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Phantasy (パンテーシ, Panteisi) is an anime based on the manga of the same name written and drawn by Akiba Numashi. The episodes are animed by Toei Animation and are broadcast on TV Tokyo and Fuji Television, beginning on April 23rd, 2005. The episodes are directed by Hana Numashi, the wife of the creator.

FUNimation Entertainment acquired the foreign television, home video, and merchendising rights to the series for American markets from the two broadcasting companies, as well as Akita Shoten on May 12, 2009. The English adaptation of the Phantasy anime initially began airing during Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block in 2010, but was later added to the Toonami lineup when it was revived. In addition, FUNimation has regularly released the series on DVD and Blu-Ray, complete with dubbed and subbed versions, since 2011.

Following the adaptation of the Shadowland War Arc, the anime was put on an almost year long hiatus, due to the manga's own hiatus and the creator's own indecision on whether the series should be continued. Once the manga returned to regular serialization, the anime was announced to be returning later the same year. The series officially returned, this time with a completely new animation team, and the openings and endings now being produced by Studio Pierrot.

The music in the series was initially produced by the band Ellegarden, but following the group's hiatus the music has been handeled by a variety of groups contracted by Toei. The various theme music and other tracks have been regularly released on CD since 2006.

Episode List[]

Season 1: Earth Chapter[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
1 The Boy From the Sky! An Epic Tale Officially Begins! --- ---
2 The Lone Swordsman! Akane, the First Official Companion! --- ---
3 Emissary from the Fairy World?! Sid Cheney Enters! --- ---
4 A School Trip Breeds Disaster! The Escaped Monster from the Fairy World?! --- ---
5 Origins of the Beast! The One Who Brought It Is?! --- ---
6 Knave's Last Chance?! Reclaim the Escaped Creatures! --- ---
7 Sid's Epiphany! The Training to Master Stark Begins! --- ---
8 The Training Continues! The Final Creature, Uncaught?! --- ---
9 Showdown! The Results of the Training Pave the Way to Tommorow! --- ---
10 The Lost Three Months?! An Intereference With Reality! --- ---
11 Sid and Knave's Ultimate Combination! Fly Back To Your Rightful Owners, Lost Ones! --- ---
12 A Quick Interlude?! Knave's Journey to Collect the Escapees! -1- --- ---
13 A Quick Interlude?! What Lead to the Showdown! -2- --- ---
14 A New Threat Looms! Stark Training, Unsuccessful?! --- ---
15 His Name is Prince?! The Fairy Escapee Assembles his Forces! --- ---
16 The First Real Battle! The Lost Benefits of Stark! --- ---
17 Desperate Training Begins! Akane's Path to His Truth! --- ---
18 Sid vs Prince! Knave's Absent For All This?! --- ---
19 Knave's Arrival! The Final Battle Truly Begins?! --- ---
20 Akane vs Shiro! Two Swordsmen Collide! --- ---
21 Sid vs Breakur! The Inspiration Akane Gave?! --- ---
22 Results of the Battle! Knave, Defeated?! --- ---
23 Fairy Power Reclaimed?! Knave's Stark Explodes! --- ---
24 The Final Blows! The Power that the Boy Hid! --- ---
25 The Next Chapter Prologue! Tsubaki's Decision About the Future! --- ---

Season 2: Utherworld - Intro[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
26 The World of the Fairies?! Enter Utherworld! --- ---
27 Meet Team Gecko! The Z-Class System Explained! --- ---
28 An Unforseen Threat?! The Human Slave Traders Swoop Down! --- ---
29 Tsubaki Captured! Team Gecko's First Mission, Start! --- ---
30 Assault on the Slavers' Lair! Risa's Skills Revealed! --- ---
31 To Each His Own?! The Multiple Battles Begin! --- ---
32 The Lead Slaver! A Morality Unquestioned by Time?! --- ---
33 The Dark Side of Wonder?! Utherworld's True Colors Revealed?! --- ---
34 One Final Push! The Dependable Fairy, Knave Dhahaka! --- ---
35 A Human in a Fairy Team?! The Needlessly Complicated Registration Process! --- ---
36 First OFFICIAL Mission?! Where Did All the Old Ones Go?! --- ---
37 Team Gecko's Hideout! The Laundry Day Nightmare?! --- ---
38 The Curtain Lifted! Risa's Past Comes Back to Haunt Her Friends?! --- ---
39 The Worst Father Possible?! Death is no Objection! --- ---
40 Roots Long Lost?! Risa and Knave's First Meeting Begins! --- ---
41 I'll Change the World?! Knave's Life Goal Revealed as Darkness Closes In! --- ---
42 Escaping the Nightmare! Risa's Reminensces Conclude as the Threat Begins?! --- ---
43 Retake Our Friend! Team Gecko Strives to Prevent the End! --- ---
44 The Future God?! The Father's Madness Unveiled! --- ---
45 Bonds of Friendship! Knave Puts It All on the Line! --- ---
46 Outside of Time and Space?! Can the Worst Enemy be Defeated?! --- ---
47 Believe in Me! Knave and Risa's Grand Attack! --- ---
48 Escape the Crumbling Tower! Risa's Ultimate Fate?! --- ---
49 Recovery Time Begins! Tsubaki's Powers Increased? --- ---
50 The Man That Began the Story?! Sirius Enters!

Season 3: Utherworld - Battle[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
51 Tengan Toppa Budokai?! The Tournament for Revenge?! --- ---
52 Begin the Preliminaries! Team Gecko's Effortless... Defeat?! --- ---
53 The Illusion Master! Only an Idiot Can Defeat Him! --- ---
54 The Result of the Preliminaries! Team Gecko's Standing is? --- ---
55 Begin the First Round! Sid's Matchup Is-? --- ---
56 Knave vs Roland! The Arrogant Z-Class Fairy Is Too Strong?! --- ---
57 The Terrain Is an Advantage?! The Secret of Roland's Power! --- ---
58 Knave vs Roland, Final! Will Team Gecko Move Forward?! --- ---
59 Risa's First Fight Begins! The Resolve of a Blade! --- ---
60 The Second Round Opens! First Match, Sid vs Sirius?! --- ---
61 Relentless Fury! The Hatred Sirius Holds! --- ---
62 Sid Defeated?! The Aftermath of the Battle! --- ---
63 Tsubaki's Fight! The Results of the Reprieve?! --- ---
64 Clash! Risa vs Sirius Begins! --- ---
65 Intervention?! The Grand Match to Be Held! --- ---
66 The Final Fight Before the Climax! Can Sid Keep It Together? --- ---
67 Opening, The Final Round! Knave vs Sirius, Begin! --- ---
68 Knave's Trump Card?! Fly, Signature Technique! --- ---
69 The Words that Sparked a War! Knave's Unforgivable Sin?! --- ---
70 Brutality vs Mercy! The Definitive Answer?! --- ---
71 The Conclusion of the Battle?! Knave and Sirius's Final Clash! --- ---
72 A Shocking Finale! Who is the Actual Winner?! --- ---
73 Be My Friend! A New Team Gecko Member? --- ---
74 The Final Fight Still On the Horizon?! Who Can Fight for Team Gecko?! --- ---
75 Beginning of the Next Battle! The Results Are Included Too! --- ---

