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Littlest Pet Shop Adventures is an anime-rendition of the 2012 Hub series, Littlest Pet Shop.

Littlest Pet Shop Adventures


Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fantasy




Sasai Petto Shoppu

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TV-Y (Edited version)

TV-PG-DLV (Uncut version)


Blythe Baxter (ブライズ Buraizu)[]

Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese), Ashleigh Ball (English, Edited), Laura Bailey (English, Uncut)

Blythe is the main protagonist of the series and is an aspiring fashion artist and designer. She is very kind and compassionate and is always ready to assist others in need, whether it be the pets, Mrs. Twombly or her friends at school. She has dark brown hair, light blue eyes and is always wearing fashionable, unique outfits. Blythe, along with her father, Roger Baxter, move to an apartment in Smalltown Tokyo (Downtown City in the dub.) above a pet store called the Littlest Pet Shop. Soon after moving into the building, Blythe discovers that the animals there can talk. She comes to enjoy working at the Littlest Pet Shop not long after she saves the store from going out of business. Although she has wanted to be on TV all her life, she is also extremely camera shy.

Russel Furguson ( ラッセル Rasseru)[]

Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese), Samuel Vincent (English, Edited), Eric Vale (English, Uncut)

Russel is an orange hedgehog with green eyes. He is the unofficial leader of the pets, although Penny Ling sometimes takes charge. He loves sugary sweets, especially melonpan. (Sweet bread in the English dubs.) He is also slightly uptight and a bit of a neat-freak, But he means well and keeps the pet shop in perfect harmony. A running gag is that less intelligent pets such as Vinnie mistake him for a porcupine. His owner is a business man, but in Season 2, Blythe becomes his new owner after his old one can't keep him anymore.
Russell ferguson by great9star-d6sturw

Pepper Clark (ペッパ Peppā)[]

Voiced by: Junko Takeuchi (Japanese), Tabitha St. Germain (English, Edited), Maxey Whitehead (English, Uncut)

Pepper is a gray skunk with pink eyes. She is an aspiring comedian who loves making mischeif and pulling pranks on the other pets. (Except for Penny Ling due to her sensitive nature.) However, despite her playful nature, she can get angry or annoyed quite easily. (Mostly because Minka or Vinnie ruins her punchline.) She smells different depending on her mood. Eg. When she is upset, she smells like burnt rubber. She often performs a comedy duo with Minka as the "straight skunk." A running gag is that she is mistaken for a male, much to her chagrin.
Pepper clark by great9star-d6iwybn

Minka Mark (民家 Minka)[]

Voiced by: Kumiko Watanabe (Japanese), Kira Tozer (English, Edited), Luci Christian (English, Uncut)

Minka is a pink monkey with blue eyes. She is a country reknown animal painter owned by famous art critic Mamouru Yoshimonda. (Peter Mark in the dub.) She often performs a comedy duo with Pepper in the traditional Japanese comedy form called "manzai" as the "funny monkey." She's easily distracted by bright lights and shiny objects. When she's not painting or practicing comedy with Pepper, she's often playing on the tire swing or looking for something to eat. She often ruins Pepper's jokes. (Vinnie will ruin them insead on occasion.)
Minka mark by great9star-d6lc39s

Zoe Trent (ゾーイ Zōi)[]

Voiced by: Chiwa Saito (Japanese), Nicole Oliver (English, Edited), Caitlin Glass (English, Uncut)

Zoe is a purple Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with blue eyes. She wears a black berret and a gold dog collar. Her great, great Grandparents were owned by the famous pop singer, Shining Melody. As a born diva, she wishes to become the most famous dog in the world. She was found on a rainy day by a married couple in a cardboard box when she was a puppy. She is a Tsundere character.
Zoe trent by great9star-d6jwi0z

Sunil Nevla (スニル Suniru)[]

Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama (Japanese), Peter New (English, Edited), J. Michael Tatum (English, Uncut)

Sunil is a blue mongoose with golden eyes. His owner is a famous magician who performs amazing magic tricks all over Japan. Sunil wishes to follow in his owner's footsteps. Unfortunately, his attempts to do magic often fail and blow up in his face. He also gets frightened easily and tends to buckle under pressure. Despite this, however, he becomes extremely aggressive at the thought of cobras or when Pepper is in danger. He is also in love with Pepper, but is too shy to tell her his feelings.
Sunil nevla by great9star-d6stuso

Vinnie Terrio (ヴィニーVu~inī)[]

Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (Japanese), Kile Rideout (English, Edited), Christopher R. Sabat (English, Uncut)

Vinnie is a green gecko with lavender eyes. Although he is considered stupid and a total loser most of the time, he is a really talented dancer with a really great singing voice. Unfortunately, he ends up tripping over his own tail while he dances. He can dance much better without his tail. He also flirts with some of the female pets at the pet shop. (Mostly Zoe.) His owner is one of Blythe's friends at school who is the son of a jazz musician.
Vinnie terrio by great9star-d6stutr

