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Season 1[]

Fire Fighter[]

After noticing some bullies who are picking on the new shy and quiet student in her school, Lynn decides to stand for her and tell them off so they can go away. When they start insulting her as well, she starts losing her cool, and ends up beating them up with some sick martial art moves, in front of her friends and everyone else present. Despite being acclaimed by the students around her, her actions cause her however to be called at Principal Ramirez's office and get an one-week suspension for hurting other students.

As Rita drives her back home, she tries to make her understand that in spite of her good intentions, she didn't have to beat up these bullies, as doing it makes her not really different of them. As Lynn angrily protests and tells her that she had to do something against them, she is left at home for the rest of the day, and tries to cool down in her room by violently beating up her punching bag. This however doesn't help her to get less angry, and she becomes the target of the evil Hawk Moth, who creates an akuma in his lair to send it to her and turn her into a supervillain.

Possessed by his akuma, she accepts his offer without hesitation to get her revenge, in exchange of the Miraculouses of Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts. As such, she becomes Fire Fighter, a literally fiery expert martial artist with flaming hair and dressed in a black sleeveless kimono, she now possesses great strength and agility, and the ability to engulf her fists in fire and shoot powerful fireballs from her hands. After her akumatization, she immediately swears to punish every bully present in Royal Woods, and begins to attack all those who get in her line of sight. When Lincoln notices Lynn attacking Chandler and his crew with fire for making fun of his classmates, he immediately knows that something is wrong with his older sister and turns into Ace Savvy to save them and try to de-evilize her and make her understand that we can't always bring justice with violence, while his friend Ronnie Anne hides in the girls' bathroom to transform into Chara de Hearts so she can help him. Together, these superheroes are determined to fight Lincoln's hot-headed sister and de-evilize her.


As she secretly reads her aunt Harriet's book, Lucy unfortunately gets noticed and mocked by Chandler and his friends for believing such a bunch of baloney from a crazy aunt. Angry that they insulted her deceased and beloved aunt, she tries to fight them, before Cheryl tells her to go at Principal Huggins's office, and wait him at his door, as he's absent for now. While she's waiting full of resentment towards Chandler, Hawk Moth creates an akuma in his lair, and sends it towards Lucy so it can possess her and corrupt her. Telepathically contacted by the villain, she accepts to show her aunt's true power to everybody. However, she also has to take the Miraculouses of Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts for him.

Now transformed into an evil and floating dark magic adept named Spellbinder, Lucy can use her spellbook to throw a vast array of dark spells at her foes. Among them, she can shoot black lightnings from her hands, grab people with black energy hands, turn them into harmless frogs, create portals that can bring her and other people in other places, summon bat swarms, or even turn herself into a giant shadow demon. With all these powers given by Hawk Moth, she begins to attack the school, determined to prove what her aunt Harriet was capable of, leading Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to turn into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to defeat her and save Lucy.


While Lori is on her phone surfing through social media and liking her friends' posts and pictures, Lincoln, who was playing baseball in the backyard with Lynn and Lana,accidentally throws a ball through her room's window and breaks her phone in the process, much to her panic. And sadly for her, her parents can't repair it or afford her a new one until some time. However, Lynn Sr. gets the idea of giving her his old flip phone as a temporary replacement before she can get her new one. While wanting to please his father by deciding to keep it, she is still disappointed by the lack of features on it. Her bitterness is only increased the next day at her school, when Carol Pingrey, who shows her and her friends the new and more high-tech phone her parents gave her for her birthday. As she can't stand Leni and her entourage speaking about Carol's phone any less longer, she angrily storms out the cafeteria to calm down, much to their incomprehension.

Sadly, Hawk Moth akumatizes Lori by sending an akuma that enters in her phone, and transforms her into Wi-Fright, a supervillain armed with a magic phone that allows her to film videos projected on hijacked screens or on a big screen in the sky, block doors, immobilizing people, lock them on surfaces or even erase them, among other functions. She can also travel through other people's phones to take her foes by surprise. Now with a brand new phone, Lori goes filling her part of the deal she made with Hawk Moth: to take down Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts and give their Miraculouses to him.


As they were going to the park to play mud wrestling, Lana and her friends are shocked to learn that her favorite mud pit, which is also the biggest one in the park, is going to be filled up on Mayor Davis' decision, as she thinks that it's too dangerous for children. As it's at this place that she discovered the joys of playing in mud, Lana convinces her friends and her siblings (although the latters accept reluctantly) to protect the mud pit and prevent the construction workers to touch it. However, as time goes on, everyone except Lana becomes tired, and when Davis comes to tell the group to stop, or else they will be banned from the park, they all comply and go home. Despite Lana wanting them to stay, Lori tells her that she must try to let it go, as things change and sometimes, there's nothing to prevent it.

Convinced by her words, Lana sadly accepts the fact, and decides to play in the mud pit one last time before going back home. As she was gloomily doing a mud angel, an akuma enters her hat to possess her, and contacted by Hawk Moth, Lana accepts his offer to turn Royal Woods into a giant mud pit for herself, in exchange of Ace Savvy's bracelets and Chara de Hearts' hair tie. Akumatized into a living pile of mud named Mudwrath, she gets the power to manipulate and generate mud at will, and to change the shape of her body to take any form she wants. Getting wind of her now-akumatized little sister, Lincoln must react quickly before he gets drowned in a deadly mud bath.


One day, Liam enters the school with something moving inside his bag, and when Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty and Zach ask him what's inside of it, he quickly changes the subject before nervously leaving them, prompting them to think he's hiding something from them. Later, when they notice him talking to the inside of his locker, they corner him and ask him what he's hiding inside. Pressured and clearly sweating, he finally decides to show them his secret: while on the road to school, he saw a small injured bird on the pavement, and sad for it, decided to take it with him and hide it in his locker, before bringing it to his farm to take care of it and finally free him. Although they're proud of him, Lincoln tells him that Huggins doesn't tolerate pets inside the building, so he has to be very careful. Liam reassures him, saying that if his sisters Lucy and Lana manage to hide their pet bat and frog respectively, it would be fine for him to hide his bird, that he decides to call Rebeaka.

Some time afterwards, while Liam is feeding Rebeaka with some bread crumbs from lunch, Principal Huggins proceeds to a surprise locker inspection, telling his students that he heard about one of them hiding an animal in the school, and unfortunately for Liam, he decided that he would check his first. After finding Rebeaka, he orders him to go at this office to have detection after school. When he leaves full of bitterness, Chandler, who was near the door, mocks him for being stupid enough to keep a bird in his locker. This angers Liam to the point he becomes an easy target for Hawk Moth. As he bores himself inside the detention room, an akuma comes in to possess Liam, who accepts to get his revenge in exchange of the Miraculouses of Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts. He is then turned into Wingboy, a young villain in a bird suit who possesses powerful talons, can fly at high speeds with his wings, throw feathers that can plant themselves on walls, create strong gusts of wings by flapping his wings really fast, and even using a loud bird call to control birds around him. Now that Hawk Moth gave him superpowers, Liam is determined to keep Rebeaka safe and make Chandler pay, as he thinks he heard his secret and told everything to Huggins. After learning that Liam has been akumatized, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne must react quickly before he fulfills his project to drop Chandler from the highest building of Royal Woods.


As she was walking Charles at the park, Lana comes across Chandler, who is walking his rottweiler Wolfgang, and begins to mock her dog for his size. Angry, Lana defends him and tells Chandler that Charles is a natural born guard dog, and that he could bite his and his mutt's butts anytime. As if to test him, Chandler orders Wolfgang to steal Lana's favorite red cap, to see if Charles would be able to take it back from his fangs. Intimidated by the rottweiler's threatening stare and posture, Charles couldn't do anything but whine and flee. While Chandler and Wolfgang mockingly laugh at him before going away with Lana's cap, the young tomboy goes searching for the poor dog to try to reassure him.

Shameful about not being able to stand for Lana, Charles hides himself behind some bushes, but unfortunately, he gets noticed by Hawk Moth, who sends an akuma that takes control of him through his collar and turns him into the terrifying Charberus. Like the mythological Cerberus, he becomes a big three-headed hound, and he gains the ability to produce supersonic barks. Determined to defend Lana, he goes attacking Chandler and Wolfgang, causing them to flee the park, and when Lana shows up to see what happens, he captures her and forces her to go on his back, before giving back her cap and going on a rampage to find Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts and reduce him to shreds. Getting wind of this new villain that abducted his sister, Lincoln must do something to save her without getting her hurt and de-evilize this akumatized doggo.

Rancid Cupid[]

It's Valentine's Day, and while Ronnie Anne wants to tell Ace Savvy what she really feels about him with a letter, Bobby comes to her room to show her something she wants to give to Lori as a symbol of their everlasting : a heart-shaped brooch shaped in ruby he bought with all his money. As for Lori, she has to babysit the terrible Fox quintuplets at their home while their parents are out for the day to get enough money to buy a present for Bobby, and hopes to get out alive so they can meet each other. But as she is in the middle of texting a love message for him, she gets interrupted by Pam who just shot sticky darts at her with a toy gun. After reprimanding her and confiscating her dart gun, she has to leave to stop another sibling from flooding the bathroom, leaving her phone on the table. Pam then takes advantage of her absence to get her revenge at her for confiscating her dart gun, by taking her phone to write a hateful break-up message to Bobby, who, after reading it, becomes heartbroken.

As Bobby is sulking on his bed, Ronnie Anne tries to reconfort his older brother, saying that it must have been a misunderstanding before she reads the message herself, much to her awkwardness. She then leaves him to hang out with Lincoln who invited her, not without telling him that he must be strong and keep a hold on himself. Sadly, it's not enough for Bobby, who is still depressed by this message. Sensing his distress, Hawk Moth sends an akuma that possesses him and turns him into Rancid Cupid, a dark angel with black wings that allow him to fly and armed with a magic bow and arrows that turn love into pure hate, giving his victims black eyeliner. With these powers Hawk Moth gave to him, Bobby decides to destroy every trace of love in Royal Woods, striking every lover he sees with his arrows. As he attacks every lover in town and affected most of Lincoln's sisters and their crushes among them, Ace and Chara immediately transform to stop him, but during the battle, Chara gets hit by an arrow after protecting Ace, and becomes really heinous and willing to make him suffer. As she decides to assist her akumatized brother in his plans, Ace must find a way to bring back Chara and de-evilize Bobby before he finds his main target: Lori!


One day, Girl Jordan shows up in school with a new and beautiful haircut, that gets her admired by her classmates. When asked by Lincoln and his friends on what occasion she changed her look, she tells them that she finally got enough confidence to ask her crush to hang out with her. As they're happy for her, they're immediately shocked when she reveals that her crush is actually Chandler, the class' meanest student. Despite them telling them that she should think twice before asking him out, Girl Chandler assures them that it's going to be fine, and that maybe Chandler will actually be nicer once she talked to him.

When Chandler shows up, Girl Jordan approaches him to reveal her feelings for him, but sadly for her, he mockily laughs at her, saying he's not stupid enough to fall for someone like her. As he leaves, he bumps into Liam who accidentally swallows the gum he was chewing at the moment and begins to choke on it without Chandler noticing it. As Ronnie Anne attempts the Heimlich maneuver on him, he spits it on Girl Jordan's hair, causing her to panic. After failing to remove the gum, Ronnie Anne then attempts to arrange her haircut in the girls' bathroom, but the end result is an absolute mess that gets her the laughs of the meaner students. A shameful Girl Jordan then decides to lock herself in a bathroom stall to cry alone, while Ronnie Anne remorsefully leaves her alone.

Girl Jordan's sadness makes her a perfect target for Hawk Moth, who, with an akuma that enters inside her hair bow, akumatizes her into Rapunzevil, a supervillain who can control her very long hair and make it take any shape she wants. As she causes chaos in the school to get her revenge, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne decide to turn into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to find Chandler and protect him from her fury.

Bolt Rage[]

Since he got his cool brand new rollerskates for his birthday, Rusty challenges anyone brave enough to beat him in a race in the park, and trounces every one of his opponents. As he's about to reach his ten victories streak, Chandler comes in to race against him, telling him that if he wins, Rusty must give him his rollerskates, but if he loses, he will be his slave in school for a week. Sure of winning despite Lincoln and his friends thinking he must cool down as Chandler is also a proefficient rollerskater, Rusty accepts, and the two begin to race across the park.

As they are keeping up with each other, the wheels on Rusty's skates suddenly pop, causing him to crash on the floor, while Chandler continues before reaching the finish line. While he's not injured from his fall, Rusty angrily accuses him of cheating. Chandler denies it, but allows him to keep his rollerskates, as he doesn't want them anymore since they're all broken. Filled with rage, Rusty tells everybody that they actually saw him cheating, but as they can't really know for sure, he decides to go back home disgusted, while Lincoln and Clyde decide to use their detective talents abd check the race track to see if Chandler really cheated. They get to find some nails on the floor, leading them to think that Rusty may be right.

Meanwhile, Rusty gets akumatized in his anger by Hawk Moth, and becomes Bolt Rage, a supervillain with electric fists and magically powered rollerskates that allow him to skate at high speeds. With his hands, he can also absorb electricity from anything that works with it to become even more faster. Thanks to his superpowers, he decides to attack his classmates, especially Chandler until he admits that he cheated, and is determined to make him pay. To defeat him, Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts must try to keep track on him and find a way to break the rollerskates that contain the akuma.

Harsh Rock[]

Luna learns that her favorite rock musician Mick Swagger will be holding a concert at the Royal Woods mall, and manages to get two tickets for her and for Sam, so they can both get their guitars signed by him. However, as they're going to the mall, their tickets are suddenly carried away by a gust of wind created by Lord Tetherby's fast-moving limousine, and after a quick chase to retrieve them, they end up shredded by a lawnmower.

Not wanting to disappoint her friend, Luna decides to go at Flip's Food & Fuel to buy two new tickets, but is shocked to learn that he raised up their prices on the day of the concert just to get more money. Despite Sam saying her that it was still well-intended on her part and that they could always see the concert on TV, Luna is not really feeling better, and as Sam is going home, she sits against the gas station's wall and begins to play guitar out of depression.

Hawk Moth then senses her bitterness, and sends an akuma that possesses her through her guitar, and turns her into Harsh Rock, an evil super-rocker armed with a magic guitar that can provoke powerful soundwaves, shoot energy blasts, and even be used as an electric axe for melee combat. After using her guitar to destroy Flip's gas station, she decides to search all of Royal Woods to find Mick Swagger while provoking destruction on her path, and have him for herself and Sam, despite the latter not wanting her to go at such great lengths just to pleasure her. Thankfully, Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts are here to put a stop on her destruction and protect Mick Swagger, Sam and the rest of Royal Woods from Harsh Rock's wrath, and Luna from herself.

Shadow Puppeteer[]

After reading an article on the last issue of Haiku's occult magazine, she and Lucy become convinced that it exists a way to interact with the shadows and enter a second plane of existence, and both decide to perform a ritual at the school library that, if well done, can open a portal to a dimension inhabited by shadows. At first, it seemed that the ritual is actually working as the bookshelves are shaking with their books falling on the floor, but at their deception, it was none other than Chandler and his friends who pulled a joke on them to play with their naivety. While both friends are quite unhappy to be pranked by them, Haiku in particular is upset enough to be detected by Hawk Moth, who then decides to send an akuma after her.

While she and Lucy are putting the books back to their shelves, Haiku gets possessed by the akuma, and becomes Shadow Puppeteer, an evil and living shadow who possesses absolute control over them. She can shape them at will, and by conjuring snake-like shadows, she can take possession of their victims' shadows and make them fuse with them to turn them into her pitch-black, white-eyed and mindless minions. She then terrorizes the school and turns many of the people inside into her shadow army, including Lincoln's younger sisters, Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Girl Jordan, Chandler and his goons, and even some of the staff like Mrs. Johnson, Coach Pacowski and Nurse Patti. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne manage to not be converted and turn into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts so they can fight her, but when they got ambushed, Chara ends up becoming one of them after helping Ace to escape through a vent while she stays behind. After getting out, he searches the school to find Shadow Puppeteer, only to get spooked by none other than Lucy, who got out of Haiku's attack unscathed and is willing to help him. Considering that Shadow Puppeteer is determined to turn Royal Woods into her own shadow realm, and since he's without Chara de Hearts for this battle, he decides to accept her help to turn everything back to normal.

Faust Writer[]

While writing her next novel, Rita finds herself plagued by a writer's block, and is unable to find a good idea. Lynn Sr. then suggests that she observes her family during their activities so she can find inspiration from them. She accepts to do it, but as she watches her husband and children, she can't help but think that everything they do is not very original and could be considered as cliché and overused in her novel. In fact, she would like to write something unique and out of this world. As she becomes more and more desperate to find an original idea, she becomes akumatized by Hawk Moth, who offers her the power to create the best novel ever written. After accepting, Rita is turned into Faust Writer, an evil writer who can write anything that comes to her mind in her notebook, to make it happen in real life.

Having decided to make Ace Savvy the main character of her novel, she creates a giant moth monster that terrorizes Royal Woods, and when Ace and Chara de Hearts intervene to stop it, it suddenly disappears much to their incomprehension, and they find themselves ambushed by Faust Writer. Dodging every attack from them with a teleportation power given by her writing, she is determined to write the novel that tells the story of Ace's defeat (much to Chara's frustration, as she thinks she has an equal role to Ace's). So, she decides to reakumatize Lynn, Lucy, Lana and Girl Jordan back into Fire Fighter, Spellbinder, Mudwrath and Rapunzevil respectively, and manipulates them into fighting Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts together as her "Fearful Four". But even when they're two against four akumatized villains, Ace Savvy is ready to show that he has other aces up his sleeves!


Since he was a little child, Zach has always been a great space fan and always believed in the existence of aliens and U.F.O.s, and recently, after watching Ace Savvy on the news during the night, he managed to write a theory where he explains that the Miraculous that empowers Ace Savvy must have an extraterrestrial origin. After he showed it to his friends, Lincoln at first thinks that this theory must be really unlikely, until Fluush reveals to him that he's technically right: kwamis like him have been living since the creation of the universe and are born when a concept or an idea comes to exist. As he is the kwami of creation and was born when the Big Bang happened, he is technically the first and oldest living being ever, which amazes Lincoln, who didn't know that he is that old before.

Meanwhile, Chandler and his friends overheard Zach talking about his Miraculous theory, and decide to pull a prank on him thanks to his gullibility when it comes to aliens. The next day, Zach finds a anonymous letter taped on his locker's door, telling him that aliens came at Royal Woods during that night and that they will probably come back tonight, and attached to it is a picture of a farm that Zach recognizes being near Royal Woods' exit. Excited about being finally being able to meet aliens, he invites Lincoln, Clyde, Liam and Rusty to join him at the farm that night so they all can meet them, as he wants to share this moment to his friends. After some hesitation, they all accept when he tells them he's going to bring his homemade lemonade. During that night, they are waiting in a field near the farm to no avail, but as they are about to leave, they suddenly see bright lights in front of them. Thinking it must be aliens, Zach excitedly approaches them to introduce himself... before getting pelted by eggs from Chandler and his friends, who laugh at him for falling to their prank, much to his disappointment and humiliation.

Unfortunately, things get worse when an upset Zach gets possessed by an akuma and turns into Malien, Hawk Moth's alien-themed newest minion who flies on a hoverboard that can go on high speeds and wields a futuristic-looking gun that can shoot disintegrating lasers, immobilize people with slime, or attract them to him with a tractor beam. Freshly evilized, Zach immediately chases Chandler's group to imprison them in slime, and while Clyde, Liam and Rusty escape his attack, Lincoln hides behind a bush to turn into Ace Savvy before confronting Malien with Chara de Hearts and trying to break the glasses that contain his akuma.


As she got thirsty after spending time at the skate park, Ronnie Anne decides to go at Flip's Food & Fuel and get a large-sized cup of grape-flavored Flippee. However, she can't make the machine work properly and it ends up splashing her and covering her and her skateboard with Flip's sticky slushie. When she angrily comes to his counter to get a refund for her large-sized cup, he brushes it off as her fault, and even tells her to pay him more money for the extra Flippee. Angry for paying Flip all of her weekly allowance, Ronnie Anne now thinks that this jerk has gone too far, and decides to get her revenge.

She then calls a health inspector to tell them that Flip's Food & Fuel violates the health code and needs to be shut down. The next day, the health inspector called Shandra comes for a surprise visit to his gas station to see if it's really as bad as Ronnie Anne said to her. As he tries to make everything clean for her, his business just barely gets validated, until she tells him that she's thirsty and asks him for a Flippee. When the Flippee machine doesn't want to work properly and splashes him, Flip enters in a fit of rage before Shandra, and brutally destroys it, before rats come to drink the Flippee left on the floor, while Ronnie Anne is watching and laughing at the whole scene outside. Shandra then tells him that his gas station indeed violates the health code, and that he's going to be put out of business.

Deeply frustrated and feeling betrayed by his Flippee machine, Flip gets possessed by an akuma sent by Hawk Moth, and turned into Fli-P. The akuma makes him fuse with his machine as well as his other appliances, and turns him into a powerful cyborg who can fire scorching nacho cheese, hot-dogs, full soda cans and sticky and immobilizing Flippee. After being akumatized, Flip decides to go destroy every business in Royal Woods so his gas station can be the only one open. He also projects to take his revenge on Shandra and take Ace Savvy's Miraculous to fulfill his deal with Hawk Moth. While Lincoln and Ronnie Anne turn into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to save Flip, Chara realizes this whole mess is her fault and that she caused his akumatization, and thus is determined to protect Shandra from Fli-P.

Kid Hazard[]

Inspired by Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts' feats, Clyde decides to become a superhero as well following their example, so he can also save people in danger with him and finally make Lori fall in love with him. After making a superhero suit as well as some wrist-mounted blasters by himself, he decides to name his superhero alter ego "Kid Hazard", and goes outside to find some people to help and save. While all of his attempts fail spectacularly, he's still determined to be helpful to Ace and Chara, and when Bellraiser, an akumatized supervillain who uses a powerful cowbell to provoke huge damage attacks Royal Woods, he decides that it would be the perfect opportunity to help them and show himself as a superhero.

Noticing that a disguised kid is between him and Bellraiser, Ace Savvy immediatly throws him out of the way of his attack, but causes his mask to be removed from his face, thus revealing his identity. After making sure he is safe, Ace de-evilizes Bellraiser (who is revealed to be Kotaro), but when Clyde comes to cheer him and Chara, he reprimands him for putting himself in danger, despite being visibly upset for doing it considering he's his best friend, and tells him that being a superhero is not a thing everybody can do. Upset, Clyde understands, before leaving the two superheroes to go back home.

On his way home however, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, who in exchange of Ace Savvy's bracelets and Chara de Hearts's hair tie, is willing to give him superpowers so he can prove him that he can really be a superhero like him. After accepting, he becomes an actual superhero version of Kid Hazard, who can fly, possesses great strength, can fire lasers from his hands and produce forcefields at will. He then begins to orchestrate several incidents so he can save people (and most specifically Lori) and be seen as a great superhero by the population. When Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts intervene to save a bus full of elderly people, Ace realizes that his best friend has been akumatized into a supervillain and decides to fight him, as he can't let Royal Woods be "protected" by a fake superhero.


Shocked to learn that his son Clyde came in an akuma attack and has actually been akumatized by Hawk Moth, his father Harold becomes over overprotective, and forbids him to go outside indefinitely, as he thinks that Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts may not be trustful enough to save his son. As Clyde protests, Harold tries to convince him that he can have as much fun in his house as outside, and surely even more. Not wanting to make him upset, he still spends time in the house with him while keeping a smile on his face. But when Lincoln and his other friends calls him to tell him about a new attraction at Dairyland, the "Mad Cow", he sneaks out the house to join them, but not before leaving a note to his father, who is in the kitchen preparing some low-fat snacks for him

However, just after he leaved, his cat Cleopawtra comes in and plays with the note, reducing it to unreadable shreds. When Harold comes in with the snacks, he can't find Clyde anywhere, and becomes sad when he realizes that he sneaked out, and stresses out as he thinks that he begins to rebel against his parents. Despite Howard trying to reassure him, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth's newest akuma that entered his bowtie, and turns into the supervillain Bouncer. Along with enhanced strength, Harold gains an incredibly rubbery body: as such, he can modify its shape, bounce on every surface, and extend his arms, legs, and neck. Thanks to these new powers, he goes on to capture Clyde at Dairyland to keep him home until his adult years against his will, as well as to fight Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to defeat them and become Royal Woods' and Clyde's only protector.


Accompanied by Lori, Leni bought a new dress at Reininger's, and is excited to show this during a modeling contest she is going to participate to, but as soon as she leaves the mall, Lori learns her that Carol Pingrey, who is also participating at the contest as well, actually bought the same one before her. Not wanting to copy a rival contestant and determined to make an impression to her peers, Leni decides to customize her dress on her own to make it the "most prettiest" possible. After working all night, the family are impressed by the end result and the efforts Leni put on this dress.

Unfortunately, as she goes towards the place of the contest with her dress and gets compliments from the passerbys, she comes across a little girl crying for her cat, Miss Mittens, who is stuck on a tree. Not wanting to let her cry, Leni decides to climb the tree to get the cat down, but soon, Miss Mittens shows its meaner side and begins to attack her and tearing up her dress, causing her to fall on a puddle. While she manages to escape the cat, she also ends up in the place where the contest is hold, where she is mocked by the other contestants and gets the looks of a dumbfounded Carol, due to her dirty and teared up dress. This causes her to break up in tears and run away to her home, as she lose her will to participate.

On her way home however, she gets possessed by an akuma that enters her sunglasses and turns her into Doppeldanger, a colorful and extravagantly dressed supervillain who can shoot light beams from her sunglasses to turn anyone hit into a physical copy of herself. Using her powers to turn the contestants, then the Royal Woods citizens into replicas of herself, she then comes across her sisters who want to check on her and try to convince her to turn back into the sweet and airheaded sister they love, but decides to convert them as well. As they are upset of their new looks, only Lincoln is not hit by her beams, and gets pursued by Doppeldanger who wants to transform him as well, before she gets stopped by Chara de Hearts, leaving him to hide and turn into Ace Savvy. However, Chara also gets turned into a Doppeldanger clone, losing her abilities along the way, but it doesn't stop her to help Ace fight the akumatized Leni. Meanwhile, after finding a way to recognize each other, the rest of the Loud siblings decide to make use of their appearance to help them in a unconventional way.


The Loud siblings help Lisa carrying her mysterious science project for the Royal Woods Middle School Science Fair. The little genius sister hopes that her creation will revolutionize the scientific world and help her to be recognized by the judge scientists as a gift for the future. When she has to go to the bathroom, she asks her siblings to watch her project during her absence, and make sure that nothing happens to it. They all accept, telling her she can trust them. However, Lynn can't help to watch under the cloth that covers Lisa's project, and when she removes it, they discover an highly advanced-looking robot called H.E.L.P.R. (Highly Effective, Loving and Purposeful Robot). Amazed, they (especially Lynn) try to find a way to activate it, but when they accidentally break it by making it fall, they quickly hide it under the cloth, and when Lisa comes back with the flash drive that actually activates the robot, they go away telling her that they're going to look at the other science projects.

When the judge scientists come towards Lisa, she's excited to present them H.E.L.P.R., but is horrified to discover it broken, prompting them to say they're not here to lose their time judging a pile of junk, before leaving her. When inspecting H.E.L.P.R., she quickly realizes that her siblings are responsible, and swears to make them pay. She then gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, and accepts to bring him Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts' Miraculouses in exchange of the abilities to take her revenge, and impress the judges. Becoming one with her science project, she turns into L.I.S.A.I. (Lethally Intelligent and Scheming Akumatized Intelligence), a little yet extremely intellligent robot who possesses an array of powerful gadgets and can predict her adversary's movements with statistics. She then causes destruction in the science fair in search for her siblings, and when she comes across Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, she assures them that she has 95 % of chances to take successfully their Miraculouses. Knowing that, Ace will make sure he's going to use the remaining 5% well.

Last Laugh[]

The Loud siblings are easily tired of Luan's pranks and jokes, but Lola in particular becomes fed up after she turned her perfume bottle into a stink bomb, and decides to teach her a lesson for that. So she proceeds to rig her schoolbag before giving it to her. However, this day is also her crush Benny's birthday, and Luan decided to give her a gift for this occasion. When she opened the trapped bag compartment to give it to him, a paint bomb detonates on their faces and covers them in bright pink paint. After Benny angrily reprimanded her off and asked her why she would pulled him this tasteless prank on his birthday, Luan, feeling utterly humiliated and not understanding anything to what happened, tearfully runs off to the bathroom to wash off the paint on her.

Attracted by her sadness, Hawk Moth decides to corrupt her into his new minion with an akuma. As it enters into her squirting flower, Hawk Moth offers her the possibility to show to the world her true comedic talents in exchange of the Miraculouses of Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts. She accepts, and becomes the villainous super clown Last Laugh. Her squirting flower is now able to create any object she wants, like an overly big mallet, portable holes, an amped-up joy buzzer, an acid seltzer, hot sauce, explosive cream pies and even an angry skunk. As she causes chaos and fear in her school, she learns from Leni while she is texting on her phone that Lola is responsible for this cruel joke (as Leni noticed Lola entering Luan's room with her schoolbag, but didn't really paid attention to it), and sets out to find her little sister and make her learn in a twisted way that there can be serious consequences for pulling jokes like that one... unless Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts are here to intervene!

Slow Downer[]

While the Loud siblings are visiting their Pop-Pop Albert at the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home, they are constantly disturbed by Scoots driving at high speed on her trusty scooter without any care for their and the other residents' safety. Albert tells them that he and his friends are becoming more and more annoyed by her behavior, as she always grabs the TV remote first and monopolizes the pudding machine while leaving barely anything to the others. Tired of this reckless driving inside and outside the building, nurse Sue decides to ditch her scooter during the night and replace it with a much slower one, explaning her that "it's for the safety of everyone, especially her". She's now infuriated to be regressed at a lower level than the rest of the residents, who take advantage of her sluggish speed to serve themselves at the pudding machine until Sue angrily orders them to stop.

As they're all leaving the cafeteria, Scoots still decides to check the pudding machine, but sadly for her, there's nothing left, including grape, her favorite flavor. She's now furious enough to be detected by Hawk Moth, who sends an akuma to possess her and turn her into Slow Downer. Her old and rusty scooter becomes an high-tech vehicle that can go shoot lasers that suck the speed out her victims, making them move slowly without realizing it. The more people she hits, the faster her vehicle can go. After sucking the speed out of Sue and most of the residents of the retirement home, Slow Downer decides to go targeting the residents of Royal Woods. As Albert calls his family to tell them to not leave the house at any time due to Scoots being turned evil, Lincoln decides to turn into Ace Savvy to stop Slow Downer with Chara de Hearts before she slows them down and makes them move as fast as a slug.

Kitchen Nightmare[]

For their father's birthday, the Loud siblings decide to surprise him by making him participate in the next episode of the famous cooking TV show "Feast Fight", so the Royal Woods citizens can know about his cooking skills. Very happy, Lynn Sr. promise them that he will do his best during his appearance, but when they come at the TV studios to support him, they didn't expect the other contestants to be awful cheaters who get jealous of his cooking skills when they see him in action, and actually resolve to cheating so they can keep their chances to win. When Lynn Sr. presents his sabotaged meal to the judges, with among them famous and famously irritable chef Guy Grazer, they immediatly despise it, and harshly call him the worst cook in the show yet, making him utterly devastated. While the rest of the siblings are really feeling bad for him, they leave him alone as he is crying his tears out on his cooking table, and thus not in state of coming home right now.

Meanwhile in Vanzilla, the siblings think about how bad their idea actually is and decide to go back to reconfort him, while he realizes that his meal has been sabotaged, making him from very sad to furious. Sadly, the poor man becomes Hawk Moth's latest victim, and turns into an evil chef named Kitchen Nightmare. With the judge chefs brainwashed into his minions due to eating his meal, and using various food-based weapons such as hot potato bombs, sticky cheese pizza traps, banana boomerangs, an immobilizing jelly launcher, a massive popsicle mace or even a giant sword made of frosted cake, he goes out to find the cooks who humiliated him, capture them and cook them into his "Stewpid Cook Stew". After coming across their akumatized father, the siblings immediately run away, with the exception of Lincoln, who turns into Ace Savvy to save Lynn Sr. and the other cooks. After realizing that Lincoln is gone, the sisters decide to search for him so he can't get hurt, using their skills to dodge the minions who watch the hallways to find Ace Savvy. Meanwhile, Ronnie Anne, who was watching everything on TV, decides to turn into Chara de Hearts and go at the studios, where she comes across the Loud sisters, and assures them her protection against Kitchen Nightmare's forces.


After accidentally slipping on some pudding on the floor at the retirement home, the Loud siblings' Pop-Pop Albert now suffers from a nasty backache, and has to walk with the help of a cane for some weeks. Although he doesn't have problems to walk with it, he is now unable to compete at an upcoming mechanical bull-riding competition, in which he was determined to break the record. As such, he never feels so old than before, and begins to become envious of his younger entourage, especially when he goes at Dairy Land with his grand-children, who want him to still have some fun. As he sits on a bench and watches the young people at the park having great fun, he gets noticed by Hawk Moth and gets akumatized into a supervillain called Agician. With his magic cane, he can zap people to steal their youth to become younger, and turn them old and frail. The more people hit are younger, the younger, stronger and more agile he becomes.

After being transformed, Albert goes stealing the youth of every young people he comes across, including Lucy, Lana, Lola and Lisa. As such, he progressively gets de-aged into a young boy and quite a worthy opponent for Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts. While they are fighting him and dodging his cane beams, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn try to protect their old younger siblings from being hurt and also make sure they don't become old coots as well. They are determined to do it, even if that means getting in the way of Agician's beams.


While the rest of the Loud family goes shopping at the mall, Lincoln accepts to take care of Lily while they are away, and along with Clyde, they decide to make her take a breath of fresh air at the park. But as Lily was tasting a strawberry-flavored lollipop, a pigeon suddenly swoops in to steal it from her hands, causing her to cry. Although Lincoln pursues it to try to take it back, the lollipop ends up falling into the river. Not wanting to see her crying, Lincoln and Clyde decide to search for another lollipop, and go at the closest shop: Flip's Food & Fuel.

While Clyde is taking care of a sad Lily outside, Lincoln goes inside the gas station to buy a new lollipop, only to come across Ronnie Anne, who is waiting for a Flippee. Unfortunately, the machine breaks down again, causing Flip to enter in another fit of rage and Hawk Moth to sense his fury and send an akuma after him, but Lincoln and Ronnie Anne, not wanting him to be akumatized into Fli-P again, manage to soothe him by making him listen relaxing sounds and massaging his shoulders. As Flip is no longer angry, the akuma has to go after the closest potential victim. It then flies towards Lily, who is still crying despite Clyde's best attempts to calm her down, and possesses her, to Hawk Moth's shock.

He still decides to go with that, and akumatizes her anyways into Babyhemoth, a giant baby with humongous strength. As Lincoln, Clyde and Ronnie Anne are shocked and almost get crushed by her, Lily decides to explore Royal Woods in search for a lollipop, causing destruction on her path and not listening to Hawk Moth's orders. Lincoln then realizes that her family may not trust him anymore if they know that Lily got corrupted by Hawk Moth under his care, so Clyde and Ronnie Anne accept to distract them at the mall, while he "goes calling Ace Savvy for help". Once the two got to the mall, Ronnie Anne leaves Clyde telling him that she must tell Bobby who works at the mall that an akumatized villain has appeared, so she can turn into Chara de Hearts and help Ace de-evilize Babyhemoth. However, even akumatized, Lily is still a joyful and curious baby.


After saving money for weeks, Lola finally managed to get the new princess board game "No Stress, Princess!", and now wants to have someone to play it with her. As her parents can't have time to play with her, she then asks each of her siblings to do it. However, since they don't have any interest to play such a girly and pink board game, they all come up with fake excuses so they can't deal with that. Lincoln really can't play with her however, as Flush is hit by a mysterious illness and must be taken to a healer.

At first resigned, Lola then overhears Leni, who incidentally reveals to her the truth as she's talking to Lori. Angry at her siblings for lying to her, she decides that she doesn't need anyone to play with her, and go play her board game with her plushies in her room, before realizing she's feeling pathetic and alone. Sensing her negative emotions, Hawk Moth creates a new akuma that possesses Lola while she's forlornly playing her board game alone, through her tiara. Promising her that she's going to have many people to play with under the condition that she will give him Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts' Miraculouses, he akumatizes her into Paincess, a villainous princess who can use her magic crown to shoot pink lasers that cause anyone hit on their forehead to become devoted servants who follow any order from her and speak with a French accent.

After turning almost all of her family into her servants, Paincess decides to target everyone in Royal Woods, with the ambition to turn the city into her own kingdom, and even manages to turn Chara de Hearts into her personal bodyguard. Meanwhile, Lincoln accidentally lost Fluush while searching for a healer, and as he gets picked up by none other than Clyde (who thinks he must be some sort of new toy from Japan) who was out for a walk, he has no choice but to come to his home and find him quickly so he can take him to a healer before turning into Ace Savvy. But when Paincess, Chara and some servants come at the McBride house to get him, he now has to improvise to get out of the situation while getting helped by Clyde, who can surprisingly hold his own against Paincess' army, while wearing a football helmet to protect himself from her lasers.

Ace Evil[]

One day at the school, Ronnie Anne gets called at Principal Huggins' office for pulling down Chandler's pants during pause. But as she is waiting him to call her, she notices him talking over his phone while looking at a strange book that he puts back inside a safe. After she has been called, Huggins lectures her about pantsing Chandler, until he gets unexpectedly called at Mrs. Shrinivas' classroom because of a glue incident with one of her students, who is now stuck on his chair.

Taking use of his absence, Ronnie Anne opens the safe with Ellie's reluctant help, and as she is taking a look on the book, she is surprised to see illustrations of Miraculous-powered beings such as Ace Savvy, Chara de Hearts, and much to her shock, Hawk Moth, along with descriptions of them and strange crypted texts. Wanting to take a closer look and know why Huggins would keep such a book, she decides to borrow it without being noticed by Huggins, so she can read more of it. During lunchtime, she refuses Lincoln and his friends' proposition to eat with them to read the book alone, which attracts Lincoln's suspicion. However, Fluush seems to recognize it, and tells him that they must get it at all costs, despite him not wanting to steal something from one of her friends.

After he manages to sneak behind Ronnie Anne and take the book from her bag with Fluush's help, Lincoln notices that some students have signed photos of Ace Savvy, despite him not remembering to have signed autographs. After closer inspection, he learns that Chandler is buying Ace Savvy autographs while pretending to be his closest friend. Despite Clyde's advices, he tries to confront Chandler and convince everyone present that he is only telling lies, but only gets the laughs of them, and they dismiss him, saying he is just jealous he didn't met Ace Savvy like Chandler. Angry, he decides to hide himself in the bathroom to turn into Ace Savvy, so he can be able to tell everyone the truth. As a result, the students become angry at him and call him a loser, before taking back their money themselves. Feeling humiliated, Chandler furiously declares that Ace Savvy is dead to him before storming out the lunchroom.