Season 4: Akasume/Kenshi Intro[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
76 Pirate Akasume Enters! Wait, There are Pirates in Utherworld?! --- ---
77 Join Me or Die! The Radical Recruiting Opportunity! --- ---
78 Total Defeat?! The Strength of Akasume! --- ---
79 Whisked Away! The Fairy Hero Murtaugh Enters! --- ---
80 The Power of Kings! A Technique Called Kenshi! --- ---
81 The Diversion Begins! Sirius is Now Our Ally?! --- ---
82 Sid's Gauntlet! Throw Down With All You Have! --- ---
83 Defeat Yourself?! Knave's Kenshi Training! --- ---
84 Murtaugh's Backstory! Why the Hero Cannot Defend! --- ---
85 Akasume's Favorite Minions! Sid and Risa Tag Team, Start! --- ---
86 Sirius's Solo Strike! Can He Defeat the Powerful Pirate?! --- ---
87 All Together Now! I'll Defeat You All in an Instant?! --- ---
88 Kenshi Unlocked! Fly, to Akasume! --- ---
89 The Results of the Distraction! Everyone, Defeated?! --- ---
90 Clash of Conquerors! Power of the King vs Power of the Pirate! --- ---
91 The Flaws in Kenshi?! An Opening Leads to the Turn of the Tide! --- ---
92 A Vision in Defeat?! Knave's Final Push! --- ---
93 The Desperate Struggle Concludes! The Power of Kenshi, Victorious! --- ---
94 Knave Vanishes?! The Search for the Gecko's Head Begins! --- ---
95 The One Who Saved His Life! Murtaugh Reconniters! --- ---
96 Team Gecko Reunites! Another Possible Member?! --- ---
97 Long Road Home? The Battle Could Only End One Way! --- ---

Season 5: Kagome and Jose[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
98 The Girl Called Kagome! Does the Next Threat Loom?! --- ---
99 A Trip to the Fairy Capital! Enter, the Z-Class Council! --- ---
100 Special Recap Episode! The Battles We Have Gone Through! --- ---
101 Jose Enters! The Maniac With an Insane Power! --- ---
102 Another Total Defeat?! His Target is Kagome?! --- ---
103 Escape At All Costs! Team Gecko Fleeing?! --- ---
104 Jose's Background! The Sadist That Hides Within?! --- ---
105 Knave Heads in For More Training! Murtaugh Unavailable?! --- ---
106 Sensei-chan's Training! A Cat Can Give You Power! --- ---
107 Sid's Trek! The Search for the Greatest of Assets! --- ---
108 Sirius, the Temporary Ally! The Second Confrontation Comes Ever Closer... --- ---
109 Master Limit Breaker! Can Knave Perfect the Technique in Time?! --- ---
110 The Confrontation Begins! Jose vs Sirius, Begin! --- ---
111 Halloween Stark?! The Stark Types Identified! --- ---
112 Sid Steps Up to Fight! The Power He Gained Is...? --- ---
113 Preya's Blessing! The Holy Light to Destroy Shadow! --- ---
114 Jose's Trump Card! The Maniac Buster Breaks the Light?! --- ---
115 Limit Breaker, Perfected! Racing to the Battlefield! --- ---
116 Impact! Team Gecko's Final Stand?! --- ---
117 Knave Arrives! Unleash the Limit Breaker! --- ---
118 Time Out?! The Mismatched Battle Continues! --- ---
119 Spark?! Kagome's Sacrifice! --- ---
120 Explode with Fury! Knave's Rage Will Destroy All Boundries?! --- ---
121 Murtaugh Returns! Can He Stop Knave's Blinding Rage?! --- ---
122 Jose Defeated! But the Victory At a Cost.... --- ---
123 Premonition of the True Threat?! The Alliance Parts Ways! --- ---

