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Here is a list of episodes for Miraculous Ace Savvy (my version). Despite being based on the Loud House, being partially based off anime, there are some scenes that might be unsuitable for kids, meaning basically that some of the villains have M.O's that are anything but kid-friendly. Also, this fanfiction takes elements from tokusatsu shows too, so expect lots more action-packed scenes (and explosions) as well.

What makes it even better is that unlike the original, this version has a much better storyline, introduces many new characters and villains, is more-action packed, and has lots of humor, but expect some tear jerking moments as well.

A * indicates a double-length episode.


Needlenose (aka Origins, Part 1)[]

It all started when the previous Ace Savvy, Jack Holdem, and his kwami, Flush, sensed the rise of the dark presence that was Hawk Moth, and his Akuma warriors and Kageha soldiers of the Blood Army. Unfortunately, after many years of inactivity, Jack was too old and weak to fight crime anymore. So he and Flush agreed that it was time to choose a new hero. A young and righteous soul worthy to receive the powers of Ace Savvy.

Later that day, Lincoln Loud was on his way home from school when he saw the elderly Jack collapse on the sidewalk. He rushed over to help him stand up again, which the man was very grateful for. Then he told Lincoln that he was very hungry and didn't have much money for food, so Lincoln gave him an extra sandwich from his lunch. When Lincoln wasn't looking, Jack slipped a strange chest with an ace of spades painted on it into his backpack and then bid him farewell.

When Lincoln got home, he found the mysterious chest in his backpack. He opened it and out came Flush, the little red kwami with card symbols all over his body. Also inside the chest was a pair of metal bracelets. Flush explained to Lincoln that he had been chosen to be the new Ace Savvy and protect his city from the forces of evil.

All Lincoln had to do to activate his powers was put on the bracelets and say "Flush, deal me in!" His powers gave him an assortment of magical playing cards with unique capabilities; the standard cards can function as throwing projectiles, the kings enhance his punches and kicks, the queens enable flight and allow him to shoot laser blasts, the jacks can explode, the jokers create illusions and the aces give him yet to be seen power-up modes. In addition, he is also equipped with a sword called the Ace Slasher and a blaster called the Ace Breaker in case his cards are not enough.

Lincoln's first exploit occured when a needle-themed villain called Needlenose (created from an unnamed civilian off-screen by Hawk Moth), who could use needles in his attacks, attacked Royal Woods with a battalion of several Kagehas. Upon hearing the news of an akuma attack, Flush told Lincoln to put on the bracelets and defeat the villain, which (after getting the hang of his powers) he did after a long fight. "We did it!" "Yeah!"

Unfortunately, the akuma slipped away without Lincoln's and Flush's knowledge, and clones itself into multiple versions of itself, said clones corrupting numerous innocent civilians, and turning them into an army of Needlenoses...

Chef Wicked (aka Origins, Part 2)[]

Continuing from Part 1, after Lincoln realizes that the Needlenose akuma has survived the battle, he goes into a state of depression, and locks Flush away. Sensing that the potential hero could be akumatized, Hawk Moth sends out an akuma to evilize him...

But fortunately, Holdem arrives outside Lincoln's house and (after destroying the akuma) tells Lincoln that if an akuma is not purified, it will split into numerous clones and corrupt random citizens, turning them into clones of said villain, as well as the fact that if the akumatized villain (or others in general) get (re-) akumatized, they can control said clones as well. He also tells him that he shouldn't give up so easily, as well as the fact the world needs someone to save them. Now re-motivated, Lincoln takes Flush out, and transforms into Ace Savvy, and says his (soon-to-be) signature quote: "Evil beware, the Ace of Justice is here!", and flies away, but not before Holdem gives him a set of blank cards, the latter saying that said cards could be used to de-evilize (purify) villains and turn them back into their normal selves (in other words, the blank cards can remove the akuma's influence from their host (s) and turn him/her/them back to normal).

His new powers would later come in handy after his dad became upset from losing a baking contest. Hawk Moth turned him into an evil baker named Chef Wicked, a chef/cooking utensil-themed akumatized villain with the ability to use food and cooking utensils/clothes as weapons, who wanted to bake the everyone who wronged him into a giant casserole (and it is implicated he was going to eat them alive, or serve the casserole to the Kagehas). Also, Hawk Moth granted him the ability to control the Needlenose clones. While Ace was given a tough fight at first, he was soon able to save the city and use the blank cards to turn his dad and the Needlenose clones back to normal. It was then that he realized how important his new job was and he gladly accepted the responsibility.

The Queen of Darkness[]

It was a pretty typical evening at the Loud house as Lucy was reading the latest issue of her favorite vampire romance book series. She found a page that described an ancient ceremony used by the character Griselda to bring the vampire Edwin back to life. She decided to try it out for herself, using whatever resources she had available that came close to matching the description in the book, in hopes of bringing Edwin to life so she could finally be with him. The ceremony could only be performed during a blood moon and, as luck would have it, there was one tonight.

Unfortunately, this made her mom start to worry about her. Deciding that Lucy needed a healthy dose of reality, she confiscated all of Lucy's books, posters and other vampire stuff. Of course, Lucy wasn't too happy about it, but her mother insisted that it was for her own good.

When she was alone in her room, Lucy looked at the cover of the one book she had managed to save, with a picture of Edwin on it. She vowed that someday she and Edwin would be together at last. Hawk Moth sensed her anger at her mom and sent an akuma out after her. The akuma possessed Lucy through her book and transformed her into a villain called The Queen of Darkness.

Lucy was granted powers over the supernatural, and with her dark spell book, she could attack with dark lightning, turn people into her loyal vampire servants and most importantly, perform the ceremony to bring Edwin to life. Once she had enough vampires for the ceremony, she kidnapped a boy named Eddie (who coincidentally had a similar name to Edwin) and brought him to the highest point in the cemetery. The resurrection spell required a living vessel for Edwin to inhabit. Once the ceremony was complete, Edwin would completely take over Eddie's body so that he and Lucy could rule the night together for all eternity. But not if Ace Savvy arrives on time, that is.


One day, while Luan was on a pranking spree, she decided to play a prank on the most popular girl in school, Carol Pingrey. She swapped Carol's powder puff for one filled with sneezing powder. Carol wasn't happy about that and decided to prank Luan back to get even. Later that day, while Luan was in the middle of a stand-up routine at the local comedy club, Carol dumped a whole bucket full of garbage on her head while she was onstage. Luan was so humiliated that she ran off the stage crying.

While she was backstage crying her eyes out, Hawk Moth sensed her sorrow and sent out an akuma to evilize the "little sad clown." He offered Luan the chance to show the world her true comedic talent, which she gladly accepted. The akuma possessed her through her squirting flower and transformed her into the evil super clown Bonkers (who partially resembles the LBX Joker), complete with a face mask sprouting red-crossed eyes and a large mouth.

Luan was granted the power to create anything she wanted by launching it out of her squirting flower, from lava-like jalapeño sauce to heavy pipe organs and deadly chainsaws. She became a real-life over-the-top cartoon character, running amok all over town with her bizarre new powers and striking fear into people's hearts with her horrifying maniacal laugh. And getting revenge on Carol Pingrey, as well as defeating Ace Savvy, while she was at it.


This was it. This was the day that Clyde decided he was finally going to ask his friend Haiku out on a date. He had spent hours practicing in front of his mirror to make sure he wouldn't lose it. He bought her a whole bouquet of roses and put on his Nana's best perfume. On this day, Clyde felt like there was nothing that could go wrong.

Sadly, something went very wrong. Clyde walked right up to Haiku, filled to the brim with confidence, but once he took one look at her, he blushed, stammered, then fainted. When he woke up, Haiku was gone and Lincoln was there to help him up.

Clyde's failure made him feel really depressed. Lincoln tried to cheer him up, but Clyde just wandered off in sadness, believing that it was impossible for Haiku or any girl to ever love him.

Hawk Moth sensed Clyde's depression and decided to cheer him up in his own way: by sending out an akuma to evilize him. Clyde was in the park throwing his roses into the river one by one until he only had one left. The akuma possessed him through the rose, allowing Hawk Moth to offer him the power to win the heart of every woman in Royal Woods. Clyde accepted and was transformed into a suave, manipulative Musketeer-like lady's man named L'Amour.

As L'Amour, his rose had the power to spray pheromone-like particles which hypnotized any woman who smelled them to fall madly in love with him and do whatever he said, said rose could also double as a rapier for combat if needed. After spraying his particles from the top of the highest building in town, he had successfully manipulated the hearts of over half the female population of Royal Woods, including Ronnie Anne and most of Lincoln's sisters. When Lincoln (as Ace Savvy) explained to him that you can't force people to love you, his response was "Maybe your BFF couldn't, but L'Amour can do whatever he wants."


It was Lola and Lana's birthday. A day when they agreed to both do one thing that each of them wanted to. They had already gotten their hair and nails done for Lola's activity and now they were on their way to the park to do Lana's thing: playing in the largest mud hole in the whole park.

Lana jumped right in head first. Lola was about to join her when suddenly, Lindsey Sweetwater and a couple other pageant girls showed up, surprised to see the dreaded Lola Loud hanging around a mud puddle with some filthy hooligan. Lola panicked, not wanting to jeopardize her reputation on the pageant circuit. She declared that she had never seen that "uncouth swine" before in her life.

Lana was shocked to hear that. When the girls invited Lola to go with them to the tea shop, she hesitated at first, but then agreed to follow them. Lana tried to argue that Lola couldn't ditch her on their birthday and that she was breaking their deal, but Lola just kept distancing herself from her. Finally, Lola left with the girls, leaving Lana alone to sulk in the mud with nothing but a photo they had taken together earlier.

Hawk Moth sensed Lana's anger and saw it as a perfect opportunity. He sent out an akuma that possessed her through the photograph and transformed her into Mudslinger, a villain with the power to manipulate mud at will. With her newfound power, Mudslinger created a giant mud colossus of herself and set off after Lola with one goal in mind. To teach her what happens when you break a promise.

Fowl Ball[]

It was the third game of the season for Lynn's field hockey team. It was down to the final point and the teams were tied with only a few minutes to go. Lynn chased down a member of the other team who was rolling the ball to their goal and taunting her all the way. She tried to ignore her, but eventually she snapped and rammed right into the other player.

Lynn stole the ball and managed to score what would've been the winning goal for her team, but her fit of rage had caused her to damage the other player's spine, so the whole team got disqualified for unnecessary roughness. Lynn's coach kicked her off the team for playing too rough.

When Lynn got home, she was burning with anger. She turned on the television to try and take her mind off of it, but it didn't help much. It wasn't hard for Hawk Moth to sense her fury. He sent out an akuma that possessed her through the TV remote and turned her into the vengeful sports master Fowl Ball.

Using the remote control attached to her arm, Fowl Ball was able to summon and control a huge sports arena called Doom Stadium full of all kinds of weapons and death traps, including a fleet of killer robots called Blitz Bots. She captured her former teammates as well as Ace Savvy and challenged them to a game that they would never forget. A game of survival.


This was a big day for Leni. Executives from Sixteen Magazine were in town looking for a female model for next month's issue and she planned on being there. Finally, she had a chance to grace the pages of her favorite magazine. It was a dream come true.

Unfortunately, that dream ended up getting cut short. When Leni got down to the studio, and, after making it to the final round, she noticed that her opponent was none other than Carol Pingrey, Lori's rival. Even so, Leni went into that audition room and gave it her absolute best (despite the fact that Lori warned her sister that Carol did not play fair).

Leni showed off all her best poses, suddenly feeling positive that she would get in. Sadly, the judges were not that impressed by what she had to offer, and declared Carol the winner (after she displayed her own poses). When she tried to protest, security came in and threw her out, allowing Carol (and some of the other girls) to laugh at her.

Leni was so upset that she ran home crying and locked herself in her room. Her misery didn't go unrecognized. Hawk Moth easily sensed her and sent one of his akumas to evilize her. The akuma possessed Leni through her sunglasses, allowing Hawk Moth to offer her a chance as revenge. She gladly accepted and transformed into a frankly gaudily-dressed supervillain named Mimica, who had the power to make other people look exactly like her by shooting a beam from her sunglasses, said glasses also being capable of shooting out high-frequency laser blasts. When Ace Savvy arrived on the scene to stop her after she turns Carol and several other people into clones of herself, he gets turned into a copy of the titular villain when he shields a young child from one of Mimica's blasts. Can he stop this fashionista fraud without his powers, with some additional help from Lori?


Valentine's Day in Royal Woods. A day that Bobby and Lori had been looking forward to for weeks. Each one had bought the other a gift and they were both excited to give them away. Little did they know that the despicable Carol Pingrey was about to enact a nasty and selfish plan.

You see, Carol was jealous that Lori was dating Bobby because she wanted to have him all to herself. So she came up with a plan where she would break them up and then swoop in to comfort Bobby at just the right time. When Lori wasn't looking, Carol stole her phone and sent a text to Bobby pretending to be Lori.

Bobby had bought Lori a beautiful heart-shaped brooch. He was on his way to give it to her when he got the text saying that she was breaking up with him. He pleaded with her to get her to change her mind, but it was no use. Heartbroken, he lied down on the ground in a state of inconsolable depression.

Before Carol had the chance to even get to him, though, Hawk Moth picked up on his despair and seized the opportunity to create his next minion. He sent out one of his akumas to possess Bobby through the brooch. Bobby was transformed him into the love-hating Anti-Cupid, who, in exchange for bringing Ace Savvy's Miraculous to Hawk Moth, had the ability to rid people of their sense of love with his magic anti-love arrows. He vowed to extinguish all romantic love from the face of the Earth, one person at a time. However, there was only one factor he didn't count on: Ace Savvy.

Power Chord[]

Luna was chilling in her room one day listening to one of her favorite Mick Swagger songs on the radio, when Lincoln dropped in to say hi. As the song got into its final chorus, the two of them started rocking out and singing along. When it was over, Lincoln and Luna laughed, relishing in the fun they'd just had. They had tickets to a Mick Swagger concert in town that night and were both very excited.

The DJ announced the concert on the radio, mentioning how would feature the debut of Mick's newest song. The song began to play, but when Luna heard it, she realized that it didn't sound anything like Mick's usual work. It was a lot more poppy and electronic. Luna wasn't too happy about it. She wondered angrily how Mick could've sold out like this. Lincoln tried to calm her down, suggesting that maybe he was just trying out a new sound since lots of artists like to experiment from time to time.

Luna didn't buy it. In her mind, Mick Swagger was one of a kind and this was just the record label trying to make him sound just like every other cheesy pop star on the radio. She decided that she didn't even want to go to the concert anymore if this was what he was going to play. Lincoln tried to reason with her, but she through him out and turned off the radio so she could be alone with her riffs.

As Luna sat alone in her room, strumming her guitar and feeling betrayed by Mick and the record label, Hawk Moth sensed her bitterness and set his sights on her as his next victim. He sent out an akuma to her that possessed her through her guitar, offering to give her the power to force Mick to do the concert "the right way" in exchange for bringing him Ace Savvy's Miraculous. Luna accepted and was transformed into the evil Power Chord, the ultimate rock 'n roll bad girl.

Her guitar had the power to create deadly ultrasonic sound waves and fire lasers. With this new power, she could now save Mick from becoming just another cookie-cutter corporate sell-out. Even if she had to threaten his life to do it.

The Math Magician[]

Normally, young Lisa Loud was not so prone to intense emotions, but today, she just couldn't help bouncing with excitement. After many sleepless nights, she had finally completed a formula for the ultimate alternative energy source. One that could potentially eliminate the need for fossil fuels. And she was on her way with Lincoln to present her findings to her scientific peers.

When she arrived at the lecture hall, she was met with looks of confusion and amusement. Nevertheless, she proceeded with her presentation. Before she could finish, however, she was cut off by the foreman. You see, no one had expected her to be so young, so they all treated the whole thing as a joke.

The foreman told her that her presentation was "adorable," but that they didn't have any more time to "entertain the fantasies of a four-year-old." Lisa tried to protest, insisting that she was serious, but someone in the crowd told her to go home and play with her chemistry sets.

Humiliated and angry, she left the lecture hall and started making her way to the exit. Lincoln told her to just ignore them, but she was too upset to listen. She entered the bathroom and pulled out her calculator the make sure her calculations were indeed correct. Her horrible mood earned the attention of Hawk Moth, who quickly sent an akuma to evilize her. It possessed her through her calculator and transformed her into the evil Math Magician.

With her new magic calculator, she could multiply, divide, add and subtract solid objects, as well as abstract traits like intelligence. Now, with her newfound powers, Hawk Moth would get Ace Savvy's Miraculous, and Math Magician would get revenge on those patronizing imbeciles.


One fine day in Royal Woods, Lincoln, Clyde and Ronnie Anne took a trip to the zoo. It was going great for the most part. Ronnie Anne even bought herself a new bracelet covered in wolf teeth at the gift shop. Each of them had an animal that they were excited to see. Lincoln wanted to see the polar bears, Clyde wanted to see the crocodiles and Ronnie Anne really wanted to see the wolves.

When the three kids got to the wolf exhibit, there were only a few who were up and about, and most of them were either old or sickly, with only two or three in physical perfection.. Ronnie and the boys couldn't help but feel bad for them, but it got even worse when a few bullies showed up and started picking on the wolves. Laughing at her and throwing chips at them, saying how the younger ones didn't look so tough. Lincoln and Clyde were pretty upset with them, but Ronnie Anne got really mad.

She tried to tell the bullies off, saying that, old or not, those wolves could rip him to pieces any day of the week. But they weren't afraid and said that that the oldest one was so old, she couldn't even kill a bug. Besides, they were out there and they were in the pen. After Ronnie Anne told them to back off one more time, they decided they were bored and walked away.

Ronnie Anne was still peeved at those bullies. She hated seeing animals get picked on like that. Lincoln was surprised since he had never known that she cared so much about animals. He and Clyde told her to just let it go since they were not worth it and she started making her way to the nearest concessions stand for a slushy.

Hawk Moth sensed her anger and saw the chance to make a new villain. He sent out an akuma to evilize Ronnie Anne. It possessed her through her bracelet and transformed her into a villain named Animalia with the power to control animals using said bracelet. In exchange for bringing Ace Savvy's Miraculous to Hawk Moth, she now had the power to show those bullies what the power of animals could really do.


Another typical day at the dentist's office. Dr. Feinstein was busy tending to patients with the help of his assistant Rita Loud. Rita had been Dr. Feinstein's assistant for many years. It wasn't a very glamorous or exciting job, but it was one that she was happy to do. Plus, it paid just enough for her to help put food on the table for her large family.

Things had been going normally that day, until Mrs.Carmichael came in with her young son (who, unbeknownst to the former, would become the superhero Solaris one day), who had an awful toothache. They told her that the doctor would be right with them, but she impatiently demanded that her son be seen immediately. Rita tried to tell her that they had to wait their turn, but the mother kept making a fuss, saying that her son's tooth could fall out by then. Finally, seeing no other way around it, Dr. Feinstein led them back to a check-up room and had the boy sit in a chair.

Upon closer examination, Dr. Feinstein decided that the best thing to do was to remove the ailing tooth. He had to leave momentarily to prepare and asked Rita to keep things under control until he got back. Several minutes passed and Dr. Feinstein still hadn't returned. Rita couldn't stand seeing the little boy in such pain. She had to do something to help soothe his sounds of agony. Following her maternal instincts, she grabbed a syringe full of morphine and, against the mother's objections, carefully injected it into the boy's gums.

When Dr. Feinstein finally returned, he was met with the outraged voice of Mrs.Carmichael. She claimed that his assistant had made an unpermitted call and used an unnecessary and painful method on her son. She threatened to sue unless something was done about it. Even though he hated to do it, Dr. Feinstein decided that he had no other choice but to fire Rita.

Rita sat in her car as he mind raced with distressful thoughts. How could this have happened? What was she going to tell her family? And where was she going to find a new job? Hawk Moth sensed her distress and saw a perfect opportunity for evil. He sent out an akuma to evilize Rita. It possessed her through a roll of dental floss in her pocket and transformed her into the nightmarish mandible-mouthed Incisor, a wicked dentist with an arsenal of dental tools at her disposal, as well as a blade-like face, and deadly scythe-like blades on her gauntlets.

Incisor used her super strong floss rope to ensnare people, especially those who cost her her job, and give them the most intense "check-ups" of their lives. Can Ace Savvy help this frightful physician meet her appointment with justice and save his mother? Or will it be the last time he ever opens his mouth and says AAAHHH!?

The Digital Diva[]

All of Royal Woods High was abuzz with excitement over the hot new gossip blog, The Daily Doodle (since the school mascot was a rooster). Everybody in school loved reading about all the shocking and hilarious news about their classmates, especially Lori Loud. She didn't know for sure how much of it was true, but she didn't really care since the stories were relatively harmless.

That is, until the blogger published a story saying that Lori had stolen the answer key to the upcoming standardized test. The article suggested that she had stolen the answers to hide the fact that she might be as dumb as her sister Leni. Lori was so angry that she went to confront the author of the blog herself: Carol Pingrey.

She demanded that Carol take down that post and clear her name immediately. That turned out to be a bad move. After Carol refused to remove the article, she soon posted another one entitled "Is Lori Loud a Cheater in More Ways Than One?" saying that she had been caught cheating on Bobby with one of the tennis players. Suddenly, everyone in school was calling her a two-timer and treating her like a pariah. When she tried to explain to Bobby that it wasn't true, he was too upset to listen and ran away from her.

Desperate to escape the angry crowds, Lori ran and hid in the girls' locker room. She cursed Carol for purposely destroying her reputation and her relationship with Bobby and broke down crying. It didn't take long for Hawk Moth to sense her humiliation. He sent out one of his akumas to possess her through her phone, thus turning her into the justice-seeking Digital Diva. With the power to use smart phone commands in the real world and travel through the internet as a living electrical surge, she vowed to make everybody see the truth about Carol and make her suffer for messing with the wrong person.

Princess Pink[]

Lola Loud was searching the house for someone to play with. Every time she asked one of her siblings they all either told her they were too busy or that they just didn't want to. So she decided that if they wouldn't join her willingly, then she'd force them to play with her.

After Lola rounded up all her siblings in the living room against their will, she forced them to play princess with her for about an hour or so. Later, everybody except Lola wished they could take that experience back. However, she was about to make them do it again, but they all said no. When she did force them, in the ensuing struggle, Lola's dollhouse was accidentally broken by Lana

Lana and some of the others tried to apologize, but Lola was too angry to listen. All she wanted was somebody to play with, but her jerky siblings only cared about themselves. At least, that's the way she put it. She stomped up to her bedroom, declaring never to speak to any of them again.

When she was all alone in her room, Hawk Moth saw the child's fury as the perfect fuel for his latest scheme. He sent out one of his akumas to find Lola. It possessed her through her tiara, allowing him to grant her the power to force everyone in town to do what she wanted.

Lincoln arrived at Lola's door to try and patch things up, but it was too late. His little sister was now Princess Pink, a power-hungry dictator wrapped in a frilly little frou-frou package. With her magic crown, she transformed the house into a castle and began turning all of Royal Woods into her kingdom, filled with all the playmates and servants she could ever want with one goal: Find and defeat Ace Savvy.

Creep Frog[]

One day in school, Lincoln's class was about to dissect real frogs. Everybody was excited about it. Well, almost everybody. Liam was feeling sick to his stomach at the thought of having to pull out a frog's organs. Plus, he couldn't help feeling that it was wrong in a moral sense, too.

After all, Royal Woods used to be famous for having an abundant frog population. Tourists would come from all over to see the frogs hop around the ponds in the spring time. There was even picture of a frog on their town flag. But since the city had built over most of the ponds in town, the population had dwindled and there wasn't as much for tourists to see anymore.

Liam just felt wrong about mutilating a proud symbol of their town. Some of his classmates laughed and said that if he loved frogs so much, he should kiss one. One of them then picked up the dead creature on Liam's desk and held it up to his face, mocking him. Liam was about to puke until Mrs. Johnson stopped the kid's teasing.

Mrs. Johnson sympathized with Liam's feelings, but also reminded him that the assignment was worth 17% of his grade for the semester, so she urged him to consider his options carefully. He asked to go to the bathroom so he could think about it in peace. On his way there, he grew incredibly frustrated at the thought that nobody had any respect for the part that frogs played in their home town's heritage, as well as the injustice that they had been suffering for years.

