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Mask of Jigoku

Story by

Akira Jotaro


Akira Jotaro


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Jigoku no Kamen

Alternate title

Mask of Hell

Hell's Mask

Music by

Akira Yamaoka



Running time

109 minutes (Uncut)

91 minutes







Mask of Jigoku (地獄の仮面 Jigoku no Kamen) is a film written and directed by Akira Jotaro as the live-action movie version of the survival horror game, Jigoku no Kamen by Aozora.


In year 1006 on the anniversary of Abe no Seimei's death, a temple in an island named Torii Island had found a strange corpse by the riverside, and it was covered in blood all over its body but it had no face. A thousand years later on the same date, another body was found the same way as the first one from year 1006. Seven years later in 2013 on the 1007th anniversary of Abe no Seimei's death, a girl by the name of Kagura Hoshino finds herself waking up on the Torii Island entrance with no idea how she had gotten there. When Kagura enters through the gate, the thick fog suddenly disappears and a pathway surrounded by bamboo trees appears; when Kagura got out of the bamboo forest, she sees a festival-like village that looked like it was abandoned for years and continues to search around the island to find out the reason why she is in it, not knowing of any dangers that awaits her. Along her exploration of the island, she encounters two ghosts who wish to help her, the nameless man who died 1007 years ago and the nameless girl who died only seven years ago.


Kagura Hoshino Aki Maeda / Kate Higgins (voice)
Ame-otoko (Rain Man) Mansai Nomura / Johnny Bosch (voice)
Yuki-shōjo (Snow Girl) Rina Koike / Karen Strassman (voice)
Satsujinsha (Murderer Ghost) Tetsuo Kurata / Roger Smith (voice)
Onryō (Revenge Ghost) Yui Ichikawa / Chantal Strand (voice)
Jigoku no Kamen (Mask of Jigoku) Rie Tanaka (voice) / Wendee Lee (voice)


  • While the game had 20 different bosses at the end of the chapters, the movie only has three of the bosses and does not include most of the other enemy ghosts
  • The weapons used in the game do not appear in the movie used by Kagura
  • In the game, the Rain Man and Snow Girl do not appear
  • The name was translated to "Mask of Jigoku" to avoid possible religious problems in the USA
  • Some of the scenes were cut out in the westernized version to censor inappropriate scenes