage.

Pleased by Chandler's work, Huggins loses no time to turn into Hawk Moth and send an akuma to possess Lucy to turn her into a new supervillain. With the new moniker of Empress Pony, Lucy now becomes a supervillain in a unicorn-like magic armor and a new spellbook that gives her an array of colorful yet destructive spells (like turning objects or people into swarms of colorful butterflies, bringing life to inanimate objects and turning them into dangerous monsters, shooting destructive rainbow blasts...). As if it wasn't enough, Cheryl also intervenes as the Card Countess and amokizes a pony plush Darcy was playing with before being scared by the akuma attack, into a large and dark alicorn to assist Empress Pony. In order to fight them, Lincoln decides to quickly find the closest help he can find, and with the assist of One-Eyed Jack, the Royal Flush, the Queen of Diamonds and the Card Counter, he will try to defeat Lucy and cure her from her akumatization, as well as protecting Chandler, who, despite his grudge against Ace Savvy, regrets his role as a hall monitor and what he has done.

Cat Lady[]

Fed up by Aunt Ruth's cats, vacation diaporamas and giving her foot massages, the Loud family agrees to not visit her for her birthday tomorrow by putting up fake excuses, but Lana feels bad about her and decides to go at her home with her mom anyway to give her presents. However, they get stuck by a traffic jam caused by a truck having a accident. As the time goes on and Lana is still busy repairing the truck, Ruth begins to think that her family doesn't want to see her anymore, and becomes depressed by the process. As a result, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth into Cat Lady, a supervillain who flies on her magic armchair, and can give orders to her cat soldiers, who can spit hairballs that turn anyone hit into harmless cats.

By the time they arrive at Ruth's house, Lana and Rita can only see her flying to their house, where the Louds present here except Lincoln get turned into cats by her. After that, she decides to turn Royal Woods into a true cat land. Determined to put a stop on her, Lana goes after her despite Rita's warnings, but Ace Savvy intervenes to put her in a safe place, as he doesn't want her to endure a Doghunter-like situation. That doesn't stop her to use her guts and craftiness to try to help him, especially when himself gets turned into a cat. Witnessing the event on his phone, Jack Holdem becomes impressed of her wits, and sneakily leaves the King Miraculous behind her, so she can transform into the Royal Flush and save Royal Woods.


In an idea to make their rockstar career take off, Luna and Sam decide to form a rock band together and wear stage costumes based on their Power Chord and Woman-Dragon respective forms and made by Lori, Leni and Lola. Naming themselves the "Power Dragons", they perform a reprise of Luna's song "Play It Loud" at her house before her family's acclaim, and Lincoln and Clyde get to film them and post the end result on the music video-sharing site "YourTunes".

The next day, Lincoln gets a call from Ronnie Anne, who gives him her opinion on the music video. While she really loved the Power Dragons' perfomance, there's only one problem: a stupid electro-pop DJ named Sylex actually plagiarized Luna and Sam's work and clothing style to make his own music, and apparently, his video makes more views than theirs. Lincoln decides to show it to his sisters sans Luna, and at first, they doesn't want to tell her about it... until Sam enters the house to practice with Luna, and hears the conversation.

The Power Dragons, particularly Sam, are enraged to see that their music has been stolen. Luckily, the DJ happens to produce in Royal Woods. With the help of the Louds (who orchestrate a fake akuma attack with Lana disguised as Mudslinger), they manage to enter the Royal Woods Theater, and get to talk to Sylex and their producers: Doug and Michelle. As the pair want to prove that they used their music for their profit by showing them their video, they actually deny this and even have the gall to call them pathetic plagiarizers with no idea and say that Luna is desperate enough to ripping off others' work. At her breaking point, Sam decides to stand for Luna and tell them that it's HER song, that her parents know Katherine Mulligan, and that she's going to ask her an interview with them, so she and Luna can reveal the truth. As she's going to call her however, Doug, Michelle and Sylex tell her that it's them who will "reveal the truth" thanks to their higher status, and that they will ruin Luna and Sam's reputation and ban them from the music world forever.

Feeling defeated, Sam backs off, her body engulfed in intense rage. While Luna tries to defend them herself and tell them out, an attracted Hawk Moth then decides to send an akuma to akumatize Sam again, this time into the silent supervillain Shush-Tice. Hidden behind a Daft Punk-like helmet, she can steal people's voices by shushing them and talk with them through the helmet. She can also use a magic keytar to shoot energy rays to temporarily immobilize those who get hit, giving her time to steal their voices. Wanting justice for the Power Dragons, she steals Sylex's voice and goes chasing Doug and Michelle while sparing Luna, saying that she's too cool to have her voice taken and that she will do anything to make justice for her and the Power Dragons, leaving her flattered.

The rest of the siblings is then alerted by Doug, Michelle and the others employees fleeing the scene, but although the two corrupted producers threw Lori in her way (leaving her immobilized), she and the other sisters are also spared by Shush-Tice, who wouldn't want to hurt Luna's family. After turning into Ace Savvy, Lincoln follows her to try to stop her from chasing Doug and Michelle. Because of them using him as a meat shield as well however, he becomes mute at his turn, and Shush-Tice manages to escape. Now without his voice to use his powers, he decides to go at Jack Holdem's home, and manages to tell him that he must take the Club Miraculous to give it to Luna, before going outside to find her without the sisters, as she refuses to flee without trying to convince Sam to stop. Now turned into the Night Club, Luna can go save her best friend (and Doug and Michelle, much to her dismay) along with Ace Savvy.


