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Lost Light

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Tajja Isen, Scott McCord, Cathy Weseluck, Melissa Fahn

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Release date(s)

Japan: May 26, 2012
USA: November 6, 2012

Lost Light (失われた光 Ushinawareta hikari) is a fantasy/adventure/romance movie based on the novel made by IchokaSuzumi666. It will air on Totally Anime Channel.


Horo Kuraiai enters Mahou Junior High, one of the 10 middle schools in Sutoroberi City, only to find a boy about her age shoot a laser out of a wand. She says that it was dangerous, and the boy (who was Yu, who speaks in third person) claims that he's doing target practice. Horo says that she's not, in fact, doing target practice. That's when a red-haired boy shows up, introducing himself as Kukai Paru. Kukai almost reveals that Yu is a warlock, but he catches himself just in time. Horo, who has developed feelings for him, asks what's wrong, and Kukai just takes off for class. Horo and Yu leave for their classes, too.

Horo's homeroom teacher, Daisuke Yondesu, introduces himself and explains that Mahou Junior High is a school built for the witches, wizards, and warlocks that roam Sutoroberi City, and that any human who enters the school will be eaten by the school's giant owl. This scares Horo. After all of that explaining, Horo heads off to science class, to learn that Kukai is so bad at science, he ended up taking 7th grade science again and being in the same class as Horo.

Horo ate on the roof during lunch, due to uncomfortablity. This is not only because she is a normal human, but she threw her target out the window during target practice. Nobody knew, as she was completely unsupervised. Kukai finds her, revealing to have looked all over the school for her. Kukai reveals that he is a wizard. Horo says that a wizard can't be with a human, and confesses that she is a human. Kukai thought that this was a mistake, but Horo says that it's not, and that she could've gone to a different school, but she chose to go to this one. Horo catches Kukai whisper to himself that his first love (Horo) was a human, and that she was going to die. She asked him if he likes her, and he denies it, making it more obvious that he does. Then, Kukai explains the qualities of determining whether you are a witch, wizard, or warlock, and that his friend, Yuuki, started a rumor that Horo was a witch. Horo explained about she made the target "disappear." Kukai is amazed, as nobody could ever lift up a target. Horo explains that she used to work out with her uncle before he was killed in a wrestling match against a professional wrestler. Once they were done talking, they had finished their lunch. Horo begins to leave for class, but faints out of a small fever. Kukai catches her and takes her to the nurse's office. After recovering, Horo feels better, as the nurse had given her a medicine while she was still unconscious.

Horo tries to leave the school after classes ended that day, but the border that surrounded the school stopped her. She went into her room, only to learn that she'll be sharing a room with Mint Vanilla, a 9th grader that sleeped in this room the whole time she attended the school. After unpacking, Horo grabbed her diary and wrote about her day, but noticed that Mint was peeking. Mint confronts her about writing about Kukai, and Horo says that it was none of her business. Mint begins to sing her song, and, confirming that she is also a witch, and she is going to kill Kukai. Mint leaves the room, leaving a shocked Horo standing in the middle of the room. Even thought she knew that she was just a human and Kukai could defend himself, she rushes to Kukai's rescue.

Horo finds Kukai and Mint in classroom 2-3. Kukai, dodging Mint's attacks, notices that Horo was there, and begs for her help. Horo explains that Kukai is magical, and that he can defend himself. Kukai explains that he has a wand that contains all of his powers, and that he left it in his dorm, and that he can't leave because there was a black spot on the door. The spot extends across the room, creating a black area. Kukai is also unable to move, due to the fact that Mint had used a spell that only witches can use, Black Freeze, in which not only does the room turn black for 10 minutes, but males are unable to move. Mint was just about to use her powers to kill Kukai, but Horo sacrifices herself to save Kukai's life.

Horo wakes up at 2:30 in the morning, thinking that it was all a dream. But she was covered in bandages, proving that she wasn't dreaming, and that Mint had nearly killed her. Kukai was severely injured, too, and neither of them were allowed to go to class for a week, resulting in both of them getting tons of homework.

To be continued! Do not edit!

Fictuous Voice List[]

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Horo Kuraiai Aya Hisakawa Tajja Isen
Kukai Paru Atsushi Abe Scott McCord
Aya Korono Emiri Kato Cathy Weseluck
Shukuko Kuraiai Nana Mizuki Melissa Fahn
Yu Himeji Romi Park Marianne Miller
Mint Vanilla Ryoko Shintani Cristina Valenzuela
Kimi Mizuki Mayumi Asano Colleen Clinkenbeard
Daisuke Yondesu Tomokazu Seki Crispin Freeman
Yui Himeji Misato Fukuen Monica Rial
Chiyoko Kagamine Saeko Chiba Laura Bailey
Etsuko Megurina Yui Horie Leah Clark
Itsuki Paru Tomokazu Sugita Ian Sinclair
Tyler Daisuke Ono Johnny Yong Bosch


<videogallery> File:ClariS - Connect 『Original Female Version』☆★Madoka Opening --Rare--★☆|ClariS - Connect (opening) File:ANIME LYRICS - Shoukoujo Sarah - Hana no Sasayaki|Satoko Shimonari - Hana no Sasayaki (Mint sings her song to the tune of this song) File:Hoshina Utau ~ Angel Cradle (FULL)|Nana Mizuki - Angel Cradle (this song played in the background as the city restored its color) File:(Lyrics & Subtitles) Miki Sayaka & Sakura Kyouko Character Song - And I'm Home|Eri Kitamura and Ai Nonaka - And I'm Home (ending) </videogallery>