Season 6: Rattling the Skeletons[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
124 The Dark Past of the Brouchard Clan?! Sirius's Predecessor, Revived?! Sirius heads home after the defeat of Jose, grumbling and expression frustration that he needed assistance in the battle. As he does, a mysterious figure appears and attacks him. After a short battle, he reveals himself to be Von Kray, the former guardian of the Brouchard Clan. As Sirius has failed in his duty to protect them, Von Kray will be forcefully retaking his position. Meanwhile, Team Gecko debates intensely over whether or not to invite Sirius to join. At the Fairy Capital, Murtaugh meets up with the Z-Class Fairy Council and begins discussing the various events surrounding Team Gecko. After the meeting he heads to the Council Library for some light reading, and discovers something about the Brouchard Clan before leaving in a panic. ---
125 I Need Your Help! The Prideful Fairy Begs for Assistance?! Sirius continues his attempts to battle Von Kray, but finds that all Stark he throws at him has no effect. Von Kray explains that he is a revenant, a fairy that is neither alive or dead, and as such, Stark has nothing to do with him, as it is a blessing for the truly living. He then departs, telling Sirius that if he truly wants to prove his worth, to meet in the Dartian Fields in a day's time. Sirius immediately heads to Team Gecko, begging for their assistance. After some ribbing from Knave and Sid, they agree, and the reformed alliance heads out. ---
126 All Together Now! The Confrontation in the Fields! Team Gecko and Sirius arrive in the Dartian Fields, where Von Kray is waiting for them. The group attacks all at once, and most of their attacks fail to effect the revenant. After Sirius re-briefs them on the opponent they are facing, Knave activates Kenshi, and attacks. However, his attacks prove to be fruitless as well, as apparently, while in the state of Kenshi, one's attacks are always powered and enriched with Stark. Von Kray then proceeds to effortlessly defeat the other members of Team Gecko. Declaring that Sirius has lost, Von Kray picks him up and proceeds to swallow him whole! ---
127 Sirius... Absorbed?! Von Kray's Completed Form! Almost immediately after eating Sirius, Von Kray's Stark returns, and he changes form, becoming much more youthful in appearance, and is apparently fully alive once more. Admitting his new weakness to Stark-based techniques, Von Kray also reveals that it is counterbalanced by the fact that with both his and Sirius's Starks combined, he is now far stronger. He then summons a large amount of fellow revenants, sharing some Stark with them and allowing them to return to life. With his army now formed, Von Kray announces the end of 'this' Utherworld. ---
128 Von Kray's Past! The Man Who Was Dubbed a Demon! As Von Kray's army prepares to storm Utherworld, Team Gecko stands back up again, with Knave demanding his reasons for doing this. Von Kray, smirking, reluctantly begins to explain. Von Kray was born thousands of years ago, not too long after Utherworld itself was created. It was a time of extreme barbarism, with the Twelve Fairy Kings struggling to maintain any form of order. Von Kray quickly became infamous for his thieving and murderous actions, as he did whatever he could to survive. Overextended, the Fairy Kings elected an emissary to deal with him: Isaiah Brouchard, founder of the Brouchard clan. ---
129 Von Kray's Past! Enter, the Brouchard Clan! Using the contacts he had established with his newly founded family, Isaiah managed to track down Von Kray, and demanded that he put a stop to his behavior. When the young brute refused, the two battled, with Isaiah narrowly winning, and earning Von Kray's respect in the process. Impressed by the young man's technique, Isaiah offered to take Von Kray in as his personal bodyguard, in the hopes of molding him into something beneficial for all of Utherworld. Accepting due to the aforementioned respect, Von Kray began following the Brouchard Clan from that day forth. ---
130 Von Kray's Past! Remaking the World?! The two quickly became feared among the other barbarian clans in Utherworld: Isaiah Brouchard and Von Kray, the Twin Hunters. Together, they managed to restore order to the section of Utherworld placed under their control, and a strong friendship formed between them, with Von Kray coming to deeply respect the man he now viewed as his savior. However, Isaiah became disillusioned from the various conflicts, and, one day, confided to Von Kray that he believed that the Twelve Kings were wrong in their decision to create Utherworld, to divide the universe in such a way. His dream was to one day create a new Utherworld, to start over from scratch, a world where everyone was truly equal, their worth determined by their character. However, unbeknownst to them, a conspiracy was occurring just outside their walls... ---
131 Von Kray's Past! The World I Want to Create! One of the remaining barbarian clans had managed to survive the Two Hunters' purge and plotted revenge. Peace had lulled the guards of the Brouchard complex, and they managed to sneak in and kill Isaiah, taking him by suprise, while Von Kray was away. Returning, Von Kray became blinded by rage, and reverted to his old self, slaughtering everyone in the complex. Realising that he hadn't changed at all, and overcome by guilt, Von Kray swore that he would create the ideal world that his mentor wanted. So, he established a bloodline of protectors for the Clan, possessing each successor and keeping his will alive. However, one day, the Brouchards chose a Z-Class Fairy named Sirius, who was not connected to Von Kray's bloodline. At first, he had given the newcomer the benefit of the doubt, but after Sirius was fired for his loss to Knave Dhahaka, he decided that it was time to put his plans into motion. ---
132 The Tower of Babel?! Team Gecko Charges Forth! His story coming to a close, Von Kray gives Team Gecko a choice: lie down and die with the rest of Utherworld, or attempt to fight him and potentially prove themselves worthy of existing in his new Utherworld. After Risa points out that even with the force he has assembled it is unlikely a hostile takeover will accomplish anything, Von Kray reveals his trump card: the Tower of Babel, a massive device he had been secretly building that will take control of all Stark in Utherworld, rebuilding it from the ground up. He then appoints three of the revenants to guard the tower, before entering it to supervise the re-creation of Utherworld. Knave then instantly commands Team Gecko to attack, in order to stop Von Kray. Team Gecko launches an assault on the tower, with Knave and Sid immediatly flying up to the top in order to confront the main enemy. ---
133 The Ultimate Combination Returns! Knave and Sid VS Von Kray! Von Kray stands in the top of the tower, watching as it begins to take over all the Stark in Utherworld. He speaks to himself briefly, stating that the Tower isn't yet complete, and once it is, it can begin working immediatley. Knave and Sid explode into the room and Von Kray greets them, telling them he'll give them one shot as a combination, and if they manage to actually hit him he'll fight them seriously. Meanwhile, Risa and Tsubaki fight their way through the fodder revenants and the two guardians, and while they manage to take down one they have a harder time with the second. On the top floor, Knave and Sid combine their Stark into one destructive blast. However, Von Kray easily avoids it, and the tower is unscathed as well. He then takes control of the tower directly, knocking Sid down to Risa and Tsubaki before facing Knave. He tells the young fairy that the tower has reached completion and that he has an hour to defeat him. Knave responds by activating Limit Breaker, stating that he has recently managed to make the technique last an hour. The two launch into battle. ---
134 Tower Completion! Only An Hour Left Before Utter Darkness! Sid crashes down next to Risa and Tsubaki, who are having trouble fighting the second tower guardian. Sid agrees to help and activates Preya's Blessing. At the top of the tower, Knave and Von Kray begin fighting, and Knave is astonished at the power and grace of his opponent, wondering if he can actually beat him. Down below, Sid manages to heavily injure the second guardian with Tsubaki's help, allowing Risa to finish it off. As they have a small celebration, Utherworld begins it's rebirth. At the top, Knave is desperate to stop Von Kray, attacking him with a Super Kyori in the hopes that it will do some damage. Von Kray counters with his own attack and reveals that he has managed to stall Knave long enough for the tower to do it's work, revealing that all Stark has been taken over by the tower and that Team Gecko has lost. Knave declares that it's not over yet, and charges at Von Kray once more! ---
135 Above Kenshi?! Von Kray's Full Power! Von Kray becomes annoyed by Knave's persistence and agrees to go all-out himself. Down below, Sid, Risa, and Tsubaki begin searching for another way to deactivate the tower and are confronted by a horde of revenants led by the first guardian. They attack, and are blown back by the power of Sid and Risa combining their own Stark. Defeated, the first guardian reveals that there is no other way to deactivate the tower aside from beating Von Kray himself. Up above, Von Kray's full power is revealed to be a strange sort of transformation. He explains that despite Isaiah's best efforts, only he was capable of achieving Kenshi. However, not wanting to make his best friend feel inferior, he had attempted to remove the power but had instead activated a strange new form that was different from Kenshi, but strangely similar in a way. Knave launches another attack but Von Kray easily blows him out of the tower with a simple Stark blast. At that moment, Team Gecko breaks into the top room and Von Kray gloats, revealing that the tower has finally activated. ---
136 The Tower Succeeds?! Utherworld, Changed Forever! In desperation Team Gecko launches an all-out attack on Von Kray, but the tower fully activates, knocking them away as Utherworld is bathed in a red-pink light and is reborn from the ground up, becoming a wasteland with no life in sight. However, right before the light hits Knave Murtaugh appears, saving his pupil and managing to get them both inside the tower, protecting them from the transformation. As the light clears Team Gecko realizes that Von Kray is nowhere in sight and venture outside. Von Kray is watching the first sunset in the new Utherworld, crying and telling Isaiah that "we made it". Knave appears and punches Von Kray to the ground, telling him that this isn't the Utherworld that Isaiah wanted, and not the one that anyone has ever wanted except him. Enraged, Von Kray demands that Knave go all out and Knave activates Kenshi, the two charging at each other as the battle begins anew. ---
137 Knave VS Von Kray, Round 2! Von Kray's Kenshi?! Knave and Von Kray clash, causing a shockwave that threatens to damage the tower itself. In order to prevent this Von Kray begins steering the battle away from the point of arrival. The rest of Team Gecko conclude that the Tower might have something to do with restoring Utherweorld to its original form, and reenter. They encounter Murtaugh and he begins to explain a plan of action before sensing that something is wrong outside. Outside, Von Kray reveals that the reborn atmosphere of Utherworld has allowed him to reactivate his formerly lost Kenshi, merging it with his exisiting transformation. His powers increased, he easily knocks Knave down and prepares the final blow. However, before it can land Team Gecko and Murtaugh appear, deflecting the technique and declaring that they'll be the ones to defeat him. ---
138 Utter Defeat! Can No One Restore Peace?! Team Gecko attacks, with Sid activating Preya's Blessing and Tsubaki raising the Stark of everyone present. While Sid, Tsubaki, and Risa lead the attack, Murtaugh activates his previously dormant Stark once more and begins to heal and recharge Knave, admitting that for all their grandeur they probably won't be able to stop Von Kray, leaving Knave as their last hope. Von Kray manages to take all the punishment that the other Z-Class Fairies dish out before retaliating, defeating them one at a time. Murtaugh finishes assisting Knave and while waiting for him to wake up attempts to battle Von Kray himself. However, the Hero of Utherworld is still unable to fully use his Stark and he is easily defeated. Tossing the others aside, Von Kray prepares to deal the finishing blow to Knave, but he stands back up, declaring that the fight isn't over yet. ---
139 Standing Up Once More! Kenshi and Limit Breaker Combined?! Knave stands back up, declaring that the battle isn't over yet. He then maxes out his Stark before activating both Limit Breaker and Kenshi at the same time, raising his power immensely. As he and Von Kray continue their battle Murtaugh briefs the awakened Team Gecko about a potential plan to defeat their enemy. He explains about the Four Pillars of Awakening, special artifacts that allow a fairy to enter another's Stark. They were designed to survive the harshest of changes to the atmosphere, meaning that they could have survived the rebuilding of Utherworld. The first and second guardians have recovered and overhear the conversation, deciding to attack and stop Team Gecko before they can acquire them. Meanwhile, Knave and Von Kray are completely tied in strength now and they both agree to end it with their next attack. ---
140 Explode! Knave vs Von Kray Final?! Team Gecko and Murtaugh battle the tower guardians once more and narrowly manage to defeat them. Murtaugh then gives Sid, Risa, and Tsubaki the directions to the individual Pillars, explaining that he'll be heading back to the tower to double-check if there is a method of restoring Utherworld back to normal within it. Knave and Von Kray prepare to unleash their strongest attacks. The remaining members of Team Gecko find their respective Pillars, but are confronted by a variety of wild beasts guardian them, as well as several new fairy-like lifeforms that have been created. Knave and Von Kray release all their Stark into their respective final strikes, doing a great amount of damage to the surrounding area and filling it with smoke, leaving the true victor unknown... ---
141 A New Plan of Battle?! I'll Free Sirius From Within! Sid activates Preya's Blessing and manages to defeat his respective opponents, retrieving his Pillar. Tsubaki lowers the Stark of her opponents and manages to defeat through via an array of traps found in the area around them. Risa also manages to defeat her opponents and the two girls acquire their Pillars as well, though they realize that one is still missing. The smoke clears and Von Kray is revealed to still have some of his Stark left, knocking Knave to the ground once more as Limit Breaker and Kenshi deactivate. Murtaugh discovers that the only way to restore Utherworld is to destroy the tower and reveals to Team Gecko that he is the holder of the Fourth Pillar. They race to the location of the battle and Von Kray tells them that they are too late. However, they collectively give some of their Stark to Knave, enabling him to stand up again. They activate the Four Pillars, trapping Von Kray in place as Knave charges at him. Murtaugh gives a brief rundown of what the Pillars do and Knave says that he'll use this opportunity to free Sirius, returning Von Kray to his much weaker revenant state. Knave then enters Von Kray's Stark, ready to free his friend. ---
142 Everyone vs Von Kray! Hurry, Knave! Von Kray manages to free himself and tosses aside the Four Pillars, facing down Team Gecko and Murtaugh. Sid activates Preya's Blessing once more, merging his Stark briefly with Risa's while Tsubaki maximizes their Stark output. Murtaugh begins to attempt to distract Von Kray while Team Gecko prepares its combined attack, but Von Kray easily deflects his weak attacks. Murtaugh then decides to temporarily activate his full Stark, aware that it will shorten his life span by a great amount. Ignoring Team Gecko's pleas, Murtaugh performs the act and unleashes a technique that sends Von Kray flying. He then re-seals his Stark before collapsing, mentally begging Knave to hurry. Team Gecko unleashes their combined attack on a stunned Von Kray and the resulting explosion levels the landscape save for the Tower. However, Von Kray manages to survive and easily defeats the now heavily weakened Team Gecko. He prepares to kill them but is stopped by a piercing pain in his chest. Inside his Stark, Knave approaches a massive glowing orb and states that he can feel Sirius's Stark inside.  ---
143 The Inner Struggle Begins! Find the Correct Dimension! Picking up right as Knave entered Von Kray's Stark, the young fairy finds himself in a massive black expanse filled with a variety of large glowing orbs. Having on idea what to do, Knave enters one at random and finds himself at the scene of Von Kray's birth. He then moves from orb to orb, watching various scenes of Von Kray's life and his adventures with Isaiah. Along the way he encounters a brief vision of Isaiah, stating that Von Kray has lost his way and begging for Knave to 'save him'. Knave then arrives at an orb which he can sense contains Sirius's Stark. He enters, and finds a vast desert area with a variety of cages, Sirius in one of them. In the 'real' world Von Kray enters his own Stark mentally, appearing next to Knave in the world. He declares that he'll be absorbing Knave next and attacks. ---
144 Knave Trapped?! Sirius's Time to Shine! Knave and Von Kray battle for a short bit, but the surprise attack has allowed Von Kray to gain the upper hand and he is knocked into a cage, adding his own Stark to Von Kray. However, Knave reveals that he has managed to free Sirius in the middle of the conflict and Sirius attacks Von Kray. The two engage in a viscous battle, with Sirius now able to land attacks on the former bodyguard. Von Kray once more gains the upper hand and slowly forces Sirius towards his cage again. Sirius tries one more desperate technique and while it misses Von Kray, it destroys the cage surrounding Knave, allowing Knave to join Sirius in the battle. Facing their mutual enemy, Knave activates Kenshi and Sirius charges his Stark to the max while Von Kray charges at them in a fury. ---
145 The Final Struggle! Knave and Sirius VS Von Kray! The three combatants clash, causing an immense amount of damage to be done to the inner world. While Knave and Sirius clearly have a hard time working together, Von Kray is losing his edge due to his temper and is slowly beaten back towards a cage of his own. However, right as they make him reach it, he almost explodes with fury, destroying the entire inner world and stranding all three in the black expanse. Von Kray then charges a massive amount of Stark, throwing everything he has at the two. Knave and Sirius combine their Starks in response and launch their own blast. The collision completely destroys the black expanse and Knave and Sirius are thrown out of Von Kray's Stark back into the real world. Deprived of his power source, Von Kray reverts to his more aged, revenant state. His temper returns again, though, and he uses the rapidly draining Stark to forcefully keep himself at max power, his visage changing to something far more bestial. Knave and Sirius prepare to lure him to the Tower in the hopes of destroying of it, and a ghostly Isaiah Brouchard appears between them, offering his assistance. ---
146 The World Comes to Pieces?! Von Kray's Atonement! Von Kray launches attack after attack at Knave and Sirius, but the two manage to avoid every one, slowly luring him towards the Tower. As they do so, Isaiah Brouchard's ghostly form gives them advice on how to dodge and counter Von Kray's attacks, enabling them to perform the feats needed to bring him closer. Realizing what they are doing, Von Kray begins aiming attacks at Team Gecko, forcing Knave and Sirius to block or take the attacks themselves. Deciding that this has gone on for long enough, Isaiah appears to Von Kray and demands that he stop the whole business and destroy the tower. Not believing what his mentor is saying, Von Kray insists that Isaiah is a fake and launches his strongest attack in the hopes of destroying it. However, the blow goes through the ghost, and strikes the tower, destroying it. Almost immediatley the 'new' Utherworld begins reverting, and Von Kray comes to his senses. Realizing that he has attempted to attack his best friend and mentor, he collapses, begging for forgiveness for all he has done. Isaiah says that he forgives him and Von Kray apologizes to Team Gecko, thanking them for stopping him. As the rest of Utherworld reverts, Von Kray and Isaiah dissolve with the 'new' Utherworld, finally finding peace. ---
147 Conflict Over! Sirius Resolves with the Clan?! Utherworld is completely restored, and Team Gecko awakens in the field where the Tower once was. Sirius reluctantly builds a proper grave for Von Kray and he begins to head towards the Brouchard estate in the hopes of replacing the fake one that had been put up. Knave and the others stop him and demand that they accompany him. They decide to hold an impromptu funeral and look back on the events of Von Kray's life, Knave chipping in with the bits he observed during the final battle. Sirius explains that since he had first taken the job he had felt like someone was watching him always, without ever stopping or taking a rest. The idea irritated him and made him more susceptible to what occurred when he and Knave first fought, when Knave lost all his Stark. However, Sirius forgives his predecessor and states that he believes that he would have probably done something similar if he had been faced with the same situation. He then heads for the main estate, only to be confronted by a large number of the staff, who insist that he be brought inside as he has broken his promise to never return and he must be tried. ---
148 The Brouchard Clan Trial?! Will Sirius Remain Their Bodyguard?! Sirius is taken into the main area of the mansion where he is faced with the various heads of the Brouchard clan. Team Gecko heads in as well and declare themselves as Sirius's legal counsel, aggravating both Sirius and the others present. When prompted Sirius reveals the truth about Von Kray and about their founder, and that the family is not as pure as they would wish, that darkness has been apart of their heritage for most of their existance. Them denying that this darkness existed was not the right way to go, as it only made them more vulnerable to Von Kray's machinations in the end and that hiring him was the only thing they could do to potentially stop them. He takes the blame for losing to Knave, stating that if he hadn't lost Von Kray would not have gone into action as soon and he could have potentially been stopped. However, at the end of the day he is still happy to have served the family the way he did. His testimony over (and Team Gecko having proven useless), the heads of the Brouchard clan determine that he is innocent and invite him to become their bodyguard once again. However, Sirius refuses and invites them to reinstate Von Kray's bloodline as any danger from it is long gone. As he exits the pseudo-courtroom, Team Gecko asks him if he will officially join them. ---
149 A Fated Rematch! Who Has Improved the Most! Sirius grins in response to the question and says that he has no desire to join them just yet, as he wants to get some things straightened out in his head first, especially with the whole business with Von Kray and its respective revelations. However, since he can't join them just yet, he asks if Knave wants to have a rematch. Knave gleefully agrees and the two prepare to face off. They briefly recall their previous meetings, battles, and collaberations before they attack. They battle for a long time, proving to be a match for each other though Knave refuses to use Kenshi or Limit Breaker. As they finish their battle with it being a tie (as both ran out of Stark before a clear winner was decided), they both see a sudden vision of Von Kray, back in his youthful form, watching them from a nearby rock. He waves goodbye to them before vanishing. Sirius heads off not too long after, claiming that he'll think over their offer. Meanwhile, fairy astronomers notice a large group of powerful and strange Stark signatures decending over Utherworld. ---

