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Hoshi no kyōryokuna yume (星の強力な夢 Powerful Dream of the Stars?) is the first episode of Magia Galaxia. The episode focuses around Gingamaru Seika transforming into Magia Galaxia for the first time.


Gingamaru Seika is a timid second year attending Haruyamano Middle School who gets bullied pretty much everyday. One day, she meets the cold transfer student Ameno Izumi and ends up becoming friends with Izumi. However, the two are suddenly attacked by a mysterious girl named Glace who turns Izumi into a monster - a Kagamida - causing a badger-like creature to run out from of a bush and shout at Seika to run. As a result of this, Seika backs away in fear but she realises that Izumi helped her so much causing Seika to become confident and she, for the first time, stands up to a "bully". Seika's chest then glows and a star like brooch emits from the bright glow, landing in Seika's hands causing the badger fairy to notice and she tells Seika to shout "Crystal Light, Release!" if she wants to save Izumi causing the timid girl to do so - only to transform into the Magia Warrior, Magia Galaxia!


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Major Events[]

  • Magia Galaxia makes it's debut on television.
  • Gingamaru Seika makes her first appearance and transforms into Magia Galaxia for the first time.
  • Ameno Izumi also her first appearance but gets turned into the monster of the week.
  • Dia makes her first appearance but doesn't reveal her name.
  • Glace and the Kagamida monster also debut for the first time.
  • Magia Galaxia performs Galaxia Shining for the first time.
  • Seika and Izumi become friends.
  • Yukimura-sensei and Seika's Bullies make their debuts.
  • Seika's mother and older sister also make cameo appearances.


Magia Warriors[]

Jewel Requiem[]

  • Dia

Crying Mirage[]

  • Glace
  • Kagamida


  • Ameno Izumi
  • Yukimura-sensei
  • Seika's Bullies
  • Gingamaru Saki (cameo)
  • Gingamaru Iruka (cameo)