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This is the list of episodes for the anime Musou Yami


The King Arc[]

  • Prologue - Memories of the Young
It shows the past of Nobunaga Oda before his father died. Nobunaga was shown as a laid-back teenager meeting with a girl named Nō on her visit to the Oda with her father. In the end, it shows Nobunaga at his father's funeral in sadness and goes berserk. The time then skips to the future showing his young adult form, being emotionless.
  • 1st Path - The Rise to Power
As Nobunaga began his path to unification, he waged war against Yoshimune Shiba for the land of the Oda, Owari. At the near end of the war, Nobunaga burned down the main Shiba castle and stood in front of the Shiba army laughing in joy as the castle fell. It ends with Nobunaga having ordered the remaining Shiba armies to join him or perish into history, striking fear among everyone.
  • 2nd Path - The Noble Imagawa
Nobunaga joined a meeting with Yoshimoto Imagawa, Shingen Takeda, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi to discuss about the current state of the war and play a few games of shogi. In the middle of the meeting, Yoshimoto questioned Nobunaga's ideals and logic and recieved an answered that scared him. In the end, Yoshimoto left the meeting in embarassment and fear of Nobunaga and headed back to his land passing through Okehazama.
  • 3rd Path - Battle of Okehazama - Cruel Fate
In the middle of passing through Okehazama, Yoshimoto was ambushed by Nobunaga and he ran for his life. As Yoshimoto ran for his life, he entered a camp that his men had already set up far from Nobunaga and planned for an escape with the help of Ieyasu Tokugawa. At the end of the battle, Nobunaga found Yoshimoto and killed him and then met with Ieyasu begging for his life, but instead of killing him, he was lectured by Nobunaga and left right after.
  • 4th Path - Battle of Nagaragawa - The Serpent's Death
Dōsan Saitō had just began a battle with his son, Yoshitatsu Saitō, and sent a message to Nobunaga requesting reinforcements. Nobunaga hurried as fast as he could to Nagaragawa, but didn't make it in time to help. Nobunaga then slew the man who killed Dōsan, but Nō appeared suddenly and had mistaken Nobunaga to be the one who killed her father and vowed vengeance.
  • 5th Path - Vengence of the Princess
Nō was forced to marry Nobunaga to make an alliance with the remaining Saitō clan, but she had other plans. Nō had tried to kill Nobunaga various times, but was distracted by his compliments and was later reminded of the time they were together before. In the end, Nō stayed in Azuchi castle in her own room thinking about if she should really kill Nobunaga.
  • 6th Path - Massacre of Enryakuji - The Fool's Way
After meeting with the monks of the Enryakuji temple, Nobunaga was angered by the monks and considered them in the way of his conquest. Nobunaga sent an army to destroy the temple, but had a difficult time fighting them. In the end of the battle, Nobunaga was given the nickname Fool of Owari, but he did not mind it. He sent a message to Shingen Takeda soon after saying the he is the one true king of the sixth heaven and ruler of the land; Shingen replied that he would be better known as the Demon King.
  • 7th Path - Will of Benevolence
Once Nobunaga sent his younger sister, Oichi, to become married with Nagamasa Azai, they began an alliance. Nobunaga and Nagamasa then fought alongside in a battle against the Saitō for their betrayal. In the end, Yoshikage Asakura angered Nobunaga in a meeting and soon decided that he would destroy the Asakura clan for their mockery of the Oda.
  • 8th Path - Short Alliance
After being angered by the Asakura, Nobunaga sent an army to attack Echizen and broke the promise with Nagamasa. Once Nagamasa heard of the attack on Echizen, he cut the alliance with the Oda and wanted revenge. At the end of the battle, Nagamasa and Oichi decided to attack the Oda.
  • 9th Path - Battle of Kanegasaki - The Withdraw
Cutting their alliance with each other, Nobunaga and Nagamasa battled each other at Kanegasaki. In the middle of the battle, Nobunaga figured out he already lost and begun his retreat. After deciding to run away, he was chased by Yoshikage and Nagamasa, but got away because of the help of the Tokugawa ninja, Hanzō Hattori.
  • 10th Path - The True Fools
After losing in Kanegasaki, Nobunaga thought of a plan that would get his revenge and sent a letter to Oichi. Once Nagamasa thought of a plan to kill Nobunaga, Oichi sent a gift to Nobunaga and felt regret after sending it. Understanding the gift, Nobunaga prepared his forces for the next attack.
