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NOTE: The song is not really mine. It belongs to Konami.



女神は永遠の 幸せの中で
嘆き続けては 歌う夜想曲(ノクターン)
愛は 終わる 命もつきる、それなら
同じ 時に 糸を切って
神々の渇きが 海の音を消し
無垢な狼は 孤独に耐える
夢は さめる 夜も明ける、その前に
違う 場所に 羅針盤(はり)を向けて


Megami wa eien no shiawase no naka de
Nageki tsuzukete wa utau nokutaan
Ai wa awaru inochi mo tsukiru, sore nara
Onaji toki ni ito wo kitte
Kamigami no kawaki ga umi no oto wo keshi :Muku na ookami wa kodoku ni taeru
Yume wa sameru yoru mo akeru, sono mae ni
Chigau basho ni hari wo mukete


Here the goddess of happiness cries, And in this time this lullaby.
Sings her song of the dream she has, The sadness fills her eyes.
End of Love, Love is gone. No more dreams to dream about, so life is done.
If it's so, cut the thread, It's time to let it go.
Tears they flow to the thirst of the gods, The ocean's roars drowned out by rain.
Blameless wolf carries on alone, The silence now surrounds him.
Sooner than, dreaming ends, Morning of the dawn will bring another day.
Turn around, (and) you have found, A different place to dream.

English Translation[]

The goddess is in Eternal happiness
My continuing sorrow Is the nocturne I sing
Love Ends Life also runs out, If that happens
At the same Time Cut the thread
The thirst of the gods Makes the sound of the ocean disappear
The innocent wolf Endures in loneliness
Dreams Awaken Dawn also breaks, Before that
To a different Place The needle points