Season 7: The Locusts[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
150 Locust Arrival?! The Harbingers of Death Appear! --- ---
151 The New Member of Team Gecko! His Identity Is-? --- ---
152 The Hunt for Stark Begins! The Cknights Appear?! --- ---
153 Ressurected Akasume?! The First Cknight! --- ---
154 Sirius Proves His Mettle! The Second Cknight Battle! --- ---
155 A Living Weapon?! Zettogohan vs Risa! --- ---
156 Eradicate Utherworld?! The Locusts' Fiendish Plan Begins! --- ---
157 Complete Annihilation! The Genocide Has Only Begun? --- ---
158 Illumia Enters! The Only Female Cknight Is the Strongest?! --- ---
159 Tsubaki's Resolve! The Stark Manipulation Power Fully Unlocked! --- ---
160 The Third Immortal Enters?! Another Relic of the Past! --- ---
161 The Spark Revealed! Utherworld To Be Erased?! --- ---
162 Gambling With Fate on the Line! The Climactic Battle Begins! --- ---
163 Sirius vs Zettogohan! A Certain Defeat? --- ---
164 Sid Rejoins the Battle! The Wolf and Human Combo! --- ---
165 Battle at the Core of Utherworld! Murtaugh vs the 3rd Immortal! --- ---
166 Kenshi and Limit Breaker Combine Once More! Strike Down the Heart of Darkness! --- ---
167 Preparations for Apocalypse! Whattya Mean, We Can't Save Utherworld?! --- ---
168 Murtaugh and the Third's Final Attack! The Result Is?! --- ---
169 The Immortals Appear! The Leader of the Locusts Strike Down! --- ---
170 The End of the World?! A Desperate Escape! --- ---
171 He's Stowed Away?! The Final Cknight Rears His Head! --- ---
172 A New Home? The Place Called the Shadowland! --- ---