  • 11th Path - Battle of Anegawa - Love and Death
Before the battle between Nobunaga and Nagamasa began, Nagamasa hoped to surprise attack Nobunaga's army in the beginning of the battle, but was ambushed from behind by Keiji Maeda and Hanbei Takenaka. Once the battle started, Nagamasa knew he was going to lose, but still fought and lost. After the battle, Nagamasa was about to be killed by Nobunaga, but Oichi got in the way and wanted to die with him, but Nobunaga pushed her out of the way and killed him in front of her eyes.
  • 12th Path - Younger Sister
After killing Nagamasa, Oichi was left in sadness by the cruelty of her brother, Nobunaga. Oichi then planned to kill herself, but she was stopped by Katsuiie Shibata and he talked her out of it. Not soon after, Nobunaga planned to attack the Asakura and finish the work he started.
  • 13th Path - Siege of Odani Castle - The Bloody Cherry Blossoms
Yoshikage was hiding in fear of Nobunaga. He wanted revenge for the Azai, but he was too afraid to do anything. He was then attacked by Nobunaga and had his castle burned down with the help of Matsunaga Hisahide. He then lured Yoshikage Asakura out of his hiding and into his death. In the end, Matsunaga was payed for his services, then Nobunaga's castle was suddenly attacked after Matsunaga left the room.
  • 14th Path - Siege of Nagashima - Fired Will
Suspecting Matsunaga for betraying him, Nobunaga wanted Matsunaga dead and ordered his army to defend the castle sent a search for Matsunaga. Angered by not finding any leads, Nobunaga left his younger brother, Nobuyuki, in charge of the battle and searched for Matsunaga by himself. Once the enemy took control of the battle, Nobuyuki ordered the soldiers to retreat and abandon the castle, leaving Nobunaga in rage.

The Demon Arc[]

  • 15th Path - The Tiger and Dragon
A month after what happened in Nagashima, Nobunaga wanted to find and kill Matsunaga, but gave up the search so he could continue as he originally planned and went towards Kawanakajima. Once he entered Kawanakajima, Nobunaga witnessed one of Shingen and Kenshin's many battles and watched as they fought. With neither sides winning or losing at the morning of the next day, Nobunaga thought that it was time for one of them to finally lose and announced himself.
  • 16th Path - Battle of Kawanakajima - Interuption
Once Nobunaga made an entrance, both the Uesugi and Takeda armies were surprised, causing some of the soldiers ran away. After entering the battle, Kenshin, Shingen, and Nobunaga met in the middle of the battlefield with their soldiers all around them seeing them talk, then began to fight. At the end of the battle, both Kenshin and Shingen lost to Nobunaga and he spared their lives as he left Kawanakajima.
  • 17th Path - Short Rest
After returning to Owari from a battle at Kawanakajima, Nobunaga rested in his castle and remembered parts of the past. This episode recaps what had happened in the first season. In the end, Nobunaga woke up from his nap and is received a message from the Takeda.
  • 18th Path - Battle of Nagashino - The Crest of the Sun
After recieving a message from the Takeda, Nobunaga and Ieyasu went to Nagashino and prepared for a battle against the Takeda's general, Yukimura Sanada, who wished for revenge for the loss at Kawanakajima. In the middle of the battle, Yukimura reached the main base of the Oda/Tokugawa army hoping to fight Nobunaga, but met with the Oda general, Ranmori Mori instead, mistakening him for a woman. In the end of the battle, Ieyasu defeated the general, Katsuyori Takeda, and forced him to retreat.
  • 19th Path - To The Ocean
After winning at Nagashino, Nobunaga recieved a visit from Masamune Date and they talked about the war for Saigoku between Motonari Mori, Motochika Chosokabe, and Sorin Otomo. Once Nobunaga heard about this, Nobunaga gained interest and left to the Saigoku region. Once Nobunaga got to the sea, he set sail to Shikoku.
  • 20th Path - Battle of Shikoku - New Allies
Once Nobunaga reached Shikoku, Motochika fired a cannon ball at Nobunaga's main ship, but is was stopped and cut half by Mitsuhide. After receiving a warning from Motochika, Nobunaga still moved foward and Motochika then set his ships for battle. Once the battle ended, Mitsuhide spoke to Motochika about an alliance with the Oda and accepted, then both the Oda and Chosokabe sailed to Chugoku.
  • 21st Path - Battle of Kizugawaguchi - The Three Arrows
As the ships of the Oda and Chosokabe sailed to Chugoku, Motonari Mori already predicted their arrival and had ships ready for battle at Kizugawaguchi. Once Nobunaga and Motochika reached Kizugawaguchi, Motonari and Sorin were already there and had their soldiers shoot a thousand arrows at them and killed many Oda and Chosokabe soldiers. At the end of the battle, Motonari and Sorin lost and left the battlefield after shooting a cannonball in front of Nobunaga's ship, having Magoichi Saika suddenly appearing with a gun at Nobunaga's face.
