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Matsugi and his Idiots
Created by Masami Yoshihiko
Writer(s) Masami Yoshihiko
Momoko Kurumi
Miyako Yoshida
Director(s) Kimura Kogure
Satoshi Takamono
Fujiko Yoshida
No. of episodes 52
Music SORA
Run time 13 minutes
Animation Studio kiko
Network TV Tokyo
TV Asahi
TV Osaka (Osaka)
English Network Disney Channel (United States)
Boomerang (United Kingdom)

Matsugi and his Idiots (マツギと彼の馬鹿 Matsugi to kare no Baka) is a 2013 anime adaptation based off of the 2009 French CGI show Bunny Maloney inspired by Powerpuff Girls Z (an anime adaptation of The Powerpuff Girls) because the Japanese dub of Bunny Maloney (made in 2012) had lots of positive reception for blending two elements together to create a hilarious show despite its idiotic characters. Later, a 19-year old woman named Masami Yoshihiko (who's a fan of Bunny Maloney) created a pilot of an anime adaptation based off of the show (and her positive reception) as a joke, which was greenlit by a studio named kiko for a animated television series because they actually thought that the concept would be decent. However, it has numerous differences (due to it being an anime adaptation) such as exclusive characters, all of the sexual jokes censored to become romance jokes, every female character being flat-chested, some of the names in the show being localized, the characters often going to a coffee shop called "Caffeine Café" (カフェインカフェ Caffein Cafe) that serves coffee called instead of the Aquabar and Bunnyville is changed to a village, ironically being called "Bunnycity". It also is instead as wacky as Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. It is animated in MMD.

When it was broadcasted in North America, it is licensed by Bang Zoom and Viz Media and has its title localized as Bunny Maloney's Mission in Stupidity. In the dub, it reinstates the Bunny Maloney characters, objects and other things that have their names changed for the anime adaptation to their original names. It's also fansubbed by a Japanese-American group called "Bunny-subs".


In an American village named Bunnycity (バニーシティ Banīshiti) resides the ProtecTeam (プロテクティーム PurotekuTīmu); who may be a cool, nice and gentle group...but they're always idiotic, even when they're saving the world (from the dangers of the very evil Professor Débilouman). Tons of hilariously ridiculous and interesting things happen like couple difficulties, love triangles and even lame debates!


The ProtecTeam[]

A team of four anthropomorphic animals who save Bunnycity from world domination but are very idiotic, both on the inside and the outside.

Usagi Matsugi (ウサギ マツギ) / Bunny Maloney

Voiced by: Subaru Kimura (Japanese, pilot), Akihiko Ishizumi (Japanese), Danny Mann (English, pilot), Matt Hill (English, U.S.), Matt Wilkinson (English, U.K.)
An 18-year old slightly obese male pink rabbit who's a main character and plays the role as the leader and captain of the Usaganger (ウサガンガー Usagangā) in the ProtecTrio. Like Bunny, he always has a craving for junk food (but it's changed to Japanese junk food), bossy, over-confident, often blundering and slightly immature (however lacking Bunny's attribute of sometimes being lazy, self-centered and moody) followed by having new attributes such as being determined, good at lying (but not when it's at Okashi), making bad puns/jokes he only laughs at, having the Kansai dialect and mostly speaking sarcastically. His girlfriend is Okashi Usagi. His color motif is red. Uniquely, when he says the word "wait" he uses "matsu" (待つ) instead of "matte" (待って) (which is jokingly subtitled as "pine tree" throughout in episode 4).

Okashi Usagi (オカシ ウサギ) / Candy Bunny

Voiced by: Mikoi Sasaki (Japanese, pilot), Chiemi Chiba (Japanese), Tabitha St. Germain (English, pilot), Kari Wahlgren (English, U.S.), Jules de Jongh (English, U.K.)
A 17-year old slightly thin female pink rabbit wearing a crimson-colored scrunchie who's a main character and plays the role as the cheerleader in the ProtecTrio. Like Candy, she is ultra feminine on the outside, a obsessive-compulsive-perfectionist and very fussy (excluding the attributes of being super stylish) followed by new attributes such as being the most idiotic out of the team (resulting in her taking some directly honest-sounding jokes very seriously in anger, believing the stupidest of theories, e.t.c.) but very sweet and kind (unless someone makes her enraged) and prefers playing the role as the heroine rather than the damsel in distress (which she despises). Her boyfriend is Usagi Matsugi. Her color motif is pink.
In the pilot, she originally had the ability of transforming into a parody of Sailor Moon called Sailor France (セーラー♡フランス Sērā♡Furansu) but only for serious emergencies. Unlike Sailor Moon, she rarely wins a fight with that form due to her stupidity.

