Anime Fanon

FA: Yo! Episode 6 of Mermaid Sisters is aboutb to air, Episode named, What Happened To You?!

-Opening plays-

-After Theme, it shows Light, in a place where there a 4 tunnels-

Light: -runs into the Northern one- Ow!

-he then does the other 3-

-a woman as tall as a teenager floats above Light-

???: Eh....Take this!

Light: -looks up, but then a boulder smashes into a face, and he falls unconscious-

???: -laughs, and teleports away-

-it then shows Sun, in a fancy black room, wearing headcuffs and a black t-shirt-

Sun: What the...?

-Selena appears-

Selena: Missed me? -grins-

Sun: Stop being such a idiot...

Selena: I hoped you wouldn't say that..-smashes Sun into a pole, and handcuffs her to the pole-

Sun: Hey! -pulls body away from pole, and gets a shock- OW!

Selena: -laughs- You're that stupid?

Sun: Don't call me stupid!

Selena: ...Heh....-snaps fingers, and atleast 1,000 Fish-men appear-

Sun: O_O .... -.-" Wish I didn't say that...

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

-the Fish-men charge at Sun, with Sun closing her eyes-

-the teenager that smashed Light with the boulder appears-

Sun: -opens just one eye- Who..are..y- ... -opens both eyes-

-the teenager is actually Moon, and she's wearing a long black dress with a red rose necklace-

Sun: Moon! Oh, thank you for saving me!

Moon: -turns to Selena- Selena, should with her..-stares at Sun-

Selena: -grins- Why, of course..-snaps fingers again, and the Fish-men disappear-

Sun: Moon...WHAT HAPPENED TO Y- -Moon grabs Sun's neck-

Moon: Quiet, funny girl, I'm not with you or you're little buddies anymore...

Sun: -coughs from being choked-

Moon: -grins- Not enough, eh? -squeezes grip more-

-Sun's face turns purple-

Moon: Weakling....-throws Sun down-

(To the Viewers)

San (Sun's Mother): Now, you want to know if Sun died, don't you?

San: Well, hint, she didn't!

-Ending starts-

-End of Episode 6-