Anime Fanon
Name Emotion Powers Amokized Object
The Cloud sadness has tentacles which shoot lightning glasses
Motorhead yearning is equipped with a muffler cannon which shoots toxic smog bombs,

as well as a sonic horn which can deafen opponents and also brainwash people.

motorcycle handlebars
Spherico rage is a living ball which can shoot smaller soccer bals from its mouth and ram into enemies soccer ball
Jump Rope Snake anger can use its body to sweep people off their feet or knock objects over wristband
Glover determination enhances the users' boxing skills, and can merge together to form a larger black glove that can punch through anything with extreme force. boxing gloves
Tomato King sadness throws tomato bombs at enemies cap
Micro-wolves frustration emit sonic waves, and wrap enemies in their cords microphone
Color Wolf disappointment emits paint from its tail, has the agility, speed, and tracking skills of a wolf paintbrush
Obli determination can act as a floating leaf hoverboard ring
Track sadness acts as a floating transport and grows larger with each person it absorbs bracelet
Corona jealousy transforms people into ballet accesories ballet shoes
Sentizombie rage acts as a security guard and prevents people from interfering badge
Little Computer depression tells the user where enemies are hiding amulet
Musical News anger traps enemies in capsules hairband
Audrey anger is a carnivorous plant which attacks with its jaws hat
Whipper irritation has a pair of whips for arms which it can use as weapons sponge
Bulbi desperation shoots beams that enlarge objects and enhances psychic powers wristwatch
Siren sadness amplifies voices and shoots sound barriers to deflect attacks amulet
Tapeworm sadness can change into a pair of scissors, a trumpet pistol, a trombone rifle, and a guitar axe in order to change his enemies into stickers pendant
Dragodile sadness shoots beams of water from its mouth locket
Aquahog anger shoots water balls and can spray large amounts of water to flood various areas and cause undertow and whirlpools. cap
Great Mighty Poo lividity can throw balls of manure at enemies and is skilled at opera-singing stick
Thesaurus Rex anger can open up its book-like head to shoot letters at enemies, and can also emit hypnotic beams which take control of books and use them to fight enemies. name tag
88 Keys sadness can fly and play piano music to strengthen people necklace
Pyramuddler sadness can devour shapes and emit triangular energy beams from its eye wristband
Funbot anger can detect people who are having fun and trap them in glass cubes necklace
Volant impatience can detect people who are arguing. pearl necklace
Cheese Moon Dissatisfaction Can spew green cheese from its mouth moon-shaped brooch
Boomer Heartbreak produces boomerang-like weapons which people can use to attack enemies or fly on as transport blanket
Sentigenie Anger, Frustration Can grant any wish the user desires beer bottle
Bulleto resentment Provides the user with ammo for their weapons dog tags