Meanwhile, Hawk Moth decides to use Chandler's negative emotions to akumatize him into the perfect opposite of the Royal Woods superhero, Ace Evil. Along with his own deck of magic cards, he also has unlimited uses of his Lucky Ace card. Now, he is determined to make Ace Savvy pay for ruining his reputation, forcing him and Chara de Hearts to fight his evil counterpart.

Heavy Metal (A.K.A Origins)[]

After a mysterious person took possession of the Number 13 Miraculous and is now able to turn into Hawk Moth with the power of its kwami Baccarat, the last Guardian of the Miraculouses as well as the holder of the Ace Miraculous, Jack Holdem, realizes that a ominous danger is coming to Royal Woods, Michigan, and decides to turn back into Ace Savvy, but after hurting his back when trying to transform, he decides, under his kwami Fluush's advice, that he must retire from his old superhero career and give his most powerful Miraculouses to two worthy holders...

As Lincoln and Clyde are heading to school, they notice an old man falling in the middle of the road and about to be ran over by a car. Lincoln then selflessly decides to push the man out of the road for his safety. As he thanks him for saving his life, he tells him that he begins to feel hungry, so he decides to give him half of his mac and cheese bites. Feeling that he's perfect for the role, Holdem slips a mysterious box in his bag without him noticing. Some time later, he notices Lincoln's tough but nice classmate Ronnie Anne defending a young boy from an older bully, before giving him a wedgie after he insulted her. Interested by this strong sense of justice and her non-hesitation to get her hands dirty, Jack fakes having trouble to walk near Ronnie Anne, who immediately runs to his help, despite knowing that her actions will cause her to be late for school and end up in Principal Huggins' office again. After thanking her, he secretly slips another box in her bag without her noticing. At the same time, Luna's roadie Chunk, who is driving her to the high school, is upset to learn after a police control routine that his driving license is expired for some time, and is now unable to drive his van. His negative emotions makes him the perfect candidate for Hawk Moth, who decides to send an akuma to corrupt him into his first supervillain. Chunk is then akumatized into Heavy Metal, a big and entirely metallic colossus with enormous strength, who can also produce powerful shockwaves by clapping his hands.

As this metallic creature is destroying Royal Woods, every student is told to go back home. When Lincoln and Ronnie Anne empty their bags in their respective bedrooms, they finds the boxes Holdem put inside, and when they opened them, they are surprised to meet little fairy-like creatures named Fluush and Ellie respectively. Fluush is go-getter and excited while Ellie is calm and serene. Fluush then explains him that he has been chosen to be the new Ace Savvy, the only superhero able to defeat Heavy Metal and turn him back to his normal self. After putting the Ace Bracelets on his wrists, Lincoln only has to tell "Fluush, deal me in!" to transform into Ace Savvy. Along with enhanced strength and agility, he is also equipped with a deck of magic cards with various effects: explosive cards, energy cards, smoke bomb cards, and more importantly, the Lucky Ace card, who gives one seemingly random object that will actually help him defeat the enemy. However, the cards are at a limited number, and each use of the Lucky Ace card will cause his Miraculous to depower after five minutes, and Fluush must be fed afterwards in order for the Miraculous to be activated again. Meanwhile, Ellie explains to Ronnie Anne that her Heart Hair Tie contains the power of destruction, and that by saying 'Ellie, deal me in!", she will turn into the Heart superheroine Chara de Hearts. Not only she becomes stronger and more agile, she gets a powerful magic whip that can extend to no end, and when she needs it, she can activate her special power "Heart Attack" to destroy anything she touches. Like Ace Savvy however, her Miraculous will depower after five minutes after using it, and Ellie must be fed afterwards so she can transform again.

While Ronnie Anne fully embraces her new superhero role, Lincoln is a bit uncomfortable about having to protect Royal Woods from supervillains and even thinks he isn't fit to be Ace Savvy. However, he soon gets used to it, and is ready to take responsibility of it to defeat Heavy Metal.

Season 2[]


After they managed to retrieve the mysterious book from Ronnie Anne, Fluush decides that it is time for Lincoln to meet the Great Guardian of the Miraculouses, Jack Holdem. As he enters his home, he immediatly recognizes the man he saved weeks earlier and who cured Fluush from his illness, and even gets to meet his kwami Jakk who is also Fluush's best friend. As he deems the Ace Miraculous holder trustful, he tells him his story: a long time ago, he was one of the many Miraculous Guardians trained in a great hidden temple, but after he committed an awful mistake, the temple was destroyed, and the book and two Miraculouses are lost in the process, along with the rest of the Guardians. He still managed to retrieve the Miracle Box, a jewelry box full of Miraculouses, and keeps it with him until now. With the book in hands, he may now have a way to find Hawk Moth. After Lincoln told him how he got the book, Holdem suspects "that friend of his" to also have the Number 13 and Wild Card Miraculouses, and be actually Hawk Moth.

Shocked by this thought, Lincoln decides to quickly go back to school, not wanting to believe that Ronnie Anne would be actually Hawk Moth, and thus decides to not trust Holdem right now. But as he joins his friends, he learns some terrible news: Ronnie Anne is called by a furious Principal Huggins at his office, for having stolen his precious and irreplaceable book. As she lost the book and can't know what happened to it, Huggins takes the decision to expel her for an indefinite time. After telling her to leave the school immediately, he begins to throw a tantrum and destroys everything in his office. Although Lincoln is reassured that Ronnie Anne is not Hawk Moth, he's still upset about causing her to be expelled, and wants to tell the truth to Huggins. However, he begins to think that HE may actually be Hawk Moth.

Meanwhile, Hawk Moth senses the principal's anger, and decides to send an akuma after him. But suddenly, he tells it to stay close to him, and de-transforms to reveal his true identity: Principal Huggins himself! In a desperate attempt to retrieve Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts' Miraculouses, he renounces the Number 13 Miraculous, and akumatizes himself into Pagemaster, a supervillain armed with a magic book that can trap anything anyone hit inside it as they are frozen in time. He then causes chaos at school and traps Cheryl and most of the school students including Lincoln's classmates and sisters, before setting out to catch the most rotten egg of all according to him: Ronnie Anne. Transformed into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne go confronting this unusually strong foe to end his carnage, although it doesn't matter for him, as even if he gets defeated, he will still manage to preserve his identity.


Tabby's school rock band (that also includes Liam) is practicing at school in anticipation of the upcoming school fair. Although they don't disturb the students, Cheryl still points out at Principal Huggins that they can potentially contribute to school nuisance, which is considered as a infraction. Wanting to get use of this rule to create a new akumatized villain, Huggins calls Tabby at his office, and forbids her to play any music in the school, and even decides to forbid her group to perform at the fair or at the school, much to her rage, as she screams injustice. After she angrily leaved the office, Huggins turns into Hawk Moth and sends an akuma to turn her into Subwoofer, a freedom-loving supervillain who can create loud sound waves through the magic speakers on her shoulders, and plug magic jacks into sound-producing devices to create even more sound from them.

With her loud noises, she makes all the school staff flee (except for Huggins), before organizing a giant party inside for all the students, much to their joy. Only Lincoln couldn't be happy with this, as he must save them at the cost of a paradise of freedom for him and every kid at the school, especially since Subwoofer won't let them go out and want them to stay here forever. However, he can't transform into Ace Savvy right now, as she blocked all entrances and exits of the gym she is holding the party in, making him and everyone inside her prisoners. Thankfully, Ronnie Anne happens to be outside at the playground to finish a skate game on her phone she is playing for some time now without being deranged, and heard the screams and loud music inside the school. After putting away her phone, she transforms into Chara de Hearts to help the students escape and fight Subwoofer, while Lincoln still tries a way to transform into Ace Savvy without being seen.

Bad Newscaster[]

To prevent her new morning show "Kat Chat" from being cancelled by her superior, news reporter Katherine Mulligan promises to her viewers a special interview with Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, in which viewers can call to ask them questions, so the ratings can skyrocket. While he is unsure about it, since it could potentially reveal his identity and all the family will watch the show, Lincoln still accepts to appear tonight as Ace Savvy alongside Chara de Hearts with Katherine Mulligan. As callers go by (Clyde, Rusty, the Loud sisters...), everything was going fine, until amateur reporter Carol Pingrey calls to show some photos she took of him with Chara, with among them, one where he's kissing her to break her out Rancid Cupid's curse, and excitingly asks them if they are a couple. Shocked, frustrated and awkward all at once, Ace Savvy tells Katherine, Carol and the viewers that he doesn't like when someone messes with his private life, before leaving the show in anger with Chara following him. Katherine's show is then cancelled, and she's left alone, on her knees and crying.

Her sadness makes her a easy target for Hawk Moth, who akumatizes her into Bad Newscaster. This new supervillain has the ability to hijack TV screens and travel through them, and can use a microphone that can shoot lasers that turn those who get hit into her minions, Determined to find the truth about Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, she manipulates everyone in the TV studio and orders them to kidnap the viewers who questioned them during the show, before leaving to manipulate even more people by passing through TVs. Seeing the Loud sisters, Clyde and Rusty being pursued by a crowd of hypnotized people, Ace and Chara go separate ways to save them while Nad Newscaster looks at the ratings that slowly go higher, and decides to go to something even more bigger. After rescuing Clyde and Rusty, Ace learns by watching a TV that Bad Newscaster has taken advantage of their rescue to kidnap Carol and trap her in a safe on the Royal Woods Spa's roof, ready to plunge in the pool below. As Chara is still occupied with the Loud sisters, Ace is alone in a race against time to save Carol at the Spa and de-evilize Katherine Mulligan.

Bother Nature[]

In Lori and Leni's school, their friend Becky tries to alert them and her other friends about a major crisis: the old tree planted in the park for generations, before even Royal Woods' creation, is about to be cut down to leave room for a new churro stand, and if we don't do anything to prevent this, many childhood memories will disappear with it. Not knowing that Becky was such a determined activist, Lori and Leni accepts to help her protect the tree tomorrow. However, as they join her near the tree that day, they and their friends didn't know that they will be chained around the tree for 24 hours to protest against the tree's fall, and politely decline, telling Becky fake excuses to leave her. Disappointed by their lack of determination, she decides to chain herself anyway, but as she struggles with the chain, the foremen come in to tell her to go away, as they're going to cut the tree down and it will be too dangerous for her.

Mad about not being able to save the tree, Becky doesn't get unnoticed by Hawk Moth, who akumatizes her into Bother Nature, a nature loving villain with the power of manipulate plant life. After giving life to the tree and turning it into a giant tree monster that can shoot green rays that progressively turns people it hits into trees, she makes all the foremen flee in fear and turn them into tree people. She soon begins to cause destruction in Royal Woods, turning nearby plant life on her side so she can make nature invade the city. As Ace Savvy et Chara de Hearts learns about this new supervillain, they immediately set out to defeat her and free its akuma. Unfortunately, Ronnie Anne's recklessness gets amped up when she turns into Chara de Hearts, and as she goes fighting Bother Nature head-on without thinking about a plan, she gets hit by one of the tree monster's rays, and soon sees her skin becoming bark, before realizing she is slowly turning into a tree. Not wanting to lose time after this fatal mistake, Chara is determined to take down Bother Nature by any way possible until she gets fully transformed, while Ace helps her to learn to think first and act later so she can be fully able to defeat her with his help.


After eating ice cream at Aunt Pam's Ice Cream Parlor, Lana is afflicted by a nasty case of toothache, and must go at Dr. Feinstein's office as a result. Despite being very afraid of having an appointment with the dentist, she is convinced by her family to still go despite her fears, but decides that if she must go, Lola must go as well, as she also needs a check-up.

After Lola got her check-up without any problem (even getting a lollipop for her courage), it's Lana's turn to have her teeth checked up. Encouraged by her twin sister and her mother, she climbs on the dental chair, and gets greeted by Feinstein, who after watching her teeth, tells her she has a cavity that needs to be filled. Becoming too scared of him, she violently bites him while he's filling her cavity, causing him to scream in intense pain. Due to the strength of Lana's bite, he has to get his hand bandaged by Rita, who tells him that he must go on a medical leave so it can heal, as he can't use his tools properly anymore. Not willing to leave one of his patients in pain, Feinstein gets possessed by an akuma and turned into the evil dentist Sadentist. Armed with many high-tech dentist tools, he is determined to give to everyone a perfect dentition, whether they want it or not.

After Sadentist gives to Lola braces that barely allow her to talk properly, he is about to fill Lana's cavity despite her being immobilized by fear and the pain from her cavity, until Lola attacks him to prevent him to do it and for ruining her looks, and flees with Lana to hide her in the house. When learning that a mad dentist terrorizes Royal Woods, Lincoln transforms into Ace Savvy and gets joined by Ronnie Anne as Chara de Hearts to de-evilize Dr. Feinstein, who becomes interested in their particular front teeth, along with Lana's cavity.

The Hunting Specter[]

After shooting a live episode of "AARGH!" at Royal Woods, host Hunter Spector accepts to give autographed pictures to his fans. But as he is doing two for Lincoln and Clyde, he overhears a discussion between two kids, who are talking about an upcoming "AARGH!" reboot. Intrigued, Hunter decides to talk to his producers to learn more about it, but learns the horrible truth: as they think that his show is not making enough audience, they decided to reboot it, and replace its original host with a younger and hipper one named "Chester Specter". After watching a brief clip of the upcoming reboot's pilot, he becomes depressed, and goes sitting inside his van in sadness. An attracted Hawk Moth then senses his emotions, and akumatizes him into the Hunting Specter, an evil ghost entity who can phase through people to rend them transparent, intangible and floaty, practically turning them into ghosts, and enter into someone's body to possess them. Also, when possessing somebody, he gains telekinesis by the process.

With these powers, he begins to turn Royal Woods into a literal ghost town, causing Lincoln and Clyde to escape, while Chara de Hearts intervenes to fight the evil ghost. As Lincoln is not back home yet, the Loud sisters go finding him before he gets hurt, but before he could join them, the Hunting Specter phases through the van, and turns all the sisters into ghosts. As the sisters are mostly shocked about being turned into ghosts (even though some like Luan or Lucy actually like the experience, Luan even takes pleasure in temporarily possessing Lincoln's body for laughs), Lincoln promises them that Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts will fix everything, Meanwhile, after fighting the Hunting Specter without Ace, Chara ends up turned into a ghost and left unable to use her whip or her Heart Attack, and the Hunting Specter manages to possess Clyde's body. After turning into Ace Savvy, Lincoln goes fighting him to save Clyde, while Chara and the Loud sisters decide to make use of their new condition to help him.


While the Loud family is spending their day at the mall separated into small groups. Lucy, Lana and Lola come across a bunch of children gathered around someone dressed in a Blarney the Dinosaur mascot costume who wants to see them happy and takes his role very seriously. While the twins are excited to see their favorite dinosaur, Lucy is not happy by the slightest, and only sighs when seeing him. When "Blarney" notices her in this bad mood, he approaches her, and decides to make his best to make her happy, whether by dancing around her, singing to her, and even hugging her. Unfortunately, not only it fails and only makes Lucy more uncomfortable and moody, but she also makes a spiteful speech about "how these attempts to make people happy are actually pitiful and worthless, and how joy is only an unreachable illusion, so he's just an useless stain without real goal in this world".

This speech breaks the poor man enough to make him go away and attract Hawk Moth, who akumatizes him into Joynosaur, a deceptively happy supervillain in a corrupted Blarney costume who can spread a joy virus by hugging unwilling people, who will at their turn want to hug other people to infect them. Thanks to Hawk Moth, he can finally make Lucy happy forever. While Lana, Lola and the other children ask her why she did it, Joynosaur attacks the mall customers to turn them into sugar-seeking zombies, with Lola being unfortunately one of them. As everyone inside the mall is in panic and tries to escape, Lincoln manages to hide and turns into Ace Savvy, while Ronnie Anne, who was at the mall with Bobby at the time, turns into Chara de Hearts to stop this madness, while Bobby becomes one of the infectees.

Soon, almost all the mall is infected by his joy virus, with Ace, Chara, Lucy and the other Loud sisters (sans Lola) as the only ones who aren't touched. As the mall is closed down and quarantined, they all decide to find a way to escape, save Lucy and defeat Joynosaur. As the Loud sisters and Chara become victims of the virus one by one from different ways (Leni walking on the wrong escalator, Luan realizing that Lily has become a zombie after she hugged her to recomfort her before hugging Lisa once fully infected, Lynn charging into the zombies to restrain them, Lori being unable to resist zombie Bobby's charm, Luna distracting the zombies with her music before jumping into the crowd, Lana opening an exit door to the rest of the group and voluntarily staying behind, Chara jumping in front of a crowd of zombies to block them...), Ace Savvy must try everything to protect her goth sister and save Royal Woods, as some zombies managed to go outside...


While Lucy is reading one of her books alone in her room, all the other Louds organize a secret reunion inside Lori and Leni's room without her to talk about a important subject: since the Joynosaur incident, they think that Lucy's gloomy behavior can really affect people around her, and they fear that it could cause potential akumatizations that could hurt them and herself. As such, they try to find a way to help her control her emotions and lessen her chances to accidentally create new potential victims for Hawk Moth (among others, Lisa suggests cryogenization, Lynn suggests sending her to another country, Lola suggests lobotomy...). After some discussion, Rita gets the idea to subscribe her to an emotional guidance class so she can open to others and develop herself emotionally, and when she talks to her about it, she hesitates for a moment, before finally accepting, but only to pleasure her and the family.

The next day, Lucy is going at her first emotional guidance class, which also includes Maggie among her classmates. Unlike Lucy, she was actually forced to participate at this class by her mother, and is even more of a basket case than her. As time goes on, Maggie couldn't bear all those sweet compliments, trust exercises and hugs, and then comes the confession exercise, in which she is paired with Lucy, and both must confess each other what they feel. Although Lucy managed to tell her that she likes her in some way, Maggie is unable to do it too, and frustratingly storms out the room. Her negative emotions are then sensed by Hawk Moth who sends an akuma to turn her into Killjoy, a dark and evil enchantress set out to eradicate all the joy and positivity in Royal Woods. She can now float above the ground, and has the power to absorb people's positive emotions by touching them, and turn them into dark, depressive and emo-like husks of their former selves. Also, these emotions empower the destructive dark magic blasts she can shoot with her hands.

Now turned into a powerful villain, Maggie absorbs most of their classmates' positive emotions, and then attacks the rest of the students in the school. Despite Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts intervening to stop her, she also manages to turn Lana into a colorless and depressive girl who has to be dragged to safety by Lola, before leaving to suck the emotions of everybody else in Royal Woods. As she watched her absorbing Lana's emotions, Lucy realizes the true reason why her family wants her to go at that emotional guidance class, as she sees Maggie as who she could be if she isn't able to open her emotions more often, and now fully accepts the responsability of "Blarney the Dinosaur"'s akumatization. Feeling proud of her, Ace Savvy goes borrowing a Miraculous from Jack Holdem while Chara tries to stop Killjoy by herself, and gives the Spade Bolo Tie to Lucy. She then meets the quiet kwami Akjja, and after wearing the Bolo Tie, she says "Akjja, deal me in!" to turn into a hooded superhero called the Eight of Spades. Along with an indestructible black spade that can reflect projectiles, she gains the superpower "Illusion": when using it, she creates a life-like illusion of anything she can think of. Along with the Eight of Spades, Ace and Chara are determined to save Royal Woods and defeat Killjoy.


While Ace Savvy, Chara de Hearts and their recently new ally the Eight of Spades try to subdue a stampede of accidentally released furious bulls, two of Lincoln's classmates, Girl Jordan and Mollie, spend the day at the swimming pool, away from the danger outside. As Girl Jordan takes a sunbath, Mollie sees a boy doing a cannonball, and decides to show him how to do a perfect one. Soon, she challenges everyone who dares to do it in a cannonball contest, but not without kissing her lucky Canadian penny before her turn to go, and wins against her challenger every time.

After the trio manages to stop the bulls from causing chaos at Royal Woods, Chara realizes she never understands why Ace can know the other holders' secret identities but not her, and wonders if he actually trusts her. Sadly, Ace can't answer now due to the Eight of Spades being about to detransform, but promises her to tell her everything later, leaving her quite frustrated. After Lucy returned the Spade Bolo Tie to him, Lincoln goes giving it back to Jack Holdem, who is in the middle of preparing special potions that can grant kwamis new abilities. Although he wants to help him finishing them, Lincoln realizes he must join his friends at the theater, as they want to see the new Rip Hardcore movie together. Meanwhile at the pool, Mollie is still doing her cannonball contest, and is competing against none other than Chandler, who bragged about being the best cannonballist in Royal Woods and even mocked Mollie. She unhesitantly accepts to challenge him, and after he did his cannonball, she quickly charges towards the diving board... until she gets distracted by a strange screech that makes her slip on the board and fall in the pool. As she gets out, she is laughed at by almost everyone at the pool (except Girl Jordan), and Chandler even filmed this epic fail on his phone. As Mollie accuses him of cheating so he can win the cannonball contest, she decides to leave the pool to never come back, angry and humiliated. This gives Hawk Moth a new opportunity to get Ace and Chara's Miraculouses, and he sends an akuma that corrupts Mollie through her lucky penny and turns her into H20rror, a supervillain with total control over water and the ability to make it take any shape she wants. Immediatly after, she overflows the pool and use every water source in Royal Woods to flood the town, forcing everyone to retract on the roofs.

As they see the theater room being filled more and more with water, Lincoln and his friends quickly escape with everyone else on the roof of the mall, and see their town totally flooded. As they try to figure out what just occured, Lincoln notices a giant humanoid made of water roaming around, and after pretending to leave so he can get help, he hides to transform into Ace Savvy and confront this water giant with Chara de Hearts. Unfortunately, H20rror has the field advantage over them, as she can quickly hide into the water before reemerging to surprise them. Overwhelmed, Ace uses his Lucky Ace card that gives him the idea to go at Jack Holdem's, leaving an infuriated Chara behind, as she thinks he doesn't actually trust her as her partner, saying that as a duo, they should confide to each other. Feeling sorry, Ace leaves her, but not without saying that having to keep these secrets doesn't depend on him. Once he joins Holdem, they both manage to finish the potions, and Lincoln uses one of them to turn Fluush into Fishy Fluush, who allows him to turn into Aqua Ace Savvy, a new form who can breath and swim easily underwater. Now, he has what it takes to defeat H20rror, who is set on destroying Chandler for humiliating her, while Ronnie Anne gets to meet the man who gave her her Miraculous himself...

The Stinker[]

While they are riding on their bikes at the park, Lana and her friend Skippy come across a skunk across the road, and the tomboy decides to approach it to pick it up and cuddle it, as she finds the little animal very cute. However, as soon as she touches it, the skunk almost immediately attacks her, and when Skippy tries to defend her with a stick, he gets sprayed by its awful odor, before it flees. As his smell repulses everyone in the park, Lana tries to help him by making him take a bath in the lake. However, Mayor Davis comes in as she got wind about a horrible smell in the park, and tells Skippy to leave as it makes all the park visitors flee in disgust. Considering himself as a smelly monster, he decides to hide himself somewhere in the woods until the smell dissipates. Not wanting him to endure this, Lana decides to go in the woods to search for him and convince him to not be ashamed by his condition.

While she is searching for Skippy, the poor boy gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, and turns into a young skunk-like creature named the Stinker, who can spray people with his horrendous smell either to attack and blind them, either to turn them into mindless and smelly zombies at his command, so everyone can know what he feels. When Lana sees a bunch of animals fleeing from him, she realizes something is wrong, and after leaving the woods, she discovers the Stinker plaguing everyone in sight to turn them into zombies, before spraying her as well. However, Lana's strong love for bad odors causes her to resist his zombifying power, as it only causes her to cough a bit. Realizing what Hawk Moth has done to her friend, Lana immediately flees to her house, losing her cap in the process, and tells the family about the danger outside, before learning by breaking news on TV that the Stinker wants to find her and kiss her, so she can be his princess and rule Royal Woods with him.

Not wanting to stay home while her friend is possessed and attacking Royal Woods, Lana decides to go back outside, determined to talk to him and convince him to stop, thinking it's going to be okay as she is immune to his smell, but the rest of the family, who don't want her to get hurt by his zombies, hides her inside Lisa's bunker so she can be safe and sound, but gets confronted by the Stinker, who turns them into zombies as well. Thankfully, Lincoln manages to get untouched by his stench and turns into Ace Savvy to fight him and his army alongside Chara de Hearts, but despite trying their best to fight them, they both get overwhelmed by him and his smell and Ace realizes that he must get help. So, after entering Jack Holdem's home, he gets allowed to pick the King Ring, and decides to give it to Lana, who in the meantime, managed to open the bunker's hatch with Hops' help to go find the Stinker and save him. When she sees Chara having difficulty facing the smelly zombies including her sisters and parents, she decides to intervene by opening a fire hydrant on them to fend them off, giving Chara some time to escape, after thanking her.

After seeing what Lana did to protect Chara, Ace appears right in front of her to give her a little box containing the Miraculous. After opening it, she meets Faaro, the King Ring's energetic kwami whom she excitely gushes upon the cuteness at the first sight, and after wearing the ring on her finger, she tells the magic words "Faaro, deal me in!", and turns into the Royal Flush. Now a superheroine, she is armed with an indestructible wrench that can be thrown like a boomerang, and gets the superpower "Construction", that allows her to use her ring to create a light construct of anything she can think of. Now assisted by his younger sister and Chara de Hearts, Ace Savvy goes confronting the Stinker again to save him from Hawk Moth's influence.


After winning yet another beauty pageant contest, Lola begins to feel bored by her multiple victories, and to the surprise of the family, she takes the decision to take a break for a while. However, she forgets that the Royal Woods Miss Glitter Pageant Contest will be holded in a week, and despite her desire to participate, she really wants to take some days without thinking about beauty contests. Lana then decides to replace her as a pageant to keep the Louds' beauty pageant legacy on the line, which Lola accepts, despite knowing that it's far from her comfort zone. After a week of training helped by Lincoln and Lola, she is ready to participate at the contest.

Encouraged by his family (and Lola, dressed in her pink hoodie), Lana makes a remarkable impression to the judges, even surpassing Lola's long-time rival Lindsey Sweetwater. At first, she doesn't seem to remember or recognize Lana, but when Lincoln and Lola tells her that it's really her, she is outraged about the thought of being beaten by a dirty and undignified girl who takes pleasure in rummaging through garbage and taking mud baths. Despite Lana wishing her good luck for the contest, she refuses to stay close to her and furiously enters the dressing room to spray her tiara with glitter, determined to beat Lana at any cost and preserve her reputation.

Her negative emotions are enough for Hawk Moth to akumatize her into Glitterrific, a powerful villain made of glitter who can turn her victims into disintegrating glitter statues that can be contained inside her scepter, and teleport herself and her victims anywhere in a big glitter cloud. She then crashes the contest during the walk on the podium, and turns Lana into a glitter statue to the shock of everybody present. Despite Ace Savvy intervening to defeat her, she also turns the judges and most of the spectators into statues, and escapes with Lana before telling everybody in Royal Woods that she will keeping her hostage inside a glitter coffin until Lola Loud gives up all her beauty pageant titles to her. Feeling that he needs some help, Lincoln decides to go see Jack Holdem, and of all of his Miraculouses, he picks the Diamond Earrings, and knows exactly who he will give it to. Meanwhile, Ronnie Anne turns into Chara de Hearts to fight Glitterrific and save Lincoln's young sister, but ends up with her whip turned into glitter, leaving her with no choice but to retreat and wait for Ace Savvy.

While the Louds are distressed about the fact that one of the sisters is turned into glitter and keeped hostage by an akumatized villain, Lola shockingly accepts to comply to her ransom, and is on her way to give Glitterrific all of her crowns, tiaras and prizes so she can get Lana back. However, Ace Savvy convinces her otherwise and tells her that there is another and easier way to do it instead of sacrificing her pageant career: he then gives her the Diamond Earrings, and after she opened the box, she meets the snarky female kwami Pokker, who explains her how her Miraculous works. By saying "Pokker, deal me in!", Lola transforms into the Queen of Diamonds, a superheroine with a diamond tiara that can be thrown to enemies, works like a boomerang and reflects projectiles, and whose superpower, "Flashlight", allows her to use her cape to create a powerful flash of light that temporarily blinds the opponent. Now, Lola is ready to help Ace and Chara defeat Glitterrific and save Lana, until she and the other victims are reduced to mere piles of glitter.

Big Burpy[]

While Lynn, Margo and their other teammates are celebrating another victory at their last soccer match at Burpin' Burger, Lynn can't help but notice Chandler, who is harassing teenage employee Grant with an over the top order, abuses the fast-food's rule of "The customer is always right", and threatens to not paying him if he doesn't do the order right. Sympathizing with the poor worker, she decides to teach him a lesson by tripping him up, causing him to spill all his food on the floor. However, Grant gets angry at Lynn, as he spent one hour cleaning the restaurant's floor until we are able to see our reflection on it, and Lynn retorts that she tripped Chandler up only to help him, as he was treating him like trash. Their dispute escalates until Grant, overcome by stress, screams that Lynn at she is wrong. The manager catches him yelling at her, and lectures him, saying that no matter what, the customer is ALWAYS right. He then demotes him at cleaning the newly-installed statue of the Burpin' Burger mascot Burpy.

As Grant is cleaning the statue, he is still mad at Lynn and is now holding a grudge against her. This causes him to be possessed by an akuma that entered in the statue, and be akumatized into Big Burpy, a supervillain motion-controlling a giant Burpy mecha that possesses great strength and can shoot ketchup and mustard through its eyes, throw giant beef steaks like discs, and shooting sticky soda through its mouth. He then sets out to find Lynn and get his revenge at her. Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts do show up to try to stop the mecha, but can't manage to approach him so they can break it. Lynn eventually gets confronted to Big Burpy, but fortunately, is rescued by Ace and Chara when he attacks her. However, she begins to blame herself for causing Grant's akumatization in the first place and unknowingly helping Hawk Moth, despite the fact that all she wanted to do is to help Grant, but Ace Savvy reassures her and says her that we can't always know what our actions would lead to. He then goes at Jack Holdem's home to pick a Miraculous to someone who can give him help, while Chara tries to distract Big Burpy. He chooses the 8-Ball Sweatband, and decides to give it to Lynn.

After meeting the fiery kwami Pool, Lynn wears the sweatband, and says "Pool, deal me in!" to turn into the Strong Suit. Upon transforming, she gets equipped with a pair of indestructible red gauntlets, and by using her power "Strongarm", she gains a surhuman strength that allows her to pick up any object, no matter their weight. With her new temporary abilities, Lynn is ready to undo her mistake and help Ace and Chara defeat Big Burpy.


In Orlando, Florida, Kirk Fogg just finished hosting a new episode of his famous game show "Legends of the Hidden Temple", and as he goes to his dressing room to see what's going on in social media, he notices a video of the Royal Woods heroes Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts saving an out of control school bus full of children. After watching it, he decides to go at Royal Woods, Michigan, as he got an idea in mind...

At Royal Woods, Lincoln is watching TV when he sees a commercial saying that Kirk Fogg and his crew are filming the newest episode of "Legends of the Hidden Temple" in his town. Excited, he, his friends and Lynn Sr. immediately go at the studios where the filming is taking place, where many fans of the show try to get Fogg's attention to get an autograph or even gain a place in his show. However, they don't know that he isn't actually at the studios, but outside with his crew to make up a fake accident, where a large tree fell on his leg and prevents him to move. After being alerted of Kirk Fogg's "accident", Lincoln and Ronnie Anne immediately turn into Ace and Chara to save him, but soon realize that the tree is made of cardboard and plaster. As he stands up, Fogg then reveals that if he put up this act, it's because he wants to speak to them and ask them to be the special guest contestants of the next episode of "Legends of the Hidden Temple", thinking it would be awesome to see actual superheroes facing the challenges of the temple. While Chara is interested by the idea, Ace remembers the whole fiasco with Katherine Mulligan's morning show, and bluntly refuses to do it, saying that they are superheroes, not celebrities. The two then leave the scene despite Fogg's repeated insistences, leaving him on his knees and sighing out of sheer disappointment.

Kirk Fogg's negative emotions leave him vulnerable to Hawk Moth's powers, and in a matter of time, he gets possessed by an akuma and turns into a supervillain called Legendeerie. Using his magical scepter, he creates a very large temple out of the ground and commands an evil version of his co-host Olmec, who converts people in Royal Woods including his crew into energy by shooting red lasers beams with his eyes before eating them. After realizing that Kirk Fogg has become Hawk Moth's latest victim, Ace and Chara immediately go to the temple to confront him and save the victims. However, before reaching him, they have to resolve all of his riddles and escape the many dangers of the temple, which is in complete control of Legendeerie thanks to his scepter, while being watched by the Royal Woods citizens on TV, including the Loud family and Lincoln's friends, who all want the duo to win...

Raging Beast[]

During a night patrol with Ace Savvy, Chara de Hearts reveals that her family has moved to another city, and as such, she will be less present during their missions at Royal Woods, especially during school time. After a brief moment of shock, Ace still decides to accept it, and wishes her good luck at her new home before she flies away as Chara Espacial. The next day at school, he can't help but think about her much to his friends' concern, as they think it must be because of Ronnie Anne's recent departure. Later, during gym class, Lincoln and his friends realize that since Ronnie Anne moved at Great Lakes City, they have lost their best weapon during dodgeball. After a string of catastrophic matches against Chandler's team, they decide to secretly train in the school gym and remember what Ronnie Anne taught them when she was the captain of their dodgeball team. However, Clyde completely misses one of his throws, and his dodgeball ends up bouncing everywhere in the halls, before breaking Coach Pacowski's prized 1978 Softball School Championship trophy. When he sees the destroyed trophy on the floor, Pacowski becomes angry beyond reason, and begins to chase Clyde across the school, but he luckily manages to lock him in Norm the janitor's closet.

When Huggins hears him banging on the closet's door, he gets the idea to turn into Hawk Moth and akumatize him in his burning rage into the red, huge and muscular Raging Beast. Now even more enraged and uncontrollable than before, Pacowski obtains tremendous strength and gets bigger and stronger everytime he becomes angrier. He then begins to destroy everything in the school and causes intense fear in the students, with the primary objective of finding Clyde and making him pay. Knowing that Raging Beast is seeking him, Clyde desperately wants to fix what he has done and help Ace Savvy. As he has difficulties defeating the akumatized Pacowski without Chara de Hearts, he realizes that indeed, he may need some helping hand. So, he leaves the school to go borrow the Jack Bangle from Jack Holdem with his autorization. He then joins Clyde, who reveals to him that Raging Beast is now attacking the city. Having no time to waste, he gives him the Miraculous, and after meeting the wiseful kwami Jakk, Clyde wears the bangle and turns into the superhero called One-Eyed Jack. Upon transforming, he gets a big card shield, and the superpower "Fiercefield", that creates a energy forcefield around him and his allies. Now Ace's new ally, he can really help him calm down Pacowski before he can defeat them.


After a gig at the Burned Bean, Luna and her rock band the Moon Goats are approached by a young man named Aiden, who reveals himself as the son of Jerome Silver, the organiser of the upcoming Royal Woods Rock Week Festival, a music festival held for a whole week. He tells them that he loved their performance and that his father would like to give them a place at the festival, much to the excitement of the group. However, after watching the video of the performance, he judged it as "good, but not good enough", and wants something better. Once the Moon Goats got the memo from Aiden, Luna decides to write a new song that will amaze everyone, but as the hours pass, she struggles to find anything worthy and is about to give up, when her bandmate and girlfriend Sam calls her to tell her some words of encouragement, as she knows she can do it and earn them this place at the festival. Motivated by her words, Luna manages to get the inspiration to write a rock love song that touches the rest of the band, especially Sam, when she listens to it. Now, the Moon Goats are sure to perform at the Rock Week Festival.

Unfortunately, when they go to Jerome Silver's office to show them Luna's song, they are upset to learn that he already gave the place to another band, and that all of them are now taken, saying he said nothing about keeping the place for them. Despite the Moon Goats' and Aiden's pleads and protests, he refuses to change his mind, and even says he finds love songs bland and annoying. This particularly infuriates Sam, as she knows Luna wrote her song for her and thanks to her. Meanwhile, Hawk Moth senses Sam's frustration, and decides to make her her new minion by sending an akuma to her. As she decides to go at the organic juice store alone so she can calm down, Sam gets possessed by the akuma that entered her guitar, and is offered the opportunity to get her revenge towards Jerome Silver, which she accepts without hesitation. She then transforms into Voltarist, a literally electric guitarist, as in her body is entirely made of pure blue electricity. Not only she can enter electric circuitries in the form of a lightning bolt, but she can also use her guitar to shoot electric blasts and unleash soundwaves that cause electrical devices to go haywire and attack people around them. With a single soundwave, she already made enough chaos to alert Lincoln and Ronnie Anne, who turn into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to stop her. Meanwhile, Luna manages to save Sully, Mazzy and Chunk and take them to the roofs so they can be safe here, but when she learns that Sam has been akumatized, she decides to go back to find her and talk her out, thinking she will listen to her, despite her friends telling her to not do it, or else she will be burned to a crisp. She manages to find her turned into Voltarist, but fails to convince her to stop, and she leaves her to attack Jerome Silver and take Ace and Chara's Miraculouses from them, but not without sparing her. Luna is then unable to think what to do next, until she imagines herself being given a pep talk by a Mick Swagger poster nearby, that tells her to keep track of her, as she knows she cares too much for her to not do so. Even if she thinks that it's too dangerous, Luna realizes that Mick is right and decides to follow Sam without being noticed, and only act when necessary.

As Ace and Chara struggle to defeat Voltarist and the electrical devices she controls, Ace decides to go at Jack Holdem's home as Lincoln and borrow him a Miraculous from his box, while Chara tries to defend herself and Jerome alone. After a bit of thinking, he decides to pick the Club Wristband, as he knows the one he will give it to. After leaving and turning back into Ace Savvy, he can't find Chara anywhere, and when he tries to call her, he unexpectedly gets Voltarist, who tells him that she captured Chara and Jerome who are tied with electric wires, and that they're now at the Royal Woods Theater. As he goes here to rescue them, Chara can't alert him that it's a trap fast enough, and Ace also ends up wrapped by wires. As they are at the mercy of Voltarist who is about to take off their Miraculouses, Luna, who is hiding behind the seats, decides it's time for intervene, and activates the Theater's sprinklers, causing the electrical devices to short out and freeing Ace and Chara by the process. While Chara takes Jerome to a safe place while being pursued by Voltarist, Ace goes talking to Luna alone so he can give her the box containing the Club Wristband thanks to her lack of fear when facing people as powerful as Voltarist she proved to have when saving him and Chara. After meeting the as-wild-as-her kwami Snayyz, Luna transforms into the Night Club, a superheroine armed with a magic guitar that can shoot energy rays when she plays it and a jetpack that allows her to fly, and gets the superpower "Rockwave", that allows her to create a powerful shockwave with a single strum of her guitar's strings. Amazed by her new appearance and abilities, Luna is determined to help Ace and Chara defeat Voltarist and save Sam.


