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Mahou Shojo Lovely Kuchu
Format Comedy, Sci-fi, magical girl, fantasy
Created by Kai Tatsuge
Writer(s) Mika Takaiyama
Director(s) Kaito Hakatsu
No. of episodes 32 (in progress)
Run time 30 minutes per episode
English Network Right Stuf Network
First aired March 12, 2011
Last aired unknown

Mahou Shojo Lovely Kuchu is an anime created by Kelly Sinaga.


Five girls obtain the power of magical girls called "Kuchu" and use it to defeat evil. The main cast later discovers the secrets of Koichi Fuyushi, who joins their team. After sometime, they realized that the ruler of Darkest Realm, King Unmagic, created clones of the team (save for Kai) and the main cast must defeat their evil clones. Two weeks later, a girl named Kira Yaminomakai moves to their school and with the help of their senpai, Lit Akame, they discover Kira's secrets.


NOTE - Italic text on the character's name means that the character is movie exclusive.

Main Characters[]

  • Rin Shinokone - The main character of Kuchu. Her Kuchu self is called Kuchu Ribbon. She is 16 years old. Her weapon is the Rune Ribbon.
  • Misaki Shiyurane - The second main character. Her Kuchu self is called Kuchu Hoshi. She is 16 years old. Her weapon is the Étoile Saber.
  • Miko Harukane - The third main character and the youngest in the team. Her Kuchu self is called Kuchu Lily. She is 15 years old. Her weapon is the Rebirth Flower.
  • Yukari Kazushita - The fourth main character. Her Kuchu self is called Kuchu Kagami. She is 16 years old. Her weapon is the Mirror of Illusion.
  • Shiina Sorako - The fifth main character. Her Kuchu self is called Kuchu Tenshi and she is the most important Kuchu in the universe, and she is also the embodiment of the 1000-year old Kuchu Queen. She is 16 years old. When she uses her Ultimate Kuchu Charm and Ultimate Kuchu Wand, she turns into the Kuchu form of the Kuchu Queen.
  • Kira Yaminomakai - The "host" of Kuchu Jigoku. She returns to her normal form after Kuchu Jigoku is defeated. Her Kuchu self is Kuchu Shadow. She is 16 years old. Her weapon is the Night Scythe.


  • King Unmagic - The main antagonist and ruler of the Darkest Realm. He is 100.000 years old.
  • Darkest Elite Knights - The knights of Darkest Realm.
  • Dark Ribbon - A dark clone of Rin/Kuchu Ribbon created by King Unmagic.
  • Dark Hoshi - A dark clone of Misaki/Kuchu Hoshi created by King Unmagic.
  • Dark Lily - A dark clone of Miko/Kuchu Lily created by King Unmagic.
  • Dark Kagami - A dark clone of Yukari/Kuchu Kagami created by King Unmagic.
  • Kuchu Jigoku - The opposite of Kuchu Tenshi. Jigoku possesses a girl called Kira Yaminomakai, a freshman in Kensai High School.
  • Yuuyu-Kyuuyu - King Unmagic's best knight. His weapon is an obsidian scythe. His human name is Yuruta Kyouren.
  • Ruuyu-Nauyu - Yuuyu-Kyuuyu's fiancee and the most powerful sorceress in Darkest Realm. Her human name is Runa Naoki.
  • Unmagic's Swordean - A malevolent Swordean, a weapon spirit. Is believed to be the Swordean of King Unmagic's Deathberge.

Other Characters[]

  • GPS-LOVELY - A mysterious humanoid android that works as a maid in the Shinokone household.
  • Lucy Shinokone - Rin's mother. She is Meji's wife and a CEO in a cosmetics company.
  • Meji Shinokone - Rin's father. He is Lucy's husband and a CEO in an electronics company.
  • Rokku Shinokone - Rin's younger brother and Rika's twin. He is 10 years old.
  • Rika Shinokone - Rin's younger sister and Rokku's twin. She is 10 years old.
  • Kome Himeshina - The Kuchus' classmate. Her crush is Kai. She is 16 years old.
  • Lit Akame - One of the Kuchus' classmates and the tallest and oldest in class 2-D. She researches the Kuchus and her callsign given by the KRC (Kuchu Research Center) is BH1. She is 18 years old. Her weapons are a Glock 18c and a 15mm.
  • Stella Yorunetsu - One of the Kuchus' classmates. She is also a worker in the Kuchu Research Center. Her callsign given by the KRC is BH0. She is 17 years old.
  • Koichi Fuyushi - A small blonde boy who has a dark past. He is 16 years old. He realized that he is the Magia Swordsman and teams up with the Kuchu girls to destroy the Darkest Realm.
  • Kouta Mizutsuru - A 'bully' type boy who thinks that the Kuchu doesn't exist.
  • Nai-tan - An idol that is a fan of Kuchu and only appears in the movie's end sequence.