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Macross Wion (マクロスW (ウィオン)) is an spin-off series similiar to Macross Delta, where Freyja Wion is a pilot instead of being a singer. Humanity and the Zentradi have conquered well over half the galaxy and now inhabit over 400 planets, but that will not come without dangers. A certain disease called the Vars Syndrome is spreading, causing trouble in a remote part of the Milky Way Galaxy called the Brísingr Globular Cluster, but a cure was found and the disease was defeated. However, as if Fate chose something different, Freyja meets Mikumo Guynemer, a mysterious, yet beautiful girl. But what has destiny in store for the two girls? The Opening Theme "CHASE!" will be sung by Kusunoki Tomoki. The Ending Theme "HEAR MY BEAT" will be sung by Minori Suzuki.


Freyja Wion[]

Voiced by: Minori Suzuki

A 14-year old young Windermerean girl who has a awesome sense of rhythm which allows her to develop her unique piloting skills. On her last day of her part-time job as a Workroid operator at a shipyard in Shahal City on the planet Al Shahal, Freyja meets another girl named Mikumo Guynemer. She doesn't have a short lifespan and using her Rune does not need her to use her life-force. She gets sexually stimulated when Mikumo flirts with her or shows her perverted side. She pilots the VF-31Z Avalon. Freyja absolutely likes eating spicy food.

Mikumo Guynemer[]

Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu; JUNNA (singing voice)

A beautiful, yet mysterious girl that Freyja met on her last day as a Workroid operator. She likes to flirt with Freyja sometimes. Like Freyja, she likes eating spicy food too.


Episode 1: The Two Girls[]

On her last day as a workroid operator at a shipyard, the 14-year old Freyja Wion meets Mikumo Guynemer when she was sorting out the containers.

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