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This is a list of fictional characters from the Japanese novel series Space Lazer Daizelber by Maarten Koster set in the Cosmic Century

Zelbers Infiltration[]

Ryo Janata (じゃなたりょう)[]

The main pilot of the ZL-20 Zelber and first student at the Cosmic Universe he is 16 years old and is seeing clockwise he is overtriggered but encouraged. Later at Ep 5 he is the most skilled pilot of the Zelbers infiltrations.

At the movie he id now 23 years old and yet the skilled pilot of the Zelbers infiltrations. He driving now the ZE-27 Zelber but at the end he would be died by his most skilled rival Kim and is exploded in the atmosphere. Thoughout his spirits where the falling sky's that mades the war in a emotional peace.

Yuki Iwao (いわお ゆき)[]

The love interesst of Ryo he is 15 years old and would stays in her mind. He is an genius scientist and believed that his life are never be gone. At the movie when Ryo is killed by Kim during the backwards falling to the atmosphere he says in sadness that his spirit would ever stays be him.

Yumiko Adagi (あだぎ ゆみこ)[]

The main captain of the Star Mission Base he is 2 years older then Ryo and is most skilled during the cosmetic War he is serious and intelligent he stays to his behaviour and if Pilots during his scared ways at the war he slaps his down. He knows that the Gallords are very strongest killers. And become to fighting and using of the Star Mission Base to defeating this tropes.

Kenichi Yumiga (ゆみが けにち)[]

the Pilot of the ZL-19 Zelcannon and later the ZE-26 Zelbuster and is one of the friends of Ryo he is suspious and strongest during his weigth. He is most powerfull but not so poswerfull when he thinks. He is killed in the movie during an sword attack between Riga.

Osamu Karuba (かるば おさむ)[]

The Main pilot of the ZL-19 Zelspeed. He is thin and more invisible at the same age of Ryo he is ragefull in combat and one of the main succeedors of the Zelbers Infiltry he would become an master pilot and is would possible one.

Mia Kakurabe (かくらべみあ)[]

The second love interesst of Ryo he is ragefull and mindness he is killed during buster of an GE-19 Galboost.

His spirit is seen after an falling star of the atmosphere where Ryo is killed between Kim. It concludes that Ryo would be take her love to his death.

Gallord Federation[]

Kim Galata (ガラタ・キム)[]

The main leader of the Gallord Federation and the Pilot of the GLL-20 Gal and later in the movie. He piloted the GLZ-27 Gall Lome he is very skilled. And more powerfull then Ryo. He is in ep 11 Seen during the Gallord March and would be most ever antagonist during the series. He is big rivals of Ryo that is seemed by an example of Gundam 0079.

Riga Ogari (おがりりが)[]

An girl with powerfull possibility's and the captain of the MM-Mark Kiroda he is mostly an very pithfull woman during his strikes. He is the adopted daughter of Kim and would be most lively during his completivity.