Hawk Moth sensed his anger sent an akuma out to evilize him. It possessed Liam through the frog whistle around his neck and transformed him into a villain named Creep Frog. In exchange for stealing Ace Savvy's Miraculous, Hawk Moth gave him the ability to jump incredible heights, stick to walls and even use his tongue like a long sticky whip. Using his magic hypnotic frog whistle to rally all the frogs in town, Creep Frog vowed to take back Royal Woods and return it to its rightful warty owners.


Today was a special day. One of Lincoln's classmates was having a birthday party and everyone in class was invited. The theme was Ace Savvy and everybody was having a great time. Well, almost everybody.

Zach couldn't help feeling a little nauseated from all the fanfare over Ace Savvy. He didn't really get why everyone thought he was so cool. As far as he was concerned, Ace was just some card-throwing lame-o with no real powers and he was so annoyed that nobody else could see that. Of course, Zach had never seen Ace in action, so he didn't know what he was really capable of.

The way Zach saw it, a real superhero had to have real superpowers like flying or super strength or energy blasting. Zach had always dreamed of being a superhero, having all kinds of amazing powers and being loved by everybody. He even drew a picture of himself as a big, strong and powerful Kamen Rider-like hero named Nitroman. That's why he found it so annoying that his whole class was obsessed with such a powerless corny hack.

Hawk Moth saw a golden opportunity and seized it. It wasn't often that some one with a personal hatred for Ace Savvy came along, so he decided to fuel the flames of conflict. He sent out his akuma to possess Zach through his drawing and transform him into the superhero of his dreams: Nitroman!

Nitroman had the powers of super strength, speed, flight and to fire nitro energy blasts from his hands. Now that he was all powered up, he formally challenged Ace Savvy to a battle of heroes, and once Ace was out of the way, then the whole town would finally see who the real hero was.


A sunny day at the park. Roller derby champion Rusty Spokes was in the middle of a winning streak. He had taken on every challenger that day who dared to race him on roller skates and won every time. He was feeling invincible and on top of the world. That is until Polly Pain decided to throw her helmet into the ring.

Rusty wasn't afraid, but he was happy to finally go up against a worthy opponent. He gladly accepted and the two roller racers took their marks. When the referee gave the signal, the race was on. They managed to keep up with each other pretty well the whole time. Over the bridge, past the water fountain, down the slope, they were neck and neck, each jockeying for position over the other.

Once the finish line was in sight, Rusty pulled ahead, ready to taste sweet victory. Everything went south, however, when due to his lack of focus, he tripped over rock and fell hard onto the ground. He wasn't hurt badly, but his clumsiness allowed Polly to cross the finish line first and claim title of Roller Race Champion. Rusty didn't take it too well and accused Polly of tripping him on purpose, which was impossible because she had been two feet behind him at the time.

Polly offered him a rematch, but Rusty refused, figuring that she would just cheat again anyway. Instead, he just rolled off to wallow in his defeat. Rusty's anger soon attracted the attention of Hawk Moth, who took the chance to send out an akuma to possess Rusty through his roller skate. He offered him the power to prove that he was the true Roller Race Champion of the world, which he gladly accepted. Rusty was transformed into the unstoppable super fast speed demon, Turbocharge.

Turbocharge was so fast that nobody, not even Ace Savvy, could possibly catch up to him. He kept himself going by forcibly sucking energy from electrical objects to power his skates. Pretty soon, he set his sights on the city power plant. With all the electricity in the city to power him up, he could keep racing around as long as he wanted with nobody to stop him.


Snow covered the entire town of Royal Woods and the whole Loud family was outside having a blast. Lincoln slid belly-first on his sled across the frosty lawn and accidentally ran right into Luna's roadie and friend Chunk. After he apologized and asked what Chunk was doing there, the big guy said that he was there to see Luna and give her something.

Chunk looked incredibly nervous as he pulled a crumpled up ball of paper out of his pocket and gave it to Lincoln, asking him to give it to Luna for him. When Lincoln unfolded it, he saw that it was a music sheet with a song that Chunk had written himself just for Luna. He asked why Chunk would write a song for her and by the way the big guy reacted (stuttering, twitching, sweating like a pig despite the freezing temperature), he figured out the answer. Chunk had a crush on Luna.

He tried to deny it, but Lincoln wasn't fooled. Chunk snatched the song sheet out of Lincoln's hands and crumbled it up again, declaring that it wasn't ready yet anyway. The boy tried to reassure him that Luna would love the song the way it was and that he should give it to her himself. Luna was just nearby having snowball fight with Lynn, so it was the perfect chance.

Lincoln urged Chunk to go talk to her. As soon as he approached her, Luna said hi to him and asked him what he was doing there, but he was so afraid that he was unable to answer. She started to grow concerned, asking him if he was okay, but he ran away just in time to keep from peeing himself, leaving Luna very confused.

When Lincoln asked Chunk what happened, Chunk snapped at him and told him that the song wasn't ready. That Luna would hate it and in turn, hate him, too. Then he ran off, really more angry at himself for being such a coward. It would be so much easier if he didn't have to have such complicated feelings for Luna. His despair was easily detected by Hawk Moth, who sent an akuma out to evilize him by possessing him through his crumpled song sheet. He offered to alleviate Chunk's pain by making his heart and body as cold as ice, taking away his ability to feel emotion. In exchange, of course, he would have to bring Hawk Moth Ace Savvy's Miraculous.

Chunk agreed and was transformed into the frozen juggernaut, Iceheart. In addition turning his entire body into solid, unmeltable ice, he was also given much greater size and strength, as well as an ice breath to make other people's hearts as cold as his. In the process of trying to capture Ace's Miraculous, he came across Luna and captured her as well, which meant Lincoln now had to rescue his sister and defeat a giant, frozen, "heartless" monster. Although, maybe he wasn't so heartless after all.

Road Ripper[]

A new gas station had just moved into Royal Woods. It was part of a chain called Super Express and ever since it opened, it had been taking a lot of business (and customers) away from Flip's Food 'n Fuel. With their superb competitive prices, superior service, EPA approved hot dogs and hygienic bathrooms, everyone, including the Louds and their friends, were all flocking there to check the gas station out. Well, almost everyone.

When Flip heard the news from one of his old patrons, he became extremely jealous. Especially when his gas station had started to lose his business due to the new gas station. He then turned on the TV to watch the news; however, there was a commercial for the rival gas station where the announcer said "Super Express is better than the rest." In a fit of rage, Flip threw the TV out the window after the commercial ended, and cursed the name of Super Express out loud, then decided to polish his muffler to calm down.

Flip's jealousy made him an easy target for Hawk Moth. He ordered one of his akumas to go out and evilize him. It possessed him through his muffler and turned him into the maniacal and evil rubber-burning biker Road Ripper. As the titular villain, Flip became an armored biker-like villain with superhuman strength and durability, as well as being armed with a variety of deadly weapons, like wrist-mounted blasters and a detachable shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, as well as having a hammer-like helmet which he could use to headbutt his enemies. In addition, he was also given a high-octane motorcycle that he could ride on with an arsenal of assorted weaponry and a force field powered by a magic supercharged muffler. he then decided to use his new powers to take out that Super Express station permanently and anyone else who dared to compete with him, including Ace Savvy. Fortunately, Jack Holdem had a special vehicle that he had created for Lincoln/Ace in this situation: the Ace Biker. With it, Ace could catch up to Road Ripper and even the odds in his favor in an epic motorcycle battle that would span across half of the city.

Dr. Villainstein[]

It was Halloween night in Royal Woods. Everyone was having fun, and Lincoln, his friends and family were all trick-or-treating. There were no akuma attacks, which made the siblings at ease... until they heard the news from Clyde. When Lincoln texted back, the former said that one of his fathers, Howard, had lost the "most scariest costume competition." He also added that despite him and Harold's efforts to cheer him up, he thought he lost because "he just wasn't scary enough."

Later on, Hawk Moth sensed Mr. McBride's despair and sent out an akuma to make him his newest minion. The akuma possessed him through one of the bolts glued to his neck as part of his costume and transformed him into the terrible Dr. Villainstein, grand master of horror. The mad doctor created a machine, powered by the dark magic given to him by Hawk Moth, with the ability to create zombie versions of villains from Ace Savvy's past, including Power Chord, Nitroman, The Queen of Darkness and Bonkers. His plan was to use them to spread pure horror throughout the city and utilize their combined powers to bring Ace to his knees at last.


Ms. DiMartino, the notorious substitute teacher whose blinding beauty had caused many a young, susceptible male student to nearly fail school completely. Little did any of her students know that when she wasn't educating young minds in the classroom, she worked as a professional astrologist. And she was overjoyed because soon, she would bare witness to one of the rarest and most legendary cosmic events known to man.

For a brief moment on one night only, the stars of four neighboring systems would align perfectly with their own sun, thus creating a stellar phenomenon the effects of which have never been recorded. And with the permission of the Astrological Committee to view the event through a state-of-the-art telescope, Ms. DiMartino would finally be able to study and record its astrological effects for herself to present to the scientific community.

However, just as she arrived at the observatory, she was informed that her permission had been revoked. It seems a rich donor had paid off the committee with a hefty donation to let him use the telescope to show his daughter a star he'd bought her as a present. Ms. DiMartino protested about the injustice, but then the Committee Head told her the other reason for her revocation. Seeing as all her years of stargazing hadn't turned up anything of significant scientific importance, the committee had also elected to cut her research funding.

Once again, she protested her outrage, saying that the coming alignment could be a sign of a great destiny for all of humanity. That claim was dismissed as an exaggeration and she was escorted off the premises. As she left, she swore that they would all pay for this injustice.

Ms. DiMartino was now a perfect target for Hawk Moth. Her powerful lust for revenge made it easy for one of his akumas to track her down. It possessed her through the star-shaped broach she wore on her chest and transformed her into a powerful armored villain named Stelladonna, able to adapt the powers of the astrological zodiac. The mighty claws of Cancer, the venomous tail of Scorpio, the accurate marksmanship of Sagittarius, the hydrokenetic powers of Aquarius, the strength of Aries, the replicating abilities of Gemini, the seduction powers of Virgo, the martial arts skills of Libra, the wild speed of Leo, the endurance of Taurus, the waterborne abilities of Pisces and the near-indestructible battering head of Capricorn. In addition, she could also fly, fire solar blasts and turn her victims into stardust to consume and increase her strength. With her new powers, Stelladonna then proceeds to capture and devour the members of the Astrological Committee, as well as the rich donor, and sets out to prove that the stars' alignment would bring a great destiny for humanity, even if she had to make it happen herself.

Would Ace Savvy be able to stop her (and protect the donor's daughter), and can Flush help him stop ogling at her and focus long enough to do it?


Sam and Luna's class was taking a field trip to the history museum. There was a new exhibit all about the history of dragon myths and according to their advertising, they had a piece of authentic dragon skin. No one in the class was more excited than Sam. She had even worn her special necklace just for the occasion. It was a purple jewel with a little bronze dragon around it.

They were just about to enter the exhibit when a security guard spotted something in Sam's backpack and pulled her aside. Her pet snake had shed a skin earlier that morning that fell into her bag and she'd been in such a hurry that she didn't notice. The guard saw it and assumed she was trying to steal the dragon skin. She tried to defend herself and Luna tried to back her up, but then along came Carol Pingrey, who said that Sam was a total thief who would steal anything that wasn't nailed down.

Sam was instantly banned from the museum, but Luna said that if they kicked Sam out, they'd have to kick her out too..... And so they did. Now the whole class was getting to see a real dragon skin while Sam and Luna were stuck spending the rest of the trip sitting alone on the bus. Luna decided to sneak off quickly and get a couple of hot dogs to cheer them up.

Sam's disappointment and anger was enough to attract the attention of Hawk Moth, who seized the opportunity to create a new minion. His akuma tracked the girl down and possessed her through her necklace, turning her into a female expy of the Dragon Orphnoch called Woman-Dragon.

Woman-Dragon had the powers of flight, super strength and fire breath, as well as the ability to take on an even stronger streamlined form to take on enemies stronger than herself. Driven by anger, she attacked the museum and kidnapped Carol in order to get her revenge. Now it's up to Ace Savvy to tame this savage beast and restore the beauty underneath.

The Young Timer[]

It all started when Albert (aka Big Al) fell off of a mechanical bull and sprained his hip. The doctor told him it would heal up in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, he had to walk with a cane and take it easy until then. It was hard for him to get used to it, but he tried not to let it hold him back too much.

Of course, being injured meant he had to give up the wild lifestyle he was so accustomed to. He couldn't swim with his friends in the pool, he couldn't go for jogs. It was even painful for him to hold up his youngest grandkids. Big Al had never felt so old in all his life. Still, he tried to keep his spirits up so he could have fun with his grandkids.

One day, he was spending the day at an amusement park with them and they got in line for a roller coaster. They were concerned about his hip, but he insisted that he'd be fine. When they finally reached the end of the line, the man at the gate refused to let him on the ride due to his age and his hip condition. Albert protested, but the man turned him away. The kids felt bad and offered to leave with him, but he insisted they go on the ride without him so he wouldn't ruin their fun.

While Pop-Pop sat on the bench waiting for the ride to let off, his depression attracted the attention of Hawk Moth, who sent out an akuma that possessed him through his cane. He offered Albert the chance to reclaim his youth and strength in exchange for obtaining Ace Savvy's Miraculous, which he accepted. Albert was transformed into The Young Timer and given the power to restore his own youth.... by syphoning it from others. The more youth he stole from people, the younger he became. He also became more limber and agile, making him a better match for Ace. After all, youth is wasted on the young.

Maestra Allegro[]

Mr. and Mrs. Yates dropped off their daughters Beatrix and Belle at school and as soon as they were out of sight, both girls allowed their faces to relax. Despite their constant big smiles, being well-rounded all the time was extremely draining on all of the Yates kids. They only dropped their smiles when their parents weren't around.

The kids were always so busy with extra-curriculars and such that they never really had time for things like socializing. But that didn't stop the younger girl Belle from crushing on a boy named Noah (who secretly liked her back as well) whose locker was straight across the hall from hers. There was a dance coming up that Friday and she really wanted to ask him to go with her. She also had a violin recital on Saturday and she was afraid her parents wouldn't like it if she skipped practice to go to a dance.

After some encouragement from her sister, Belle decided to confront her parents and tell them she wanted to go to the dance. When she got home that day, she told them about her plan, but unfortunately, this was a rare occasion when their smiles dropped. They refused to let her go, saying she wasn't going to get into Ivy League by wasting time on dates and dances. She tried to reason with them, but they sent her up to room and ordered her to practice her violin until her song was perfect for the recital. When Noah later called Belle to ask if she could go to the dance, she replied by saying that her parents refused to let her go, then hanged up on him.

While a crying Belle was in her room playing her violin, thinking that she would never get to see Noah again, she found one of Hawk Moth's akumas inside her closet and let it willingly possess her through her violin, giving her the power to take back her life from her controlling parents, and turned herself into the evil Maestra Allegro, a musician with a happy face-styled mask whose violin had the power to manipulate people's emotions.

By playing certain songs, Maestra Allegro could make people feel angry, sad, happy, scared, fall in love, doubtful and resentful, among other emotions, and even give them commands. First she made her parents feel so sad that they were rendered helpless by their own crying and their guilt. Then she crashed the school dance, where she diminished everybody's fear by making them happy and then used a love song on Ace Savvy when he transformed to stop her. Now it's up to Flush to find Noah, so he can temporarily give him the mantle of Ace Savvy to help saved the tortured artist, return her to normal and help her play a more honest tune with her parents.

Miss Dolly[]

Darcy Homendollar always brought her stuffed giraffe Rafo to school with her, but today, she decided to bring some of her other toys too because she knew how lonely he got sometimes. She was on her way to class when a couple of older kids spotted Rafo sticking out of her backpack and snatched him right out.

They both laughed at the baby for bringing her little "stuffed donkey" to school. She cried and yelled at them to give him back. Then they grabbed her backpack and started messing with all her other toys.

That's when Lincoln stepped in. He got the bullies to back off and managed to get Darcy's toys back, but he also suggested that maybe she should stop bringing toys to school so they don't get stolen. But unfortunately, Darcy thought that meant Lincoln was no different than the bullies. "No! Rafo's my best friend! I need him!" she shouted. "Why do big kids have to be so mean?!" She took Rafo and her toys and ran crying into the bathroom.

Naturally, a miserable child was a very easy target for Hawk Moth. He sent out an akuma that possessed Darcy through Rafo. She was transformed into the evil Miss Dolly, a supervillain dressed like a rag doll, with the power to bring toys to life. With Rafo as her mighty steed, she planned to invade the school with an army of toys, intending on using her powers to seek out those who bullied her. After bringing her own toys to life, she raided every toy store in town to make her army big enough to lay waste to everything in sight. This made it hard for Lincoln to defeat her as Ace Savvy in their first battle.

But fortunately, when Lincoln (as Ace Savvy) convinces her in their second fight that he believes in her, and that she will be his friend, she suprisingly manages to overcome her akuma's influence, and then turns against Hawk Moth, sending several of her toys to defeat him (although the "Hawk Moth" defeated was a decoy), and later lets herself get de-akumatized willingly. The next day, Lincoln apologizes to Darcy for his actions earlier in the episode, and the two make up.


This was an exciting day for young Renee. The owner of Mega Comics was holding a contest for people to create their own comic books and if, by some miracle, he saw one that he really liked, he would let them sell it in his store. After weeks upon weeks of dedicated work, Renee's comic book was finally complete.

Now the only obstacle she had to overcome was the store owner Verne. He was notoriously critical and not easily impressed. Renee had done her best to really make her entry something special, but when she got to the store and saw the huge line of people with their own entries, she started to feel more nervous than ever. However, she had the support of her friends Lincoln and Zach by her side and after some words of encouragement, she was back in the zone.

At last, Renee made it to the front of the line. Verne met her with a very skeptical glance. "What do you want, kid?" he said. She tried to show him her comic, but he told her to get lost because he wasn't interested in looking at a bunch of drawings done by a little kid. She and her friends kept pushing him to just take a look at it. Finally, he'd had enough, so he swiped the comic out of her hands and wrote the word "LAME" on the cover in permanent marker.

"WHY DID YOU YOU THAT, YOU JERK?! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS GIVE IT A CHANCE!" the girl shouted in rage, causing some of the other kids to laugh at her (sans Lincoln and Zach). She declared that she would never shop at his store again and ran off in tears.

The girl's despair was sensed by a stray akuma, whom Renee willingly let enter her comic book and transform her into the evil author Novella. She was given a magical pen which she could use to draw comics which she could trap people in, (and it is heavily implied that given the demonic creatures in her story, she had a far more deadly fate for the people who wronged her.) and with said pen, she can also draw Japanese manga characters to assist her in battle, as well as utilise Japanese kanji as weapons (i.e. the "Kasai" kanji can burn objects). With her new powers, she was able to capture Verne, Ace Savvy, Zach and the kids who made fun of her. Now the only way out was to live through the story and survive until the end.

But in a twist to the episode, it was revealed that Verne was not the real owner of Mega Comics (as Zach soons find out), and only wanted to profit of the fortune of the late former owner, Stan Ditko, who was also his rival (who is heavily implied to be "kindly retired" by Verne); in fact, he did not care about the kids' creations at all, and was also implicated to have took credit for many of his rivals' works, making him a possible plagiarist. Outraged by this, Ace decides to save the rest of the kids (who redeemed themselves), and de-evilizes Renee, freeing them from the soon-to-disappear dimension, but not before leaving the ungrateful Verne to get dragged away (and possibly eaten) by Renee's/Novella's surviving manga creations (off-screen, and only his screams of agony were heard).

The next day, Lincoln and Zach read the newspaper in school, and find out that Renee's story has became a smash-hit best seller. In addition, Mega Comics was now under the management of the actual owner's son Harvey Ditko, who was implied to be captured and locked up by Verne earlier in the episode. Seeing the news article, Lincoln and Zach also find out that Renee has also became Harvey's assistant. In the episode's final scene, Renee tells the viewers the moral of the episode: If you use your powers for your own needs, karma will come just as quick. She then closes the episode, manga style.

Shadow Stalker[]

It was dance night at Royal Woods Elementary. Nearly half the student body was there, even the young dark poet Haiku. Though, she wasn't there to dance. She was convinced that the school was haunted by the ghost of a student who was stuffed inside her locker and left there until she starved to death. And tonight she was determined to make contact.

While everyone else was partying in the gym, Haiku snuck into the library and set up everything for her seance. Several minutes passed before something finally happened. The book shelves began to shake, causing books to fall off of them in piles. She began to hear eerie noises all around her. She asked the spirit to reveal herself and suddenly, a figure in a dark grey cloak appeared in front of her, coming closer and closer until it startled her, causing her fall out of her chair.

The dark figure turned out to be two of the members of Chandler's gang, who stepped out from behind the book shelves. They laughed at the dumb freak, saying that the creepiest thing at this school was her. Obviously, Haiku was not amused. The boys headed back to the gym, leaving Haiku to clean up the mess they had made.

Hawk Moth sensed Haiku's anger and decided to send an akuma after her. It possessed her through her turban, allowing Hawk Moth to offer her the power to show those fools the wrath of a true vengeful spirit in exchange for retrieving Ace Savvy's Miraculous. Haiku agreed and was transformed into Shadow Stalker, a living shadow creature-themed kaijin posing as a ghost with the power to spring from the walls, snatch people and store them away for later, as well as steal their shadows. By the end of the night, everybody at that dance would know to fear the dark.

The Headmaster*[]

One day, Lincoln got called into Principal Huggins office for starting a food fight in the cafeteria. While he was getting lectured, he couldn't help but notice a strange looking book on the shelf. It was strange because it didn't fit in with the other books on the shelf and because it was shimmering. Lincoln was sentenced to two hours of detention after school.

The whole time he was in detention, Lincoln couldn't get that book out of his head. It was like it was calling to him to come read it. He asked Flush if he knew anything about it, but for some reason, he wasn't talking. So Lincoln broke out of detention and snuck into Principal Huggins' office to get a better look at that book, even though Flush tried to talk him out of it.

Inside, he found illustrations of what looked like different superheroes, including ones that looked like Ace Savvy and Hawk Moth. He was so focused that he didn't hear Principal Huggins walk in and discover him there. To say that Huggins was beside himself would be an understatement. He was so mad that he sentenced Lincoln to a whole weekend of detention cleaning up all the litter around the school. After he locked the boy back in the detention room, he locked himself in his office and told Ms. Johnson not to let anyone disturb him. Between this and all the other recent incidents involving his own students, Huggins felt like he was losing control of the whole school.

Hawk Moth easily sensed the frustration of a disrespected authority figure. He prepared one of his akumas (henchmen) and set it loose..... and then ordered it right back to him. In a desperate act, Principal Huggins temporarily renounced the mantle of Hawk Moth and allowed the akuma to possess him through his prized graduation cap from college, transforming himself into The Headmaster, a teacher-themed villain. Acting on his master's negative emotions, Headmaster began using his new powers to bring perfect order to the entire school by using a special rod that could shoot lasers that made almost everybody in school into perfect model students who obeyed his every command.

When Ace Savvy arrived to stop him, he decided to try and steal his Miraculous while he was at it. Whether or not he was successful, at least he could permanently free Huggins from suspicion.

Ace Savvy's Thanksgiving Funfest[]

A special Thanksgiving episode of Miraculous Ace Savvy. When Mr (Carlos) Santiago gets akumatized into the villain Pilgrim Plunderer after he is unable to make his Thanksgiving dinner perfect, can Ace Savvy stop the villain from ruining Thanksgiving? This episode takes place after Shadow Stalker.

Ace Savvy's Miraculous Christmas Special[]

When Santa gets akumatized into Krampus Klause, It's up to Ace Savvy, with the help of his sisters and friends, to save Christmas from the villain before he puts everyone in Royal Woods on the naughty list.


Flu season. The time of year that the McBrides always dreaded the most. Sickness was in the air and Harold and Howard were determined to keep their son safe. Especially since the news said that this year's flu strain could be especially dangerous. Not only did they all get vaccinations, but they also carried emergency supplies with them everywhere they went.

Since Howard spent half the time passed out, Harold did most of the fawning over Clyde. Driving him to and from school, covering his room in quarantine tape, disinfecting him every time he came home. It was really start to ware on his nerves. The final straw was when his father drove him to school one day and tried to make him wear a gas mask. He took the mask off as soon as his dad was out of sight and it fell out of his backpack.

Harold returned shortly to give Clyde the first aid kit he'd meant to give him before and found the gas mask abandoned on the ground. He caught up to his son and tried to return it and that's when Clyde finally decided to be honest with him. He told him that he was tired of all the safety measures and insisted that he could take care of himself. "I'm sorry, Dad, but I'm not wearing a gas mask to school," he said. With that, Clyde left his dad in a state of distress and sadness.