Pumped up by Lola's words, her friend Roxanne decides to participate at the Mini Royal Woods Weathergirl Pageant, whose winner will be the new weathergirl on the local kids channel. However, she ultimately loses to Lindsey Sweetwater who rubs her victory on her face, and upset, she decides to leave the studio. But on her way, she gets possessed by an akuma, and becomes Weatherror, a supervillain with absolute control over weather. After freezing Lindsey in front of a shocked Lola, she strikes Royal Woods with a powerful ice wave that slowly extends to Great Lakes City, the rest of the United States, and even the entire world. Lincoln does manage to turn into Ice Ace Savvy before he gets frozen as well. As for the rest of the Loud family, they get trapped inside their own home by the cold, and now try their best to survive. However, Lola is not with them, as she's trapped in the building with Weatherror and the other employees. But she manages to send a message to Lincoln and her family, before the connection gets broken by the ice wave.

After getting the Diamond Miraculous from Jack Holdem, she searches the building for Lola, before she gets frozen alive. While she does find her, he also comes across Weatherror, who proves to be quite a hard challenge to him. Thankfully, Ronnie Anne intervernes as Ice Chara de Hearts and distracts Weatherror for enough time for Ace Savvy to give the Diamond Miraculous and an Ice Magicookie to Lola, so she can become the Ice Queen of Diamonds and help the duo de-evilize Roxanne.


One day, the Loud siblings and Flush wake up in a deserted and closed down mall, unable to remember their names and who they are. While they are exploring the place and meeting each other (including Flush, whom the Loud sisters find very cute), they get attacked by some mysterious force, but manage to escape unscathed. Soon after, Lincoln and Lori receive frantic calls from Clyde, Ronnie Anne and Bobby who want to be sure they're fine as a supervillain is attacking Royal Woods. If they don't know who they are (much to their distress, or annoyance in Ronnie Anne's case), they do manage to know their names, and get the idea that everyone must check their phones to see they can know their identities and use the pictures they took to jog up their memories. Meanwhile, Ronnie Anne decides to turn into Chara de Hearts to go at Royal Woods and investigate about what could happened to Lincoln and and her sisters

Although they had some difficulties to access their phones (they only succeeded thanks to a password list Lisa found in her pocket, without her knowing why she has it in the first place), they manage to check their pictures, and if they initially think they're a group of friends, they soon remember they're actually siblings. They also discover their passions and relationships, and ironically, couldn't believe it (Luna doesn't think she would really love rock music, Luan finds Mr. Coconuts unnerving, Lana finds herself disgusting for having swum in mud, Lola cringes when seeing herself in pageants, Lori and Lincoln couldn't find anything good in Bobby and Ronnie Anne...). They also see in some pictures a caped superhero, but they couldn't find out that his name is Ace Savvy until they see some toys on the floor.

However, when checking the pictures, they notice that one of them is missing: a blonde teenage girl who wears sunglasses, red earrings and a mint green dress. They deduce that she must be somewhere in the mall, and while Lori, Luna, Luan and Lynn go searching her, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily and Flush try to get some food. During that moment, all of them get to know each other and create bonds between them that are even stronger than before their amnesia. However, Lincoln gets a call from their parents, asking them where they are. Although he has no memories of them, he tells them that they're in the mall, which puts them in a state of panic, as a supervillain is roaming inside it.

The older sisters then run towards the other group, saying they are attacked by some kind of humanoid mint green mist who tries to shoot at them. They are soon pursued by this mysterious being, and when they manage to lose them, they finally get some Wi-Fi. They learn that this green mist is the supervillain, that they erased their memories, and that Ace Savvy already fought them when the sisters were already struck, but was unfortunately hit by one of their energy blasts. They also find a phone and a hand holding a jack card, drawed on a wall in orange. Lincoln deduces that he must call someone on his phone, which at this point, is very low in battery. When he calls Jack Holdem, they learn that he's Ace Savvy, that Flush is his kwami, and that he must say "Flush, deal me in!" to transform. While he has to know his powers and abilities, he goes on to fight that supervillain before they can strike everyone in Royal Woods with an amnesia bomb, with additionnal help of his sisters. However, he also has to fight Chara de Hearts, who also lose her memories in the hands of that supervillain, and is now manipulated into thinking that Ace Savvy is her enemy.

They'll soon find out that this evil being is none other than Leni, the sunglasses-wearing girl in the pictures. She was ashamed when the siblings chewed her out for her forgetfulness after she forgot to watch the oven and let their pizza burn. She was then akumatized by Hawk Moth to become Forgetta, a supervillain made of mist who can use her arm cannon to erase people's memories, and tried to get her revenge at her siblings by attacking them at the mall.


Luan volunteers to animate the game nights at the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home. During one of them however, one of the residents, Seymour, is wrongly accused by Scoots of cheating once again by watching her cards during a poker game, despite him saying that it's his flinching left eye's fault. Pressured by Sue, Luan has no choice but ban him from game nights for an indefinite time. Angry, Seymour gets possessed by an akuma, and becomes See-More-Evil. His glasses now become a high-tech multi-functional visor with laser, melting and freezing rays, X-rays, wall-penetrating vision... He then uses it to cause terror at the Retirement Home, with the primary objective to get his revenge on Luan, who has no choice but flee and search for Ace Savvy, Jack Holdem or any other way to defend herself.

Trashilius Rex[]

Once every week, Lana goes at the junkyard to see the siblings' monster friend Trashy and play with him. However, when Mayor Davis discovers that a monster made of garbage lives in the junkyard, she orders that Trashy must leave Royal Woods quickly as she thinks it can tarnish the town's image, despite her reluctance. Lana defends him by saying that he's a living being like any citizen in Royal Woods. She tries to protect him no matter what, but when Davis says her she must reunite 10000 signatures to save him, she gives up as she failed it the last time, but still doesn't want to say Trashy goodbye.

