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An anime series which is mainly based on Super Mario Bros.


The story mainly focuses on two characters, one is Antonio, the son of Luigi & Princess Daisy, who dreams of having powers and adventures and the other is Mario & Peach's daughter, Cherry, a smart, athletic girl who simply wish to be like her father. The both of them go on amazing adventures and sometimes with their friend Ryuko-Li, Ryu & Chun-Li's daughter who occasionally supports them.

Chapter One[]

The story begins with Antonio and Cherry who enter a field. They went out to pluck some flowers when suddenly Bruiser Koopa attacked them. Akuma then came and confront him. Akuma and Bruiser continued with their battle while Antonio started to talk about Cherry who once was a mortal girl until after a worse accident.

It was three days ago. Antonio & Cherry went along with their parents Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy and the servants Toadsworth & Fiona Mayfield to a Party. They stepped into the Clan Pipe and entered Nepton, a peaceful village in Planet Clancer. Suddenly Sir Teran introduced him to Antonio. They went to the party where Cherry went dancing with Teran and everyone in the room said she really had talent. Antonio didn't liked it and was jealous. Queen Ondine asked him for a dance and so he did but instead slipped and everyone laughed at him when he fell into the barrel of water with apples. Antonio sat down by the fountain when he was encountered by Cat Clancer and played with her. Suddenly The Clan Bandits captured him and took him to Migen's Shrine. They got him out of the bag and said that they want him as friend. They asked him about his parents so Antonio began to tell their story out of his father's dairy.

Chapter Two[]

After the story Antonio showed some pictures first one of his mother one of his house and one when Luigi was at the Hospital for Antonio's birth. He showed a baby picture of him, his grandfather Toadsworth, his fairy godparent Wanda, his nanny Fiona and his godfather Bowser Jr. And then a picture of Cherry. One Clancer asked why she talks so funny, but that is because of their private tutor Kamui Tokinomiya who she spends a lot of time with. He told that she was always better in everything. Suddenly Migen Sr. knocked Antonio on his head and he became unconscious.

(Koopa Krag now told the story further in a rime)

Antonio waked up at the Torture Chamber of Migen Sr. Meanwhile Cherry was outside dancing to the moon and discovered her powers. Suddenly Cat Clancer came to her and gave her a rose and she quickly hurried to him. While Antonio was chained Migen Sr. said that Emperor Leo and him used to be partners. Migen Sr. thinking Antonio had Plumber powers wanted to cut him open until suddenly Cherry shot an arrow.

Chapter Three[]

While Cherry was prepared for battling Migen Sr., he called his minions to attack Cherry. Cherry destroyed the minions and Migen Sr. begged for mercy so Cherry left along with Antonio. But Migen Sr. pulled of his last trick and summoned Migen Jr. to destroy them. Migen Jr. grabbed Cherry and ripped her apart to the horror of Antonio. When Cherry was about to die she grabbed her Koopa Shroom and give it to him. Suddenly the Shroom became to posses him and he was in a complete other world. He met Bowser and explained him why Cherry gave him her Koopa Shroom. Cause when someone gives a Koopa Shroom to someone they gain his or hers powers and memories. After the explaination Antonio was back and now turned into a Koopa Plumber with his sister's spirit in his arms. Luigi suddenly noticed that something was wrong and hurried along with Mario, Peach, Daisy, Teran and Ondine to Migen's Shrine. Antonio slayed Migen Jr. in one attack when suddenly afterwards Mildred Avallone came to pick her up to Heaven. Antonio tried to save her but Mildred fended him off. After Mildred took Cherry with him, Antonio was depressed and merged with destroyed Migen Jr., forming Zero-64.

