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This is a made-up anime story/world created by me, TheSuperiorOne. You must read an additional page that I will make to understand and make an OC.


Mages: The New Age, is a story about people who use magic called Mages. Long ago, Magical beings roamed the Earth roamed the earth, alongside humans. Over time, Humans had learned to gain these magical beings' trust, thus rewarding humans by teaching and giving them great magical abilities. But because of mankind's greed toward the gift of magic abilities, they had wiped out most of these magic creatures to the point of extinction. A long time later, Magical users, now called Mages, live everyday lives in the presence of magic. Normal humans desperately want their power and try to obtain their magic abilities by learning from them. Learning magic takes extremely hard work and stress and could even kill the human that tries to learn it. However, the Mages that are descendants of the humans that were taught magic were born Mages and very few of these descendants can harness the full power of the Mystical being that unlocked their powers. There are now, multiple magical classes that Mages can know, but the mage can harness 2 of these classes if strong enough. These are the classes:

  1. Mental Magic - The art of tricking one's mind and using mental abilities such as telekinesis and illusions. Usually stereotyped with thieves.
  2. Elemental Magic - The manipulation of elements which can be broken down into specific elements. Considered the most common Mage Class.
  3. Enhancement Magic - The ability to enhance the capabilities of objects and beings. Considered the most useful by some.
  4. Energy Magic - The manipulation of Magic Energy, considered the most valuable and important Magic.
  5. Creation Magic - The ability to create or conjure any object the user desires but requires skill to do so. Considered the most interesting and useful power to most.
  6. Transformation Magic - The power to shape shift yourself into any other being or object and also gain their advantages-cannot copy other Magical Beings. Considered the most strange Class.

When they become skilled enough with their Mage Class, they can become a Wizard, a Witch or Elementmancer. But you can stay a normal Mage with high power. After becoming powerful enough, they go through a certain training to unlock the rest of the magic power that is sealed in every Mage and when that happens they become a Sorcerer/Sorceress. A Sorcerer is the strongest a Mage can become, but they might still have lots of Magic power in them.

Current Story[]

The story follows the life of three young teens that are descendants of a Dragon Mage, a Salamander Mage and a Kitsune Mage. Their names are Kai West the Lightning Dragon Mage, Isaac Cacciatore the Salamander Mage and Drake Wilson the Kistune Mage. They will attend the American School of Magical Arts that was recently built in the past year due to the destruction of the whole place. Now the school is basically like a more giant college, except for highschoolers. We will follow Kai's, Isaac's and Drake's actions as they attend this school. They will also meet new friends, allies, enemies, and, of course, love interests. This is a Role-Play so feel free to make a character following this, and it has to be verified by us that it makes sense for your character to have that power. If you want to join, you must also set up a skype account to contact you through. :) 


Chapter 1: