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Sci fi azer block logo

the pre-launch logo as SciFi Razer. The planet has an arrow and is next to the razer logo. It is never used on air but it's used on promos before MYX launched.

MYX is a canadian science fiction channel sorta similar to SPACE, but at a boy audience aged 12-20. During it's countdown to launch MYX, it was called "SciFi Razer" and used the SciFi channel's 1992 bumpers mixed with wierd stuff (for example, take a kitten in a radioactive microwave mutated with a trantula.) Instead of the announcer saying "You're watching the SciFi channel." it said "SciFi Razer will come on July 12th 2011." Then the SciFi Razer appears as a neon sign. On July 12th 2011, a subiminal message appeared. It said "WERE RENAMING SCIFI RAZER AS MYX. MYX STANDS FOR MAXIMUM YOUTH XTREME channel. WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENINCE." the script for a bumper is in this link.

MYX logo and bug

the MYX logo and on-screen graphic