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Marvelous Dream Pretty Cure (マーベラスドリームプリキュア?) is the twenty second installment in the Pretty Cure franchise.

Directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto, and produced by Toei Animation, the series started airing on February 2th, 2025, succeeding Wonderful Pretty Cure! in its initial time slot.

The series' main themes are dreams, wishes, theater and acting.


The series revolves around a group of girls who discover a magical realm known as Dreamland, a world born from the collective dreams and wishes of people. In Dreamland, they encounter a troupe of performers who are dedicated to bringing dreams to life through theater and acting.

The main protagonist, Yumeko Agawa, is a passionate and ambitious girl who aspires to become a professional actress. One day, while exploring an old theater, she stumbles upon a hidden portal that transports her and her friends to Dreamland. There, they meet the Dream Players, a group of magical beings who use their powers to turn dreams into reality on stage.

However, Dreamland is not without its challenges. A mysterious villain, envious of the dreams and happiness that the Dream Players bring, seeks to plunge Dreamland into eternal darkness. To thwart the villain's plans, Yumeko and her friends are chosen as the legendary Pretty Cure warriors, bestowed with the power to transform into Cure Marvelous, Cure Destiny, and Cure Humor. Together, they must protect Dreamland, restore hope, and ensure that dreams and wishes continue to flourish.

Throughout the series, the girls face various trials and obstacles, both on and off stage. They learn valuable lessons about the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and believing in oneself. Each episode could feature different dreams and wishes of the characters and the people they encounter, which they must help fulfill through their theatrical performances and the powers of the Pretty Cure.

As the series progresses, the girls' bonds strengthen, and they uncover the true origins of Dreamland and the role they play in its preservation. Along the way, they meet new allies, unlock more powerful abilities, and confront the deep-seated fears and doubts that threaten to overshadow their dreams.

Ultimately, Marvelous Dream Pretty Cure celebrates the power of dreams, the magic of theater, and the transformative nature of following one's passions. It emphasizes the importance of imagination, friendship, and the belief that dreams can come true with dedication, hard work, and the support of loved ones.

Pretty Cure[]

  • Yumeko Agawa (吾川夢子?) is the president of the Theater Club. Her true dream is to become a professional actress. Yumeko is determined, confident, and high-spirited, which sometimes makes her sound strict and rude when offering critique due to her expectations from others. She is very stubborn but eventually realizes the joy of comedy and comes to terms with the truth. Her Cure form is Cure Marvelous (キュアマーベラス?), and her theme color is pink.
  • Janice Miyazaki (宮崎ジャニス?) is a Japanese-American singer and the most popular classmate in the world. She is pure-hearted, talented, beautiful, and generous, although she sometimes worries about her feelings. Janice's true dream is to become a singer. Her Cure form is Cure Destiny (キュアデスティニー?), and her theme color is blue.
  • Ririka Ookubo (大久保莉々花?) is an airheaded, energetic, and fun-loving girl who enjoys funny jokes and cute things. She aspires to become a comedian. Her Cure form is Cure Humor (キュアユーモア?), and her theme color is purple.


  • Nadia-chan (ナディアちゃん?) is a mysterious star-like creature who resides within the Dreamy Pad. She starts off as a baby, but later ages up into a young girl with the help of the Cures.
  • Myururu (ミュルル?) is a sweet and fragrant fairy resembling a Persian cat. She hails from Dreamland and has come to search for the Legendary Pretty Cure. Myururu loves fashion and acting.


Supporting Characters[]


  • Marvelous Mirror - The Cures' transformation item.
  • Marvel Perfume - Most Cures' attack item.
  • Dreamy Pad - The device that Nadia-chan resides within.
  • Chatalent Bag - A bag that Myururu lives in.