Mayor Davis is hosting a Youth Talent Show at Royal Woods. Among the contestants are Luna, Lincoln and Clyde who participate as a duo like Lana and Hops who participate as well, Lucy, Lola, Lisa, Rusty, Liam, Tabby, Chandler, and especially, Luan (who will perform a stand-up routine with Mr. Coconuts), Benny (who will perform as a mime) and Giggles (who will make a prop stand-up routine). After most of the other contestants showed up, Luan is the next to go, and she does a stellar performance in front of the judges (Mayor Davis, Dana Dufresnes and Mrs. Bernardo). However, it's now Giggles' turn to perform, and after Luan's act, she stresses out in the idea of not being able to do better than her, and her jokes end up being terrible, which give her a bad score from the judges.

Upset to not be a comedian as much funny and creative as Luan, Giggles becomes akumatized by Hawk Moth with an akuma that entered her clown nose, After he gives her the opportunity to make everyone on Earth laugh, she accepts, and is transformed into an evil clown called Dreadnose. Equipped an array of prank weapons, she can also turn people into evil smiling clowns by spraying a laughing gas from her red nose. Everyone in the contest then try to escape, and while the Loud sisters manage to get into Vanzilla without their parents as they are both turned into clowns, Luan realizes that Lincoln is missing, and decides to not join them to search for him. Meanwhile, Lincoln tries his best to escape Dreadnose to transform, but as he gets cornered, Luan intervenes by throwing pies at her and temporarily subduing her with a spring snake, before taking Lincoln with her and hiding him in their house. She then leaves the house to try to help citizens fleeing her attack. As the clowns manage to enter the house and the rest of the sisters defend themselves against them, Lincoln hides inside the bathroom before turning into Ace Savvy, and leaves also the house to defeat her, but as he barely escapes being captured by the clowns, only being saved thanks to Chara de Hearts' intervention, he realizes he has to get some help from another superhero. He then comes at Jack Holdem's house to pick one of his Miraculouses. He decides to pick the Joker Brooch, and goes giving it to Luan.

After finding her sister who is still bringing people open to Dreadnose to safe places (with Benny among them), Ace gives her the box containing the Miraculous, and when she opened it, she meets the kwami Rummy, who loves jokes as much as her. After exchanging a few puns with her kwami, she wears the brooch and says "Rummy, deal me in!" to turn into the Joker, basically a superpowered and crazier version of herself. She gets armed with a huge mallet, and by using her superpower "Jokerise", she can temporarily become invisible to take her foes by surprise. Now, she has the capabilities to help Ace and Chara defeat Dreadnose and save Royal Woods and the Talent Show.

Toy Fury[]

Lisa's teacher Ms. Shrinivas thinks that one of her students Darcy spends too much time with her toy giraffe Rafo and that it distracts her during classes, so she decides to consfiscate it and give it back when she learned to become independant of it, much to her sadness. With the help of Lincoln, Lucy, Lana and Lola, she and Lisa try to break into the kindergarten classroom to open the closet, take back Rafo, and escape without being caught, although Darcy is quite reluctant to do it. However, Chandler catches them breaking into the classroom the entire time, and tells them that he recorded everything on his phone. However, Lola quickly takes it from his hands, and the group immediatly runs from Chandler, who is pursuing them. However, all goes wrong when Lana trips and causes a chain reaction that makes everyone fall, and results in Chandler's phone being broken, and Lola's tiara piercing Rafo's neck, to Darcy's horror.

When Ms. Shrinivas comes to the scene, Chandler tells them that they broke into her office to take Darcy's "dumb toy" back and destroyed his phone. While Lincoln, Lucy, Lana and Lola goes in the detention room, Lisa and Darcy are locked into their classroom for the whole afternoon watched by Ms. Shrinivas, who reprimands Lisa and Darcy and tells them if this was really worth it, as Rafo is now severely damaged. Lisa tries to comfort a tearful Darcy, but she refuses to listen to her, as she didn't want to do something wrong like stealing something from her teacher, and that because of her and her siblings, Rafo is broken and she now sees herself as a bad person, before telling Lisa that she doesn't want to be her friend anymore and crying once again. Upset, Lisa goes to the bathroom, with Shrinivas' agreement.

However, Hawk Moth senses Darcy's sadness, and decides to akumatize this poor child through Rafo and turns her into a supervillain named Toy Fury. Rafo is now turned into her giant toy steed who possesses the ability to shoot eye beams that give life to toys it hits. Toy Fury then proceeds to rampage the school to find the ones who caused her to be grounded and give life to any kind of toy she finds, before deciding to turn Royal Woods into an actual toy land by going at every toy store in town and attacking its citizens with her army. As Lana and Lola got captured, Lincoln and Lisa thankfully manage to escape her fury, and Lincoln immediatly turns into Ace Savvy to fight Toy Fury. However, he quickly gets overpowered by the toys, and only escapes thanks to Lisa's intervention.

After taking her to a good hiding place, she goes at Jack Holdem's house to take the Roulette Jewel Bracelet and give it to Lisa so she can assist him. When opening the box containing the Miraculous, she meets the Russian-accented and polite kwami Roulette, who tells her to say "Roulette, deal me in!" to turn into a superheroine called the Card Counter. Under this identity, she uses a roulette-patterned throwing disc, and gets the superpower "Reading Mind", that allows her to read her environment with extreme precision and determine his allies and enemies' next movements. Now that they're two, Ace Savvy and the Card Counter must act quickly before Toy Fury's army becomes too big.

Game Controller[]

During all of her free time, Lincoln's gamer friend Paige was preparing herself physically and mentally for the Sea-VO, a "Muscle Fish" video game tournament taking place in Florida in the next weekend, and hopes that her and Lincoln win the competition to get a copy of the next "Muscle Fish" game that is not even released yet in the United States. As she goes to his house to ask him if he can compete with her as a team, she gets upset to learn that he will actually enter the tournament with Ronnie Anne, who asked him first, and is going at Royal Woods every weekend since it was announced. Although he is nice enough to ask her if she can play with them so they can train, she refuses and says she will find another partner. However, her deception is noticed by Hawk Moth, who decides to akumatize her into his new villain: Game Controller.

With her akumatized Super Snap, Paige can now select any character who have been akumatized as of now on a character selection screen with her VR headset, turn them into their akumatized form and control them like a video game character using motion controls. She then chooses to turn Luan back into Last Laugh, and control her so she can stop Bobby's car and neutralize Ronnie Anne, much to their incomprehension. As the family saw Luan being turned back into her supervillain self and bouncing out of the house, Lincoln turns into Ace Savvy and successfully defeats and de-evilizes her, while Ace tries to figure out why there was no akuma here. However, Game Controller then takes the control of Clyde and turns him back into Kid Hazard to fight Ace. With Chara at his sides, he manages to defeat him, and realizes that someone akumatized by Hawk Moth must have pulled the strings behind these two incidents. Thinking that Ace and Chara will always have the upper hand when they fight an akumatized villain, Game Controller decides to use a cheat code to unlock a secret character : Chara de Hearts ! She then takes control of her to attack Ace Savvy, who must react quickly to find the main villain and de-evilize her.


It's Halloween night, and disguised as a sorcerer with an old brown-painted bathrobe and a long tree branch as a scepter, Rusty's little brother Rocky comes at the Loud house to help Lucy host her annual haunted corn maze, and also to spend a little time with her. However, when some trick-or-treaters come seeing the maze, they laugh at him for having a so amateur-ish costume, too fake to scare anyone anyone, before going away, thinking that the maze is not really scary. Thinking that he is going to ruin its credibility, Rocky forlornly decides to go back home, despite Lucy telling him that there may be another way for him to scare.

On his way home however, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, and is transformed into a sorcerer-like villain named Scarecerer. Not only he can float in the air, but he can also use his magic scepter to diffuse a magic smoke to make people's worst fears come to life, so he can prove he can cause intense terror in Royal Woods. For example, when Lana and Lola are hit by the smoke, a gigantic tree grows under Lana's feet, bringing her high in the sky much to her terror, and Lola gets pursued by floating mirrors that show ugly reflections of herself.

As he notices all these citizens literally running away from their fears, Lincoln decides to intervene and turn into Ace Savvy, but just before he can say "Fluush, deal me in!", he gets hit by the smoke, and finds himself face to face with the Harvester himself. Petrified in terror, he can't help but flee from the horror movie killer. Unfortunately, the Harvester keeps pursuing him, and he can't bring himself to transform due to his fears. Ronnie Anne, who was accompanying him in his trick-or-treating, does try to help him escape, as she has seen "The Harvester' so many times that she is practically desensitized from it, but unfortunately, she also gets hit by Scarecerer's smoke, and is now circled by a crowd of students who slowly approach her and call her names like "bully", "monster" or "a danger for others", causing her to go into fetal position out of fear and even cry.

In the need to help their holders vanquish their fears, Fluush and Ellie decide to fly at Jack Holdem's home to borrow him a Miraculous. On their way, they noticed Lucy hiding herself in the maze, untouched by Scarecerer's smoke, so they both decide to choose the Spade Miraculous, to drop it near her. When she sees the box, Lucy immediately wears the Miraculous to turn into the Eight of Spades, and when she goes confronting Scarecerer, she comes across Lincoln, who is still terrorized by their fears, and saves him by using her Illusion to distract the Harvester, leaving him time to turn into Ace Savvy after Fluush joined him. He then saves Ronnie Anne from the circle of students, giving her time to turn into Chara de Hearts after she gets joined by Ellie, and with the help of the Eight of Spades, the superhero duo confronts Scarcerer to stop his nightmarish rampage and save Royal Woods' citizens.


At Reininger's, Leni and her workmate Fiona were organizing the stacks while talking about fashion, when they suddenly hear a loud crash not too far away. When they come to the scene, they find the mannequins Fiona carefully organized broken on the floor, and while Leni thinks the store is haunted by a fashion-loving ghost, Fiona immediately accuses Lincoln and Clyde for having broken them, as they're often making messes when they come here and they are "coincidentally" at Reininger's the moment they heard the crash. However, the two friends assure they didn't do it, and when they and Ms. Carmichael look at the security footage, it's revealed that it's actually a mysterious shopper in a hoodie who accidentally made them fall before running away. Knowing that it's not Lincoln and Clyde, as they didn't wear a hoodie, Carmichael orders Fiona to apologize to them for pulling false accusations on them, before telling her to go clean the mess as a punishment.

As an upset Fiona is cleaning the mannequins, Lincoln, Clyde and Leni are feeling bad for her, and decide to help her to clean everything and find the culprit. Unfortunately, before they could ask her, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth to become Mannequeen, a dangerous supervillain who can touch mannequins to bring them life, so they can become indestructible and devoted soldiers who can detach their limbs to throw them at their foes. Soon, she orders her army to search everywhere in the mall so they can find the hooded culprit and punish them, while she goes giving life to more mannequins in other clothing shops.

When the trio sees the mannequins coming to life and attacking the mall customers, Clyde faints at the sight of them, and while Leni is bringing him back home while defending herself against them, Lincoln turns into Ace Savvy to fight Mannequeen, but as her army becomes too big for him, he goes at Jack Holdem's home to borrow him the Heart Headband, as he knows exactly the perfect holder for them. After finding Leni, he gives her the box containing the Miraculous, and when she opens it, she meets the sassy kwami named Quadrille, and after mistakenly thinking she's some sort of flying "bugmouse", she wears the headband and says "Quadrille, deal me in!" (not without a few failed attempts to say these words). Turned into the Eleven of Hearts, she is now armed with an indestructible scarf that can be used as a rope or a lasso to grab things, and her superpower is called "Fake Up": when activating it, she can temporarily take the appearance and voice of somebody she thinks about. Although Leni rejoices being a superheroine, she and Ace Savvy must intervene quickly, as Mannequin managed to capture the culprit: Lola ! After saving Chara who was circled by the army, they immediately devide a plan to defeat Mannequeen, destroy the scarf that contains the akuma and save Lola, before the mannequins take over all of Royal Woods.

The Song Rewriter[]

As he was picking up the mail, Lincoln finds a letter addressed towards Luna from a mysterious music producer named "D.M.", who wants her to sign a contract with them at Banger's & Mosh. At first, she is excited, but at the place of rendez-vous, she soon realizes it was none other than the producers of "America's Next Hitmaker" Doug and Michelle, who want her to make a deal with them so she can become Lulu again, only this time with some advantages, such as a new pink motorcycle, the possibility to meet famous musicians such as SMOOCH or Mick Swagger, and 65% of the benefits.

As she knew that they only want to take profit of her musical talent while not caring about her integrity, not only Luna adamantly refuses, but she also asked Chunk to come with her in case something goes wrong, and he then throws them out of the restaurant on her accord. In addition, Doug's car gets towed for illegal parking, causing him to stomp his pen in rage. Hawk Moth senses him reaching his breaking point, and after his newest akuma possesses him through his pen, Doug accepts without hesitation his deal, and gets akumatized into the Song Rewriter. With his magic pen, he can shoot lasers at people to make them enter in trance, and use the microphone on it to literally rewrite their memories with his voice. Now, in exchange of Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts' bracelets, he can finally convince Luna to become a pop star again, whether she wants it or not.

After manipulating Michelle into helping him, he tracks down Chunk's van, and manages to rewrite his memories into thinking he's his devoted bodyguard. After being captured, Luna does manage to knock out Chunk and quickly escapes to her home. However, the Song Rewriter uses his pen to also manipulate almost all of her family's memories into thinking they're supportive for their pop musician sister Lulu and not knowing who Luna Loud is, and when Chara de Hearts intervenes to help her and Lincoln after knowing what's going on at Royal Woods, she also gets affected by the Song Rewriter, who brainwashes her to his side. As she can't even hide in her own house, Luna decides to search for the best hiding place possible, while being tracked by an army of Lulu fans that gets bigger and bigger as time passes and trying everything possible to get rid of them. To help her, Lincoln decides to borrow the Club Wristband from Jack Holdem to give it to her.

As almost all of the Royal Woods citizens are manipulated by the Song Rewriter and Michelle and Chunk are preparing the scene for Lulu's big concert while being supervised by the brainwashed Chara, Ace Savvy manages to find Luna on the roof of the Royal Woods mall, blasting music as loud as she can to fend off Lulu fans that circle her with her guitar and a bunch of speakers. After picking her up to the backside of her house, she gives her the Club Wristband. Now, she can bend the Song Rewriter's rules until they break with his pen, alongside Ace Savvy.


For a school project, Lincoln's class has to turn an independant movie, and as him and his friends try to figure what role they give to each other, Lincoln notices that the newest member of the group, Stella, is writing something on her notebook and doesn't want anyone to know about it, as she thinks it's awkward for her. But when the boys get hold of it, they realize that it's a very well-written fanfiction about Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts fighting against Hawk Moth in person. She then reveals to them that during her free time, she likes to write superhero stories, especially about Ace and Chara, whom she is fascinated by even before moving at Royal Woods. The group tells her that she has a real talent in her hands, and that she must be the movie's writer, to which she eagerly accepts. The next day, she shows them her pitch of the movie: "The Eight-Legged, Hate-Filled Fright !", a horror movie about an arachnid monster attacking the school. Everyone in the class loves this, and can now begin the filming, except for one thing : the lead actress, as no girl in the class can quite get into the role like director Zach wanted. Under Lincoln's nose, Clyde, Rusty, Zach, Liam and Stella decide to call Ronnie Anne to ask her if she can come at Royal Woods to get a main role in the movie, as they see this as a perfect opportunity to make her and Lincoln get closer to each other. At the same time, when Chandler asks Lincoln about his role in the movie, he tells him that everyone agreed to not give him any role in the movie, as they all know he's going to ruin everything. Angry, he decides to plan something to get his revenge.

When the week-end comes in, Lincoln's class comes at the school to begin to film the movie, and the former is quite surprised to see Ronnie Anne, who tells him that he got invited by his friends to play in the movie, which makes quite nervous, as he also plays the co-protagonist alongside her. As he asks his friends why they invited her, they are interrupted by Chandler who barges in the room with Mrs. Johnson, who says that everyone in the class has to participate in the project, as it asks teamwork, or else they get a F. They then get forced to take Chandler, who wants to be the creative director, which they have no choice but accept. As time goes by, the class didn't advance a bit in the movie, as Chandler doesn't stop putting his ideas into it, such as giving laser guns to the monster played by Girl Jordan, putting unfitting rock soundtrack, scrap Lincoln's main role to only leave Ronnie Anne, and even replace the spider monster by a booger monster, meaning Stella has to restart her scenario from scratch to make it fit. Frustrated by Chandler's terrible decisions messing with her ideas, she decides to call it quits and angrily leaves the room, even if she's going to get an F for not participating in the project. As she's eating alone in the school cafeteria, she doesn't know she is going to be Hawk Moth 's next target. Possessed by his akuma, she accepts to turn into her own creation to scare everyone and get Ace and Chara's Miraculouses. Now, Stella has become Arachnella, a girl/spider hybrid with eight eyes, eight spider legs coming from her back, and the ability to crawl on the walls and ceilings and fire sticky web from her mouth.

While the class chews Chandler out for causing one of the main writers to quit the project and ruining the filming, Lincoln goes at the cafeteria to try to convince Stella to come back, only to find it empty, with a big, sticky cobweb covering a table. Meanwhile, Papa Wheelie and Flat Tire have to go to the bathroom, and get blocked inside by Arachnella, who captures them in web cocoons. As they hear their screams of terror, the class immediately goes to the boys' bathroom, that is covered in cobwebs. They soon find out that a akumatized villain has covered the entire school in web, leaving them no escape. As Arachnella also captures other classmates including Mollie and Joy, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne turn into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to defeat Arachnella with the help of the rest of their class before they all get captured, while Zach films the entire event on his phone, thinking this is a perfect occasion for a found footage movie with his favorite heroes as the main leads.

Chilly Pain[]

As he thinks that Rusty has a thing for his friend, rollerskating adept Polly Pain, Lincoln decides to become a matchmaker for them so they can be a couple. For his plan, he invites Ronnie Anne to go at Royal Woods, and convinces Rusty to go at the local ice rink with them and Polly for a double date. Although they all get along well (although Ronnie Anne gets suspicious about why Lincoln invited her at the ice rink in the first place), Ronnie Anne and Polly get the attention of the ice rink manager because of their reckless behavior, and despite Rusty telling her to calm down, Polly still thinks that she doesn't do anything harmful, and to prove her point, she decides to challenge him and Ronnie Anne in a 3-laps race on the ice rink. However, she does nothing to save herself from the manager, and after she inadvertently thrown Rusty out of the rink (though he isn't very hurt), she ultimately gets banned from the ice rink.

As she is going home upset while Rusty tries to join her, Polly Pain suddenly gets akumatized into Chilly Pain, an icy supervillain who can freeze everything and everyone in her path thanks to her akumatized ice skates. With her power, she turns Royal Woods into her giant personal ice rink, for her and only her. Noticing a giant ice wave freezing everyone in its path, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne hide inside the bathrooms to feed Fluush and Ellie one of Jack Holdem's magicookies and magichurros so they can turn into Freeze Fluush and Helado Ellie, and then turn into Ice Ace Savvy and Chara de Helado respectively to adapt themselves to this new environment and save the city.

Birthday Boy[]

It will be Lincoln's birthday in a few days. On this very particular moment, his friends, his family, the McBrides and even the Casagrandes want to throw him a surprise party he will never forget, that should be thrown at Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise, as Ronnie Anne suggests. Everyone agrees and begins to prepare the party at the arcade-pizzeria, without Lincoln's knowledge.

However, only Clyde was feeling bad, as he thinks that everybody's birthday ideas, especially Ronnie Anne's, are a thousand times better than the Ace Savvy poster he was going to offer to Lincoln, and that he should get her Spunk E. Pigeon idea, as he's his best friend before her. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't get a better present due to lack of money, and as he fears that Lincoln would break Clincoln McLoud forever, he falls to his knees in despair. Hawk Moth then gets the chance to akumatize him again into a new supervillain called Birthday Boy. Thanks to Hawk Moth, he gets a magic present box that grants him every wish for his friend in the form of golden energy orbs. Also, the box listens only to his voice.

With the power Hawk Moth granted him, Clyde turns Royal Woods into a place made especially for his friend Lincoln with among others, a giant statue of him made of pizza, a giant Bun Bun, his favorite "Muscle Fish" character and Rip Hardcore as bodyguards, a fountain that produces endless amounts of Flippee, and all of the buildings turned into desserts from the show "Dessert Storm". While Lincoln is amazed by this sight and the fact that Hawk Moth would use one of his villains to give him a great birthday, he soon changes his mind when Birthday Boy uses his box to make Lori fall in deep love with him, and when everybody else tried to attack him, he immediately wishes they get imprisoned inside birthday presents, before setting his sight on Ronnie Anne, the only one who isn't taken prisoner. After hiding to transform into Chara de Hearts, she manages to defeat the Muscle Fish and Rip Hardcore, and when the giant Bun Bun attacks them, she takes Lincoln away from it to protect him, and is determined to do everything possible to keep him safe before Ace Savvy comes in, not knowing that Ace is actually with her and can't transform right now due to being besides her. As Chara continues to fight, Lincoln must find a way to get some time to turn into Ace Savvy and help her de-evilize Clyde.

Absorbelle (A.K.A. Out of Luck: Part 1)[]

It's the Royal Woods Rock Week Festival, and after performing a concert with Sam, Sully and Mazzy, Luna gets interviewed by Katherine Mulligan about her presence here. Among other questions, she asks her about her experience at "America's Next Hitmaker". She describes this as a "complete waste of time", and tells her that "the two producers will be ready to corrupt you and throw your artistic integrity in the trash at any time just for money". However, Luna didn't know that Doug and Michelle are actually watching this interview, and while Doug decides to let it go, as being akumatized wasn't enough to turn her back into Lulu Loud, Michelle is burning with anger and decides to see her in person to debunk this. On the way however, she gets plagued by a string of bad luck (failing car, splashed by Lord Tetherby's limousine, attacked by cats, pooped on by birds, and so on) which, by the time she gets to face Luna, leaves her humiliated in live TV much to the hilarity of the citizens of Royal Woods, including Luna and the Loud family.

Hawk Moth couldn't believe that a perfect mix of anger, frustration, spite and humiliation actually exists in such a despicable person in Royal Woods, and sees this as his ultimate villain, his masterpiece. He sends an akuma after Michelle, and offers her a deal: if she couldn't take advantage of Luna's talent, so nobody can. She accepts this deal without hesitation and becomes Absorbelle, the most evil and poweful supervillain Hawk Moth created yet. With her scarf turned into a magic necklace, Absorbelle can use it to absorb people's vital forces and turn them into mere rock statues, and if he absorbs a previously akumatized person's forces, she gains their powers. For example, when she absorbed his first victim Chunk's forces, she gets the power to turn her entire body into metal. However, she can only use one power at a time.

With this power, she crashes the Rock Week Festival and absorbs Luna's vital forces, as well as those of her rockmate Sam, who tried to defend her. But soon, Absorbelle becomes obsessed with power and begins to absorb everyone's forces in sight, including the Loud sisters and Lincoln's classmates, despite Hawk Moth keeping telling her to seek the Miraculous. Ronnie Anne, who was invited by Lincoln at the festival and leaved Ellie at the buffet, tried to join her in the panicking crowd so she can transform into Chara de Hearts, but unfortunately, she gets ambushed by Absorbelle, who also turns her into an inanimate statue much to Ace Savvy's and Ellie's horror, and gets disappointed she doesn't get any power from her forces.

Feeling overwhelmed by this supervillain, Lincoln decides to go to Jack Holdem's home but is surprised to see Chara de Hearts' kwami Ellie, who tells her that her owner accidentally left Great Lakes City without her hair tie to assist at the Rock Week Festival and thus is unable to transform. She asks Holdem to assist Lincoln during his fight against Absorbelle, but she is forbidden to do so, as the previous times she used her powers without an owner, she accidentally tilted the tower of Pisa, sunk the city of Atlantis and even caused the separation of the continents. He then allows Lincoln to choose a Miraculous for someone trustful, and he chooses the Lucky 7 Miraculous among his jewelries. Meanwhile, Lori and Lucy managed to survive the entire chaos, but Lori decides to pursue Absorbelle so she can stop her and get their siblings back, while Lucy tries to stop her before she also gets her vital forces absorbed. However, they get noticed, and despite Lori trying to defend her and Lucy with her golf club, she failed to stop her and is also turned into a statue by Absorbelle, who obtains her Wi-Fright phone powers.

As Lucy watched her sister being statuefied and is now hiding from Absorbelle, Ace Savvy appears besides her and is about to give her the Miraculous when suddenly, Absorbelle appears to take his vital forces, when Lucy jumps between them and is statuefied instead, giving Absorbelle her Spellbinder powers, and this confrontation makes Ace Savvy lose the Miraculous. All hope seems lost, until an unlikely help comes to his rescue appears in the form of Ellie, who braved Jack Holdem's restriction to save him and Royal Woods...

The Sly Card (A.K.A. Out of Luck: Part 2)[]

After Absorbelle's failure, Principal Huggins decides to give up his mission to take Ace Savvy's bracelets in order to reanimate his unconscious wife, and even renounces Cassino, as his latest villain basically became uncontrollable, and made him realize that his actions almost cost the loss of his students many times. He then goes outside and enjoy Luna's concert at the Rock Week Festival, to the surprise of Lincoln and his other students. However, Lincoln reminds himself that he lost the Lucky 7 Miraculous during his last battle, and when he goes searching it, he gets panicked when he couldn't find it anywhere. He doesn't know that Lori, after being revived by the Miraculous Ace Savvy, accidentally found the box containing the Miraculous, and as Ace wasn't around, she decides to keep it until he reappears, so she can give it back to him.

Meanwhile, the chaos Absorbelle caused at the Rock Week Festival made Rita think about her children's safety, and once the family gets home, she decides to forbid them to go outside until the akuma attacks are cleared once and for all, including the older sisters even Lori, as she now deems Royal Woods too dangerous outside. Frustrated by her mother's decision as it may impact her love and school life, Lori goes to her room to sulk alone on her bed, until she picks a look inside the Miraculous box, and is surprised to see a female kwami named Slott coming out of it. She tells him that with the Lucky 7 Necklace, she can now transform into a superheroine armed with a dice-headed flail, and whose superpower called "Turn-Off" allows her to immobilize the enemy by throwing the detached dice head at them.

Now under the alias of the High Card, Lori can fight evil forces in Royal Woods and protect its citizens, and most importantly, her family, and is determined to show the latter that they can all be safe under her protection, starting first by stopping a bank robber who wass about to escape. As she gets acclaimed by the crowd and is interviewed by Katherine Mulligan, Lincoln sees this new superheroine at the same moment on TV and realizes she has the Lucky 7 Necklace. He then decides to brave her mom's rule to transform into Ace Savvy to confront the High Card, while he gets joined by Chara de Hearts, who also saw the interview on her phone at Great Lakes City. When they arrive at the scene to ask her to give back the Miraculous, she pleads them to let her keep it, as she has too much fun being a superheroine, not knowing she's about to detransform. As they continue to argue, Lori finally turns back into her civilian self, revealing her true identity to everyone in Royal Woods, including her family, Jack Holdem and even Principal Huggins.

Overwhelmed by the events, the news crew who wants to ask her many questions and Ace wanting the Miraculous back, Lori decides to hide from everybody to feed Slott, transform back into the High Card and leave Royal Woods quickly, unsure that she could see her own family in the eyes again. Seeing this poor girl who only wanted to show her family they can all be safe and sound, convinced Huggins to become Hawk Moth again and akumatize her into the Sly Card, a twisted version of the High Card who can immobilize anyone who gets hit by the energy dices she throws with her flail. Ace must quickly save her older sister with the help of Chara and retrieve the Lucky 7 Miraculous, and he's not alone, as his sisters also decide to disobey their mom's restriction to help them by leaving the house with the secret escape slide, despite not having their Miraculouses.

Season 3[]


It's Christmas time at Royal Woods, and unfortunately the town's kids are disappointed to learn that the local mall Santa is unable to come due to a nasty stomachache after eating too many cookies. While Lincoln tries to find a way to satisfy her young sisters, he comes across his neighbor Mr. Grouse, and decides to ask him to play Santa at the mall for the kids, which he accepts, not without asking for a plate of his father's lasagna in exchange. The next day, after wearing his Santa costume, he is ready to make children happy, and everything was going well even with the youngest Loud sisters, until the Fox Quintuplets come next. As they see him, they all make fun of him, punch him and pull on his beard to prove he's a fake Santa. As he can't handle it anymore, he angrily decides to quit and leave the mall while calling these children mean, spoiled rotten and ungrateful, even refusing to get his money for the job.

As he comes back to his house in his car however, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth to become Krampouse, a mix between Santa Claus and the monstrous Krampus. On his car turned into a flying magic sleigh, he sets out to capture all the bad kids in Royal Woods with his switch and trap them inside his bottomless bag. As he managed to trap the Fox Quintuplets among his victims, he gets interrupted by Ace Savvy in his carnage, but escapes and decides to also trap all the other kids in Royal Woods so it can finally be calm and peaceful, including the Loud siblings. Now, Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts must quickly defeat Krampouse until he ruins Christmas for every kid in Royal Woods forever.


For a school community service project, Luan has become a volunteer at the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home, and overall, she gets along the senior residents very well, most notably Seymour, who shares her love for cheesy puns. However, during a game night she was animating, Seymour is wrongly accused by Scoots of cheating once again by watching her cards during a poker game, despite him saying that it's his flinching left eye's fault. Pressured by Sue, who wants the game nights to be done by the book, Luan has no choice but to reluctantly ban him from game nights for an indefinite time. Feeling betrayed by her, Seymour gets possessed in his room by an akuma that entered his glasses, and becomes See-More-Evil. His glasses now become a high-tech multi-functional visor with laser, melting and freezing rays, X-rays, wall-penetrating vision and rays that remove vision from people he hits with, effectively making them blind.

He then uses his new powers to cause terror at the Retirement Home, blinding most of the people inside including Scoots and Sue, with the primary objective to get his revenge on Luan, who has no choice but to flee and search for help. Thankfully, Lincoln shows up as Ace Savvy to defend her against this villain, but ends up blind after being hit by his rays, along with Chara de Hearts, who also gets hit after trying to help him. As See-More-Evil approaches them to take their Miraculouses while they are vulnerable, Luan intervenes to prevent him to do so and take both of them on her unicycle so they can hide somewhere. While hidden, the three try to formulate a plan to defeat him. Ace then asks Luan to take him to a certain address without giving her context before quickly joining Chara. Unbeknownst to her, she is taking her to the street where lives Jack Holdem, so he can take the Joker Miraculous, as the Joker will be an important part of the plan.

Mighty Midas[]

As the twins are outside eating some ice cream, Lola gets suddenly splashed by Lord Tetherby's limousine, and as a result, her dress, hair and ice cream are ruined. She angrily orders him apologies, but he refuses, saying that he doesn't have to apologize at some poor brats from the inferior class, leaving her fuming in rage. As Hawk Moth is feeling her anger and about to akumatize her, She suddenly gets the idea to get her revenge on this rich egomaniac, and thinks up a plan to teach him a lesson with Lana's help. Lola's negative emotions are then replaced by delight and determination, leaving him frustrated.

Lana and Lola then sneak in Tetherby's mansion while he and his butlers have their back turned, and splash his beloved limousine with buckets of mud and glitter, before running away. When Tetherby comes back from his swimming pool after hearing children laughing, he is outraged to see his limo defaced, and swears to make those who did it pay. Attracted by his rage, Hawk Moth knows who were responsible for this karmic act of revenge, and sends an akuma that possesses Tetherby and turns him into Mighty Midas, a golden supervillain who can turn into gold anything he touches with his hands or his golden rays he can fire with his fingers. As he learns it was the twins from earlier who defaced his limousine, he manages to find Lana and Lola, and tracks them across Royal Woods, before managing to stop Lola's jeep. As he is about to get her revenge at Lola, Lana, in a shocking act of courage, sacrifices herself by attacking Mighty Midas head-on, and gets turned into a golden statue instead.

Thanks to her sister's selflessness, Lola gets the chance to escape, and finds Lincoln, whom she explains everything that happened as he is taking her somewhere safe. Once he turned into Ace Savvy, he goes fighting Mighty Midas, but Lola, persuaded that he can't defeat this powerful villain alone and not wanting to live with the fact that Lana had to pay for something she has done, tries to convince him to let her become the Queen of Diamonds once again, so they can defeat him together and save Lana. Although he doesn't want to at first, he soon realizes that he indeed needs some help, as his cards are practically useless on him. Once he gave the Diamond Miraculous to Lola, they and Chara head towards his golden mansion, where he waits them with the statuefied Lana with him.

Comic Crook[]

When giving Ace Savvy comic books to Jack Holdem for his birthday, Lincoln is shocked to learn that years ago, he used to collaborate with the series' creator Bill Buck himself, until they suddenly stop contacting each other for some reason. Along with Fluush, he thinks up a genius plan so the two can make amends with each other and become friends again. He then writes a fake letter to Bill sent by an unfortunate kid with a broken leg, who asks him to go at Royal Woods so he can finally meet him. In the same time, he writes another letter to Jack, pretending it to be written by Andrea, his old flame whom he never seen since decades. After reading their letters, Bill and Jack both decide to go at the rendez-vous point so they can meet the kid and Andrea respectively.

The next day, Lincoln is hidden behind a bush and waits for the two old men to meet each other again and rekindle their friendship. When they both arrive at the picnic table on which Lincoln prepared a lunch for them both, they are surprised to see each other, but soon, they begin to angrily arguing, much to Lincoln's incomprehension. By hearing their conversation, he and Fluush learn that at some point, during Bill Buck's early years, Jack had fallen in love with Andrea, and as they were too busy dating with each other, Bill Buck had more work on his shoulders, and felt that Jack abandoned him for a girl, but Jack retorts by saying that he was just jealous of their relationship, and soon, they begin to have a food fight with each other with Lincoln's prepared lunch, before Bill furiously leaves, saying he would be glad to never see his ugly face again. Lincoln and Fluush then go out the bush to tell everything to Jack and say they're really sorry, and although he's glad they told him the truth and knows that Lincoln wanted to do something good for him, this plan would be useless anyway, since Bill Buck is a annoyingly stubborn guy.

As Bill is angrily trying to make his old car work, he gets possessed by an akuma sent by Hawk Moth, who akumatizes him into a supervillain named Comic Crook, and gives him the ability to turn into any Ace Savvy comic villain he created, from Snake Eyes to the Shark Tank. Now, Bill is determined to find Jack and punish him. When both Lincoln and Jack find out about this new menace, Lincoln decides to transform to repair his fault, but Jack insists that he must transform himself, but during his attempt, he suddenly gets a backache, and Lincoln decides to quickly hide him near an underpass so Comic Crook can't find him, before turning into Ace Savvy and going fighting him, alongside Chara de Hearts. Unfortunately, Comic Crook is too strong for both of them, and as his two protegees are given a nasty beatdown, Jack is determined to intervene, and finally manages to turn into the Old Man Jack, his superhero form so he can help them save his former friend.


The Green Mile Pet Sanctuary is planning to clean Royal Woods of all of their stray animals, and it's their top officer Corinne who is in charge of this operation. Determined to save the animals from them so they can live free, Lana, with the help of Charles, manages to pop the tires of Corinne's truck and free all the stray pets she captured inside. This leads Corinne to be lectured by her boss and lose her job as an animal control officer, and due to the negative emotions she garnered, she's corrupted by Hawk Moth and becomes Doghunter. The akuma gives her a superpowered net that can shoot lasers which turn anyone hit into dogs as well as laser nets that can capture them, and it can also be turned into a powerful grabber. After transforming many civilians and trapping them and some stray animals in her truck, she finally finds Lana and turns her into a cute little dog before trying to capture her, but thanks to Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts' intervention, she manages to escape to her home. The Louds are understandibly shocked to see her turned into a puppy, but instead of being terrified due to having a dog's body, Lana is happy to get the chance to live a dog's life like Charles, and with him, she decides to do some fun dog activities until Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts fix everything, like running around lawn sprinklers, chasing cars or playing fetch with Lola.

Despite her reassurance that she's still herself no matter what, her sisters can't stop worrying that Lana slowly acts less as a human, and more as a canine, especially after she chased Cliff because she wanted to. Indeed, as time goes by, she acts more and more like a dog, going as far as actually beginning to forget who she actually is, and it's also the same thing for Doghunter's other victims. As her sisters are desperate to help a panicking Lana keep the memories of her human life by showing her family photos and doing things she likes as a human, Doghunter barges in to capture her and Charles, and traps her family in her laser nets. Ace and a Chara turned into a dog with her mind still intact learn the news after coming at their home, and by the time they find them at the Pet Sanctuary, it is unfortunately too late for Lana, who turned into a simple puppy without any memory of her as a human, and is reduced to talk only in barks. Because of that, Ace becomes furious towards Doghunter, and is determined to defeat her to turn everything back in normal. However, it seems that Lana still has some Lana in her to protect and help him and Chara fight Doghunter.


While all the Loud family is peacefully sleeping during the night, Lori is having a nightmare about being stuck as the High Card and unable to turn back into her normal self, as she gets pursued then cornered by a crowd of people while she was in a date with Bobby, before being suddenly waken up by Lana, who had another nightmare about blood-sucking aliens. As she can relate to her since it's her eighth High Card nightmare since her superheroine fiasco, Lori accepts to let her sleep in her bed for the night, but she also needs to go at the bathroom, and wants someone to keep her company. Suddenly, they both hear some ominous child laughing outside, and manage to dodge strange energy orbs coming from the window. When they run back to Lori's room, they find Leni sweating and shaking in fear, covered in bright yellow energy and impossible to be waken up, and when they try to inform the rest of the family about it, they see that all of them including Lincoln are also unable to stop sleeping. Lori and Lana then run to the streets to see what's going on, and see a flying demon child who uses a night light-looking object to fire energy orbs that put people into an eternal state of slumber and trap them in their dreams. Lori soon recognizes the child as one of the McCauley children she babysits, Caleb, and after deducing that he has been akumatized by Hawk Moth, she decides with Lana to keep track of him before Ace Savvy appears.

Meanwhile, Lincoln seems to live the best day of his life: Royal Woods now knows his secret identity, and is acclaimed by everybody for having defeated Hawk Moth. He also became the most popular kid in school, gets spoiled by all his family, is now in a official relationship with Ronnie Anne who's back at Royal Woods, and also gets huge amounts of Flippee every week. But thanks to some influence from Fluush (who woke up due to Lana's screams) from the real world, he realizes that everything is just a dream, and as Dreamon appears and twists his dreams to turn them against him, he tries to secretly transform, but notices that he doesn't have Fluush with him, and that he's alone against these bad dreams.