  • 22nd Path - The Way Back
With his gun at Nobunaga's face, Magoichi was about to kill him and avenge his master's death from several years ago, but he was then attacked by Nō and the gun was lost in the sea. Once Magoichi was unarmed and about to be killed, he was saved by the mercenary ninja, Kotaro Fuma, and left without getting his revenge. After getting back to land, Nobunaga's army went back home to Owari.
  • 23rd Path - Battle of Komaki-Nagakute - The Monkey's Resolve
After a meeting with the Oda retainers, Nobunaga decided that Katsuiie Shibata would be the one to become the next leader of the Oda and marry Oichi, making Hideyoshi jealous and rebel. A day later at the borders of Komaki and Nagakute, the Toyotomi army attacked the Oda army and began a battle. At the end of the fight, Nobunaga spared the life of Hideyoshi and remade him one of his retainers after lecturing him.
  • 24th Path - Meeting a Dragon
After seeing the results of Saigoroku, Masamune decided to form an alliance with Nobunaga and met with him. Once they made their alliance, they fought one battle together against an unknown raiding force. At the next day, Hideyoshi had cut the alliance with Masamune for the Oda because he couldn't trust him and made Masamune wary of Hideyoshi.
  • 25th Path - Siege of Azuchi Castle - Angered Demon
The week after the Oda/Date alliance was cut, Matsunaga Hisahide entered Azuchi Castle and spoke with Nobunaga about the Oda's current state of the war and then burned Azuchi Castle right after he finished talking. Once the castle started burning, Matsunaga's army attacked the outside of the castle and began a battle with Nobunaga. In the end, Nobunaga defeated Matsunaga and was about to kill him, but he was saved by his hired mercenary, Kotaro Fuma, leaving Nobunaga once again in rage.
  • 26th Path - The Anti-Oda Alliance
Once the other warlords had taken notice that the Oda were being too powerful, they formed a temporary alliance with each other, forming the Anti-Oda. When the alliance was created, Masamune Date, Yukimura Sanada, and Kanetsugu Naoe were selected to be the leaders of the army against Nobunaga. After the army was prepared for battle, they set their target to be Ishiyama Honganji, the current place of Nobunaga.
  • 27th Path - Siege of Ishiyama Honganji - Unforgivable Sin
Once the Anti-Oda army reached their rendezvous point, they all charged at the castle with Kanetsugu in the north, Masamune in the east, Yukimura in the west, and Chosokabe in the south. Even though he was surrounded, Nobunaga still fought alongside his army against the Anti-Oda. In the end of the battle, Nobunaga lost most of his soldiers that day, but still won; impressed by the power of the Anti-Oda army, Nobunaga spared all the lives of the remaining soldiers of the Anti-Oda.
  • 28th Path - If the Cuckoo Does Not Sing, Kill It
After Ishiyama Honganji was destroyed, Hideyoshi was left in charge of rebuilding it as Nobunaga left to Honnoji Temple. When Mitsuhide was alone at a shrine, he wondered about the future and took notice that Nobunaga had became too powerful, and believing if nobody will be able to stop Nobunaga now, he would be too powerful and eventually set to conquest the world. Once Mitsuhide thought about the future, he thought of his own ambition and decided to kill Nobunaga at night with his army; ending with his famous quote "The enemy awaits at Honnoji!"
  • 29th Path - Incident at Honnoji - The Treacherous Lotus
Mitsuhide betrayed Nobunaga and had set Honnoji in flames, killing many Oda soldiers. After the flames began, Nobunaga told Nō to escape by herself, but she refused and wanted to die with him, but he then forced her to escape with Nobuyuki; Nobunaga fought with Mitsuhide not soon after. Right after the fire ended, Nobunaga was killed along with Ranmaru, Nobuyuki, and Nō, leaving no survivors of the Oda army in Honnoji.
  • Final Path - The Demon King of Sixth Heaven - Return From Hell
Soon after Mitsuhide killed Nobunaga, Hideyoshi heard the news of Nobunaga's death from his strategist, Kanbei Kuroda, and wanted to kill Mitsuhide. After meeting Mitsuhide in Yamazaki, Hideyoshi fought and killed him after wiping out his army. Skipping through the events of the Sengoku era and at the ending of the Battle of Sekigahara, Nobunaga's voice was heard through the ears of all every warrior in Sekigahara echoing, telling them of his return and arising from the dead with a demonic aura stronger than it ever was before; ending with the return of Nobunaga Oda in the blazing grounds of Sekigahara.