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Mirror-Knight is the future Mirror-Man he will appear in Henshin Legacy and his own show InterDemionsional Being Mirror Knight as a member in The Future Alliance his appearance is based of Mirror Knight featured in the Ultraman Zero movie. His real identity is a college from Italy named Benedetto "Ben" Lombardi who's power comes from the ancient sword The Mirror Sword from the Demention bending planet Esmerlda.


Durring the middle ages in Italy a sword fell from the sky into the garden of a castle in Italy and became a royal family treasure. Present day Ben took a field trip to the castle which then a oned eyed monster, The Evil Eye from Italian Folklore begin to attack. Ben began to throw rocks at the monster to try to stop it then he saw the sword and tried to pull it out, he did and then the sword engulfed him in Light, then in a palace made of mirrors, stood before Ben the original Mirror-Man who tells them the power within the sword has fused with him and given him the power to become the Mirror Knight he tells him "When evil reeks havoc, point the Mirror Sword at the moon and call upon Esmerlda's power." he wakes up, points the sword to the moon and calls out "Mirror!" and the moon appears and shines a bright light on the sword wich coats Ben wit light transforming him into Mirror Knight,he fights and destroys the monster and vows to Mirror-Man(Who serves as his mentor) he will fight the forces of evil.


The Mirror Sword and Mirror Shiled-Mirror Knight is armed with The Mirror Sword and Mirror Shiled

Mirror Flash-Mirror Knight becomes 2-D and uses his thin body to rapidly slash his enemies

Shatter Punch-Mirror Knight's fist becomes covered in a mirror coating and punches the enemy and it shatters lodging shards in the enemy's body

Prisim Beam-Mirror Knight shoots a rainbow colored beam from his eyes/visor

Mirror Finish-Mirror Knight uses his shiled to shine a light onto the enemy turning the enemy into a mirror-like glass and then rapidly slashes the enemy with his sword and then the enemy shatters into mirror shards

Mirror Knight has the abilty to fly, warp by chaneling himself as a light into reflective surfaces, he can also jump between dimensions