Meanwhile, Hawk Moth senses the poor monster's sadness, and decides to send an akuma to turn him into Trashilius Rex, a kaiju-sized garbage monster who can absorb garbage nearby to become even bigger and more monstrous, regenerate from any injury and vacuum anything and anyone inside his body. Soon, he manages to cause massive chaos in Royal Woods and swallow most of its citizens, including Mayor Davis and almost all of the Loud family. After managing to save Lana, Ace Savvy goes fighting Trashilius Rex alongside Chara de Hearts, but when she also gets swallowed by the monster, he gets a sign from his Miraculous that he must go at Jack Holdem's home to take the King Miraculous and give it to Lana. While Chara de Hearts tries to find a way out inside Trashilius Rex, Ace Savvy and the Royal Flush must find a way to find his akuma and defeat him, while trying not to hurt the people trapped inside him.

Lady Vide[]

At school, Lana and Lola are being mocked by some older bullies, who say they can't survive one day without being close from each other and calls them "two dums who are halves of a full dumdum". When the twins say they can defend themselves alone or together and start insulting them, they become angry, and throw them in the school closet and block the door, before leaving and laughing.

While Lana and Lola frantically try to open the closet door with no avail before beginning to cry, Hawk Moth sends an akuma to possess both of them simultaneously, and offers them the opportunity to get their revenge. Unlike the times they were akumatized into two different (Mudslinger and Princess Pink) or same villains (the Twisted Sisters), the twins are instead fused into one unique being named Lady Vide, a magenta-skinned girl who has a blue left eye, a pink right eye, a combination of Lana and Lola's blonde hairdos, an outfit based on their clothes, and speaks with a combination of their voices. She also has their size, facial features and even their tooth gap, and considers herself as two people. As a weapon, she uses a magic staff which can split those who get touched into two personalities, and shoot energy bolts as a means of attack.

When Lincoln searches for Lana and Lola, he instead comes across Lady Vide, who attacks the school students and splits many of them in two before managing to hit Lincoln, who is now two versions of himself: one is serious, smart, calculating, but also an easily-stressed control freak, and the other is calm, good-hearted, geeky, but also quite lazy. Flush gets also split by Lady Vide indirectly into a serious and commanding side and a laid-back and good-natured side. This also means that the two Lincolns have their own Ace Miraculous, and can both turn into Ace Savvy.

As Lady Vide plans to split her sisters as well as everybody in Royal Woods so they can all know the benefits of being twins, the two Lincolns must put their differences aside and work as a team so they can purify Lana and Lola and become one Lincoln again.

Hissy Fit[]

Lana seems to develop an allergy to her pet snake El Diablo, as he gives her itches when she touches him. Lincoln then suggests that she moves in his room for some time until this allergy dissappears, but as a result, El Diablo gets the wrong idea that Lana decides to leave him and that the family will soon get rid of him because they couldn't bear finding skin sheds in the house. Due to these negative emotions, he gets akumatized into Hissy Fit, a large three-headed reptile monster with poisonous fangs. When Lana sees her beloved snake ravaging the house, she tries to talk him out of it but fails, and when he's about to attack her siblings, she decides to confront him directly, but gets accidentally poisoned by one of his fangs before he goes to search Ace Savvy and take his Miraculous.

Due to Hissy Fit's venom in her body, Lana is now in great danger. Her skin becomes greenish, and soon, she gets more and more tired and sick before falling unconscious. When Lincoln brings her to Jack Holdem's home, he is shocked when he learns from him that the venom can become lethal after some hours. Rituals that can cure her do exist, but it takes time, and even Holdem isn't sure that they can work on her. Sure that his sister will be cured from her curse, Lincoln goes to take on Hissy Fit as Ace Savvy, but he doesn't know that thanks to Holdem's rituals and her great determination, Lana would actually wake up, and although she's not totally cured and still has green skin, she would go outside to help Ace Savvy save El Diablo the best she can, despite her condition and the fact that she doesn't have the King Miraculous.

Grand Goromaster[]

Since the announcement of the new "Goromon: Eclipse" game on the Super Snap, every gamer and Goromon fan in Royal Woods are waiting impatiently its release day, and when it finally comes, they are all waiting outside the local game store to get a copy of it. Among them is Lincoln and his friends, and Benny, who is eager to play the game on his newly-acquired Super Snap alongside Luan, who is waiting on the line with him and Lincoln, and is training to be a great Goromon player from them since the Goromaster incident. When the store is finally open, everyone on the line is rushing to the shelves to get the game, and sadly, Benny is not one of them, as the last copy is taken by Paige. Despite Lincoln willing to give him his own copy, he refuses, and decides to go home, upset. However, he gets akumatized for a fourth time into a more powerful version of his first villain alias named Grand Goromaster by Hawk Moth, who is willing to give him his own fighting game, in exchange of Ace Savvy's Miraculous.

After Benny's akumatization, the Royal Woods Baseball Stadium turns into a giant dome, and everyone akumatized by Hawk Moth so far disappears and gets converted into Goromon cards, including the Loud family, and even Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Carlota and Carl. However, Lincoln and Luan are left unharmed, and as Ace Savvy, Lincoln gets invited into playing a real-life video game against Grand Goromaster. Luan also volunteers to play alongside Ace Savvy by taking turns with him, test her Goromon skills and bring Benny back to his senses, without her Miraculous.

The game's rules are simple: each player has to choose an akumatized villain on their card deck to take control of them, and has to kick their opponent out of the arena or break their akumatized object to win. At each win, they gain their opponent's akumatized item, that allows them to use their powers. As the fights goes on and on (Steel Foot vs. Springhare, Novella vs. Big Burpy, Killjoy vs. Glitterrific, Muttzilla vs. the Shrink, the Queen of Darkness vs. Woman-Dragon, Fear Fox vs. Carlosso, Mudslinger vs. Turbocharge, Princess Pink vs. Miss Dolly, Power Chord vs. the Digital Diva, Animalia vs. the Song Rewriter...), the three players soon run out of cards, and then Grand Goromaster decides that the next-to-last fight will oppose... Ace Savvy and Luan as Bonkers, with total control of herself to boot.

