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This is the full list of characters from the anime Swinging!

Odakyo High School[]

Class 2-E[]

Ryoko Kazama[]

The main protagonist. A girl who is often mistaken for a boy because of her personality and the way she dresses.

Kaito Murasame[]

The childhood friend of Ryoko. He is tought Ryoko how to play baseball and was given the nickname "Ame-kun" because of his last name.

Miku Miyazaki[]

The class representative and the daughter of Fredrick Miyazaki, the richest man in Odakyo City.

Riku Akiyama[]

The school's biggest narcissist and former most popular student in the school until Ryoko transferred into the school.

Chiaki Date[]

The school's most popular girl. Even though she has a serious personality, she is more of a joker type of person.

Miharu Fuma[]

The smartest girl in the class and the niece of the teacher Shun Akatsuki. She was the first in the class to notice that Ryoko was a girl.

Ryu Hanagata[]

The kendo team captain and rival of the judo team captain, Sasuke Ichimonji.

Yoshi Ishida[]

The kendo team vice-captain. He often calls Ryu "Big Bro" and gets treated like a little brother by Ryu even though they're the same age.

Francis Alexanderson[]

A transfer student from England. He loves to eat Japanese food but usually confuses them with different food from other countries.

Sasaki Asakura[]

The best friend of Francis. He is a chef who is aiming to be the best in the world.

Miyamoto Amatsukaze[]

The school punk leader. A yankee and leader of the school gang. When he first met Ryoko, he knew from the start that she was a girl and he got a crush on her after she beat him up.

Lin Feng[]

A transfer student from China. She enjoys old Japanese samurai movies and joins the kendo team but doesn't really know how to fight with a sword.

Kira Heisei[]

The school's biggest tokusatsu and anime fan. He is the leader of the school's anime club.

Saki Makishou[]

The school's second dumbest student. She is often very lucky and ace most of the exams out of pure luck.

Baseball Team[]

Hayate Tokugawa[]

The second richest student in the school and a student from class 3-A. He is relentless when trying to recruit skilled members for the team but often fails in recruiting.

Daichi Samanosuke[]

The best player in the baseball team but second best in the school (first best being Ryoko); he is a student from class 2-B. He is always determined to be first but never seems to be able to do so.

Kisuke Kawashima[]

The worst player in the baseball team and a student from class 2-B. Even though he is the worst player in the team, his plans make up for his lack of skill.

Kendo Team[]

Shin Yukimaru[]

The second best member in the kendo team and a student from class 2-A. He was nominated to be vice-captain but was turned down because of his cold personality.

Sugita Takezo[]

A carefree and laid-back member of the team and a student from Class 2-B. He looks like a serious type of person but is actually really lazy and hardly ever shows up for training.

Kenshiro Sakurai[]

The samurai of the school and a student from class 2-A. He is the most dedicated member of the kendo team.

Kimiko Hizashi[]

The only other female member in the kendo team and a member from class 2-C. She has a strange fetish for samurai gear and loves to swing a sword.

Judo Team[]

Sasuke Ichimonji[]

The rival of Ryu, captain of the judo team, and a student from class 2-F.

Kaoru Misaka[]

The captain of the female judo team and a student from class 3-A. She is the girlfriend of Hayate.

Taiga Odashima[]

The son of the mayor and a student from class 1-C. He is the newest member to the judo team.

Anime Club[]

Mina Odashima[]

The older sister of Taiga and a student of class 2-C. She enjoys magical girl anime and is a otaku who treats anime as her pride and joy.

Wataru Tatsumaki[]

A samurai anime otaku and class representative of 2-A. He was given the nickname "Mr. Tornado" because of his lastname and the way he hosts the school events.


Daigo Murasame[]

The cousin of Kaito and former leader of the school gang before Miyamoto; he is a student from the class 3-A. He is cruel and merciless to enemies of the school but really nice to children, old people, relatives, and friends.

Aoki Fukushima[]

The school's dumbest student and a student from class 2-F. He is the only student in the entire school to have flunked a grade.


Sakura Kishimoto[]

The principal of Odakyo High School. She loves to tease around with students and often sets up weird events for the school.

Shun Akatsuki[]

The teacher of class 2-E and a former ninja school teacher. He is very lazy and only does things that are needed. He teaches history.

Shinichiro Kagami[]

The P.E. teacher, baseball coach, and teacher of class 2-F. He is very perverted and often gets nosebleeds whenever he sees the girls in their P.E. uniforms.

Tenkai Hinamoto[]

A monk and the teacher of class 2-A but once substituted for class 2-E out of a bet with Shun. He believes in spirits and demons and does a lot of exorcisms in the school at night. He teaches math.

Jun Amachi[]

The teacher of class 3-A and the former mayor's son. He loves to teach but also has a lolicon fetish so to avoid it, he became a high school teacher. He teaches English.

Kaede Inochi[]

The teacher of class 2-B. She hates Shinichiro and often beats him up when he sneaks into the women's locker room. She teaches science.


Minami High School[]

Washizaki Yoh[]

The school's biggest punk and was most feared student in the city before Ryoko beat him up.

Hyo Lee[]

A Korean transfer student and Washizaki's best friend. He was beat up along with Washizaki by Ryoko.

Momoyashi Yakuza[]

Yusuke Momoyashi[]

The leader of the Momoyashi yakuza gang. He was defeated and brought to the police by the Odakyo High punks with the help of Ryoko and Kaito.

Akihisa Momoyashi[]

The younger Momoyashi brother. He was in charge of scamming people before he was brought to the police.


Iemitsu Kazama[]

The father of Ryoko and a restaurant owner.

Chiyo Kazama[]

The mother of Ryoko and the co-owner of the Kazama restaurant.

Jackie Kazama[]

Ryoko's younger brother. He is a video game addict and usually talks in monotone.

Daisuke Tachibana[]

An employee of the Kazama restaurant and a new graduate of Odakyo High. He had a crush on Ryoko after he accidently saw her in her underwear.

Detective Harumasa Shiroichi[]

A private detective hired by the police to spy on the Momoyashi yakuza. After the Momoyashi brothers were caught, he found interest in the Odakyo students and started investigating them.