Harold's feelings were detected by Hawk Moth, who released an akuma to seek him out. It possessed Harold through his first aid kit and allowed Hawk Moth to offer him the power to keep not only his son safe and healthy forever, but the whole city as well. Harold was transformed into the surgeon/first-aid themed villain known as Quarantine and was given the power to pull super safety equipment from his first aid kit, as well as use a variety of first aid tools and hospital items as his weapons. After capturing his son and sealing him away in a sterile room, Quarantine went on to make all of Royal Woods danger free. Covering everything in tape, bubble wrap and pillows and trapping people inside plastic bubbles.

Now it's up to Ace Savvy to put a stop to this guy before all his safety implements stop being so safe.


One time over summer vacation, Bobby and Ronnie Anne took a trip to Royal Woods for a week to see Lori and Lincoln again. Their cousin Carlota decided to go with them since she remembered how fun it was giving Lori a makeover and wanted to meet the rest of the Loud family. 

During her first day in Royal Woods, she decided to check out the mall. And that's where she came across the guy who ran the fro-yo stand. His name was Brian and he was a very cute and friendly boy. It didn't take long for Carlota to develop feelings for him.

She wanted to ask him out on a date, but she was just too shy to do it. So she kept coming by day after day just to see him again and ended up eating a lot of fro-yo. Over the next few days, she started to feel pretty close to Brian after talking to him so much. Eventually, her week in Royal Woods started to come to an end, so she finally decided that this was the day she was going to ask him out. With a quick touch-up in her compact mirror, she was ready to go. What could possibly go wrong?

Just as Carlota was about to pop the question to Brian, another girl showed up and Brian introduced her as his girlfriend. Naturally, Carlota was beyond disappointed. She put on a fake smile and tried to hide it and then made up some excuse so she could walk away. She felt like she needed that fro-yo now more than ever.

The miserable sounds of heartbreak were too delicious for Hawk Moth to resist. He sent out an akuma that possessed Carlota through her mirror and said that with his help, she would be able to take the love she desired for herself. In exchange for Ace Savvy's Miraculous, of course. Carlota gladly accepted and was transformed into an evil doppelgänger-like monster named Xochiquetzal, after the ancient Aztec goddess of beauty and love. She now had the power to alter her appearance based each individual's ideal conception of beauty.

Can Ace Savvy stop her before she uses her powers to break up Brian and his girlfriend and steal him for herself? Or will her powers make him hopeless lovestruck putty in her hands?

Fear Fox[]

The whole Loud family was almost at their wits' end. Ever since she woke up that morning, Lily had been playing with Fenton the Feel-Better Fox non-stop all day long. Even Lisa had lost count of all the times she'd had to listen to his incessant mindless song. However, in spite of that, they had still managed to get everything ready for their big dinner party tonight. 

Rita's book club was coming over to discuss their latest book and it was her turn to host dinner for the group. They were due to arrive any minute and everything was almost perfect. All she had to do now was stop Lily from playing that irritating song. 

She went up to Lily's bedroom and asked her nicely to hand over the fox. When she refused, Rita had to take more drastic measures. She yanked Fenton out of the infants hands, removed his batteries and gave him back to her. Lily kept pressing his foot, but when no sound came out, she started crying. Rita apologized and said she could play with him again after the party was over.

Hawk Moth sensed Lily's frustration, but he was a little surprised. Was this baby really the strongest source of negative emotion right now? Regardless, he decided that while it may be unconventional, he figured he could work with it anyway. His akuma possessed Lily through the inanimate toy fox. He explained the situation to her very carefully to make sure she understood. He told that he was giving her special powers and that she had to take Ace Savvy's bracelets and bring them to him. She gave a little noise which he took as a yes.

Lily was transformed into the mischievous Fear Fox. She made Fenton alive by controlling him like a puppet from the inside. Fear Fox had the power to hypnotize anyone who heard her song into being her mindless slave, forcing them to sing it themselves, as well as a mecha version of Fenton with even more weaponry and strength that she would use later. Soon, she went down to the party and soon, one by one, everyone in the house had fallen under her spell. Well, almost everyone.

Lincoln realized what was happening and knew that he had to protect his sanity so he could save the town, his family and especially his baby sister. Good thing he held onto those Noise-B-Gone earbuds.


One bright sunny day, Lincoln and Lana decided to take their dog Charles to the park. At first they were having a lot of fun running around and playing fetch. Then they stopped to take a break on a bench. The kids were so tired that they dozed off for a minute. While they were asleep, Charles chased a squirrel out into the street where he was found by none other than Corinne the animal catcher.

Charles was snatched up and taken to the pound where he was put in a cage to wait until his owners came to pick him up. Charles was so afraid. His cage was small and cold, he was all alone and he had no idea how long he would be there. Hawk Moth sensed his fear and saw a unique opportunity.

The akuma possessed Charles through his collar. Hawk Moth promised to grant him the power to free himself from his cage and get revenge on the one who stole him from his family and imprisoned him. However, only once he retrieved Ace Savvy's bracelets and delivered them to Hawk Moth would he be allowed to return to his family.

Charles was transformed into Hawk Moth's own personal attack dog named Muttzilla. He was now the size of two African elephants and had the power to howl at super-sonic levels. And once he had his sights on Corinne, he wasn't about to stop until she was a pile on Mr. Grouse's lawn. 

Will Ace Savvy be able to calm this colossal canine and restore him to normal size? Or will Muttzilla chew him up, spit him out and come back for seconds? Also, is it possible that Charles actually recognizes the smell of one of his humans, even when he's wearing a mask?

Fast Fury[]

Racing champion Bobbie Fletcher was once again in Royal Woods on a promotional tour. Eventually, she managed to slip away from all the fans and stopped at a gas station for a refuel. She was met by a gang of punk street racers who wanted to put their cars up against hers. At first, she wanted no part of it, but the more they insulted her and her car the more angry she got. So eventually, she accepted.

It was a three-on-one race from the gas station to the traffic light on 23rd street. A wave of the flag and they were off. It was difficult with the punks constantly bumping into her, but as they neared the finish line, it looked like Bobbie was about to leave them in the dust. Until the leader shot out both of her back tires, causing her to swerve and crash into a dumpster. Luckily, she was basically unharmed, but her car not so much. After they crossed the finish line, the gangsters came back and mocked her. "I thought you were a champ, but it turns out you're just a chump," they said.

Bobbie hauled her car to the nearest body shop and immediately got to work fixing it. She wasn't going to let a bunch of street punks make a chump out of her. She was determined to get her car ready to take on those jerks again and show them that nobody cheats Bobbie Fletcher and gets away with it.

Her anger attracted the attention of Hawk Moth. He sent out an akuma that possessed the entire car, letting him offer Bobbie the power she needed to take the revenge she sought. At the price of Ace Savvy's Miraculous, of course. She wasn't sure what he was talking about, but she happily agreed. Bobbie Fletcher was transformed into the speed demon known as Fast Fury. Her race car was now equipped with all sorts of weapons and gadgets, including a laser canon and energy forcefield, making her the most unstoppable driver in Royal Woods. Now with her new tricked out super car, it was time to show everybody that, from now on, the streets belonged to Fast Fury.

Lincoln tried to stop Fast Fury on his own, but the car was too powerful. And when he tried to defeat her the second time with the Ace Biker, she was still too fast for him to catch up to. It was clear that this time, he was going to need some help, so Flush told him to go find Jack Holdem and seek out a new hero to help him out. He decided it would have to be somebody who knew all about cars and could get close enough to this one to disable it. Also somebody who knew all about Bobbie Fletcher and could reach her better than he could. But above all, somebody he could trust not to tell anybody about the miraculous and their power. 

There was only one person he could think of, but he wasn't exactly thrilled about it. Out of all the miraculous in Jack's possession, Lincoln chose the King Ring and gave it to his sister Lana. When she opened the box, a navy blue kwami with a regal white beard named Faro came out. Lana put on the ring and when she said "Faro, deal me in!" she was transformed into The Royal Flush. Also, Lincoln gets the Mach Ace card (his first power up Ace card) from Holdem as well, which he could use to enhance the Ace Biker with additional weapons and a much faster engine, as well as use it on himself to gain a boost in strength and speed. Now with her help, and the new Mach Ace card, Ace Savvy could win the race against Fast Fury and restore Bobbie Fletcher to her true self.


Lola decides that she needs a break from beauty pageants and Lana accepts to replace her. During the next pageant however, Lindsey Sweetwater, furious that she's going to lose to a uncouth swine who loves mudbaths, gets akumatized into Gliterrific, a villain capable of turning into glitter who can turn her victims into disintegrating glitter statues which can be contained inside her scepter, and teleport herself and her victims anywhere in a glitter cloud. She turns Lana into a glitter statue and takes her hostage until Lola gives her her Royal Woods beauty queen title. Now, Ace Savvy must enlist Lola's help (and that of the kwami Poker) in order to defeat Glitterrific and save Lana before it's too late.

Last Laugh[]

Thinking that she lost her ability to make laugh, Luan's friend Giggles is akumatized into Last Laugh, a evil super-clown who can use jokes and puns to make people enter into a everlasting state of hysterical laughing. Barely avoiding that fate, Ace Savvy, with assistance from the wisecracking kwami Rummy, decides to get help from someone with a stronger and more annoying sense of humor...


Humiliated by a bubblegum in her hair during Picture Day, Girl Jordan gets corrupted by Hawk Moth and becomes Trapunzel, a villain who can control her very long hair and make it take any shape she wants. Can Ace Savvy stop this very "hairy" problem before his Miraculous gets taken?

Swamp Lord[]

The Loud twins suspect each other to have a superhero identity following the Fast Fury and Glitterific incidents respectively, and begin to fight even more violently than usual. This feud greatly upsets Lana's pet frog Hops, who gets possessed by an akuma and turned into Swamp Lord, an big humanoid amphibian who turns Royal Woods into a giant swamp and take the twins with him so they can be together forever. Now, not only Lana and Lola must work as a team in order to help Ace Savvy defeat this new enemy, they also have to reveal the truth to each other.

Big Burpy[]

Because of Lynn's antics, teenage Burpin' Burger employee Grant is caught screaming at a customer and demoted into cleaning the new statue of the mascot Burpy that is standing outside. While several kids mock him, Hawk Moth akumatizes the poor teenager into Big Burpy via the statue and gives him the commands of a giant Burpy mecha which in addition of a great strength and durability, can shoot an acidic/destructive ketchup/mustard-like substance through its eyes and throw giant metal pieces which resemble steaks, so he can get revenge on the tomboy. Realizing that she unknowingly helped Hawk Moth, Lynn is ready for everything to undo her mistake (as a new Miraculous user named Strong Suit), even being given her own Miraculous, as well as her own kwami Pool, to help Ace Savvy.


Knowing that Tabby's school rock group can contribute to musical nuisance, Principal Huggins decides to forbid her to play any music in the school, and even orders her to disband the group altogether. Little did Lincoln, group member Liam and an enraged Tabby know, is that Huggins deliberately made her angry so he could akumatize her into Subwoofer, a freedom-loving supervillain who can create loud sound waves through the magic speakers on her shoulders, and plug magic jacks into sound-producing devices to make them more powerful. With her loud noises, she makes all the school staff flee and turns the building into a paradise of freedom for the students. Only Lincoln couldn't be happy with this, as he must save his friend at the cost of a never-ending party for him and every kid at the school.


Lincoln's classmate Penelope is the worst dodgeball player in Ms. Johnson's class and is mocked for it. After another disastrous match where she's out at the very beginning, Coach Pacowski tells her she needs to do extra PE classes with him, and charges her to clean the school gym after the match before going back to the lockers. Attracted by Penelope's sadness, Hawk Moth sends her an akuma to turn her into Dodgebrawl, an evil and powerful dodgeball player armed with a magic homing dodgeball. Anyone hit by the ball instantly gets trapped inside, and with it, she succeeds in capturing many students and staff members. Now, it's up to Ace Savvy to save Penelope, and the entire school from her own new mad skills.


While Luna is still unable to get used to Mick Swagger's new pop music and starts to think about giving up on her passion for him, his producer tells him that a new boys band, G-Nesis, is hitting the top of the charts and is becoming more and more popular than him, and unless he makes better pop music, he can give up his career, much to his anger. Hawk Moth decides to use this anger to akumatize him into the evil musician Lyrix, who can use his magnificent voice to entrance people into zombie-like fans and shoot lasers through his akumatized microphone. Knowing that only Mick Swagger's biggest fan can beat Mick Swagger himself, Ace Savvy, as well as the kwami Whist, manage to rebuff Luna over her deception, and gives her own Miraculous, which leads into an epic rock battle between Lyrix, and the new Royal Woods superheroine: the Night Club!

Twisted Sisters[]

While the parents are out for a week-end cruise, it's up to Lori to babysit her siblings, and she decides to cool down a bit and let them watch "The Dream Boat" with her. All was going well until Lana and Lola begin to fight because they can't agree whether they roleplay as " The Royal Flush saving Lola" or "The Queen of Diamonds rescuing Lana". It was too much for Lori, who snaps out of stress and decides to ground them in their bedroom until they calm down.

Sensing Lori's stess and anger drawed Hawk Moth's attention, as he decides to corrupt her a second time with an akuma. However, before the akuma could reach her, Lori was already calmed down thanks to a massage from Leni and Luna. Instead, it possesses both Lana and Lola who were still fighting, and Hawk Moth gets the vicious idea to turn them into the Twisted Sisters: a pair of mischievous blue and pink little monsters who can endlessly multiply into more monsters when they eat, with a huge appetite to boot.

After attacking Lori and ravaging the house, an army of Twisted Sisters goes on the loose and begin to cause chaos across Royal Woods, doing whatever they want and not caring about hurting others. While the rest of the siblings try at their best to cover them from their parents on the phone, Lori decides to help Ace Savvy get the twins back from Hawk Moth's clutches until they destroy the entire town. Ace Savvy then realizes that it's not Lori who must help him, but instead someone called "The High Card", a.k.a Lori Loud herself, and her new kwami, Slots!

The Song Rewriter[]

Luna receives a letter from a mysterious music producer who wants to sign a contract with her at Banger's & Mosh, but at the place of rendezvous, she soon realizes it was none other than Doug and Michelle, who want her to make a deal with them so she can become Lulu again, only with some advantages, such as a new pink motorcycle, the possibility to meet famous musicians such as SMOOCH or Mick Swagger, and 65% of the benefits.

As she knew that they only wanted to take profit of her while not caring about her integrity, not only does Luna adamantly refuse, but she also asks Chunk (who came with her) to throw them out of the restaurant. In addition, Doug's car gets towed for illegal parking. Hawk Moth senses him reaching his breaking point, and akumatizes him into the Song Rewriter. With his magic pen, he could shoot lasers at people and use the microphone on it to literally rewrite their memories with his voice.

With the help of Michelle, he manages to rewrite Chunk's memories into thinking he's his devoted bodyguard, and almost all of Luna's family's into thinking they're supportive for their pop musician sister Lulu and not knowing who Luna Loud is. While a tracked down Luna tries to find the best hiding place possible, Lincoln must look for her to give her back the Club Miraculous so she can become the Night Club again and fight the Song Rewriter with him.


One day at the mall, Lucy comes across someone in a Blarney the Dinosaur costume who takes his job very seriously and wants to see her happy. Not only it fails, but Lucy also makes a spiteful speech about "how these attempts to make people happy are actually pitiful, and how joy is only an unreachable illusion, so he's an useless stain without real goal in this world". This breaks the poor man enough to attract Hawk Moth, who akumatizes him into Joynosaur, an happy supervillain in a corrupted Blarney costume who can spread a joy virus by hugging unwilling people. Wanting to catch Lucy so she can be happy forever, he soon turns almost all the mall customers into happy sugar-seeking zombies, leaving only her, Ace Savvy and their siblings. As the latters become victims of the virus one by one, Ace Savvy must try everything to protect his goth sister.


Following the Joynosaur incident, the family realizes that Lucy's gloomy behavior can really affect people around her and fears that it could cause potential akumatizations that could hurt them and herself. After some discussion, Rita convinces her to go to an emotional guidance class so she can open to others and develop herself emotionally. Among those who came as well was Maggie, who was even more of a basket case than Lucy. As she couldn't bear all the sweet compliments, trust exercises and hugs, she frustratingly storms out of the room. Her emotions are soon sensed by Hawk Moth, who sends an akuma to turn her into Killjoy.

Now an evil and dark enchantress, Maggie can absorb people's positive emotions and turn them into dark and emo-like husks of their former selves. Also, these emotions allow her to empower the destructive dark magic blasts she can shoot with her hands. As Lucy understands that people like her and Maggie must open their emotions more often from her new kwami Blackjack, Ace Savvy gives her the Spade Miraculous to let her become the heroine Eight of Spades, so she can help him fight Killjoy and trap her akuma.

The Stinker[]

During a ride on their bikes at the park, Lana and Skippy get attacked by an angry skunk which sprays the latter. Despite Lana's support, people around the park flee because of his smell, and Skippy decides to hide himself somewhere until the smell dissipates, calling himself a monster. While Lana searches for him however, Hawk Moth has already akumatized him off-screen into the Stinker, a young skunk-like villain who can spray people to inflict them his horrendous smell and either inflict an uncurable stench on them, or turn them into stinky zombies who obey at his commands, so everybody can know what he feels.

After learning what Hawk Moth did to her friend, Lana immediately heads off to her house and tells the family about the danger outside, before learning by breaking news on TV that the Stinker wants to find her so she can be his princess and rule Royal Woods with him. While Lincoln turns into Ace Savvy to fight this new villain, the rest of the family hides Lana inside Lisa's bunker so she can be safe and sound, but sadly get attacked by the Stinker and become zombies as well. However, he spares Lana, and instead sprays her before he leaves (due to some of Skippy's will remaining). Overwhelmed by this smelly army, Ace Savvy runs to Jack Holdem's home and take one of his Miraculouses. He decides to take the King Ring again, and give it to (a very smelly) Lana so she can turn into the Royal Flush once more and fight at his side against the Stinker and his zombies.

Raging Beast[]

Clyde provokes Coach Pacowski's rage by accidentally destroying his prized Softball School Championship trophy, and seeing this as a perfect occasion, Hawk Moth akumatizes him into the red, huge and muscular Raging Beast. Now even more enraged and uncontrollable than before, Pacowski obtains tremendous strength and gets bigger and stronger everytime he becomes angrier. Knowing that Raging Beast is seeking him, Clyde desperately wants to fix what he has done and help Ace Savvy. Although he gets to help him with aid from the kwami Jack, it's not really as himself...

Game Controller*[]

Lincoln's crush Paige couldn't believe that he actually beat her at the "Muscle Fish" fighting game on her Super Snap, a game in which she was considered as the best player in Royal Woods. Hawk Moth decides to use her bitterness to akumatize her into the villainous Game Controller. With her now-akumatized Super Snap, Paige can now select any character who have been akumatized as of now like a character selection screen, turn them into their akumatized form and control them like a video game character. After a first attack on Lincoln by using Liam as Creep Frog and Zach as Nitroman, she decides to use the people who are the closest to him: his family. Overwhelmed by his re-akumatized family, Lincoln finds a spare ace card.. and uses it to gain a more powerful form: his Hyper Ace form!

Mad Midas[]

Lord Tetherby's limo splashes Lola while she and Lana are eating ice cream and doesn't even apologize for it, as he is "too rich to apologize to some poor hillbillies". Lana decides as a payback that they dirty his cherished limo while he has his back turned by throwing mud and glitter at it, and run away before he can see them. Outraged by this karmic act of vandalism, Tetherby willingly lets himself get corrupted by an akuma sent out by Hawk Moth and becomes Mad Midas, a golden supervillain who can turn into gold everything he touches with his hands.

Wanting revenge at the twins for what they have done, Mad Midas pursues them with the help of his butlers (Kageha soldiers), but when he is about to turn them to statues, Lana distracts the villain and his thugs to offer Lola a chance to escape, turning herself into a golden statue. Thanks to Lana's heroic act, Lola manages to escape and find Lincoln, who takes her somewhere safe before turning into Ace Savvy, but persuaded that he can't defeat this powerful villain alone, Lola tries to convince him to let her become the Queen of Diamonds once again, so they can defeat him and save Lana.


A patrol mission with Ace Savvy as the Joker goes wrong for Luan when her crush Benny accidentally sees her de-transforming in front of him. Deeply embarrassed by this incident, she decides to give up everything that is Joker-related, but wanting to stay in a good mood so she can't be akumatized, she still resumes her comedian high schooler life. However, she can't help but avoid Benny everytime she sees him and ignore all of his calls and messages, but she also chose the worst day possible, as she promised to help him for his magic tricks today.

Upset that she didn't come, Benny is akumatized by Hawk Moth, who turns him into Madgician. In exchange for bringing him Ace Savvy's Miraculous, Benny gets powerful magic powers (he can float above the ground, use telekinesis, throw his magic rings to ensnare people, trap them into boxes and magically saw them in two, turn them into rabbits with his wand, said wand also being able to shoot out lightning, and use his top hat to suck them into a magical dimension). Terrorizing Royal Woods with his deadly magic tricks, he manages to trap Lincoln into his hat dimension, leaving Flush alone without his owner.

While Lincoln tries to find a way to escape from this dimension, Luan, seeing that her crush is turned into a villain who trapped his brother and wants to turn her into a rabbit for deceiving her, decides that she must do something, as she has in a way contributed to his akumatization. She then comes across Flush, who has no choice but introducing her to Jack Holdem, so she can become the Joker again.

Triple Trouble[]

Lori's rival-turned-friend Carol Pingrey wants to make amends with Luan, Bobby and Sam, as she caused their akumatizations into Bonkers, Anti-Cupid and Woman-Dragon respectively (she also caused Leni to be akumatized into Mimica, but she was absent in this episode), and deeply regrets this. Lori decides to throw a little party at her home, inviting only Carol, Luan, Bobby and Sam so they can properly know each other and become friends. However, Carol makes a bad impression, as she unwillingly hurt Luan's feelings by saying jokes that insulted her, accidentally broke Sam's guitar by playing on it and injured Bobby's arm while dancing, and they all go out of the party, declaring that Carol is a terrible person who can't be redeemed.

Upset, Carol decides to give up and go home. Her sadness makes her however a perfect target for Hawk Moth, who turns her into Triple Trouble, a shapeshifting pyramid-based villain who can take the appearance and powers of Bonkers, Anti-Cupid and Woman-Dragon, and can now get revenge on the three who misjudged her. With the help of the High Card, Ace Savvy must kick Carol back to her senses and protect her targets from her fury.

The Hunting Specter[]

"ARGGH!" star Hunter Spector learns that his show is going to be rebooted soon, and that he's going to be replaced by a new younger and hipper host. Broken by the news, he's akumatized into the Hunting Specter, an evil ghost entity who can phase through objects and people to rend them transparent, intangible and floaty, practically turning them into ghosts, and also gains the powers of possession and telekinesis. In addition, he is armed with a gun which can capture the people he has transformed like a vacuum, or shoot out concentrated ectoplasm balls that can explode. With these powers, he begins to turn Royal Woods into a literal ghost town, and turns many citizens into ghosts, including the Loud sisters (even though some like Luan or Lucy actually like the experience). If he couldn't give the Miraculouses to his now-ghostly sisters, Ace Savvy still can count on them to stop the Hunting Specter, and make the best "ARGGH!" episode ever.


While Lincoln helps Jack Holdem make Magicookies, cookie-like devices which can grant heroes additional powers, Lana is having fun with her scaly friends the Fishmans, twin brothers Shumoku and Sameomi, until Hank and Hawk come by and mock her, saying that these puny fishes are her only friends. Hawk Moth senses her being hurt by these words and sends an akuma to her, but she manages to keep her calm and avoids akumatization. Instead, the akuma, as well as another one, possesses both Shumoku and Sameomi, who were upset seeing Lana being mocked by some heartless bullies, and turn them into the monstrous hammerhead shark and sawshark themed Sharkmans respectively, kaijin-type creatures which, in addition of having massive teeth which can tear into almost every material, enhanced swimming and speed, superhuman strength and the ability to breath in land and underwater, can also exhale powerful streams of water and bubbles which allow others to breath underwater, said bubbles can also be pressurized so that they can function as projectiles. Also, Shumoku has two massive hammers attached to both his gauntlets capable of concussions, while Sameomi is armed with two saw-like blades which can fuse into a double-ended sword.

