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Misty is Boz's Wife and Cillian Lorcan Lilly Deathic and Kalin's Mother who Shock that Cillian Has No Memories.

Misty Tredwell
English name
  • Misty Tredwell
Japanese translated
  • Misty Lola
  • Female



Fashion model

Anime Deck



After She Gave Birth to Cillian Lorcan and Lilly, She Care about Cillian Because She Likes Him and While Her Death On Her Youngest Daughter Deathic's Birthday, She Saw Him and Kalin Dueling and then She Shocked that Cillian Disappeared and She Decide to use Her Wheelchair and Go with her Family to Find Cillian.

Cillian Darcy the Boy as the Drop of Water []

While Misty Working as the St' John's Dairy Farm as a Cooker and Saw Cillian after He Repaired the Swing for Yuno Gasai and Shocked that He Don't Remember Her Anything. and then After Cillian Lorcan and Lilly's Victory Against Kalin, She Proud that Cillian Got His Memories Back