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Macross Century
Created by Shōji Kawamori
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 24
Run time 23-24 minutes

Macross Century is an anime that was written and directed by Akira Jotaro as the sequel to Macross Frontier.

The story is set 100 years after the events of Macross Frontier taking place in the same frontier but different part of space, closer to Earth. The story is about Ranka Lee's great grandson, Altair Lee, and the war against the new alien race, the Axechs.


A hundred years has passed since the war against the Vajra was stopped by the efforts of Alto Saotome, Sheryl Nome, and Ranka Lee; now it is year 2159 and a new war has started against the alien race named the Axechs, who's intentions of attacking the human race is unknown. Altair Lee (or "Al" for short) is a new member of the SMS (Strategic Military Services) who was just accepted into it, but as he ran to the base, he bumped into a girl and ended up being late to the recruitment meeting. Al later gets his first mission as bodyguard for Sherry Saotome, a new idol who recently just became the number one top songstress in the frontier and also the girl he bumped into earlier that day. As Sherry prepares for her first live broadcasted concert, Al just stands by her room wondering what he's supposed to do and was later forced to sing by Sherry as she looked a little stressed, she then forced Al to change into a costume and took him to the stage a few seconds before it began; Al was now one of the extra singers. After the concert had ended, Al was congraduated by Sherry and gave him the rest of the day off even though it was his first; Al later bumped into another girl as he walked away from the concert stadium to the park, this time it was a girl from his his school named Calia Saturn who was running late for her job because of the concert. After bumping into Al, Calia immidiately recognized him from the concert (even though he was wearing shades) and asked for his autograph and also began talking to him for awhile, but later remembered about her job so she ended up being late. As the story continues, Calia and Sherry start to develop romantic feelings towards Al as they become idols of the galaxy and as Al fights to protect everyone.


Main Protagonists[]

Altair Lee[]

The 17 year-old great grandson of one of the songstresses who saved humanity, Ranka Lee. He prefers to be called Al as a short version of his name but was nicknamed the "Green Prince" in his school after his unintentional stage debut with Sherry and also because of his handsome looks and green hair, but he was known to the public as the "Nameless Star". He is a new but professional VF (Variable Fighter) pilot in the SMS with his own customized VF-51 RE:valkyrie model. Due to being an eighth Zentradinian, his hair sometimes raises to look like dog ears whenever he is embarassed or surprised. He is a kind young man who has a strange habit of bumping into people whenever he is thinking while moving. He is also a loyal soldier of the SMS who will do his best to finish any mission, but will sometimes ignore orders to complete it. He holds strongly to his beliefs and will always follow them no matter what anyone says. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Sherry Saotome[]

The 17 year-old great granddaughter of Alto Saotome and Sheryl Nome who wishes to follow in the steps of her great grandmother, Ranka Lee, and Lynn Minmay, and become the next galactic songstress. She had forced Al to become a singer on stage on her first broadcasted live concert after being stressed out about her original extra singer not being able to show up and was completely unaware of his sudden rise in popularity to idol status until she read a news article about the concert. She has a strong dislike for fish and would usually be frightened or very uncomfortable whenever she sees one. She was nicknamed the "Shooting Star Songstress" due to her almost impossible quickness of becoming an idol. She had debuted with her song "I'm a Shooting Star" in the Miss Macross Century pageant a year before the events of Macross Century. She is voiced by Yukana.

Calia Saturn[]

A 16 year-old girl who works part-time for a popular Chinese restaurant named Nyan-Nyan. She dreams of becoming an idol and had gotten the chance when she was found singing in a karaoke competition at a mall. She was completely unaware of Al being a student in the same school as her until he was mentioned around the school the day after the Sherry concert. She is a cute, petite, lively and cheerful teenage girl who always tries to stay happy no matter what the situation is, even when she is sad. She was nicknamed "Galactic Princess" because of her popularity with the many other frontiers across the galaxy. She had debuted with her version of Lynn Minmay's song "My Boyfriend's A Pilot" and was known as the "Lynn Minmay of 2159" in the karaoke competition. She has a pet baby Vajra named Lili. She is voiced by Saki Fujita.

Main Antagonist[]

Dickson Grantz[]

A cyborg who was a secret agent for an unknown organization to find their weaknesses by working for the president of the New United Nations Government. He was first shown as a gentle and kind young man who just works for the government and later becomes Calia's manager to try to secretly kill her since her, Sherry's, and Al's singing could mess with the brains of the Axechs and disrupt his control over them. At the end, he was driven mad by the songs of Sherry and Calia and had gone berserk, destroying parts of his own circutry but bringing complete control over the Axech queen. He is voiced by Shin'ichiro Miki.


  • Sherry Saotome and Calia Saturn were both based off Lynn Minmay but Sherry was also based off Sheryl Nome while Calia was also based off Ranka Lee
  • Al and Sherry were descendents of previous Macross Frontier characters
  • Al was slightly based off Basara Nekki and Hikaru Ichijyo but is actually more of his own individual character
  • Calia's appearance was inspired by Hatsune Miku who's voice actress also happens to be Saki Fujita