After flooding the entirety of Royal Woods, the two brothers attack, then kidnap Hank and Hawk, and take Lana away from her family. They make her the queen of the underwater kingdom of Royal Woods, and allow her to order Hank and Hawk everything she wants (during that time, they would beat the two bullies up if they didn't get what Lana wanted, to the latter two's dismay). While pleased by the gift, Lana still worries about her family and deep down, wants to go home. To save her little sister and purify the Sharkmans, Lincoln must help Holdem finishing the cookies, as one of them can grant him aquatic powers.


It was the night before Halloween, and disguised as an sorcerer, Rusty's younger brother Rocky decides to help Lucy host her annual haunted corn maze on Halloween night. Unfortunately, he gets mocked by little trick-or-treaters, who laugh at him and say that his homemade costume is too fake to be scary. Knowing that he was going to ruin the credibility of Lucy's maze, he decides to go home, but on the way, he's corrupted by Hawk Moth into Scarecerer, a sorcerer-like villain. Armed with a scepter, Rocky could diffuse a magic smoke from said scepter that could make people's worst fears and phobias come to life, so he can cause intense terror in Royal Woods. During the first fight, Ace Savvy ends up confronting his worst fear: the Harvester himself. But as he eventually overcomes the illusion, Scarecerer is forced to retreat.

The next night, which was Halloween, Hawk Moth gives Scarecerer a new skeletal grim reaper-like form, as well as a deadly scythe in place of his scepter, which could not only cut through steel and fire energy blasts, but when powered up by the aforementioned magic smoke and used to hit a person, it would not only make his victims' fears and phobias come to life, but their trauma, insecurities, and doubts as well. As Lincoln/Ace gets hit by the scythe and confronts another vision of the Harvester much more sadistic and cruel than the last, which taunts him about his self-worth, loyalty and whether his family love him at all, he also starts to see visions of his family disowning him as well, leaving him as a crying wreck. All seems lost, until Lucy decides to go to Jack Holdem's house in secret, and take the Spade Miraculous to become Eight of Spades once more...

Death Ace[]

Chandler, Lincoln's former childhood friend, brags to his schoolmates about how "close" him and Ace Savvy are, and that he got fake bracelets autographed by the hero himself. But when Lincoln, out of anger, transforms to reveal the truth to the entire school, he actually makes him look like a loser in front of his friends, and deeply upset, he declares that Ace Savvy is dead to him, and that their friendship is over. Later on, Chandler then finds a rogue kwami, the sociopathic deadpan snarker Turmoil, and uses him to transform himself willingly into the perfect opposite of Ace Savvy, Death Ace, with the words "Turmoil, deal me out!". Armed with his own deck of magic cards, a blaster called the Death-A Breaker and a sword called the Death-A Slasher, as well as a bike called the Death-A Biker, he swears to make Ace Savvy pay for what he did, and challenges the latter later on to a one-on-one duel. Who will win? (Note: In Miraculous Ace Savvy (my version), Chandler is not portrayed as a popular-kid type person, but one of Lincoln's old childhood friends.)

Yin Yang[]

One fine day, Lincoln's friend Stella was writing an Ace Savvy fanfiction based on his fights against Hawk Moth's villains, that she named "The Miraculous Adventures of Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang", with the addition of the "powerful but nice black and white Kamen Rider-like ninja warrior" Yin Yang, portrayed by Stella herself. At first, she didn't want to show it to the class, but Lincoln encourages her to show it at least to Clyde, Liam, Rusty and Zach. When she shows her fanfiction to the boys, they praise her creative and writing talent, but when Hank and Hawk come by, they take her notebook and mock her for writing "dumb stories that can only please to babies like her and her friends", and when Stella tries to convince them to give it back, they mercilessly rip it apart before leaving and laughing.

Deeply saddened, Stella walks home, and, by chance, finds an akuma just outside her house, and, in a moment of weakness, lets the akuma enter the one remaining page of her comic not torn up, willingly akumatizing herself into her comic character, Yin Yang. As the titular ninja, Stella, in addition of enhanced speed, senses, and agility, as well as the ability to cloak herself, is armed with two katanas capable of slicing through most materials and a near-infinite supply of black and white-colored paper ninja stars with special gimmicks, including explosive, freezing, acid, knockout gas, cyanide, smoke, electric and razor sharp ones, among others, but the most notable are the stars with a half black/white face on them, which can reverse people's qualities if they get hit. Mad at Hank and Hawk for destroying her work (and after she heard of the Sharkman incident) and partially at Lincoln for contributing to it, she vows to seek them and get her revenge, but Ace Savvy is here to stop her and protect the two bullies, as he knows they can't be forced to be nice. However, when he tried to persuade Stella that the bullies couldn't be forced to be nice, the latter retorted by saying "Oh, right. In that case.... I'll just beat the stuffing out of them instead!".

The mission then gets even more difficult as Ace Savvy gets himself hit by one of the half black/white paper stars and becomes incredibly clumsy, but he can count on Clyde, Liam, Rusty and Zach to help him save Stella. (after the effects of the star wore off, that is.)

Later, after Stella gets de-evilized, she soon finds a new kwami while walking back home: the tomboyish cat kwami Gemini. After befriending her, Stella gains the ability to transform into a heroic version of Yin Yang by putting on a magical belt and saying the words: "Gemini, together!"

The episode's final scene shows Stella using her new powers to defeat a group of punks harassing an elderly man, leaving said punks for the police to arrest.

Dessert Storm[]

Today was the big bake-off at the Royal Woods Elementary School. Lincoln's friend Gabby had prepared a delicious-looking cake for the competition, and was extremely optimistic about winning the 1st prize: being invited in the cooking show "Dessert Storm", along with her dessert. All was going well until when she was about to take it to the judges. While taking said cake, a group of bullies blocked her path, then destroyed the cake, leaving it in a mess. When she tried to stop them, the bullies just pushed her down and walked away laughing. Things didn't go better when she brought her cake to the judge, as when he saw it, he described the cake as "utterly disgusting, and the worst cake I have ever seen.". This made her depressed. Lincoln tried to console her later, but she ran away in tears.

Taking the situation to his advantage, Hawk Moth, after sensing Gabby's sadness, akumatizes her into Dessert Storm, a maniacal baker who could use a rolling pin as a weapon, and, in exchange for Ace Savvy's Miraculous, the ability to use a magical piping bag that could shoot out whipped cream that could turn nearly anything or anyone it hit into a random dessert. Dessert Storm then went on a rampage, capturing the people who wronged her one by one.

Now, Ace Savvy must stop this psychotic patissiere before she turns the whole of Royal Woods into one giant ice-cream sundae.

The Friendship Sinker[]

Planning to go at the mall with Leni, her friend Jackie sadly feels left out by her when she decides to go at the cinema with Lori to see Blake Bradley's new movie, as the latter managed to get only two tickets to the premiere. Not wanting to break their friendship, she's akumatized into the Friendship Sinker. In exchange for Ace Savvy's bracelets, Hawk Moth gives her the ability to float above the ground and shoot pink lasers with her hands. When she hits two people close to each other at the same time with her lasers, they'll both act as if they didn't know each other.

After the Friendship Sinker manages to break the fraternal link between Leni and Lori, Ace Savvy intervenes, but soon realizes it's going to be a tough fight and decides to see Jack Holdem so he can give him one of his Miraculouses. He chooses the Heart Miraculous and goes giving it to Lori, the closest person he can trust, but when the two get hit by the Friendship Sinker, Flush (who manages to escape) has no choice but giving it to Leni, who actually seems to be less clumsy than Lincoln thought, but not before introducing her to the logical kwami Quadrille...

The Trumpetist[]

The sound Andrew produces with his trumpet is so painful to hear that Ms. Johnson decides to fire him from the school marching band, and gives his trumpetist spot to Clyde, who proved he can play trumpet quite well. However, a jealous Andrew gets akumatized into the evil Trumpetist, who can use his trumpet to cause a sound so atrocious it can cause actual pain on the body and worse, in the brain. In exchange for giving Ace Savvy's Miraculous to Hawk Moth, Andrew is given the opportunity to get revenge on Clyde by making his brain explode. That is, unless he becomes One-Eyed Jack again.

Blizzard and Blaze[]

After Lincoln gets beaten up by Hank and Hawk, Lynn decides to see them with him and help him stand against them by using the "Ice and Fire" technique: keeping their cool while facing their insults and retaliate by roasting them with greater ones. However, that technique doesn't seem to work, as they only laugh to her punchlines and start to mock her with even meaner words. As Lynn couldn't keep her cool anymore, Hawk Moth senses her anger and sends the akuma Cyroburn to corrupt that raging flame.

As Cyroburn reaches her, however, Lynn already beat the two bullies to a pulp, regained her composure and was now going home with Lincoln. Instead, he corrupts Hank and Hawk thanks to their anger and thirst for revenge and turns them into Blizzard and Blaze (his persona components), a supervillain duo with elemental powers: one of them can manipulate ice and the other can control fire. In addition, the former is a cold and calculating, yet psychotic genius, while the latter is a hotheaded and bloodthirsty sociopath. Now, they can have their revenge on Lynn, in exchange for Ace Savvy's Miraculous, which they willingly oblige to.

To protect his hot-headed sister, Lincoln transforms into Ace Savvy and manages to defeat the two villains. But when he attempts to grab their akuma, they both fuse with Cyroburn into a powerful giant made of ice and fire (which was Cyroburn's true form). Overwhelmed, Lincoln heads over to Jack Holdem's house and takes the 8-Ball Miraculous, as its power is the only way to defeat such a gigantic villain, and gives it to Lynn, so she can become Strong Suit again.


Disgusted by being beaten by Lincoln during a cannonball contest at the swimming pool, Mollie gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, and becomes H₂Orror, a dangerous living mass of water, who can control and shape water and her own body at will, camouflage herself into the said liquid, and even become bigger and stronger by absorbing water within her body. With these powers, she seeks revenge on Lincoln, who must quickly find her akuma before she becomes too powerful for him.

The Shrink[]

After Lisa's crush David is being made fun of by older students because of his size, he gets akumatized into the super-smart genius Shrink, a supervillain armed with a raygun which can shoot lasers, as well as shrink or grow anyone who gets hit. After shrinking his bullies to the size of rats (and presumably killing them off-screen by stepping on them), he soon targets everyone in the school so he can be the tallest of them all, and even hits Lincoln, who's now as small as Flush. He tells him to go see Jack Holdem, as he can't fight the Shrink alone and kwami-sized. Holdem lets him take the Roulette Miraculous, as Lincoln decides to give it (as well as Flush's old friend Roulette (Rou for short)) to someone who shines by his intelligence and cleverness, and who knows David enough to approach him.


With the help of Charles, Lana manages to pop the tires of Corinne's truck and free all the stray pets she captured inside, for the sake of their freedom. This leads Corinne to lose her job as an animal control officer, and due to the negative emotions she garnered, she's corrupted by Hawk Moth and becomes Doghunter. The akuma gives her a superpowered net which can shoot lasers which turn anyone hit into dogs as well as laser nets which can capture them, and it can also be turned into a powerful grabber. After transforming many civilians and trapping them and some stray animals in her truck, she finally finds Lana and turns her into a cute little dog before trying to capture her, but she luckily escapes to her home. Instead of being terrified by having a dog's body, she's happy to get to live a dog's life like Charles, and with him, she decides to do some fun dog activities until Ace Savvy fixes everything, like running around lawn sprinklers, chasing cars or playing fetch with Lola.

Despite her reassurance that she's still herself no matter what, her sisters can't stop worrying that Lana slowly acts less as a human, and more as a canine. Indeed, as time goes by, she thinks more and more like a dog, going as far as beginning to forget who she actually is, and it's also the same thing for Doghunter's other victims. As her sisters are desperate to help a panicking Lana keeping the memories of her human life, Doghunter barges in to capture her and Charles, and traps her family in her laser nets. By the time Ace Savvy finds them at the Pet Sanctuary, it is unfortunately too late for Lana, who has now the body and mind of a dog without any memory of her as a human, and is reduced to talk only in barks. However, she seems to still have some Lana in her to protect and help Ace Savvy fight Doghunter.


In a attempt to get closer to Silas, Lucy decides to take art classes like him so he can talk to him and compliment his paintings. The latest one he made pictures a giant crow flying above a colorful playground, which represents "the despair falling upon us while we're still blindly having fun". However, the painting becomes liked by the schoolmates and the art teacher for all the wrong reasons, as they describe this as funny, creative and not taking itself seriously. Only Lucy could understand its meaning, but it wasn't enough for Silas, who storms out of the art room out of deception, thinking he can't be a true artist.

While Lucy tries to reach him, he gets corrupted by Hawk Moth before her eyes and becomes Monocrowm, a dark crow-like supervillain who can turn into a giant crow and use his wings to suck out the colors out of everything in sight, as well as fire razor-sharp feathers from said wings as well. In addition, he can also use the colors he has absorbed as powerful energy blasts to attack his victims. After turning the school black and white, he captures Lucy between his talons so they can be together until the end, and flies away with her before Lincoln, who realized something is wrong after seeing his colors disappear, could reach them. With some help of Lana, Lola and Lisa (as the Royal Flush, the Queen of Diamonds and the Card Counter respectively), who also have become entirely monochrome, he tries to save Silas, and most importantly, Lucy.

Icy Pain[]

After being banned from the city ice rink due to reckless behavior when on her skates, Polly Pain is akumatized into Icy Pain, a supervillain who can freeze everything in her path thanks to her akumatized ice skates. With her power, she turns Royal Woods into her giant personal ice rink, for her and only her. To stop her, Lincoln must use one of Jack Holdem's Magicookies (the Ice Magicookie) to adapt himself to this new environment and save the city.


After performing a concert with Sam and her friends, Luna gets interviewed by Katherine Mulligan about her presence at the Royal Woods Rock Festival held during this week. Among other questions, she asks her about her experience at "America's Next Hitmaker". She describes this as a "complete waste of time", and tells her that "the two producers will be ready to corrupt you and throw your artistic integrity in the trash at any time just for money". However, Luna didn't know that Doug and Michelle are actually watching this interview, and while Doug decides to let it go, as being akumatized wasn't enough to turn her back into Lulu Loud, Michelle is burning with anger and decides to see her in person. On the way however, she gets plagued by a string of bad luck (failing car, splashed by a car (another one, not hers), attacked by cats, pooped on by birds, and so on) which, by the time she gets to face Luna, leaves her humiliated in live TV much to the hilarity of the citizens of Royal Woods, including Luna and the Loud family.

Hawk Moth couldn't believe that a perfect mix of anger, frustration, spite and humiliation actually exists in such a despicable person in Royal Woods, and sees this as his ultimate villain, his masterpiece. He sends an akuma after Michelle, and offers her a deal: if she couldn't take advantage of Luna's talent, she could possess this talent. She accepts this deal without hesitation and becomes Absorbelle, a Mado Horror-like kaijin, and the most evil and powerful supervillain Hawk Moth created so far.

With her new powers, Absorbelle can devour people whole, and after consuming her victims, is granted their skills, as well as increased strength; if the victim was an akumatized villain, she can also gain their powers given by Hawk Moth when they were akumatized. For example, when she devoured Sam, her first victim, she gets not only her musical skills, but also the power to breath fire and grow dragon wings on her back. With this power, she crashes the Rock Festival and succeeds in eating Luna, as well as her roadie Chunk. But soon, after gaining an armored form , Absorbelle becomes drunk with power and begins to go on a feeding frenzy, devouring everyone in sight, including almost all of the Loud siblings and Lincoln's classmates, despite Hawk Moth keeping telling her to seek the Miraculous. In a desperate effort, he summons a few dozen Kagehas to destroy Absorbelle, but the soldiers all get devoured as well.

Feeling overwhelmed by this supervillain, Lincoln decides to go to Jack Holdem's home, and chooses the Queen Miraculous among his jewelries. He manages to find Lana, who's the only sibling who escaped Absorbelle's fury, and is about to give her the Miraculous when suddenly, Absorbelle appears and eats Lana, and makes Ace Savvy lose the Miraculous. All hope seems lost, until an unlikely and motherly help, as well as a familiar black and white ally, come to his rescue...

The Queen of Broken Hearts[]

After Absorbelle's failure, Principal Huggins decides to give up his mission to take Ace Savvy's bracelets in order to revive his wife, Amelia, and even renounces both Cassino and Baccarat, as his latest villain basically became uncontrollable, and made him realize that his actions almost cost the loss of his students many times. He then goes outside and enjoy Luna's concert at the Rock Festival, to the surprise of Lincoln and his classmates.

Meanwhile, the chaos Absorbelle caused at the Rock Festival made Rita think about her children's safety, and she decides to forbid them to go outside until the akuma attacks are cleared once and for all, including Luna. However, they didn't know that their mom, after helping Ace Savvy and Yin Yang defeat Absorbelle so she can save her family (freeing all the people the villain ate, reviving them in the process), found the Queen Miraculous he lost during the battle. By opening the box, she meets its kwami Piquet, who allows her to turn into the Queen of Hearts, a superhero who has her own deck of cards that can summon different weapons according to the used card, as well as throw rapid punches on her targets, and fire hearts that can disentegrate, melt, freeze, burn or blow up almost anything they touch.

As the Queen of Hearts, Rita could now fight evil forces in Royal Woods and protect its citizens, and most importantly, her family. But when Lincoln sees this new superheroine stopping the akumatized villain Bag Napper on the TV, he decides to sneak out the house as Ace Savvy to find her and order her to give him the Miraculous. However, her Miraculous depowers and makes her detransform in front of everybody including her husband and children. To her shock, Royal Woods now knows her secret identity.

Overwhelmed by the events and the news crew who wants to interview her, Rita decides to hide from everybody and leave Royal Woods quickly, unsure that she could see her own family in the eyes again. Seeing this poor mother who only wanted the safety of her family convinced Huggins (with "help" from Ms. Johnson) to become Hawk Moth again and akumatize her into the Queen of Broken Hearts, a twisted version of the Queen of Hearts who can shoot energy hearts that can disintegrate whatever they touch with her hands. Ace Savvy must quickly save her mom and retrieve the Queen Miraculous, and he's not alone, as not only does Stella come in to assist him as Yin Yang, but his sisters decide to help him as well- as the Full House Gang!

Birthday Boy[]

It will soon be Lincoln's birthday. On this very particular moment, his friends, his family, the McBrides and even the Casagrandes want to throw a surprise party he will never forget at the new Ace Savvy-themed arcade-pizzeria, as Ronnie Anne suggests. Everyone agrees and begins to prepare the party at the aforementioned location, without Lincoln's knowledge.

However, only Clyde was feeling bad, as he thinks that everybody's birthday ideas (especially Ronnie Anne's) is a thousand times better than the Ace Savvy poster he was going to offer to Lincoln, and that he should have got her Ace Savvy restaurant idea, as he's his best friend. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't get a better present, and as he fears that Lincoln would break Clincoln McLoud forever, he falls to his knees in despair. Hawk Moth then gets the chance to akumatize him again into a new supervillain called Birthday Boy. Thanks to Hawk Moth, he gets a magic present box that grants him every wish for his friend in the form of golden energy orbs. Also, the box listens only to his voice.

With the power Hawk Moth granted him, he turns Royal Woods into a place made especially for his friend Lincoln with among others, a giant statue of him made of pizza, a giant Bun Bun, some Muscle Fish characters and Rip Hardcore as bodyguards, a fountain that produces endless amounts of Flippee, and all of the buildings turned into desserts from "Dessert Storm". While Lincoln is amazed by this sight and the fact that Hawk Moth would use one of his villains to give him a great birthday, he soon changes his mind when Birthday Boy uses his box to prevent him and everyone at the party from leaving after the party ends, and when everybody else tries to attack him, they are soon imprisoned inside a giant present box by the bodyguards.

Ronnie Anne and Rita, the only ones who aren't taken prisoners, manage to take Lincoln away from Birthday Boy's minions, giving him the time to turn into Ace Savvy. However, he's no match against the giant Bun Bun and the pizza statue he gave life to. His Miraculous then tells him to go see Jack Holdem to take the Queen Miraculous and give it to Rita. However, by the time he returned, Rita was found by the bodyguards and imprisoned with the others. As Ronnie Anne is now the only one left and proved she can be worthy of a Miraculous thanks to her determination and courage against Birthday Boy's minions, Lincoln decides to give her the Queen Miraculous so she can fight with him as Chara de Hearts (as well as the giant Bun Bun, who has a change of heart).

After this episode, Ronnie Anne is given the Queen Miraculous by Jack Holdem, and will assist Ace Savvy in some of his missions.

Night Light[]

It's Cassino's birthday tonight, as well as Baccarat's. During that exact time, the kwamis inside Jack Holdem's Miracle Box, as well as additional kwamis from across Royal Woods and the world, are able to perform a communication ritual that would tell them where they are. However, the ritual might not work if Flush doesn't reunite with his friends, as the more kwamis are present, the better the ritual will work.

Even if he won't be able to transform into Ace Savvy during that night, Lincoln allows Flush to go reunite with the other kwamis. However, the lights start to turn off one by one in the Loud House, as well as every house in Royal Woods. It turns out that an akumatized little kid called Night Light is absorbing all the light in town so he can become more and more glowy and create light clones who can play with him and for him.

As the menace grows, Lincoln must find Flush quickly so he can transform. At the same time, the son of Leni's boss Ms. Carmichael, Ken (the boy from "Incisor"), has gone missing, and it is later revealed that he is actually Night Light, and, in a flashback sequence, it is revealed that after nobody wanted to play with him, despite his friend Darcy Homendollar trying to reassure him that she would always be his friend, he ran back home crying. In his room, he then discovered an akuma, and let it willingly evilize him into Night Light, so he could create friends for himself and wouldn't feel lonely anymore. But when the clones start to get violent when Darcy arrives to find Ken, and attempt to injure her, he tries to stop them, but gets defeated.

Fortunately, Ace Savvy (after retrieving Flush), arrives to save the day, and after helping Ken defeat the light clones, de-evilizes him, which he willingly allows the former to do so. The next day, Ken apologizes to Darcy for not listening to her, which Darcy replies to by saying " It's okay. No matter what, Ken, you'll be my best friend forever." The two of them then go out to have a fun day at the park.

Later, Ken meets Flush in his bedroom, the former thanking him and Ace for saving him and teaching him the right thing. The latter replies by saying that although he was unable to find his two friends, he could at least help his partner save a life. Soon after, Flush takes Ken to meet his friend, the hotheaded kwami Flare (one of the kwamis present at the ritual), who, via a magical ring, allows the aforementioned boy to transform into the superhero Solaris, who has the ability to control light and heat, fire energy blasts, transform into living energy and fly at the speed of light. Also, he turns into an older version of himself when he does so. The episode ends with Ken standing on a tall building and putting the ring on his left hand, raising it, and then saying: "Flare, let's heat up!"

Trashilius Rex[]

Once every week, Lana goes at the junkyard to see the siblings' monster friend Trashy and play with him. However, when Mayor Davis discovers that a monster made of garbage lives in the junkyard, she (despite her kind-hearted nature) orders that Trashy must leave Royal Woods quickly as she thinks he can tarnish the town's image (albeit reluctantly), despite Lana saying that he's a living being like any citizen in Royal Woods. She tries to protect him no matter what, but when Davis says that she must reunite 10000 signatures to save him, she gives up as she failed it the last time, but still doesn't want to say Trashy goodbye.

Meanwhile, a saddened Trashy then finds an akuma, and absorbs it by accident, turning himself into Trashilius Rex, a kaiju-sized garbage monster who can absorb garbage nearby to become even bigger and more monstrous, regenerate from any injury and vacuuming anything and anyone inside his body. Soon, he manages to cause massive destruction in Royal Woods and swallow many citizens, including Mayor Davis and almost all of the Loud family. After managing to save Lana, Ace Savvy goes to fight Trashilius Rex alongside Chara de Hearts and the other Loud sisters, but when they also get swallowed by the monster, he gets a sign from his Miraculous that he must go at Jack Holdem's home to take the King Miraculous and give it to Lana. While Chara de Hearts tries to find a way out inside Trashilius Rex, Ace Savvy and the Royal Flush try to find a way to find his akuma and defeat him, while trying not to hurt the people trapped inside him.


When an akumatized villain named EMPlifier (created from an unnamed tech specialist) uses his electronic powers to disable nearly all the electricity and technology in Royal Woods, Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts have to find a way to de-evilize the villain without the use of their weapons, which get disabled due to the aforementioned villain's powers.