Back at the real Royal Woods, Lori and Lana, still wondering when Ace Savvy will come, decide to confront Dreamon by themselves, but the villain shoots energy orbs at them with his weapon to make them sleep forever. As they try their best to dodge them, Lori is about to be hit by one of them, when Lana, not even thinking about herself, throws herself between her and the energy orb to protect her older sister, and as a result, enters into an endless slumber. Her sacrifice gives however enough time for Lori to go back into Vanzilla and escape. Meanwhile, Lincoln is still alone against his nightmares controlled by Dreamon, when he realizes that since he's in his dreams, he can freely use his imagination, and then summons a Tippy-based mecha, a giant sentient Bun Bun and a superpowered version of Ronnie Anne to neutralize a dream version of his akumatized family, and break Dreamon's weapon to wake up in the real world and quickly turn into Ace Savvy to confront the real deal. But as he watches Dreamon causing terror in Royal Woods, he sees Lana sleeping on the street and takes her back to their house so she can be safer, when he bumps into Lori, wearing protection gear to defend herself against Dreamon. After she told the whole story with her and Lana, Ace decides to see Jack Holdem and borrow him the Lucky 7 Miraculous, and give it to Lori so she can turn into the High Card to overcome her inner nightmares help him stop Dreamon, literally !


As Lynn Sr. and Rita are going at Banger's & Mosh to use their 50% off coupon until it gets expired in a few hours, the siblings' Gran-Gran, Myrtle, comes unexpectedly at their home to spend the day with her beloved grand-children, while Pop-Pop is at a arm-wrestling competition. As the parents are away however, when Myrtle wants to help Lori and Leni reorganize their wardrobe, they both politely decline, saying they're old enough to do it themselves. The same thing happens with Luna when she wants to accompany her in her rehersals, Luan when she asks her if she needs help on her new puns, Lynn when she asks her if she needs some assist during her football training, and Lincoln when she is willing to help him build his new spaceship model. This makes her realize that as they grow up, her grand-children become more and more independant and thus need less help, despite Myrtle's apparent need to assist them. When she learns from Lori that Lana is trying to repair Vanzilla at the garage, she quickly comes there to help her despite her insistance that she doesn't need it, but when she arrives just at the moment she finishes to fully fix it by herself, it makes her think that they actually grow up too fast, and she becomes upset as a result.

While Myrtle is knitting alone in the living room, Hawk Moth senses her sadness, and decides to akumatize her, so she can recover that lost time she could have spended with her grand-children. Turned into a supervillain named Rejuvenanny, she can throw magic kneeting needles that turn any grown-up hit into a young child, and give them the mentality and maturity that go along with it. With these needles, she promptly turns Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn into excited children, but couldn't find Lincoln, who managed to hide himself to turn into Ace Savvy and go after her. Meanwhile, Chara de Hearts comes at Royal Woods to fight the new villain, but unfortunately, she gets hit by one of her needles and promptly transforms into a immature young kid, before getting saved by Ace. But as he confronts Rejuvenanny, she notices Lucy, Lana, Lola and Lisa, who followed him to try to help him fight her, and when Lana is about to be hit by a needle, which could turn her into a fetus or even worse, Ace Savvy jumps between them to be hit instead, and turns into a curious and easily-distracted toddler as a result. As Rejuvenanny resumes her chase for Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola and Lisa try to help the younger Ace and Chara to focus on his task and defeat the villain, while also getting a taste of the experience of being the oldest siblings of the family.


To help against the akumatization problems in Royal Woods, Mayor Davis organized a meeting with every adult in the town to brainstorm potential solutions against factors that could lead up to a citizen being turned into a supervillain by Hawk Moth. After some arguing between them, Howard McBride suggests creating a neighborhood watch group to counter any negative action in Royal Woods, so nobody will be susceptible to the akumas. Everyone including Davis accepts this idea, and the next day, the Royal Watch group is born, including among the members the leader Howard, Rita, Mr. Grouse, Coach Pacowski and Scoots, and is actively watching the town in search for negative activity, from thefts at stores to kids having their balls stuck at trees. Everything seems to be fine, until Howard catches Chandler doing dangerous tricks on his skateboard several times, as he could possibly injure himself or some people, until he finally gives him a written warning. Feeling his freedom to do anything he wants diminished, he decides to get even by pulling a prank on him.

As Howard is enjoying a Flippie at Flip's Food & Fuel, Chandler attracts his attention by throwing a trash can on the floor, spilling all its content on the floor, before fleeing on his bike. Howard leaves the gas station to mount on his moped and pursue him, before realizing that he covered the seat with caramel, and now he's stuck on it and unable to get up. After Chandler posted a picture of him stuck on his moped on social media, Howard feels humiliated and begins to cry, becoming Hawk Moth's new victim. After his akuma entered the moped, Howard gets possessed and turned into Roboward, a cybernetic cop fused with a high-tech motorbike that can fly in the airs. He can also shoot energy handcuffs from his wrists to people so he can obey his orders. While they still know what they're doing, they have no control of their bodies, essentially becoming his puppets. After cornering Chandler and forcing him to pick up all the trash he spilled, he then turns the rest of the Royal Watch group into his unwilling soldiers so he can turn Royal Woods into the perfect safe place to live. When he sees his mother uncontrollably giving warnings to nearby cars (including Vanzilla) for the slightest annoyance, she tells him and the family to go back in the house, as Howard has been turned into a villain. After hiding in the basement to turn into Ace Savvy, Lincoln, with Chara de Hearts intervene to stop Roboward, who is turning every police officer into his personal army. As the army grows bigger and bigger, Roboward has also forced Mayor Davis to give him the control of Royal Woods, so he can declare Ace and Chara public enemies for the safety of the population, forcing them to hide and think about a strategy to defeat him...

Cat Lady[]

Fed up by Aunt Ruth's cats, her vacation diaporamas and giving her foot massages, the Loud family agrees to not visit her for her birthday tomorrow by putting up fake excuses and just send her text messages to wish her a happy birthday, but feeling bad about her, Lana decides to go at her home with her mom anyway to give her presents. However, they get stuck on their way by a traffic jam caused by a truck driver having a problem with the engine of his vehicule. As the time goes on and Lana is still busy repairing the truck, Ruth is still waiting for the family to come, and begins to think that her family doesn't want to see her anymore, becoming depressed by this thought as a result. She doesn't get unnoticed by Hawk Moth, and gets akumatized by him into Cat Lady, a supervillain who flies on her magic armchair and can give orders to her cat soldiers, who can spit hairballs that turn anyone hit into harmless cats.

By the time they finally arrive at Ruth's house, Lana and Rita can only see her flying to their home, where the Louds present here except Lincoln get turned into cats. After that, she decides to turn Royal Woods into a true cat land, leading Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to appear so they can stop her and her army. Meanwhile, Lana, determined to put a stop on her, goes after her despite Rita's warnings, but Aceintervenes to put her back to the Louds' home, and when she asks her if she can become the Royal Flush to help him and Chara, as she knows everything about how to deal with cats, she gets shocked when he tells her that he decided to not give her the King Ring anymore, as after the numerous times she gets her life endangered by the akumatized villains and sacrifices herself (as in, being captured by Charberus, turned into glitter by Glitterrific and into a dog almost for good by Doghunter, having her joy stolen by Killjoy, being almost aged down by Rejuvenanny, and sacrificing herself to Joynosaur, Mighty Midas and Dreamon), he can't bring himself to see her having her life at risk another time. Lana is upset by his decision, and says that he doesn't know a thing about her safety, even telling him he's not her brother. Quite disheartened by this, Ace still goes back fighting Cat Lady and tells Lana to not leave the house.

However, the duo got their weapons and the object summoned by Ace's Lucky Ace Card stolen by Cat Lady's henchcats, and have no choice but to flee until they can do a thing. As she watched the event on TV, Lana decides to take the matter to her hands, and after putting on her cat costume and leaving her house full of her cat family members, she comes across Cat Lady's soldiers and tells them she wants to help them catch Ace and Chara, feeling that Ace wronged her. By smelling their odor, she manages to find them and get them captured, leaving Ace in total shock from learning that one of his own sisters actually joined Hawk Moth's side... but he and Chara don't know that Lana hasn't fully given up on them and actually has a plan on her own to save the day, with using Ace's Lucky Ace Card even being a part of it.


Basing themselves on other famous rock groups, Luna, Sam, Sully and Mazzy get a good idea to get the Moon Goats more recognized countrywide: they decide to wear stage costumes based on Luna and Sam's previous Harsh Rock and Voltarist forms made by Leni. That night, the Moon Goats perform a new song written by Luna herself at "Banger's & Mosh" before her family's acclaim, and Lincoln and Clyde get to film them and post the end result on the music video-sharing site "YourTunes".

The next day, Lincoln gets a call from Ronnie Anne, who gives him her opinion on the video. While she really loved the Moon Goats' perfomance, there's only one problem: a new electro-pop DJ named Sylex actually plagiarized the group's work and clothing style to make his own music, and apparently, his video makes more views than theirs. Lincoln decides to show it to his sisters sans Luna, and at first, they doesn't want to tell her about it... until Sam enters the house to practice with Luna, and hears the conversation.

The Moon Goats, particularly Sam, are enraged to see that they have been plagiarized. Luckily, the DJ happens to produce in Royal Woods. While Sully, Mazzy and Chunk distract the bouncers by orchestrating a fake akuma attack with Chunk disguised as Heavy Metal, Luna and Sam manage to enter the Royal Woods Theater, and get to talk to Sylex and his producers: none other than Doug and Michelle. As the two friends want to prove that they used their work for their profit by showing them their video, they actually deny this and even have the gall to call them pathetic plagiarizers without idea and say that Luna is desperate enough to ripping off others' work. At her breaking point, Sam decides to stand for Luna and tell them that it's HER song, that her parents know Katherine Mulligan, and that she's going to ask her an interview with them, so she and Luna can reveal the truth. As she's going to call her however, Doug, Michelle and Sylex tell her that it's them who will "reveal the truth" thanks to their higher status, and that they will ruin Luna and Sam's reputation and ban them from the music world forever.

Feeling defeated, Sam backs off, her body engulfed in intense rage. While Luna tries to defend them herself and tell Doug, Michelle and Sylex out, an attracted Hawk Moth then decides to send an akuma to akumatize Sam again, this time into the silent supervillain Shush-Tice. With a Daft Punk-like helmet concealing her head, she can steal people's voices by shushing them and talk with them through the helmet. She can also use a magic keytar to shoot energy rays to temporarily immobilize those who get hit, giving her time to steal their voices. Wanting justice for the Moon Goats, she steals Sylex's voice and goes chasing Doug and Michelle while sparing Luna, saying with Sylex's voice that she's too cool to have her voice taken and that she will do anything to make justice for her and the Moon Goats and not let anything bad happen to her, leaving her surprised and flattered.

When the rest of the siblings are alerted by a new supervillain in the city, Lincoln turns into Ace Savvy to follow her and try to stop Sam from chasing Doug and Michelle, while the sisters go inside Vanzilla to search for Luna to bring her back home. Because of the producers using Ace Savvy as a meat shield however, he becomes mute at his turn, and Shush-Tice manages to escape. Now without his voice to use his powers, he decides to go at Jack Holdem's home, and manages to tell him that he must take the Club Miraculous to give it to Luna who meanwhile, gets finally found by her sisters and friends, but refuses to go with them, as she doesn't want to go without even trying to convince Sam to stop. All of them, although with a bit of hesitation, accept her decision, and deeply wish her good luck before leaving her. She then comes across the mute Ace Savvy, who gives her her Miraculous. Now turned into the Night Club, Luna can go save Sam (and Doug and Michelle, much to her dismay), along with Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts who just joined them.


Famous teen actor Blake Bradley is starring in a new vampire movie named "No Fangs!" which features a fangless vampire finding love. To Lori and Leni's happiness, the movie crew will be filming at the Royal Woods Cemetery, and the production is even holding a contest whose winner will have a role in the movie. The two sisters got to subscribe to this contest, and they are surprised to learn that the winner is none other than Lori.

The first day of shooting at the cemetery, Lori got the encouragements from her family, and after wearing the clothes she was given, she finally gets to meet Blake Bradley himself. After giving him a lemon soda (his favorite flavor) while shaking in fright, she manages to break the ice with him, and the two get a conversation with each other, along with some laughs. Blake then tells Lori that she is actually the first fan to see beyond his looks, as the others were too hypnotized to give attention to anything other than his beautiful face or his pecs, and even wishes he could be alone for a while with someone as attentive as her. As Lori sympathizes with him but is about to tell that she already has a boyfriend, the two get surprised by a horde of "Blakeys" (the name given to the Blake Bradley fans) the guards failed to contain, and Blake has to flee and lock himself into his caravan while Lori dodges the hysteric fans and tries to search for him. Overcome with stress, he gets noticed by Hawk Moth and is turned into Blakula, an evil vampire with super strength and speed, and the abiltity to turn into a bat, hypnotize unwilling victims by looking into their eyes, and turn them into vampires by biting their neck.

While Lincoln and Leni go at the cemetery to see Lori and ask her how the shooting is going, they are surprised by the Blakeys who flee at the sight of the akumatized Blake who attacks them. When Lori comes in and tries to talk to him to convince him to stop, she unfortunately gets hypnotized by his gaze, and turned into a loyal vampire. When Lincoln and Ronnie Anne comes to the scene as Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to save Lincoln's older sister, Lori instantly comes between him and Blakula, not wanting anyone to hurt his "Boo Boo Bat". As she gained super strength and speed as well, she helps Blakula fighting Ace and Chara, and after they manage to incapacitate them, they are about to take their Miraculouses, when Leni intervenes to defend them, protected by her sunglasses. The two vampires then decide to fly away, turned into bats.

After the two heroes recovered with the help of Leni, Ace summons his Lucky Ace card, that tells him to go see Jack Holdem. Realizing that he needs the Eleven of Hearts' help, he chooses the Heart Miraculous and gives it to Leni, while Chara tries to keep track of Blakula and Lori. Now that Leni turned back into the Eleven of Hearts, she, Ace and Chara come confronting the vampires, who were stargazing on a hill at the cemetery, before Hawk Moth tells Blakula that Ace and Chara came back with an ally.

Baseball Betrayer[]

During an important baseball game that would qualify Lynn's team for a tournament across the state, things go awry when she and Margo accidentally bump into each other during a decisive moment, costing their team victory. After the game, the two friends violently quarrel and throw the blame between each other while the rest of their team try to calm them down, until Lynn tells Margo that she hates her and that the team could have actually won if she wasn't here. Terribly hurt by what her best friend just said, Margo decides to leave the team and goes away, sad and angry at the same time, while Lynn begins to have regrets about what she has done out of anger.

Attracted by this mix of sadness and anger, Hawk Moth decides to akumatize Margo and turn her into an evil baseball player named Baseball Betrayer. Hidden behind a catcher mask and armed with a baseball bat and an akumatized glove, Margo can create flaming baseballs and throw them at innocent people. Anyone who gets hit has their skin turn red and becomes overwhelmed by an uncontrollable rage. Also, the baseball bat is very powerful, and is capable to destroy the most solid walls. After being akumatized, Baseball Betrayer attacks her former teammates and hits them with her magic baseballs, making them angry beyond reason, before targeting Lynn, who's on the way home with her family, still thinking about her hassle with her best friend. She manages to affect Lori and Lola, who begin to wreck Vanzilla and everything else in their sights while the rest of the family except Lincoln and Lynn escape. After Lincoln hides Lynn in a safe place, he turns into Ace Savvy to fight Baseball Betrayer along with Chara de Hearts, but when she gets hit by a baseball and begins to attack everything in sight due to her rage, he realizes that he needs some help, so he decides to go at Jack Holdem's home to pick a Miraculous.

Meanwhile, Chara is unable to fight due her anger disturbing her focus on Baseball Betrayer and is about to have her Miraculous removed from her, when Lynn, who watched the fight hidden all along, comes in with a baseball-throwing machine she got at a nearby sports store and distracts Baseball Betrayer long enough to bind Chara with her own whip and pick her up so she can hide her and herself in a dumpster. As Chara angrily yells at her that she could have done it alone and tells her to free her so she can finally destroy Baseball Betrayer, Lynn tells her to not let herself be overcome by anger and that it is self-destructive to her, as she already experienced this kind of anger earlier with Margo. This manages to calm down Chara for a while, just when Ace comes with the 8-Ball Miraculous for Lynn. Once she transformed into the Strong Suit, Ace conjures his Lucky Ace card, and with it, gets a plan to defeat and de-evilize Margo with her and Chara.


Although she bears no bad thought towards Ace Savvy, Lana is still upset about him revoking her position as the Royal Flush for her safety, as being a superheroine was the most awesome thing that happened in her life. When Lola enters the house, she sees her twin sister depressed on the couch, watching a TV report about Ace saving Royal Woods alongside the Queen of Diamonds. When asked about her funk, she prefers to say nothing to not reveal her secret. Lincoln then comes in too and as she sees a saddened Lana, and as he knew that she would be sad about not being a superheroine anymore and as he's technically responsible for it, he gives her something he noticed when going back home: a poster of her racecar driving idol Bobbie Fletcher, telling that she will giving autographs at the Royal Woods Mall saturday. She then goes from depressed to ecstatic and thanks Lincoln for his gift.

This saturday, the family and an excited Lana are going at the mall to see Bobbie Fletcher, but as they enter the mall, she gets disappointed to see that there's a very long line of people who wants one as well, including Flip, who is at the very end of the line. As Lana begins to lose hope to get an autograph, Bobbie Fletcher comes back from a burrito break and soon recognizes the girl who once repaired her racecar's engine during winter. She then takes her to her stand before everyone else to give a special present for that act: the helmet she wore at Lana's age, and she knew that her biggest fan would go at the mall to see her. Lana becomes overwhelmed with joy and after thanking Bobbie, she quickly leaves to show her family her gift, while Flip becomes jealous of her and tries to buy her the helmet so he can sell it again at a higher price. Howerver, she refuses, and remarks that he just lost his spot on the line, that is now closed, which makes him angry. He then quickly cuts it to ask Bobbie about something better than a mere autograph. As the linegoers get mad at Flip, she tells the security about him, who promptly gets thrown out the mall for his behavior.

After Bobbie gave an autograph to the last fan in the line, she leaves the mall to get to her racecar, but becomes horrified to see that some individual dumped some pink substance inside it. When the Loud family see her, Lana discovers after smelling and tasting it that it's strawberry-flavored Flippee. Realizing that Flip is the culprit, Bobbie enters in an intense rage that causes her to be noticed by Hawk Moth. After being akumatized by his newest akuma to the Louds' shock, she turns into Racecarmageddon, the evil pilot of an powerful high-tech racecar with many weapons and gadgets integrated inside. She then begins her rampage by chasing Flip to humiliate him for what he has done to her racecar, before setting her eyes on Lana, her biggest fan, whom she wants to ride alongside her on the tracks forever. While the family escapes and helps other mallgoers from being hurt, Lincoln secretly turns into Ace Savvy to fight her alongside Chara de Hearts. At the same time, Lana, who is not with her family, is watching the scene and tries to figure out how she could help the duo despite not being the Royal Flush anymore. Suddenly, her hand is grabbed by Lola who takes her behind the mall, and tells her that she has a plan so Racecarmageddon can leave her alone : switching their outfits so Lola can pass off as Lana, who can be safe. When Lana asks her why she would sacrifice herself, Lola says that she saw her so many times risk her life for her family, and decided that this time, it's her who takes risks for his closed ones. After their twin switch, "Lana" approaches Racecarmagedon on her princess jeep and attracts her attention by asking her to chase her, to which she accepts without hesitation. As Ace is upset at Lana risking her life once again, the real Lana shows up in Lola's pageant dress and with her tiara, and reveals that Lola is the one getting pursued by the villain and who got the idea to switch her clothes with her. Relieved and suprised by Lola's decision. Ace goes at Jack Holdem's home after being told to do so by his Lucky Ace card, while Chara keeps Racecarmageddon at bay and tries her best to save Lola, who is now trapped in her sidecar.

When it's time to choose a Miraculous, Lincoln has his eyes on the King Ring, but hesitates to give it to Lana as he still worries about her well-being. Jack Holdem, helps him in his decision saying that her selflessness is actually a great quality among superheroes: when she feels her loved ones are in danger, she doesn't hesitate to take risks and help them, even if it means endangering herself, and even if she becomes a victim of the villains, she always has her big brother to save her. Convinced, Lincoln picks the Ring, and after turning back into Ace Savvy, joins Lana so the Royal Flush can rise again...


The rebellious Fox Quintuplets have to be baby-sitted that night, and sadly for the older Loud sisters, Lynn has recently injured her knee during her last soccer game and is thus unable to take care of them that night. They decide to draw straws to know which one will get this burden, and sadly for Leni, it's her who picked the shortest straw. Afraid to face the Fox Quintuplets, she still gets some advice from Lynn, who tells her to not hesitate to get mean whenever they cause too much trouble, but she doesn't think she can actually be able to be mean to someone, although Lori, Luna and Luan are in Lynn's side, and say that sometimes, you have no other choice but to get mean to deal with someone.

Some time later, Leni is baby-sitting the Quintuplets, and has big difficulties keeping them in place. She becomes more and more stressed from the mayhem and noise they cause, until she finally snaps and angrily yells at them to shut up and go to sleep upstairs. They all obey, scared by her sudden change in tone, but soon, Leni doesn't feel well, and decides to call her sisters Lori, Luna and Luan, telling them everything that happened and that she feels guilty for screaming at them. However, they tell her that she needed to make them know who's in charge here, but that doesn't help her getting better. Unfortunately, Leni is too distracted to notice a new akuma sent by Hawk Moth to evilize the still upset Fox Quintuplets, who are all in their room at this moment. With his powers, he promises them they can do whatever they want and turns them into the Foxlings, a bunch of little mischievious fox-like creatures who like causing rampage everywhere they go and can multiply into more Foxlings when they eat, and they have a huge appetite.

After hearing loud noises upstairs, Leni comes at their room to see if the Quintuplets are okay, only to be met with ravenous fox monsters who are destroying everything inside, before rushing to the kitchen downstairs to devour any type of food they can find and multiply into an entire army. Shocked, Leni tries to call her sisters again but gets her phone eaten by one of the Foxlings, then all of them decide to leave the house to cause an utter chaos in Royal Woods. Lori, Luna and Luan, who are watching the entire thing on the news, try to call Leni to see if she's OK, but as they can reach her, they decide to go to the streets wearing protection to find her, while Lincoln hides in his room to turn into Ace Savvy to stop the Foxlings with the help of Chara de Hearts. As they try to locate the Fox house, they get chased by a bunch of Foxlings, who manage to capture them. As they see the three sisters, Ace and Chara go saving them, but are struggling to fight the Foxlings, who manage to dogpile them and are about to take their Miraculouses, until they get saved by Leni, who flashes Vanzilla's lights at them to attract their attention to her before getting chased by them. After saving her, Ace decides they need help from the Eleven of Hearts to save their sisters and Royal Woods, so he takes Leni to somewhere safe before picking the Heart Headband at Jack Holdem's home and giving it to her, while Chara tries to contain the Foxling army.


As Luna is rocking out in her room, listening to her favorite rock radio station, the DJ announces that Mick Swagger will release a new album in the following months, and the listeners are even going to have the chance to get an auditive taste of one of his new songs. At first, Luna is hyped by this news, but when she gets to listen to the song, she becomes very disappointed when she realizes that it's actually less rock'n'roll and more poppy, and while the other members of the family quite like it, Luna is still upset about that song. Lynn Sr. does try to reassure her by telling her that sometimes, even great artists like Mick Swagger have to renew themselves a little, and while she understands, she begins to wonder if Mick is beginning to lose his touch, as for her, he is one of a kind, or rather was.

Meanwhile, Mick Swagger is trying to create a new rock song for his album at his hotel room at Royal Woods, only to be interrupted by his producer, who pushes him to focus only in pop music; according to him, pop music makes better profits than rock music, and as a new popular K-Pop band, Twelve is Midnight, is hitting the top of the charts and is becoming increasingly famous, he orders him to do a better pop song than the last one he wrote, despite Mick wanting to do his own music. Angry and frustrated by this pressure, he gets possessed by an akuma, and turned into the evil musician Lyrix, who can use his magnificent voice and his akumatized microphone to entrance people into zombie-like fans under his control and create powerful soundwaves. After briefly confronting him and his army along with Chara de Hearts, Ace Savvy realizes that that only Mick Swagger's biggest fan can help him beat Mick Swagger himself.

As Luna learns about his favorite rocker being akumatized by Hawk Moth, Ace Savvy shows up in her room much to her surprise. He manages to rebuff her over her deception, and gives her the Club Miraculous, which leads into an epic rock battle between Lyrix and the Night Club!


A successful patrol mission with Ace Savvy as the Joker goes awry for Luan when Benny incidentally sees her with him after she turned back into her civilian self. Deeply embarrassed by this incident and thinking that he now knows her secret identity, she decides to give up being a superheroine and everything that is Joker-related, but wanting to stay in a good mood so Hawk Moth can't akumatize her and after talking with Mr. Coconut, she's still willing to resume her normal life as a high school student and comedian. However, she can't help but avoid Benny everytime she sees him and ignore all of his calls and messages, but she also chose the worst day possible to do it, as she promised to assist him in his magic tricks today, so he can prepare himself for a magic competition thrown at the high school in a few days.

After waiting her for some time at the school theater, Benny gets upset that she didn't come, and begins to think that Luan doesn't want to spend time with him anymore. As a result, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, who turns him into Madgician. In exchange of bringing him Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts' Miraculouses, Benny is granted a magic wand that gives him powerful magical abilities: among them, he can perform telekinesis, immobilize his foes, turn people into rabbits or shoot laser beams, and he can also use his top hat to suck people and objects into a magical dimension. Terrorizing Royal Woods with his deadly magic tricks in search for Luan, he manages to trap Lincoln among several other victims into his hat dimension, leaving Fluush alone without his owner.

While Lincoln tries to find a way to escape from this dimension, Chara de Hearts comes at Royal Woods to fight the akumatized Benny, but unfortunately gets turned into a harmless bunny. As she sees the entire chaos, Luan realizes what happened to Benny, and decides that she must do something, as she, in a way, contributed to his akumatization. Suddenly, she gets surprised to come across Fluush, who tells her that his owner has been sucked inside his hat, and that he can't transform into Ace Savvy as a result. He then tells Luan that he has to go at Jack Holdem's house to borrow him the Joker Miraculous and give it to her, so she can save his owner and defeat Madgician. While still hesitant to turn into the Joker again after her incident, Luan is nonetheless determined to bring back Ace Savvy and save Benny and Royal Woods.

Lady Vide[]

Despite their differences, twins Lana and Lola like to do activities together. At school, as they are eager to participate as a duo once again during the anticipated Royal Woods' Astonishing Quest that will take place in a few days, they are getting mocked by Chandler and his friends, who say they can't survive one day without being close from each other and calls them "two dums who are halves of a full dumdum". When the twins say they can defend themselves alone or together and start insulting them, they become angry, and throw them inside the school closet and block the door, before leaving and laughing.

While the twins frantically try to open the closet door and get the attention of Norm the janitor to no avail, before actually beginning to cry, Hawk Moth detects their despair, and thus sends an akuma to possess both of them simultaneously, and offer them the opportunity to get their revenge, which they both accept. Unlike when they were akumatized into two different villains, this time Lana and Lola get fused into one unique being named Lady Vide, a magenta-skinned girl who has a blue left eye, a pink right eye, a combination of Lana and Lola's blonde hairdos, an outfit based on their clothes, and speaks with a combination of their voices. She also has their size, facial features and even their tooth gap, and considers herself as two people in one body. As a weapon, she uses a magic energy scythe that can split those who get sliced into two different personalities and shoot energy bolts as a means of attack.

As Lincoln searches for Lana and Lola after their teacher Miss Allegra told him they're strangely absent during her class, he instead comes across Lady Vide, who attacks the school students and splits many of them in two persons. As Lincoln throws himself in front of Clyde to protect him from her scythe, he gets sliced into two versions of himself as well: one is serious, smart, calculating, but also an easily-stressed control freak, and the other is calm, laid-back, geeky, but also quite lazy. Fluush also gets split indirectly by Lady Vide into a serious and commanding side and a laid-back and good-natured side. That also means that the two Lincolns have their own Ace Miraculous, and can both turn into Ace Savvy.

As the laid-back Ace Savvy does nothing but laying on the ground playing video games, the smartguy Ace Savvy tries to fight Lady Vide by himself, but fails to do so, and Lady Vide decides to split her sisters as well as everybody in Royal Woods else so they can all know the benefits of being twins. As the two Ace Savvies blame each other for failing to de-evilize Lana and Lola, Clyde intervenes to tell them that they failed because Ace can only function as one entire individual, and that one half of him isn't enough to defeat an akumatized villain like Lady Vide, so they must work together to be actually able to defeat her. Realizing that he's right, the two Aces accept their mistakes and put their differences aside to think about a plan to save Royal Woods.

They then decide to separate to search for Lana and Lola, keeping contact with each other with earpieces. While the laid-back Ace Savvy watch over Royal Woods to search for Lady Vide, the smartguy Ace goes at Jack Holdem's home to pick the Jack Bangle and give it to Clyde. With One-Eyed Jack at their sides, the two Aces are fully ready to de-evilize the twins, who are already terrorizing the city, and become one person again.

Blaze and Blizzard[]

When Lincoln comes back home covered in bruises and got asked by her sisters who did this to him, he tells them that he came across Hank and Hawk, the Hazeltucky bullies. Wanting to teach him how to defend himself against baddies like them (despite his insistance that he doesn't want that help), Lynn decides to see them with him and teach him the "Fire and Ice" technique: when getting insulted by bullies, retaliate by telling them sick burns, while keeping your cool when facing them. However, that technique doesn't seem to work on them much to her shock, and they start to mock her with even meaner words, telling her that she's just a puny and scrawny flea that should hide her house's basement forever, among other insults. As Lynn struggles more and more to keep her calm, Hawk Moth gets attracted by these emotions, and sends an akuma to intensify that raging flame even more.

However, when the akuma reaches her, she already beat the two bullies to a pulp, and manages to regain her composure, before suggesting Lincoln that they go home, as she's done with them. The akuma then go possess both Hank and Hawk, who became furious for being beaten by that girl, and transform them into a supervillain duo called Blaze and Blizzard, who can control fire and ice respectively. They both begin to chase Lynn to get their revenge on her, but thankfully, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne drop in as Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, and manage to defeat both of them. But as Ace is about to free their akuma, they decide to fuse with each other and become a giant made of fire and ice. As they became too strong for them, Ace Savvy quickly goes borrowing the 8-Ball Miraculous from Jack Holdem, and give it to Lynn so she can have the strength to help him defeat this gigantic villain, before they cause too important damage at Royal Woods.


Following the recent separate exploits of the Royal Flush and the Queen of Diamonds, Lana and Lola both think something is fishy and suspect each other to be these superheroines, and decide to confirm it by any method possible: when Lola wants Lana to move out the couch to watch the Princess Channel, she accepts, but only if she reveals to her that she's the Queen of Diamonds, which makes her decide to sit on the floor. Inversely, when Lana is playing with her pet frog Hops in her room, Lola comes in with chocolate chip cookies, and tells her she can eat some them if she tells her that she's the Royal Flush, but she eats all the plate anyways without telling anything. Unfortunately, their blackmailing begins to go too far, as Lana threatens to throw Lola's dresses in mud and Lola is ready to wash Lana's cap, and soon, they end up fighting more than usual, prompting the other siblings to initiate the Sister Fight Protocol, and separate the twins in different rooms: Lana in Luna and Luan's, and Lola in Lori and Leni's.

This feud greatly upsets Hops, who begins to think that Lana and Lola will never be close to each other anymore. This causes him to be akumatized by Hawk Moth through a picture of the twins smiling together, and becomes Swamperor, a strong and big humanoid amphibian who can jump high and create moss and swamp-like vegatation with his touch. To the Louds' incomprehension, their house becomes covered in moss, and Royal Woods is turning into a giant swamp. Swamperor then barges in to capture Lana and Lola and jump away with them. Ace Savvy does try to confront the akumatized villain, but gets defeated, and he escapes. He then decides to go see Jack Holdem to pick not one, but two specific Miraculouses.

Meanwhile, Lana and Lola are imprisoned behind solid moss bars by Swamperor, so they can be alone together and forever. As they're trapped, they realize they contributed to Hops' akumatization and that their quest for truth actually make them and the familysuffer, and thus decide to reveal the truth to each other to finish it off. After they rekindled their "sistership" after these revelations, Ace Savvy secretly comes in with their respective Miraculouses, but unfortunately gets attacked by Swamperor before he could give them properly. The twins still manage to pick them up, and transformed into the Royal Flush and the Queen of Diamonds, they free themselves from their prison and are ready to work as a team to help Ace Savvy de-evilize Hops.

Trashilius Rex (A.K.A. Down to Heart: Part 1)[]

As they are secretly watching Lincoln video-chatting with Ronnie Anne in his room, the Loud sisters think that he doesn't make much efforts to make their relationship evolve, and decide to put up a plan to help him without his knowledge. Meanwhile, Ronnie Anne's cousins and Bobby also spy on her, only to think the same thing about her, and also want to do something for her without her knowing it. The two groups then contact each other by video chat to make up their perfect date plan for Lincoln and Ronnie Anne. However, Lana tells them that she won't assist them in their operation, as she already planned to go at the junkyard to visit the siblings' junk monster friend Trashy and play with him, like once every week.

The next day, the operation "Make Lincoln And Ronnie Anne An Official Couple During the Best Date Ever and Find A Shorter Name For This Operation" then begins: Bobby brings Ronnie Anne at Royal Woods, to join Lori and Lincoln in front of the place of their first date, Jean-Juan's French Mex Buffet, and give them a special coupon Bobby kept for a special occasion, that allows them to get 75% off their next meal. The older siblings then bring them inside to the best table possible so they can be alone and suggests them a huge platter of chili mini-croissants and baguettes con queso to share with each other, which they both accept. That the two friends don't know, is that them, along with the other siblings (sans Lana) in disguise, are keeping track on their date and observe what's going on. In the same time at Great Lakes City, Maria notices that Bobby forgot his stomach medication and decides to drive to Royal Woods to bring them to him.

At the Royal Woods junkyard, Lana and Trashy are still having fun together when suddenly, Mayor Davis comes in, having wind that a monster made of garbage lives in the junkyard. As she learns that the rumor is true, she orders that Trashy must leave Royal Woods quickly as she thinks it can tarnish the town's image, despite her reluctance to do it. Lana defends him by saying that he's a living being like any citizen in Royal Woods. She tries to protect him no matter what, but when Davis says her she must reunite 10000 signatures to save him, she gives up as she failed it the last time, but still doesn't want to say Trashy goodbye. Hawk Moth then senses the poor monster's sadness, and decides to send an akuma to turn him into Trashilius Rex, a big garbage monster who can absorb garbage to become even bigger and more monstrous, regenerate from any injury and vacuum anything and anyone inside his body. Alerted by this akumatization, Lana tries to call Lori, before getting swallowed by the villain.

Scared by her brutally interrupted phone call, Lori, the sisters as well as Bobby go outside to see a now kaiju-sized junk monster destroying the city and try to escape, before also getting eaten. Inside, they find Lana alive and well, as well as other people of Royal Woods, including Mayor Davis, who regrets rejecting Trashy and apologizes to Lana. Outside, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne manage to dodge Trashilius Rex, and then hide themselves from each other to turn into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, so they can de-evilize Trashy. As for Maria, she finally reaches Royal Woods unbeknowsnt to the two heroes, only to see Trashilius Rex, and becomes horrified when she apparently sees Ronnie Anne trying to run from the monster, only to be eaten by him.

Materna (A.K.A. Down to Heart: Part 2)[]

After the chaos caused by Trashilius Rex has been cancelled by Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, Maria finds Ronnie Anne and Bobby alive and well and tightly hugs them, relieved that they haven't been hurt by this akumatized monster. However, it also made her realize how Royal Woods is such a dangerous place to go due to all these akumatizations, and concerned by the well-being of her children, she takes the hard decision to forbid them to go at Royal Woods ever again. Ronnie Anne is shocked when hearing that, but not as much as Bobby and Lori, who are bawling at the idea of not seeing each other until university.

The Santiagos then take the road back to Great Lakes City, but they must go at Flip's gas station one last time so Maria can fill the tank of her car. Taking this as an opportunity to sneak out to find Lincoln, Ronnie Anne creates a dummy that looks like herself using her hoodie and a basketball, and asks Bobby to cover her, before going to the bathroom to turn into Chara de Hearts and go to the Loud house. Once she detransforms, Lincoln gets surprised to see her despite her mother's order, and she tells him that they still have time to hang out together before she has to go. He accepts, to the joy of his sisters.

While Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are having fun together at the arcade, the Lazer Maze and even Dairy Land, Maria is shocked to notice her daughter's disappearance while on the road, and instead of searching for her, she becomes depressed at the idea that Ronnie Anne is rebelling for her decision, and begins to doubt her abilities as a good mother. Unfortunately, she gets corrupted by an akuma before Bobby who was trying to console her, and becomes Materna, a nymph-like supervillain with powerful psychic powers, the ability to trap anyone in indestructible and floating energy spheres, and a sixth sense that allows her to know Ronnie Anne's exact location, wherever she is. After trapping Bobby inside a bubble, she finds out that their daughter is at Dairy Land, and teleports herself and Bobby here, where she finds her alongside Lincoln, who goes turning into Ace Savvy to stop her. Unfortunately, he gets defeated, and Ronnie Anne doesn't get the time to transform until she also gets trapped in a sphere by Materna, who then teleports herself at Great Lakes City with her and Bobby.

When the Casagrandes find Maria turned into an evil sorceress with Ronnie Anne and Bobby at her mercy, they try to defend them by attacking them with items they picked in their apartment. Determined to save Ronnie Anne, Lincoln decides to give Fluush a magicookie that turns him into Star Fluush, who in turn allows him to transform into Space Ace, who can fly and go in space. Once he gets to Great Lakes City, he confronts Materna with some help by the Casagrandes. but as she is too powerful for them, Ronnie Anne must quickly find a way to transform into Chara de Hearts and free herself without being seen by her family.

Captain Imagenio[]

The Louds invited the Casagrande family to go at their BBQ party at Royal Woods, and while everybody is having fun with Ronnie Anne playing volleyball with Lynn and even keeping up with her much to her surprise, she and Lincoln suddenly learn about a pilot losing control of his plane while writing a love message to his crush, and quickly turn into Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts to save him. However, they don't know that Ronnie Anne's cousin CJ was actually seeing her leaving Lynn before hiding in the basement of the Louds' house, and when the two families cheer on Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts saving the pilot, he now thinks that Chara is actually Ronnie Anne, and try to tell everybody about that. However, they don't believe him, thinking it's just his great imagination tricking him. While they all resume their BBQ party, CJ becomes upset, and wants to prove them that he's telling the truth.