Season 8: Shadowland - Intro[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
173 Enter the Shadowland! Mercuia and Saturn Appear! --- ---
174 Team Gecko Recovers! Is This the Calm Before the Storm? --- ---
175 Strategize! The Locusts Are Coming! --- ---
176 Knave Awakens! Begin the Desperate Training! --- ---
177 The Training Continues! Breaking the Strongest Metal! --- ---
178 The Training Continues! The Shadowland General Appears! --- ---
179 The Training Continues! Refining Preya's Blessing?! --- ---
180 The Training Continues! The Relics of Sirius's Clan Survived?! --- ---
181 The Training Continues! Tsubaki Catches Up! --- ---
182 A Brief Interlude! The Locust Advance Force! --- ---
183 A Brief Interlude! The Royal Ball Leads to Disaster?! --- ---
184 The War Begins?! The Surviving Cknights Arrive! --- ---
185 Zettogohan's Final Moments! The Death of a True Warrior! --- ---
186 Who We Are! Explanation of the Locust Cult?! --- ---
187 Let's Assemble the Army! Preparations for War Begin to Conclude! --- ---
188 The Dimensional Gate! Can the Locusts Be Stopped Before Arriving?! --- ---
189 The Final and Grandest Cknight! Perspire's Stark Unleashed! --- ---
190 The Power to Kill Anyone? Perspire Can't Be Stopped! --- ---
191 The Locusts Land?! Declaration of War! --- ---
192 To Everyone Their Positions! The First Wave Arrives! --- ---
193 Team Gecko Re-debuts! Push Back the Locusts at Any Cost! --- ---
194 Sid's Delay?! The Bridge Will Have to Wait! --- ---
195 The Immortals Descend Once More! The Real Battle Starts Now! --- ---

