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Meredith Autsin/Mew Cherry
 Kanji メレディスオースティン / ミュウチェリー
 Romaji Meredisu Osutin / Myuu Cherii
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 13
 Hair Color Auburn (Civilian)
Red (Mew Cherry)
 Eye Color Light blue
• Debuts•
 Anime Global Mew Mew: Going Worldwide!

Meredith Austin is one of the main protagonists of Global Mew Mew: Going Worldwide!. She is infused with the DNA of an eagle and her Mew form is Mew Cherry.

Meredith is 13 years old and lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Meredith is fearless, devoted, and self-confident. She is a free spirit that can't be held back and likes to challenge other people and take risks. She generally sees things from a long-range perspective and can do great things in life, but tries not to be challenging towards other people. She shows no mercy towards those who harm her or her loved ones, and she stands up for what she believes in. She has had many challenges, but always stays true to her friends, family, and who she is. She appreciates change instead of fearing it, because she knows that with change comes new beginnings and new adventures. Although she can sometimes be a bit impatient and pushy, she means well deep inside.



Mew Cherry[]

Mew Mark[]

Meredith's Mew Mark is located on her left arm, just below her elbow.


Meredith's DNA is infused with an eagle. As Mew Cherry, she is able to fly with her wings, and uses this skill to circle around and search for enemies. She has a strong grip and can grab things easier than the other Mews. She also has enhanced eyesight and can detect enemies from a far distance.


Meredith activates her Mew Pendant by giving it her DNA with a kiss, and then saying "Mew Mew Cherry, Metamorphose!"

Weapons and Attacks[]


Mew Cherry's main weapon is the Cherry Tomahawk.


Mew Cherry's main finishing attack is "Ribbon Cherry Slash!".




Meredith comes from the Welsh name "Maredudd" or "Meredydd", from Old Welsh forms such as "Margetud", possibly from mawredd, meaning "greatness, magnificence" combined with iudd, meaning "lord".

Austin is derived from the given name "Austin", which is the medieval contracted form of "Augustine".


  • She has an Inuit pen-pal from Iqaluit.
  • Her hobbies include ice hockey and tap-dancing.
  • She is the only girl in an all-boy hockey team.
  • She shares her Japanese voice actress with Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto and Kuromi from Onegai My Melody.
  • She shares her English voice actress with Rainbow Dash and Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.