As Hawk Moth gets wind of his negative emotions, he decides to corrupt the poor boy with his newest akuma, and turns him into Captain Imagenio, a young supervillain with the power to create anything with just his imagination. Just after Ronnie Anne detransformed and is about to feed Ellie, Captain Imagenio's giant flying ship appears before her, and he immediately sends his animal pirate crew from his imagination to capture Ronnie Anne and take her Miraculous. While she manages to flee them, she is now wanted by Captain Imagenio's crew all over Royal Woods and unable to transform, leaving Ace alone to keep her safe and fight her corrupted cousin, and at the same time, he himself begins to think that her and Chara de Hearts are one and only person. Soon, Ronnie Anne gets ambushed by his tough bear pirates, but gets saved by none other by Lynn who charges at them with a dumpster before taking her. When asked why she saved her, Lynn says that helping others is like a reflex for her, but as Ronnie Anne managed to get at the same level as her during their volleyball game, she has full respect for her and will do anything to help her get out from this mess. After a while fleeing from the pirates, Ronnie Anne gets an idea and asks Lynn to switch her outfit with hers to flee and "call Chara for help". The tomboy sister accepts without hesitation, and with the hood hiding her face, she immediately gets Captain Imagenio's attention by mocking him, before getting picked up by Chara de Hearts, who is now fully ready to help Ace against Imagenio's unlimited imagination.

Mayor Disaster[]

As she was heading to the city hall for her lunch, the Royal Woods mayor Davis spots Luna singing and playing music on her guitar, leaned against the statue of the city's foundator and surrounded by attracted passersby. Angered by this sight, Davis tells her that it's forbidden to busking in the proximity of the statue, as she considers it as a symbol for Royal Woods. Luna retorts that she wasn't busking, but just playing music for the love of music and expressing what she got with her mind, before angrily leaving, much to Davis' desapprobation.

The next day, everybody is surrounding the statue in shock, as it was defaced with Flippees during the night. As Luna, Sam and their other bandmates are joining the crowd, Davis soon accuses Luna of degrading a monument, with her behavior from yesterday as a proof, but she swears that she did nothing to her "precious little statue", with the support of her friends. But then Doug and Michelle show up and admire Luna for the crime, saying that the statue looks like an perfect album cover for a rebellious teenage rockstar like her. As she's thinking that it's them who defaced the statue and now try to frame her, Luna is about to beat them with her guitar, Davis immediately confiscates it, and forbids her to play music in public places at Royal Woods. Luna then leaves, fuming in rage and vulnerable enough to be detected by Hawk Moth, who then sends an akuma after her.

As she furiously walks back to her home, Luna gets followed by Sam, who notices the akuma flying towards one of her paperclip earrings. She tells her about it, and shouts her to not thinking about Davis anymore, but about positive things. By thinking about her family, her love for music and the time she spends with Sam, she manages to dodge akumatization, before accepting Sam's offer to go drink some smoothies with her, as she already went through a lot today and needs to rest. The akuma then flies towards Mayor Davis, still angry about Luna defacing the statue, and possesses her through her keyboard. Hawk Moth then offers her the opportunity to give to Luna the punishment she truly deserves, which she accepts, and turns her into Mayor Disaster, a supervillain armed with a magic keyboard. By pressing its keys, she can create magical music notes that cause anyone hit to follow any order from her. She then manipulates everyone nearby to create herself a big army, and orders them to get hold of Luna, so she can order her to leave Royal Woods forever.

Upon seeing this large crowd, Luna and Sam quickly decide to flee, but they accidentally split up, and now Luna has to hide somewhere again to save herself. After she manages to hide herself under an underpass, she fortunately comes across Ace Savvy, who gives her the Club Miraculous so she can help her, as he tried to deal with Mayor Disaster by himself, but couldn't defeat her due to her self-made elite police guards. Now turned into the Night Club, she and Ace Savvy go confronting Mayor Disaster and try to find a way to de-evilize her, before she can turn all of the Royal Woods citizens into her slaves.


After leaving the bathroom in his pajamas, Lincoln can't help but notice that Fluush was upset about something during the whole day. When asked, he tells him that today is Hawk Moth's kwami Baccarat's birthday, and that during a specific time during the night, the kwamis inside Jack Holdem's Miracle Box are able to perform a communication ritual that would tell them where he is. However, the ritual might not work if Fluush doesn't reunite with his friends, as the more kwamis are present, the better the ritual will work, but Fluush is also forbidden to leave his owner by Jack Holdem, in case of a akuma emergency. Fortunately, he and Jakk came up with a plan so he can join the other kwamis safely. So even if he won't be able to transform into Ace Savvy during that night, Lincoln allows Fluush to go reunite with the other kwamis, saying him good luck.

Some time later, as all the family is sleeping, Lincoln is suddenly attacked by the Harvester, but despite the shock, manages to lock him in his bedroom, until he sees that his parents and siblings are also chased by their own nightmares, like a demonic Mr. Coconuts for Luna, cute, brightly colored animals for Lucy, or blood-sucking aliens for Lana. All the family escape the house with improvised weapons, but notice that the entire street is invaded by the inhabitants' nightmares, and end up separated due to the massive panic. It turns out that an akumatized little kid named Knightmare is giving life to the nightmares of everyone in Royal Woods while singing a creepy lullaby. As the menace grows, Lincoln must find Jack Holdem's home to join Fluush, who has already begun his ritual with the other kwamis in the Miracle Box. At the same time, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn come across their babysitting client Caleb McCauley, who is panicking after his sister Camille dissappeared after watching a movie and going to sleep, and after waking up, he got attacked by a nighmarish clone of Lynn (much to the real one's dismay). While she takes care of her evil clone, the other sisters put two and two together and realize that Knightmare is actually Camille, and go find the rest of the family in a nightmarish Royal Woods.

Empoweress (A.K.A. Save the Heroes' Day: Part 1)[]

It's Heroes' Day at Royal Woods, and to honor Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang's heroic acts, each citizen is invited to do a good action for others. The Casagrandes were also at Royal Woods due to their house getting fumigated for a flea invasion, and decided to participate to the celebration. Ironically, only Lincoln couldn't find a good action to do, as all of them were already taken by his friends and family.

In the meantime, Principal Huggins, with the help of Mrs. Johnson, decides to put into action a plan he's been concocting for a long time so he can finally take Ace Savvy's Miraculous. As his student Chandler is still resentful against Ace Savvy for ruining his reputation at school, he turns into Hawk Moth, and re-akumatize Chandler into Ace Evil. With his illusion cards, he convinces all the citizens that he akumatized the Full House Gang, and that they defeated and killed Ace Savvy. With all of the people of Royal Woods in despair, Hawk Moth then takes the akuma away from Chandler (who was perfectly aware of his actions when akumatized) and gives it to Johnson, who then turns into the Empoweress, a supervillain who can empower others.

With the Empoweress' power, Hawk Moth has now become the powerful Scarlet Moth, and turns his Akumas into a swarm of Scarlet Akumas. As Lincoln, his sisters, Clyde and Ronnie Anne learn about Ace Savvy's "death", the Scarlet Akumas descend into Royal Woods to corrupt everyone with negative emotions at sight. Soon, Wingboy, Charberus, Rancid Cupid, Rapunzevil, Bolt Rage, Shadow Puppeteer, Fli-P, Bellraiser, Bouncer, Kitchen Nightmare, Babyhemoth, Ace Evil, Heavy Metal, Subwoofer, Bad Newscaster, Sadentist, Killjoy, H2Orror, the Stinker, Glitterrific, Big Burpy, Raging Beast, Dreadnose, Toy Fury, Scarecerer, Chilly Pain, See-More-Evil, Mighty Midas, Baseball Betrayer, the Foxlings, Lyrix, Madgician, Blaze and Blizzard, Swamperor, Captain Imagenio and Mayor Disaster all return in a blood red color and declare their royalty to Scarlet Moth. Thankfully, some manage to resist akumatization by letting go of their fears, including the Loud siblings, Rita, Clyde, Harold, Zach, Stella, Sam and Cheryl. The siblings and Clyde are then told by Rita and Harold respectively to quickly go back home, while Ronnie Anne, after a brief altercation with Captain Imagenio, decides to secretly follow the villains as Chara de Hearts to see what's going on. As for Lincoln, he immediately turns into Ace Savvy to go at Jack Holdem's home, as this time, he really has no chance alone against this scarlet army. On the way, he comes across Shadow Puppeteer, whom he easily defeats and de-evilizes back into Haiku. When purified, she explains him that everyone in Royal Woods saw him destroyed by his own allies, and he figures out that Chandler has been re-akumatized back into Ace Evil and used his illusions to make them believe to his death.

While Haiku goes hiding in a safe place, Ace Savvy manages to reach Holdem's home, and both decide to pick all the previously used Miraculouses to Ace's allies. He finds Clyde and gives him the Jack Miraculous before telling him to join Chara, then goes at the Loud house to give their respective Miraculouses to his sisters (as a result, they all know each other's secret identity, although Lana and Lola already knew theirs, so aren't as shocked). Now with the Full House Gang, One-Eyed Jack and Chara de Hearts at his sides, Ace Savvy is ready to take on Scarlet Moth and his army, with the encouragements of everyone else in Royal Woods.

The Card Countess (A.K.A. Save the Heroes' Day: Part 2)[]

Along with the Full House Gang, One-Eyed Jack and Chara de Hearts, Ace Savvy goes fighting Scarlet Moth's army of akumatized villains, and with their help, manages to purify Liam, Kotaro, Maggie, Benny and Rocky, and much especially Lynn Sr. and Lily, who immediately escape from the battle. However, Scarlet Moth actually predicted this turn of events, and use the help of Rancid Cupid to indulge new negative emotions in the rest of the bunch of rescued people and re-akumatize them. As things couldn't get any worse, the heroes are taken by surprise by not only Rancid Cupid, Killjoy, Baseball Betrayer and Scarecerer, but also the Song Rewriter and Absorbelle, freshly re-akumatized, and get scattered around Royal Woods fighting all these villains.

In the end, the sisters got their emotions manipulated by one way or another, and are akumatized one by one into the Sly Card, the Eleven of Hurts, the Fright Club, the No-Joker, the Wrong Suit, the Hate of Spades, the Deloyal Crush, the Queen of Dire-monds and the Dark Counter, and join Scarlet Moth's side, renaming themselves the Cruel House Gang. To top it off, One-Eyed Jack ends up having a panic attack as their allies are falling down, and gets akumatized and turned into Black-Eyed Jack. Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts are now alone against all these villains and their former allies, and after Chara used her Heart Attack to create a way to escape in the sewers, they hide themselves from the villains and each other, before turning back to Lincoln and Ronnie Anne.

As Lincoln begins to lose hope since they're now all alone against Scarlet Moth's army, Ronnie Anne reassures him by saying that they're not alone, since they still have each other since the beginning of their superhero careers. After feeding their kwamis, they join each other, and briefly turn into Aqua Ace Savvy and Agua Chara de Hearts to go back to the surface before turning back into their normal superhero forms, de-evilizing H2Orror and Chilly Pain along the way. Thanks to help from a small resistance army (which includes Rita, Lynn Sr., Lily, Albert, Myrtle, Harold, the rest of the Casagrandes, Zach, Stella, Haiku and the rest of the Morticians' Club sans Lucy, Lori and Leni's friends, Lynn's teammates sans Margo, Sam, Sully, Mazzy, Mr. Grouse, Sergei, Scoots and Ms. Carmichael and her son) who help them fight back the Scarlet army, the two heroes eventually confront Scarlet Moth and manage to break his cane in the ensuing battle, purifying all of his victims in the process and turning him back into Hawk Moth. However, they end up getting defeated by him, but as he was about to take their Miraculouses, the Full House Gang and One-Eyed Jack come to their rescue, and all of them get to corner him with finally a chance to take away his Miraculous. Seeing that he's about to be defeated, the Empoweress decides to open his secret safe and take the Wild Card Miraculous to become the Card Countess, at her own risks...

Season 4[]

Carlos X (A.K.A. Chara's Saga Grande: Part 1)[]

Since Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts have de-evilized Ronnie Anne's mother at Great Lakes City, Principal Huggins and Mrs. Johnson have realized that Chara de Hearts has relocated somewhere in this city, and that they may have found a new batch of people to akumatize to take her Miraculous, especially since she will be without Ace Savvy. However, Hawk Moth's powers are limited to Royal Woods only, so he tries to find a way to come across these limits, when Johnson comes up with a plan that is risky, but that may be worth it: after doing some research, she learned about Great Lakes City's high pigeon population, so by wearing the Wild Card Miraculous, she turns into the Card Countess, and creates for Huggins the Watcher: a sentimonster that may look like a mere pigeon, but can detect negative emotions around it on a large scale, and create portals linked from a place to another by a simple coo. Turned into Hawk Moth, Huggins then tells the Watcher to fly away to Great Lakes City, and find someone for him to evilize.

Meanwhile at Great Lakes City, some time has passed since the Heroes' Day. Ronnie Anne has now adapted quite well at the city life, found a new best friend in the newly-arrived Sid Chang and has even become a well-liked superheroine here. She even recently incorporated her skateboarding skills into her superhero techniques, and uses her skateboard along with her whip to navigate quickly through the city and pulling some sick air tricks. After saving her friend Bruno's hot-dog stand from being hit by a truck, she's once again acclaimed by the citizens around her, including Sid, who takes pictures of her on her phone before she leaves the scene on her skateboard. Sid manages to take a few more pics of her, including one doing a handstand on her skate and forming a heart with her legs while in the air, and immediately posts it on social media. Once back home, she turns back into Ronnie Anne to enjoy the rest of the day with Ellie. After she ate with her family, her tío Carlos decides to go at the library to buy some new books and asks her if she would like to accompany him. She accepts, as she wants to get a newly-released tome of her ongoing manga. After their purchases, Ronnie Anne and Carlos cut by the park and come across Ronnie Anne's friends Sid, Casey, Nikki and Sameer, who are watching in awe Chara's skate figure Sid took a picture of earlier, that has become viral on social media and is even labelled the "Heartstopper". Ronnie Anne is also impressed by her own figure, but Carlos, who was formerly known as the famous skater Carlos X, becomes jealous of Chara and thinks that this figure is easy for him and that he would do it as good as her, even better. After borrowing Ronnie Anne's skateboard, he goes at the skateboard ramp to attempt the Heartstopper to impress Ronnie Anne and her peers, but ends up failing, and upon impact, he breaks the skateboard in half. When he tries to apologize to her niece, she says it's fine in a visibly upset maneer and that she goes back home to try to repair it, and Sid decides to join her to help her, Casey, Nikki and Sameer are all disappointed in Carlos to see how the mighty have fallen.

As Carlos laments on a bench, he doesn't notice the Watcher among a flock of pigeons who senses his negative feelings and opens a portal to Hawk Moth, who sends a akuma that possesses him through his helmet. Assuring him that it's Chara de Hearts' fault he made a fool of himself in front of her niece and her friends, he promises him he would regain her love, in exchange of her Miraculous. He then turns him into Carlos X, an evil superskater speaking in 90's slang, and equipped with a magic skateboard that can create asphalt roads out of thin air to show his tricks to the city. While Ronnie Anne and Sid try to fix the former's board, she gets a call from Lincoln, who asks her how is her day, then gets another call from Casey, who tells her that her uncle is doing figures in roads floating in the airs. Not knowing what he's talking about, she then realizes by looking through her window that Carlos has been akumatized and is causing chaos with his asphalt roads, just to get her attention and impress her. Ronnie Anne quickly hides in the bathroom to turn into Chara de Hearts while Lincoln, who also saw the whole thing and is asking himself how Hawk Moth could akumatize somebody who's not in Royal Woods, turns into Space Ace to fly at Great Lakes City and join her.

Upon confronting Carlos X, the duo couldn't match him to the power of his skateboard, so Ace decides to conjure his Lucky Ace card: a skateboard. Chara immediately figures out how to use it, and makes a deal with Carlos X, who gladly accepts: she challenges him in a skate race through Great Lakes City, and if she manages to dodge his traps and catch him without Ace's help, he should give his akumatized helmet to her, but if she doesn't in the ensuing ten minutes, she and Ace will have to give their Miraculouses. Despite Ace telling her about the risks, Chara assures him that she knows what she's doing, and that she also have some tricks in her sleeves.

Alphamura (A.K.A. Chara's Saga Grande: Part 2)[]

As Mr. Nakamura is walking his dog Nelson in the park, they both come across the vicious Great Lakes City cat gang, that make all those present in the place escape their fury. They then set out to attack Nelson when they get their sight on him, causing him to quickly flee the park out of panic. Distraught, Nakamura loudly calls his name non-stop until he begins to lose his voice, and when his young neighbor Ronnie Anne approaches him and asks him what's going on, he tells her the whole situation, and she accepts to help him by printing "Missing" posters and sticking them everywhere in the city, much to his thankfullness. She then calls Sid on her phone to ask if she has seen Nelson and if she can help her and Mr. Nakamura to find him, but she can't for now, as she's with her little sister Adelaide at the movie theater to see "Frog Zen 3", a movie she was waiting for a long time. By the time the night fell, Mr. Nakamura lose every single hope he had to find Nelson, and decides to go back home alone, despite Ronnie Anne's insistance to keep going. With Ellie, she gets determined to not give up and find a way so Nakamura and Nelson can reunite with each other.

Unfortunately, the Watcher notices a sad Nakamura crying in his apartment and alerts Hawk Moth, who then decides to akumatize the poor man into Alphamura, a huge and powerful werewolf who can shoot lasers than turn people into other werewolves with his eyes. He then goes into a rampage to find Nelson by smelling his odor, tearing everything on his path apart and turning those who come across him into werewolves. Witnessing his neighbor turned into a monster, Ronnie Anne quickly transforms into Chara de Hearts to help him. Meanwhile, Sid and Adelaide leave the theater, and Sid decides to call back Ronnie Anne to tell her she can now help her find Nelson, when the two sisters come across Alphamura, and when they try to flee him, he ultimately hits Adelaide with his eye lasers. When Sid tries to defend her then-unconscious little sister with a trash can lid and an old broomstick, he decides to go away to focus on Nelson and Chara de Hearts' Miraculous, after which Adelaide finally wakes up, but begins to suffer from chest pains.

When Chara and Ace Savvy come to the scene, they and Sid watch in horror Adelaide transforming into a little werewolf, but although she first acts hostile and agressive at them, she soon recognizes her older sister and jumps at her to lick her face excitedly and affectionately. Happy that Adelaide is still somewhat herself, Sid suddenly gets a call from their mother Becca, who asks her how was the movie, before telling her that she found Nelson at the zoo, and that she's going to give him back to Mr. Nakamara. Relieved at first, Sid then realizes that Becca has high chances to get attacked by Alphamura due to his smelling skills. Thankfully, after being transformed, Adelaide happens to get a highly keen sense of smell that could help the trio track and find the akumatized werewolf before she gets Becca.

El Falcón Negro (A.K.A. Chara's Saga Grande: Part 3)[]

The citizens of Great Lakes City once again witness a new heroic feat from Chara de Hearts, who saved a teenager who attempted parkour for the first time, only to realize he has a crippling fear of heights once he went to the edge of a tall building. The Casagrande family also acclaim her as they're watching her on TV, but strangely, only Carl doesn't seem impressed by her, and prefers to play with his El Falcón action figures. When Ronnie Anne returns to her civilian self and comes back home, her family tells her all the details about Chara's rescue, and she playfully pretends to not be aware of this, knowing Chara was her. However, she notices Carl still playing with his figures, with an annoyed look on his face. When she asks him why he isn't as enthusiastic of Chara as the others, he tells her that he couldn't care less about Chara and thinks she's just an overrated clown who goofs around on her skateboard, even saying that El Falcón is a better superhero than her. At first feeling a bit insulted, Ronnie Anne quickly calms down and says that she just appeared in the city recently, and that she will grow up on her, even citing Tío Carlos, who at first also wasn't fond of her, until he finally appreciates her. After she leaved the living room, Carl declares that anyone can be a better superhero than her or even Ace Savvy, even himself.

Making himself an El Falcón costume and some crude gadgets, he decides to become a superhero who will surpass Chara and adopts the identity of El Falcón Jr., with Sergio as his masked sidekick El Hero Loro, in exchange of bird snack boxes. However, every time he tries to be a hero fails spectacularly to the point Sergio gives up and leaves him, but he doesn't give up yet and still watches every corner of the city to see an occasion to be acclaimed as a superhero. He then sees a burglar stealing Par's delivery truck, and decides to stop him by himself, but when he enters the truck and struggles with the burglar, it gets out of control and is heading right towards to the pier. As Carl and the burglar are scared for their lives, Chara de Hearts intervenes to catch the truck right before he falls into the water and arrest the burglar. As Carl tries to sneak out the scene, Chara confronts him and after removing his mask, chides him about how dangerous and reckless it was from him to stop a criminal alone, as he's just a child with no powers. An angry Carl retorts that he could have done it himself, and that he did it to obtain the acclaim she didn't deserve before leaving, much to her shock. On his way home, he's noticed by Kingston and his friends who laugh at him and filmed him in the truck on their phones, just like Sergio, which makes him only more upset to the point of tears.

Without knowing it, Carl is noticed by the Watcher, who alerts Hawk Moth. He doesn't have much occasions to akumatize someone with a genuine distaste for one of the superheroes, Chara in particular, so he doesn't lose time to send an akuma to Great Lakes City to possess him and turn him into a supervillain. In exchange of Chara and Ace's Miraculouses, Carl accepts Hawk Moth's offer to turn him into a real superhero, and becomes El Falcón Negro, an evil version of his idol with a black costume and wings made of purple fire. In addition of being able to fly, he possesses gloves that hide sharp talons, and he can throw fire feathers to his foes as well as explosive corncobs that release explosive popcorn. Carl is overjoyed that he not only became a real superhero, but also a even better superhero than Ace, Chara or even El Falcón, and begins to attack the citizens of Great Lakes City to get Chara's attention, causing fires all over the city. After Ronnie Anne turned into Chara de Hearts to extinguish the fires by cracking her whip to create gusts of wind (something she never thought she can do before) and save Sid and Adelaide from a popcorn explosion, she learns that his cousin has become Hawk Moth's latest victim, and with the strength of his fire powers, she realizes that until Ace Savvy intervenes and de-evilizes Carl, she must fight him alone to stall time, while limiting the damage and assuring that nobody gets injured.

Darkoíris (A.K.A. Chara's Saga Grande: Part 4)[]

Ronnie Anne is again in the middle of a prank war between Carl, CJ and Carlitos and Carlota, and as she tries to read her new manga in peace, she becomes irritated and decides to go at the Changs' appartment to finally finish it and also spend some time with Sid, who is eager to show her the new footage she made of Chara de Hearts. Meanwhile, Carlota gets the upper hand in the prank war by putting glue on Carl's toy train, causing him to have it stuck in his hand. As she celebrates, Carl promises he hasn't finished with her. After removing his train of his hand, he secretly mixes Carlota's hairspray with some of Frida's paints withput her knowing it, just before she begins her new live make-up tutorial, so when she uses it, she is horrified to see her hair entirely rainbow-colored in front of her live audience and her scream alerts her familia (with the exception of Ronnie Anne, who's still with Sid, watching her Chara footage). Despite their efforts to help her giving back her normal appearence, they only make things worse by ruining her hairdo, so Rosa decides to leave the building to get ingredients for a hair lotion of hers that could restore her normal hair color. Feeling humiliated by her own hermano, Carlota barricades herself in her room to cry alone on her bed. Meanwhile, Carl is convinced by CJ and Carlitos to apologize to her, as even they think his prank was too mean-spirited.

But before he could even do it, Hawk Moth has already sensed Carlota's despair thanks to the Watcher, and sends a akuma to possess her through one of her bracelets and akumatize her into Darkoíris, a colorful supervilain who can shoot color blasts out of her bracelets to cover anything and anyone with different colors, and use her long ponytail to grab her victims. She immediately bursts her door open and begins to pursue Carl, blasting and recoloring CJ yellow in her rampage. When Ronnie Anne and Sid hear loud noises outside Sid's apartment, they see Carl fleeing an now-akumatized Carlota who recolors parts of the walls, and when she's about to attack Ronnie Anne as well, Sid jumps and throws her on the ground to take the hit herself, becoming entirely pink. Ronnie Anne loses no time to hide in Sid's bedroom to turn into Chara de Hearts and after grabbing her skateboard in her apartment, she quickly manages to save Carl, who tells her everything that culminated to Carlota trying to hurt him. After ordering him to flee, Chara confronts Darkoíris, who still searches him while recoloring everything and everyone in her sight, and tries to distract her long enough before Ace can intervene and put an end to her eye-hurting anger.

Maimao (A.K.A. Chara's Saga Grande: Part 5)[]

After seeing Chara de Hearts saving Great Lakes City no less than four times since she moved here, Sid now deeply admires her, and becomes determined to know her true identity, so she can gain her trust and assist her in her missions. While she is observing a board she made with multiple pictures of Great Lakes City girls like Nikki, Becky and even Ronnie Anne, Stanley comes in to ask her to take care of Adelaide, as he must operate the GLART right now. She accepts after quickly hiding the board under her bed, and when Stanley leaved the house, she decides to take Adelaide to the park and play with her in the sandbox, so she can't stumble upon her board. While they are playing, they hear purring behind a bush and find a cute little kitten who's seemingly lost. They then decide to bring them to their apartment to wash them and give them food, and with their parents' agreement after they came back home, they decide to keep it and want to take care of the newly-named "Mini Mao" the best possible.

The day after, Sid gets a call from Ronnie Anne, who asks her to go at the bodega to see "Adios, Ana, Adios" with her, she tells her she can't as she's taking care of a kitty, but Ronnie Anne then suggests her to go at the bodega with them so she can introduce them to her. She eagerly accepts and quickly goes down the stairs to leave the building, but once she's outside, she comes across the cat gang and ends up chased by them, as Mini Mao is actually the lost child of one of the members. When she's cornered to a wall in an alley, Sid hugs Mini Mao and actually begins to cry for her life, but getting noticed by the Watcher, she gets possessed by Hawk Moth's newest akuma, as he can't help but give that poor child a helping hand during this dire situation. Despite knowing Hawk Moth's true intentions, Sid accepts out of panic of being shredded to pieces, and gets turned into Maimao, an excited cat-like girl with dangerously sharp claws and highly enhanced speed and agility.

Having heard angry meows from the cat gang, Ronnie Anne quickly runs to rescue Sid, but is shocked to see her transformed and having forced the gang into submission. Amazed by her new form, Maimao tells her best friend that everything's okay and that she now has the cat gang under her control. Despite Ronnie Anne trying to convince her to not give in to Hawk Moth's control, she stills tells her that she's fine and even feels better as Maimao than as Sid, before leaving her to see her family and show them her new appearance. Distraught, Ronnie Anne quickly turns into Chara de Hearts to keep track on her. As the rest of the Chang family were eating ice cream outside, they suddenly come across Sid turned into a humanoid feline, and immediately get scared and want her to go back to her normal self, despite her attempts to reassure them. However, Maimao gets the wrong idea that they now see her as a monster, and as she looks around her to see the nearby civilians scared and telling her and the cats to go away, she ultimately snaps when she sees Adelaide hiding behind their mother and telling her "she wants her true sister back", and becomes violently feral, having decided to turn Great Lakes City to a giant cat sanctuary out of rage. Hawk Moth actually predicted this turn of events, taking advantage of Sid's positivity and the fear of the civilians to turn her into the perfect weapon against Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts. Maimao then orders the cats to reduce her own family to shreds, but they thankfully get saved by Chara de Hearts, who's soon joined by Ace Savvy. Both of them not only have to face Ronnie Anne's possessed best friend, but also a massive army of cats. Luckily, they already seem to know her weakness...


After voluntarily helping Hawk Moth and almost ruining Heroes' Day in Royal Woods, Chandler notices that everyone in the school, even his own friends, are mad against him, and tries to talk to them to regain their trust and especially his popularity. Unfortunately for him, everyone refuses his attempts, with Lincoln saying that they can't trust a manipulative jerk who caused so many akumatizations in the school as well as the rise of Scarlet Moth, and doesn't want to forgive him for that. As he was angrily washing his hands in the bathroom, Girl Jordan, who was listening to his ramblings and remembered the words told to him by Mrs. Johnson, tells him once he got out that they can't forgive him for his nasty actions on the span of just one day, and that it takes time so they can do it. Chandler asks her why she would tell him that, and Girl Jordan reveals that she still has a crush on him, despite him causing her akumatization into Rapunzevil and almost ruining Heroes' Day, and that even she doesn't know how she still has it. Still angry, he tells her that she knows nothing about being an outcast, and that if they can't forgive him, it's too bad for them, before leaving her, upset.

Delighted to feel Chandler's negative emotions once again, Hawk Moth decides to akumatize him, this time into an invisible villain who can sneak behind other people without being seen. Now under the moniker of Snatcher, Chandler begins to use his powers to cause a massive discord between the students, by stealing Lana's cap and Lola's tiara and put them in the other's hands, putting Lucy's Edwin bust inside Haiku's locker and make it fall and break on the floor, destroying Rusty's calculator and put it in Liam's locker, taking Zach's lunch to drop it on Stella's head, stealing Girl Jordan's diary and throw it at Andrew, among other ways to do it.

Soon, Snatcher manages to create a real chaos in the school as the arguing students are violently fighting each other, and the teachers are unable to control this situation. As Lincoln looks what's going on, he finds himself with Clyde's broken glasses, and both begin to fight each other. After secretly getting out this mayhem, he turns into Ace Savvy and tries to figure out what could have caused this. He then hears Lisa whistling at him behind a classroom's door to get his attention. After Ace joined her, she tells him that she's 100% sure this new villain is actually Chandler, and he caused the students to fight each other out of revenge for ostracizing him. When asked by Ace how she didn't get into this big fight, she tells him that her locker and even her backpack are locked behind a password only she knows (her birthday), so nothing can be stolen from her. Relieved that at least one of her sisters is still here, Ace uses his Lucky Ace card, and realizes she needs Lisa's help, so he goes picking the Roulette Miraculous to give it to Lisa so she can become the Card Counter and help him stop the Snatcher.


One day, the Loud siblings and Fluush wake up in a deserted and closed down mall, unable to remember their names and who they are. While they are exploring the place and meeting each other (including Fluush, whom the Loud sisters find very cute), they get attacked by some mysterious force, but manage to escape unscathed. Soon after, Lincoln and Lori receive frantic calls from Clyde, Ronnie Anne and Bobby who want to be sure they're fine. If they don't know who they are (much to their distress, or annoyance in Ronnie Anne's case), they do manage to know their names, and get the idea that everyone must check their phones to see they can know their identities and use the pictures they took to jog up their memories. Meanwhile, Ronnie Anne decides to turn into Chara de Hearts to fly to the Royal Woods mall and investigate about what could have happened to Lincoln and and her sisters.

Although they had some difficulties to access their phones (they only succeeded thanks to a password list Lisa found in her pocket, without her knowing why she has it in the first place), they manage to check their pictures, and if they initially think they're a group of friends, they soon remember they're actually siblings. They also discover their passions and relationships, and ironically, couldn't believe it (Luna doesn't think she would really love rock music, Luan finds Mr. Coconuts unnerving, Lana finds herself disgusting for loving mud that much, Lola cringes when seeing herself in pageants, Lori couldn't find anything good in Bobby...). They also see in some pictures a caped superhero, but they couldn't find out that his name is Ace Savvy until they see newspaper articles on the floor.

However, when checking the pictures, they notice that one of them is missing: a blonde teenage girl who wears sunglasses, red earrings and a mint green dress. They deduce that she must be somewhere in the mall, and while Lori, Luna, Luan and Lynn go searching for her, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily and Fluush try to get some food. During that moment, all of them get to know each other and create bonds between them that are even stronger than before their amnesia. However, Lincoln gets a call from their parents, asking them where they are. Although he has no memories of them, he tells them that they're in the mall, which puts them in a state of panic, as a supervillain is roaming inside it.

Meanwhile, Lori, Luna, Luan and Lynn are rummaging through the deserted shops to find their missing sister, and even take the time to practice their forgotten passions, but really can't manage to find the fun in them. Suddenly, an unconscious Chara de Hearts falls in front of them from a hole through the roof, and they then see the mysterious being who chased them earlier appearing as well. After they managed to hide themselves from them before they leave, the four sisters then quickly take the still unconscious Chara with them, and join the other group with her to tell them what happened. As they try to wake her up, Chara, having used her Heart Attack to create the hole through the mall's roof to enter, turns back into Ronnie Anne and finally open her eyes, but as the Louds and Fluush present themselves to her and her fairy-like companion Ellie, they couldn't remember their names or their memories as well, as if the mysterious being caused them to have amnesia. Lincoln then remembers her as the girl who called him on his phone earlier, and who is present in many of the photos taken on it. Seeing how the two are seemingly close to each other, the sisters, Fluush and Ellie assume they must be a cute couple, and as they're looking the pictures on Lincoln's phone, he and Ronnie Anne are actually quite fond of the idea, and also think they must be deeply in love with each other before their amnesia.

However, they get found by the mysterious being, who looks like some kind of humanoid mint green mist and begins to chase them all. As they manage to lose them again, they finally get some Wi-Fi. They then learn that this green mist is the supervillain the siblings' parents talked about and is really the one who erased their memories, and that Ace Savvy already fought them when the sisters were already struck, but was unfortunately hit by one of their energy blasts. They also find a phone and a hand holding a jack card, drawed on a wall in orange. Lincoln deduces that he must call someone on his phone, which at this point, is very low in battery. When he calls Jack Holdem, they learn that he and Ronnie Anne are Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, that Fluush and Ellie are their respective kwamis, and that they both must say "[kwami's name], deal me in!" to transform. While they have to know their powers and abilities, they go on to fight that supervillain before they can strike everyone in Royal Woods with a giant amnesia bomb, with additionnal help from Lincoln's sisters.

What they don't know however is that this evil being is none other than Leni, the sunglasses-wearing girl in the pictures. She was ashamed when the siblings chewed her out for being forgetful after she forgot to watch the oven and let their pizza burn. She was so upset that they she didn't want to go at the mall with their siblings, and out of shame, she was akumatized by Hawk Moth to become Amnesista, a supervillain made of mist who can use her glasses to erase people's memories, and tried to get her revenge at her siblings by attacking them at the mall.


As she was playing in a mud puddle alongside Hops, Lana suddenly hears a conversation between two boys: according to one of them, one of his cousins apparently saw the infamous Grand Venture State Park creature, described as a sort of fusion between numerous animals that is roaming the park's woods for quite a while. Imagining herself befriending this beast, she quickly goes back home to tell the story to Lola, who at first is skeptical, but then changes her mind when she shows her a video of the creature walking behind trees, and now wants to meet it so she can have a "Beauty and the Beast"-like story with it. However, Lisa walks in, telling them that's practically impossible that such a cryptid actually exists. The twins, especially Lana, tell them they know it exists, and the tomboy decides to challenge her in a bet to determine if it's indeed the case; the loser will have to give her dessert to the winner for two weeks.

After the parents got convinced to bring the family to the Grand Venture State Park, Lana, Lola and Lisa set out to find the creature and determine if it's real or not. When they find nothing after rummaging in the area it is supposedly seen at, Lana decides to attract it by putting an ice cream sandwich on the floor and waiting behind the bushes. Despite Lisa thinking it may be just a big bear and that there's no way an animal would eat an ice cream sandwich left in the woods, the three girls are shocked to see the cryptid actually appearing and eating the sandwich. Excited, Lana immediately goes out the bushes to introduce herself to it and tries alongside Lola to befriend it. As it slowly backs away in fear, Lisa notices that its fur looks fake, and upon inspecting it, she concludes that this creature is nothing but a disguise. Lana angrily protests against it, but then, she's horrified to see the creature revealing itself to be simply a park ranger, the same one who did the Dowl hoax some time ago. Since the event, he became the subject of laughing for his coworkers, and thus, he decided to create a bigger hoax to regain respect. In fact, HE's the one who posted the video Lana showed to Lola earlier.

While Lisa gloats about being right and winning the bet, she and Lola then see Lana very angry, not because she lose the bet, but because she blames herself for completely falling into a totally farfetched story because of her strong love for animals, and calls herself a complete fool for that, before running to Vanzilla to blow some steam alone, despite Lola's best attempts to console her and tell her that she shouldn't take her love for animals for a bad thing. While she's alone still mad at herself in the van and Lola and Lisa are trying to find her, Hawk Moth senses her negative emotions and decides to send an akuma that flies towards the State Park before possessing Lana, who then turns into a monstrous amalgam of various animals called the Chimera; upon transforming, she gets a bear body, a wolf head with a strong frog tongue, tiger upper legs, lion lower legs and a snake tail. As he sees Lana transforming, Hops panics and immediately jumps to find Lola and Lisa, as well as the park worker, who wants to apologize to her. Although they can't understand him when he tells them about Lana's akumatization, they ultimately know what they want to say to them when an animalistic monster appears and attacks the park ranger, completely blinded by her rage against him. He thankfully manages to escape, and Lola then intervenes, and after recognizing the monster as Lana thanks to her cap and her tooth gap, she immediately tells her to stop and calm down. She bluntly refuses, saying that the park ranger humiliated her and must pay the price, before pursuing him in the woods.

Fearing that the ranger will be reduced to shreds by their now-feral sister, Lola and Lisa still decide to pursue her despite the danger, and try to reasonate with her. Meanwhile, Lincoln, who was watching the geysers alone and heard screams and chaos behind the trees, decides to turn into Ace Savvy to see what's going on. He ultimately manages to prevent the Chimera to reach the rangers' lodge, and begins to fight against her so he can grab her cap and release her akuma. However, they don't know that the park ranger called the Green Mile Pet Sanctuary to take care of this beast, and now, Ace Savvy will not only have to face an akumatized Lana, but also a squad of Pet Sanctuary workers led by Corinne, who is determined to capture the Chimera, not knowing that she's in reality a 6-year-old girl gone mad by Hawk Moth. As she doesn't listen to him and insists she doesn't need the help of a superhero to neutralize her, Ace has to rely on the help of Lola and Lisa to save Lana, especially since she resists the tranquilizing darts shot at her by Corinne's squad, that only make her angrier...


Despite her best efforts, Ronnie Anne accumulates the failed attempts to reveal her feelings to Ace Savvy. After failing to tell Ace what she feels for him following a successful mission, she detransforms and as she is trying to figure out a way to finally succeed, she heads to Flip's Food and Fuel for a Flippee to help her think as well as candies for Ellie, who is tired and unable to turn her into Chara. Once she reached the gas station's door, Ronnie Anne bumps into Lincoln, who didn't expected to see her at Royal Woods, and asks her to stay at his house for the afternoon, until her mother picks her up. She accepts, not without sending a text message to her. As the sisters are more than happy to see her with Lincoln, she suddenly hears some loud rock music from Luna and Sam, who are in a middle of a guitar session together in the former's room. After Ronnie Anne complimented their music and even got to meet Sam, Lola enters in the room to ask Luna if she can borrow her Lulu wig for her next pageant. Sam then stumbles upon the outfit and wig she wore as Lulu during her experience at "America's Next Hitmaker", while Ronnie Anne reveals that she already knew about that brief pop-star phase after seeing and liking a video of her performance, and despite the fact that Luna is quite awkward when addressing the subject, all three have a good laugh about it. However, the fun is cut short when Luna and Sam learn on their phones that Mick Swagger got new music producers, who are none other than Doug and Michelle.