Season 9: Shadowland War Part 1 - Early Stage[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
196 The First Immortal Touches Down! The Snake Charmer! --- ---
197 I'll Fight! Tsubaki vs the First Immortal! --- ---
198 The Peak of Stark Manipulation?! Tsubaki's Desperate Attack! --- ---
199 The Hidden Power of the Sword! Tsubaki's Forgotten Side? --- ---
200 Special Recap Episode 2! All the Struggles to Reach this Point! --- ---
201 The Second Immortal! The Meaning of the Term Locust? --- ---
202 Risa vs the Second! Reclaim the Stolen Stark! --- ---
203 The General's Story: The Shadowland That Came Before --- ---
204 The General's Story: The Lengths That Will Be Taken --- ---
205 The Fourth Immortal! Sirius's Battle Begins! --- ---
206 The Fifth Immortal! Saturn Steps Out to Fight! --- ---
207 World of the Gods! What Risa Saw On That Day! --- ---
208 Saturn vs the Fifth! The Cloner Isn't a Immortal?! --- ---
209 Knave Returns! The Third Immortal Rears His Head! --- ---
210 Knave vs the Third! Revenge for Murtaugh! --- ---
211 Kenshi Orage?! The Custom-Made Form Debuts! --- ---
212 Risa vs the Second Concludes! The Stark Power-Up! --- ---
213 The Sixth Immortal Descends?! Utter Dispair On the Horizon! --- ---

Season 10: Shadowland War Part 2 - Dispair Stage []

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
214 Saturn vs the Fifth Concludes! The Cloner's Identity Revealed! --- ---
215 Sirius's Difficulties! The Lost Relic Appears! --- ---
216 Reawaken, Ancient Power! The Third Eye's Full Effect! --- ---
217 You're Not Alone! Sid and Risa Lend a Hand! --- ---
218 The Defeat of the Fourth! Zettogohan's Origins?! --- ---
219 The Third's Last Moments! The Training with Murtaugh Begins! --- ---
220 The Third's Last Moments! The Betrayal That Shaped the Future! --- ---
221 The Origins of Kenshi Orage! How Knave Changed the Future? --- ---
222 The Desire to Live! The Results of the Sixth's Attack! --- ---
223 Sid Reaches the Bridge! Defeating the Clone Army! --- ---
224 Knave and Saturn's Combo! Defeat the Sixth Immortal! --- ---
225 A Fateful Demise?! Knave's Rage Explodes Once More! --- ---
226 The Sixth's Released Stark! Kenshi Orage Reappears! --- ---
227 The Mantle Discarded! The Dawning of Dispair! --- ---
228 Into the Spark! Guilt and Sadness Washed Away! --- ---

Season 11: Shadowland War Part 3 - Victory Stage[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
229 I Am Alive! Hope Brightens the Darkened Future! --- ---
230 The True Final Battle Begins! Knave and the Sixth's Final Confrontation! --- ---
231 Back to the Bridge! The Improved Preya's Blessing! --- ---
232 The Boy Who Changed the Future! Sid and Knave's First Meeting! --- ---
233 Sid vs the Cloner! A Final Blow Swings Down! --- ---
234 Kenshi to Kenshi Orage! The Sixth Has a Trump Card?! --- ---
235 Believe in Knave! The History of Team Gecko Begins! --- ---
236 Believe in Knave! The United Team Decides a Name! --- ---
237 Believe in Knave! The REAL First Mission is Here! --- ---
238 Believe in Knave! Deciding Our Positions! --- ---
239 Believe in Knave, Conclusion! The True Reason for Belief! --- ---
240 The Man to be God! Knave and the Sixth's Final Confrontation! --- ---
241 I Won! A Victorious Cry Signals a Bright Tommorow! --- ---
242 Cleaning Up the Shadowland! The Aftermath of the Grand War! --- ---
243 Saturn's Funeral... A New Team Gecko Member?! --- ---
244 Utherworld Returns?! The Road Home is Opened! --- ---
245 Until We Meet Again! Knave Embarks On a New Journey! --- ---

Season 12: 3 Years Later/The Lost Star Opener[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
246 3 Years Later! Team Gecko Returns! --- ---
247 The Selfish King! The Reunion Mission Begins! --- ---
248 Assault on the Palace! The Skills That We Have Acquired! --- ---
249 Mercuia's Enhanced Skills! The King Defeated! --- ---
250 Another Mission Comes In?! The Rich Fairy's Predicament! --- ---
251 Roland Returns?! Team Gecko, Move Out! --- ---
252 To Boost Everyone's Stark! The Shadow Behind the Great Ideal! --- ---
253 A Rematch Long Awaited! Knave vs Roland, Round 2! --- ---
254 The Client's True Identity?! The Roland Revelation! --- ---
255 The Battle Concludes! The Ultimate Combo Returns! --- ---
256 Regroup! After the Airship! --- ---
257 The Mid-Air Battle! Risa's Improved Skills! --- ---
258 Knave Attacks! The Ambush That Turns the Tides?! --- ---
259 Mercuia Captured?! The Twists Continue to Turn! --- ---
260 Assault on the Mountain Range! Rescue Our Friend! --- ---
261 Knave vs the Client, Finale! Break Through, 3 Years of Power! --- ---
262 The Invitation From the New Area?! Introducing the Lost Star! --- ---
263 Preparing for the Trip! A Few Extra Weeks of Training?! --- ---

Season 13: The Lost Star[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
264 Arrival on the Lost Star! A Land of Adventure Awaits! --- ---
265 The Shadow Behind the Paradise! Scorpio Enters! --- ---
266 Revelation! The Man Who Killed Knave's Parents?! --- ---
267 Recovery in the Refuge! The Aftermath of the First Battle! --- ---
268 The Path to the Shrine! The Trek for Answers Awaits! --- ---
269 Sid vs Scorpio! The Disastrous Attempt to Regain Honor! --- ---
270 Arrival at the Shrine! The Truth of Knave's Birth Begins?! --- ---
271 Spade Meets Knave's Mother! The Sunset the Signals a New Beginning! --- ---
272 Enter the Bureau! The Countdown to the Day of Destiney! --- ---
273 Knave's Birth! The Child That Holds the Future! --- ---
274 Darkness Reigns Down! Scorpio and Murtaugh Enter! --- ---
275 Spade vs Scorpio! The Fight That Began Years Ago! --- ---
276 Mother, Father! The Final Encouragment! --- ---
277 Sid's Recovery! The Secrets of the Lost Star! --- ---
278 Confidence Restored! Knave vs the Gatekeeper! --- ---
279 The Rematch Is Here! Mom, Dad, Guide My Path! --- ---
280 Scorpio Snaps! The Man I Should Have Killed Is Alive?! --- ---
281 The Last Desperate Offensive! Can Knave Pull Through?! --- ---
282 Scorpio's Downfall! Murtaugh Arrives! --- ---
283 Free At Last! The Celebration of True Release! --- ---
284 Let's Go Home! Time to Re-Summon Tsubaki! --- ---

Season 14: The Future Part 1 - Mirror[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
285 Welcome Back Tsubaki! A New Terror On the Horizon! --- ---
286 The World We Wish to Erase! The Two Paragons from Tommorow! --- ---
287 We're You! The Paragons Are-?! --- ---
288 The Future's Dark Turn! Arrival of the Grotesques! --- ---
289 The Future's Dark Turn! What Made Knave Take the Plunge! --- ---
290 The Future's Dark Turn! Sid's Turn into Shadow! --- ---
291 The Battle Begins! Protect Our Present! --- ---
292 Knave vs Knave! The Man That Once Dreamed! --- ---
293 Sid vs Sid! The Man That Once Protected! --- ---
294 The Portal to Tommorow! Knave and Sid Flung to the Dark! --- ---
295 Sirius' Trump Card! The King's Power Awakened Once More! --- ---
296 Tsubaki's Three Years! The Lost Side Is Now Dominant?! --- ---
297 The Tower Is Summoned! The Meteor That Brought Horror! --- ---