The Queen of Darkness 2[]

Lucy is mocked by Hank and Hawk for the time she was akumatized into the Queen of Darkness, and they go as far as calling her a monster and saying that once she's became a villain, she stays a villain (despite the fact that they also became villains themselves) and a lame one at that. On Lincoln and Haiku's advice, she decides to keep it cool and stay in a good mood (in her own way). But when a blackout hits the Loud house right before the epic season finale of "Vampires of Melancholia", Lucy becomes depressed, and nobody could help her let it go as she decided that the universe is against her and sees her as a villain.

As a result, she gets reakumatized into a powered-up Queen of Darkness, and now plans to plunge the entire universe into eternal darkness with a forbidden light-extinguishing spell, starting with the Earth. While Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts fight her, the rest of the Loud family take refuge to their house, and comfort each other by remembering how Ace Savvy changed their life.


Dressed up as her favorite telenovela character Ana Ronalda for Halloween, Ronnie Anne gets wind by Lincoln that him and his friends are going at Royal Woods' rich area to search for full chocolate bars. Attracted, she decides to go at Royal Woods as Chara de Hearts, but has to bring Carl, dressed up as a devil, with her on her aunt's request.

After de-transforming and joining Lincoln and his friends, Ronnie Anne tells Carl to go hang out with Lana (disguised as a zombie Lola), Lola (disguised as a witch), Lisa (disguised as a rat) and Lily (disguised as a tiger cub), who are going at a Halloween costume contest hosted by Mayor Davis, in which the first prize is a bag full of candies. Wanting to get all these candies, Carl decides to enter the contest, but to his sheer disappointment, he learns that he has got at the last place, and is mocked by almost everybody in the contest. His deception makes him the perfect target for Hawk Moth, who akumatizes him into the powerful wizard Hallowarrior, who can use magic jack-o'-lantern bombs to turn anyone hit into their respective costumes, and is accompanied by a big jack-o'-lantern sentimonster. Soon, he causes chaos at the contest and turns anyone he sees into what they are disguised as, including Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily. When Lincoln's group hears about the new akumatized menace, everybody splits up, leaving Lincoln the time to turn into Ace Savvy. However, Ronnie Anne has to help Liam who has his foot stuck while fleeing, and gets turned into Ana Ronalda for her efforts.

When Ace Savvy joins her, she doesn't know who he is, mistakenly sees him as a kidnapper, and defends herself by attacking him with her bare hands. Once he managed to convince her that he is an ally and that Hallowarrior is the mastermind behind the kidnapping attempts, both of them and Ellie go confronting Hallowarrior and his sentimonster, and must defeat them quickly, before they turn Royal Woods into an eternal Halloween.


During a BBQ day between the Louds and the Casagrandes, Ronnie Anne's cousin CJ accidentally sees her turning into a superheroine after she's forced to secretly transform due to an emergency, and tries to tell their family about that. However, they don't believe him, and pass it off at his strong imagination tricking him. Desperately wanting to prove that he's telling the truth, he's akumatized into Imagenius and gains the ability to bring into reality anything he imagines. On his giant floating pirate ship, he goes on to find Ronnie Anne and take her Miraculous, as well as Ace Savvy's.

Chara de Heartless[]

Right after Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts saved CJ from Hawk Moth's control, the Casagrandes come to the scene to assure he's fine. However, when Ace Savvy storms out and is about to be joined by Chara de Hearts, she is retained against her will by CJ, who still wants to prove his family that her cousin is secretly a superheroine. Despite her best efforts to leave, CJ ends up removing her Miraculous, reverting her into Ronnie Anne in front of her family, to the shock of Ace Savvy.

Flabbergasted by the fact that she risks her life on many occasions, her mother forbids her to become a superheroine again for her safety, despite her keeping telling them that she was chosen to wear the Queen Miraculous. Upset, angry and overwhelmed by the events at the same time, she distracts them to run away with the Miraculous, and after quickly feeding Ellie, she turns back into Chara de Hearts and leaps to the most isolated place in Royal Woods without averting Ace Savvy to sulk on her woes, thinking about how she betrayed her family's trust and believing she's actually not worthy of her Miraculous.

However, being in the most isolated point in Royal Woods doesn't prevent her to be Hawk Moth's new target, as he sends an akuma after her. After being corrupted, Ronnie Anne tries her best to resist Hawk Moth's influence, but ends up in his control, and gets akumatized into Chara de Heartless. Along with unlimited use of Chara de Hearts' powers and of her Heart Attack, she can also steal people's (metaphorical) hearts, which turn them evil and make them fight their loved ones. After taking her own family's hearts, she tries to attract Ace Savvy by sabotaging a moving Vanzilla with the Loud sisters still inside, in an attempt to cause a monstrous car crash.

Ace Savvy does manage to save them though, but has to turn back into Lincoln and feed Flush to recharge his Miraculous. Meanwhile, Luan runs to Jack Holdem's home to take the Full House Gang's Miraculouses for her sisters with Holdem's agreement, as he considers this akumatization as a case of dire emergency, and they decide to fight Chara de Heartless together before Ace Savvy reappears. But when the High Card, the Strong Suit and the Queen of Diamonds have their hearts taken and become evil, forcing the other sisters to fight them so they can't restrain him, he now has no choice but fight one of his best friends alone.


After Ace Savvy manages to turn Chara de Heartless back into Ronnie Anne, the Casagrandes and the Loud sisters now all get wind of her double identity. After reuniting with her family, she promises them to not use her Miraculous anymore. After the Casagrandes came back in Great Lakes City however, she realizes that she shouldn't keep the Queen Miraculous, and decides to turn into Chara de Hearts one last time to call Ace Savvy and tell him to join her on the roof of the Royal Woods Theater, so she can return him the Miraculous. But when her mother Maria learns that she isn't home for lunch, she immediately fears that she broke her promise, and after searching everywhere in Great Lakes City, he decides to go at Royal Woods alone to bring her back home, trying to reassure herself that she's only having fun with Lincoln.

When Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts reunite at the Royal Woods Theater, she turns back into Ronnie Anne, and is about to return him the Queen Miraculous, when he decides to convince her otherwise by introduce her to Jack Holdem, so he can talk with her and give her important advices. Unbeknownst to them, Maria actually saw them jumping from roof to roof, and upset, she decides to come back at Great Lakes City without Ronnie Anne. But on the way home, she comes across an akuma which akumatizes her into Materna, a nymph-like supervillain with powerful psychic powers, the ability to trap anyone in indestructible and floating energy bubbles, and a sixth sense that allows her to know Ronnie Anne's location, wherever she is. She begins to cause chaos in Royal Woods to search for her daughter, and when Ace Savvy comes to stop her, he gets trapped in one of her bubbles, but she won't take his Miraculous right now, as finding Ronnie Anne is her priority.

While hesitant at first, Ronnie Anne gets pumped up by Jack Holdem's words, and after wearing back the Queen Miraculous, she transforms into Chara de Hearts to save her own mother and free Ace Savvy, ready to take full responsibility of her role as a superheroine.


Now that Hawk Moth knows Chara de Hearts' place of activity, he now has a new bunch of potential victims to akumatize so she can take her Miraculous, then Ace Savvy's. With this occasion, he sends an akuma at Great Lakes City to corrupt Ronnie Anne's friend Nikki, who became angry after her graffitis she worked hard on get washed out on the municipality's order, and she gets forbidden to do street art in any way.

Possessed by the akuma, Nikki becomes the evil street artist Graffighter, who can use her bottomless spray cans to create graffiti creatures she calls "graffitures" or any type of object or weapon. As she needs Ace Savvy's help in order to de-evilize Nikki, Ronnie Anne quickly calls Lincoln to ask him to tell Ace Savvy to bring his buns at Great Lakes City and defeat an akumatized villain. As he's on the way, she turns into Chara de Hearts and tries to distract Graffighter long enough before he joins her.


A patrol mission with Ace Savvy as the Joker goes wrong for Luan when Benny accidentally sees her with Ace Savvy after de-transforming. Deeply embarrassed by this incident and thinking that he now knows her secret identity, she decides to give up everything that is Joker-related, but wanting to stay in a good mood so she can't be akumatized, she still resumes her comedian high schooler life. However, she can't help but avoid Benny everytime she sees him and ignore all of his calls and messages, but she also chose the worst day possible, as she promised to help him for his magic tricks today.

Upset that she didn't come, Benny is akumatized again by Hawk Moth, who turns him into Madgician. In exchange of bringing him Ace Savvy's Miraculous, Benny is granted powerful magical abilities: among them, he can float above the ground, use telekinesis, throw his magic rings to ensnare people, trap them into boxes and magically saw them in two, turn them into rabbits with his wand, summon chains to bind people or to use as weapons, fire lightning bolts and laser beams from the aforementioned wand and use his top hat to suck them into a magical dimension. Terrorizing Royal Woods with his deadly magic tricks, he manages to trap Lincoln and several other victims into his hat dimension, leaving Flush alone without his owner.

While Lincoln tries to find a way to escape from this dimension, Luan learns what happened to Benny, and decides that she must do something, as she, in a way, contributed to his akumatization. After coming across Flush who tells her that Ace Savvy is unable to transform right now, she decides to Ronnie Anne so she can transform and fight Madgician. Meanwhile, Flush decides to go at Jack Holdem's house, and return with the box containing the Joker Miraculous for Luan, so she can help Chara de Hearts while he tries to go save Lincoln in Madgican's hat, and despite her reluctance, she still accepts to do it for Benny.


When she finds the mannequins she carefully organized knocked over on the floor, Leni's workmate Fiona immediately accuses Lincoln and Clyde, as they often make messes when they go here. But when they and Ms. Carmichael look at the CCTV footage at the store, it's revealed it's a mysterious klutzy shopper in a hoodie who accidentally make them fall before running away. Believing that it's not Lincoln and Clyde, as they didn't wear a hoodie, Carmichael orders Fiona to apologize to them, before telling her to go clean the mess as a punishment.

Feeling bad for her, Lincoln, Clyde and Leni decide to help Fiona to clean everything and help her find the culprit. Unfortunately, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth to become Mannequeen, a dangerous supervillain who can touch mannequins to bring them life, so they can become indestructible, and devoted soldiers who can detach their limbs. Soon, she orders her army to search everywhere in the mall so they can find the hooded culprit and punish them, while she goes giving life to more mannequins in other clothing shops. As the army becomes too strong and Clyde has passed out after being scared by the living mannequins, Ace Savvy decides to give the Heart Miraculous to Leni so she can help him fight Mannequeen, and quickly, as she managed to find the culprit: Lola.

Rancid Cupid[]

After misinterpreting a text message from Lori (which isn't even for him: Lori's fingers actually slipped, and she sent it to the wrong person by accident), Bobby thinks that she wants to break up with him, and himself gets broken by the news. Despite his family's attempts to console him, he's still drowned in sorrow, and gets akumatized into Rancid Cupid, a darker version of his first akumatized form Anti-Cupid. He can now fly at supersonic speed, and instead of turning love into hate, his arrows now cause those who get hit to fall madly in love with the first person (or thing) they see, losing their common sense at the process. Determinated to find Lori, he flies towards Royal Woods, while Chara de Hearts do the same so she can help Ace Savvy. When she finally gets to join him however, she protects him from one of her brother's arrows, and now, Ace Savvy not only has to deal with a wrathful Rancid Cupid, but also a love-crazy Chara de Hearts who keeps chasing him to cover him in love and smooches. Thankfully, he got Lori's back to accomplish his mission.

