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One day, an experiment that has gone horribly wrong has turned the entire world upside down. it doesn't infect normal people and turns magician into monsters what the Government calls them...... "Ghoul", they are capable of growing an Kagune. They are four types of Kagune. Koukaku, Ukaku, Rinkaku and Bikaku. When they use their Kagune, their iris turns red with red veins appearing across the eyeball and the skin. What a Ghoul needs to do in order to survive is to eat humans and other ghouls. If they don't eat human flesh though they can consume human food, they will go insane in an extreme state of hunger, causing them to become driven by instinct itself. Why the Ghouls eat human flesh is they can gain RC Cells from consuming the flesh.

This led to the world being completly turned upside down.

Awful things were occuring because of the effects caused by the virus.

For example, screaming people running for their lives, begging for help or to be killed. They wanted to be freed from the pain of being eaten alive by death and magician firing their spell to defeat the "Ghoul"......

And then the Magic Extermination Of Ghouls or MEOG was formed to defeat the "Ghoul" using quinque, weapons extracted from the Ghouls Kagune.

Nowadays, the situation has calmed down quite due to the efforts of MEOG......But it will get worse one day.....