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Misaki Nakasorachi (中空知 美咲) is a 15-year-old Tohyama Warrior Office secretary. She is also a 2nd year high school student in Tokyo Butei High.


Nakasorachi is a young girl with a near-average height. She has long bangs that covers much of her eyes. Her entire body is soft and un-muscular due to a lack of exercise that was caused by a combination of poor athletic ability. She can be seen wearing a business suit or a school uniform.


Nakasorachi is a teenage girl who wears a business suit. She is a shy and timid person to the point where she cannot communicate properly. She has a crush on Kinji Tohyama.


  • She is one of the known 15-year-old anime girls to be seen wearing business suits. Others include Chitoge Kirisaki, Endirima, Asuna Yuuki, Mizuki Sera, Iris Shirasaki and i.a.
  • She is the youngest second-year high school student, at age 15. Normally 16-year-old students are at their second year.