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Miharu Kazeyama
 Kanji 風山美春
 Romaji Kazeyama Miharu
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 12
• Debuts•
 Anime Heartful Ange♥Pretty Cure

Miharu Kazeyama (風山美春 Kazeyama Miharu?) is one of the main Cures in Heartful Ange♥Pretty Cure. Her alter-ego is Cure Windy (キュアルナ Kyua U~indi?).




Miharu possesses qualities of bravery, humility, and a strong sense of responsibility towards her loved ones. She is known for her unwavering determination and willingness to put herself at stake to protect the people she cares for, demonstrating her selfless nature.

With a dream to follow in her mother's footsteps, Miharu aspires to become an opera singer. She has a deep admiration for her mother's talent and strives to achieve the same level of excellence. Miharu's love for music and opera fuels her passion and dedication to refine her vocal skills.

In battle, Miharu's dance movements become harmonized with the wind, allowing her to perform intricate ballet techniques infused with the power of air. She exhibits grace and agility, swiftly maneuvering through the battlefield and utilizing gusts of wind to defend her allies and launch powerful attacks against the Shadow Wings.

Throughout the series, Miharu's character development centers around her growth as a performer and her understanding of the balance between responsibility and personal aspirations. She learns to channel her bravery and determination, not only in battles as Cure Windy but also in pursuing her dream of becoming an opera singer.

As Miharu's journey intertwines with her pursuit of a singing career, she learns valuable lessons about perseverance, self-expression, and the transformative power of music. Her melodic voice and unwavering spirit resonate with others, reminding them of the profound impact that art and passion can have on the world.




Becoming Cure Windy[]

Cure Windy[]