Bottle Villain[]

Bottle Villain, an akumatized villain created from one of Lynn's friends after she was sent to her room for having broken her parents' precious model ship-in-a-bottle, goes on a kidnapping spree in Royal Woods, trapping many citizens inside her own special cork-cover bottles, and also manages to capture Flush. Without his partner, can Lincoln (as well as Ronnie Anne, who becomes Chara de Hearts) save the day and free all the kidnapped victims?

Empoweress (Aka Heroes' Day Part 1)[]

It's Heroes' Day at Royal Woods, and to honor Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang's heroic acts, each citizen is invited to do a good action for others. The Casagrandes were also at Royal Woods due to their house getting fumigated for a flea invasion, and decided to participate to the celebration. Ironically, only Lincoln couldn't find a good action to do, as all of them were already taken.

In the meantime, Principal Huggins, with the help of Ms. Johnson, decides to put into action a plan he's been concocting for a long time so he can take Ace Savvy's Miraculous. After using Song Rewriter's pen to convince all the citizens that he akumatized the Full House Gang, and that they defeated and killed Ace Savvy, the people of Royal Woods fall in despair. Soon after, Hawk Moth gives a new breed of Akuma called a Scarlet Akuma to Ms. Johnson, who uses it to turn into the Empoweress, a powerful supervillain who can empower others and control energy, drain life force and utilize superhuman strength, among other powers.

With the Empoweress' power, Hawk Moth is turned into the powerful Scarlet Moth, and uses his powers to turn his Akumas into a swarm of Scarlet Akumas that descend into Royal Woods and corrupt everyone at sight. Soon, all the villains up to this point (except for Yin Yang, Maestra Allegro, Miss Dolly, Novella, the Sharkmans, and Night Light, who defected, and Needlenose, Krampus Klause, EMPlifier, and Bottle Villain) (Anti-Cupid, Chef Wicked, Creep Frog, Nitroman, Turbocharge, Iceheart, Road Ripper, Dr. Villainstein, Stelladonna, Woman-Dragon, Shadow Stalker, Pilgrim Plunderer, Quarantine, Xochiquetzal, Fear Fox, Muttzilla, Fast Fury, Glitterrific, Last Laugh, Trapunzel, Swamp Lord, Big Burpy, Subwoofer, Dodgebrawl, Lyrix, Joynosaur, Killjoy, The Stinker, Raging Beast, Game Controller, Mad Midas, Madgician, Triple Trouble, the Sharkmans, Scarecerer (in his grim reaper form), Dessert Storm, The Trumpetist, Blizzard and Blaze, H₂Orror, The Shrink, Doghunter, Monocrowm, and Icy Pain) return with red-colored markings and declare their loyalty to Scarlet Moth.

As he couldn't fight all of these villains alone, Lincoln decides to go at Jack Holdem's home and take all of the Miraculouses of his box to quickly give them to his sisters, Clyde and Ronnie Anne, who aren't reakumatized thanks to their previous experiences against Hawk Moth's minions (as such, the sisters now know each other's superhero identity). Now with the Full House Gang, One-Eyed Jack and Chara de Hearts at his side, as well as Miss Dolly, Maestra Allegro and Novella (who manage to overcome their akumas), and additional help from Yin Yang (Stella), Solaris (Ken) and Ace Savvy II (Noah) (with a new kwami named Chance) who assist them, Ace Savvy is ready to take on Scarlet Moth and his army.

Agenda (Aka Heroes' Day Part 2)[]

Along with the Full House Gang, Ace Savvy II, One-Eyed Jack, Chara de Hearts, Yin Yang, Solaris, Maestra Allegro, Miss Dolly and Novella, Ace Savvy fights Scarlet Moth's army of akumatized villains, and with their help, manages to purify some of them, including Nitroman, Game Controller, Iceheart, Mutzilla, HSS and SSS, who then escape from the battle. However, Scarlet Moth actually predicted this turn of events, and uses the help of Anti-Cupid to indulge new negative emotions in the rest of the bunch of rescued people and reakumatize several of them. To make matters worse, the heroes are then taken by surprise by not only a strike team consisting of Anti-Cupid, Killjoy, Scarecerer, the Song Rewriter and new versions of Absorbelle (the original was arrested, and is now serving life imprisonment) and Maestra Allegro, but also new versions of The Queen of Darkness, Bonkers, L'Amour, Mudslinger, Fowl Ball, Mimica, Power Chord, The Math Magician, Animalia, Incisor, The Digital Diva, Princess Pink, The Headmaster, Miss Dolly, Novella, The Queen of Broken Hearts and Birthday Boy, as well as numerous copies of the Twisted Sisters.

In the end, the sisters are akumatized one by one into the Sly Card, the Eleven of Hurts, the Fright Club, the No-Joker, the Wrong Suit, the Hate of Spades, the Royal Crush, the Queen of Disasters and the Dark Counter respectively, rename themselves the Cruel House Gang, and join Scarlet Moth's side. One-Eyed Jack also gets akumatized and turned into Black-Eyed Jack, while Solaris and Ace Savvy II get akumatized into mirror versions of themselves called Lunaris and Ace Evil respectively when they shield their comrades from Anti-Cupid's arrows. Worst still, Song Rewriter brainwashes Miss Dolly and Novella when they attempt to save their friends. Ace Savvy, Chara de Hearts, Maestra Allegro and Yin Yang are now alone against all these villains, and must find a way to get to Scarlet Moth and defeat him once and for all.

Thanks to help from a small resistance army consisting mostly of the de-akumatized villains who managed to successfully escape and not get re-akumatized (Zach, Paige, Chunk, Charles, Trashy, Shumoku and Sameomi, as well as Trent and Lance, whom said resistance group rescued from the villains) the four of them fight back the Scarlet Army, confront Scarlet Moth and manage to break his cane in the ensuing battle, purifying all of his victims in the process and turning him back into Hawk Moth. However, they end up getting defeated by him, but when he was about to take their Miraculouses, the Full House Gang, Solaris, Ace Savvy II, Novella, Miss Dolly and One-Eyed Jack come to their rescue, and all of them get to corner him and then attempt take his Miraculous. Seeing that he's about to be defeated, the Empoweress arrives on the scene, and teleports him away.

Later, in secret, she heads down to a secret basement in Hawk Moth's lair, and opens a box containing a Miraculous known as the Wild Card Miraculous. She then turns to Cassino on a table, struggling on his restraints. Empoweress proclaims, "We have bigger plans for you, my friend. Bigger, badder plans...", then turns to a monitor in the basement, showing the face of an unknown person... (cue evil laughter)

In a post-credits scene, an unknown hooded figure wearing a pair of shades and a black jacket observes the heroes' victory party from a hilltop, and walks away unnoticed. "Hmph... so this is the Ace Savvy I've heard of? I wonder.. if he lives up to the reputation of his namesake?"


Still depressed after his latest mission ended up with him being akumatized, Noah locks himself up inside his room, and refuses to let anyone in. Sensing the boy's sadness, Hawk Moth attempts to akumatize him into a new villain, but thanks to some advice from Chance, Noah regains his confidence, and the akuma leaves him. Later on, said akuma was still flying around, looking for a target, until it finds one of Lincoln's classmates Cookie, who was in a state of sadness after she got stood up by her friends. Seeing a new opportunity, Hawk Moth transforms her into Forgetta, a villain with the ability to make others forget who they are by shooting lasers or a purple mist, using a staff as a medium, on the condition that she brings Ace Savvy's Miraculous to him.

When Ace Savvy (Lincoln) arrives to stop her, he gets hit by the lasers and forgets who he is. When she makes everyone else in Royal Woods forget who they are, it is up to Ace Savvy II to save the day and help his friends remember who they are!

The Queen of Darkness 2[]

Lucy is mocked by Hank and Hawk for the time she was akumatized into the Queen of Darkness, and they go as far as calling her a monster and saying that once she's became a villain, she stays a villain (despite the fact that they also became villains themselves). On Lincoln and Haiku's advice, she decides to keep it cool and stay in a good mood (in her own way). But when a blackout hit the Loud house right before the epic season finale of "Vampires of Melancholia", Lucy becomes depressed, and nobody could help her let it go as she decided that the universe is against her.

As a result, she gets reakumatized into the Queen of Darkness, albeit with the additional ability to extinguish light sources within 50 feet of her, and with this new power, plans to plunge the entire universe into eternal darkness, starting with the Earth. While Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts fight her, the rest of the Loud family take refuge to their house, and try to comfort each other by recounting the first few exploits of Ace Savvy.


While she was visiting her grandkids, Myrtle realized that by growing up, they become more independent, and as a result, fears that they will no longer want her support, as she saw with Lori and Leni not wanting her help to reorganize their wardrobe, as well as Lana declining her offer to help her fixing Vanzilla, among other examples. Willing to retrieve the lost time she could have spent with the grandkids and not wanting them to no longer love her, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Rejuvenanny, an evil grandmother who can throw magic knitting needles at her targets. Anyone who gets hit becomes many years younger, with the maturity that comes along with it.

Rejuvenanny uses these magic needles to turn Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan and Lynn into harmless little children while sparing Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily, before dashing through Royal Woods to strike every grown-up child in her sight and search Ace Savvy. Lincoln decides to transform to stop her, but gets hit and turned into a easily-distracted and curious child after he tried to protect Lana from one of her needles. Lucy, Lana, Lola and Lisa (as Eight of Spades, The Royal Flush, The Queen of Diamonds and Card Counter respectively) now must try to help Ace Savvy focus on Rejuvenanny and save the teenagers and pre-teenagers of Royal Woods from her wrath.

Slow Downer[]

Tired of Scoots' reckless driving inside and outside the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home, nurse Sue decides to ditch her scooter during the night and replace it with a much slower one, explaning her that "it's for the safety of everyone, especially her". Angry to be regressed at a lower level than the other residents and the last one at the pudding machine, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth, and becomes the speed-crazy Slow Downer. Her old and rusty scooter becomes an high-tech vehicle that can go really fast and shoot lasers that make victims move very slowly without realizing it. The more people she hits, the faster her vehicle can go.

After sucking the speed out of Sue and most of the residents of the retirement home, Slow Downer decides to go out and target the residents of Royal Woods. Ace Savvy must quickly find a way to slow down Slow Downer before she can make him move slower than a slug.

Fake Newscaster[]

A series of news reports in Royal Woods depict both Ace Savvies, One-Eyed Jack, Chara de Hearts, most of the turncoat akumatized villains and The Full House Gang as criminals, forcing them into hiding, and leaving Stella and Ken to save the day as Yin Yang and Solaris. After storming the TV studio later with everyone else, they find the real culprit: Fake Newscaster, a villain with the ability to manipulate people through her voice, using her microphone as a medium and also as a energy whip. In addition, said villain can also travel through TV screens, hijacking them. Later, in a flashback sequence, it is revealed that Katherine Mulligan was akumatized into said villain, after being fired from her job as a news reporter, due to her talk show "Chat with Kat" receiving lower ratings than it used to get. Now, Ace Savvy, Chara de Hearts and their allies must stop her before she spreads lies about them to the whole world.

Mr. Go-Nuts[]

To ensure that the heroes will not stop her still yet unknown goals, Empoweress akumatizes a rabid squirrel and turns it into Mr. Go-Nuts, a humanoid and psychopathic rabid squirrel who has the ability to make his victims go crazy and turn against each other either by firing lasers from his eyes or eating his special acorns. This puts the heroes at a disadvantage as he turns most of them against each other, however, The Card Counter escapes and gives her new weapon, the Ace Rouletter, to Noah/Ace Savvy II, the only other hero who has not turned insane, so he can use the weapon to put down the squirrel of mayhem for good.


Brownie, one of the RWES students, gets akumatized by Hawk Moth into the demonic wraith Screecher, after she gets kicked out of the school choir due to being not good enough. In exchange for Ace Savvy's Miraculous, she is granted with the ability to teleport at will and fly for short distances, she can also utilize a supersonic scream capable of distorting metal and shattering glass. Screecher then goes on a rampage to seek out the people who wronged her. Now Ace Savvy must stop this ear-peircing villain before his eardrums burst forever!

Lucky Charm[]

Without Hawk Moth's knowledge, Empoweress creates a new akumatized villain named Lucky Charm from part of the former's powers, and sends an akuma infused with said power to akumatize an unidentified man with bad luck, giving him the ability to alter people's luck and fire laser blasts. With his luck-altering powers, Lucky Charm gives Ace Savvy a hard time, forcing him to retreat. Now, Jack Holdem must finish making the Luck Magicookie for Ace before his young protege gets defeated, and his Miraculous taken.

Ice Queen[]

Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts have a very snowy problem on their hands as the villain Snow Queen, with the ability to decrease the temperature around her, summon freezing winds and use a staff that can freeze anything or anyone it hits, (who was created from Dana when she was wrongfully fired from her job for something she didn't do), plans to turn Royal Woods into her own personal snow kingdom. But as the temperature starts to decrease, their weapons start to turn frozen and their transformations get negated. To stop the eternal winter, Ace and CDH must get the new Fire Magicookies from Jack Holdem, and some additional help from Solaris!

Ace Savvy's Heartbreak Valentine[]

When the Digital Diva and Anti-Cupid return to ruin Valentine's Day for the citizens of Royal Woods, Ace savvy and Chara de Hearts arrive to stop them. They soon manage to defeat the Digital Diva after a long battle, but in a last ditch effort to defeat the two heroes, Anti-Cupid takes out his bow, and fires an arrow on himself, turning him into Rancid Cupid, a more powerful version of himself...

Rancid Cupid[]

Following the cliffhanger ending of the last episode, Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts must stop the newly christened Rancid Cupid from eliminating all love on Earth before it is too late.


After the manager of Super Mart gets fired for not doing his job properly by his superiors, he gets akumatized into the villain Superstore, and uses his magical shopping bags to capture as many misbehaving kids as possible. Now, Ace Savvy must either stop this villain, or end up on the shopping list of doom!

Blooper Compilation 1[]

A series of hilarious bloopers from Miraculous Ace Savvy. The episodes in this blooper compilation are "Origins", "Incisor", "Nitroman", "Miss Dolly", "Scarecerer" and "Night Light."

Bag Napper Redux[]

Bag Napper, the one-off villain from "The Queen of Broken Hearts" returns to get revenge on Rita in a new akumatized form, as well as being equipped with a bag that can store many objects and people inside at once. Upon capturing the Louds (sans Rita), One-Eyed Jack, Chara de Hearts, Solaris, Ace Savvy II and numerous other citizens in his bag, he then sets his sights on Rita. But four former akumatized villains are ready to stop him from capturing her: Yin Yang, Maestra Allegro, Miss Dolly and Novella. Girl Power for the win!

Sky High[]

When Ace Savvy and Solaris confront a super-speedy akumatized villain with the ability to fly at supersonic speeds named Sky High (created from Ace's/Lincoln's classmate Chad after he lost a RC airplane competition), they soon find themselves overwhelmed by his speed. To defeat the flying menace, Solaris heads over to Jack Holdem's house to get the Superspeed Magicookie, while Ace works on mastering his new Sky Ace form. They eventually use their new powers to defeat Sky High and de-evilize him.


Lincoln's bubbly matchmaker cousin Lina had came to visit Royal Woods for a few days, and everything was going well for her; in fact, she even befriended a boy named Jake over the course of her stay. They made a strong bond of friendship, and nothing could go wrong for Lina. Until the third last day of her stay that is, when she decided to confess her feelings of love to him. While she did confess her feelings, the same couldn't be said for Jake, who was actually a bit shy when expressing his feelings at times. He said (out of embarassment) that he wasn't ready for this sort of relationship, and that they were just friends. Unfortunately, Lina misunderstood him, and thought he didn't like her, so she ran away in tears. To make matters worst, Hawk Moth overhears the entire conversation, and akumatizes the heartbroken Lina into Matchbreaker, a twisted cupid-like villain (who resembles OOO's Love Combo) with the abilities of both Anti-Cupid and Rancid Cupid. In exchange for her new powers, however, Lina would have to bring him Ace Savvy's Miraculous. Going on a rampage, Lina uses her powers to take away the love from almost everyone in Royal Woods, Ace Savvy and co. included.

Later on, Jake, after seeing a news report on the incident, starts to feel guilty about his actions, and sets out to make things right, even finding his own kwami, Stride, to become the third Ace Savvy, so he can save his friends, free Lina from her brainwashing and apologize to her (and confess his feelings as well).


During a BBQ day between the Louds and the Casagrandes, Ronnie Anne's cousin CJ accidentally learns that she's secretly a superheroine after she's forced to transform due to the villain Char Cold (an akumatized villain who can fire freezing/burning charcoal pieces) attacking the city, and tries to tell their family about that. However, they don't believe him, and pass it off to his strong imagination tricking him. Desperately wanting to prove that he's telling the truth, he's akumatized into Imagenius, and gains the ability to bring into reality anything he imagines. On his giant floating pirate ship, he goes on to find Ronnie Anne and take her Miraculous, as well as Ace Savvy's.

Chara de Heartless[]

Right after Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts purify Imagenius back into CJ, the Casagrandes come to the scene to assure he's fine. However, when Ace Savvy flies away and is about to be joined by Chara de Hearts, she is retained against her will by CJ, who still wants to prove his family that her cousin is secretly a superheroine. Despite her best efforts to leave, CJ ends up removing her Miraculous, reverting her into Ronnie Anne in front of her family, to the shock of Ace Savvy.

Flabbergasted by the fact that she risks her life on many occasions, her family, especially her mother forbade her to become a superheroine again for her safety (albeit reluctantly), despite her keeping telling them that she was chosen to wear the Queen Miraculous. Upset, angry and overwhelmed by the events at the same time, she distracts them to run away with the Miraculous, and after quickly feeding Piquet, she turns back into Chara de Hearts and leaps to the most isolated place in Royal Woods without averting Ace Savvy to sulk on her woes, thinking about how she betrayed her family's trust and believing she's actually not worthy of her Miraculous.

However, being in the most isolated point in Royal Woods doesn't prevent her from being akumatized, as a swarm of stray akumas sense her negative emotions, and enter her all at once. After being attacked, Ronnie Anne tries her best to resist the influence of the multiple akumas, but ends up being corrupted, and gets turned into Chara de Heartless, a demented and twisted version of Chara de Hearts. Along with Chara de Hearts' powers, she can also steal people's (metaphorical) hearts, which indulge intense hate in their minds and make them fight against each other.

After taking her own family's hearts, as well as those of several citizens, she tries to attract Ace Savvy by sabotaging a moving Vanzilla with the Loud sisters still inside, in a attempt to cause a monstrous car crash. Ace Savvy does manage to save them though, and while he, Ace Savvy II, One-Eyed Jack, Yin Yang, Solaris, Maestra Allegro, Miss Dolly and Novella go to track her down, Luan runs to Jack Holdem's home to take the Full House Gang's Miraculouses for her sisters with Holdem's agreement, as he considers this akumatization as a case of dire emergency.

In the end, they manage to de-evilize Chara de Heartless back into her old self, and take her back to her house to rest. Meanwhile, the Empoweress walks up to Hawk Moth in his base and takes him to see her newest creations: fourteen deadly creatures called Sentimonsters, which akumatized villains can summon at will. "That card-carrying brat won't know what hit him., and his meddling friends too...."

Fashioniscare (aka Glitterrific 2)[]

Having barely lost one too many times in the Royal Woods Beauty Pageant in which Lola once again managed to win, Lindsey Sweetwater gets reakumatized back into Gliterrific by Hawk Moth, with the additional ability to use her scepter to command the first Sentimonster: a mannequin-like glitter figure called Fashioniscare (SNM-001) who obeys her every command, can absorb people to turn them into glitter zombies and take any shape she wants, either individually or with the zombies. With her new powers, Gliterrific then sets out anew to eliminate her competition and create a sparkling army, starting by capturing Lana and threatening to transform her unless Lola gives up her title... but not if two individuals called Ace Savvy and The Queen of Diamonds have something to say about it!

Lulu (aka Power Chord 2)*[]

During a guitar session with Sam in her room, Luna is interrupted by Lola, who asks her if she can borrow her Lulu wig for her next pageant. Sam then stumbles upon the outfit and wig she wore as Lulu during her experience at "America's Next Hitmaker", and despite the fact that Luna is quite awkward when addressing the subject, they both have a good laugh about it. However, the fun is cut short when the two friends learn on their phones that Mick Swagger got a new music producer, who is none other than Doug.

Shocked by the news, Luna fears for the worst, as she thinks that he will manipulate him the same way he and Michelle did with her. Sadly, she fails to talk Mick out of it, as Doug says that he's more happy with him than with his former producer. He also says that he has changed since the times he brainwashed her family and was absorbed by his former partner Michelle respectively, and even wants to give her Mick Swagger's newest album once it will be completed. Luna is still not convinced, and ends up leaving the office in sadness.

Later, to the shock of her siblings, she decided to give up Mick Swagger for good, saying that Mick Swagger to her now is nothing more than a sell-out, and goes in her room to play guitar out of frustration. However, she ends up akumatized by Hawk Moth into a more powerful Power Chord (who's now able to absorb electricity in her guitar to unleash electric blasts with her riffs, as well as being given her Night Club and Fright Club powers, and also disrupt electronic devices in her range). The Empoweress also summons her second Sentimonster to assist her: a twisted version of her pop star alter ego Lulu (SNM-002) born from her wig. This Sentimonster can use her sweet and harmonic voice to brainwash people into a state of euphoria and make them dance happily without stopping. With her Sentimonster, Power Chord sets out to find Doug, get her revenge on him and "save" Mick Swagger.

Lincoln knows something was wrong with Luna when he and her sisters find a huge hole in her and Luan's room (just like Power Chord's first appearance), and his fears are confirmed when he successfully protects Sam from Power Chord's blasts and Lulu's singing. Joined by Chara de Hearts, Solaris (who was available at the time) and Sam, Ace Savvy must stop his sister before it's too late!

Rubber Boy and Insect King[]

After Trent and Lance get kicked out of Chandler's former gang after they speak up against some members thanks to Lincoln's advice, they both get akumatized in their anger by Hawk Moth into Rubber Boy and Insect King respectively, and are given superpowers to take their revenge on those who wronged them, in exchange for bringing him Ace Savvy's Miraculous. After being akumatized, Trent then gains the ability to stretch his body to massive lengths, while Lance could now make superhuman leaps and summon insects to do his bidding. When Ace Savvy fought the two of them alone, he was quickly defeated, but later with assistance from Chara de Hearts, he was able to defeat the not-so dynamic duo and change them back to normal, but not before Insect King (before getting de-evilized) summons the Sentimonster Locust Lord SNM-003 in a last-ditch effort to defeat them; unfortunately, said Sentimonster gets destroyed by Ace Savvy in Hyper Ace form.

Dark Crow[]

After the events of the previous episode, one of the gang members, Matt, decides to ditch his fellow team members with persuasion from Lance and join Lincoln's group of friends. But after some misunderstandings with some of them, he runs away in tears after they tell him to "get out.". At the same time, Hawk Moth was about to akumatize a panicking Silas back into Monocrowm after he accidentally broke Lucy's Edwin bust. But when the two resolve the situation, the akuma flies away until it senses the depressed Matt.

Hawk Moth thought that if he couldn't reakumatize his intended target, he could at least create a new villain after finding the aformentioned kid. Akumatizing Matt with the akuma, as well as sending an akuma with Night Light's essence inside it, he turns Matt into the light-stealing villain Dark Crow. As Dark Crow, Matt has all of Monocrowm's abilities, as well as Night Light's ability to steal any source of light within his range. Ken, who was just nearby, transformed into Solaris to stop him, but gets defeated, and Flare is absorbed by Dark Crow, making the villain even more powerful than before. When Ken attempts to save Flare, he gets absorbed as well.

As Dark Crow was too powerful for Ace Savvy to stop when the latter arrived, he decides to enlist One-Eyed Jack, Yin Yang and Chara de Hearts to help him defeat the light-stealing villain, save Flare and Ken and help Matt return to normal.


Tired with the Loud Kids' antics, the Louds' next door neighbour Mr. Grouse gets akumatized into Pitcherpot, a pitcher plant/urn-like villain with the ability to trap people inside the pitcher located on his chest. With these powers, he captures all of the siblings and their kwamis, as well as One-Eyed Jack, Chara de Hearts, Yin Yang and Solaris when they attack him. Ace Savvy II attempts to defeat him, but is forced to retreat after Pitcherpot unleashes his Sentimonster Trap Jaw (SNM-004). Fortunately, help comes in the form of a familiar face: Jake Wilkins, aka Ace Savvy III!

