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Modern Magic Made Made Simple CODE: COMPLEX is an anime series with 12 episodes. Koyomi Morishita is an smart and superhumanly powerful master magician who can sense and take any code (spell) to use it. She meets Yumiko Ichinose Christina, a natural-born magician that Koyomi met before when her strong magic awakened out of control. But there are supernatural problems occuring, that Koyomi and Yumiko need to deal with. The Opening Theme "Programm for COMPLEX" will be sung by Natsuko Aso. The Ending Theme "Simple Complex" will be sung by ClariS.


Koyomi Morishita[]

An powerful master magician and an high school girl who is smart. She has met Yumiko before when her newly awakened magic went out of control. She has the ability to sense any code and use it as her own. Her personality is similiar to her original counterpart.

Yumiko Ichinose Christina[]

An natural-born magician who is quick-learned in magic. She has an tsundere-like personality, but has a kind heart.


Episode 1: First COMPLEX[]

Koyomi Morishita meets Yumiko when her magic awakened when she sensed Code (spell). She is taken to the Anehara Cross School of Magic.

Episode 2:[]

Episode 3:[]

Episode 4:[]

Episode 5:[]

Episode 6:[]

Episode 7:[]

Episode 8:[]

Episode 9:[]

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