Season 15: The Future Part 2 - NEXT Pillars[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
298 Knave and Sid Arrive in Tommorow! The Team Gecko That Survives... --- ---
299 Strategy Against the Grotesques! We'll Do What We Previously Couldn't! --- ---
300 Special Recap Episode 3! The Choices That Lead Us to Tommorow! --- ---
301 Attack the Grotesques! To Brighten this Darkened Utherworld! --- ---
302 Grotesque Ending! Defeat the Nest's Mother and Father! --- ---
303 A New Threat Emerges?! NEXT Appears! --- ---
304 Inspecting the Meteor! The Rock That Signaled Apocalypse! --- ---
305 Inside the NEXT! The Lightless Star Generals! --- ---
306 Let's Counterattack! Team Gecko's Spirit Revived! --- ---
307 The Ever-Changing Mansion! The Multi-Battle Returns! --- ---
308 Sid vs Ita! The Youngest Is Their Support! --- ---
309 Tsubaki and Risa vs Ichi and Nii! The Twins of Armageddon! --- ---
310 Sirius's Double Battle! The Future Sirius Is the Strongest? --- ---
311 Knave vs the Commander! Protect the Lost Future! --- ---
312 Origins of the NEXT! The Demand for New Order! --- ---
313 The Final Strike! Take Back Tommorow! --- ---
314 We Still Can't Go Back?! The Four Pillars! --- ---
315 A Small Roadblock! The Lost Colony! --- ---
314 The First Pillar! The Crow of Shadow Swoops Down! --- ---
315 The Second Pillar! The Horse of Earth Erupts! --- ---
316 The Third Pillar! The Dragon of Wind Strikes! --- ---
317 The Fourth Pillar! The Lion of Light Roars! --- ---
318 The Mane of Judgement! Defeat the Fourth Pillar! --- ---
319 Goodbye Future! The Alternate Timeline That We Leave Behind... --- ---

Season 16: The Future Part 3 - Hope[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
320 Return to the Present! Sirius vs Knave and Sid?! --- ---
321 Take the Fight to the Tower! We Won't Let You Create Another Dark Future! --- ---
322 Sid vs Future Sid! The Gauntlets That Hold the Remaining Stark?! --- ---
323 Preya's Blessing, 3 Years Later! I'll Make a Path Towards the Light! --- ---
324 Knave vs Future Knave! The Battle Inside the Tower! --- ---
325 Kenshi, 3 Years Later! The Drastic Change Means New Power?! --- ---
326 Kenshi, Future Edition?! Did You Think the Future Was That Far Gone? --- ---
327 Countdown to Apocalypse! The Tower Begins to Activate! --- ---
328 Knave vs Future Knave, Finale! Tommorow is Safe with Us! --- ---
329 The Differences Are Here! What Lead Future Knave Astray?! --- ---
330 The Differences Are Here! Jose's Advice and Reckoning! --- ---
331 The Differences Are Here! The Final Moments of Clarity! --- ---
332 Hope -1- --- ---
333 Hope -2- --- ---

Season 17: Annihilation Part 1 - Boa's Head[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
334 Tsubaki's Discovery! Team Boa On the Horizon! --- ---
335 The Great Massacre! The Annihlation Begins! --- ---
336 Jaeger's Mischief! The Annihlation Continues! --- ---
337 Sid vs Kaiser?! The Team Boa Leader Bares His Fangs! --- ---
338 Knave vs Kaiser! The Truth Behind Team Boa! --- ---
339 The Boy Named Mest! Murtaugh's Other Disciple?! --- ---
340 The Origins of Darkness! Enter, the Original Team Gecko?! --- ---
341 The Origins of Darkness! A War That Would Define the Present! --- ---
342 The Origins of Darkness! The Warning Shot That Signals the Beginning of Madness?! --- ---
343 The Origins of Darkness! The Massacre Appears to Darken the Present! --- ---
344 The Origins of Darkness! Brother vs Brother, Schism Begins! --- ---
345 The Origins of Darkness! Brother vs Brother, Murtaugh's Defining Moment! --- ---
346 The Origins of Darkness! Manarxus's Last Lash! --- ---
347 Mortal Interruption! Team Boa's Second Assault Arrives?! --- ---
348 Knave vs Kaiser, Round 2?! The Sinister Figure Moves Closer! --- ---
349 Murtaugh vs Kaiser! The Old Warrior Releases His Stark?! --- ---
350 A Sad End?! Knave's Fury Blazes Forth! --- ---

Season 18: Annihilation Interlude - Dullahan Awakening[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
351 Vacation Time Again! A Trap Closes In..?! --- ---
352 Ambush Sprung?! Utherworld Invaded, Team Gecko Divided! --- ---
353 Trapped on Earth! The Dullahan Army Appears! --- ---
354 Knave vs Caelus, Round 1! The Power Opposite Stark?! --- ---
355 Back to Utherworld! The Invasion Progresses..?! --- ---
356 Underground Resistance?! Let's Take Back Utherworld! --- ---
357 Back to Earth! Regroup and Prepare for Retaliation! --- ---
358 Infiltrating HERD! Reactivating the Portal?! --- ---
359 The Final Line of Defense?! Knave vs the Head of HERD! --- ---
360 Dullahan Awakening! The Worst Possible Outcome Occurs?! --- ---
361 Reopening the Portal! The Two Conflicts Collide! --- ---
362 Team Gecko United?! Let's Retake Utherworld! --- ---
363 Caelus's Actual Goal! The Utherworld Annihilation Plan! --- ---
364 Race Against Time?! Defeat the Dullahan Army! --- ---
365 Divided Once More! Tsubaki's Hidden Technique! Sid and Risa's Combo?! --- ---
366 Knave vs Caelus Round 3! Fly, Super Kyori Piercer?! Sirius's Brief Ascension! --- ---
367 A Horrific Transformation! Tsubaki's Final Trump Card?! End of the Battle?! --- ---
368 Utherworld Rejoices! Dance in the Light of the Morning Sun! --- ---
369 Team Gecko's Ramen Stand Returns! Billionaire Tsubaki Becomes Even Richer?! --- ---
370 The Sixth Immortal's Day Off?! A Long-Forgotten Tale is Told! --- ---
371 Utherworld Temple Run! A Long-Awaited Vacation Turns Sour?! --- ---
372 Knave and Tsubaki's First Date?! Terrifying Nightmare to Bizaare Reality! --- ---
373 A New Arrival?! The Amazing Shrub Monster Known as Gopher! --- ---
374 Murtaugh's Birthday! The Man of the Hour Has Gone Missing?! --- ---
375 Celebration! A Time For Remembrance and Joy! --- ---