Shin Vanzilla[]

After getting kicked out of Lynn Sr.'s band, Kotaro gets akumatized by Hawk Moth into Shin Vanzilla, a monstrous Godzilla/Vanzilla hybrid with superhuman strength, atomic breath and a powerful tail capable of destroying whole buildings. Overwhelmed by this gigantic enemy, Ace Savvy heads over to Jack Holdem's house to get the Giant Magicookie; the only Magicookie capable of defeating such a gigantic foe.


In an attempt to put down the heroes, Ms. Johnson temporarily renounces her mantle as the Empoweress and becomes Tempest, a cool-headed conductor with the ability to mind control her victims using her magic conductor's rod, which with she could also use to either fire high-energy blasts or as a long staff for combat. To aid her scheme, she has Power Chord, Subwoofer, the second Maestra Allegro, Lyrix, Song Rewriter, and the Trumpetist reakumatized, and revives SNM-002/Lulu into an even more powerful form. Together, the villains create a piece of music that causes almost everyone in Royal Woods, most of the heroes included, to writhe in agony. Well, almost everyone.

Thanks to two spare pairs of Noise-B-Gone earbuds that Lincoln and Flush give to Belle and her new kwami Suite earlier on in the episode, she is able to combat the villains as Maestra Allegro, but even being protected from the music, she still gets defeated. Fortunately, when Suite uses the earbuds as a medium to enter Belle, she gets turned into the newest Royal Woods hero: Harmonia, the musician of hope!

Mudwrath (aka Mudslinger 2)[]

After Hank, Hawk and their gang bully Lana's friends in public, Lana, in her anger, gets reakumatized by Hawk Moth back into Mudslinger, with the additional aid of the Sentimonster Mudwrath (SNM-005) as a bodyguard. With her new powers, she captures Hank, Hawk, the other bullies and many other people, Ace's allies included, leaving him to save the day in an even more powerful Ace mode: Flash Ace!

Old Switcheroo[]

When Old Switcheroo, an akumatized villain created from Lincoln's classmate Artie with the ability to swap peoples' bodies with his double-ended staff, swaps the bodies of Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts when they arrive to stop him, the two of them must find a way to defeat the villain and get themselves both back into their respective bodies within 48 hours before they get stuck in each other's bodies forever.

Nitroman and Turbocharge 2.0[]

It was a very exciting day for Rusty's friends Flat Tire and Papa Wheelie. They were planning to have a fun day out together with just the three of them. But when Rusty tells the two of them that he already made arrangements to hang out with Lincoln and his friends, they become saddened by this. On the way home, Flat and PW stumble across a bin on the street, and find Zach's old Nitroman drawing, as well as one of Rusty's skates when he became Turbocharge. Finding an opportunity, Hawk Moth decides to akumatize both PW and Flat into new versions of Nitroman and Turbocharge respectively via the drawing and the skate, in exchange for giving him Ace Savvy's Miraculous.

As Turbocharge 2.0., Flat Tire has the same abilities as the original, only with the addition of metal gauntlets capable of throwing rapid-fast punches at his enemies, said gauntlets also being capable of firing electricity bolts, while as Nitroman 2.0, Papa Wheelie not only retains the powers of the original Nitroman, but can shapeshift into a monster truck/bomber jet capable of super-speed in both forms, said forms being armed with an assortment of weaponry.

Calling themselves "The Speedster Slayers", Flat and PW then decide to go and track down Rusty for ditching them. When Ace Savvy arrived at the scene, he tried to defeat them, but was instead given a good trouncing by the high-octane hooligans. To defeat the new Nitroman and Turbocharge, he decides to use one of Jack Holdem's magicookies to catch up to the speedster duo and even the odds against them.

CTB and the Playground Princess (aka Miss Dolly 2)[]

After Darcy gets bullied by a group of street punks, she decides to enhance her inner akuma's powers, turning herself into a new version of Miss Dolly. Later on, the Sentimonster Chuckles the Bunny (SNM-008, or CTB for short) assists her in disposing of the bullies and other bad people. But when she fights Solaris (Ken) after encountering him (and after CTB "disposed" of the bullies (and also due to the fact that she started to lose control)), she is unable to land the killing blow after CTB suddenly blocks her path.

Later, in Darcy's house, CTB tells Darcy, Ken and Flare his backstory: He was created by the Empoweress alongside the 13 other Sentimonsters to create misery among the humans. When he realized this, he was horrified and then escaped, but not before the then-named SNM-007 (now Honkey, a clown-themed Sentimonster) attempted to kill him. Soon after, he encountered the first three of the latters, and sympathizing with her plight, teamed up with her to fight crime.

However, the meeting is interrupted as Empoweress and Honkey attack Darcy's house and quickly defeat Ken when he transforms into Solaris. Empoweress and Honkey then attempt to kill the girl, but CTB takes the fatal blow for her, and seemingly dies. Angered, Darcy transforms into a monstrous version of herself and tears Honkey in two, but is quickly put down by Empoweress. All seems lost, until CTB returns as a kwami named Bouncer, and transforms Darcy into a hero known as the Playground Princess! With her new powers, she defeats the Empoweress, and sends her retreating.

Sports Master[]

When Lynn's crush Francisco gets akumatized into a more powerful version of Fowl Ball called Sports Master, he kidnaps almost all her siblings and sets an ultimatum: give her Miraculous up, or her siblings pay the price! After a futile attempt to defeat the latter, she then reluctantly gives it up, only for a new hero to save her: Jack Holdem himself, as Ace Savvy G, and his long-lost secondary kwami, Gamble, who is later revealed to be Flush's father!

Chain Linc[]

Still stunned at the revelation that Gamble is Flush's father following the Sports Master incident, Lincoln attempts to try get out an answer from his friend why he never told him Holdem had a secondary kwami, but with no use. Later, Flush tells Lincoln that Jack Holdem's first kwami partner was actually Gamble, and the two of them fought akumas for a while. When the latter got injured in a battle, Jack found him and recruited him to be his replacement. But when Gamble recovered, he (Flush) was welcomed on board by \the former, and for a while, the father-son duo assisted Holdem in his missions as Ace Savvy.

All that changed when the Akuma's elite officer, Blood Rabbit, sent out the akuma Chain Linc (an akuma with the ability to use chains in his attacks) to attack them. It was a hard battle, but the villain was seemingly defeated. Sadly, Gamble apparently sacrificed himself in order to defeat the akuma, but somehow survived and made his way back. Soon after, Ace Savvy and Ace Savvy G decide to fight as mentor and apprentice when Empoweress resurrects Chain Linc, and has him akumatize an unnamed criminal. Now, father and son can reunite once more and fight Akumas together as a family!

Blizzard and Blaze 2[]

After losing to Lincoln and Lynn Sr. in a rematch of the contest from the original series episode "Legends", Stan and Steak Stankco are akumatized by Hawk Moth into new versions of Blizzard and Blaze respectively, with increased pyrokinesis and cyrokinesis powers as a bonus. Now, Ace Savvy must protect his dad (and himself, as well as his siblings) at all costs before it's too late.

Picnic Villain[]

A picnic trip for the Yates turns into chaos when Beatrix gets unwillingly akumatized by Hawk Moth into Picnic Villain, a villain who can use a picnic baskets to capture her victims inside, and wreaks havoc in the park with her new powers, soon after being joined by Pignicker (SNM-011), a gluttonous and durable, but dimwitted Sentimonster who can eat almost anything. Can Belle (as Harmonia) defeat the hungry (and very strong) Sentimonster and save her older sister in time?

The Night of The Harvester[]

When Liam's dad gets akumatized into the Harvester, a scarecrow-like villain armed with a scythe with fear-inducing abilities much more powerful than Scarecerer's, with a Sentimonster called Phobius (SNM-010) as a bodyguard, it's up to Ace Savvy to face his worst fear and defeat this menacing foe with the aid of his friends.


When the akumatized villain Gargoyle (created from one of the RWES students Joy) turns nearly all the heroes to stone with her petrifying laser eyes, Ace Savvy and Jack Holdem must find a cure quickly and stop her rampage before time runs out for their comrades!

The Baddies Are Back in Town[]

When Power Chord and Woman-Dragon return to cause more mayhem, Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts arrive to stop them. During the episode, Flush and Piquet also give tips to the viewers on how to become and how not to become a superhero, and what being a superhero means as well.

Gale Five[]

Another one of Chandler's former henchmen, Brian gets kicked out of the gang as a result of speaking up against some members, and gets akumatized by Hawk Moth into Gale Five, a villain with the ability to control wind and turn into a blurry tornado capable of causing collateral damage. After he gets defeated by Ace Savvy in the initial confrontation, Empoweress gives him an extra boost in speed, and infuses a Scarlet Akuma inside him. Now more powerful than ever, Gale Five goes on a mass murder rampage to collect negative energy, and even defeated Ace Savvy. To combat this villain, Jack Holdem allows Ace/Lincoln access to the most powerful Ace card yet: The Super Ace Card. With the new card, Ace de-evilizes Brian and returns him to normal.

During the episode, Hawk Moth also has doubts on whether his akumas can truly revive his wife, and ponders about his actions.

Despitcher* []

During an important baseball game which could qualify Lynn's team for a tournament across the state, things go awry when she and Margo accidentally bump into each other during an decisive moment, costing their team victory. After the game, the two friends violently quarrel and throw the blame between each other, until Lynn tells Margo that she hates her and that the team could have actually won if she wasn't here. Terribly hurt by what she just said, Margo immediately leaves the team and goes away, sad and angry at the same time, while Lynn begins to have regrets.

Attracted by this mix of sadness and anger, Empoweress decides to akumatize Margo with a Scarlet Akuma and turns her into an evil baseball player named Despitcher, her most powerful subordinate. Hidden behind a catcher mask and armed with a baseball bat and an akumatized glove and bat, Margo can create flaming baseballs and throw them at innocent people; the balls come in two variants, the normal white colored explosive variant, or the flaming-red variant, which turns anyone who gets hit into a Scarlet Akuma, said victims become intensely hateful and agressive, and obey her commands. In addition, the bat is extremely powerful, and is string enough to destroy an entire wall within seconds. After being akumatized, Despitcher attacks her former teammates and turns them into wrathful soldiers, and then uses the balls on 13 of her Kageha soldiers, turning them into more powerful versions of themselves called Strengthened Kagehas (stronger red-colored Kagehas who can control fire) before targeting Lynn, who's on the way home with her family, thinking about her hassle with her best friend. She manages to affect all the siblings and their parents, except her, Lincoln and ironically, Lori and Lola. While the latter two try their best to protect Lynn from her former friend's fury, Lincoln as Ace Savvy goes getting the Lucky 7, 8-Ball and Diamond Miraculouses from Jack Holdem so he can give them to the three sisters. However, when the High Card and the Queen of Diamonds get also affected by Despitcher's baseballs, as well as Ace Savvy II, Ace Savvy III, Chara de Hearts, One-Eyed Jack, Playground Princess, Novella, Yin Yang, Solaris and Harmonia when they arrive to defeat Despitcher, he is now alone with the Strong Suit against her and her army of mind-controlled citizens and heroes, as well as enhanced Kagehas, and both must quickly think of a plan before her wrath can touch the entirety of Royal Woods. Eventually, after freeing their comrades from their brainwashing, and engaging Despitcher in a rematch, they manage to combine their powers to create an energy wave that defeats Despitcher and her enhanced Kagehas, turning her back to normal, and destroying the Kagehas. (Except for one, who barely survives, and limps away to parts unknown...)

Nevertheless, in spite of the former's defeat, Empoweress had collected enough energy for her new plan, and then walks away from the scene with an evil grin on her face.

The next day, Lynn apologizes to Margo about the incident that day, the latter forgiving Lynn after she makes her apology. The two of them go out to have a fun day with just themselves, ending the episode on a happy note.

Devillustrator, Part 1[]

In an effort to take down Ace Savvy and his allies once and for all, Empoweress resurrects Verne from the dead using the negative energy Gale Five and Despitcher have collected and akumatizes him into Devillustrator (without Hawk Moth's knowledge), a sadistic and demonic Brothers Grimm-themed villain whose powers are the same as Novella's, but hundreds of times more powerful than her, making him the most powerful, ruthless and cruel akumatized villain so far. (In fact, his sadism puts Absorbelle's crimes to shame.) In addition, he also has the two most powerful Sentimonsters (codenamed SNM-012 and SNM-013 respectively) called Jacob and William respectively to assist him, the former of which has a high amount of superhuman strength and durability, as well as a massive hammer, while the latter has superhuman speed, flight, and is armed with a sword which he can use for combat. Now bent on killing Renee for killing him, and Harvey for taking what was "rightfully his" (his "fortune" and the rights to own Mega Comics), Verne and his two henchmen go on a bloody rampage, slaughtering and/or injuring anyone in sight. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Lincoln and all his allies transform to defeat him, but unfortunately, get brutally injured in the process. To make matters worse, all but Lincoln (Ace Savvy) himself, Solaris (Ken) and Playground Princess (Darcy) die from their injuries.

Later on, Hawk Moth demands that Empoweress call off Devillustrator, but the former of the latter two starts to laugh psychotically, and reveals that she never worked for him at all in the first place, and was manipulating him from the start: In other words, he was just a pawn so her comrades Card Countess and Blood Rabbit could create an entire planet of Akumas to rule over. Horrified at his actions, Hawk Moth lashes back, and states that his true goal was to revive his wife, not cause innocent people to die. In response, Empoweress then sends out her remaining three Sentimonsters (SNMs 009/Chainsaw Sentimonster, 014/Spear-Axe Sentimonster and 006/Wrecking Ball Sentimonster) to kill him, but with Baccarat's help, manages to distract them and escape with his life. However, he is unable to rescue Cassino, which he regrets.

In a sub-plot, Renee helps Harvey to create new comic ideas, with help from a new kwami named Serfe, unaware that a familiar foe has returned...

Devillustrator, Part 2[]

Continuing from the last episode, Hawk Moth manages to escape his old lair, now branded a traitor. After defeating soldiers sent to kill him, he meets up with Solaris and Playground Princess who (albeit reluctantly) take him back to Jack Holdem's house after some persuasion, as well as Charles and the other Loud pets whom they rescue. Later on, after renouncing Baccarat and handing him back to Holdem, Principal Huggins then explains Empoweress' plot to the survivors: Resurrect her superiors Blood Rabbit and Card Countess by using the negative energy he and the former collected from the akumatized villains and victims over the course of the series, create an army of akumas, take over the world under the name "Blood Army", and then eliminate every other person in their path. He also says that he regrets his actions as Hawk Moth, and wants to turn good and revive his wife. Just as he is about to finish, the Chainsaw and Spear-Axe Sentimonsters attack the group, and nearly defeat them, only for Renee (as Novella) to arrive on time and destroy the two kaijin using an "erase" kanji. "So, let me guess... we're going up against our most powerful enemy yet... right?"

Devillustrator, Part 3[]

The motley band, including Principal Huggins (now the superhero Light Wing, a butterfly-themed hero with the abilities of Hawk Moth (albeit purified versions), as well as the ability to fly at the speed of light and control light) then decide to take back Royal Woods from Devillustrator and his forces, and launch an all-out assault on the city, Light Wing destroying the Wrecking Ball Sentimonster in the process. In an effort to prevent them from stopping him, Devillustrator resurrects Bonkers, Incisor, Princess Pink, The Math Magician, the second Headmaster, Nitroman, Turbocharge, Stelladonna, Shadow Stalker, Fast Fury, Lyrix, Subwoofer, Dodgebrawl, Killjoy, Mad Midas, the grim reaper version of Scarecerer, Blizzard and Blaze I, Monocrowm, Icy Pain, Pitcherpot, Trap Jaw, Rubber Boy, Insect King, Locust Lord, a new Tempest, Honkey, Chain Linc and other akumatized villains to kill the resistance army, but the villains are swiftly defeated after an intense battle by the heroes, who are also aided by both Sharkmans, the Sawshark Sharkman having managed to overcome the influence of his akuma, as well as Chunk, who has became a more heroic version of Iceheart. Just when the battle was seemingly over, Devillustrator appears with his bodyguards, and then proceeds to attack everyone...

Devillustrator, Part 4[]

Continuing from last episode, Devillustrator and his Sentimonsters engage in a vicious battle with the heroes, and nearly defeat them, but when all seems lost, Ace pulls out his Super Ace card, and uses it to take out Jacob (by landing a powerful uppercut on him), and then proceeds to destroy Wilhelm by delivering an energy-infused roundhouse kick on him. However, when he attacks Devillustrator, he gets overpowered by the latter's powers and gets quickly defeated. Said villain then proceeds to fire a powerful laser blast on the hero, seemingly killing him...

Until the smoke clears to reveal Renee drawing a "shield" kanji around her ally, seemingly more powerful than before. With assistance from Serfe, she transforms into a new superhero: Fable Queen! As the titular hero, Renee has the same powers as when she was Novella, but even more powerful. In addition, she is now also armed with a broadsword called the "Justice Blade", which can channel energy blasts, fire said blasts, and cut through most materials, as well as channel energy into the blade to perform the "Great World" finisher. With these powers, she helps Ace Savvy and the others seemingly defeat Devillustrator for good, and free the akuma inside him...

But due to Verne's mass negative energy, his desire for revenge, and his hatred, as well as his other negative emotions, he resurrects himself, absorbs the negative energy of Jacob, Wilhelm and the other villains he resurrected, and turns into a gigantic skeleton/knight/castle monster hybrid named Devillustrator X. Now bent on causing as much chaos as possible, Devillustrator X proceeds to engage everybody in battle, and defeats them all. To make matters worse, Light Wing and Ace Savvy G sacrifice themselves to stop the villain from killing Ace and Fable Queen. All seems lost...

But after Ace's and Fable Queen's respective kwamis tell them to be strong and save the world for everyone who died; their allies, their friends, and their family respectively, and that they are heroes no matter what, Ace Savvy and Fable Queen regain their confidence, and give Devillustrator X a good trashing. They then combine their powers to create the "Great World Ace" finisher, destroying both Devillustrator's body and soul, and ending Verne for good, as well as reviving everyone who died.

The next day, Mayor Davis and the entire city hold a massive ceremony to celebrate the heroic efforts of Ace Savvy, and their newest savior, Fable Queen, to their surprise. "In honor of Ace Savvy, his allies and the Full House Gang, I declare this day... New Heroes' Day!" (cue cheering) And it gets better: Not only is everyone back to normal, but the positive energy from the battle was able to revive Amelia, to Principal Huggins' delight. The celebration then goes on for several more hours.

Later on, Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, Renee and their respective kwamis sit on a hilltop, reminiscing about the adventures they had. Lincoln says that although they may have won this time, and redeemed Hawk Moth, the Empoweress was still at large, and plotting something evil. Ronnie Anne responds by saying: "And when she comes back, we will all be ready for her." She then kisses Lincoln on the cheek, to the chagrin of Flush who covers his eyes, while Renee, Piquet and Serfe silently chuckle to themselves.

Meanwhile, at Hawk Moth's old base, Empoweress/Ms. Johnson finds Card Countess in her civilian identity: arrogant British transfer student Mackenzie "Maddy" Morrison, with her rogue kwami, the vain and egotistic fox-themed Amystia, the first of the latter two saying that Devillustrator was a very powerful asset, and that the former will be punished for her failures. Empoweress laughs in response, saying that while Devillustrator may have failed, nevertheless, he had collected enough energy to revive their comrade Blood Rabbit. Soon after, sparks, flashes of light and dark smoke start to appear from a large pod in the center of the room, and smoke starts to appear. From the smoke, a menacing armored figure emerged Blood Rabbit himself, the Blood Army's elite officer. (who resembles Blood Stalk from Kamen Rider Build) "Excellent work, Empoweress. Soon, Ace Savvy will fall by the hand of the Blood Army..." (cue evil laughter)

In a post-credits scene, an unidentified girl arrives at Royal Woods Airport alongsides a new kwami, and looks at her watch, said watch showing her the aforementioned scene. The girl motions for the kwami, Bliss, to follow her, saying that "Ace and his friends will have some brand new allies from the next few days onwards in the fight against the akumas...", then walks away, Bliss following her.

A Successor[]

After the 4-part Devillustrator arc, Principal Huggins, now reunited with his wife Amelia, decides to permanently reform for good, and retire from being a superhero, and passes on Baccarat, as well as the mantle of Light Wing and the Number 13 Miraculous, to Trent, to the latter's surprise. While he is initially unable to master his new powers, Baccarat gives him some advice, and after some practice, Trent finally gets control over his new powers, which later come in handy when he helps Ace Savvy fight the villain Pickaxe, an akuma with a pickaxe that can cause collateral damage. In the episode's end-credit scene, Lincoln's new teacher makes an announcement to her class: "Students, from today, we'll be having a new student with us. Her name is Colleen Chalmers. I hope you will make her feel welcome." The class then goes silent as a brown-skinned girl with a purple shirt enters the classroom, and, surprisingly, winks at Lincoln. "Wha? Why.. why.. why do I feel like we've met before?" (Note: for several more episodes until the big reveal, Lincoln attempts to find out why he has a connection with her)


While at the park in her town one day, Jake's best friend (and love interest) Lina finds a kwami named Doki, who tells her she has been chosen to become to the superhero Skyheart. Giving the former a pair of heart-shaped earrings, all Lina has to do to transform is say the words "Doki, date time!" As Skyheart, she has wings which enable her to fly at superhuman speeds, as well as being equipped with a bow that can shoot out arrows that can either function as projectiles or explosive, as well as special arrows that can be used to de-evilize a villain. However, Lina can only use them for about 5 minutes before they require restocking. In spite of that flaw, she then helps Ryan defeat the akumatized villain Zombius (created from an unidentified Royal Woods Middle School student by Card Countess), with the ability to turn people into zombies by either biting them or shooting green lasers at them.

Incisor 2[]

It was a very bad day for Dr. Feinstein. First, he got fired from his job by his superiors. Next, he got splashed by a car. And lastly, he got mocked by some rowdy hooligans. Sensing his frustration, Empoweress sends out an akuma to evilise him into yet another new version of Incisor, with the additional ability of being able to turn into a gigantic beetle-like creature at will. Now bent on seeking out those who wronged him, Dr. Feinstein goes on a mass rampage, but not if the Fable Queen and Ace Savvy have anything to say about it!

Killjoy 2[]

When Ace Savvy and co. engage the new version of Killjoy (created from Lincoln's friend Mildred Thompson by Blood Rabbit), who can now use a broadsword in combat for deadlier blows, half of his team (One-Eyed Jack, Yin Yang and Ace Savvy III) get turned into emos and servants of the new Killjoy. Ace, Solaris, Harmonia and Chara de Hearts must now defeat the joy-crushing villain in order to save their friends.

Aunt Ruthless[]

The three Ace Savvies will have to work as a team in order to defeat the slow-moving but powerful chair-bound Aunt Ruthless, akumatized from Lincoln's lazy relative Aunt Ruth, who has the ability to turn people into loyal servants of her own using a sceptre capable of firing laser blasts. In addition, her chair can float, can fly, and has an arsenal of assorted weaponry, including rocket launchers and machine guns, as well as a force-field. Will they be able to stop her, or turn to the side of evil?

Death Ace Returns[]

In order to bolster their ranks, Empoweress recruits Chandler into the akuma army and gives him cards with a butterfly picture on them, said cards being infused with the essence of akumas so they can create an army of said villains whether the victims have negative emotions or not. With these cards, Death Ace then rekumatizes the villains Nitroman, The Digital Diva, Chef Wicked, Dodgebrawl, Trapunzel, Road Ripper, Last Laugh, Shadow Stalker, both incarnations of Blizzard and Blaze, Icy Pain, Lyrix, Monocrowm, The Stinker, Picnic Villain, Pignicker and Turbocharge 2.0. to become his personal army, and sets out to destroy Ace Savvy for good.

El Diavolo[]

In order to ensure that Ace Savvy will stop defeating their akuma villains after Blood Rabbit, Empoweress and Card Countess witness their henchman Hedgerazor (a hedgehog-themed villain created from Boy Jordan) get de-evilized by the titular hero, Chandler (as Death Ace) uses one of his akuma cards to turn Lana's pet snake El Diablo into El Diavolo, a snake-like kaijin monster who can use his fangs to inject a paralytic poison inside his victims that would become lethal in several days if not cured; symptoms of the poison include sleepiness, green skin, nausea, vomiting, fits of anger, and worse: death. With this, El Diavolo then uses his fangs to infect Ace Savvy, as well as One-Eyed Jack, Chara de Hearts and some of the other heroes, putting them in the hospital. To find a cure, Light Wing, Solaris and Fable Queen rush to Jack Holdem's house to get the First-Aid Magicookies before it's too late for their friends!