Miss Dolly 2[]

Lisa's teacher Ms. Shrinivas thinks that her student Darcy spends too much time with her toy giraffe Raffo and that it distracts her during classes, so she decides to consfiscate it and give it back when she learned to become independant of it, much to her sadness. With the help of Lincoln, Lucy, Lana and Lola, she and Lisa try to break into the kindergarten classroom to open the closet, take back Raffo, and escape without being caught, although Darcy is quite reluctant to do it. However, Chandler catches them breaking into the classroom the whole time, and tells them that he recorded everything on his phone. However, Lola quickly takes it from his hands, and the group immediatly runs from Chandler, who is pursuing them. However, all goes wrong when Lana trips and causes a chain reaction that makes everyone fall, and results in Chandler's phone being broken, and Lola's tiara piercing Raffo's neck, to Darcy's horror.

When Ms. Shrinivas comes to the scene, Chandler tells them that they broke into her office to take Darcy's "dumb toy" back and destroyed his phone. While Lincoln, Lucy, Lana and Lola goes in the detention room, Lisa and Darcy are locked into their classroom for the whole afternoon watched by Ms. Shrinivas, who reprimands Lisa and Darcy, and tells them if this was really worth it, as Raffo is now severely damaged. Lisa tries to comfort a tearful Darcy, but she refuses to listen to her, as she didn't want to do something wrong like stealing something from her teacher, and that because of her and her siblings, Raffo is broken and she now sees herself as a bad person, before telling Lisa that she doesn't want to be her friend anymore and crying once again. Upset, Lisa goes to the bathroom, with Shrinivas' agreement.

However, Hawk Moth senses Darcy's sadness, and decides to akumatize this poor child once again. Now turned back into Miss Dolly, Darcy now has the terrifying power to shoot energy rays that turn anyone hit into inanimate toys (dolls, action figures, plushes, jacks-in-boxes, puppets, balls...) with her friendship bracelet. With Raffo repaired and turned into her mighty steed once again due to the akuma, Miss Dolly then proceeds to rampage the school to find the ones who caused her to be grounded and strike anyone in her path. She manages to turn Lucy, Lana and Lola into a black plastic unicorn, a talking plush (which can only say "I love trash !") and a doll respectively, as well as Ms. Shrinivas and Chandler, who respectively become a jack-in-a-box and a Lego-like figure.

Thankfully, Lincoln and Lisa manage to escape her fury, and Lincoln immediatly turns into Ace Savvy to fight Miss Dolly. At first, the fight seemed easy, but Miss Dolly reveals to him another new power of hers: with her friendship bracelet, she gives life to everyone she turned into toys, and makes them her mindless slaves. Overpowered by the toys and afraid to hurt Lucy, Lana or Lola, Ace Savvy only escapes thanks to Lisa's intervention. After taking her to a good hiding place, she goes at Jack Holdem's house to take the Roulette Miraculous and give it to Lisa so she can assist him as the Card Counter. They must act quickly, as Miss Dolly decided to move her attack outside the school and make her toy army grow, until Lincoln, Lisa and Ace Savvy give up.


During another night in which Lana is having nightmares, Lori accepts to let her sleep in her bed with her, and even keeps her company when she has to go to the bathroom, as she's too scared to to do it alone. But when they return to her room, they find Leni enveloped in bright yellow energy and impossible to wake up, and when they try to inform the rest of the family about it, they see that all of them including Lincoln suffer the same condition.

After hearing some ominous child laughing, Lori and Lana run to the street, and see a flying demon child who uses a night light-looking object to diffuse yellow energy that put sleeping people into an eternal state of slumber and trap them in their dreams. Lori soon recognizes the child as one of the McCauley children she babysits, Caleb, and after deducing that he has been akumatized by Hawk Moth, she decides with Lana to call Ronnie Anne so she can join them as Chara de Hearts, while they try to keep track of him.

Meanwhile, Lincoln seems to live the best day of his life (he's the most popular kid at school, he gets spoiled by his family, he's acclaimed by the entirety of Royal Woods, he and Ronnie Anne (who's back at Royal Woods) are an official couple, he receives huge amounts of Flippee every week...), but thanks to some influence from Flush (who woke up due to Lana's screams) he realizes that everything is just a dream, and as Dreamon appears and twists his dreams to turn them against him, he tries to secretly transform, but notices that he doesn't have Flush with him, and that he's alone against these bad dreams.

Back at Royal Woods, Chara de Hearts, still wondering when Ace Savvy will come, confronts Dreamon alongside Lori and Lana, but the villain has another trick in his sleeve: he shoots energy orbs at the two sisters with his weapon, and thus makes their worst nightmares (terrifying aliens for Lana, and a creepy stalkerish Bobby for Lori) come to life. While Chara de Hearts decides to go get the Lucky 7 and King Miraculouses so they can hold their own against their nightmares, Lincoln gets the idea to use his imagination and guts to defeat his nightmares and get free from the dream world to defeat the real Dreamon.


Lynn's teammate Maya is excited to go see a hyped baseball match at the with her and her friends. Sadly, she falls asleep merely minutes after the beginning, and misses the entire event. After learning that, she lashes out at her friends for not waking her, as they're too excited by the match to notice, and despite the fact that they're sorry for her, she angrily goes back home. Before she can join her, Lynn is intercepted by Ace Savvy, who needs her help as the Strong Suit to defeat a coffin sentimonster.

Maya's anger results in her akumatization into Sleepyhead, Hawk Moth's latest villain, who can create magic bubbles that make everyone hit fall asleep, without possibility of waking up. She can also put dreams in her victims' mind by touching their forehead, and turn them into sleepwalkers.

Ace Savvy and the Strong Suit go confronting her to stop her attack on the Royal Woods citizens, but the Strong Suit makes the mistake of punching one of her bubbles, and falls asleep as a result. She is then turned into a sleepwalker by Sleepyhead, and begins to attack Ace Savvy, without really knowing it. Now, he has to deal with an akumatized villain, AND one of his allies.