Shocked by the news, Luna fears for the worst, as she thinks that they will manipulate him the same way they did with her. Sadly, when she goes seeing them by herself, she fails to talk them out of it, as they say that he's more happy with them than with his former producers. They also say that they turned over a new leaf since the times they forced her to change her image, brainwashed her family and turned her into a statue respectively, plagiarized the Moon Goats' music and caused Sam's akumatization into Shush-Tice. They even make her listen a demo of one of his new songs and want to give her Mick Swagger's newest album once it will be fully completed. Luna is still unconvinced and turns it down, before leaving their hotel room to go home, upset.

To the shock of her siblings, she decided to give up Mick Swagger for good, saying that Doug and Michelle finally won and turned her idol into a mere sell-out, and goes in her room to play guitar out of frustration. However, she breaks her guitar after tripping over her Lulu wig, and as she's about to furiously throw it out the window, she ends up akumatized by Hawk Moth into an evil version of Lulu. She can now walk in the air thanks to her platform boots, and use her magic guitar to turn unwilling people into glitterring guitar picks she puts inside her guitar case. She can do it by shooting pink lasers with her guitar with extreme precision, throwing it like a boomerang, or turning it into an axe, hammer, or even a huge energy sword. With her new powers, Luna sets out to find Doug and Michelle, get her revenge at them and "save" Mick Swagger, striking everyone on her path.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Anne has leaved the house to join Maria, who just arrived to pick her up, in her car, but as they're heading to Great Lakes City, they stumble upon Lulu, turning people into guitar picks. Maria then leaves the car to try to resonate with Luna, but ends up transformed as well. As she's doesn't have any candy for Ellie, Ronnie Anne can't turn into Chara de Hearts right now and has to escape from Lulu, who chases her for liking the video of her performance. But she trips, and as she's about to get hit, Sam intervenes to try to speak to her and convince her to not let herself get dominated by the akuma, but she doesn't listen, saying she acts so for the sake of rock music, and feeling that her own girlfriend has turned against her, she fires lasers at her, only for her to block them with a trash can lid found nearby. Then the Loud family try to calm her as well, only for all of them except Lincoln to get turned into guitar picks. At the same time, Sam picks up Ronnie Anne on her bicycle to find a hiding place for both of them. As he struggles to fight Lulu alone due to her being capable to defeat him in just one hit, Ace decides to get some help, so after leaving a message on Chara's phone, he goes at Jack Holdem's home to pick a Miraculous, but with such a powerful enemy, he decides to take one he never used before: the Snake Bracelet

Meanwhile, Ronnie Anne and Sam got to hide inside the Lazer Maze, where Ronnie Anne thanks her for saving her. After finding some candies for Ellie from a vending machine nearby, she leaves Sam to "find help outside", but as she's about to transform, Ace suddenly shows up, and informs her that he chose her to be the Snake Miraculous holder, not knowing that she has already a Miraculous. As she hesitates, she isolates herself to think about that, but ultimately decides to wear it anyway to impress Ace Savvy and tell him her feelings for him, despite Ellie's objection. After joining back Ace and wearing the Bracelet, she meets the wise snake kwami Fangg, and turns into the snake superheroine La Serpienta, with a wrestler-like outfit inspired by her wrestling idol La Tormenta. Armed with a lyre, she can also use the superpower "Second Chance" to go back in time to a specific moment during battle. Eager to show what she really got, she immediately joins Ace during his battle against the evilized Luna, who already added Doug and Michelle to her guitar pick collection. But as both are too distracted by their feelings for each other and Ace is repeatedly turned into a guitar pick, La Serpienta ends up resetting the moment so many times that she begins to lose hope about handling this new power.

Finally having enough, Ronnie Anne detransforms after failing to save Ace for the 25 913th time, and gives him back the Snake Bracelet, saying that she's not qualified to wear it. But when Sam joins them to see if Ronnie Anne is fine as she heard multiple voices from inside the Lazer Maze, she then convinces Ace that SHE's the one he should give the Miraculous to, thanks to her courage, her selflessness and her determination when fighting the danger. While Ronnie Anne leaves them to finally turn into Chara de Hearts, Ace gives the Snake Bracelet to Sam, who then turns into the snake superheroine Sharpskellz, and becomes ready to help the superhero duo de-evilize her girlfriend.

Diamond Queen[]

As Lana is rummaging through the dumpster at the school playground, she suddenly finds something particular: a shining tiara ornated with diamonds. Not finding this find interesting, she immediately throws it away, but accidentally hits Lola, who was jump roping nearby, in the process. As she's about to yell at Lana for it, she notices the tiara, and amazed, she decides to wear it after cleaning it at the bathroom, not without admiring herself in the mirror with it. Just after leaving the bathroom with Lana, she suddenly finds a 10-dollar bill stuck under her heel, and soon afterwards, she is happy to find the pearl bracelet she lost six months ago in her locker. Believing that this diamond tiara is magic and brings her good luck, Lola decides to wear it all the time, and even gives her old one to Lana, so she can make the best use of it.

The next day, Lola goes on a luck binge with her lucky tiara: she gets to eat free ice cream at Auntie Pam's Ice Cream Parlor after being the one-thousandth customer, she saves a cat stuck on a tree that unhesitantly jumps in her arms and is acclaimed by the young owner and those around her, and obtains a coupon for a free hairstyle that has been dropped by a pigeon. After she came out of the salon, she bumps into Lindsey Sweetwater, who mocks her and tells her to be ready for the upcoming beauty pageant. Confident, Lola assures her she will, thanks to her good luck-bringing diamond tiara. At first, Lindsey laughs at this idea, but when she sees Lola managing to get a free plushie after winning a tombola, she becomes very jealous, and wants to get this magic tiara for herself.

The day of the pageant, as Lola is preparing herself at the dressing room, she suddenly feels the urge to go to the bathroom before the contest begins. Lindsey then takes use of her break to steal her lucky tiara and secretly replace it with a fake one made of paper mâché. Later, during Lola's prestation, she gets surprised to see that the judges didn't give her a perfect note as she expected, and begins to think that something is wrong with her tiara. Lana then confirms after smelling and licking it, that the tiara is fake. Panicked, Lola searches everywhere in the dressing room, much to Lana's concern, and when she sees Lindsey on the podium with her tiara on her head, she becomes consumed by rage and jumps at her to attack her on-stage and try to take it back, to the shock of the judges, who decide to disqualify Lola of the pageant and take her out the building so she can't harm. As Lola is attacking any object in sight to let off steam, the Loud family decides to leave her alone, as she needs to cool down and knows the way back home.

Meanwhile, Hawk Moth is sensing her rage, and decides to corrupt her again with an akuma. As she actually begins to break down some tears for this injustice, she gets possessed by an akuma that enters one of her earrings, and gets turned into Diamond Queen, a calm but powerful diamond-themed supervillain. Wearing a diamond-covered dress and cape and with literally shining hair, she now has absolute control over diamonds; for example, she can throw diamond shards that, when they hit somebody, turn them into a solid diamond statue, and create constructs such as spikes, shields, stairs and even buildings right from the ground. After crashing the pageant, she immediately turns Lindsey into a diamond statue, giving her the same fate she gave to Lana when she turned into Glitterrific, then takes back her lucky tiara to put it back on her head, before telling everyone to kneel before the Diamond Queen of Royal Woods. When they all flee, she seals all the doors before turning all of them into statues as well, before using her powers to create a gigantic tower made of diamond that overlooks Royal Woods. She then creates a throne for herself to sit on it, proud to rule all over the town.

When all the inhabitants, including the rest of the Louds see the diamond tower in shock, the family deduces that Lola probably must have been akumatized and then ultimately sees that diamond spikes are surfacing all over the town, causing everyone who get touched to turn into diamond statues. As they try to escape, the Louds sadly get turned into statues as well, with only Lincoln and (without him noticing it) Lana managing to not get petrified. While Lana, assisted by Hops, secretly decides to enter Lola's tower, Lincoln turns into Ace Savvy, and along with Chara de Hearts, go try to enter it as well.

While the two superheroes try to find a way to get into the throne room where Diamond Queen is, Lana, after climbing the stairs and managing to enter the tower without getting hurt, ventures in a large room decorated with diamond statues, and after climbing a long and spiralling staircase, she enters the throne room and finally finds Lola, akumatized into Diamond Queen and still sitting on her throne. She then tries to reasonate with her, telling her that it's out of proportion to destroy Royal Woods just to get her revenge at Lindsey and that she must give up Hawk Moth's control on her. She refuses, but decides that, since she's her closest sister, she wants to give her a place in her kingdom, so they can rule over Royal Woods together as its twin queens. But when Chara uses her Heart Attack out of patience to create an opening through the ceiling, Lola now thinks that Lana is participating at their plan to stop her, so she decides to punish her by turning her into a statue. She then gets saved by Chara, who jumped in front of her to take the diamond shard herself and get turned into a statue instead. Ace then takes Lana with him and they both go into hiding somewhere in the tower. As she blames herself for ruining their plan and causing Chara to be petrified and thinks she should have stayed put all along, Ace does try to reassure her, saying her that despite her failure, she did try her best to save Lola, and never gave up on her. With Lana's help, Ace figures out a plan using Lola's old tiara that Lana kept inside her cap all along, as well as her diamond tiara.


Since a few days, a mysterious graffiti artist called "Blue Blaze" has been responsible for graffiti depicting a blue flaming heart, painted on numerous walls of Great Lakes City, and while people are divided whether she's vandalizing the city (Hector, Mr. Nakamura, Maybelle...) or doing beautiful street art (Frida, Mrs. Kernicky, Vito...), one thing is certain: nobody has known their true identity yet. Ronnie Anne and her friends also like her graffiti, but Sid in particular is interested by these because, unbeknownst to the others, she noticed that every graffiti is located at a place where Chara de Hearts and Ace Savvy has fought an akumatized villain. Thinking they might know Chara personally, she deduces that, by knowing the next emplacement of the next fight, she might follow the Blue Blaze before the next act and get an interview with them and obtain some clues about Chara's identity.

As a new fight is occuring near Mr. Hong's shop, Sid follows the Blue Blaze near a dark alley near it, and catches them right after they pulled their spray paint can out of their hoodie: to her shock, the Blue Blaze is actually Nikki, and when she asks her why she did all these graffiti, she responds that she alwasys wanted to do street art, and she painted these flaming hearts only because she admires Ace and Chara to the point she wanted to paint something to honor them every time they save the city against Hawk Moth's villains. Albeit a bit disappointed that Nikki can't provide her informations about Chara, she still thinks that she's a great street artist and that she has a great potential, although she prefers keeping her Blue Blaze identity secret. Suddenly, Sergio barges in and takes several pictures of Nikki with her spray paint can. He reveals he wanted to take pictures of the Blue Blaze red-handed to know their true identity and give them to Jim Sparkletooth for his show and gain an hefty amount of money in exchange. Sid and Nikki try to pursue him in vain, and Nikki is left on her knees, upset that her identity will be revealed to the city for personal gain, and that her reputation might be tarnished.

Sensing her distress thanks to the Watcher, Hawk Moth decides to send an akuma into her spray paint can and akumatize her into Graffury, a supervillain wearing a gasmask who uses magic spray cans to paint anything into reality, especially grotesque paint monsters she calls "Graffeatures", that she sends to attack the city, Sergio in particular for threatening her secret identity. After learning about this army of paint monsters attacking the citizens and seeing Sergio panickily coming home pursued by them, Ronnie Anne immediately turns into Chara to confront them and their chief. While she tries to gain time for Ace to intervene, Sid quickly rushes home, but after stepping on a big puddle, she splashes a nearby Graffeature that melts upon contact with water. She realizes their weakness, and equips herself with water guns to defend herself against Graffury's army and help Chara.

Miss Miracle[]

Recently, Lori desperately tries to get Ace Savvy's attention by using a special projector she called the "Ace Signal", so he can give her the Lucky 7 Miraculous for his missions. Unfortunately for her, Ace thinks that since she revealed her idenity in front of everyone in Royal Woods, it would be too dangerous for her and the Loud family, so after a mission with Chara de Hearts, One-Eyed Jack and the Full House Gang sans the High Card, she asks the sisters to tell her that he reconsidered her role as a superheroine, and that he will not give her the Lucky 7 Miraculous for a while until he decided otherwise. After they managed to tell her the news during a sibling meeting, she understands and accepts his decision, despite the fact that it's clear that she's upset about it.

As time goes on, Lori is feeling worse and worse as the other sisters still have their share of adrenaline as superheroines, especially when Ace Savvy enlists the help of all his other allies to fight Darcy's toy giraffe Rafo, that has been turned into a giant sentimonster by the Card Countess. As she really misses being a superheroine and is ready for everything to assist Ace again, her best friend Carol, who recently developed an app called "AkumAlert" that alerts of any Akuma activity and is at her house to cheer her up, tells her words of encouragement and asking her to go shopping with her and their friends to be in a better mood, but she angrily tells her off, saying that go shopping will not help her getting better, and when Carol tries to calm her down by telling her that she shouldn't be so upset because of her reputation, she tells her out of frustration that if nobody pays attention to her, it's because she's not a superheroine, so she has no right to tell her how to feel better. Before leaving, a sad Carol says that if she was in Lori's shoes, she would love being a superheroine whose identity is known by everyone. Regretful, Lori goes outside to try to reach her and apologize, but it was too late, and she then sadly goes back inside the house to continue to sulk alone on the couch.

This sentimonster was however a plan from Hawk Moth and the Card Countess, who want to make use of Lori's predicament to make her feel the most awful possible, and take down Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts. Hawk Moth then sends an akuma that possesses her, but against all odds, she resists, and manages to fight off the akuma thanks to her willpower and determination, saying that even if Ace Savvy doesn't trust her anymore, she will stay loyal to him until the end. While she decides to go to her room and turn on the Ace Signal to call Ace, the akuma flies away and possesses Carol, still upset about what Lori said to her, instead. She's then akumatized into Miss Miracle, a supervillain who can use her magic touch to take their powers from Miraculous holders, to use them without any limits.

Determinated to prove Lori the benefits of being a superheroine known by everyone, she goes on her way to take their powers from Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts, and even manages to seriously injure the latter by hitting her in the chest with her own Heart Attack. While she turns back into Ronnie Anne to rest, as she feels like she got hit by a cannonball right in the gut, Ace Savvy goes giving their Miraculouses to One-Eyed Jack and the Full House Gang, and after seeing the Ace Signal in the sky, he even resolves to take the Lucky 7 Miraculous to give it to Lori, for one last time. Soon after, Chara joins him, despite still having chest pain, and volunteers to give Lori the Miraculous. Even though he is concerned by her condition, Ace accepts and decides to go on his own way to give their Miraculouses to the other sisters and Clyde, promising her that she will be cured once Miss Miracle is purified.

Meanwhile, Lori gets a mysterious message that tells her to go on the roof of his father's restaurant, and when she goes at the intended place, she learns that it was her friend Carol, now akumatized, who sent her the message. She tells her that she's now a superheroine as well, and that they can be a superhero duo if she accepts that she gives her Ace's powers just by touching her. As she refuses, Chara shows up, and is about to give her the Miraculous, when the Card Countess suddenly appears and take it from her hand, before suggesting Lori to join her and Miss Miracle's side. While Chara decides to fight both of them, Lori gets pulled aside by Ace, who thought about a plan, alongside the rest of the Full House Gang.

While Ace manages to trick Miss Miracle into giving him back his powers thanks to one of his illusion cards, Chara ultimately gets defeated by the Card Countess, who is about to take her Miraculous before being stopped by Ace. He then tells Luna, Lynn and Lana to get the Lucky 7 Miraculous from her while he and the others fight Miss Miracle across Royal Woods' roofs, as their powers would be too powerful for the heroes to be used by Miss Miracle. They manage to take it and throw it back to Lori, but the trio soon gets neutralized one by one by the mighty Card Countess, before getting rescued and assisted by Lori, now turned back into the High Card and ready to beat her and save her friend...

Unlucky Cat[]

As Ronnie Anne and her friends are watching "Rank your Prank" at the Casagrandes' apartment, Rosa barges in the living room to quickly switch channels and watch the newest predictions of her favorite fortune teller Ernesto Estrella, and encourages them to know their futures as well, which they reluctantly (except for Sid) accept. When it comes to Virgo, which happens to be Casey's sign, Ernesto predicts terribles things to happen tomorrow to those who are this sign. Althouth Casey is skeptical about these predictions and isn't afraid of them, Rosa is panicking about his well-being, and gives him a lot of lucky charms so he can be safe, but he refuses, saying he's sure nothing will happen to him, as he doesn't believe in luck.

But over the course of the next day, everything goes wrong for Casey: he gets attacked by the pigeons after picking up a sandwich they dropped on his head, Becky accidentally slams his locker door shut on his hand, he gets a D at his history test despite having studied for it, and he accidentally pushes his father's food truck onto a tree. Having secretly watched him, Rosa intervenes and gives him every lucky charm she got, like a four-leaf clover, a rabbit's foot, a bag of acorns, an horseshoe, a dreamcatcher and even a pocket maneki-neko. Casey accepts them just to please her, but is almost immediately attacked by the cat gang after they saw the maneki-neko. Injured and frustrated, Casey decides to stay in his room for the rest of the day despite Rosa wanting to make him a good luck potion, if he manages to go back home alive, that is. However, he gets noticed by the Watcher, who alerts Hawk Moth. He then akumatizes Casey on his way home into Unlucky Cat, a villain in a black cat costume who can cause bad luck to happen around him with a simple finger snap and steal people's luck by touching them and store it in his neck bell, making them badly unlucky as a result. He proceeds to steal the luck of everybody he comes across, including Ronnie Anne. However, being cursed with bad luck doesn't stop her from trying to save his friend and despite Ellie being worried about her well-being, she quickly transforms into Chara de Hearts, but struggles to fight Unlucky Cat with her whip even slipping from her hands, and escapes only thanks to Ace Savvy who came to confront him as well. Although Ace is worried about Chara having bad luck against a villain they can't approach, Rosa suddenly appears to take her to her apartment and make her a luck potion for her, as she saved Great Lakes City so many times she thinks she should do something for her in exchange. As Ace tries to figure out a plan, Chara drinks Rosa's potion, that has very bad taste and gives her a green aura, but causes her to repels anything her bad luck throws at her: when Rosa throws a ball at her, it suddenly deviates to hit Sergio. Chara now feels ready to rejoin Ace, although Rosa has to warn her that the effect is only temporary, and thus she must defeat and save Casey quickly.

Meanwhile, Sid managed to hide in a nearby bush and saw Ronnie Anne being jinxed by Unlucky Cat, as well as Chara struggling against him and coming at the Casagrande apartment with Rosa. She then begins to think that her best friend and her favorite superheroine are somehow linked...

Mr. Go-Nuts[]

It's April's Fool day today, and like every year, the Loud family dreads the painful pranks Luan will pull on them during all that day. However, they are quite startled that she is still her usual cheery and pun-cracking self, who even prepared pancakes (or as she says, "pun-cakes") that surprisingly taste delicious. They then think that she decided to not pull any tasteless prank on them and finally spare them, but Lola theorizes that this behavior is just a facade: she acts very nice today so they lower their guard and get viciously struck by her jokes when they don't expect it. Although they admitted that she may be right, they all agree that first, they must prove that she's actually preparing jokes for April Fool's Day.

Assisted by the rest of the family, Lincoln (and by extension, Fluush) secretly enters Luna and Luan's room to find sproof that she's planning something. However, they don't see anything suspicious, but as Lincoln is checking Luan's favorite dummy Mr. Coconuts, he accidentally steps on her rubber chicken, and the noise it makes surprises him and causes him to drop Mr. Coconuts and break a part of his head. Panicking at how Luan would react when she will learn it, the family try their best to fix him so she wouldn't notice it. But when Luan goes back home after animating a birthday party, Lynn Sr. quickly throws Mr. Coconuts on Luan's bed before she notices, but accidentally throws him on the floor instead and breaks him even more, to his horror. When Luan discovers Mr. Coconuts all broken on the floor, she completely breaks down and can't believe that her own family destroyed her beloved dummy she had since she was a little girl. As they try to explain what exactly happened, she angrily orders them to go out the room and swears to never talk to them again, before slamming the door shut and cry the loss of her best friend.

Pleased by this smell of heartbreak, Hawk Moth doesn't wait to send a new akuma that possesses Luan through the remains of Mr. Coconuts. He proposes her to obtain the powers that will allow her to get her revenge on her family, in exchange Ace's bracelets, and after she accepts it, he turns her into his new minion: a very tiny supervillain who controls a creepy version of Mr. Coconuts named Mr. Go-Nuts via pantomimes. When she latches on someone's leg, she gains total control of their body and can make them do whatever she wants. Pleased at the idea of breaking her family like they broke her dummy, Luan then goes possessing members of the family such as Lana and Leni, and soon causes a massive discord between the family members. Knowing what's going on, Lincoln decides to turn into Ace Savvy to fix the situation and de-evilize Luan, who's now possessing Lynn, the most physically skilled member of the Loud family. As they blame themselves for Luan's akumatization, the rest of the family also decide to assist Ace in his fight.

Feast Beast[]

Lincoln has recently invited Ronnie Anne at a weekend sleepover at his home at Royal Woods. As he finishes to prepare everything before she comes, his family comes back home from their trip to a flea market, and Lynn Sr. in particular wants to show him something that catched his attention: a small, mysterious reptile-like statue with a symbol that looks strangely familiar to Lincoln. He then takes a selfie with the statue and post it on social media so he can show his treasure to his friends, and among those who see it is Jack Holdem, who is horrified to recognize the statue, and immediately calls Lincoln to come to his home as fast as he can, without telling him why.

Meanwhile at Great Lakes City, Ronnie Anne is preparing her backpack before her mother takes her to Royal Woods, when she gets a call from Sid, who is visiting the museum and wants her to join her here so she can show her something really cool. When she arrives, she wants her to look at an ancient Egyptian scroll and observe a female figure drawn on it. Ronnie Anne then gets shocked when she realizes that it's a Heart Miraculous holder like Chara de Hearts, and wants Sid to tell her how she discovered that. She reveals that in her quest to know Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts' true identities, she's now dedicated to do the most research about the Miraculouses and their Holders possible to help Ace and Chara, and regularly goes at the museum to search for clues. She then shows her a familiar symbol on the scroll, and then takes her to a quick tour to show her that historical figures like George Washington and Pocahontas were Miraculous holders, and that some paintings and statues hide the same symbol, before going on her phone to show her Lynn Sr.'s selfie with his statue. She concludes that the Miraculous Holders exist since many centuries and that some sort of secret order must be watching them since their beginnings, but also that records of their actions are somehow erased from history. Although she is impressed, Ronnie Anne is also unnerved by her determination and great curiosity, and gets more worried that one day, she may discover her secret.

Meanwhile at Royal Woods, Jack Holdem reveals to a concerned Lincoln that the statue his father took a selfie with is actually the petrified body of a powerful sentimonster he created many centuries ago, back when he was a Guardian in training at a temple somewhere in Tibet. Back then, he was unhappy with this training, as he was actually forced to by his parents and only wanted to live a normal life and play with children of his age. One day, he was tasked to watch over a Miracle Box for a full day, without eating or drinking. As he was getting hungrier, Holdem decided to use the Wild Card Miraculous to create a sentimonster that could feed him during that hard task, but unfortunately, due to this hunger and anger for the whole Miraculous thing, the sentimonster he created ended up wanting to eat all the Miraculouses and began to devour the temple. During his panic, he lost the cane that contained the sentimonster's amok and didn't think about destroying it as he was too scared. As the temple and all the other Guardians disappeared with the sentimonster, he managed to save a Miracle Box and a Miraculous Spellbook (the one Ronnie Anne found in Principal Huggins' secret safe), but lost the latter as well as the Number 13 and Wild Card Miraculouses during his escape. Now that this sentimonter resurfaced, Holdem thinks it's only a matter of time until the Card Countess revives it to help Hawk Moth getting the Miraculouses, and that Ace and Chara won't be able to defeat it once it will be back, but Lincoln is sure that Hawk Moth has small chances to know about this statue. Unbeknownst to him however, Principal Huggins is one of his dad's social media friends and actually did see his selfie. When seeing the statue Lynn Sr. is posing with, he immediately calls Mrs. Johnson to join him at his house.

Some time later during the night, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are having fun time together in his house, as they play video games together, eat nachos and watch an "Adios, Ana, Adios" DVD Ronnie Anne brought with her so she can introduce it to him. As they are watching a movie before going to sleep, Lincoln's sisters are watching them in the staircase without their knowledge, relishing seeing them together. However, once everyone in the house is sleeping, Jakk appears in the house to secretly remove Lincoln's Ace Bracelets and Ronnie Anne's Heart Hair Tie in their slumber, without Fluush or Ellie knowing why he does it. As Jack Holdem is afraid that the sentimonster would be revived by Hawk Moth and injure Ace and Chara, he decided to take back their respective Miraculouses so they can't be in danger. Once he leaved however, the Card Countess comes in to steal Lynn Sr.'s statue before leaving the house by an open window, without being seen by anyone. She then awakens the sentimonster and persuade it to not eat her Miraculous by telling it she can destroy its amok. Hawk Moth then sends an akuma that gets eaten by the sentimonster, and after promising him that it could eat any Miraculous including his and the Card Countess' if it gives them Ace and Chara's, he turns it into a larger version of itself called Feast Beast. Once akumatized, the sentimonster immediately tracks the Miraculouses to satisfy his hunger, devouring anything and anyone in its path.

While Lincoln and the Louds are still sleeping, Ronnie Anne is waken up by screams outside, and once she leaves the house, she sees Feast Beast rampaging the street and immediately hides herself from it. She then tries to transform, but realizes that her Heart Hair Tie is replaced by a note from Jack Holdem, saying he took her and Ace's Miraculous for their safety. As she doesn't want to stay put while there's a monster destroying Royal Woods, she decides to conceal her identity in another way, and go inside Lincoln's room to find something to wear in his disguise trunk. She opts for Luan's Tippy costume and after wearing it, quickly leaves the house to chase the monster on her skate. Meanwhile, the Louds are alerted by the Akuma Alert app on their phone, and while Lynn Sr. is shocked to see that his prized statue has been stolen, the other members realize that Ronnie Anne is missing. Lincoln then leaves the living room to transform, but sees that his Bracelets are missing and that a note is wrapping his wrist in place of one of them. The note says the same thing as Ronnie Anne's, but determined to help Jack Holdem, Lincoln also decides to search for something to wear to conceal his identity, and ultimately chooses a nHazmat suit. The Loud sisters then realize that Lincoln is also missing, and thinking he's outside to find Ronnie Anne, they decide to go inside Vanzilla to not leave him alone against this monster.

As Feast Beast is still chasing Jack Holdem and the Miracle Box, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are determined to save him and stop the sentimonster despite being powerless, and they're not alone, as they get help not only from the Loud sisters, but also unexpectedly from the McBride fathers, Grant, Chunk and even Flip.


Lincoln got a call from her rock-loving friend Tabby, who asked him to come at her home and do her a favor: help her find awesome lyrics for a rock music video she is going to post on "YourTunes". Since he lives with a sister who also loves rock music, Lincoln accepts to help her and both go in her room to work on the lyrics. However, as they aren't even halfway through it, they learn on TV that Lynn Sr. has been akumatized into Kitchen Nightmare for the 25th time. To transform into Ace Savvy, Lincoln lies to Tabby, telling her he suddenly remembers he has to help Rusty on another school project, and leaves, not without reassuring her he will be back ASAP.

Once transformed, a bored Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts easily defeat Kitchen Nightmare and turn him back into Lynn Sr., who wants to offer them free meals at Lynn's Table for saving him. As they try to find a way to help him getting less often akumatized, the superheroes notice they're going to detransform and are about to leave him, when a new akumatized villain named Kronorocker appears through a portal. Looking suspiciously similar to an adult Tabby, she arbors an evil rocker-like outfit, and wields a speaker gun that creates portals that suck people through time and allow her to move quickly from place to place. After she sent Lynn Sr. and numerous other people to various time periods, Ace and Chara try to defeat her, but they're forced to retreat as she's too powerful and they will turn back to their civilian forms really soon. After feeding their kwamis, they quickly run back to the fight, when they suddenly bump into Stella, who's happy to see them as she needs their help.

As she was studying in her room, her music box emitted a strange chime it never did before. When she played it, she received an audio message that told the two superheroes to "catch the fallen star from the past", leading her to quickly leave her house to find them. As they try to figure out what the message could possibly mean, Stella then remembers the museum's space exhibit she likes to hang out at, especially a thousand-years-old meteor that strangely sounds hollow when knocked on. When Chara uses her Heart Attack on it, the three are shocked to see a woman in a bunny costume sleeping inside. She then immediately wakes up and after congratulating Ace and Chara, she introduces herself as Chronopper, a time-travelling superheroine from the future who's actually Stella when she will grow up into an adult, much to her amazement. As it turns out, Stella's music box contains a key that her adult self uses to repair her Miraculous, the Rabbit Watch, that was damaged after the future Chara de Hearts accidentally used her Heart Attack on it when they and Ace were fighting Kronorocker. During the fight, she was sent a thousand years into the past, and thus, she decided to seal herself inside a meteor, while sending the key to be repaired over the years, until it gets inside the music box. She also says she's a member of a superhero group Ace will form in the future, and that she's their last resort during critical situations. When she fights, she uses an umbrella, and cand also use a superpower named "Burrow", that allows her to create portals through time at will, thanks to her age and experience. Now that she has awaken thanks to the present Ace and Chara, Chronopper can go fight Kronorocker again, with their and her present self's help.

Soul Sister[]

After weeks of dedication to determine Chara de Hearts's true identity, Sid finally succeeds by attaching a small camera on the leg of one of the pigeons that hangs out on her building's roof, and now knows the shocking truth: the superheroine who first appeared in Royal Woods, Michigan and now intervenes at Great Lakes City, is none other her best friend Ronnie Anne, who previously lived here at the same time. Shocked by this revelation, she feels betrayed by her own BFF, whom she trusted and who basically lied to her since her family moved here, but at the same time, she doesn't to end their friendship, since they accomplished so much together. Conflicted by her emotions, she locks herself in her room for several hours, unable to think about what she should do. At the same time, Lincoln and his father are coming to Great Lakes City, as Lynn Sr. is willing to try new recipes for his restaurant with Rosa's help, but when Lincoln and Ronnie Anne ask Sid if she wants to join them to hang out, she refuses without telling them why, and when Stanley gently tells them to leave her alone as he thinks she still hasn't fully recovered from her akumatization into Maimao some time ago, they accept it and leave the apartment.

Meanwhile, thanks to the Watcher, Hawk Moth is sensing Sid's distress again, and decides to akumatize her back into Maimao. Thankfully, she ultimately notices the akuma flying towards her, and manages to shoo it out her room, barely dodging a second akumatization thanks to her courage, before proudly declaring that her, Sidney Chang, will not get manipulated again. However, she realizes that the akuma might still corrupt someone in the city, and thus quickly leaves the apartment to search for Ronnie Anne, as she knows she can do something against it. But she ignores that the akuma is waiting on the roof's ledge ready to latch on someone else, and at the Chang apartment, Adelaide knocks at the door of Sid's room to ask if she can play with her before realizing she's gone, and then hears her parents talking about them. By eavesdropping their conversation out of curiosity, she learns that Stanley and Becca aren't sure that Great Lakes City is a safe place for them anymore because of the numerous akumatizations that happened here as well as the time it was her daughter Sid who was akumatized, and are now thinking about moving out again due to the dangers that could get the family hurt, or even worse. This completely breaks Adelaide, who is happy living in the city and trusts Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts enough to protect it, and she then goes in her room to cry on the bed. Having heard their youngest daughter crying near the door, Stanley and Becca run to her room's door, and try to ask her to open it, so they could talk about it together.

However, the akuma then flies towards Adelaide to possess her through the dragon mask she's holding at the time, and Hawk Moth convinces her to get the powers to stay at Great Lakes City forever, in exchange of Chara de Hearts' Miraculous. After accepting his offer, Adelaide gets turned into Soul Sister, a little but very dangerous green-eyed and armored villain with her head hidden in a dragon helmet, and is now armed with a magic katana that can steal the souls of those who unfortunately get hit, turning them into lifeless, blank-eyed bodies. After stealing her own parents' souls, she immediately flies out the building to search for Sid. In the meantime, an exhausted Sid then finally joins her two friends to tell something to Ronnie Anne, before Soul Sister appears before them. When Sid asks her what happened to her, she tells her that their parents wanted to move out the city, but now that they are not here anymore to do it, they can do whatever the two sisters want, and when Sid tells her that she doesn't want that and asks her to stop and give their souls back to their parents, she refuses and goes back taking every soul in Great Lakes City so they can the only ones living here. Deciding it's time to turn into Ace Savvy, Lincoln hides Ronnie Anne and Sid in the mercado so he can be alone to transform and fight Soul Sister alongside Chara de Hearts. Ronnie Anne then quickly leaves, pretexting that Carlota is walking Lalo at the park and could be in danger, leaving no time to Sid to tell her she knows her secret. As she sighs in frustration, she sees Nikki, Casey and Sameer being chased by Soul Sister, and attracts Ace and Chara's attention, who both manage to save them and engage in a fight against them. Due to the difficulty of this fight, Ace decides to call upon the Lucky Ace card, that gives him a flyer for the Hi 'n Buy store. He then quickly leaves Chara and Sid to go there, and seeing Sid in danger's way, Chara grabs her with her whip and rides on her skateboard to escape her, as she tries to steal her soul and take back Sid.

As Lincoln enters the deserted store, he's surprised to see Jack Holdem working here as a janitor; since Hawk Moth now knows who he really is, he has to hide somewhere so he can't find him. When he tells him about the current situation, he opens the Miracle Box so he can choose one of the Miraculouses inside. He decides to pick the Dragon Choker, knowing the perfect holder for it. Meanwhile, Chara and Sid finally manage to lose Soul Sister, and Chara decides to leave Sid hidden in a alleyway to go back in the fight. However, as Sid wishes her good luck, she accidentally calls Chara "Ronnie Anne", thus revealing that she knows her true identity, which makes Chara turn towards her in complete shock, and unfortunately, open to Soul Sister, who suddenly reappears to stab her in the back with her sword. As her soul leaves the body to be sucked into the sword, Chara just has the time to tell Sid to run, before being trapped for good. Devastated, Sid obeys and runs, only to come across Ace Savvy, who takes her to the abandoned building. She then tells her everything that happened, and tearfully says that by her fault, Adelaide is turned into a supervillain and Ronnie Anne has her soul stolen. Ace takes time to reconfort her, saying she has nothing to blame herself for, and that everything will be fixed. However, he wanted to give the Dragon Choker to Ronnie Anne, and doesn't know what to do now that she's an inanimate body. Feeling fierce motivation to save Ronnie Anne (and also Chara), Sid volunteers herself to wear it, and while at first uncertain, Ace recognizes her determination and courage to set things right and accepts to give it to her. Upon opening the box containing it, she meets the Dragon Kwami Shenn, and by saying the word "Shenn, deal me in!", she transforms into Lady Long, the Dragon superheroine armed with a sword, who can control wind, water and electricity. With Sid at his sides, Ace thinks up a plan to defeat Soul Sister, and Lady Long theorizes that breaking the sword could possibly free the imprisoned souls...


Ronnie Anne now has become increasingly awkward about Lincoln's apparent feelings for her since their previous times together (their lunch set up by their respective cousins and sisters, their time at Dairy Land, their sleepover at Royal Woods...), and can't know how to deal with it, especially since a new prediction from famous psychic Ernesto Estrella ominously made it clear they are meant for each other. When she asks her abuela how to deal with someone who doesn't share the same feelings as the other, Rosa decides to help her a bit by giving her a love potion to drink so they can live the perfect relationship together. As she tries to figure out how it can help her solve her problems, she gets a call from Sid who asks her if she has free time so they can see her mom's show at the zoo together. After accepting, she suddenly gets an idea: if she can't share Lincoln's feelings for her, she can use the potion so he and Sid can fall in love with each other, especially since they already have quite a chemistry together. She then immediately sends a text message to him to ask if he can hang out with her and Sid tomorrow, before going at the zoo.

Once Becca's show came to an end, she comes across a group of animal activists who protest against the use of animals in her shows. Quite angered, she tells them off, saying that the animals in the zoo are actually willing to and enjoying participating with her, before ordering them to leave or else she calls the zoo security. After Ronnie Anne, Sid and Adelaide join her and ask her what happened, she brushes it off as some hardcore animal protectors, before deciding to take them back home. Ronnie Anne then gets Lincoln's positive response to her message, making her not only satisfied, but also ready for the next step of "Operation: Sidcoln".

The next day, as Ronnie Anne, Lincoln and Sid are ready to spend the day together, Ronnie Anne suggests that all three should eat a large pizza at Pizza Pig. Lincoln and Sid accept, especially since Lincoln hasn't eaten much at breakfast (due to Lynn having eaten his breakfast again), but they both ignore her secret matchmaking intention. After they order a large pizza, she distracts them by making them look at some pigeons, and pours Rosa's potion on two slices, specifically those closest to Lincoln and Sid, while they're not looking. As they are all eating pizza, Becca is going at the zoo for her work, when she's alerted by her coworkers about something terrible happened: the albino wolf family and their newly-born cub have disappeared, and they found a note telling that they are taken for their safety and freedom. After Becca readed it, she realizes that it's the animal activists from yesterday who kidnapped them, and engulfed in anger, she swears to save them, especially since these albino wolves are some of her most beloved animals in the zoo. She then gets noticed by the Watcher, and after it alerts Hawk Moth, he sends an akuma to corrupt her and turn her into Zoocreeper, a supervillain who can shapeshift into any animal that exists or existed (but mainly stays in a wolf form), and control those in her surroundings. After making her colleagues flee in terror, she takes their keys and open all the zoo's cages to free the animals, and tells them to find the ones who took the wolves away.

Meanwhile, Lincoln and Sid are about to eat the potion-laced slices while Ronnie Anne had to go to the bathroom, when they both see a couple of starving pigeons and decide to give their slices to them. As the two pigeons fly away and fall in love with each other after eating them, Ronnie Anne comes back and suggests they should all go to the zoo to see Sid's mother, believing that they're now in love with each other. As they enter however, they see visitors running for their lives, and animals going berserk all over the place. As they try to find Becca in this carnage, Ronnie Anne ends up separating herself from her friends to turn into Chara de Hearts, while Lincoln and Sid defend themselves against the animals, still in the latter's mom's search. They end up finding her as an akumatized wolf, and after they get chased by a pack of animals, they get saved by Chara, who puts them in the empty monkey cage and locks them inside once she closed the door, before leaving them to fight Zoocreeper, assuring them that Becca will be fine. While she tries to retain her while waiting for Ace Savvy to help her, Lincoln tries to find a way to leave the cage, as he can't transform since Sid risks to learn his secret identity. As she tells him to wait as she's sure that Chara and Ace will protect them and save her mother, he tells her he doesn't want to stay in this cage, as he also realizes that Ronnie Anne is still outside and can be injured by the animals at any time. Not wanting to reveal him that Ronnie Anne is actually Chara de Hearts and is fighting Zoocreeper right now, Sid reluctantly decides to help him so he doesn't get suspicious, but as time passes, they get to know each other even better than before...


