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Melisa Rivera/Mew Blackberry
 Kanji メリサリベラ / ミュウブラックベリー
 Romaji Merisa Ribera / Myuu Burakkuberii
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 12
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Weapon Blackberry Parasol
• Debuts•
 Anime Global Mew Mew

Melisa Rivera is one of the main protagonists of Global Mew Mew and the fifth Mew to be introduced. She is infused with the DNA of a white-tail deer and her Mew form is Mew Blackberry.

Melisa is 12 years old and lives in Mérida, Mexico.


Melisa is a careful and graceful individual. To others, she might seem timid and shy, but this is just because she looks before she leaps. She does great in a crowd and doesn't typically like to be the center of attention. Regardless of this though, she absolutely loves to be around others and won't step down from a scuffle in a difficult situation. She is extremely mature for her age, and able to handle some of the most difficult care taking tasks.



Melisa has light brown skin, blue eyes, and short black hair styled in low pigtails. She has several different outfits, but her default attire consists of a gray schoolgirl shirt with a red bow on the chest, a light blue denim skirt, and a pair of white boots.

Mew Blackberry[]

Mew Mark[]

Melisa's Mew Mark is located on her right shoulder blade.


Melisa's DNA is infused with a white-tail deer. As Mew Blackberry, she has sharp hearing and can detect the sounds her opponents are making as they approach. She has fast reflexes and can dodge attacks with ease.


Melisa activates her Mew Pendant by giving it her DNA with a kiss, and then saying "Mew Mew Blackberry, Metamorphose!"

Weapons and Attacks[]


Mew Blackberry's main weapon is the Blackberry Parasol.


Mew Raspberry's main finishing attack is "Ribbon Blackberry Beatdown!".


Melisa is the Spanish and Bosnian form of "Melissa", meaning "bee" in Greek.

Rivera comes from the Spanish word "ribera", meaning "bank" or "shore".


  • She has a pet donkey named Luna. She also has a dog and two turtles.
  • She loves animals and wants to become a veterinarian when she grows up.
  • She shares her Japanese voice actress with Tomo Takino from Azumanga Daioh.
  • She shares her English voice actress with Princess Isabel from Elena of Avalor.