After hitting herself in the head, Ronnie Anne's aunt Frida is suddenly struck by inspiration, and shuts herself in her room to create a painting so unique and marvelous that it can give her celebrity and recognition as a talented artist. Her creation is immediatly acclaimed by her family, but when she runs outside to show it to the nearby museum curator, she suddenly trips, and it is immediately reduced to shreds by the cat gang near the bodega. Distraught, Frida decides to isolate herself in her room, and not go out until she fully recreated her work. However, she can't manage to do it, and as she becomes more and more hopeless and wastes more and more canvases, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, and turns into a colorful warrior named Quetzalcoloratl.

Armed with two powerful paintbrush-like swords that can generate paint of any color, she sets out to recolor the entirety of Great Lakes City and recreate her lost work, while focusing on taking Ronnie Anne's Miraculous. However, it takes more to discourage Chara de Hearts, even when Ace Savvy is not with her yet to help her!


After a successful mission with Ace Savvy as the High Card, Lori suddenly notices Ms. Carmichael's son kicking a ball on a pedestrian crossing, with an unsuspecting truck heading towards him. Despite Ace Savvy's warnings that she has only a few seconds before detransforming, she can't help but intervene to save him. As she was acclaimed by the citizens, her Miraculous depowers, and she turns back to her civilian self before the eyes of everyone in town. Pursued by her fans and Katherine Mulligan's crew, she only manages to go home thanks to Ace Savvy.

As Lori is feeling terribly awkward now that Royal Woods knows that she's a superheroine, Lana wants her to feel better by inviting her to go at her favorite mud pit at the park to relax herself and make up her mind in a mud bath. She accepts the proposition, despite not being a mud fan. Once they entered the park though, they learn that all of the mud pits are going to be filled up to make place for new snack stands, as according to Mayor Davis, they can potentially endanger children's life. Lana is shocked, as it's here that she took pleasure at playing with mud for the first time, and wants to protest, but to no avail. Lori tells her to let it go and that it still was well-intented from her part, before going home without her.

Hawk Moth then senses Lana's despair, and akumatizes her into Mudwrath: after being a mud-controlling supervillain, she's now a humanoid mud being that can throw mud, shapeshift her body, and change her size at will. Wanting to turn Royal Woods into a giant mud pit, she begins to cause chaos in the town, and while Ace Savvy fights her, Lori tries to help him de-evilize Lana without being seen.

Miracle Master[]

Since Lori making her secret identity public can potentially cause harm on her family, her friends and herself, Ace Savvy reconsiders her role as a superheroine, and wants her sisters to tell the news that he will not give her the Lucky 7 Miraculous for a while until he decided otherwise. While it's clear that she's upset by that decision, she still understands and accepts it. But after some time, she was feeling worse and worse as the other sisters still have their share of adrenaline as superheroines, especially when the rest of the Full House Gang assists Ace Savvy, Chara de Hearts and One-Eyed Jack to confront a giant sentimonster made of borscht and pineapples. Despite her best friend Carol telling her words of encouragement and asking her to go shopping with her and their friends to cool down, she angrily tells her off and says out of frustration that if she has nobody's attention, it's because she's not a superheroine. Before leaving, a sad Carol says that if she was in Lori's shoes, she would love being a superheroine whose identity is known by everyone.

This sentimonster was however a plan from Hawk Moth and the Card Countess, who want to make use of Lori's reputation to make her feel the most awful possible, and take down Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts. Hawk Moth then sends an akuma that possesses her, but against all odds, she resists, and makes the akuma go away, saying that although Ace Savvy doesn't trust her anymore, she's still loyal to him. Instead, the akuma possesses Carol, still upset about what Lori said to her. She's then akumatized into Miracle Master, a supervillain who can use her magic touch to take their powers from Miraculous holders, to use them without any limits.

Wanting to prove Lori that she's wrong, she goes on her way to take their powers from Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts. While the latter fights Miracle Master, Ace Savvy goes giving their Miraculouses to One-Eyed Jack and the Full House Gang, including the High Card, whom Ace Savvy decides this will be the last time she can transform. However, Miracle Master will end up not being the only enemy they confront, as the Card Countess appears to assist her and try to bring Lori to her and Hawk Moth's side.


The Casagrandes' parrot Sergio has a crush on a beautiful female white parakeet living in the building in front of theirs, and Ronnie Anne, Bobby and Sid decide to help him win her heart with numerous advices found on the net (singing a serenade, performing a mating dance, reading a poem...). But all of these doesn't work, and the parakeet is instead weirded out by his behavior. Desperate, Sergio gets possessed by an akuma by Hawk Moth, and becomes Foenix, a big and powerful flaming bird that can shrug off any attack, breath fire and fly at high speeds as a dashing fireball. After he captured the parakeet to bring her somewhere, Ronnie Anne immediatly calls Ace Savvy for help, before turning into Chara de Hearts and trying to stop her blazing bird pet, while Sid, amazed by this phenomenon she never seen before, decides to follow them at her own risks.


While they are playing at the park, Sid and Adelaide find a cute little kitten who's seemingly lost, and with their parents' agreement, they decide to keep it and want to take care of the newly-named "Mini Mao" the best possible. Sid then decides to introduce the kitten to Ronnie Anne at her apartment, but as she was about to enter the building, she ends up chased by the cat gang near the bodega, as Mini Mao is actually the lost child of one of the members. When she's cornered to a wall, Sid begins to cry for her life, but gets possessed by one of Hawk Moth's akumas, and gets turned into Maimao, a cat-like girl with dangerously sharp claws and highly enhanced speed and agility. After forcing the cat gang into submission, she proclams herself the new leader of the cat gang as well as the official caretaker of Mini Mao. She soon orders the cats to ransack the bodega to find food for him.

When her family sees Sid turned into a humanoid feline, they immediatly get scared, and want her to go back to her normal self. However, she gets the wrong idea that they see her as a monster, and when she sees the nearby civilians scared and telling her and the cats to go away, she snaps and decides to turn Great Lakes City to a giant cat sanctuary, before ordering the cats to attack her own family. Thankfully, they get saved by Chara de Hearts, who soon gets joined by Ace Savvy. Both of them not only have to face Ronnie Anne's possessed best friend, but also an actual cat army. Luckily, they already seem to know her weakness...