Blood Rabbit sends out an akuma to transform Lisa's teacher Ms. Shrinivas into Spynet, a villain who can copy her opponents' moves, utilise cables in combat and lastly, record and steal data. Using her pwoers to copy nearly all the heroes' moves, Spynet then retreats (after curb-stomping the heroes) so she can send the info she has gathered so her master can prepare better strategies. But when Ace Savvy brings out the Xeno Ace card, Spynet, having no data on this new card, is quickly defeated and turned back to normal. Infuriated about his soldier's failure, as well as the fact that all the data was destroyed, Blood Rabbit later screams in anger (after Empoweress reported to him about his henchwoman's failure) and swears to himself that one day, he would defeat Ace Savvy and make him pay.


Tired of many of the seniors in her home always breaking the rules, Sue gets turned into the control freak Disciplinator by Empoweress, with the ability to make rowdy people become disciplined by using a special blaster that can shoot out homing bullets, in return for giving her Ace Savvy's Miraculous. After turning nearly all the seniors in the retirement home (as well as several other civilians) into her own personal army, she then proceeds to go and track down Albert (Pop-Pop), who is now spending some time with Lincoln. When Disciplinator attacks the two of them, can Ace Savvy protect his grandfather and save the day?

Pair-O'-Dice and King of Spades[]

After Ace Savvy gets defeated by the newest akumatized villain, Orb (one of the few villains who has no human host seen yet), who has the ability to shoot stunning lasers from his eye-like helmet, Jack decides to call in two new heroes: twin siblings Janice and Jamie Freewind, who are eager to help their idol (Ace) in battle. After being partnered up with their kwamis (Hazard for Janice, and Spader for Jamie), the two of them are given their Miraculouses (the Dice and King-Spade Miraculouses) and turn into two superheroes named Pair-O'-Dice and King of Spades. As Pair-O'-Dice, Janice is able to use a blaster in combat, as well as a magic dice that can decide her power level (1 (weakest) to 6 (strongest)), and how strong her blaster shots can be; said dice can also let her select 6 finishers to defeat an akumatized villain (crushed, burnt, frozen, melted, petrified or disentegrated) while as King of Spades, Jamie has an armored suit not unlike a samurai, and is armed with a deadly katana, as well as numerous Spade cards that can function as projectiles, explosives, gas dispensers or fire bombs. While they do help Ace defeat Orb in the second encounter, the two start to bicker on who has saved Ace Savvy, much to their kwamis' dismay.

Card Countess[]

After the Orb incident, Card Countess decides to personally defeat Ace Savvy herself. Accompanied by a Resentoid (Empoweress' new creations) named Pyrostreun, she kidnaps Ronnie Anne and Piquet, and threatens to kill them if Ace Savvy doesn't hand over his Miraculous. Reluctantly, he does, but soon gets knocked out by another Resentoid named Crusher. After hearing the news, Hazard and Spader decide to get the twins so they can transform and save Lincoln and Ronnie Anne. But first, they must get the twins to stop arguing, which they eventually do. In the following battle, Janice and Jamie finally get over their differences and save their friends.

Karaterror (Chop Chop Ninja Crossover)[]

After Brianna, one of Lincoln's classmates, loses the annual karate championship, she gets akumatized via her Chop Chop Ninja comic book (which Renee (absent from this episode) created) by Blood Rabbit into Karaterror, a villain with superb combat skills almost on par with Blood Rabbit himself. Unable to defeat the villain on his own, Ace Savvy heads to Jack Holdem's house for advice. Holdem then tells him to go to another dimension, and find the only people who are capable of beating this villain: The Chop Chop Ninjas themselves! Now, Ace Savvy, as well as Iro, Jo, Tetsuo and Neeko, are ready to take out Karaterror and de-evilize her.


When Duplicator, an akumatized villain with the ability to make numerous copies of himself, attacks Royal Woods, Ace Savvy has a hard time, as when he defeats a clone, Duplicator can just simply make more. After the latest attack, Lincoln then heads over to Jack Holdem's house to take the Scanner Magicookie so he can find the real villain and take his akuma.

Mayhem Master[]

Lincoln meets up with Colleen at the amusement park to talk with her about her past, but he gets interrupted when a new villain called Mayhem Master (akumatized from an unnamed clown) wreaks havoc in the park with his madness-inducing powers and locks everyone in. Can Lincoln save his friend and end the fun of the maniacal manager for good?


In an attempt to frame Ace Savvy and ruin his reputation after she gets humiliated in front of some of Lincoln's friends (in human form), Card Countess/Mackenzie recruits Carson (the Bratty Kid from "Cereal Offender") to join the villains, and akumatizes him into Copycard, a villain with the exact same appearance and powers as Ace Savvy. Using this to his advantage, Copycard then proceeds to commit numerous acts of theft in Ace Savvy's/Lincoln's name, landing the real one in jail as a result. Now, Chara de Hearts must clear his name and defeat Copycard before it's too late for Lincoln.

Maestra Redux[]

Belle faces off against a new version of her former villain alias, akumatized from a nymphomaniac named Mei who has kidnapped Noah. Can Belle defeat her former shadow and move on? Or will she succumb to the symphony of torment and despair?


Death Ace uses his akuma cards to evilise a whole display of terracotta warriors, turning them into Terrorcottai, strong and durable foot soldiers which he could command at will. With his soldiers, he then sets out to find Ace Savvy and challenge him to a duel. Meanwhile, unaware of the approaching danger, Lincoln and Colleen spend some time alone to bond with each other (to Ronnie Anne's chagrin).

The Heartfelt Diamond, Part 1[]

When a mysterious hero named the Heartfelt Diamond helps Ace Savvy/Lincoln defeat a new version of Road Ripper, the latter decides to find out she is, with the help of Flush. After several more encounters in which she quickly defeats the akumatized villain (about 5 were seen being defeated; a new Joynosaur, an unnamed turbine-themed villain, an unnamed clock-themed villain, an akumatized villain who was de-evilised before he could show his powers (although he showed indications of supehuman strength) and a orange colored version of the Hammerhead Sharkman) and then turns them back to normal before making her leave. Lincoln (as Ace Savvy) then finds out the true identity of the Heartfelt Diamond after she helps him defeat a Resentoid named Vinecore. "Colleen, is that.. is... is that.... is that... you?"

The Heartfelt Diamond, Part 2[]

Continuing from the last episode, Colleen explains her backstory to Lincoln, alongsides Bliss, the kwami seen at the end of "Devillustrator, Part 4.", after said girl regains her memories. She used to be Lincoln's best friend in childhood, but was kidnapped by Blood Rabbit and was almost turned into the villain Diamond Damsel. However, Bliss, one of the captive kwamis, halted the process before the brainwashing could be completed, but her memory was wiped as a result. Shortly after, Bliss turned Colleen into the hero known as the Heartfelt Diamond, and went around the world with her, purifying and defeating akumas. Lincoln and Colleen then team up to defeat the Empoweress when she, as well as a new Resentoid, the insult-throwing Heckler, attack Royal Woods.

Madame Red[]

When RWMS student Cici gets akumatized into the kunai-wielding Madame Red by Blood Rabbit, with the ability to use explosive kunais as weapons, and use two large ones as weapons, she gives Lynn (as Strong Suit) a hard time, causing her to retreat. To de-evilise the villain, Lynn temporarily uses the Mega Ace card (which Ace Savvy lends to her) to give herself an added boost in power and turn the tide of the battle in her favor.


After mall cop Beresford gets fired from his job by his employer, Death Ace corrupts him into Indictor, a robotic policeman with an arsenal of high-tech weaponry, as well as handcuffs that can negate their targets' movements. In addition, he also has a riot baton which can shoot out lasers that can turn rowdy people into disciplined people. With his new powers, Indictor sets out to eliminate all crime... even if it clashes with Ace Savvy's view on how crime should be handled.


After Giggles loses the Royal Woods stand-up competition (even though she tried her best), Empoweress decides to corrupt her into a new villain named Juggler. As Juggler, Giggles has all of her abilities as Last Laugh, as well as being equipped with a squirting flower capable of spewing corrosive acid and an arsenal of juggling balls that can either function as hard projectiles, explosives, knockout gas dispensers or freezing bombs. With her new powers, she then sets out to become the best and only comedian ever by kidnapping her competition, as well as Ace Savvy. Now, Luan must become the Joker in order to de-evilize her friend and save her brother.

Fear Fox 2[]

Death Ace akumatizes the youngest Casagrande, Carlitos into a new version of Fear Fox, this time granted with the new ability to use his lullaby to put people in a very deep sleep, so he can take the Miraculouses without opposition. He does succeed, but a new kwami, Duoi, finds Lily, the only sibling not put under the spell, and transforms her into the last member of the Full House Gang: the Deuce! Now armed with an arsenal of duplicating cards that can either explode, spray knockout gas or serve as projectiles, as well as explosive diapers, Lily (as the Deuce (Note: Like Ken before, when she transforms, she becomes a slightly older version of herself)) heads out to save her siblings and stop the cursed lullaby.

Quarantine 2[]

Ronnie Anne's/Chara de Hearts' battle against a new version of Quarantine (who has been kidnapping patients to presumably kill) takes a shocking turn when she finds out the identity of the villain: her own mother (who was akumatized after she got wrongfully fired from her job as a nurse) ! The news shocks Ronnie Anne, as her mother would not willingly give in to an akuma's influence. Fortunately, Piquet manages to restore her partner's confidence, and she manages to de-evilize the new Quarantine and turn her mother back to normal.

Dark Savvy, Part 1[]

When a hero that resembles a color-inverted version of Ace Savvy saves the latter's life when Empoweress and her troops attack him, Lincoln is determined to find out the identity of his savior. After the hero (who names himself Dark Savvy), saves him from the villain No Vile (created from a disgruntled MC employee), Ace/Lincoln is shocked to see the identity of Dark Savvy: His long-lost (slightly) older brother, Logan!

Dark Savvy, Part 2[]

Surprised at the fact that he has an older brother, Lincoln heads to Jack Holdem, and then Principal Huggins, for answers. Flashbacks reveal that Logan was chosen to become Ace Savvy, but was kidnapped by the Akumas tragically. Soon after that, the villains attempted to turn him into a twisted copy of Ace Savvy named Dark Savvy, but the kwami chosen for the experiment, the deadpan snarker Nega, realized the true nature of his "caretakers", broke him out (at the same time as Colleen was freed by Bliss), and rendered the brainwashing incompete. However, this would affect his (Logan's) mental state, as when the two (as Ace Savvy and Dark Savvy) fought a ring-themed akumatized villain, after de-evilizing the villain, Logan starts to go berserk and attacks Lincoln, only stopping after Lincoln begs him to stop hurting him. Ashamed of his actions, and the shocking fact that he beat up his only brother, Logan runs away in tears, and is about to get akumatized by one of Blood Rabbit's akumas. Fortunately, Nega helps him to remember that his brother loves him no matter what, as well as his family and friends. Logan then destroys the akuma, and later returns as Dark Savvy to help Ace Savvy, Heartfelt Diamond and Yin Yang stop the Resentoid Crimson Basher from destroying Royal Woods.

After the battle, Logan says that he is going to go explore the world with Nega and eliminate akumas, then bids Lincoln, his friends and family farewell until the next time they meet, but not before giving Lincoln a surprise hug before leaving, the latter returning the hug as well.


Colleen and Bliss investigate a series of thefts committed by ordinary people, and soon track down the culprit (as Heartfelt Diamond): the akumatized villain Hypnotius, who was created from the infamous con man Mr. Hypno after his get-rich scamming scheme was discovered. Can they break the victims free of their hypnotic trance? Or will they succumb to the trance and join the side of evil?

Icy Pain 2[]

It's Ace Savvy vs Icy Pain once more when the latter re-enters Polly Pain with Empoweress' help after the aforementioned girl lost a skating competition and challenges him to a one-on-one ice-skating duel; if he refuses, or loses, Colleen (whom her soldiers kidnapped) will be frozen to death. Given ten days to prepare, Lincoln heads over to Jack Holdem, the latter giving him a special Magicookie called the Skater Magicookie. With this new power-up, Ace is ready to take on the skating snow queen a second time.


First in a five-part anthology miniseries focusing on the Freewind twins. In this first episode, Janice and Jamie track down the villain Tunneller (created from the police officer in "DMH"), who has the ability to drill underground and utilize a hand-held drill in combat. However, there's only one problem: They also have to take care of their baby cousin, Mira, who is anything but quiet.


In the second episode, Janice brings home a giant robot named MECH, and befriends him, the two forming a strong friendship. But Jamie, Hazard and Spader feel something is not right. Their fears are soon confirmed as MECH is revealed to be a Resentoid named Mechanoid and kidnaps Janice and Hazard. But when Empoweress orders Mechanoid/MECH to remove Janice's Miraculous and give it to her, as well as kill the latter, Mechanoid/MECH is forced to choose between his loyalty to his master or his new friend.

Fortunately, he survives the episode (thanks to Spader's mechanical skills) and later bids his friends farewell after spending one last day with them.

Tidal Wave[]

The third episode focuses on Jamie as he attempts to win the annual surfing competition with help from his surfing teacher Lex Uluwa, but first, he will have to protect his coach from the akumatized villain Tidal Wave (created from Uluwa's old rival, Arthur) who plans to use his water-controlling abilities and his hovering surfboard to eliminate the competition, and take the King-Spade Miraculous.


The fourth episode in the Freewind siblings' miniseries focuses on them trying to stop Glaciercon, an akumatized villain who was created from Leni's crush Chaz, from using his cyrogenic powers to bring a new Ice Age to Royal Woods. But when Empoweress turns Glaciercon into a Scarlet Akuma, enhancing his powers tenfold, the twins will have to find a new way to stop him...

Siblings Forever[]

The last episode in the miniseries focuses on Jamie as he attempts to save Janice from a very powerful mannequin-like Resentoid named Mimic, who has the ability to copy an object and take on its properties. In addition, when he assimilates said object, he also takes on its motif, as well as gains powers based on that object. When the Resentoid assimilates Janice when Jamie/King of Spades arrives to rescue her, the latter will have to find a way to defeat the powerful enemy without harming his sister.


When Solaris/Ken and Playtime Princess/Darcy encounter Papillio, a butterfly-like villain akumatized from Mac, a RWES student, the two of them find it hard to defeat him, as every time they "defeat" him, a cocoon forms around his body, and he emerges into an even stronger form than before. Even with their combined strength, they are still unable to de-evilize him, so they decide to retreat until they find out his weakness.

The next day, after they discover his weakness (he can only molt up to 9 times), they decide to re-engage him in combat, and soon defeat him in his second-last stage. However, Papillio anticipates this, and then molts into his most strongest form, and then curb-stomps the heroes, and then flies away. To defeat the powerful foe, the two heroes head to Jack Holdem's house to get the Strengthening Magicookies to give them the power boost they need to defeat him.


A trip to the zoo turns into a chaotic battle for Lincoln and Flush when the resident panda is akumatized into the villain Bamboom by Card Countess, with the ability to use bamboo as deadly weapons in exchange for Ace Savvy's Miraculous, and goes on a rampage. Can Lincoln (as Ace Savvy) de-evilize this psychotic panda and turn him back to normal?


In an effort to defeat Ace Savvy and take his Miraculous, Death Ace akumatizes a flock of birds into the deadly Woodpeircers, tiny but demonic woodpecker-like villains that can shoot lasers from their eyes, fly at the speed of sound, and use their beaks to rapidly chip away at wood and metal, as well as overwhelm their targets with sheer numbers. With their speed, the Woodpeircers attack Royal Woods en masse, causing massive casualties in the process. When Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts arrive to save the citizens, they have a hard time defeating the akumas, because whenever they took out some of them, more would take their place. Outnumbered and exhausted, the two of them retreat to Jack Holdem's house, and later enlist Renee and Serfe for help to stop the Woodpeircers.

Later, Ace Savvy, Chara de Hearts and Fable Queen engage the Woodpeircer flock in battle, and de-evilize all of them after a long battle, turning them back to normal. However, Chandler/Death Ace had anticipated this, and then akumatizes his last remaining Woodpeircer another time, transforming it into a gigantic Woodpeircer which quickly defeats the three heroes. But thanks to the new Mega Ace card that Renee had been saving for him, he manages to defeat and de-evilize the last Woodpeircer, and sends Chandler and Turmoil packing.


It was a very exciting day for Lincoln's friends Rusty Spokes and Polly Pain.They were anticipating the opening of a new skate park that would be built in Royal Woods. Nothing could go wrong...

Until the news report later said that due to the lack of funds, the skate park was unable to be finished. In other words, the project was cancelled. This news shocked the the two of them, and crushed their hopes of ever going to that skate park. Sensing an unique opportunity to defeat Ace Savvy, Card Countess (as her civilian alias Mackenzie) manipulated the two of them in their sadness into seeing a "psychiatrist" (Empoweress), causing the two of them to get reakumatized back into Icy Pain and Turbocharge respectively, with an added boost in speed (and in Icy Pain's case, increased cyrogenic powers) as well. In addition, Empoweress also sends the Resentoid Superskater to assist them, said Resentoid being capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 6.

Now, Ace Savvy and the Heartfelt Diamond must stop the speedster criminal duo and their Resentoid before they can destroy the whole of Royal Woods and turn it into their very own personal skate park.

Iscareceles (aka The Shrink 2)[]

After losing to a cheating rival (Mackenzie/Card Countess) in the science fair, Lisa's friend David gets reakumatized back into the Shrink, with an added power boost in his strength and speed by Empoweress (manipulative as always), and sets out on a rampage to seek out the very person who mocked him.When he confronts Ace Savvy, the Heartfelt Diamond and Solaris in battle, despite his newfound strength, he barely manages to win against them, and is forced to retreat.

After the first battle, Empoweress then decides to send out a Resentoid named Iscareceles, a super-smart triangle-shaped genius with the ability to use his magical ruler to multiply, divide, add or subtract solid objects, as well as abstract traits like intelligence. Now ready for a second round, the Shrink returns, and with the help of Iscareceles, defeats the three aforementioned heroes. To defeat the super-smart Resentoid, Ace pulls out the new Quota Ace card to defeat Iscareceles and turn the tide of the battle.

Truce (aka The Midnight Eye, Part 1)[]

The episode begins with Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts engaging Card Countess, Death Ace and the latter's soldiers in an abandoned warehouse, when suddenly, a mysterious fortune teller (of Arabian descent) appears, introducing himself as the Midnight Eye a very powerful akumatized villain, and destroys several Kagehas with one single blow of his hand. He then uses his eye to trap the heroes and villains into his own pocket dimension made completely of darkness.

Upon teleporting them to the dimension, Midnight Eye (voice only) gives the heroes and villains an ultimatum: Get through his dark dimension, and they go free. Fail... and they all perish. Soon after that, Card Countess and Death Ace, as well as their 900 remaining troops (including several Strengthened Kagehas), attempt to attack Ace and CDH,believing that the latter are responsible, and vice versa, but Flush persuades both sides if they don't work together to escape, they will be stuck here forever. Reluctantly, both sides agree on a temporary truce, and then head on to find Midnight Eye so they can defeat him, escape and fight for another day. But as they venture further into the dimension, the Kagehas get picked off one by one by the numerous traps that Midnight Eye has set up, including shadow lava pits, rotating shadow blades, trap doors that led to a demonic shadow mouth, quicksand-like shadow pools, rapid-fire shadow arrow dispensers, shadow pygmies (who resemble the Yara-ma-yha-who of Australian mythology), false exits that lead to a bottomless pit, and other deadly traps. Eventually, Ace Savvy, Chara de Hearts, Death Ace, Card Countess and the remaining Kagehas (including a few Strengthened Kagehas) manage to escape the traps, but are ambushed by shadow clones of the villains L'Amour, Quarantine and EMPlifier, which kill several Kagehas (a dozen and a half Strenghtened Kagehas included). However, the clones are unable to handle the combined strength of the hero and villain duos, and the Quarantine and L"Amour clones are soon destroyed by Death Ace and Card Countess, while the EMPlifier clone is destroyed by Ace Savvy and Chara de Hearts.

Suddenly, two giant holes appear out of nowhere, and suck Ace Savvy and Death Ace, as well as several normal Kagehas and Strengthened Kagehas into one of them, while Chara de Hearts and Card Countess, as well as the rest of the Kagehas, get sucked into the other one, screaming, while Midnight Eye watches in glee, and chuckles maliciously to himself. "Oh, the game has just begun, my friends. It has just begun..."

Mackenzie (aka The Midnight Eye, Part 2)[]

Upon being separated from Death Ace and Ace Savvy, CDH and Card Countess then look for a way out to find their comrades, while doing so, the former asks why the latter became a villain. In a series of flashbacks, it is revealed that when she was younger, Card Countess/Mackenzie was frequently bullied by older girls back in her old school, and the fact that her father abused her at home for little to no reason at all didn't help matters. The only person who was kind to her was her butler, Alfred, and her mother who, one day after seeing Mackenzie get beaten up by her father for accidentally smashing his statue, decided to secretly help the latter escape, which she did. Soon after, Mackenzie met up with her soon-to-be henchwomen Patricia and Emma, and befriended them. Soon after, the former found the fox kwami Amystia, and used her to become a superhero named the Card Countess (also her villain alias), a superhero with the ability to fire energy blasts, fly and use an array of cards that could turn into weapons, explosives or even gas dispensers. In addition, she could also temporarily negate a target's movements by using her "Counting Touch" superpower. Sadly, her heroics would be short-lived, as after a few missions, an evil force (the yet-to-be introduced Genesis) corrupted her and her friends and turned Patricia and Emma into the akumatized villains Foxfire and Old Flame, as well as twisted Mackenzie into a demonic version of the Card Countess, making her the arrogant person she was today. After hearing the backstory, Chara de Hearts decides to help her and Death Ace escape (for now), but they are both attacked by a shadow clone of Honkey, which they destroy, but not before the clone kills the Kagehas they were with.

Chandler (aka The Midnight Eye, Part 3)[]

While Chara de Hearts and Card Countess are still finding a way out, Ace Savvy decides to ask his rival the reason why the latter wants to defeat the former. Reluctantly (after he gets back the rest of his memories with one of Ace Savvy's cards), Death Ace tells him why. When Ace/Lincoln and Death Ace/Chandler were younger, they used to be great friends, but when Lincoln left to Royal Woods, the latter was depressed. Things didn't go better at home as (just like Card Countess/Mackenzie in the previous episode) his mother would frequently abuse him at home for little to no reason at the slightest accident. One day, he had enough, and called the police on her, then escaped. He then made a makeshift home from an abandoned house using his late father's skills. Eventually, he made the room into a proper house, and earned enough money to survive alone himself. Soon after, he made it to Royal Woods, and, after hearing of his friend's exploits as Ace Savvy, was determined to be like him. But being shy at times, he (being unable to express his dedication) bragged about having seen the hero (in other words, he lied), when he never did at all. What followed (after Lincoln yelling at him) was a rivalry (and broken friendship) that would last for a time.

After hearing his (ex-) friend's backstory, Lincoln/Ace apologizes to Chandler/DA, and also tells him that while he shouldn't have yelled at him and exposed his lies (during "Death Ace"), it was wrong to not tell the truth. Chandler/DA replies by saying that he was wrong to lie about his friend, and apologizes back. The two of them then hug it out. (After hearing the aforementioned backstory, Turmoil and Flush are seen in the background crying tears of sadness and joy)Just then, Chara de Hearts, Card Countess and the latter's Kageha troopers break through the wall. Now regrouped, the four of them then run towards Midnight Eye's lair, so they can defeat him.

Escape (aka The Midnight Eye, Part 4)[]

Upon regrouping, the four Miraculous users eventually make it to Midnight Eye's throne room after defeating shadow clones of Icy Pain and Rubber Boy, and demand that he release them. In response, the latter laughs psychotically, and reveals that he never kept his word in the first place, and deploys several shadow Terrorcotai, as well as shadow clones of the villains No Vile, Despitcher, Imagenius, Blizzard and Blaze I, Incisor, Fowl Ball, Chef Wicked, Creep Frog, Turbocharge, Shadow Stalker, the Young Timer, Joynosaur, Trapunzel, Dodgebrawl, Picnic Villain and Pignicker to attack the four of them. While the 120 surviving Kagehas (including 14 Strengthened Kagehas) engage the Terrorcotai, Ace Savvy, Death Ace, Chara de Hearts and Card Countess fight the shadow clones and Midnight Eye, which they all eventually defeat, although the Kagehas die fighting the villains (the last five Strengthened Kagehas died trying to kill Midnight Eye). Angered by this, Midnight Eye deploys a gigantic shadow demon to devour the four of them, but it soon gets destroyed by their combined powers. Soon after, Midnight Eye then engages the group in battle, and defeats them with ease.

