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Satoshi Tainaka
Masahiro first met Satoshi during his first visit to the Tainaka household. While their older siblings were busy, they would play a bit video games. They met again during their first year in kindergarten. Masahiro would sometimes chat with Satoshi in the playground, and even eat together during recess. However, as the days went by, they have been hanging out more. Since then, the two have been best friends.

Masahiro likes teasing people close to him, including Satoshi. He is usually against it whenever Masahiro targets him, but when aimed at someone else, he joins in with the teasing, a trait he borrowed from his older sister despite being more mature than her. Masahiro and Satoshi both have huge interest in rock, even though they have different style preferences. While Satoshi tones down the sound, Masahiro chooses to crank and blast it up.

Naoki Kougeki
Naoki and Masahiro have been classmates, as well as close friends, since their first year in elementary school. Masahiro and Naoki would sit next to each other during class.

Despite initially having similar personalities, Naoki is way more energetic than Masahiro, even to the point that the former reminded the latter of his old friend's older sister.

Naotoshi Kurodo
Masahiro initially saw Naotoshi as an edgy, intimidating schoolmate, even though he wasn't scared. They would occasionally meet whenever they go to a guitar center and talk for a short while. One day, Naotoshi visited Masahiro's band as an uninvited guest and challenged him to a guitar duel, which surprised him, but he agreed to do so. Even though the lengthy duel ended with Masahiro claiming the win, he stated that he was almost overwhelmed by Naotoshi's skills. When he tried to give him a high five, he just ignored him and left. When Masahiro told Naotoshi that he reminded him of Shadow the Hedgehog, he stopped just as he was about to leave. As it turned out, they were both fans of the Sonic franchise. Upon hearing that, Naotoshi chose to chat with Masahiro and his bandmates, even stating that they're favorite character is Shadow the Hedgehog. Before leaving, Naotoshi said that he will join Masahiro's band, which he immediately approved. They have been best friends, as well as rivals, ever since.

When Naotoshi first joined the band, he and Masahiro had very different personalities, but as time went on, he borrowed more of his traits. While Masahiro had gotten more serious and edgy, Naotoshi soften up. However, the former underwent massive changes with his personality while the latter retained his old one. Masahiro's reason was since he was with another Shadow fan, he started gaining more traits from Naotoshi, as well as the said character.