Penny Ling (ペニー - リング Penī-Rin)[]

Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese), Jocelyn Loewen (English, Edited), Monica Rial (English, Uncut)

Penny Ling is a white panda with dark blue markings and gray eyes. She considers herself a rythemic gymnist with a talent for ballet. Ribbon twirling and fan dancing are her favorite activities. She is the peacekeeper of the group and somewhat of a pacifist. She is also quite sensitive and somewhat shy around people or animals she doesn't know. She also does tai-chi, but often falls over due to someone usually interrupting her. She is also prone to getting both emotionally and physically hurt by the other pets. She is an extremely rare species of bear called the pygmy giant panda as well as the last member of her species.
Penny ling by great9star-d6pxasz

The Bizkit Twins (ビスケットツインズ Bisuketto Tsuinzu)[]

Voiced by: Romi Park (Japanese), Shannon Chan Kent (English, Edited), Tia Ballard (English, Uncut)

Brittney and Whittney Bizkit are Blythe's archenemies and the twin daughters of Fisher Bizkit, an evil investor and the owner of the Largest Ever Pet Shop, which Blythe and her friends call "the cruelest pet shop on Earth." Brittney has white hair while Whittney has black hair and they both have red eyes.

Other Characters[]

Other characters include Roger Baxter, Blythe's awkward father who is unaware that Blythe is friends with 7 talking animals until the finale of Season 1, Mrs. Twombly, the owner of the Littlest Pet Shop, and Blythe's school friends, who are also the owners of the main pets. (Except Russel until Blythe becomes his owner in Season 2.)


Season 1[]

Episode Number English Title Japanese Title Description
1 Blythe's Biggest Adventure Ever ブライスの冒険! ペットショップペットを救う探求!Blythe's Adventure! The Quest to Save the Pet Shop Pets!! Blythe and her father move to an apartment above a magic pet shop/pet day care center in which 7 of the animals have the ability to talk. Unfortunately, the pet shop is closing down and now Blythe and her new friends must stop it from closing by running an animal fashion show and showing off their special talents.
2 The Great Mouse Chase スイス人、マウス、は現われます! コショウが遠縁の者を失いました!Swiss the Mouse Appears! Pepper's Lost Cousin! Blythe discovers a mouse in the apartment above the pet shop and calls it Swiss. Meanwhile, Pepper meets a skunk who looks alot like her, and assumes he might be her long lost cousin!
3 A Bear Sized Crush 愛が空中にあります! コアラについてのペニー・リングののぼせあがり!Love is in The Air! Penny Ling's Crush on a Koala!! Penny Ling falls in love with a koala. Meanwhile, Blythe tries to help Sunil build a better relationship with Pepper.
4 Sunil vs. the Catter-Geist! ハロウィーンの夜! 怖がる臆病なマングースのチャンス!  Halloween Night! A Cowardly Mongoose's Chance to Scare!!

Sick and tired of always being scared on Halloween, Sunil attempts to scare all of the pets on Halloween night. That is until he accidentally summons an evil black cat yokai who wants to take over the world! (In the English dubs, the yokai is a ghost instead.)

5 For the Love of Sweetbread!

ヘッジホッグのメロンパン中毒!甘い、甘い習慣を蹴る!! A Hedgehog's Melonpan Addiction! Kicking the Sweet, Sweet Habit!!

Russel eats 5 loaves of melonpan (Sweet Bread) a day and everyone (Including his owner!) worries that he's addicted to it. So Penny-Ling, Pepper, and Sunil try to help him quit his addiction. Meanwhile, Blythe tries to talk her driving instructor into give her one more chance in getting her license.

6 A Tail of Love (Story) そう途方嫌な!唐辛子は、ドラマティックに変身!!So Fabulously Skunky! Pepper Turns to Dramatics!!

After her comedy routine falls flat due to Minka messing up her line, Pepper decides to quit comedy and start being dramatic like Zoe by wrapping her tail around Sunil and forcing him to pamper her. But as her new act goes too far, Pepper learns that she shouldn't follow her friend's moves and change who she is.

7 A Noisy Situation! おい!イット·ダウンしてください!おい!オールザットラケットは何ですか?! Hey! Keep It Down! Hey! What's All That Racket?!

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • Any parts where any female animals call Vinnie a pervert are cut in the edited version.
  • Any blood or violence is removed in the edited version.
  • Some suggestive scenes are cut in the edited version.
  • Some Japanese foods have different names in the both dubs to appeal more to American viewers. (Eg. Melonpan is called sweet bread.)
  • The location of the series takes place in America instead of Japan to appeal more to American viewers.
    • And to add more American-ness, Japanese Yen is changed to American Dollars.
    • Also, the names of some of the characters are changed in the original Japanese version to appeal more to Japanese viewers.