Chapter Four[]

Meanwhile somewhere in the Koopa Kingdom, Kamek has called in Sol Badguy to help him with something. He seeked by him for help to defeat Zero-64. He explained that those are two things that never should be merged together. The Zero-64 then killed the Clan Bandits and Migen Sr. Afterwards it headed towards Nepton where it started to attack everyone. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Fiona and Teran began to fight the thing. Then Peach called their first guard, Yoshi and the Royal Guards who accompied them with the fight then suddenly Sol Badguy and Kamui Tokinomiya joined the battle. While Sol Badguy continued with fighting along with Peach, Fiona, Daisy and Yoshi, Kamek and the Mario Bros. went into Zero-64 to save Antonio. After Sol used a Gunflame, the armour was removed and Mario Bros. and Kamek could enter. There they found Bowser who got into a discussion with Mario about the family. It was revealed that Cherry was given a Koopa Shroom by Bowser. They then found the soul of Antonio and took him with them and Bowser founded a way to get out but instead he got slain by Zero-64. They jumped out of the portal but only Luigi came out and it was revealed that his son was spawned elsewhere. Sol got hit by the Firewall. Suddenly Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings came to help then in the fight. Somewhere the spirit of Antonio was walking in a snowy place where he suddenly encountered Mildred again.

Chapter Five[]

Back in the present time, Akuma defeated Bruiser Koopa and saved Antonio & Cherry. Antonio said he also could handle it and that he could control his Koopa powers. Akuma asked how they came in here and they explained the whole story that started three days ago.

Antonio was in the snowy plains of the Underworld when Kamek explained him he was in a realm. Antonio then encountered Mildred again, who said he was searching for Cherry who she lost when Ryuko-Li stole her from her. She said that she has the Dark Hadou. Antonio went along with Mildred until he bumped into a girl and the Ice Cream man. Mildred then cut his right hand and he died. Mildred, Antonio and the girls bumped into Curfue who invited him to his home. There Mildred explained to Antonio that he is in one of the eight levels of the Dark Realm. Antonio told the story about Cherry to everyone until he suddenly bumped into her. Then Curfue shoots them in a web and he gave the girls her powers and she transformed into Evil Ryuko-Li and Ganondorf also made his entrance. Curfue explained that he seeks to obtain power after S. Geist's death. Ganondorf said that Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Fiona, Kamui, Yoshi, Bowser Jr. and Sol were still fighting Zero-64, and if he joined him he could get everything he desired. But Antonio said he already had everything he wanted so rejected him. Antonio noticed Cherry was acting weird and Ganondorf said that she suffered from the 7 Deadly Sins, Lust. She began attacking Antonio.

Chapter Six[]

Cherry was fighting and became angry at him since he didn't love her. To stop it Antonio kissed Cherry who then regained herself and became angry at Antonio for kissing her. Ganondorf then took Cherry so he could control Zero-64, to Antonio's dismay. When Antonio wanted to attack Ganondorf, Curfue freed Mildred who then slashed Ganondorf. Mildred took Cherry to the heaven while Ryuko-Li saved Antonio and Curfue and took them to Moon. Curfue explained that Akuma raised Ryuko-Li since her parents have disappeared. Kamek then came to pick Antonio up, to his dismay since Curfue and Ryuko-Li couldn't come along. Mildred wanted to bring Cherry to heaven but knew that Cherry still had a sin in her so she sended her back.

Antonio was back at Nepton while Kamek left leaving him to his fate and Zero-64 attacked him. The guys noticed that Zero-64 holded Antonio, suddenly Cherry came and attack the monster but it swallowed them both. While inside Antonio conected with Bowser again. Bowser saved Cherry and Antonio while Sol Badguy destroyed most of Zero-64. Koopa Shell Antonio was the only thing left when suddenly Cherry came and huged him, and they turned back to normal. While Bowser Jr. and the Mario Bros. rushed towards them Peach was looking at Sol Badguy. While Antonio was normal, Cherry was still a spirit and her dead body was lying next to the dead Bowser.

At the lab, Prof. E. Gadd was trying to bring the body of Cherry back to life so her spirit could live in that body. She was revived by the 1up Shroom. When they were walking together over the plain they said things to each other when suddenly they encounter Bruiser and a few Koopa Troopas.