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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Code Name: GHOUL is an fanfic, having a crossover with Tokyo Ghoul. It is inspired by the fanfic 'Code Name: Ghoul' written by DarkManta. An gone-wrong experiment has made the entire world turn upside down. For normal people, they are harmless. For magicians, they turn into monsters, capable to grow an kagune (, but the worst part is they eat human flesh. The government decide to call them GHOUL ( the anime has 26 episodes. The story follows Shizuku Kitayama as she fights ghouls with her friends and also the MEOG. The Opening Theme "Blood Rise" will be sung by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas. The Ending Theme "U for Ultima" will be sung by Konomi Suzuki.


Episode 1: Encounter Arc I[]

Ghoul cases have been on news recently, shaking Shizuku and Honoka. Worried that it might happen, they told their friends about this. When they were watching out, a ghoul sees them and before it was silenced, Shizuku shoots him with Phonon Maser but the ghoul regenerates and gets killed by Tatsuya's Mist Dispersion.

Episode 2: Encounter Arc II[]

Shizuku and the others meet Kyoko Fujibayashi and tell her about the incident, shocking her as it was close call. Shizuku then gets a call from Miyuki about the danger that something bad might happen to her and Honoka. She meets up with Honoka at home, bringing up the phone call from Miyuki.

Episode 3: Encounter Arc III[]

Episode 4: Encounter Arc IV[]

Episode 5: Encounter Arc V[]

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