It's the last day of school before summer vacation, and during a football match of the Royal Woods Kangaroos against the Hazeltucky Hockers, Lynn is constantly teased by Hank and Hawk for the time she got akumatized into Fire Fighter, and despite trying her best to keep her cool, she loses her focus and ends up costing her team victory. As she sits on a bench depressed, her teammates try to recomfort her and tell her it wasn't her fault, until the two bullies show up to mock her again, even saying that by chasing bullies to burn them alive, she became a bully herself like them, and when Margo tries to defend her, they retort that she doens't have the right to speak about it since she also got akumatized into an evil baseballer, leaving her in shock. They then leave the stadium, saying that "once a supervillain, always a supervillain".

After leaving the elementary school for the last time before going to middle school, Lincoln and their friends are discussing about what they're going to do during their summer vacations when he notices Lynn slowly walking home with a glum look on her face instead of running like usual, and when he asks her about it, she angrily snarls at him. As he asks himself what's going on with her, Margo shows up and tells what happened during that day. Lincoln then feels sad for her and try to run to join her, while his friends also feel sorry for her and say that even if they got akumatized at least once, they still look out for each other and consider each other as best friends, although they wonder how Lincoln, despite everything that happened since Hawk Moth's first attack, hasn't been akumatized once. Meanwhile at Great Lakes City, Ronnie Anne and Sid are enjoying Bruno's hot-dogs after finishing their last school day, and Ronnie Anne asks Sid if she found her feet in the big city, despite the crazy stuff that happens here. She responds that she loves living here and wouldn't move out for anything in the world, especially due to three specific reasons: the crazy stuff that happens here, the friends she made and having a best friend who's also a superheroine and set her up with someone as crafty and funny as Lincoln. She agrees while nervously laughing, and Ellie can't help but notice a bit of bitterness in her expression, although she denies it.

At Royal Woods, Lynn is laying on the couch, glumily gorging herself on her third ice cream pot. To help her feel better, her siblings decide to turn on the TV and watch the sports channel with her, which she accepts while finally smiling, but as soon as they switch channels, she learns that her hockey idol Rowdy McQuads has been accused of sabotaging his opponents' ice skates, and was thus disqualified for all the season, despite him being known as an always fair player. Screaming out of frustration, Lynn feels like this is a call from the universe, who keeps telling her that she's only good at being a villain, and thus throwing everything nasty it can at her as some kind of twisted karma, to the point of ruining his favorite athletes' reputation, and feels that Hank and Hawk may be right, and that she's actually bad deep down, before going to her bedroom, even more depressed than before. Meanwhile, Principal Huggins is drinking tea with Mrs. Johnson, reflecting on his past attempts and failures at getting Ace and Chara's Miraculouses, and begins to doubt that all the terror he caused by brainwashing all these poor souls only to fail over and over again may be worth it to revive his wife. Johnson tries to help him on this moral dilemma, saying that every failure is a step forward to his eventual success and that the universe is kind enough to give him all these chances. When he senses Lynn's intense sadness, he realizes she may be right and promptly goes to his lair to turn into Hawk Moth and send an akuma at her. While her siblings remember the ways to help each other when they feel down so they can help Lynn, they don't notice behind her bedroom's door that an akuma takes control of her.

Feeling that Royal Woods treats her like a villain, Lynn accepts Hawk Moth's new offer so they can show them what the ultimate supervillain is capable of, and after jumping out of her window, transforms into Lynnferno, a giantess made entirely of fire who towers over the taller buildings of Royal Woods. She immediately uses her power to attract the sun to the Earth so they can collide with each other and end it all, before going on a fiery rampage all over Royal Woods. Realizing the dire situation the entire planet they are in as it's becoming hotter and hotter, the rest of the Loud siblings are all retreating to their bunker, except for Lincoln, who turns into Ace Savvy to stop her older sister. At the same time, Ronnie Anne and Sid notice this sudden heat wave, and upon watching the AkumAlert app on their phones, they learn about this new akumatized villain with gigantic proportions, and Ronnie Anne immediately turns into Chara and rushes to Royal Woods to help Ace, while Sid goes searching for Adelaide.

When the two heroes meet up at Royal Woods, they think that Lynnferno might be the most powerful villain they have faced yet, although they don't think they may have difficulty to fight her, as they believe they fought tougher foes before her. As they confront her as she's attacking Hank and Hawk, the rest of the Loud siblings are still hiding in the bunker, Lincoln's friends are watching the events unfolded in Clyde's bedroom, Lynn Sr. and Rita are stuck inside Lynn's Table, and at Great Lakes City, Sid and Adelaide joined the Casagrancdes cousins in their apartment so they all can be close during this potential world-ending fight, while the adults are stuck in the mercado's basement. As they're sure Ace and Chara will save everyone, they all, on their respective sides, try to comfort each other by remembering how they changed their lives since they first appeared...

Unlisted episodes[]


When she learns that her crush Silas is taking art classes, Lucy, in an attempt to get closer to him, decides to take them too so he can talk to him and compliment his paintings. He then introduces her to the latest one he made, which pictures a giant crow flying above a colorful playground, which represents "the despair falling upon us while we're still blindly having fun". However, the painting becomes liked by the classmates and the art teacher for all the wrong reasons, as they describe this as funny, creative and not taking itself seriously. Only Lucy could understand its meaning, but it wasn't enough for Silas, who storms out of the art room out of deception, thinking he can't be a true artist.

While Lucy tries to reach him, he gets corrupted by Hawk Moth before her eyes and becomes Monocrowm, a giant crow who can use his wings to suck the colors out of everything in sight, and throw sharp feathers at his foes. After turning the school black and white, he captures Lucy between his talons to bring her on the top of the tallest building in Royal Woods so they can be together until the end, and flies away with her before Lincoln, who realized something is wrong after seeing his colors disappear, could reach them. With some help of Lana, Lola and Lisa, who also have become entirely black and white, he will try to save Silas, and most importantly, Lucy.


Just after a mission as the High Card and returning her Miraculous to Ace Savvy, Lori returns to her high school, where she comes across Carol, who recently joined a journalism club, and tells her some great news: since the apparition of the High Card, she became very interested in her, and is determined to discover her identity. To do so, she uses the photos of the students on the yearbook to compare them with one she took of the High Card. Panicking at the idea that her secret identity would be discovered, Lori decides to do everything she can to prevent her to succeed. Some time later, she enters the computer room, where she finds Carol, and asks her if she needs some help. She declines, saying that she doesn't, but as she's with Lori's photo, the latter can't help but discretly activate the fire alarm, causing the sprinklers to make the computers go out, to Carol's imcomprehension.

However, Lori doesn't know that Carol promised the club leader that she will show him the High Cards true identity today, but since she didn't manage to do it in the final hours and as the computers are out of commission in her presence, she gets fired from the club. Her bitterness causes her to be sensed by Hawk Moth, and possessed by his akuma, she turns into a supervillain called Photofinisher. Equipped with a magic lens on her right eye, she can shoot laser beams that disintegrate people she hits, and trap them inside the photos she develops, as they are frozen in time and space. As she takes photos of everything and everyone who comes in her way in Royal Woods, in the objective of trapping Ace Savvy and the High Card, Lori manages to hide herself, but wants however to tell the truth to Carol, being a catalyst for her akumatization. But then, Ace Savvy shows up to give her back the Lucky 7 Miraculous (as he didn't have the time to give it back to Jack Holdem, due to his schooltime), telling her that if she really wants Ace Savvy and the High Card, then she's going to have them. Knowing what he has in mind, Lori accepts to join him in de-evilizing her friend and repair her mistake.

Queen Gabbee[]

During the weekend, a beehive made its appearance on a tree in the elementary school's playground, as a result, Principal Huggins forbids the students to go play outside before it can be removed properly, much to their disappointment. However, one of them, Gabby, doesn't think it's fair for the bees to be treated like that, and wants to prove to everyone that they're not dangerous for them. Chandler then dares her to go near the beehive and say "Hi" to the bees living here. She reluctantly accepts to do so, and goes at the playground to approach it and try to touch one of the bees. At first, she seems that she's going to do it, but after one wrong move, the bee stings her finger, and soon, she ends up pursued by a bee swarm, and while the others students look at her afraid, Chandler laughs at her misery and even films the event on his phone.

As Gabby was took in charge by Nurse Patti for her stings, Huggins knew that an event like this would happen thanks to this beehive, and as she was sad and disappointed by this stupid mistake, he sends a new akuma to corrupt her into his new supervillain: Queen Gabbee, a human girl/queen bee hybrid who can use her scepter to shoot immobilizing royal jelly and control bees. After getting rid of the exterminator and Chandler, she decides to cover the entire school in royal jelly, before setting out to invade Royal Woods with her massive swarm. Trapped in the school with the students and unable to turn into Ace Savvy due to being in public, Lincoln must find a way to escape and destroy the beehive containing the akuma, but he can always get the help of his friends and her younger sisters.

The Shrink[]

With their collaborated efforts, Lisa and her crush David finally manage to build what they say to be a shrink raygun, and are eager to show it to their classmates. But while Lisa is away in the bathroom, David gets picked on by Chandler, who mocks him for his size, and being gullible and dumb for thinking he built something like a shrinking gun, and breaks it, before going away laughing. As he became mad at him, David gets noticed by Hawk Moth, and akumatized into his new villain, the Shrink. Equipped with a bona fide and high-tech shrinking gun, he sets out in reducing any student he comes across to the size of a mouse, and trap them inside jars, so he can be the tallest of them all. As he was escaping his attack, Lincoln unfortunately gets hit as well, and becomes not much taller than Fluush, but luckily, he manages to not get part of the villain's collection thanks to Lisa, who distracted David long enough for him to escape.

After some innocent teasing from Fluush about his size, Lincoln realizes that he could definitely not fight the Shrink kwami-sized, so Fluush goes taking him to Jack Holdem's house and after explaining him everything, he gets to pick the Roulette Miraculous, and with his help, he finds Lisa and sneakily leaves the jewelry behind her, so she can wear it and become the Card Counter. After she got a text message from Ace Savvy, the two get to join each other, and devise a plan to stop the Shrink quickly, as he already began to attack the city.

Cherry King[]

The Louds are happy to hear that their road trip buddy Jerry Kling, a.k.a the "Cherry King", the spokesperson of the jam brand of the same name, comes in Michigan to introduce people to his excellent brand-new jam made from freshly-pickled cherries that are raised in the best conditions in his farm in Kansas, and by pure luck, he will come at the Royal Woods mall tomorrow. As they all want to meet their old friend again and taste his new jam, they all agree to go at the mall to see him.

The next day, the Louds are among the crowd, eager to see the Cherry King and get one of his jam pots. However, Lynn picked her lucky baseball with her, and as she's playing throw-and-catch with it, Lincoln asks her to be more careful as she could hurt someone in the crowd, but she tries to reassure him by attempting to throw the ball to a nearby lamp post to prove him he has nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the ball bounces off the lamp post to crash into Jerry Kling's jam stand, breaking all the pots and splattering the closest persons with sticky jam. While the crowd is leaving upset, the Louds try to reconfort Jerry, who can't understand what could've happened. Lincoln then notices that Lynn is nowhere to be seen, and goes searching for her around the mall. However, at the same time, Hawk Moth senses Jerry's negative emotions, and decides to akumatize him, while he's at the bathroom to isolate himself. Once the akuma possessed him, he accepts to obtain superpowers that will allow him to punish the one who destroyed his jam pots.

Meanwhile, Lincoln finally finds Lynn, who is hiding inside the kids train, and doesn't want to show herself as she's ashamed of having hurt and humiliated a friend of her and her family. But after being motivated enough by Lincoln, who tells her that the sooner she will tell the truth, the sooner the damage will be fixed, she is finally resolved to see Jerry and tell him everything. Unfortunately, he already got akumatized into Cherry King, a supervillain with an endless bag of cherry seeds that, when thrown, instantly grow into cherry trees, and literal cherry bombs that release sticky jam. As he's causing everyone to flee in terror, Lincoln immediately hides Lynn, then himself to turn into Ace Savvy, before going fighting the villain, but after he sticks him on a wall with his jam and goes outside the mall to search for the pot destroyer, Chara de Hearts appears to free him, and then agrees that they go in separate ways: while Ace is pursuing Cherry King, Chara goes hiding Lynn in a safe place, so he can't find her.

Although she manages to find an alley dark enough to hide her, Lynn refuses to stay here, saying it's her fault Jerry Kling got akumatized, and she doesn't want to deal with Royal Woods having to pay for what she has done. Chara insists she must obey her, but they suddenly get in a fight in which Lynn shockingly manages to subdue Chara and tie her feet together with her own whip, before running away to see Cherry King and tell him the whole truth. As she tries to free herself to join Ace Savvy, Chara couldn't believe she got incapacitated so easily by a unpowered 13-years-old, and thus begins to have doubts if she really can be a superheroine, until she gets impromptu assistance from Jack Holdem, who gives her important words to help her regain her self-confidence and help Ace at her full potential, while he's occupied fighting Cherry King and protect Lynn.


Pumped up by Lola's words, her best friend Roxanne decides, afetr some hesitation, to participate at the Mini Royal Woods Weathergirl Pageant, whose winner will be the new weathergirl on the local kids channel. However, she ultimately loses on a small margin to Lindsey Sweetwater, who rubs her victory on her face, and upset, she decides to leave the studio. But on her way, she gets possessed by an akuma, and becomes Weatherror, a supervillain with absolute control over weather. After freezing Lindsey in front of a shocked Lola, she strikes Royal Woods with a powerful ice wave that slowly extends to Great Lakes City, the rest of the United States, and even the entire world. Lincoln does manage to turn into Ice Ace Savvy before he gets frozen as well. As for the rest of the Loud family, they get trapped inside their own home by the frost, and now try their best to survive and not getting frozen. However, Lola is not with them, as she's trapped in the building with Weatherror and the other employees. But she manages to send a message to Lincoln and her family, before the connection gets broken by the ice wave.

After getting the Diamond Miraculous from Jack Holdem, Ace searches the building for Lola, before she gets frozen alive. While she does find her, he also comes across Weatherror, who proves to be quite a hard challenge to him. Thankfully, Ronnie Anne intervenes as her ice superhero form Chara de Helado and distracts Weatherror long enough for Ace Savvy to give the Diamond Miraculous and an Ice Magicookie to Lola, so she can become the Ice Queen of Diamonds and help the duo de-evilize Roxanne.

Revolution Dancer[]

During dance class, Leni's workmate Miguel bumps into her dance partner Cassandra, and both compliment each other about their dancing before leaving. Later, when he, Leni and Fiona are hanging out at the mall during their break, the girls can't help but notice that he's watching Cassandra, who is ordering a froyo, with a large smile on his face, before realizing that he has a crush on her. Although he is too awkward to ask her a date, he gets enough encouragement from her friends to walk to her, but as he approaches her, he's shocked to see Reggie, another of his dance classmates, getting close to her before they both leave together as they're laughing. Becoming very jealous of their supposed relationship, Miguel is determined to win Cassandra's heart.

The next dance class day, as he prepares his dance shoes, Miguel sees Reggie talking to Cassandra, and trying to contain his jealousy, he challenges him to a dance battle, so he can prove he's a better suitor for her. As the battle goes on, the other dancers keep cheering them, and the moves become more and more convoluted, Miguel pulls off every move he can think of to impress Cassandra, before trying the "Golden Dolphin", a dance move known to be very hard to execute. Sadly, he fails to do it correctly, and ends up injuring his ankle, causing Reggie to bring him to the nursery so it can be treated.

At the mall, Leni and Fiona feel really sorry for Miguel, as he can't go to his dance class for some weeks due to his injury, before going back to work, not without telling him that Mrs. Carmichael allows him to go join them when he really feels it. As he's drinking his smoothie alone, he sees Cassandra and Reggie laughing together, and becomes depressed by this sight. Hawk Moth, attracted by this sadness, then sends an akuma that evilizes Miguel into an evil super dancer called Revolution Dancer. Now, Miguel possesses extraordinary agility that allows him to dodge any move, and the power to make anyone in his proximity dance uncontrollably when he claps in his hands hard enough. After he humiliates Reggie in front of Cassandra, he soon searches the mall in search for Ace Savvy, and makes everyone flee. Luckily, Lincoln was at the comic store at this moment, and when hearing about this new supervillain, he turns into Ace Savvy to fight him, but couldn't land any attack at him as he dodges every one of them. As he's reduced to his Lucky Ace Card, it tells him to go at Jack Holdem's home, so he can take the Heart Earrings and give them to his sister Leni. He's then surprised to see that Leni is still working at Reininger's, listening to "Boyz Will Be Boyz" music and not even acknowledging the akuma attack.

After getting the Earrings, he quickly joins Leni, who's spooked by his sudden appearance, and gives them to her so she can become the Eleven of Hearts. Meanwhile, Chara de Hearts fights Revolution Dancer on her own, but gets hit by his clap attack, and can't control her body anymore. When Ace and the Eleven of Hearts appear to help her, they also get hit, and become unable to not dance as well. However, Ace manages to bring up a plan, so all three of them can turn Miguel back to normal.


As the students are still peeved at him, Chandler can't manage to regain their trust, and begins to think about giving it up. However, he gets the sympathy of one student: Sasha, one of the members of Lucy's writing club. She tells him that she can understand his feelings and help him having friends again, but he mockingly declines, saying that doesn't need help from a little toddler like her.

During lunchtime, as Chandler is eating alone in the playground, Sasha comes sitting next to him, despite him keeping saying that he doesn't need her. She then says that a poem can be a good way to make amends with friends we lost, and reads him one she made about friendship and trust. Impressed by her poem, Chandler suddenly gets an idea, and asks her if he can borrow it so he can find inspiration to write one himself. She happily accepts and gives him the poem, not knowing about his true intentions.

Later, Chandler goes reading Sasha's poem to his class, who immediately appreciates it. As the students are leaving school, Lincoln and Clyde ask him how he got such a good idea to redeem himself, before coming across Sasha, who heard everything through the class door, and is now mad at Chandler for having stolen her poem. However, he denies her claims and tells her to leave them alone, and before angrily leaving with tears in her eyes, she tells him that the others were right about him and that he can never be redeemed. This causes him to get told off by Lincoln, but shrugs it off, saying she's just overreacting.

Sensing Sasha's feelings of being betrayed gets Hawk Moth's attention over her. He then sends an akuma to corrupt the poor girl, and akumatize her into Oppositoria, a sinister black-and-white supervillain who can float above the ground and throw magic paperballs to reverse her victims' personalities and qualities. Due to her powers, Lucy is turned into a cheery (and somewhat naive) pink-loving girl, Lana becomes a real germaphobe who doesn't want to live outside a bubble, Lola doesn't care about her looks anymore, Lisa loses her trademark intelligence and gains the temperament of a regular 4-year-old, and they're not even her only victims. However, Oppositoria will not be satisfied unless she turns Chandler into a good boy.

As she's causing chaos, Lincoln turns into Ace Savvy to stop her, and begins to pursue her across Royal Woods. Unfortunately, he gets hit by one of her paperballs, and becomes extremely klumzy as a result, and when Chara de Hearts intervenes to help him, she also gets hit and loses all of her courage, turning into a true scaredy kitty. As she manages to escape, the two superheroes try to keep track of her despite their conditions and prevent her to find Chandler. As they try to find him in the school, they learn from Lucy (who still was inside, ignoring the attacks and writing happy poems) that he escaped with Clyde and went to his home. As they finally joined him in the McBride residence, they learn that Oppositoria has also manipulated Mayor Davis, so she can order the dam to be destroyed and create a flood that will destroy Royal Woods, and she will not give up until Chandler surrenders. Accompanied by Clyde, Chandler and a cowardly Chara de Hearts, Ace Savvy will try to de-evilize Sasha until the dam breaks, while Chandler will get the occasion to apologize to her.

Meanwhile, Principal Huggins becomes interested in Chandler's ability to manipulate others, and wants to use it for his own interests...

Gotamon Champion[]

To help Chandler regaining friends and making new ones, Sasha asks him to join her writing club, in which he can expand his creativity and open his mind more. He accepts just to pleasure her, but when introducing himself to the club, he gets untrustful glares from Amir, and especially Lucy and Haiku, whom he was also responsable for their akumatizations. Trying to make good figure in front of them, he asks them advices for his stories, and although Lucy and Haiku want to have nothing to do with him, Amir still gives them some to perfect his writing.

After leaving the writing club room, he notices Amir whispering in Norm the janitor's ear, before walking away with him. Suspicious, Chandler tries to follow them, but gets interrupted by Principal Huggins, who asks him to join him in his office. Inside, Huggins tells him that he has the potential to be an excellent hall monitor like he did in the past, and gives him the opportunity to become one. He gets convinced when he gets told that being hall monitor allows him to get a lot of respect from the students.

On his first day as the school hall monitor, he sits next to Amir during the writing club time in the pretext to get some help, and when it's time to go out the room, he decides to follow him and Norm without being noticed, and gets leaded to the school basement. After managing to open the door, he gets shocked to learn the existence of a secret club centered about the famous monster card-collecting/fighting/trading game Gotamon, with among his members Lana, Liam, Stella, Andrew, Penelope, and club president Amir, with Norm acting as a referee during their Gotamon battles. Chandler gets to film a battle between Amir and Lana, and show it to Principal Huggins, who congratulates him, and tells him to order Amir to disband the secret Gotamon club. After finding him near the lockers, Chandler reveals him that he knows everything about his secret club and orders him to disband it, despite being begged by him to not force him to, as the basement was basically their secret garden.

After Amir disbanded the club, the other members become upset about his decision, as there is no other place than the school basement to play their game. Huggins then senses Amir being deeply upset, and turns into Hawk Moth to akumatize the poor boy into Gotamon Champion, a Gotamon-themed supervillain who can use his cards to summon various monsters from the game in real life, from the Pteroknightile to the Giant Apple Crab. As Gotamon Champion is causing chaos in the school then in Royal Woods in search for Chandler, Lincoln immediately gets alerted and turns into Ace Savvy to stop him. He then gets told by Lana and the other ex-members of the club the villain's true identity and his reasons for his akumatization. After they find Chandler hiding inside a trash can, Ace tells him to flee as Amir is searching for him, but as he doesn't want to listen to the guy who ruined his reputation, Ace then turns to Lana and tells her to take him to a secure hiding place, which she accepts. As she's leading him to the Loud house and the others are running to theirs, Ace goes confronting Gotamon Champion in a real battle, along with Chara de Hearts.

El Rey Diablo[]

Since a few days, Lana is developing itches on her skin that make her scratch herself, and her sisters suggest that she may have become allergic to her pet snake El Diablo, as she always gets itches when feeding him since some time. Lincoln then suggests that she moves in his room for some time until this allergy dissappears, but as a result, El Diablo gets the wrong idea that Lana decides to leave him and that the family will soon get rid of him because they couldn't bear finding skin sheds in the house. Due to these negative emotions, he gets akumatized into El Rey Diablo, a large cobra monster with poisonous fangs who is able to spit venom. When Lana sees her beloved snake ravaging the house, she tries to talk him out of it but fails, and when he's about to attack her siblings, she decides to confront him directly, but gets accidentally poisoned by one of his fangs before he goes to search Ace Savvy and take his Miraculous.

Due to the venom in her body, Lana is now in great danger. Her sisters notice that her skin is becoming greenish, and soon, she gets more tired and sicker, before finally falling unconscious. When Lincoln quickly brings her to Jack Holdem's home, he is shocked when he learns from him that the venom can become lethal after some hours. He does know rituals that can cure her, but it takes time, and even Jack isn't sure that they can work on her, as he already committed one grave mistake in the past. Sure that his sister will be cured from her curse, Lincoln trusts him, and goes to take on El Rey Diablo as Ace Savvy and helped by Chara de Hearts, but he doesn't know that thanks to Holdem's rituals and her great determination, Lana would actually wake up, and although she's not totally cured and still has green skin, she would go outside to help Ace Savvy save El Diablo the best she can, despite her condition and the fact that she doesn't have the King Miraculous. Although he's unsure if it's safe for her, Ace still trusts her, especially since Chara got poisoned by El Rey Diablo as well, and also became tired and weaker from the venom.


After the High Card helped Ace Savvy on a successful mission, the duo is acclaimed by the crowd, when suddenly, the High Card notices Ms. Carmichael's son running on a pedestrian crossing towards them, with an unsuspecting truck heading towards him. Despite Ace Savvy's warnings that she has only a few seconds before detransforming, she can't help but intervene to save him. As she gets more acclaimed by the citizens, her Miraculous depowers, and she turns back into Lori before the eyes of everyone in town. Pursued by the High Card's fans and Katherine Mulligan's crew, she only manages to go home thanks to Ace Savvy.

As Lori is feeling terribly awkward now that Royal Woods knows that she's a superheroine, Leni and Carol decide to cheer her up by taking her at the "Sea Everything" Aquarium, where Leni's friend Mandee works as an intern, which she accepts. The visit at the aquarium was going well until they learn from the manager that it is in danger of closing due to lack of customers. As it was Mandee's childhood place, the four teenagers devise several tactics to attract customers, but to no avail, due to the onlookers focusing more on asking Lori questions and autographs. As Mandee is losing hope and becomes increasingly jealous of Lori getting more attention than the aquarium, she gets that of Hawk Moth, and becomes akumatized into an evil mermaid named Bittermaid. Not only she has absolute control over water, can breath underwater and swim incredibly fast, she can also take control of the surrounding marine life.

After flooding all of Royal Woods (again) to turn it into a giant aquarium, she sends off all of the aquarium's specimens to search for Ace Savvy and Lori. With the Aqua Magicookie, Ace comes rescuing Lori and put her into safety, before going getting some help. At first, Lori thinks that he may have forgotten her mistake and is on the way of getting the Lucky 7 Miraculous, but she becomes upset when she sees that by "help", he meant that of Agua Chara de Hearts and of a Leni turned into the Sea-leven of Hearts. While the trio is occupied fighting Bittermaid and her marine army, Lori is feeling left out by Ace Savvy, and is beginning to feel useless and untrustful to him, until she sees her father and his coworkers from his restaurant on the roof of a building, trapped by dangerous sea creatures. At this point, she knows she must do something, Miraculous or not.


Bobby notices that the Casagrandes' parrot Sergio hasn't teased him for a while, and then learns a good reason for this unusual behavior: he got a crush on a beautiful female white parakeet living in the building in front of theirs. He, Ronnie Anne and Sid then decide to help him win her heart with numerous advices found on Internet, such as singing her a serenade, performing a mating dance, or reading her a poem. Unfortunately, all of these methods don't work, and the parakeet is instead weirded out by his behavior, and prefers staying away from him. Heartbroken, Sergio gets the attention of the Watcher, then of Hawk Moth, who decides to akumatize him into Infénix, a big and powerful flaming bird that can shrug off any attack, breath fire and fly at high speeds as a dashing fireball.

After Infénix captured the parakeet in her cage to fly away with her, Ronnie Anne immediately turns into Chara de Hearts, before trying to stop her blazing bird pet alongside Ace Savvy. Meanwhile Bobby and Sid hide themselves inside the mercado, but Sid, who already heard about these akuma attacks before coming at Great Lakes City, becomes amazed by this phenomenon she never seen before, and with her skateboard, thus decides to discreetly follow Ace and Chara to record their fight against Infénix with her phone, despite putting her life at risk when doing it and Bobby trying to convince her to not do that.


As he has to make up with Amir for forcing him to disband the secret Gotamon club, Chandler reluctantly lets him use his room so they can play there without getting disturbed, gaining their friendship and trust by doing it. However, Lucy and Haiku still don't trust him, thinking that he somehow got his way to manipulate the students in the school. Haiku in particular, as she's still holding a grudge against him for causing her akumatization into the Shadow Puppeteer, wants to make him pay, and thus, asks Lucy if she can borrow her her Aunt Harriet's spellbook. Although she understands her anger, she refuses to let her aunt's magic spells be used for petty revenge. Still wanting to give Chandler what he deserves, she discretly goes at Lucy's locker to open it, so she can take the spellbook and throw a curse on him, before put it back inside. Unfortunately, she gets caught by Chandler, and gets bringed to Huggins who, for this attempt at theft, decides to punish her with a one-week detention. As she's heading to the detention room, she comes across Lucy, who can't help but tell her that she's deeply disappointed by her actions. As she's lamenting herself inside the detention room, Principal Huggins transforms into Hawk Moth, and sends an akuma that enters one of Haiku's gloves, turning her into his new minion: Curseress, a villainous dark witch with a demonic-looking right hand who can levitate and throw dark fireballs that curse those who get hit in some way or another, according to their personnality traits.

With her new powers, she soon attacks the school students with Chandler as her primary target. Among her victims, she traps Cheryl inside her computer screen, fuses Lana and Hops into a humanoid frog, traps Lola inside her pocket mirror, turns Darcy's plush Rafo into a hug-crazy living toy that keeps pursuing her, traps Clyde inside a Ace Savvy comic, and turns Stella into a replica of her music box, Sasha into a drawing on a piece of paper, Amir into a Gotamon card, and Norm the janitor into a rat. After fighting against Curseress and dodging her fireballs, Ace gets a message from his Lucky Ace card, and then quickly goes at Jack Holdem's house to borrow him the Spade Miraculous.

Meanwhile, Curseress is causing chaos in Royal Woods as she's searching for Chandler, when Chara de Hearts shows up to fight her alone until Ace joins her, but unfortunately, she gets hit by one of her fireballs, which causes her to become evil and turn to her side. As Ace and the Eight of Spades come to the scene and find out about Chara's predicament, they both go fighting her and Curseress, while trying to find a way to free the latter's akuma.

Darkness Pony[]

After Haiku has been akumatized a second time by Hawk Moth and saved by Ace Savvy, she now believes that Chandler isn't really as much as the jerk she thought he was, and accepts to become friends with him. However, Lucy still doesn't trust him despite Haiku keeping telling her that he's okay as a guy. So, when Chandler approches her at school to try to convince her that he changed, she doesn't want to listen to him, knowing that he just wants to search through her bag to find anything that could humiliate her. She decides to walk quickly to the girls' bathroom so she can be alone in her thoughts, but accidentally drops from her bag a pink mysterious notebook that Chandler picks up, before taking a look inside. Surprised by what he found, he suddenly gets called by Principal Huggins, who wants to see him in his office about what he found.

Once he entered Huggins' office, Chandler gives him the notebook, telling him that he would be surprised by its owner's identity. Huggins then decides to use the microphone to ask the owner to come to his office. As nobody responds, he then decides to read out loud what's written inside to attract them. As it turns out, Huggins reads a 40 pages-long fanfiction based on "Princess Pony", and that features a familiar black unicorn with bangs that cover her eyes. Lucy then suddenly barges into the office, her face completely red from shame to recover her lost work. Unfortunately, Huggins decides to give to Lucy a one-week detention, as he doesn't accept anything too whimsical in school. As Chandler accompanies her to the detention room and keeps telling her to walk faster, Lucy suddenly lashes out at him in front of the students, telling him that he's just an absolute jerk who somehow brainwashed the school into thinking he's actually a good guy, and that she will never forgive what he has done to her and all the people who have been akumatized by his fault, before entering the room, as mad as she's ever been.

Huggins doesn't lose time to use Lucy's anger to possess her with an akuma, and give her a new supervillain identity. Now under the new moniker of Darkness Pony, Lucy now becomes a supervillain in an unicorn-like magic armor and a new spellbook that gives her an array of colorful yet destructive spells (like turning objects or people into swarms of colorful butterflies, bringing life to inanimate objects and turning them into dangerous monsters, shooting destructive rainbow blasts...). After using a first spell that summoned a large and dark alicorn to assist her, she goes causing massive terror among the students with the objective to scourge Royal Woods from liars and manipulators like Chandler, even turning her friends Haiku, Amir and Sasha into swarms of butterflies for "betraying her". Despite trying his best, Ace Savvy can't manage to defeat Darkness Pony, and has to seek help from Jack Holdem. Feeling that one ally won't be enough, he decides to pick the King Ring, the Diamond Necklace and the Roulette Jewel Bracelet to give them to Lana, Lola and Lisa respectively. Now with three heroes at his sides, Ace is ready to save her goth sister and protect Chandler from her attacks.


After CJ and Lalo accidentally made her fall and hit her head in the hallway, Ronnie Anne's aunt Frida is suddenly struck by inspiration, and shuts herself in her room for several hours to create a painting so unique and marvelous that it can make her the best artist of the state. When she finally finished, her creation gets immediately acclaimed by her family, but when she runs outside to show it to the nearby museum curator, she suddenly trips, and the painting is immediately reduced to shreds by the cat gang near the mercado.

As she becomes distraught by her loss, the family tries to reconfort Frida, but she then decides to isolate herself in her room, and not go out until she fully recreated her painting. However, she can't manage to do it, and as she becomes more and more hopeless and wastes more and more canvases, she gets noticed by the Watcher, who alerts Hawk Moth. He then akumatizes Frida, and turns her into a colorful warrior named Quetzalcoloratl. Armed with two powerful paintbrush-like swords that can generate paint of any color and immobilize people inside solid coats of paint, she sets out to recolor the entirety of Great Lakes City and its citizens, and turn them into the best painting of all time, while focusing on taking Chara de Hearts' Miraculous. With the help of Ace Savvy, she will try to put a stop on her aunt's eye-hurting fury.


Lynn's teammate Maya is excited to go see a hyped baseball match at the Royal Woods stadium with her and her friends. However, she asks them to promise her to wake her up if she ever falls asleep as she always do it during important events, which they accept, Sadly, she falls asleep merely minutes after the beginning, and as Lynn and the others are too excited by the match to notice, she misses the entire event, again. After learning that, she lashes out at her friends for not waking her up, and despite the fact that they're sorry for her and try to apologize, she angrily goes back home. Before Lynn can join her, Maya gets possessed by an akuma due to her anger, and is akumatized into Sleepyhead, Hawk Moth's latest villain, who can create magic bubbles that make everyone hit fall asleep, without any possibility of waking up. She can also install dreams in her victims' mind by touching their forehead, and turn them into sleepwalkers.

After Lynn and her friends fell asleep due to Sleepyhead's powers, Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts go confronting her to stop her attack on the Royal Woods citizens, but during the battle, Chara makes the mistake of punching one of her bubbles, and falls into a deep sleep as a result. She is then turned into a sleepwalker by Sleepyhead, and begins to attack Ace Savvy without really knowing it, as she's dreaming about fighting and defeating numerous akumatized villains all at once. Now, he has to deal with an akumatized villain, AND his partner.

Game Controller V2[]

A "Muscle Fish" competition is hosted at Royal Woods, and the winner will win a trophy and meet the "Muscle Fish" creator Toby Fijimoto. Among the participants are Lincoln, Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, Stella, Paige, Ronnie Anne and even Sid, who came at Royal Woods for this occasion, and while everyone are ready to climb to the finals, it's Paige in particular who wants to win the tournament the most, as she loved the "Muscle Fish" franchise since her first fight, and meeting Fijimoto in person is her dream. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne then wished her and each other good luck, before the tournament can finally begin.

As time goes on, Lincoln, Sid, Ronnie Anne and Paige manage to nudge their way to the demi-finals, where Sid defeats Lincoln, much like Paige with Ronnie Anne. The finals then oppose the two girls to each other, but as they both do their best to win the fight, Paige suddenly fells excruciating pain on her right hand and can't help but scream because of it. When the nurse took her in charge, he tells her she suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome likely caused by her fiercely mashing her controller's buttons, and has to stop playing video games for a while because of her condition. This causes Sid to be winner of the tournament by default, as Paige sadly has to forfeit.

As Lincoln and Ronnie Anne congratulate Sid for her victory, she feels that she doesn't fully deserved it, as she actually won by technicality and not by her skills. Meanwhile, Paige is upset because of her failure and feels like she will never achieve her dream of meeting her idol. Because of this, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, and turns into Game Controller V2, a new version of her first villain identity. After she pressed the START button on her Super Snap, the Royal Woods Baseball Stadium turns into a giant black dome, and everyone who has been previously akumatized by Hawk Moth so far (except Principal Huggins) disappears and gets converted into game data, including the Loud family, Lincoln's friends and even Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Maria, Frida, CJ and Sergio. After seeing Ronnie Anne suddenly disappearing much to their shock, Lincoln and Sid notice the giant dome, before Game Controller V2 transmits a live message on every screen in Royal Woods, telling Sid to meet her at the dome if she wants everyone to come back. Despite Lincoln's recommandations, she decides to run to the dome anyways to know what happened to her bestie. He then decides to turn into Ace Savvy to help Sid, but as he enters the dome with her, they come across Game Controller V2, who invite both of them into playing a real-life fighting game: Ace and Sid, against her. If the two accept in order to free everybody captured, Sid does it much more enthusiastically, despite the risks.

The game's rules are simple: each player has to choose an akumatized villain on the roster to take control of them, and has to kick their opponent out of the arena or break their akumatized object to win. At each win, they gain their opponent's akumatized item. As the two fight as a team, they must take turns with each other against Game Controller V2. At first Ace has difficulties to fight against her and even gets defeated in some fights, while Sid manages to win all of her fights with ease and while keeping her energetic behavior, as if she did it all her life. When Ace asks her how she manages to win and be so positive even with this kind of situation, she tells him that she doesn't think about winning, she thinks about how she lives the fight and has fun during it, making him realize why he keeps losing. She also reveals to him that before she came at Great Lakes City, she always dreamed about living a special life, and when she came across her first akumatized villain, she vowed to know more about Hawk Moth and his minions, and to get to do something to help Ace and Chara and keep the world safe. After hearing that, Ace decides to change his strategy by basing himself on Sid, and gets to grab some victories from Game Controller V2 thanks to that.

As the fights goes on and on (Fire Fighter vs. L.I.S.A.I., the Stinker vs. Queen Gabbee, Monocrowm vs. Madgician, Mudwrath vs. Mad Midas, El Rey Diablo vs. Shadow Puppeteer, Shush-Tice vs. Spellbinder, Lightspeedy vs. Heavy Metal, Last Laugh vs. Pumpking, Doppeldanger vs. Kid Hazard, Paincess vs. Bother Nature, Harsh Rock vs. Wi-Fright, Babyhemoth vs. Cerberus, Gotamon Champion vs. Big Burpy, Quetzalcoloratl vs. Glitterrific, Trapunzel vs. Rancid Cupid, Infénix vs. Cherry King, Dungeon Master vs. the Song Rewriter, Joynosaur vs. Raging Beast, Graffighter vs. Photofinisher, Weatherror vs. Blakula, Faust Writer vs. Absorbelle, Imagenio vs. Killjoy, the Hunting Specter vs. Revolution Dancer, the Creepeling vs. Swamperor, Subwoofer vs. Toy Fury...), the three players soon run out of fighters to control, and then Game Controller V2 decides that the next-to-last fight will oppose... Ace Savvy and Sid, who will control her own best friend Ronnie Anne as Lightning Striker to fight him.