Jean-François (ジャン フランソワ Jan Furansowa)

Voiced by: Marc Du Pontavice (Japanese and English, pilot), "top secret" (Japanese and English)
A mysterious very slightly overweight main character who knows a two-word vocabulary, the "he who must not be questioned", the co-pilot and strategist. He's a guy with uncommon intelligence, sensitivity and insight. In spite of his generous nature, there is one vice he must indulge in...regardless of the intrusion to Usagi and Okashi's home life. He also is a the video game Dance Dance Revolution! He's pretty good for some character of an unknown age, but he knows what's best for him.

Stan Ookie (スタン ウキー Sutan Ukī)

Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese), Samuel Vincent (English, U.S.), Keith Wickham (English, U.K.)
A slightly smart tanuki technition and recurring character who's very fond of the word "dude", since he uses it a lot. In the original Japanese version he often calls his friends "datemono" (伊達者, meaning "dandy"). He also (unlike the original French cartoon) only gets angry when someone calls him a raccoon or a badger, which him and his species (tanuki) are sadly a victim of.

Their apartment[]

Potchi (ポッチ Pocchi)

Okashi Usagi's (bizarre) pet and the ProtecTrio's mascot. He looks and acts like a dog, but his species is unknown. He, like his original counterpart likes chasing the vacuum cleaner often when he's in the ProtecTrio's apartment.

Monsters of the Week[]

Monsters created by Débilouman made to defeat the ProtecTrio.

Akari (あかり) / Red Octopus

Voiced by: Megumi Ōhara (Japanese), Johnny Yong Bosch (English, U.S.), Subaru Kimura (Japanese, after drinking the Giant Potion), Kaiji Tang (English (U.S.), after drinking the Giant Potion), Nicolas Cantu (English, U.K.), Dan Russell (English (U.K.), after drinking the Giant Potion)
A red male octopus who has been mistreated by humans as a punching bag because of his rather ugly look. He is the monster the ProtecTrio encounter in the pilot "The Giant Red Octopus Attacks!! ProtecTrio Assembly!!" and the first monster the ProtecTrio defeats (if you count Craig).

Lacas (ラカス Rakasu) / Callie

Voiced by: Yuki Matsuoka (Japanese), Ashleigh Ball (English, U.S.), Teresa Gallagher (English, U.K.)
A very smart, mysterious and sneaky crow from an old farm that doesn't like anyone that acts idiotic (no matter how idiotic they are) and wants to kill them for his peace when she was possessed by Professor Debilouman. She is from Osaka, so she speaks with the Kansai dialect (but is localized as Texas in the U.S. dub and Britain in the U.K. dub). She is the monster the ProtecTrio encounter in the episode "Stupid Conspiracies?! The One World Order!" and the second monster the ProtecTrio defeats (or first if the pilot doesn't count as canon). She is based off an uncommon anime element called idiot crows (which are crows (or uncommonly any other bird) insulting idiotic characters or characters' idiotic moments with "aho", Japanese for "idiot" in the Kansai dialect but also the sound a crow makes).

Other characters[]

Umeko (ウメコ) / Charlotte

Voiced by: Tomoko Akiya (Japanese), Lara Jill Miller (English, U.S.), Phillipa Alexander (English, U.K.)
A slightly overweight white spotless and udderless cow, she is Okashi Usagi's best friend who oftenly appears in Caffeine Café and corrects someone in anger when they mistake her for a goat due to her slightly unrealistic appearance. Like Charlotte, people's opinions about her in-universe are divisive (she is either helpful or annoying) and she wants Okashi to divorce Usagi so that he can become her boyfriend (but Usagi doesn't agree with that).


Pilot episode:

  • The Giant Red Octopus Attacks!! ProtecTrio Assembly!! (巨人赤タコ攻撃!! プロテクトリオ組み立て!! Kyojin Akatako Kōgeki!! Purotekutorio Kumitate!!) / Attack of the Giant Red Octopus (Airdate: April 1, 2013)
    Episode written by: Masami Yoshihiko
    Episode directed by: Kimura Kogure and Fujiko Yoshida
    It was a normal day in Bunnycity's Zoo, however a male red octopus named Akari has been mistreated as a punching bag by the humans due to his rather ugly look. Akari wants to seek revenge and Professor Débilouman is here to grant Akari's wish by giving Akari a Giant Potion (who makes the drinker grow into a huge size) for him to drink and to kill the ProtecTrio, but fortunately the ProtecTrio wins at the end.
    Debuts: Usagi Matsugi, Okashi Usagi, Jean-François, Stan Ookie, Potchi, Professor Debilouman, Modchi and Akari

Season 1 (2013-2014):