Season 19: Annihilation Part 2- Boa's Respite[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
376 Sensei-chan Returns! To the Continent of Ice! --- ---
377 Sudden Arrival! The Land of Samurai and Cats?! --- ---
378 Race to the Spire of Kings, Begin! The Samurai Leader Sarutobi?! --- ---
379 Knave vs Sarutobi?! The Power of Yoseiryu?! Race Continues! --- ---
380 Arrival at the Spiral! The Cats on Duty! A Brief Respite Before the Plan?! --- ---
381 The Plan to Master Kenshi! Into the Crystal to Prove Yourself?! --- ---
382 Shocking Revalation! The Identity of the Mysterious Figure Is-?! --- ---
383 Murtaugh's Apparition?! The Surprise Gift That Could Change the Tides! --- ---
384 Decisive Final Battle! Knave vs the Figure, Deciding the Fate of Kenshi?! --- ---
385 Sayonara?! The Hero of Utherworld's Fate! --- ---
386 Special Memorial Episode! Murtaugh's Life and Death Retold!! --- ---
387 After a Goodbye Lies-?! Preparations for Counterattack! --- ---
388 Knave vs Sarutobi, Round 2! The Expert Who Isn't an Expert?! --- ---
389 Origins of the War! The Divide Between Cats and Samurai Begins!! --- ---
390 First Battle! The Rebellion Begins!! The Sacrifices That Were Made!!! --- ---
391 Sarutobi's Rage! The Pain Derived From Blame!! --- ---
392 A Final Clash?! Knave vs Sarutobi, the Deciding Blows! --- ---
393 Continent of Ice Arc, Resolution! Preparations for Return?! --- ---
394 Team Gecko's Training Interlude, Prologue! The Battle Without Knave?! --- ---
395 Team Gecko's Training Interlude, Prologue! Our Combined Strength!! --- ---
396 Knave's Three Years of Training, Part 1! The Journey with Murtaugh Begins! --- ---
397 Knave's Three Years of Training, Part 2! The True Form of Kenshi, Revealed?! --- ---
398 Knave's Three Years of Training, Part 3! The Conclusion Draws Near!! --- ---
399 Knave's Three Years of Training, Part 4! Activation of the New Kenshi!! --- ---
400 A Special Occasion?! The Anniversary of Team Gecko! --- ---
401 Risa's Three Years of Training, Part 1! A Grave to Visit, Honoring the Lost and Departed!! --- ---
402 Risa's Three Years of Training, Part 2! The Long Stride Forward?! Uncovering One's Limitations and Flaws! --- ---
403 Risa's Three Years of Training, Part 3! The Upgraded Garde!! Renewed Spirit!!! --- ---
404 Sid's Three Years of Training, Part 1! Return to Preya's Well!! A Reunion Long-Awaited!!! --- ---
405 Sid's Three Years of Training, Part 2! A Promise Made to be Kept?! --- ---
406 Sid's Three Years of Training, Part 3! The Will to Protect?! Practice For that Goal!!! --- ---
407 Sirius's Three Years of Training, Part 1! The Power that Dhahaka Weilds!! The Road to Achievement?!  --- ---
408 Sirius's Three Years of Training, Part 2! A Doorway Lies Ahead!! --- ---
409 Sirius's Three Years of Training, Part 3! Kenshi Realized?! The Gate That Now Lies Unlocked!!! --- ---
410 Tsubaki's Three Years of Training, Part 1! The Long-Awaited Return Home! --- ---
411 Tsubaki's Three Years of Training, Part 2! Memories of Utherworld?! A Determination Arises!!! --- ---
412 Tsubaki's Three Years of Training, Part 3! Sword-Forging!! A Blade to Surpass All Others?! --- ---
413 Mercuia's Three Years of Training, Part 1! A Path Currently Unseen! --- ---
414 Mercuia's Three Years of Training, Part 2! The Lost Wings of the Shadowland!!! --- ---
415 Mercuia's Three Years of Training, Conclusion?! A Future That Now Lies in Reach! --- ---

Season 20: Annihilation Part 3- Boa's End (In progress)[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
416 Team Boa's Final Play Begins! Assault on the Fairy Capital?! --- ---
417 Team Gecko Arrives?! Defending the Seelie Court, Our Responsibility! --- ---
418 A Deadly Joker Card! Kaiser's Resolve for Total Destruction!! --- ---
419 Dividing Battle?! Destroy the Threat! --- ---
420 Garin Noshou's Wing Ability! Sword vs. Swords?! --- ---
421 The Strength of a Human! Draw Out the Stark-Conducting Blade!! --- ---
422 Truth of the Five Rings?! The Philosophy of Garin Noshou! --- ---
423 The Two Second-in-Commands Clash - Sid vs Heike --- ---
424 Ice Enshrouds Everything?! The Promise Made That Day! --- ---
425 An Upgraded Preya's Blessing!!! Protect Everything Mix's Debut! --- ---
426 The Final Clash of Deputies - Two Resolves Collide?! --- ---
427 Result of Collective Victories! The Meteor Falls?! --- ---
428 Kaiser's Deadly Endgame - The Defense of Alfheim City --- ---
429 A Return on the Horizon?! The Team Gecko Squads are Born! --- ---
430 Move Out, Sirius' Squad! The Shark of Team Boa, Tsurezure --- ---
431 Desperate Situation! Under the Light of the Moon, A New Kenshi Blooms?! --- ---
432 The Blackest Waters - End of the Third Duel --- ---


Phantasy Special: Attack on the Toyhouse! Battle for the Fairy Children[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
1 A New Tale Begins! The Missing Fairy Children! While taking a break from the events of the Shadowland War, Team Gecko is contacted by a local ambassador of the Fairy Council. He alerts them of a sudden rise in abductions among the children of Utherworld, and given their recent accomplishments against the Locusts, asks them to investigate. Risa and Tsubaki connect the dots to a new toy company that has had a boom of popularity, and the team heads to a nearby factory, only to be confronted by a group of strange fairies... who seem to have toy parts fused with them....  ---
2 To the Toyhouse! The Mastermind Enters! After they finish taking care of the odd fairies who confronted them, Team Gecko is suddenly confronted by what appear to be a series of living, giant-sized toys, who proceed to attack them, and actually manage to overpower them. Knave actives his Kenshi Orage and defeats them. As the toys fall, mysterious Stark threads vanish, and a heavily bandaged figure emerges from behind them. Introducing himself only as the Toymaker, he proceeds to attach the threads to Sirius and Risa and forces them to battle their friends. Knave manages to snap Risa back into her senses, while Tsubaki and Sid manage to sever the threads connected to Sirius. The Toymaker then proceeds to flee, though he invites Knave to go to the company headquarters to potentially save the children. ---
3 Save the Children! Knave vs the Toymaker! Team Gecko travels to the company headquarters, which they find is nothing more than a large warehouse filled with the giant toys. The Toymaker appears, and immediatley releases several at Knave. While Knave initially has difficulty fighting them, Team Gecko steps in and holds them back while Knave manages to punch the Toymaker. The Toymaker then summons up several more toys and attaches their parts to him, boosting his power. He then temporarily gains the upper hand over Knave, before revealing that he plans to use the children in order to harvest their Stark for their entire lives, allowing him to live forever and continue making toys. Enraged, Knave actives Kenshi Orage once again and breaks the toy parts. Frightened, the Toymaker attaches the Stark threads to Knave, but the other members of Team Gecko manage to break them while defeating the toys at the same time. Freed, Knave delivers a final blow, defeating the Toymaker. The OVA ends with the children being returned to their parents. ---

Phantasy Special: Sword of Utherworld[]

No. Episode Name Short Summary Release Date
1 Mysterious Theft! Assemble Once More, Team Gecko! ---
2 Revelation! The Sword of Utherworld! ---
3 Preparation for the Duel! Revelation After Revelation! ---
4 The Final Battle! Sword vs Fist, Decision Fight! ---