There are those who apper human but are not. These beings are far stronger and more powerful and can do things humans can't. These beings are called mutants. Despite their name, they are not considered "freaks of nature". As mention before, most mutants take on a human like apperence. This seems appropriate considering most mutants were at one time humans. As difficult as it may sound, mutants and humans live peacefully with one another on earth. However most mutants live in other worlds. There are many types of mutants, each with it's own class that defines them better. Each mutant has his or her own abilites as well as strengths and weaknesses. What these abilites are usually depeads on the type of energy they use.

  • Spirit Warriors - These guys weild spirit energy.
  • Chi Fighters - If you use chi, your considered a chi fighter.
  • Chakera Ninja - While not as common as Spirit warrors and Chi fighters, they are just power as the two.

In addition to the three classes mention above, there are other mutants with apperences and unique powers that seperate them from the other mutants. Altough these mutants weild one of the 3 powers (perhaps more than one). They are in a diffrent class then reguler mutants.

  • Half Breeds - Half breeds are a special type of mutant. They are half human and half mutant. Half Breeds are very rare and it is unknown how they can be a combination of two diffrent races. They are considered half human mostly because of their abilty to age (mutants are ageless, once they reach a certain age, their ageing stops and they can't age anymore) but mostly because they have little if any control over their own powers. While not as strong as an adverage mutant, they are still much stronger than humans. It's possable for a half breed to become either a human or a full mutant. This procedure is called "unlocking". How it's performed is unknown as it's keep secret (so that no one can use it as a weapon) if a half breed becomes a human, they stay a human forever. If they become a full mutant, because of the previous energy stored inside them, they become much more powerful than a regular mutant. This gives them a great advantage.
  • Demons - Demons are nether human nor mutant, they are their own seperate race. Like mutants, Demons can take on a human apperence and can weild one of three energy types. However they differ from mutants because they don't possess a soul. This makes it harder for demons to control their energy (especially spirit energy since it comes from the person's life force or their soul). Some demons do have souls and tend to act more human like and not as heartless or ruthless as their souless counterparts. Demons tend to be blood thirsty and will often attack even their own kind. Even though they can take on a human apperence, most of them tend to stay in their original form. Demons are stronger than mutants, however because most of them don't have a soul, their energy is a lot weaker than a mutant's energy.
  • Fusion Mutants - Fusion mutants are mutants that can use more than one energy type. They are a lot more powerful then normal mutants. However because they have more than one energy type, it's harder for them to learn new techniques (because they have to weild two energy types instead of one). Like half breeds, Fusion mutants are also very rare. It is possable for a mutant to learn a new energy type, however it take's years of hard training to mantain the energy and even more time to weild it.