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Modoki Mukudori (椋鳥桃季 Mukudori Modoki?), actual name Fumu Muna (無奈風夢 Muna Fumu?), is one of the main protagonists of ToriToriPii: Colorful Parade, also known as ToriToriPii Season 3.

Oriole (Season 3)
Modoki Mukudori
 Kanji 椋鳥桃季
 Romaji Mukudori Modoki
 Alias Holder of the Jamaican Oriole Card
 Nickname Candy Lover
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Female
 Age 11
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Green
 Height 4'6" (138cm)
 Weight 63lbs
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Bird Club

Colorful Pastrale

 Occupation Flower◎Girlz Sub Guitarist

Colorful Pastrale Member
Torizakikawa Private Girls Academy Senior Student
Apprentice Bird Card Holder
Magical Girl In-Training

• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Inko Momoiro (Friend)

Luchino Okameinko (Friend)
Sukura Bujei (Friend)
Hato Karasu (Friend)
Rouko Hashibi (Friend)
Suuki Hokubu (Friend)
Tori Niwa (Friend)
Sumire Mukudori (Enemy)
Midori K. Chuuhashi (Best Friend; Training Partner)

• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Enlarge
 Weapon Orange Heart-Shaped Wand

Has No Weapon; Uses her Powers (Previously)

 Equipment Spot-Breasted Oriole Card

Bird Card Reader

• Debuts•
 Light Novel ToriToriPi: Happy Halloween!
 Anime ToriToriPi

ToriToriPi Short Stories
ToriToriPii: Colorful Parade
ToriToriPii: Colorful Stories

She welds the Spot-Breasted Oriole Card, and she is voiced by Ayaponzu* (JPN) and Rosie Reyes (ENG).


Modoki appears to be a Jamaican-born Japanese girl who has dark skin, short black wavy hair, and green eyes, and has a bandage on her nose. She wears a white and black shirt with navy-colored pants that reach her ankles, and wears black sneakers with white laces.

When transformed, Her hair grows longer, as she grows an ahoge and she wears orange-yellow bows that hold her twintails with a portion of each of them held in a donut shape. Her hair grows longer, splitting in two sections so far down. Her attire consists of a white dress that becomes ragged at the bottom with orange trimming. The Module's attire consists of a white dress that becomes ragged at the bottom with yellow trimming and light yellow and orange jewel pieces, white petal-like sleeve cuffs, an orange dress with light orange trimming, and orange shoes with white soles.

In her Serenade Form, her hair is thickly curled as her hair grows very long and is worn loose, splitting in two segments so far down with an orange ribbon on each side. Her top has puffed sleeves and orange lining, a band of yellow going down each side of the chest to accent the petals of her top and chest ribbon. At the center is a heart brooch, with a miniature bird card symbol on it. On each hip are bright orange colored lignum vitaes. Her white dress resembles a ballgown. Large light orange pearls circle the waist and the remainder of the skirt is light creamy orange with bunched, light orange fabric that resembles a petal, and big spheres around the bottom. She has white leggings that reach her waist and she wears a bunch of dark orange colored combat boots.


Modoki appears to be a fearless girl who mostly stays silent at times, as she appears to be a Magical Girl who is currently in-training with her partner Midori. She says that she has a huge love for candy, and loves Halloween.

Sometimes, when Sukura is busy, she fills in to be the bassist of Flower◎Girlz, and likes to have a fun time when she is doing band practice with her friends.


  • Her magical girl form is inspired by Hatsune Miku's Fairy Module from the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series.
  • She only eats candy once a month or a year. She nicknames it "The Candy Routine".
  • Her (unreleased & non-existent) MikuMikuDance model is just a recolor of Miku's Fairy Module, but with a Darker skin tone, Black Hair, Green eyes, a tint of orange to Miku's outfit, and eyes that are shaped to be like Rin's eyes.