Sid managed to get three tickets for the preview of "Muscle Fish : The Great Tunami", the newest Muscle Fish movie, and decides to give the other two to Ronnie Anne and Lincoln. However, they come face to face with a problem: the Great Lake City bus drivers are on strike, and thus can't bring them to the theater before the movie begins. Thankfully, they get saved by Sid's father Stanley, who accepts to take them to the GLART so they can make it at time. On the way, Lincoln discusses how it must be great to be a train conductor like Stanley, who then tells him that he exagerates and that he mustn't have such as a great job as his father. Lincoln then tells him that his father is such a great cook that he actually opened his own restaurant, and Ronnie Anne then says that hers works as a physician who lives in Peru. However, this actually causes Stanley to feel down, as he now thinks that he doesn't do a job as awesome as Lynn Sr. and Arturo, although he hides his depression when Sid asks him what's wrong.

As the GLART already passed through a couple of stations, Stanley is feeling more and more depressed, and when he reached another station, he decides to take a break to sulk and think about his career choices. Ronnie Anne decides to take advantage of this break to briefly go outside and buy three hot-dogs from Bruno, as the three friends are beginning to feel hungry. Unfortunately, Stanley gets noticed by the Watcher, and thus Hawk Moth decides to akumatize him into his newest supervillain. Corrupted by the akuma, Stanley is now the conductor of an akumatized version of the GLART that is able to go to outer space, and can now make her daughter proud of him. However, he also ignores Hawk Moth ordering him to get Chara de Hearts' Miraculous, and immediately takes off and flies, until the GLART breaks through the atmosphere after a few seconds, with many passengers including Lincoln and Sid inside it. As he can't communicate with Stanley, Hawk Moth can't do anything to stop him.

As she watches panicking people and the GLART flying through the sky, Ronnie Anne immediately decides to transform and try to stop it, and fails to do so. As she tries to find a way to reach her friends without Ace Savvy at his sides, she ultimately thinks about getting the help of another Miraculous holder. Meanwhile, Lincoln and Sid are still trapped and are floating inside the GLART, that keeps going through the galaxy, and while Sid tries to reasonate with his father and convince him to take them back to Earth, Lincoln tries to find a way to transform despite being surrounded by the other passengers.

After turning into Chara Espacial, Ronnie Anne flies to Royal Woods and lands in front of Jack Holdem's home, and after detransforming, tells him about the whole situation. For the first time, Ronnie Anne gets allowed to pick one of the Miraculouses inside the Miracle Box, and after a moment of thinking, she decides to pick the Horse Glasses. She then goes at the Gurdles' household as Chara de Hearts to see Zach, who learns about his friend and a dozen of people's predicament, and accepts to become Starllion to open a gate to the GLART and help her save them.

Size Master[]

As they're hanging out with Nikki, Casey and Sameer in a fair, Ronnie Anne notices that Sid is acting weird since they met up outside; she measures random female people's height, asks their entourage about what they would do in certain situations, suddenly runs without warning and tells her friends to catch up, and even throws a ball at her and Nikki and tells them to catch it as if to test their reflexes. Becoming too weirded out about this peculiar behavior, Ronnie Anne takes Sid with her so they can talk privately behind a porta-potty. When she asks her explanations, Sid reveals to her that since the recent akuma attacks at Great Lakes City, she's now set out to discover Chara de Hearts' identity so she can assist her personally, and if she was acting weird, it's because she studies people's chances to be the famous Heart superheroine. Scared at the idea that Sid might learn her best friend's secret identity, Ronnie Anne gets reassured by Ellie, who tells her that Sid's chances to discover her secret are scarce.

She then joins her and the others to go on the "X-Treme X-Train", the best ride in the fair, but once arrived, they tell them that they can't go on it for now, as Sameer is arguing with the staff member because he doesn't have the necessary minimum size. Finally giving up, Sameer is forced to give it up and angrily wait his friends, who have a great time on the ride. This incident isn't the first related to his size however: one in particuliar happened earlier, when he failed the ball-throwing game because he's too small to see the targets, and only won a belt buckle as a consolation prize. This bitterness gives Hawk Moth the occasion to send an akuma and corrupt him into a new supervillain called Size Master. With his high-tech belt, he can now change his size at will, and get from atom-sized to building-sized in less than a second. It's up to Chara de Hearts and Ace Savvy to catch that villain who causes huge chaos in the fair. However, this battle could lead Sid to get some clues about Chara's true identity.

Splicer (Lisa)[]

By watching Ace Savvy's heroic feats on the Internet, Lisa studies his capabilities and calculates how long he will be around to protect the city, before concluding that he won't be here long enough to defeat Hawk Moth, whom she thinks will be too powerful for him. She decides to give him some indirect help by creating a new type of superhero, and not a robot one, as she thinks it could be destroyed or corrupted by an akuma. Meanwhile, Lana is watching TV in the living room, but when Lola comes in to watch it as well, she notices that she's unusally feeling upset for a little while. When asked, Lana tells her that she began to doubt if she's really apt at heroism, as a few days earlier, she nearly tore her twin sister apart after being akumatized due to her great love for animals, and basically caused Chara's transformation into a diamond statue during Diamond Queen's brief reign. Feeling sympathy towards her, Lola confesses that she understands her, as she was turned into Diamond Queen because of a fit of blind rage caused by her determination to win the pageant thanks to her lucky tiara. As a consequence of this fit, Lola is now banned from pageants for the rest of the season. When Lana reveals thinking about giving up her passion for animals or the heroic acts, Lisa, who was overhearing the whole conversation, gets an idea...

The next day, Lana is searching for Hops to feed him some flies, but can't find him anywhere in the house, but when she comes in Lisa and Lily's room, she is shocked to find him strapped on Lisa's experiment table, and about to be injected with something by her. She immediately saves Hops and angrily asks Lisa what is wrong with her, to which she reveals that she only wanted to inject Hops with human DNA to turn him into a humanoid frog superhero so he can help Ace Savvy and even succeed him in a few years. Outraged about how she was going to hurt her frog, Lana angrily tells her that she should get at least a little bit of empathy toward the others, if she really wants to help the world, before leaving the room. Stunned by her words, Lisa can't bring herself to say anything about that, and

Team Lynnsanity (Lynn)[]

Roboppeldanger (Leni)[]


Disguised as her telenovela heroine Ana Ronalda for Halloween, Ronnie Anne prepares herself to go at Royal Woods trick-or-treating with Lincoln and her friends, as she heard about houses that give full bars here. As she thinks that her costume must be the most perfect possible, she decided to temporarily remove the Heart Hair Tie and get Ana Ronalda's haircut from Margarita, but still allowed Ellie to stay in her pocket while she keeps the Hair Tie with her for any possibility of an attack from Hawk Moth. However, her aunt Frida asks her to take Carl, who's dressed as El Falcon de Fuego, with her at Royal Woods to trick-or-treat with him, which she accepts with reluctance.

Once Maria brought them at Royal Woods, Ronnie Anne immediately joins Lincoln (who's dressed as Rip Hardcore), Clyde (Colonel Austin), Liam (a "scary crow"), Rusty (a viking), Zach (an alien) and Stella (the Creepeling), and Carl then hears about a Halloween costume contest hold at the park, and is excited to go there thanks to the big candy bag offered as the 1st prize. As Ronnie Anne can't really leave him alone, Lincoln tells her that Lana (a zombie version of Lola), Lola (a ballerina), Lisa (a guinea pig) and Lily (a tiger cub) are going to the contest as well, so she has nothing to fear since Carl can always go with them. Once everything is settled, the two Casagrandes go to separate ways; Ronnie Anne with Lincoln and his friends, and Carl with the young Loud sisters.

As Carl and the girls are participating at the contest, the former sadly ends up in the last place, and only receives a consolation lollipop. As it turns out, not only the costume was crudely made by himself, but nobody in the contest know who El Falcon of Fuego is, as the show is not broadcasted at Royal Woods. Very disgruntled, he decides to leave the park to ask her aunt, who is chatting with the Loud parents at the same time, if they can go back home. Unfortunately, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth on his way, and transforms into Carlaca, an evil little Calaca armed with two pistols that shoot skull-shaped energy projectiles. Those who get hit by his shots will turn into their respective Halloween costumes and act like them. After his akumatization, he immediately begins to cause real chaos in Royal Woods, turning many trick-or-treaters including Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily into their costumes. When Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's group notice Carlaca's attack, they immediately run to safety, but when Stella trips on her costume and can't get up, Ronnie Anne decides to help her escape, but in her selfless act, she gets hit by one of Carlaca's shot. When Lincoln and the others look if she's okay, they are surprised to see that she's not really like herself, as she speaks only Spanish, acts hostile towards them, and even beats up Zach when he tries to approach her. As Lincoln realized, Ronnie Anne basically turned into Ana Ronalda, the heroine of her favorite telenovela, and if he perfectly manages to understand her Spanish, she thinks he and his friends are bandits who want to kidnap her.

After they managed to convince Ronnie Anne that they're the good guys, Lincoln then notices Ellie, Chara de Hearts' kwami, trying to get his attention behind a trash bin. After telling his friends that he has to pee in an alley and asking them to take care of Ronnie Anne, who's still wondering where she is, and joins Ellie behind the bin. She lies to him, saying that for unknown reasons, Chara lost her Miraculous in her room, and as such, she can't intervene to help him fight Carlaca. Now knowing that, he decides to turn into Ace Savvy to try to stop and de-evilize him, while his friends still wait for him and keep an eye on Ronnie Anne. However, after noticing a trick-or-treater turned into a vampire trying to suck the blood of a kid, she immediately leaves them to come to his rescue by defeating the vampire with her bare hands, and when she sees Carlaca fighting against Ace Savvy, she believes the former to be an infamous bandit who once kidnapped her grandparents and somehow escaped from prison. Determined to put him back in jail, she immediately comes to his pursuit, even blocking Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach and Stella's way when they try to catch her, saying that it's too dangerous for them, and she must confront him alone. Amusingly, she will actually be of great help for Ace Savvy to defeat Carlaca...

Dimensionist (A.K.A. Into the Ace Savverse: Part 1)[]

After another successful mission, Ace and Chara are being acclaimed by the crowd, when they get approached by Walter Goldberg, the organiser of the Ace Savvy convention, who invites them at the convention this weekend as special guests, alongside the Ace Savvy comics' creator Bill Buck. Chara eagerly accepts the offer, as well as Ace, but he's actually a bit hesitant about it, as he's projecting to go there alongside his sisters and Clyde. Now, he has to find how to be Lincoln Loud and Ace Savvy at the same time, without revealing his secret identity to the visitors.

The day of the convention, the Loud siblings and Clyde arrive at the convention, while Chara is also present here and get to enjoy the V.I.P. buffet and T.V. room while she's waiting for Ace to join her. Meanwhile, Lincoln and Clyde are waiting in the line to get an autograph from Bill Buck, and don't notice fellow Ace Savvy fan Renee, who's in the near-beginning and excitedly waiting to see Buck himself. When it's her turn however, she's surprised to not see him, but his grandson and future successor Bill Buck Jr., as he's actually in the bathroom for eating too much toasts at the V.I.P. buffet, and unfortunately for her, he's quite a pretentious jerk unlike his grandfather. A bit nervous, Renee shows him an Ace Savvy fanfiction of hers, where he travels dimensions and teams up with multiple alternate versions of himself. Sadly for her, Bill Jr. harshly laughs at her after reading some pages, and tells her she should stick to kindergarten drawings and to waste somebody else's time. Humiliated by his mockery, Renee leaves his booth to cry on the stairs of the convention center, and Lincoln, who just noticed her running in tears, decides to leave the line and search for her and console her. Meanwhile, Principal Huggins, who is also at the convention with Cheryl, senses Renee's negative emotions nearby, and wanting to make use of it, shuts himself in the bathroom to turn into Hawk Moth and send an akuma to possess her. Once it entered her comic book, Renee accepts his offer to get her revenge in exchange of Ace and Chara's Miraculouses, and transforms into the dimension master Dimensionist. By creating magic paperballs from her infinite notebook and throwing them, she can open portals that suck unwilling people nearby to alternate dimensions before closing themselves.

Dimensionist then barges in the convention center to cause massive chaos, sending many victims into random dimensions, including not only Bill Buck Jr., but also Clyde and the Loud sisters, who tried to stop her but ultimately failed. As Lincoln is occupied trying to hide himself from the panicking crowd, Chara makes her appearance to fight Dimensionist alone, but unfortunately, she also gets sucked into an unknown dimension. After managing to turn into Ace Savvy, Lincoln finally confronts the akumatized Renee to purify her and reclaim his friends and family, but during the fight, the two end up entering one of Dimensionist's portals into an alternate Royal Woods, and Ace ends up losing her when she escapes. As he tries to find her, he suddenly gets knocked out by a boy who looks exactly like Lynn, and ends up losing his bracelets and turning back into Lincoln in the process. As the Lynn lookalike apologizes for bumping him hard before running away to catch a football, Lincoln tries to recover when a young boy looking extremely similar to Lana approaches him to show him a big ball made of garbage he made, which causes him to faint from the smell. When the Lana lookalike realizes he confused him for his sister Linka and walks away, a girl with long white hair and an orange shirt is drinking a Flippee, when he finds Lincoln laying on the ground, with the Ace Bracelets besides him. After a brief gasp of shock, she quickly brings him to her home.

After he wakes up, he comes to face to face with the white-haired girl, who asks him if he's okay. As he's about to answer, she hears loud footsteps behind her bedroom's door and immediately hides him under her bed. His ten brothers, who all look like Lincoln's sisters as he notices in shock, then enter to tell their sister Linka that they're going to the mall and ask her if she wants to come with them. She tells them that she will join them later, and after they leaved, she pulls Lincoln from under the bed. He tells her that her siblings look exactly like his, showing her a photo on his phone to prove his point, and deduces that that he must have ended up in a gender-reversed dimension. The girl named Linka then tells him that she already deduced that when he was unconscious before showing him the bracelets she wears on her wrists. To his stupor, Lincoln recognizes the Ace Bracelets, and then gets his owns back from Linka, who recovered them after finding him, before showing him her kwami, a female Fluush who gets a crush on his Fluush, who returns the favor. As Lincoln's alternate self, Linka can use the Ace Bracelets to turn into Ace Lady, her dimension's Ace Savvy who possesses the same powers as him, and fights against the akumatized villains who get corrupted by her Hawk Moth, named Hawk Mother.

Lincoln then realizes that Dimensionist can be anywhere in this dimension, and wants to stop her as soon as he can until she causes even more mayhem. To help him not be discovered as her alternate self, Linka shows him her own disguise trunk and gives him some clothes so he can pass off as a French exchange student, Laurent Lourd. Both then join Linka's brothers at the mall, and as they are shopping, Dimensionist reappears and attacks the visitors, even sucking the Loud brothers to unknown dimensions in the process. In the ensuing panic, Lincoln and Linka manage to find a hiding place to transform into Ace Savvy and Ace Lady respectively, and after some efforts to dodge her shots, they finally defeat Dimensionist and de-evilize her back into Renee. But as every victim of her attack reappear thanks to Ace Savvy's powers, he notices something strange : despite Renee being saved from the akuma, he doesn't go back to his dimension unlike the others...

Spellcaster (A.K.A. Into the Ace Savverse: Part 2)[]

As Ace Savvy tries to figure why he didn't get back to his dimension despite Dimensionist being defeated, both him and Ace Lady realize they have little time left before turning back to their civilian forms. While Ace Lady takes Renee to her home so she can recover, Ace hides himself behind the mall to turn back into Lincoln, but when he sees none other than Lana watching him detransforming without noticing, he gets terrified and tries to explain her everything. Lana says she can't believe it not because he saw his older brother detransforming before her eyes, but because SHE has the Ace Bracelets at her wrists, much to his incomprehension. She explains him that she was given these bracelets by a old man named Jack Holdem, and since then, she can transform into a superheroine named Ace Crafty. One day, she was playing in a mud puddle when she got sucked into this dimension where everyone is gender-reversed. Relieved that this Lana is not really HIS Lana, Lincoln then realizes that the Dimensionist he and Linka defeated is not the one from his dimension, and that she must be somewhere else. The alternate Lana accepts to help him, as she also wants to go back to her own dimension and reunite with her siblings.

Meanwhile, inside the mall, the Loud brothers are resuming their shopping normally after the attack, and Lucy's male counterpart, Lars, decides to momentarily leave them to go at "Goth Attic", the mall's goth shop to buy a new spellbook, but once he did his purchase, he comes across the local school bully Charlotte and her goons, who mock them for thinking that magic and spells exist, and when Lars tries to tell them off, Charlotte takes his spellbook and throws it in the fountain, before leaving the scene while laughing. Lars then recovers the wet spellbook and runs to the bathroom to sulk alone in a locked stall. In the same time, Linka comes back at the mall as herself to join her brothers, who are waiting for Lars for a while. When they tell her that he was going at "Goth Attic", she goes here to find him, to no success. When she stumbles upon Charlotte and the goons who tell her that her "naive little brother" must be crying somewhere, Linka and her brothers search the entire mall to find him.

Somewhere, the mysterious Hawk Mother senses Lars' anger and despair, and creates an akuma to corrupt him into his new minion. When it enters his ruined spellbook, he accepts her proposition to obtain his revenge in exchange of Ace Lady's bracelets before transforming. Meanwhile, outside the mall, Lincoln and the alternate Lana search the city as Ace Savvy and Ace Crafty respectively to find the Dimensionist from Lincoln's dimension. As she is hiding in an alley, Dimensionist tries to figure out a plan to get Ace's bracelets as the alternate one she sent as a distraction is defeated and can't reveal herself as she is technically de-evilized, when she gets telepathically contacted by Hawk Moth, who would like to help her as she already sent an ally. As she goes to the mall, she gets noticed by the two Aces who ultimately fight her to reach for her notebook. At the same time, the mall gets attacked by the corrupted Lars, who has now became Spellcaster, the gender-reversed counterpart of Lucy's akumatized self Spellbinder. As everybody run for their lives, Linka turns into Ace Lady to fight him, when he gets told by Hawk Mother to ignore her for now, and flies out the mall to join his new ally.

Once the two villains met each other and agreed to fight as a duo, Ace Savvy and Crafty are now struggling to battle the two of them, even when Ace Lady comes in to assist them. Unexpectedly, however, they get saved by none other than Chara de Hearts, who also got her fair share of dimensional adventures and is even helped by Ace Bunny, a rabbit version of Ace Savvy, whom real identity is a young white hare named Warren. As the heroes gain the upper hand, Dimensionist and Spellcaster decide to combine their forces thanks to a powerful spell from Spellcaster, and fuse into a gigantic and powerful entity made of dark magic. As the Aces stare at the fusion in shock, Ace Lady gets an alarming call from the Jack Holdem of her dimension: the fusion between Dimensionist and Spellcaster has extremely unstable power, and if she doesn't defeat them in time, they will contribute to the destruction of every dimension in existence. As they notice numerous dimensional rifts opening in the sky, the Aces must unite their forces to restore everything, and they're not alone, as they will be assisted by many other Ace Savvies from other dimensions, including a Noir Ace, each Loud sister including Lily as their respective dimension's Ace, an alternate Ronnie Anne who got the Ace Bracelets instead of Lincoln, a post-apocalyptic Ace and even a Bizarro-like Ace...

Macabriachi (A.K.A. A Lady Long Way to Go: Part 2)[]

As the road between Royal Woods and Great Lakes City is cut by a landslide, Lincoln and his dad have no choice but sleeping at the Casagrande apartment for the weekend. As Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are in her living room with the Chang sisters, Adelaide stumbles upon a cardboard box containing photos of a young Hector, playing guitar, dressed as a mariachi. When he enters the room and watches them looking at the photos, he tells them that back at his younger years, he was a pretty successful mariachi, but stopped after he got humiliated at a particularly important concert. As he's looking at his mariachi memorablia with nostalgia, Lincoln, Ronnie Anne and Sid learn by breaking news on TV that a fire started at a building a few streets away with many people inside. As Lincoln realizes that he can't put it out and save everyone who got trapped even with Chara, he decides to see Jack Holdem, who's still working at the Hi 'N' Buy store, to get the Dragon Choker and give it to Sid, as her water manipulation powers can be useful for this mission, while Ronnie Anne and Sid hide inside the former's room, and Ronnie Anne then turns into Chara de Hearts and leaves the apartment, not before Sid wishes her good luck. Meanwhile, Hector, who didn't notice the news about the fire, decides to become a mariachi again and go at the open mic night host at Pizza Pig.

After Ace gives her Miraculous to Sid, she excitedly turns into Lady Long a second time, and they both go at the flaming building to join Chara, who tries to save as many people as she can. At the same time, Hector is about to sing a song at Pizza Pig, but a sudden stage fright caused by his thoughts about his devastating failure in the past, he ends up singing and playing guitar horribly wrong, and ends up being mocked by all the patrons at the restaurant. As he leaves in sadness, he gets noticed by Hawk Moth thanks to the Watcher, and without knowing it, he gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, accepting to become the best mariachi alive in exchange of Ace and Chara's Miraculouses.

Meanwhile, the duo, thanks to Lady Long's help, manages to put out the fire without any victim to be declared, and all three get acclaimed by everyone present as well as the news crew. As Ace makes her realize, Sid actually fulfilled her dream of having a special life and helping him and Chara protect the world from Hawk Moth and his akumas. Unfortunately, a ghostly and floating mariachi named Macabriachi then makes his appearance, and by playing notes with his akumatized guitar, he creates large glowing cracks on the ground where angry ghosts come out from to cause terror in the city. As the superheroes are watching the chaos ensuing and recognize the akumatized villain as Hector, Lady Long notices Adelaide, cornered by the growing cracks and ending up falling in one of these, much to her horror after she tried to save her too late. As she is desperately thinking about her young sister's fate, Chara decides to jump in the crack to save Adelaide, and despite Ace telling her that it's too dangerous, Lady Long tells him that she trusts her. As her and Ace decide to hide from each other and feed their kwamis before confronting Macabriachi, Chara uses a nearby skateboard to go inside the crack and save Sid's sister by herself.

After she manages to land without being hurt, Chara detransforms into Ronnie Anne, and realizes that she somehow turned into a Calaca and ended up in some sort of city in the underworld. After exploring the place, she finally finds Adelaide, who also turned into a Calaca, and is shocked to see that she's having fun with Froggy, her deceased pet frog. When she tries to tell her that they must go, Adelaide declines as she's too happy to reunite with Froggy. He then comes across a portly old man in a bowling outfit, and realizes that he's his deceased great-grandfather Lazaro, who asks her and Adelaide to go play some bowling, which they accept. As they're playing, Ronnie Anne also sees young Calacas who look and act similar to her, and deduces that they must be her ancestors. Lazaro explains that after death, everyone is transported to the underworld where they live their afterlife with their deceased family and loved ones forever and that since she and Adelaide are here, it must have been their time to go as well. Before Ronnie Anne gets a chance to explain, he then shows her an arcade with amazing games inside, and all three even share a very large pizza together. As she's having too much fun here, Ronnie Anne begins to want to never leave the underworld and his fun great-grandfather, which worries Adelaide, as she wants to go home with Froggy. However, Lazaro then tells her that all deceased souls living at the underworld have received the order to attack the living world and merge it with their world. Macabriachi actually has the power to open a gate between the underworld and the living world and manipulate those who live in the former, and as it turns out, Lazaro was corrupted by his evil influence all along as indicated by his glowing green pupils, and tried to influence Ronnie Anne into attacking Great Lakes City as well. She bluntly refuses, remembering why she was here in the first place, much to his disappointment, and he and all the other souls then float to the living world to cause terror here. After hiding herself from Adelaide, Ronnie Anne turns into Chara de Hearts, and both agree to float to Great Lakes City as well to save it.

Meanwhile, Ace and Lady Long are occupied fighting Macabriachi and dodging his evil notes, and are happy to get joined by Chara, who is still a floating undead superhero, but managed to put Adelaide to safety. As all three fight against Macabriachi, he then notices Adelaide cheering the trio not too far away, and quickly uses his guitar to order his ghosts to capture her. As they try to save her, the trio is ambushed by Lazaro, who ultimately subdues Ace and Chara, leaving them unable to fight back. Macabriachi then gives Lady Long a difficult choice: either she gives up her Miraculous and saves her friends, either she fights and everyone will suffer. To save her friends, Sid ultimately decides to remove the Miraculous and turn back into Sid, revealing her true identity to Hawk Moth in the process, and then tells Macabriachi to free Adelaide, Ace and Chara before getting what he wants. After accepting his part of the deal, he is about to take the Dragon Choker from her hand, when she suddenly psyches him and jumps from the building's roof to a large crack to the underworld below, to her fellow superheroes and her sister's shock. As he and Lazaro try to catch her, they ultimately fail to do so thanks to Ace and Chara's actions.

After turning back into Lady Long in her fall and going back to the building's roof by turning into a gust of wind, Sid is ready to assist her fellow superheroes one last time, as since she gave her secret identity to Hawk Moth to save her friends, she is now forced to renounce the Dragon Miraculous after that fight...

Kwami Katcher (Mr. Gurdle)[]

El Cucuy[]

Due to her night duties as Chara de Hearts, Ronnie Anne is often absent from the Casagrande apartment, and thus draws her abuela Rosa's concern whenever there's an akuma attack in Great Lakes City, especially at night. After a successful night mission, she quickly returns at her bedroom to turn back into Ronnie Anne and prepare her bag before going at a late SMOOCH concert with Sid, Nikki, Casey and Sameer. However, Rosa doesn't want to let her leave because of the many dangers outside at night, and tells her that if she disobeys to her, she will be haunted by the vengeful spirit El Cucuy. Ronnie Anne doesn't believe a bit of it, and after she went at the mercado to ask for some snacks before the concert, she comes across Rosa trying to scare her disguised as El Cucuy, and immediately deduces that it's her abuela. Despite being annoyed by her attempts to scare her with this urban legend, she still accepts to stay at home tonight, if it's for her safety.

As Ellie is surprised by her owner's decision to not going at the concert, Ronnie Anne reassures her by revealing that she will go there anyway thanks to a plan of hers to make her abuela think she's occupied playing "CraftCave" with Lincoln, and after asking the rest of the family to say nothing about her disobeying Rosa, discretly leaves the building with Sid so they can go at the concert. Unfortunately, Rosa soon finds out about the cover-up and learns that Ronnie Anne lied to her and still went at the SMOOCH concert anyway, she gets depressed enough to attract the Watcher. Once he gets informed by his sentimonster, Hawk Moth decides to corrupt Rosa with an akuma, and turn her into the urban legend itself, El Cucuy. Now a frightening cloaked spirit, she can float above the ground pass through any surface, phase through any attack and projectile, and swallow anyone inside her cloak, that leads to a pitch black dimension. Determined to punish the naughty like the bullies or the liars, she traps the other Casagrandes inside her cloak before flying at the place of the SMOOCH concert to give a lesson to Ronnie Anne as well for disobeying her, while also swallowing any people she deems bad by their behavior.

As Ronnie Anne and her friends are enjoying the concert outside, El Cucuy suddenly shows up and swallows in her cloak everyone in her path, including Nikki, Casey, Sameer, and even SMOOCH's lead singer Pucker Uppenheimer. As Ronnie Anne can't transform right now in the open, Sid drags her to somewhere safe so she can turn into Chara de Hearts without being caught, until they get snatched by El Cucuy. When it seems they manage to lose her, they get the idea to hide Ronnie Anne in the secret hideout, but as soon as they head out to their building, Sid decides to stay behind so she can distract El Cucuy and post her attack on Carol Pingrey's blog so Ace Savvy can also be aware of it and intervene as well. Although she manages to do it, she unfortunately gets swallowed in her cloak as well. With Ace at her sides, Chara must do something quickly until they also become El Cucuy's victims...

Body Switcher[]

As she is making friendship bracelets with her friend Meli Ramos, Lola tells her that she's going to participate at a new beauty pageant this Sunday, and asks her if she can assist at her perfomance that day. Although she tells her she's a bit awkward in large crowds, she still accepts to encourage her with her family, and the day of the pageant, Lola once again manages to grab the 1st place, and not only that, she also receives two free tickets for the Dairy Land Amoosement Park, the second one for someone of her choice. The next day, Meli tells Lola she's very happy for her victory, and that she's glad to accompany her at Dairy Land. Unfortunately for her, Lola tells her that she will not going with her, but with Lana, as her favorite ride, the "Milk Shaker", has recently been renovated with "20% more shaking". She then leaves her, after reassuring her that the next time she gets free accesses for Dairy Land, she will go with her.

Despite smiling when Lola announced her the news, Meli then goes at the bathroom to break down in tears, heartbroken that the girl she admires, as well as her first friend at school, chose her sister instead of her to go at Dairy Land. Her bad feelings are bad enough to be noticed by Hawk Moth, who decides to akumatize her into her new minion. Once his akuma possessed her through her friendship bracelet, Meli turns into the manipulative Body Switcher. Despite her appearance not changing after her akumatization, she now has the ability to exchange her body with someone else by shaking her hand with them. She can also perfectly mimic their voice and turn into their akumatized self when in need, and the akumatized bracelet will transfer itself to the other body during the switch. After being akumatized, she approaches Lana to tell her that she's happy for her being the one who will go at Dairy Land with her and that she's a bit jealous of her luck, before they both shake their hands. Without expecting it, Lana ends up in Meli's body and vice versa, and Meli then locks her inside her locker and seals it with mud with Mudwrath's powers, before joining Lola inside Vanzilla and go at Dairy Land with her.

After they arrived, Lola can't help but notice that "Lana" is acting weird since they both entered Vanzilla. For example, she's unnerved by the smell of her clothes, she quickly apologizes after farting, she doesn't eat her ice cream after it fell to the ground, and above all: she is afraid to go at the Milk Shaker. This behavior is making Lola more and more suspicious. Meanwhile at the school, Lincoln is about to leave, when he hears noises behind Lana's locker. After Fluush managed to open it, he's surprised to see "Meli" coming out of it. When she tells him that she's not Meli but Lana, he's at first doubtful (and weirded out by "Meli"'s unusually deep voice), but when she tells him personal informations about herself (her pets' names, her favorite smell, her victory at a beauty pageant, her speedrun time at "Total Trash Takedown", her rhubarb allergy, her crush on Skippy, her fear of heights, the precise day she washes her cap...), this is enough for Lincoln to believe her and ask her what happened. After she revealed that she switched bodies with Meli after they shaked their hands, he deduces that Meli has somehow been akumatized, and after quickly turning into Ace Savvy in the boys' bathroom, he quickly goes at Dairy Land with Lana on his back. Back there, Lola decides to put "Lana" to a test by giving her a live worm to eat, knowing that her twin sister would never refuse to eat one. Disgusted, she throws it away, giving away her identity at the same moment. Realizing that's it's her friend Meli inside Lana's body, Lola asks her what happened to her, and she responds by revealing her that she couldn't handle the fact that she privilegies Lana over her, and so she decided to take her place so she can always be besides her as a part of her family. But then she decides that being her twin sister isn't enough, and that she must become HER.

To do so, she promptly turns into Mudwrath, and begins to chase Lola across Dairy Land to switch their bodies. When Ace and Lana finally arrive, she ultimately manages to grab Lola and shake hands with her. Now in her body, she transforms into Paincess, and uses her magic crown to turn people in the park into her servants, and orders them to go after Ace. While Lana (Meli) and Lola (Lana) managed to hide themselves from the chaos, Ace gets joined by Chara de Hearts, and the duo manages to incapacitate her army, before Chara manages to subdue Body Switcher with her whip. However, she tugs on it to pull Chara towards her, and after shaking her hand with hers, she steals her body, while she ends up in Lola's. Ace then retreats to protect Chara (Lola), and with Lana (Meli) and Lola (Lana), they both must come up with a plan to defeat Body Switcher (Chara), before she gets hold of both their Miraculouses...

Love Strike (Chad)[]

Phonetasma (Carlota)[]

Chara de Heartless[]

To celebrate Ronnie Anne's birthday, the Casagrandes throw her a birthday party, in which the Changs, Nikki, Casey and Sameer, her closest neighbors and even Lincoln and Lori are invited. While everyone is having great fun at the party, Lincoln suddenly realizes that he forgot the present he made for her back at Royal Woods, and after hiding himself in Ronnie Anne's room without being noticed by everybody in the apartment, he tries to figure out how he could fix his mistake. He then realizes he could simply turn into Ace Savvy to fly to Royal Woods, pick up the present, and go back at Great Lakes City before detransforming back into Lincoln. However, he doesn't know that Sid, who was going at the bathroom, heard his conversation with Fluush and saw him turning into Ace Savvy and leaving the room, by looking through the slightly ajar door. When Ronnie Anne approaches her to see why she looks so nervous and sweaty, Sid tries at first to not say anything, but not wanting to lie to her best friend, finally reveals that Lincoln and Ace Savvy are actually one and only person, leaving her in complete shock. When Sid and Ellie ask Ronnie Anne if she's alright, she tells them that she's alright, and even more than alright, saying that it's the best birthday present he could give to her...

At Royal Woods, Lincoln successfully picked up the present, and after giving a cookie to Fluush so he can recover, turns back into Ace Savvy and is about to fly back at Great Lakes City, when he gets interrupted by Moon Rabbit, A.K.A. his friend Stella from the future, who appears through a portal in his room and asks him if anything anormal happened, as something somehow caused a cataclysmic disaster to occur in the future, and she must prevent it at all costs. When Ace tells her there's nothing unusual happened in his time period, she brings him to her Burrow, an endless white void with dozens of portals connected to every event from the past, present and future, like the past moment where, as a young girl, she received her beloved music box for her birthday. She then opens a portal that leads him to Great Lakes City one year to the day, and to his horror, it is completely devastated and flooded. He then comes across Chara de Hearts sitting on the roof of the theater, holding a photo of herself with Lincoln and Sid, and with white hair and inverted colors on her costume. When she notices him calling her name, she gets excited and immediately approaches him, until she suddenly tries to take his bracelets. Realizing that Chara has been akumatized and now tries to take his Miraculous to repair a "really lame mistake", Ace decides to try his best to free the akuma that corrupted her friend and save her, while Moon Rabbit, who's staying at her Burrow, tries to deduce what went wrong by looking at past events following Ronnie Anne's birthday and the moment where she discovered that Lincoln is Ace Savvy...

After Lincoln went back at Great Lakes City with the present, he tried to search Ronnie Anne in the apartment to no avail, until Sid told him that she's waiting for him on the roof of the building, with a knowing smile on her face. He then found her sitting on the edge of the roof, after she invited him to sit with her to drink a soda and watch the sunset, she confessed her love for him, telling him that he was a "truly special lame-o", before the two kissed, while Sid, Lori and the other Casagrandes discretly watched the moment and were enjoying it. From that moment, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne lived the perfect love together, as they now made their relationship public, were regularly having dates together, and even danced together during school ball at Royal Woods. However, despite being happy for them, Sid was actually upset that Lincoln and Ronnie Anne now got to share great moments as civilians and as superheroes together, as she felt like the third wheel since she had to renounce her Lady Long identity after revealing it to Hawk Moth when she helped Ace and Chara to fight Macabriachi, and missed these moments as a superheroine. As she was walking alone while they were on a mission, she suddenly got possessed by an akuma from Hawk Moth, and transformed into Maimao. As she went missing for several days, Ronnie Anne was in despair at the idea to not seeing her again, and decided to break up with Lincoln, so she can focus on finding Sid and as she felt guilty for her disappearence, to Lincoln's incomprehension and chagrin. As he was crossing the road in tears, he noticed an uncontrollable truck charging towards him, and noticing his distress, Ronnie Anne has no other choice but turning into Chara de Hearts in front of him and pull him out the road until he got ran over. As he now knew her secret identity, they hugged, promising each other that one day, they will find Sid, and everything will be alright, not knowing that Maimao was watching them from afar. Some time later at Great Lakes City, they managed to find Hawk Moth and were fighting against him. When they finally got an advantage on him, he suddenly called a completely feral Maimao who immediately lashed on Lincoln and viciously attacked him until unconsciousness. Realizing that Hawk Moth somehow got wind of their friendship and as she couldn't do anything or Maimao will land the final blow, Chara pleaded him to stop and let Sid and Lincoln alone. He then took away the akuma from Sid, turning her back to her normal self, and used it to possess Chara instead and turn her into a twisted version of herself called Chara de Heartless. He then gave her an ultimatum; if she doesn't obey, a giant Watcher will destroy the Casagrande apartment with her family inside, and if she does by killing Ace, he will leave them and Sid alone. As she didn't know what to do, Chara ultimately broke down, and created a gigantic Heart Attack that destroyed all North America as well as a large chunk of the Moon and killed Lincoln, Sid, Hawk Moth and everybody else...

Now knowing the catalyst to this awful future, Moon Rabbit implores Ace Savvy to save Chara de Hearts, as her music box already disappeared from existence, and herself begins to fade away...

Cakescellent (Lynn Sr. and Rita) (A.K.A. High Card Battle: Part 1)[]

The Miracle Card (Lori) (A.K.A. High Card Battle: Part 2)[]

Authorityran (Principal Rivers)[]

Beauty and the Beast (Lana and Lola)[]

Black Hawk (Tony Hawk)[]

Dessert Stormy (Chloe)[]

Dodgebrawl (Dodge)[]

Double Dare Devil (Marc Summers)[]

Drama Queen (Mrs. Bernardo)[]

Drawful (Lily)[]

Drillster (Mrs. Carmichael)[]

El Besto (Ernesto Estrella)[]

Fearghoul (Boris)[]

Frostfright (Nikki)[]

Golf Warrior (Coach Niblick)[]

Gorgona (Margarita)[]

Grave Mistake (Dante)[]

Greta the Greatest (Greta the Great)[]

Hairball (Sameer)[]

King Karl (Carl)[]

Lacrimaster (Bobby)[]

La Llorona (Frida)[]

Mad Breath (Mr. Bolhofner)[]

Mangolem (Par)[]

Matchbreakers (Sully and Mazzy)[]

Mechanic (Benny)[]

Mid-Knights (Twelve is Midnight)[]

Moragon (Morag)[]

Paci-Fists (Alexis)[]

Peach Perfect (Ryan Miller)[]

Pied Bagpiper (Angus)[]

Rat King (Norm)[]

Requiem (Persephone)[]

Scarela (Alisa Barela)[]

Seeker Sisters (The Loud Sisters)[]

Slob (Carol Linnaeus)[]

Socker (Paula)[]

Space Operator (Tarreyn)[]

Sticker (Laird)[]

Thanksgiver (Lynn Sr.)[]

Vic-Cious (Vic)[]

WFF (Clyde, Rusty, Zach, Liam and Stella)[]