  1. Which Manga is the Best?! The Stupid Debate!! (どのマンガがベストですか?! 愚かな議論!! Dono manga ga besutodesu ka?! Orokana Giron!!) / Manga Madness (Airdate: April 4, 2013)
    Episode written by: Masami Yoshihiko
    Episode directed by: Kimura Kogure and Satoshi Takamono
    After a release of the newest issue for Super Ninja-Kun (スーパー忍者くん Sūpā Ninja-Kun, a parody of the Mario manga Super Mario-Kun and renamed as "Super Ninja" in the English dub) thanks to the continuous support from the manga's fans, Okashi Usagi gets annoyed by her boyfriend for being a rabid fanboy of the manga so she makes a debate with Usagi Masaru, Jean-François, herself and Stan Ookie on which manga in Bunnytown is the best manga due to their interests being different from each other, until they realize they're the ones that were dumb and respect each other's opinions, but still be themselves by interests and personality no matter what.
    Debuts: Umika, ROBOT and manga artists
  2. Bunnies are from Mars?! Stupid Invaders (うさちゃんは火星から来たの?! 愚かなインベーダー Usa-chan wa Kasei kara kita no?! Orokana Inbēdā) / Stupid Invaders (Airdate: April 9, 2013)
    Episode written by: Momoko Kurumi, Masami Yoshihiko
    Episode directed by: Kimura Kogure and Fujiko Yoshida
    When a green martian (who looks like a bunny) who was going on a picnic crashes (by a meteor) to Bunnytown, Usagi and Okashi have to help them get back to Mars resulting in Jean-François getting jealous of them because the alien is the one that get the most attention and outright being a member of the ProtecTrio.
    Debuts: The martian-bunny Marvin (voiced by Megumi Ōhara (Johnny Yong Bosch in the English dub) named after Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes)
  3. Who's the Star of the Show?! Stupidity Happens!! (ショーのスターは誰ですか?! 愚かなことが起こる!! Shō no Sutā wa Daredesu Ka?! Orokana koto Ga Okoru!!) / Movie Gone Wrong (April 11, 2013)
    Episode written by: Miyako Yoshida
    Episode directed by: Fujiko Yoshida
    There's going to be a new live-action movie in Bunnytown about three heroes (two males and one female) in a village who adopt a male baby dragon, but then a female dragon comes to try and kill those heroes (because the male baby dragon is secretly her son) and the main characters and the recurring characters argue over who should play the roles by competing in a special round of rock-paper-scissors. Then, the ultimately (finally) chosen characters (Usagi, Okashi, Jean-François, Stan Ookie and Charlotte) act their roles in the movie, but the other characters who ultimately did not make it had to be in the film by messing around with the actors but unintentionally ruin it that it had a lot of cutting and rewinding. After that couldn't work, the movie's crew decide to cancel it for being too terrible. Usagi and Okashi apologize for what they did and bring it back to sort it out but the movie crew disagree as they think they're probably going to mess up the movie again. They then feel ashamed for themselves but get along and be themselves in the end.

Expanded crew/staff[]

  • Character design/modelers/colorists/texturers: Masami Yoshihiko (pilot), Miyuki Kaguya and Takeshi Takamoto (series)
  • Background music: Azuki Matsuno, Sora Matsuki, Masami Yoshihiko and kiko studio members (Instrumentals)
Stupid Rabbits (愚かなウサギ Orokana Usagi) (opening)
Lyrics: Masami Yoshihiko
Instrumental: Makeo Matsuno, Azuki Matsuno, Sora Matsuki, Miyuki Kaguya and Takeshi Takamoto
Oh, Love, Love, Love! (オー、愛、愛、愛! Ō, ai, ai,ai!) (ending)
Lyrics: Momoko Kurumi, Miyako Yoshida
Instrumental: Makeo Matsuno, Azuki Matsuno, Sora Matsuki, Miyuki Kaguya and Takeshi Takamoto
  • SORA members: Sora Matsuki, Azuki Matsuno and Masami Yoshihiko
  • kiko producer/founder: Makeo Matsuno
  • Other voice actors (uncredited):
    • Japanese: Akihiko Ishizumi (Kaz of DDR)
  • Special thanks to: MoonScoop, Studio Tanuki (Nicolaï "Méko" Chauvet, Utku Kaplan and Nicolas Flory), Disney, Xilam, Hasbro, McDonald's, Sanrio and Nintendo


  • It is confirmed the anime takes place in an alternate universe.
  • Some of the anime's episodes are based off of episodes of Bunny Maloney or other media, while the pilot episode is based off of the series' original pilot "Pinpin le Lapin".
  • The title for the anime's opening theme "Stupid Rabbits" also refers to Jean-François (despite having his species being unconfirmed but shown in Bunny Maloney's "Think Extinct") and Stan Ookie (despite being a tanuki).
  • Despite being an anime adaptation, it uses an art style similar to the one used in the original show.