However, just as he is about to kill them, the heroes' and villains' kwamis suggest that they combine their finishers into one massive finisher to defeat Midnight Eye, which they agree too. After a long battle, they manage to weaken him, and combine their finishers to take him out for good, and also sending them back to their own dimension.

Later, having learnt the error of their ways from their experiences in the dimension, Card Countess and Death Ace decide to renounce their loyalties to the Blood Army, and then bid the heroes farewell until another time.

However, in a post-credits scene, Empoweress, enraged by the defection of the aforementioned villains, proceeds to further advance her plans with a brand new Resentoid...

Cyber X[]

In an effort to take out Ace Savvy, Empoweress sends out a Resentoid named Cyber X (the one seen in the last episode), a knight-themed Resentoid with the ability to copy and counter almost all of the hero's moves, as well as his allies' moves as well. This made Cyber X a very hard challenge, as he not only curbstomps Ace/Lincoln, but One-Eyed Jack, Chara de Hearts, Heartfelt Diamond, the Full House Gang and the rest of the team when they attempt to stop him. All seems lost, until Jack Holdem decides to give Ace Savvy his most powerful Ace card yet: the Ultra Ace card!

Recruitment Day*[]

After the defections of Death Ace and Card Countess, Blood Rabbit orders Empoweress to find him new generals to replace them so they can defeat Ace Savvy, all of which end up failing the initiation process (a number of the recruits included a spider-themed villain named Incy Wincer, a pirate/treasure-themed villain named Buccannon, two unspecified villains, a strongman-themed villain named Strengthsuit, an unnamed Frankenstein-themed villain and several others).

One day, however, Empoweress finds

The Fearsome Five, Part 1[]

The Fearsome Five, Part 2[]

Trashy Returns (aka Recyclos)[]

Tempest 2[]




It was the first day of school for Japanese transfer kid, Richie. He settled down in his class, made some friends (Lincoln, Clyde, Colleen and co.), and got the approval of the teachers.Things were going right for him. Until he met Hank, Hawk and their gang. Don't know what happened next? Well, let's just say that Richie (after standing up to said bullies (one of his classmates (Trent) taught him this)) knew what a wedgie felt like. Soon after, Empoweress senses his sadness, anger and humiliation and sends an akuma to turn him into Voltage, a supervillain with the power to control electricity, turn into said energy, travel through electrical sources, hijack TVs, computers and phones, drain electricity within several feet of him, and shoot out volts of electricity potent enough to fry his targets to a crisp. With his new powers, Voltage sets out to end the lives of the so-called "Devil's Guards" ("悪魔の警備員"/Akuma no Anchisukiru) and anyone he thinks is a bully. Can Ace Savvy and his allies resolve the problem before they get fried to a crisp?

Miss Fortune[]

When an eccentric fortune teller at the country fair predicts that Colleen will die within several days, the latter, and Lincoln (who came with her) dismiss it as just her imagination. But when Colleen starts to feel sick the next day, and is sent to the hospital, Lincoln decides to investigate the fortune teller, and finds out that she is the akumatized villain Miss Fortune, who has the ability to predict the futures of her victims very accurately, and control of magic powers,

To save his friend, Ace Savvy must defeat the fortune teller of doom and purify her akuma, or it's goodbye to Colleen for good.

Death Ace vs Dark Savvy[]

Since the Midnight Eye arc, Chandler has developed feelings for his comrade (to Turmoil's chagrin and the latter's dismay), although his love is not requited. But when


Redemption, Part 1[]

Redemption, Part 2[]

Following the last episode, now free from his brainwashing, Chandler and Turmoil help the heroes escape and defeat the akuma army. But sadly, they are unable to free Mackenzie and Amystia from their brainwashing, and to make it worse, they are forced to retreat when the situation gets even worse than before when the Fearsome Five arrive on the scene. Later on, the two of them lament that they were unable to free their comrades from Empoweress' mind control. "One day, we'll free you... we assure you..."


To ensure Chandler has truly reformed, the team (mostly the ones who hated him) put him through a series of trials (although Principal Huggins, Lincoln, Ronnie Anne, Colleen and Jack Holdem try to tell them that he had endured enough), most of which end up in failure. This makes the aforementioned redhead angry, and he storms out of the room in anger. Later, in his room, after telling the now-reformed Turmoil that his stress was due to having his heart crushed, and the trials he had to go through, as well as the flashbacks of his past he had, he calms down thanks to the latter's advice, and soon after, relinquishes his Death Ace powers, and turns himself into the vigilante of the night, Dark Ace. He then gets the approval of the team to join them when he helps Ace Savvy defeat a villain named Magnet Man, who can attract and repel metals that he can use as weapons.


A trip to the beach for both Lincoln and Colleen turns into a high-paced rescue mission when the akumatized villain Snorkeler (created from an unnamed diver) uses his water-based powers to kidnap as many people as possible so he can bring them to the Blood Army's headquarters to turn into akumatized villains. When Colleen gets kidnapped during the initial confrontation, and is turned into the Diamond Damsel (for real), a villain with the ability to manipulate jewels and turn her body as hard as a diamond, as well as fire high-heat laser blasts, Lincoln/Ace Savvy must now save his friend without hurting her, as well as defeating Snorkeler.

Cardboard Boy[]

The brainwashed Card Countess creates a new Resentoid named Cardboard Boy to attack Royal Woods and take as many Miraculouses as he can, said Resentoid being able to turn himself razor thin and stretch his limbs very far. With these abilities, Cardboard Boy attacks Royal Woods and took the Miraculouses. Well, most of them.

When Chandler hears the news, he transforms into Dark Ace (with the Dark Ace Miraculous, the only Miraculous not taken) to stop the Resentoid. When he encounters Card Countess later on, he also attempts to get her to remember who she is, to no avail. Nevertheless, he manages to overcome his doubts and destroy the Resentoid.


Ace Savvy and Dark Ace investigate a series of bank robberies that all seem to be linked to a new brand of perfume named "Luxuria", and soon find out the culprit to be the akumatized villain Perfumia, who can use the aforementioned perfume to turn her targets into obedient servants that follow her every command. When Ace Savvy falls under the spell, Dark Ace must now defeat Perfumia alone so he can free his comrade from the villain's influence, as well as the other victims.

Sharkman Attack[]

Ace Savvy II teams up with both Sharkmans to protect Royal Woods from an army of the latters' twisted clones (consisting of not only hammerhead shark and sawshark-themed ones, but mako shark, great white shark, thresher shark, angel shark, basking sharks, dogfish, carpet shark and whale shark-themed ones, among others), created by Empoweress with only one goal: Eliminate the original Ace Savvy!

Knave of Hearts[]



A recap episode of the MAS episodes from "Truce" to "Dark Ace."


Old Flame[]

Sweet Villain[]


Lady Leech[]

Virus Attack! (Supernoobs Crossover)[]

When a surviving strain of the Virus crash-lands in the Ace Savvy dimension, and infects the akumatized villain Dreadwind, (who has the ability to control wind and energy), turning him into Deadgasher (a more powerful version of himself who now has the ability to spread the virus using his katanas/shurikens), the Supernoobs, having arrived in the same dimension as well, go and seek the help of Ace Savvy and his allies to defeat this powerful threat.


An akumatized villain named Timehopper (created from the Bluebell Brunette) uses her time-based abilities to go back in time and prevent Lincoln Loud from becoming Ace Savvy, under Empoweress' orders. To prevent this, Jack Holdem sends the three Ace Savvies (Lincoln included) back in time and convince the latter's past counterpart that he's in danger, which is much easier said than done...


Kara Not-OK[]

Stelladonna 2[]

Loose Wire[]

The Creeps[]


Iceheart 2[]

Chara de Diablo[]

Yoyo King[]

Trent's Decision[]

When the Blood Army's newest Resentoid Weeper kidnaps Trent's little brother Wilson when the latter two go to the park to bond together, the former is faced with a very hard decision: Join the Blood Army, and his brother leaves safely, refuse, or his brother will suffer. What will be the second Light Wing's decision? Will he do the right thing? Or fall to the dark side once more?

Lady Vide[]

Following Trent being forced to join the Blood Army, Wilson begins to start think that he may not be worth anything at all, and that he just gets people into trouble. Seeing the boy in a state of despair, Card Countess attempts to akumatize him...

However, thanks to Baccarat's advice, Wilson regains his confidence, and the akuma flies somewhere else. Eventually, said akuma finds Lola and Lana, trapped inside their school locker by some mean bullies. It enters them, turning them into the half-half villain Lady Vide, a monstrous hybrid of the twins who has one blue eye, one pink eye, speaks with a demonic combination of their voices, a twisted outfit based on their clothes, and has the ability to change her size at will. Her weapon is a staff that can either shoot laser beams, or energy bolts that can split people into two personalities. In addition, Lady Vide also possesses the powers of Mudslinger, Princess Pink and the Twisted Sisters, making her a very powerful opponent. Going on a rampage while acting on the twins' negative emotions, the villainess then splits many citizens (the bullies included) in two, so they can know the benefits of being twins. When Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang (sans Lola and Lana) arrive to stop her, they all get split into two; to make it worse, the split personas start to fight with each other.

Now, Wilson must defeat the two-toned hybrid so he can prove himself worthy of being the new Light Wing and carry on Trent's legacy.

L'Amour 2[]

After Clyde (as One-Eyed Jack) gets kidnapped by the brainwashed Card Countess, Jackhammer and Crayzore on a mission, he gets forcibly re-akumatized back into L'Amour, with the ability to transform any girl he had touched earlier into his minions; if the person was an akumatized villain, they would be reverted back to their akumatized state, and if the person had became a hero, they would turn evil. With this new ability, he transforms Stella, Darcy, Belle, Renee, Ronnie Anne and most of Lincoln's sisters into his minions, and soon kidnaps the other heroes. It is now up to Lina, Colleen and Wilson to save the day as Skyheart, Heartfelt Diamond and Light Wing II respectively, so they can free their friends and de-evilize Clyde.

Below 5000[]



Blood Rabbit, Part 1[]

In this special episode focusing on Blood Rabbit, the most powerful Blood Army member so far, we see him defending his position as the most effective akuma warrior... by eliminating anyone who stands in his way or refuses to submit to him. However, an akumatized villain named General Crosshairs doesn't sit well with this, and plans to usurp the former's position via a very elaborate coup...

Blood Rabbit, Part 2[]

The second part of the episode continues from where the first part left off, where Blood Rabbit shows the viewers how dangerous he is by eliminating many crime lords and gang leaders refusing to pledge allegiance to him (in very gory ways, mostly off-screen), including rogue akuma leader General Crosshairs, the villain antagonist of this episode (as well as the previous one), who has an arsenal of high-tech weaponry, as well as superhuman physical capability. (Note: In a post-credits scene, Blood Rabbit is revealed to be the long-lost older brother of the rabbit kwami Fluff... Lepi.)

Killbot, Part 1 (We Bare Bears Crossover)[]

Killbot, Part 2 (We Bare Bears Crossover)[]

Killbot, Part 3 (We Bare Bears Crossover)[]

Killbot, Part 4 (We Bare Bears Crossover)[]


Killbot hir

Rail Master[]

The Ha Ha Clown[]

La Vile (aka The Stinker 2)[]

After Skippy locks himself inside his room to cry alone after Lana is unable to make it to their playdate, Blood Rabbit reakumatizes him in his sadness back into The Stinker, with the new addition of twin powerful arm-mounted gas dispensers capable of spraying poison gas, knockout gas or smoke. To help him, Empoweress sends the skunk Resentoid, La Vile to assist him on the mission. Soon, The Stinker and La Vile turn nearly three quarters of the Royal Woods populace into a new army of foul-smelling zombies, including the Louds and several of their allies. Now, the survivors (Yin Yang/Stella, Gemini, Fable Queen/Renee, Serfe, the Sawshark Sharkman, Ace Savvy III/Jake Wilkins, Stride, Skyheart/Lina Loud, Doki, Zach and Liam) must quickly end the threat and stop the zombies before they get infected too.


Faux Ace Army[]

Joynosaur 2[]


Pogo Pundit[]

The Hacker[]



DJ King (Parappa the Rapper Crossover)[]

Xochiquetzal 2[]

Bonkers 2[]


Miss Fortune[]

Blanc Slate (Yin Yang Yo AU Crossover)[]



Oil Slick[]



Manta Menace[]


Whip Villain[]

Sweet Grandma[]

Blooper Compilation 2[]


Warped Sisters[]

Globe Trasher[]




Provokor, Part 1 (Unikitty Crossover)[]

Provokor, Part 2 (Unikitty Crossover)[]

Missing Friend, Part 1[]

Missing Friend, Part 2[]

The Five Swords of the Blood Army, Part 1[]

The Five Swords of the Blood Army, Part 2[]

The Five Swords of the Blood Army, Part 3[]

The Five Swords of the Blood Army, Part 4[]

Mr. Eclipse (Bunnicula Crossover)[]

Hack Mistress[]

Sludge Bunny[]

Chara de Negatives[]

Freeing a Friend, Part 1[]

Freeing a Friend, Part 2[]

Kwami Hunter[]



Trauma Line, Part 1[]

Trauma Line, Part 2[]




Making Peace[]


Tweedledee and Tweedledum[]

Master Oblivio[]

Magicia, Part 1 (Powerpuff Girls Z Crossover)[]

Magicia, Part 2 (Powerpuff Girls Z Crossover)[]

Wild Card, Part 1:[]

Wild Card, Part 2:[]

Wild Card, Part 3:[]

Wild Card, Part 4:[]

Wild Card, Part 5:[]


The Demon Racers[]


Voice Mime[]

Brand Stamper[]

Chef Wicked 2[]

Rewind King[]


Stylist Queen[]

Whistle Villain[]


Absorbelle and Devillustrator, Part 1[]

Absorbelle and Devillustrator, Part 2[]

Absorbelle and Devillustrator, Part 3[]

Absorbelle and Devillustrator, Part 4[]


Dice Queen[]

Hate Sinker (Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs AU Crossover)[]


Knitting Knave[]



Maestro Animatius[]


Recap 2[]


Ace Nega, Part 1[]

Ace Nega, Part 2[]

Taking the Mantle[]

Harvesters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13[]


Finding a Sibling[]

Bonds Between Brothers, Part 1[]

Bonds Between Brothers, Part 2[]

Bonds Between Brothers, Part 3:[]

Bonds Between Brothers, Part 4[]

Nick (aka Wild Ace, Part 1)[]

Brothers (aka Wild Ace, Part 2)[]


Nitroman and Turbocharge X (aka Nitro X and Turbo X)[]

Faux Blood[]

Dodgebrawl 2[]

Sub-Zero Woofer[]



The Nine Cartoon Aces, Part 1[]

The Nine Cartoon Aces, Part 2[]

Blustery Gale[]

Rescue Mission[]

Welcome Back[]


Blooper Compilation 3[]

Party King[]

Rock N' Roller[]

Feelings, Part 1[]

Feelings, Part 2[]




Nightmare Ninja[]

Bond Breaker[]


Dark Hood[]

The End of the Empoweress, Part 1[]

The End of the Empoweress, Part 2[]

United as One[]

Puppeteer (MAS)[]

Vex Villain[]


Wanted: Ace Savvy[]

Tank Thug[]


Scarecerer 2[]

Scarecerer Helix[]

Break Faster[]

Weather Vain[]


The Ace Savvy Olympics, Part 1[]

The Ace Savvy Olympics, Part 2[]

The Ace Savvy Olympics, Part 3[]

The Ace Savvy Olympics, Part 4[]





Team Troubles[]

House Party[]

Darkblade (MAS)[]


Hugnosaur (aka Joynosaur 3)[]

Glue Villain[]

Neo Ace[]





Frame Girl[]

Guld Striker[]

Ace Evil and Chara de Heartless[]

Forgetta 2[]

Killjoy 3[]

Dragonheart, Part 1[]

Dragonheart, Part 2[]



Tattle Tale[]

Return to Rizon, Part 1[]

Return to Rizon, Part 2[]

Return to Rizon, Part 3[]


Parents' Day[]

No Vile 2[]

Hissy Fit[]

Raging Rabbit[]

Game Controller 2.0.[]


The Ace of Hearts, Part 1[]

The Ace of Hearts, Part 2[]




Bag Napper Army[]

Lincoln Returns, Part 1[]

Lincoln Returns, Part 2[]

Dread Box[]


SNM-000 (aka Blood Moon)[]



Maestro Allegra[]

Materna, Part 1[]

Materna, Part 2[]







Lincoln and Colleen, Part 1[]

Lincoln and Colleen, Part 2[]


Mr. Rocketeer[]


Goodbye, Quintuplets...[]

Key Monster[]


Icy Paw, Part 1[]

Icy Paw, Part 2[]

Icy Paw, Part 3[]

Killbot's Last Stand, Part 1[]

Killbot's Last Stand, Part 2[]

Killbot's Last Stand, Part 3[]

Killbot's Last Stand, Part 4[]

Killbot's Last Stand, Part 5[]



Chef Diabolicus[]










Race to the Respite[]

Bonkers 2[]


























Can Opener Monster[]




Colony Queen[]

The Apostles of Genesis, Part 1[]

The Apostles of Genesis, Part 2[]





The Ultimate Resentoid, Death Eclipser, Part 1[]

The Ultimate Resentoid, Death Eclipser, Part 2[]

The Ultimate Resentoid, Death Eclipser, Part 3[]

Genesis' Ultimate Plot, Part 1[]

Genesis' Ultimate Plot, Part 2[]

Genesis' Ultimate Plot, Part 3[]

Genesis' Ultimate Plot, Part 4[]

Dark Hours[]

Dark Times[]

Bright Lights[]

Bright Hopes[]

The Final Battle, Part 1[]

The Final Battle, Part 2[]

The Final Battle, Part 3[]

The Final Battle, Part 4[]

The Final Battle, Part 5[]

The Final Ace: Epilogue Chapter[]


Dark Savvy: The Ace of Darkness[]

Plot: A 12-episode miniseries (alongside a bonus episode named "Paper Prince") focusing on Logan Loud and his exploits as Dark Savvy alongside his kwami, Nega in a new city known as Windy City (Chicago). The series takes place from sometime after "Dark Savvy, Part 2" to sometime before "Traitors." Unlike MAS, It is much more darker, although there is still some humor.

List of Episodes:[]

Paper Prince/Pilot Episode[]

When the akumatized villain Paper Prince creates an army of origami figures to take over Windy City, Logan (as Dark Savvy) and Nega head to the scene, but are overwhelmed and defeated. Fortunately, Nega gives Dark Savvy the first Dark Ace card: Nega-A Alpha! With the new card, the two of them defeat Paper Prince and turn him back to normal.


Dark Savvy saves a shy girl named Alice, who has no memory of her past, from an akumatized villain under Blood Rabbit named Mad Hatter, said villain being able to utilize abilities akin to the characters in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Later, after Mad Hatter returns and attempts to kill Logan and Nega, she repays the favor by helping them defeat the villain.

Spin Mixer[]

Now a team, Logan, Nega and Alice head out on their first mission together: Destroy the Resentoid Spin Mixer, a monstrous cement mixer-like beast that can utilize concrete and cement as fluids to encase/suffocate people. But first, Nega will have to get over his distrust of the girl and learn to work together with her.


The team investigate a scandal in which the Mega Comics owner Harvey Ditko is seemingly portrayed as a liar. With help from Renee and Serfe, they find the real culprit, the akumatized villain Defamer (Verne's son Verne Jr.), who has the ability to brainwash people using his illusion-casting sword, After an initial beating by the latter, they soon manage to overcome his powers and defeat him.


An akumatized villain resembling Fowl Ball named Tackler (akumatized from Maya, one of Lynn's teammates) has been kidnapping children and adults alike so she can take them to her "Arena of Death" and have them killed off for fun. When Logan gets kidnapped by said villain, Nega allows Alice to temporarily become Dark Savvy so she can save her friend and the other kidnapped victims.

Dark Crow 2[]

The akumatized villain Dark Crow returns to get revenge on Ace Savvy and his allies by entering the body of one of the Casagrandes (Carl/Carlino) and using him to wreak havoc on the city. Logan, Nega and Alice rush to the scene, but memories of Alice's past start to come back...


After the Dark Crow 2 incident, Alice starts to remember more about her past, including having a loving family and living a happy life. However, her memory browsing is interrupted when Logan and Nega require her help to defeat Snapshot, a Pixelator-esque akumatized villain (created from an unnamed photographer) who traps his targets in a pocket dimension by using his camera eye.

Fast Fury 2[]

A new Fast Fury takes to the streets of Windy City, causing mass injuries and casualties in the process. Now, Dark Savvy (Logan) and Alice must compete in a race to protect the citizens of Windy City, with the additional help of the next Dark Ace Card: Nega-A Beta! Winner takes all!


The team try to protect a rogue akumatized villain, the swordsman Oniisan (aka Atsuya Igarashi) and his little brother (Kenta Igarashi) before Empoweress' Resentoid, the magnet/golem-themed Magnes can capture them and convert them to the side of the Blood Army.


An akumatized villain named Toybox, with an arsenal of killer toys at his disposal, kidnaps Alice alongsides several other kids. Overwhelmed by the villain and his toys, Logan decides to use the last Dark Ace card: Nega-A Omega! With the card, he defeats Toybox and saves Alice. At the same time, Alice's memories are almost starting to be restored...


Now with almost all of her memories restored, Alice decides to accompany Logan and Nega on a trip to find them. But that one memory still lost... what is it?

Turns out, after Alice gets back her last memory, it shows us that while she did have a family, they were all murdered in cold blood by an unknown figure, and as a result, she undergoes a mental breakdown of tears.

Chimera Rageus[]

Unable to accept the fact that her family is dead, in spite of Logan and Nega's efforts, Alice is unwillingly akumatized in her despair by Killbot (the villain who killed Alice's family) into Chimera Rageus, a powerful but mentally unstable chimera/wyvern/hellfire/skeleton-like villain with no control over her body when he arrives on the scene and defeats Logan. Killbot then forces her to attack Logan and Nega; in the ensuing battle, Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang also arrive to assist them.


With Chimera Rageus/Alice going on a mass killing spree after defeating the whole Full House Gang, Dark Savvy then arrives to persuade Alice to stop her rampage, but with no effect, even with the Nega-A Omega card. However, when Logan convinces her to remember the last wishes of her family, she calms down and reverts back to her normal form. After being de-evilized, she runs towards Logan to hug him...

But out of anger that his plan failed, Killbot attempts to kill Logan as compensation by slashing him, only for Alice to push him out of the way and receive the killing blow, to his horror. "Alice, no!" "Remember all those times we spent together?" "What?" "I just realized,.. you're my best friend... and will always be. And, I.. Love......" Horrified at Alice's death, Logan transforms back into Dark Savvy to defeat Killbot, and attacks him in anger, but is quickly defeated. Killbot then mocks the former, saying that he could never escape his past, and that love was something he could not tolerate. To finish it off, he insults the bond Logan and Alice had, then kick the former of the latters back, then walks away. "Get back here... I'm not done yet." "What?" "You may think I'm the type to give up that easily, huh? Think again. Harm your subordinates, harm your enemies... But never... make fun... of my best friend!"

All of a sudden, Dark Savvy then unleashes a new Dark Ace Card in his darkest hour: Nega-A Xenon! With the new card, he gives Killbot a good curb-stomping, then unleashes the final blow on him, seemingly ending him for good.

A few days later, Logan and Nega head to Windy City cemetery to pay their respects to Alice. "Oh, hey Alice. I'm sorry about failing to protect... you. But just so you know, I.... I...." "Love me?" Logan then turns around to see Alice, alive and well again. "But how did you survive?" "Your little brother and his friends used their powers to revive me, Logan. I'm extremely grateful." "Yeah, I am too." The two of them then hug it out and kiss, much to Nega's dismay. "Oh, please!"

In a post-credits scene, Killbot is seen floating around in a dimensional portal, and sees many white holes. One starts to glow, and he makes his way toward it, indicating that his villainy is only just starting, and not ending...


The second spin-off to Miraculous Ace Savvy, Rabbitman focuses on


Miraculous Ace Savvy vs Turning Mecard - The Movie: The Return of Black Mirror[]