During a guitar session with Sam in her room, Luna is interrupted by Lola, who asks her if she can borrow her Lulu wig for her next pageant. Sam then stumbles upon the outfit and wig she wore as Lulu during her experience at "America's Next Hitmaker", and despite the fact that Luna is quite awkward when addressing the subject, they both have a good laugh about it. However, the fun is cut short when the two friends learn on their phones that Mick Swagger got new music producers, who are none other than Doug and Michelle.

Shocked by the news, Luna fears for the worst, as she thinks that they will manipulate him the same way they did with her. Sadly, she fails to talk them out of it, as they say that he's more happy with them than with his former producer. They also say that they changed for the better since the times they forced her to change her image, brainwashed her family and absorbed her within a necklace respectively, plagiarized the Power Dragons' music and caused Sam's akumatization into Shush-Tice. They even want to give her Mick Swagger's newest album once it will be completed. Luna is still not convinced and turns it down, before leaving their office, upset.

To the shock of her siblings, she decided to give up Mick Swagger for good, saying that Doug and Michelle finally won and turned her idol into a sell-out, and goes in her room to play guitar out of frustration. However, she breaks her guitar after tripping over her wig, and as she's about to furiously throw it out of the window, she ends up akumatized by Hawk Moth into a dark version of Lulu. She can now use her singing voice to brainwash people into a state of euphoria and make them dance happily without stopping, and her guitar to absorb electricity to unleash electric blasts with her riffs and disrupt any electronic device in the United States. With her new powers, Luna sets out to find Doug and Michelle, get her revenge at them and "save" Mick Swagger.

Lincoln knows something is going wrong with Luna when he and her sisters find a huge hole in her and Luan's room (just like Power Chord's first appearance), and his fears are confirmed when he and Chara de Hearts successfully protect Sam from Lulu's blasts and singing. As Chara de Hearts is out of commission after being hit by her singing spell, Ace Savvy now only has Sam, who's determined to help him save Luna until she gets to Doug and Michelle. As he definitively needs help, Lincoln goes seeing Jack Holdem to get a Miraculous to give to someone he can trust. He allows him to take one new Miraculous: the Snake Miraculous, that he gives to Sam so she can transform into the snake superheroine Green Scale, as she's impressed by her determination and lack of fear when facing the danger.

Penny Painful[]

As everybody else in the apartment is occupied outside, Hector charges Ronnie Anne to take care of the mercado, as he is going to a flea market in search for new coins for his collection. Although Ronnie Anne is doing quite a good job at helping the clients with Sid who came to watch a lucha libre match on the TV with her in the first place, the latter couldn't help but take a look at Hector's coin book, put on a hidden shelf, but unfortunately, she accidentally slips it out of her hands, and make all the coins inside fall and scatter all over the mercado. Afraid of Hector's reaction and that Sid will be forbidden to see her again, Ronnie Anne tells her to go away, while she and Ellie try to find every coin to put them back in the book.

As Hector is coming back home with newfound pieces for his collection, Ronnie Anne and Ellie have barely found half of the coins, and quickly put the book back in the shelf before he enters the mercado. After Ronnie Anne went at Sid's apartment, Hector finds out that Ronnie Anne touched his precious life-long coin collection and lose many of his coins. As such, he becomes really disappointed and upset, enough to be detected by Hawk Moth, who sends a new akuma to possess him and turn him into Penny Painful, a supervillain armed with a magic coin book he can use to trap objects and people in coins that are immediately put inside, frozen in time. He can also use these coins to throw them at his foes thanks to telekinesis.

After searching all over the Casagrande apartment and trapping the family in his book, Penny Painful then barges in the Chang apartment to find Ronnie Anne, and causes chaos all over the place, causing Becca, Stanley and Adelaide to be trapped as well. As Ronnie Anne couldn't find a place to transform, Sid selflessly decides to take her in a hiding place, before searching Penny Painful to turn herself to him, as she knows it's her fault in her first place. Afterwards, Ronnie Anne texts Ace Savvy to come help her, but is ultimately found by Penny Painful, who traps her in the book before she could transform into Chara de Hearts, with Ellie left alone without her owner.

Thankfully, Ace Savvy intervenes to save Ronnie Anne and Great Lakes City from Hector's fury, with not only help from Sid, but also from Ellie. As he is fighting the supervillain, Sid now knows about the kwamis that empower the Miraculous owners, and as Ronnie Anne is trapped in a coin and Chara de Hearts is M.I.A., she begins to think that the two may have more in common than anyone could think...


Knowing that Lori is feeling bad about not being a superheroine anymore, Leni decides to cheer her up by taking her at the "Sea Everything" Aquarium, where her friend Mandee works as an intern. The visit at the aquarium was going well until they learn that it is in danger of closing due to lack of customers. As it was Mandee's childhood place, the three teenagers devise several tactics to attract customers, but to no avail. As Mandee is losing hope, she gets Hawk Moth's attention, and becomes akumatized into an evil mermaid named Bittermaid. Not only she has absolute control over water, can breath underwater and swim incredibly fast, she can also take control of the surrounding marine life.

After flooding all of Royal Woods (again) to turn it into a giant aquarium, she sends off all of the aquarium's specimens to search for Ace Savvy and take his Miraculous. With the Aqua Magicookie and the help of a Leni turned into the Sea-leven of Hearts, he is not ready to give up yet, even when Bittermaid gets assisted by a kelp sentimonster thanks to her anger against them. Meanwhile in the middle of the flood, Lori is feeling left out by Ace Savvy, and is beginning to feel useless to him, until she sees the rest of the family on the roof of Lynn's Table, trapped by dangerous sea creatures. At this point, she knows she must do something, Miraculous or not.