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Magic Maid Ramona is a magical girl anime. It involves a British adventurer, Nathaniel McDaniel, and his daughter, Ramona McDaniel, who is on a mission to find the "Golden Suit", garb that allows the wearer to control the "Puzzle Land".



Nathaniel McDaniel is on a mission to find the lost pieces of the Gentleman's Suit, a suit of Armour that allows the wearer to control a parallel world known as the Puzzle Land, in order to obtain the valuable treasures inside this world. The Suit was created by an ancient ruler called "The Gentleman", but hidden after no one else was capable of wielding its power. After finding a golden bowler hat that allows him to manipulate this realm, Nathaniel causes an imbalance, and resolves to find the rest of the pieces to stop monsters from entering their world and claim the world's riches for himself. Later, Ramona, Cole and Nathaniel finds out that masterpiece of the golden suit is strong enough to seal Puzzle Land and it's hidden into a Puzzle Land. But Wilhelmina Weston gets it first and claims it has made her as god, but Ramona defeats her. Afterwards, the nefarious Dr. Weston IV gets away and kidnaps Cole. Ramona and Nathaniel travels to the London to find Dr. Weston IV. Ramona defeats Wilhelmina, but finds out that Wilhelmina was a robot controlled by Dr. Weston IV, who reveals that he was mastermind all along and so, Ramona faces Dr. Weston's masterpiece, The Machine, a giant robot in the final battle. Ramona is able to defeat him and obtains the masterpiece to seal the Puzzle Land. After that, they return to place the golden hat, the Puzzle Wand and the Gentleman's Sword to its original place. while credits roll it is shown that the real Wilhelmina puts on the hat which, unfortunately for her, causes her to turn into a child. Meanwhile, Alfredo becomes popular with the women despite his baldness, Captain Franz and Helga travels to the Himalayas and Lady D. Dee marries Dr. Weston IV.


The McDaniel Family[]

  • Nathaniel McDaniel - A quirky, light-hearted character who occupies the chairman position in the Pompous Adventurers' Club. He is the father of Ramona and Cole.
  • Ramona McDaniel - Main protagonist of the anime. She wields the Puzzle Wand that allows her to transform into Magic Maid Ramona. She is Nathaniel's daughter and Cole's sister.
  • Cole McDaniel - Ramona's younger brother and Nathaniel's son. A young boy who assists Ramona and Nathaniel throughout their adventure and he is the apprentice to Dr. Wilbur Weston IV.
  • Mr. Teasworth - Nathaniel's Butler.

The Weston Family[]

  • Dr. Wilbur Weston IV - An underhanded genius who is the main antagonist of the anime. He is Nathaniel's rival.
  • Wilhelmina Weston - The daughter of Dr. Weston who wields the Gentleman's Sword that enables her to transform into Madame Princess Wilhelmina. She is Ramona's rival.


  • Lady D. Dee - A Frenchwoman who is a widow of many husbands. She uses a gigantic wedding cake as her weapon.
  • Alfredo Ravioli - An Italian womanizer who is captain of a fleet of airships and battles using his singing abilities.
  • Captain Franz Leopold Heinrich Von Sutherland - A German old man who has bad hearing and memory and uses his hearing horn while sitting on his wheel chair. He is supported by a huge, hulking nurse named Helga.

Voice Cast[]

Character Japanese VA English VA
Nathaniel McDaniel
Ramona McDaniel/Magic Maid Ramona
Cole McDaniel
Mr. Teasworth
Dr. Wilbur Weston IV
Wilhelmina Weston/Madame Princess Wilhelmina
Lady D. Dee
Alfredo Ravioli
Captain Franz Leopold Heinrich Von Sutherland
Nurse Helga